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                              Global Sea Meditation


Imagine that the planet earth is intelligent and has consciousness.  Imagine further that as a spiritual being it wishes to impart the visions and realizations in its heart to the different intelligent species that appear on its surface.  Imagine further that this vision or love is not contained in any wisdom tradition in history or expressed by any higher entity, angel, or archangel associated with the earth. 

    Her vision or awareness is such that it has to be discovered by whatever species resides on the planet.  This wisdom is not something a spiritual being can simply hand to us and say, “Oh, by the way, here is the mysterious purpose for which this planet was created.  Now then, embody this wisdom in your self and you will have fulfilled the four and a half billion year old commission that was designed for this planet and designated to be fulfilled in the fullness of time.”

   It is not like that.  You do not get a free ride.  The deeper purposes of life you have to find in your own heart.  Even the archangels can offer no guidance on this matter.  They are not authorized or skillful enough to peer into or reveal the mysterious purposes behind creation.

   I seem to have painted myself into a corner with these opening statements.  How can I write anything further without sounding like an idiot? On the other hand, I am myself an observer, a spiritual anthropologist.  I do not just study human beings, their religions and wisdom traditions, examining them the way a quality control expert from an automotive factory examines the way a car is produced on an assembly line.  I study other spiritual evolutions. 

    Among these are the race of souls who shall replace human beings.  They are already here, five hundred or so, doing reconnaissance just in case we suddenly screw up and manage to become extinct.  With human beings, as you know, you can imagine and wish for the best but sometimes you end up living through the worst case scenarios.  And then there are as well other spiritual evolutions from the inner planes. 

   There are, for example, mermaids who interact with human beings and who occasionally assume the form of women to dwell among us for reasons that are often impossible to explain.  My global casting call has resulted in several of them contacting me.  They often give me referrals to other members of their race.  

   This essay, in part, is written in response to a mermaid woman’s question put to me, “Why can human beings not love as we do?”  I also study the undine queens--all eight are in my meditations.  I spend time with one or more of them every week.

   There are, of course, many other elemental and diverse kinds of beings.  But the undines hold a unique position.  This is, after all, a water planet.  Having liquid water on its surface to the extent we enjoy is, to say the least, extremely rare.  As a result, the diversity of life that exists on earth is nearly unmatched by any other planet.  And undine queens or women like them, when they are in the body of a woman, have the highest level of sensory perception of any creatures or race in our galaxy.  Consequently, the undines have an unusually close tie to the deeper purposes of the earth. 

   What does the earth wish to impart to her children?  And what race shall attain to this vision?  If this vision is based on water, then human beings have little chance of understanding it.  We know next to nothing about the magic and mysteries of the water element.  Surely, our race will be long gone before a social trend or religion shall appear that celebrates the mysteries of empathy as it is practiced by divinity or within the hearts of the undine queens.

  Nor will the next race that replaces us pursue this theme.  If you ever meet one of these individuals you will notice how incredibly self-contained they are.  They have no personal needs as we have.  And their social interactions are not important to them; they are often rude or disinterested in social activities.  It is not that they can not interact effectively in a great variety of ways with different people.  Rather, they never define their identities in terms of how others view them.  They have no need of social support.  And affection and tenderness are not at the top of their priorities.    

   What they are good at is that they like to learn new things.  If something is already written in a textbook, then it is not new, is it?  For them, there are no beaten paths to follow.  Whatever they choose to pursue is, by definition, the right pursuit.  They possess immense inner silence and they are always motivated because they can easily shape their emotions in a way we can hardly understand toward attaining their self-defined objectives.

  Will they discover the deeper purposes of the earth? Will their astonishing self-motivation, independence, and power of adaptation win out?  Not a chance.  I say this because I ran one of their women though this meditation relating to the earth.  She was able to follow and reproduce it in herself without any effort. 

   It is not that they can not understand or connect to the earth.  The problem is that the idea of searching outside of oneself for a higher purpose is simply not part of their makeup.  It has something to do with their background and the environment in which they originally evolved. 

   For them, you create your own kingdom of the soul from within.  Relying on inspiration from outside of your self is not consistent with their sense of autonomy.  They are not selfish as we understand being selfish—that is, wanting to enhance oneself at others’ expense—but they are extremely ambitious.  Again, it is not a social thing involving fame or recognition. It is more like, “I will accomplish what I wish to accomplish and learn a hell of a lot in the process.”  They have loads of self-confidence.  You would have to mingle with the top five scientists on earth to encounter the level of concentration even the least of them possesses.  

    In regard to Homo sapiens, there is a very good chance we will not survive this millennium.  In fact, when Neanderthal became extinct, a careful observer placed on earth might have said about our Stone Age race, “They are very creative.  They like to invent and engineer new things.  Unlike Neanderthal who was calm and peaceful, they are restless--they are competitive and seek to dominate each other and the world.

  “Their desire to fashion new forms of social interaction to enhance trade and create economic advantages, to engineer new kinds of societies—all of this is perfectly clear even now at the beginning.  What follows is obvious.  They will rise to a great height of knowledge and technology and then destroy themselves.  The first time they will survive.  But the second time will be final.  Their insatiable curiosity contains in its core a ravenous hunger so blind in its desire for more that they shall fail to see the way they plant the seeds of their own self-destruction.” 

  That is a rather long epithet.  Some of my readers complain and want me to be brief and concise.  So let me put it this way, in deciding the purposes for which we exist, we have chosen science and technology, industry and invention. And having done so, the earth is no longer necessary for our evolution.  It is too beautiful and rich in natural resources.  Our goals can be better served by being elsewhere, on a planet that offers more challenges, that is, one possessing a far more hostile environment. 

  As for the next race? They shall be here only a little over three thousand years.  They move much faster than us in attaining their objectives.  In the end, they too rise to a high level of science and technology, beyond what even we might imagine.  Their downfall is in failing to comprehend the existence of malice and ill will. 

  Though not particularly social, they will almost always help you out in a pinch.  Though rude, deep down they are generous.  And so they shall fail to see how one or two individuals, possessing the immense knowledge available, can easily destroy an entire race.  In their future history, they will never have to police themselves and this is their great mistake.  It is very, very sad the way they come to an end.  On the day of their destruction, they shall cry and be as vulnerable and fragile as any human being.    

  All the same, as I mention elsewhere, in spite of the massive limitations under which we live our lives, we are surrounded by infinite possibilities and opportunities.  The spiritual worlds place no limits on what we can attain.  You just have to make an effort to reach out and seize some wonder and find a way to bring it back to the world so it can be shared with others.  Accomplish this and you get to rewrite your own life script as well as the fate of the race in which you exist. 


Note: You do not have to rely on my descriptions or take my word for anything.  This kind of meditation you find and write for yourself.  Simply listen carefully in the dead of night reaching down into the silence depths of the earth.  And there you will hear in your own way the song the earth sings to other planets.      


Let us take a look then at the simple meditation that this planet exists to impart to an intelligent species who can find it in their own hearts.  If you think about it, it is not so difficult to create this or to master it in yourself.  The real problem is that it is the absolute opposite of everything we, as a race, are striving to attain. 



                                  Global Sea Meditation


Imagine the oceans, the single ocean that encircles the entire world.  Look down from thirty thousand feet or from five feet above the surface of the sea.  Feel the wind and the waves and the spray.  Savor the scent.  Out here on the open ocean, the seasons barely make a difference.  And here it is almost impossible to measure geological time, not unless you go back one or two billion years.     

   Here, civilizations, human or otherwise, are of little significance.  They simply appear and then disappear. Put aside human and linear time.  Take the point of view of the planet. 

   Now feel the seas surrounding the entire earth.  Become the waves, the currents, the tides, and the depths. 

  At this point, we are ready to join the inner and outer world, to discover what water is really all about.  In the magnetic attraction between the molecules of water is a receptivity as spiritually profound and as pure as anything in the galaxy. 

   To touch this, imagine that the sea has become a mirror.  At night, the light of the stars sink into its depths not just for hours or days but for eons of time.  Imagine that you are this mirror and that the vibrations in the light of the stars are songs you can hear.  Their notes and words are perfectly clear.  

   And now you, the sea, reflect also in your depths the vast emptiness of space as well that contains the stars and galaxies. This beauty and ecstasy is what the earth wishes to share with her children. 

  If you feel this reflection and light in yourself, like water that has become so still it is a perfect mirror, then you feel what she feels—that you have become one with the universe.  In this moment, everything that exists within your heart.  There is no creature--natural, human, or divine--that you can not perceive as it perceives itself, as though you have become it and are one with it.

   This empathy is more than human.  The stars themselves are part of its vision, for you can see through their eyes and feel as they feel.  Even the tides upon which the galaxies ride are currents that flow through your mind.   

   And yet, like the sea and the waters of the earth, you exist to nurture all beings.  You guide, illuminate, and inspire.  You are the very substance and life force that flows through their bodies, their hearts, and their minds. 

  If we or any other race of mortal, elemental, or divine beings wishes to understand the deeper purposes of the earth, the reason for which she exists, then we will have to feel what she feels in her heart.  Every other approach falls short.

   Take some time.  Work on it.  Like I say, this meditation is rather straight forward and simple.            

   Like the undine queens, you identity with the waters of the earth so that their vast magnetic field of energy gradually becomes a part of your own aura.  And then, like the undine queens, you automatically identify with anyone who comes near to you.  You seek to nurture and love others, as if fulfilling their deepest needs and dreams is, like the earth, the very reason you exist.  

   Time is not linear.  Barriers and limitations are a means to teach—they are where we begin in our awareness and what we seek to master to be free.  Yet there is no obstacle that can prevent or boundary that can contain this love.  It insures that the deepest purposes of the heart shall be fulfilled.  This giving, nurturing, and inspiration are who you are and what you become.  All other things---wisdom, power, and what you can accomplish—these are its servants.

     Or, as the poem says,

The earth wishes to have children

Who see through the eyes of the stars:

In their hearts

They shall fuse all opposites,

The constellations themselves,

Into one Song of Love.