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 I am sure many magicians work with the Venus sphere.  I am posting this
to encourage others to share their work with these spirits.  This
evocation is of the Sixty-Ninth Spirit of the Venus Sphere who name is

The Venus Sphere

The sphere of Venus integrates the three previous spheres, the earth,
moon, and mercury,  as the personality in each of us integrates our body,
emotions, and mind.  Franz Bardon mentions that the spirits of this sphere
are crazed with love.  Contact with them evokes states of bliss,
happiness, peace, ecstasy, and the perfection of love.  Their typical
range of competency encompasses art, music, love, poetry, healing, and the
many forms of ecstasy both human and divine.  
     For me, working with the Venus sphere has  been difficult.  I feel
very comfortable in working with the spirits of Mars even though their
sense of power is of a cosmic dimension and their abilities are outside my
experience.  And the spirits of Jupiter are so very benevolent and
generous.  And even the visions within the sun with their cosmic purity
and original insight into divinity do not seem so distant from what I can
imagine the truth of life being.   
    But Venus is a real challenge.  In part, this is because many of these
spirits have the absolute power of mental concentration possessed by
Mercury spirits.  And they exist within the inner sea of serenity and
mirror-like receptivity of the Moon sphere.  And they also are incredibly
practical and grounded as the earthzone spirits are.  They are all three
but now wrapped up in a vision of ecstatic love.  
    So, in effect, what they often do is assign you to work on anything
which is missing within yourself--anything you are not conscious of in
yourself--as well as the lessons from these three previous spheres.  But
their wisdom is shaped as a path of love.  
   Take, for example, spirit #68, Guru, with whom I have worked a great
deal.  She does not offer lessons in mastering such an abstract and
detached state of mind through some sort of formal exercise.  For her,
when you love, your ability to obtain absolute oneness derives from
embracing everything within the other.  And yet, in the same moment, when
you gaze into Guru's eyes as well as when you gaze into the eyes of a
great lover, you perceive your destiny and the clearest vision of your own
   Hidden in every genuine act of love is a prophecy of the world
unfolding and of dreams being fulfilled.  But as you can imagine, we do
not need to travel to the sphere of Venus to become enthralled with love
or to become ensorceled by the powers of bliss and beauty.  All around us
are examples in our communities of those who surrender their rationality
and their own will thinking that by falling into the arms of love they
will be fulfilled.  But instead, they are often ensnared by illusion since
they imagine love is a shortcut to their dreams.
    But love, as taught by the Venus spirits, requires a supreme act of
will, an absolute commitment to self-mastery, and a nearly divine
intuition.  Love for them is not the frosting on the cake of bliss and
pleasure nor the reward for a life of hard work and sacrifice.  Love is
the key to cosmic wisdom and a path for those who are so free they would
be one with all things. 
    Many years ago when I first began my Bardon practices, I had a friend
who was a natural clairvoyant with a magical will which he could draw upon
as he wished.  He decided to ignore Bardon's insistence that we work with
each sphere one by one starting with the elements and the earthzone.  He
went instead directly to Venus and to the particular spirit who related to
the degree of the zodiac of the planet Venus in his natal chart.  
    He spoke to this spirit and she asked him, "What do you want?"  He
replied, "What can you teach me?"  She answered, "I can teach you about
love."   Shortly thereafter, he had a very wild and passionate love affair
with a woman.  But he was exhausted, devastated, and overwhelmed by the
cascade of emotions he was experiencing.  
     So he called up the Venus spirit again and thanked her for her
assistance but asked that she no longer exert any influence.  He wanted
his own life back.  Such is the path of love through experience.  It is
something most people dream about but the challenges hidden within it
require, as I have suggested, a supreme act of will power and a
willingness to discover who you really are. 
   The larger task of Venus spirits is to universalize, harmonize, and
prepare individuals to integrate themselves sufficiently so they are ready
to move on to the sphere of the sun in which the light is a pure
manifestation of divinity.  The difference between the Sun sphere and
Venus is that Venus loves polarity working to amplify energy between
individuals and use that heightened power and awareness to propel
evolution and consciousness forward.  
    The sun ignites the flames of inspiration and life from within oneself
as a direct reflection of the greater spirit who overshadows this solar
system.  There light shines to the ends of the universe with a unique song
and each star in the sky has its own unique vision it has originated and
discovered at the core of its own being.  Venus will take you down to the
core of your being and show you what is there but she is a guide, lover,
and companion.   
   The Venusian spirits usually do not stand in or claim to be direct
embodiments of divinity in its universal aspect.  From the sun descend
world teachers and avatars--unique beings radiant with inner light.
CHibys in the sun sphere says he appears when you are making the great
transitions between finishing one spiritual path and starting another--he
is your initiator iinto cosmic wisdom.  But we also need lovers and
friends who walk beside us through the darkness of the night and for this
task Divine Providence has appointed the spirits of Venus.  That's their
job and they do it extremely well.  
       As I extend my mind into the emerald green light of  Venus, I
notice instantly the feeling of rapport, intimacy, and deep satisfaction
which pervades this sphere.  There is a remarkable sense here of knowing
how to be attuned to another person:  the blending and joining of
energies, thoughts, feelings, body, and will so that the attaining of
rapport between individuals is considered the highest wisdom and art.  At
the same time, this rapport is not a function of devotion, loyalty, or
commitment to another.  It is a way of seeing inside yourself and the
other person and of bringing about the highest level of connection.   
     Here it is the most natural of things to weave two individual's
separate identities into a oneness sustained by bliss and carefully
preserved and cherished in a sacred space of the heart held separate from
the surrounding world.  If there were a culture which embodied this
awareness, the individuals of that society would have a vast variety of
ways in which to share with each other all that they have ever
experienced, all that they care about and love.  Just holding my
consciousness in this sphere generates an automatic feeling of happiness
and  contentment.  And there is a sense of reassurance that no need exists
within oneself which can not be expressed and fulfilled. 
      But just because love is constantly being celebrated and cherished,
it would not be wise to underestimate the power of this place.  The
spirits that dwell here know how to magnetize you so that you begin to see
and feel as they do.  Just as copper carries a current of electricity
between two poles, rapport and intimacy serve to transmit the inner
essence and spirit of one person to another.  
     And so, naturally, these spirits possess profound knowledge of sexual
magic,  of personal beauty, attraction, charm, poise, and charisma.  They
are masters of  art, of  the mysteries of divine love and the love bonding
an individual to a deity or spiritual ideal.  Here are found healers of
body, soul, and spirit.  And here is the inspiration and wisdom guiding
those who search the depths of themselves or undertake spiritual quests.  

8/19/97: According to Franz Bardon, (See The Practice of Magical
Evocation) Gomah governs three to six degrees of Capricorn within the
sphere of Venus.  This aspect of Capricorn in Venus relates to developing
the will and determination an individual needs to accomplish his goals in
regard to love.  This is a matter of integrating the various aspects of
mind, soul, body, and personality so they work together efficiently and
    Occasionally during this conversation with Gomah she would transfer
into my mind a picture.  For example, I would see myself standing in some
natural setting.  In one instance, I stood in a valley at night not
knowing where or when the light would appear.  This image is easily
translated into words.  Other images she sent me were more like sensations
or pure feelings flowing through my body. 
   Often she insisted I join my mind and soul with hers.  This is not
particularly easy since I have to be still enough to feel what her
presence is like inside me.  Sometimes she would transfer into my mind a
mental vibration which is the equivalent of seeing the human race through
her eyes.  She can feel human feelings and desires without in any way
losing her own sense of beauty and love.  She also would communicate with
me as though we were exploring something together.  From one moment to
another feelings and pictures appeared and then altered as the light in
both our minds lit up the depths we were visiting.  
    I have explained in more detail elsewhere some of the methods for
contacting a spirit such as Gomah who dwells on the higher levels of
akasha within another planetary sphere.  Let me just say here that I
imagined myself centered within a space of emerald green light as if the
earth and the sky around it had changed into pure light.  Sustaining this
energy field, I then transferred my mind into the sphere of Venus.
Psychics who have trained their minds with basic mental exercises so that
concentration is one pointed can probably do this fairly easily.
    Occasionally, I would strive to gather that light and condense it.
The light felt palpable and physical as if I were immersed within a sea of
green energy.  I worked at changing the visual image of light into a
physical sensation as though light is something which can become a solid
substance.   In this way,  Gomah was able to move down through the planes
and express herself within the denser vibrations of the earthzone and
physical world. At one point also I drew Gomah's sigil several times in
the air with my finger.  Doing this immediately heightened my connection
to her. 

Having projected my mind into the sphere of Venus,  I connect to Gomah's
presence and feel her aura in front of me.  This too is fairly basic and
similar to imagining a friend and then feeling a connection to that
individual's aura.  
    I hesitate to dwell much on a description of Gomah's face and body.
The contemplation of her form could easily become a life long practice.
As I gaze at her I can feel endorphins being released into my bloodstream.
There are little explosions of ecstasy occurring in all my five senses.
She has a scent, a taste, and there is music in the air which her aura
spontaneously generates.  And when she speaks, I hear her voice from
inside me as if it is resonating within and echoing through every aspect
of my psyche.
    She says to me, "I teach the qualities you need to acquire before you
can shine with the light of the sun.  I understand the evolution of the
human race and the darkness through which you must pass.  
    "There are times when you confront great obstacles.  Circumstances are
severe.  Your resources are nearly exhausted.  And the light of dawn is
only a promise within a dream within a vision.  Your way is blocked. The
road is impassable.  Your journey is lost. 
    "There are gates which may only be opened by the keys of eternity.
These keys are in my possession--absolute faith, a will forged in the
depths of akasha,  a determination which commands every fiber of your
being, the capacity to ask the right questions in the face of the unknown,
and a heart that is so still silence becomes a wine you sip to renew your
    "I give to those who find and honor me a companion in their spiritual
journeys.  But consider the sacred space of my aura.  Within me is found
the presence of Divine Providence.  In me there is no separation between
the conscious mind and the powers and treasures hidden in the depths of
the unconscious.  Rejuvenation and transformation, renewal and the most
profound satisfactions--these are the vitality within my body. 
   "The ecstasies of the elements on your planet--the gratification in
discovering your nerve endings do not stop at the surface of your skin.
They extend on into the flight of the wind.  They flow in the streams and
find peace in the dreams of the seas.  You taste astral immortality in
your breath as the quiet patience and endurance of mountains lend you
their strength.  And the magma and fires remind you of your passion and
your power--that desire reaches to the center of the earth and is reborn
as the light of the stars.  These ecstasies flow from my soul.  I am the
goddess of all sacred journeys.  
   "There are those who find love dizzy, intoxicating, and enchanting.
They are mesmerized, ensorceled, and spellbound.  They are possessed by
its illusions.  They drown in its pleasures.  They are captivated by its
dreams which ravage, torment, and torture them. They surrender to its
power and acquiesce to the taste of its bliss.  Passion takes hold of them
like a torrent raging in an underground stream or magma flowing through a
scorched cavern.  The hidden depths within them rises up like a tidal wave
too swift and massive to flee from.  
   "But those who search for the wisdom in my domain are not afraid either
of the sacred powers I possess or of the fires with which I inspire.  What
is love for me?  It is to understand every memory in your lover's mind.
It is to unite your separate destinies so they seek one end and blend as
if woven together by the hands of God.  It is to be so one with each other
that in your eyes the veils of time are no more--you see the purposes
unfolding in all things because in your hearts you celebrate the
fulfillment of every desire.  Every creature, spirit, and being is
captivated by the songs you sing.  
    "Every spiritual journey, every act of tenderness, every breath is
inspired and sustained by love.  I am an instrument in the hands of
eternity.  In my heart, I am a part of the Greater Spirit who has called
into being this solar system and whose dream is the life we all share in
common.  He has granted me the ability to fulfill every dream and to
satisfy every desire.  I have been given the power to guide and inspire
every spirit which seeks the knowledge and experience of divine love.  
    "You seek the highest love permitted to those in mortal form, to be
one with Divine Providence,  to celebrate the beauty of the universe and
to capture its power and majesty in your songs.   You seek the mystery of
the Spoken Word and its power to make all things new."
   Gomah has tears in her eyes as she says,   "You are haunted by these
possibilities but suffer terribly because you know the way but lack the
inspiration to follow the path."
   At this moment, she bids me turn inward and follow her as she searches
the depths of her heart which, in this moment, is a journey also into my
heart.  She says, "I shall see you have the friendship and love you need
to understand every thread in the tapestry of your longings and desires.
Every need, every bliss, pleasure, and ecstasy you will learn clearly to
perceive. Every note and theme which love sings to you you shall capture
in your poetry.
    "Use your voice to cross the abyss within you.  Your vision of the
beauty of the universe is a divine gift.  If it were possible, you could
enchant even me with the songs you find in my heart.  Return to me again
and I will guide you to unravel some of these illusions which hold you in
their spell--
    "What you have not experienced is a relationship with a woman who
loves you with her whole heart and soul.  You do not have to stop loving
your work to love a woman in this way.  Instead, when you are with each
other your entire being is on fire--every level and aspect of your self is
drawn into the connection.  How to accomplish this is part of my teaching.
It is not found by possessing or binding another to your will. It is a way
of being and part of who I am.  Work with me and it will become a part of
your heart and your way of seeing and feeling."
     8/20/97: Once again I visualize the universe filled with emerald
green light as if this energy is all that exists and I am suspended at its
center.  I then shift my awareness into the akasha of the earthzone.  On
this level, this sea of light carries with it the feelings of being
blessed, wealthy, and having all desires satisfied.  
    Next, I shift my mind into the sphere of Venus.  Here this emerald
light has a different nature.  Here love is experienced as divine ecstasy.
It is a gate, a passageway, and an initiation which leads to mastering the
arts of creation.  The highest worship is performed by maintaining this
flame of love within your heart. 
   The light shining in the aura of Venus is like a wine.  It is
intoxicating.  The five senses and the nerves of the body become charged
with a new task: to celebrate joining, union, intimacy, the attainment of
oneness as well as art, action, and expressions which are full of beauty
and harmony.  All of this because through the experience of ecstasy the
wisdom and purposes underlying the creation of the universe are revealed. 
   It is possible to contemplate this sea of Venusian light from a state
of mind that is calm, relaxed, and detached.  Even so, the Venus
oscillation contains a passion and a rapture which even the most abstract
and objective of minds will find hard to ignore.  
     It is like this: Venus shows you that at the core of your being is a
bliss.  This bliss tears to pieces all that you know to be true of
yourself.  You then see that love is the fire within all desire.  Its
power is hidden within everything that exists.  And by following its path
the greatest opposites are joined for the sake of creating new wonders. 
   It is said the great battles of life are first fought within our own
hearts.  If you listen to the voice of Venus, she will tell you which
battles are worth fighting and why.  And she will show you how to do so
without losing your passion, inspiration, and love. 
    I draw Gomah's sigil in the air.  The sigil has the energy of the
constellation of Capricorn filtered through the aura of Venus.  It is the
power of love to endure through all the changes of time refining itself
like a vintage wine. Actions derive from integrity, from personal
integration, and a determination of divine origin.
   As Gomah appears in front of me, there is a jolt of electricity which
runs through my nerves.  Her presence is an intimacy which destroys all
concepts, theories, doctrines, and philosophies.  The reality of her love
has a strength the mind can not fathom.
     As I approach closer to Gomah, her attractive force becomes mesmeric.
I am caught in the spell of her ecstasy.  The touch of her skin is a poem
in itself:

There is no earthly or material desire
There is no ancient or secret power 
Which can not be turned or inspired
To serve and to celebrate love's arts.
Who can resist my bliss?
Neither birth nor death
Neither the dark tomb nor the brazen sun
The highest honor or the greatest victory won--
Before the gifts I offer
All that binds and confines
Is carried away like a wisp of smoke 
In the hands of the North wind.
All pleasure and satisfaction
All craving and gratification
All union and rapture
Are the fragrance of my love.
Though your spirit is ripped a part 
And scattered to the ends of the universe
My love will make you whole
My touch will restore your soul.
But beware the joy I share: 
My love flows
Within and beyond the boundaries of time
What was is no more
You return to the source
There to sleep and to dream
And to be reborn a divine being
Who sees with the eyes of eternity
And whose art shapes light
Into works of beauty and harmony.

When I condense the emerald green light and bring Gomah down into the
lower planes of the earthzone, there is a change similar to what occurred
yesterday.  Her presence is a profound integration of body, emotions, and
mind.  She exudes and communicates an absolute faith and indestructible
determination that you shall accomplish all your goals in life.  In
addition to heightening your determination,  her presence creates the luck
and the gifts of fortune you need to succeed.  Her beauty is such that
even the forces of nature are ready to surrender to her charms and to
assist you in your work.  
   I remember Ram Das once saying his guru asked Ram Das to give him a
large dose of LSD.  The guru did this to show Ram Das that as a yogi he is
able to control the biochemistry of his body with his mind.  The drug had
no effect.  The guru experienced no hallucinations.  His mind was strong
enough to resist such illusions.  
   I mention this example because working with Gomah is like encountering
a cosmic archetype.  She has a divine appointed commission.  And though I
have met a number of beautiful women during my life, I do not imagine I
will ever meet a woman who possesses this kind of power.  The sacred
inspires.  But it also can tear your mind apart.  It can rip your life out
of history taking you into a divine vision.  
    Those who return from such experiences oftentimes need the powers of a
yogi or a well-trained magician to get their feet back on the ground.
Gomah is completely captivating.  It is only safe to work with her if you
have committed yourself to serving the highest purposes of love. 
   Gomah laughs at me as I write that last sentence.  She says, "What you
say is a contradiction.  Everything I am reflects the highest purposes of
love.   Would you scare off the faint of heart?  Do you wish to say `The
attractive forces in the powers of creation should only be approached by a
"well-trained magician.'?   
    "I inspire the faith that love will triumph.  The ecstasy and bliss I
radiate are part of my love.  They are the inspiration that empowers the
attainment of victory.  Open the gate to the sphere of Venus so I may be
known on earth.  Make a well filled with the waters of my heart.  Then
those who drink shall never lack for inspiration.  And when they sleep
their dreams shall be filled with the highest visions of love.  When they
wake, their lives will be blessed and the desires of their hearts
   I would like to mention at this point something Gomah does with me.  If
you put your finger on the string of a guitar and bend it so the tension
builds, when you release the string it vibrates back and forth creating a
musical note.  Gomah can run her fingers along the nerves of your body.
The luminous filaments of your soul and spirit she can vibrate and play at
will.  The tension builds and then the release that comes takes you to
where you have never been before. 
     I inhale the fragrance of Gomah's perfume.  The scent is a dream of
sweet peace and tender release soothing like the rhythmic waves of a sea.
She takes possession of my body like a flame the candle wick or light a
prism to display the wonders of the spectrum hidden within it.  
   One of the things a woman can do for a man is call forth through her
femininity the power within him so he is radiant and charged with its
presence.  Her receptive, yielding responsiveness amplifies his strength
until he feels his own divinity.  In this way he tastes, touches, and is
enflamed with the conviction he can accomplish what he wishes.  
   Does this sound so strange?  She simply follows his desire to the core
of his being.  Her body is a mirror reflecting the dreams within his
    Man and women are the image of God.  Because of their desire for each
other, they can take the greatest conflicts and trails of life and
transform them through beauty and love into a new act of creation, into
new paths of wonder. 
    8/21/97: Gomah's love grasps and transforms your desire like the
fingers of a Norn weaving events and the cross roads of life from the
threads of your fate.  She takes your dreams and steps up the charge of
energy within them until like a child who has grown up, you are strong
enough to make them reality.  For Gomah, beauty, tenderness, and ecstasy
are a path leading to self-mastery.  There is no obstacle or conflict
which love can not master because the inner core and secret destiny of
everything that exists is shaped by love.  
   When a great warrior goes into battle, his courage and commitment are
total and complete.  He gathers all his strength and directs it according
to his will.  He is in command of himself.  He accomplishes his mission
because neither fear nor doubt constrain or limit his actions.
    Gomah is the inner light a man uses to master himself.  She is the
inspiration that causes him to seek victory.  She is the well-being and
satisfaction like a stream flowing through the center of his being.  She
reminds him that all actions can be used to celebrate the joy in the heart
of life.  
     There is a saying which is perhaps no longer politically correct:
"Behind every successful man is a loving woman."  I have been talking
about what a woman can do for a man.  My agenda here is not to enforce
some sort of gender stereotype.  Though the Venus spirits tend to prefer
appearing as women,  they exist on a level of spirit.  Their consciousness
is not limited by the worlds of form.  They need no words to think.  They
need no body to feel.
    Gomah could quite easily appear in the form of a man if requested to
do so.   Her skills, qualities, and powers are of a universal nature and
obviously serve the purposes of both genders.  This report reflects my
perspective as a man. 
    A woman might experience Gomah more as a sister, goddess, and
inspiring companion. If a woman met Gomah when Gomah had assumed a
masculine aspect, Gomah would change her aura.  Though just as empathic
and loving, her aura would hold a more dynamic charge.  She would contain
more power and her concentration would be more one-pointed and
penetrating.  In this way, Gomah's presence would set up a polarity with
the woman heightening the woman's feminine qualities.  The woman would
then sense ancient powers awakening within herself.   She would perceive,
for example, the inner rhythm, the pulse, and the wells of inspiration
within and uniting all of life.  
    But Gomah's effect on me is more like the successful woman behind a
man or the goddess behind the hero.  She blends her soul with my own.
This is not metaphor.  What she is doing is a psychic and magical
    Her touch communes directly with the cells and organs of my body how
to be nourished, to gather strength, and to attain health and longevity.
I keep thinking that if you met a human woman who did this to you, say
through a kiss, a man might feel he had just been bewitched.  He might
feel something alien has been awakened within him.  But if he has spent
time transferring his mind into plants, trees, and animals, he would right
away recognize the primal levels of vitality her kiss has just created.  
    If a man loved a woman whose breasts were fashioned with Gomah's
beauty, he might feel he had died and been reborn as another person in a
land he can not even imagine.  In this place, artists and musicians would
have the concentration and knowledge of nuclear physicists, biochemists,
and climatologists.  Their artistic expressions would capture the
vibrations of matter, mind, and spirit in new forms of beauty.  
    A song would have the power to materialize or dematerialize physical
form and matter.  The metaphors and rhymes of a well-written poem would be
sufficient if spoken aloud to call forth and commune with any spirit in
our solar system.  And the fingers or bow that touch the strings of an
instrument could lavish and saturate your body with such pleasure and
ecstasy that you would easily remain in a trance for days because you
taste the inner harmony of the universe. 
   If a woman had Gomah's magnetic, attractive aura, you could place your
hand on her hip and instantly fall asleep.  No thought could follow you
into the depths of these dreams.  Pleasures like the waters of celestial
streams, like the memories of life awakening in the seas, and like the
elixir of immortality--these you would taste with your lips.  
   And amid the dream you hear a voice calling and singing to you like the
moon at night sharing its light.  As that serene light touches your skin,
you feel you have finally come home--that now in all your journeys through
time and space you will always be blessed, love will always be at your
side, and wisdom will always well up from within you. 
   Because Gomah is so sensuous and yielding, because she is so responsive
to every nerve ending, she can call forth the highest degree of tension
which accompanies a supreme magical will. What would otherwise cause a man
to break or snap can now be sustained  while remaining completely relaxed.
Gomah accomplishes this without losing for a moment the conviction that
the power being accumulated is a product of  love and beauty.   And so the
experience of absolute faith, conviction, and divine determination--around
Gomah the attributes condense like moisture from the air.  You inhale
courage and a feeling of victory being near. 
   There are men who expect women to drain away their tension, to be a
lightning rod absorbing their anger.  But this is not like that.  Gomah's
actions are magical.  They are a ritual evoking sacred powers.  Here there
is no separation between masculine and feminine.  Both share equally in
all aspects of creative energy.  The physical, astral, mental, and
spiritual levels are aligned and joined.  At this moment, there is not a
magician facing the spirit he has evoked.  Rather, one aura and energy
field pervades this room.  
     In conclusion, I would have to say from my experience with Gomah that
sensuality and eroticism are intended to reveal the divinity within
oneself.  Ecstasy is a vehicle spirit uses to disclose its presence.  Such
extravagant and primordial bliss forces you to see that you are
transcendent.  There is nothing you can not accomplish when you move in
harmony with cosmic laws and you bring the full force of your will to bear
on your enterprise.   
   Another way of saying all of this is that the full power in a man
naturally joins with the full power in a woman.  Those who enter the
akashic planes are able to use this tension to create new things.  The
attraction between opposites when amplified to the highest degree and
performed with purity grants power over fate, time, space, and history. 
   Love is to be enjoyed. It brings new life.  It is also an evocation of
cosmic wisdom.  It captures in its expressions all that is sacred and
divine.  It is an act of adoration calling forth the blessing of Divine
Providence.  And the joining of two lovers through a sacred and magical
act is also an initiation into omnipresence. 
     You may laugh because you suspect my descriptions violate the outer
most boundaries of fantasy and imagination.  But from the point of view of
a spheric magician, it is the job of the highest spirits of Venus to
integrate all the wisdom and magick of the three previous spheres--the
earth, the moon, and Mercury.  All the knowledge of our world, all the
inner vision of the moon, and all the magical acumen of Mercury Venus
fashions into a path of love and beauty.  To this I testify. 
    Effects:  One result of this evocation is that I started an on-line
newsletter on my practices with the Franz Bardon system.  This then lead
to a web page on the same topic.  Gomah said that the time was right for
me to do this.  
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