Copyright © 2009 by William R. Mistele


A Dialogue between the Electric and the Magnetic Fluids as They Might be Expressed through a Man and a Woman


Introduction: I usually give dialogues like this to characters in my stories for as Ursula Le Guin says, “We all have many men and women inside of us.” But I actually heard a woman speak aloud the other day the first sentence from below.  The rest you had best interpret for yourself.   



She:  How can I ease your pain?


She asks as if the question is the most natural of things.


I reply, “I need a woman to say these words with the light of dawn in her eyes and when the stars first began to shine—


She should say to me: “‘Tell me what you want and I will take your fiery desire into myself and bring it to the full height of its power and might.  But in return you must do these things for me: feel compassion for others, heal the sick, feed the poor, and eliminate war.’”


She: I would be willing to say those words exactly as you intend but I am still not clear as to your purpose or plans.  You want me to give you my heart, soul, body, and mind, never mind that this is not very fashionable in our age and time. 

   Are you saying that if I satiate the hunger at the core of your being that this will somehow transform you and me into divine beings?


I reply: Precisely this and far more.  For only a woman can unlock the door and explore the secret chambers of a man’s heart.  It is a feminine art that the religions of our earth know not. 

   Make my desire your own and your body shall be my temple, your soul my home, your heart my altar, and my love for the world shall be the sacrifice I offer—for when two join as one there is no greater power in all the world.  Then shall the full depths and power of the masculine flow freely in and through the full depths and power of the feminine.  This shall be the result: all malice and darkness shall dissolve before this presence.    


She: I have to hand it to you, I’ve haven’t heard this come on before.  Yet I sense what you are after—you want me to be both human and divinity, beyond eroticism, beyond passion, beyond self affirmation or self gratification, a freedom of spirit that can touch life with tenderness because the wisdom flows from the heart of stars, where the fire is fusion—the joining of opposites releasing cosmic power.     


She: I’ll make it simple for you, touch my body so it burns with the light of the sun, with the brilliance of that inner fire, the feeling of immortality, that is, so hot desire melts and human need exchanges for a love that has no beginning or end, teach me to fly with those wings, and then, and only then will I give what you want—the treasures hidden in the heights, depths, and breadth of my heart.    


I am waiting …. (gazing into my eyes, tapping her fingers on the table) …I am waiting. 


I reply, I shall set forth this very moment in search of this touch for which you ask.  And I tell you, (gazing back into her eyes where she sees the first light of dawn beginning to shine) I shall not fail in this quest.