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This is Ronda growing up.  Her past life in Atlantis I have written about in A Mermaid’s Story. 


  A Mermaid’s Story is in my first book, Undines, Lessons from the Realm of Water Spirits.  See or North Atlantic Books, July publication 2010. 

   This current story is in my next book, Mermaid Women. 



                              Growing Up Mermaid


The first thing I remember as a child was the fairies. They were very playful so I played together with them all the time.  They would come into my room and be in different places like on the dresser. Or they would fly around the room and then I would leave my body and fly around with them.  Numerous times I’d be on my ceiling looking down at my body on the bed and a voice like a guide would tell me over and over, “Get back in your body right now.”

   Sometimes there were just balls of light in different sizes moving around the room.  There were angels, guides, and various spirits.  I saw creatures the size of my wrist that reminded me of elves.  But those were very fast and it was hard to keep them in focus.  This was when I was around age two.

   When I was still very little, I taught myself how to swim. I swam like a mermaid, not kicking but moving my feet as one.  I would look down at my feet and feel awful.  I wanted my legs to change back into mermaid form.  

   I spent a great deal of time trying to be a mermaid.  And when I went to bed at night, I slept on my stomach.  I would move my feet like a mermaid swimming under water. It was soothing for me.  It helped me fall asleep.

   It was not like it is now.  I had seen no mermaid movies.  I had not read any books about mermaids.  No one had told me about them.  But I had three tiny mermaid dolls.  These I played with all of the time.

    My step-dad had built a concrete pool since he was in concrete business.  I often spent ten hours a day in the pool.  It had a high wooden fence that went around it.  On weekends, I would sneak out at night and sit in the pool.  Water was my friend.  It was like a mother who hugged me when I entered it. 

   When I was seven years old, I used to get angry at my parents because I could not convince them that mermaids were real.  Adults thought that fairy tales were always fiction.  How do you explain the nature of reality to people whose eyes are blind and who do not know how to communicate mind to mind?   

   Small wonder then that I spent hours focused on trying with all my will to become a mermaid.  I would go to bed at night and try to will myself to become a mermaid. I wanted to live under water again.  

   There were times when I would go to the lake and get in the water and ask the mermaids to take me back.  I did not want to be a human being any more.  My efforts failed. 

   I remember being in love with the moon. It fascinated me.  I would look for it every night.  Sometimes I would lay in the yard on a blanket and gaze at the moon.  I wanted to be with the moon because I felt so connected.  There was such intensity like the moon was a magnet just drawing me toward it.

    My bedroom was beautiful.  I chose to do it all in lavender and then had one wall done in pastel rainbows. I remember being in a restaurant and a lady come up to me and said, “What a beautiful aura you have.”  She said I was surrounded by violet and lavender colors.

   I always had an aquarium in my room. And when a fish died I had this elaborate burial service for it.  I would place one of my favorite possessions with it in the ground.   

    The woods in my back yard went on for many miles. My parents let me play in the part near my house but I often wandered farther off.  Sometimes my sister went with me or neighbor friends but usually I was alone. 

    I also spent a huge amount of time in the forest playing in the creeks.  We did not live near an ocean so I played in the creeks and lakes.  I took hurt birds in and brought turtles home.  

    I remember I could even feel my vibrations rise being surrounded by all the animals, and trees, and water.  It was also in these woods that I saw for the first time a transparent figure from the other side. The creeks would play a beautiful music. Being surrounded in the woods with the nature was my sanctuary.  I also spent hours searching through rocks and stones. I would look for ones that resembled crystals

   When I was six years old, I began telling my grandparents when a storm was coming.  They did not know what to make of me.  This was the Bible belt.  Kids were not supposed to know these things. 

    I went to church with my parents.  Right from the beginning, I did not agree with the church.  I knew god was not how they explained and I knew that love was unconditional. The god the church spoke of was very judgmental.  Life was about love for me even then.

   I knew god would not have all these rules you must follow. You must do this and be this person in order to have my love and go to heaven.  So many thought of god as a person.  But for me it was always swirling light, energy, and a pure, higher power.  I was seven years old then. 

  That year I remember speaking to was my real dad. He appeared near my bed. This was the first time I spoke with a deceased human being.

   About the same time I found I had difficulty being in crowds of people. Everyone’s thoughts and feelings would come inside of me.  It was like being bombarded with raw emotions.  It was more than I could handle. 

   Just meeting someone new and I would get flashes of memories and feel the other’s pain and joy.  Sometimes the person’s entire life would flash before my eyes like I was viewing a film in front of me.  Or I would see the important events, relationships with others, and feel the emotions occurring.

   I could sense what others were thinking.  I knew I could communicate with them through thoughts.  But I was amazed they did not understand the message I sent.  They could not hear what I was saying to them in my mind. 

   I did not like school. It was then I began to realize how cruel humans could be. I remember in high school I would get A's in classes like psychology but do awful in history because I am not good with time.  I had a problem with dates and timelines.  I lived in my imagination most of the time when I should have been studying.  When I applied myself, I would get A's but most subjects I felt were a waste of time.

   As for boyfriends, I was slow at that sort of thing. I loved boys and girls equally, because I loved everyone.  I did not understand why it was expected that I should love one man. 

  I could justify having a relationship with a man as a way to heal him and consume him with love.  I knew how to become whatever the he needed or desired.  I was able to connect with men in ways that others could not. Then I would move on.  But the men would obsess on me and try to possess me. 

   Society speaks of how strong men are and maybe they are physically.  But mentally I find men are weaker.  I still to this day do not understand the whole love and sex thing. For me, the two are separate.  No wonder humans get so confused in relationships.

    I have a mermaid around me who helps me.  She is very powerful.  She says I must strengthen my mermaid ties so that I can help the human race.  She says part of my task is to intertwine our two worlds.

    Before acquiring a human soul, I once was a close companion of a queen of undines named Isaphil.  I sang at night a song uniting the light of the earth and the moon.  Because of my ties to the moon, because of my inner serenity, I have been given the ability to see things that shall be.  I see what is missing from the world and the ways that harmony can be restored. 

   I remember Atlantis.  I used to dream about it for years.  They were so much more advanced than we are now in technology and spirituality.  I remember sitting around a round table with two other women.  We are able to read each others’ minds so we could communicate without using words and we were able to blend our auras together and share energy directly.  

   It was during the time of Atlantis that my mermaid soul was pulled out of that realm and placed in the body of a woman against my will.  A great Atlantean mage lusted after my beauty and bound me to incarnate as a human being. 

   This action was a spiritual outrage for which the Atlantean suffered terribly.  I was a pawn in their game.  They did not realize that the survival of their civilization was part of the stakes being played.  Beauty can blind the mind or heal the conscience.  Unlike so many noble souls who appeared in earlier ages of their world, in the end, they chose not to be healed.

   I remember so many things and experiences when I was in Atlantis.  These memories are as clear as if they happened yesterday.  I healed.  In human form, I swam beneath the sea.  I flew in small airships.  We used crystals in so many ways.

   Mermaids look like the way human beings imagine them.  But they have a higher vibration.  They are spirits and not solid or physical, like you could stick your hand through them. I recall that as a mermaid, we always did everything in groups of three.

  I have met the other two in my group of three. Like me, they have crossed over.  Unlike me, they have come out of curiosity or out of love for a human being.  But they are not compelled as am I to discover my purpose for being alive. 

   Recently, I was in the bath meditating.  I spend hours every day completely submerged in the bath with only my nose and mouth above the water.  I do this because here is where I am best able to send healing energy to others.

    I saw a mermaid above me.  She was very glittery or shiny.  In old days, if we saw a ship we knew we were not allowed to go to near it. We were not supposed to be seen by the people on ships.

  I joined two other mermaids as we were swimming, singing and holding hands united in a circle at one point. There was a joyful or giddy feeling I had with this. It was like young school girls at play. I could hear notes of music.  For me, the sea is life and life is the sea.

    When I am in water, it is as if my soul merges with the water and I become truly one with it.  Within water I feel loved unconditional, revitalized, refreshed, renewed, happy, pure, cleansed, and euphoric.

   I never lived near water until my early 20's and that was when I began to feel really alive.  It made me so happy.  I feed off of the magnetism the water brings me.  If I am sick or in pain, I get in the water because it comforts me.  Sometimes you hear people say they are married to God.  I sometimes feel I am married to the ocean. 

   How do I explain to people that there is another part of myself that vibrates as a mermaid?  It is an energy that human beings never experience.

   I can feel love all around me and in every cell of my body. People seem to have a hard time with love.  It is really so much more than a thought or an emotion.  They search and search for it when really it is within and around them in every moment.  They need to learn to put it within every thought.  Yet that would only be a beginning. 

   For mermaids, the oceans of the earth, the vibration within water, is itself pure love.  This love encompasses the planet.  It is strange beyond words that human beings with all their wise men and great teachers know nothing about this. 

   I speak easily with those who have died.  This is perhaps because I myself am from the Other Side.

   I had a friend in my class.  At age twenty-five he died in car accident. A few years later I could feel his energy around me.  For two years I saw him in dreams, near my bed, or I would him hear him call my name in the early morning. 

   One time, in no more than a few seconds, he showed me his car wreck, the hospital where he died, how his mom felt, how he felt, friends felt--I saw it all. I even heard the doctors talking to his mom and him standing there watching invisible to their eyes. He also showed me the operating room and what the doctors were saying.

   There is this place I go to at night on the astral plane which is very pure and blissful and all white.  We do not have any form when we are there.  We are just pure energy, unlike anything in this world.

   On the astral plane, the colors are sometimes a thousand times brighter, but touch, taste, and smell belong to this physical world and are not as strong.  I will miss the pleasure of taste and smell when I pass over.   

    Other times I run into people I know on the astral plane.  We turn into balls of energy and join together.  The bliss is so much greater than anything I experience in this world.

    Often when people die and they accept their death they are met by a guide.  The guide explains some things to them and then they go to a holding area.  It is like a beautiful park but much prettier and brighter. 

    It is very easy for me to visit the park.  I sometimes go see people I know who are there.  I have helped some get to that park.  It is very similar to the physical world so that people can adjust slowly.  They are not ready to become pure energy.  They need to be in an astral body similar to their physical body in order to learn to perceive. 

  Being dead is a lot like being awake in a dream and being able to change what you see according to what you imagine.  Death is different for each individual.  It helps to be able to let go of this world and move on.  What someone has been denied in this life they will often imagine having when they are dead.  They will play with it and experience it in every way until they get bored and are ready to move on. 

   For me, I am so much more awake and alive on the astral plane than in this world.  People are half dead in this world; there is so much energy and light moving around them that they do not sense or feel in any way. 

   When others go to sleep at night and dream, I fall asleep but immediately wake up on the astral plane.  I do not just have lucid dreams continuously.  I am in actual contact with guides and deceased.  Or when I heal I visit living people in my astral form hovering over them as I give them energy.    

   When I meditate, I can turn into any form.  But when I come back and start thinking I am stuck with this human brain.  I know how to get rid of the brain consciousness by just stopping my thought processes.  Then it is like I am in water and nothing else exists.  Ten minutes is like six months. 

   But when I come out of meditating, I am again stuck with human consciousness.  But I am making little advances.  I allow my brain to feel like it is full of water and then there is no difference between being human and being a mermaid.  My body takes on a water vibration.  Then I think as both human and mermaid at the same time.

   For years I never understood why TV and radio channels would flip or why electrical toys would turn off and on around me.  Sometimes it is just my nervous energy as I try to go to sleep or else something surprises me suddenly and the car computer goes dead.  I feel at times like I am a walking electrical outlet.  The sensations of electricity surge through my body.   

   When I have a sudden insight, I get goose bumps all over.  And I feel like I am freezing cold, even when it is ninety degrees in the room.

   I can point my finger at a candle flame and make it move in different directions or grow brighter or dimmer.  I never knew until quite recently that other human beings could not do the same.  

   Almost everything I have just written I have never shared before with any other human.  At best, I have been tolerated.  My sister keeps a scrap book of my predictions about events such as earthquakes and disasters that have accurately predicted. 

   I walked up to a stranger at an airport one time and give her details about how her son died.  It was as if I saw the entire series of events unfold before my eyes.  I helped with the police investigation that was still going on.

   When I heal others, I can sometimes cure terminally ill patients.  Part of my problem as an empath and healer is that I briefly take on others’ symptoms.  I end up in the hospital for a night with failed kidneys.  But in the morning I am completely normal and the other person is suddenly healed.  

   If you speak to me of someone, I can probably tell you about this individual’s health; I may see other people this person knows; and if someone has recently died close to this person I can easily speak to the departed and relay messages. 

   There are others like me on earth.  We have entered the world to share love with the human race.  For me, it has been a terrible sacrifice.  For others whose connection to mankind has been sweetened with love, the transition has been gentle.  They belong equally to two worlds and live in peace.

    As I have said, the human race is cruel.  But we are all here to learn.  Unlike what happened to Atlantis, I do not believe that it is too late for humanity.