The chief spirit of Venus,

Hagiel says to me,

Of the four elements,

In water the beauty in women

Is most clearly seen:

Watch her move to where she goes

And all she does is flow—


As the water fall, as the rain, as the stream,

The mountain pool, the lake,

The seas, the clouds, the wave’s spray,

The drops of water running down your face,

She is in the tears that slide

And the tears that never die. 


I am the same:

My attractive energy

Adapts to every form of masculinity

If there is lightning,

My magnetism is the source of its being, 

My polarity is the arc

The fire leaps across in order to attain serenity.


If there is a dream, a vision, an ideal to make real,

I am the receptivity

Receiving the desire into fathomless depths

I shelter, nourish, and inspire

With the taste of life that shall be

My love shapes the dream

Until the man attains immortality


The electricity in your heartbeat

The hunger in every body cell

Knows my secret:

To be free is to be pure energy

To let go and flow as the moment unfolds


In your eyes the beauty of the stars shine

Because I am the mirror within your mind

That reflects the far as near

And brings to completion what appears  

By entering its life and amplifying the light.   


This woman you see is like me

There is no limit to the forms of her being

She can match any desire to its gratification   

Grant any wish its satisfaction


But beware of the terror true beauty commands

Beware of the mystery of what you see

In my face, my breasts, my hips, and my hands


She knows like me

In each person is a great celebration

But to the unwise or unwilling

The taste is annihilation

Of all identity and boundaries

For love has no beginning or ending