Copyright (C) 2008 by William R. Mistele


                       Harahel, #59, Mercury Sphere,

                              21-25 degrees Taurus


Bardon says of this spirit:


“The fifty-ninth genius is also an expert in astro-magic and teaches the transfer of magic powers on jewels. He will reveal to the magician who has got into contact with him methods for the prenatal education of children and, apart from that, also methods by which infertility can be removed from women. Harahel is a special friend of all gynecologists, midwives, etc. This genius is well acquainted with all the earthy sciences and is therefore able to give the magician exact information on anything. If the magician is a businessman, and if he is interested in stock exchange matters, Harahel will give him good hints as to which papers will be going up and which will fall. 


Reason for Evocation


My interest is related to understanding investing strategies. Also I would like to be able to inspire world leaders with how to turn around the global recession if that is permitted. Another spirit pointed out to me that any investing strategy as a conceptual  system does not work at this time because the variables driving the markets are partly unknown.  The standards of comparison no longer work.  (This is November 2008). 

   In part, I study investing because it clarifies for me the forces upon which world governments are based.  It is a little hard to become clear about political evolution on earth without a serious understanding of international and developmental economics. 


Note: Some people don’t like or are suspicious of science.  It is good to be cautious with any form of power.  Constant vigilance is always a necessity when it comes to maintaining balance, equilibrium, and justice.

   However, in the sphere of Mercury, magic and science work hand in hand.  From the point of view of Mercury, it is absurd and contrary to the laws of the universe and evolution to bury your head in the sand when it comes to solving problems.  This sphere exists to solve problems.  Solving problems is a way of honoring the divine majesty. 

   If the human race has a problem with the means of production, with structural unemployment, with injustice relating to the distribution of wealth, with energy, with the destruction of the natural world, then it is time to get to work—solve the problem.  You can not do this if you abandon the search for knowledge and the quest for wisdom and an enlightened mind.    


The Sphere of Mercury


I imagine myself surrounded by bright orange light as Bardon suggests.  And I project my mind into this sphere, usually after first briefly going through the earthzone and the sphere of the moon.

   When you practice the basic exercises associated with mental projection for years, placing your mind into another sphere becomes incredibly easy. If you repeat this practice a great many times, it also feels very natural, like second nature.


The sphere of Mercury is as intense and as focused on solving problems as the lunar zone is serene and an embodiment of inner stillness.   


The sphere of Mercury is extremely alert, clear, active, dynamic, focused on accomplishing a task in order to better serve the purposes of Divine Providence.  Doubtless, it inspires great innovators, inventors, scientists, and those focused on applied science. The spirits here have the minds and concentration of divine beings. 

    Still, you must figure out how to compensate for the intensity of this sphere.  This energy assumes that you have already internalized the immense calmness and inner serenity of the moon. And it assumes you already embody the down to earth, practical, organizing and maintaining your daily life that is typical of the earthzone. 

   On several occasions, I have dissolved the light from entering this sphere.  But there is an afterglow.  Individuals I have encountered in daily life have overreacted to this residual energy.  They are simply not used to the intensity of this light vibration. 

   It is like this: the light is so committed to upholding and focusing divine missions through itself that an untrained individual may suddenly see with clarity where the divine has touched his or her life.  At the same time, the light exposes others to the shadows in which they have lived.  With the intensity of this kind of absolute faith and conviction, their lives appear to have missed countless opportunities to move forward with great success and with divine inspiration. 

   The result is that others may react with great negativity to what your aura reveals in them.  They turn fanatical in their minds seeking to find easy scapegoats for the failures they now sense in their lives.  They grasp simplistic, ideological ideas to justify their past actions and negative feelings.  They do not know how to sustain clarity of mind when the light is this bright.

  In other words, be aware that not everyone can handle in a useful manner this kind of intensity. 

  For example, I wrote the following after contacting one of the spirit’s of Mercury.  Note his respect for the light to which he bears witness.  He puts to me these questions about the nature of the divine majesty: 


What is like unto God?

What breath can express His Presence?

Whose voice can sing His songs?

What created thing reflects His Essence?

What image captures He form?


What priest or sage can measure His mystery?

What prophet or mage can comprehend His plans?

Is their an artist anywhere in the universe,

A sculptor whose hands are so skilled,

He can create beauty like unto the beauty

God creates on a billion billion worlds?

Can the creature ever understand the Creator?



And again, in the following poem (also inspired by a spirit from the sphere of Mercury), Jacob is wrestling with an angel. And part of Jacob’s charm in the poem is that he senses the exact qualities of the being from whom he demands a blessing. 

   Jacob is not afraid to confront the fact that a divine spirit who exists to serve the light knows so much more than a human being.  He is unafraid and yet he wants he see as this divine being sees.  Few religions on earth ever, ever touch this level of inspiration:


What is it to dwell in a body made of divine fire

Its very radiance so penetrating

The mountains and seas are transparent

And the stars are no more distant from you

Than my hands upon your skin in this moment?

“And what is it to have eyes that see through the ages

The gates of all realms stand open before your gaze

So nothing is hidden anywhere in creation?

What is it to have hands so luminous

The Divine turns to you to accomplish its will?

“And tell me, when you love,

What is it like to love when your love

Arises from a sea of infinite bliss

So every abyss is filled

And darkness is forever banished from your vision?


And among the angel’s replies is


When I meditate I am embraced

By countless beings of love and might

Who guard and guide all paths of wisdom and all evolutions,

With both mortal and divine I join my heart and mind

I unite with all who celebrate the Light

Embracing all of creation.

And in our celebration

Our joy is so great

There is no longer any separation

Between the Light we embrace and the love within our hearts.


When I first moved to Hawaii, women would say things to me about how many generations they have lived in Hawaii or one woman would describe how she was descended from such and such Hawaiian king.  I have also had friends who are descended from long lines of hereditary witches.  Another friend had Kahuna, Hawaiian priests, who would mentioned to him about such and such nature spirit that was close to his aura. 

   But you see I am a male descended from a line of five fathers one after the other who have lived with great faith.  As a consequence, I have mentioned before that when I am in a protestant church, it is as if one of these angels from the sphere of Mercury sits down in the pew behind me.  And he leans forward and whispers in my ear,


“The faith of your fathers has opened the gate to the angels who assisted Moses in liberating the Jews from Egypt.  I have spoken to the other children in your family and no one hears me. 

   “Is there, therefore, some miracle you wish to accomplish?  Some mission you wish to complete, some new things you wish to bring into the world that will celebrate though its purpose the One Light of creation to which we bear witness?”        


The problem, again, with this kind of divine connection is that it requires first the practicality of the spirits of the earthzone and the divine serenity and inner peace with the universe of the lunar zone.  Religions on earth are especially remiss and delinquent in understanding the kind of absolute peace that is necessary for dealing with Mercury. 

   Without the inner peace, you get the time frame wrong for accomplishing things.  And as I point out, it is very easy to become fanatical and blinded by your own beliefs.  Too much inner peace and you fail to accomplish anything, preferring to live among dreams rather than to do work that endures through the ages. 



Capricorn in the zone of Mercury: great responsibility for building things of enduring value


21-25 degrees Capricorn: it guards the process of birth so that things get off to the right start. 


Plane and Domain: This is like Library of Alexandria—there is information on anything and application of that information in the here and now.


Inner Source of Inspiration: It is the nature of Divine Providence to give detailed information in regard to whatever you need to design, to build, and to establish your project or purpose so it is fulfilled.


Sigil: It gives a laser like concentration in your psychic intuition.


Spirit’s Outer Aura: Again, the vibration is “get it right in the beginning.  Understand the foundation, the basis of which everything depends.” 

   There is a clear perception of how a complex set of variables interact with each other such as in the case of understanding the global economy or in any scientific discipline.  

   There is penetrating insight and understanding.  There is that typical Mercury combination of science with magic in problem solving.


Inner Aura: Has clairvoyant, that is, direct perception of variables and influences on a specific projects and where and how you need to proceed to avoid disaster   


Akasha Plane: on this level, the spirit’s vibration is wise, has knowledge of all aspects of a project and how to get things done.   


Mental Plane: There is efficiency. You coordinate everything and prioritize so you get things done quickly.  This level deals with problems before they arise so that you overcome obstacles without delays to your schedule or plan of action.


Astral Plane: The vibration is of perseverance, endurance, steady focus to stay on track.  Your emotional enthusiasm does not wane.  


Physical Plane:  Usually with this with such a spirit you are bringing something new into the world.  Here then are the ways to present it, distribute it, to insure that it does what it is supposed to do without various obstacles cropping up that delay or hinder the project.


On economics


Well, here it is.  I am interested in a spirit who understands economics.  This spirit points out that different topics require different kinds of clairvoyance.  You have to develop a clairvoyance related to the area you are interested in. 

   With investing, it is possible (according to this spirit and wouldn’t this be really great?) to draw financial charts into the future before things occur. Then you know when and where to invest. I am working on this.  Perhaps every novice magician has tried automatic hand writing.  You could call this automatic stock charting—follow the lines on a chart with your pen for the last ninety days and then keep drawing the chart as it goes into the future.  Obviously, it takes a lot of practice.

   (Note: sometimes when I contact a spirit who specializes in luck and bringing about success the spirit “falls over laughing” because as I exist now I am so unlucky.  Other spirits are more like, “How nice to see you again.  Shall we continue what we were working on together in your previous incarnations?”  Such a contact does not mean the work is easy.  It just means I have a great affinity for certain vocations.) 

   Now many great investors are already psychic about the future.  And add that the global market is like an AI, an artificial intelligence, in a game and its sole purpose is to destroy wealth by fooling those who are the wisest and who have the most experience.       

    Globally, there is a karma related to wealth.  If nations have excess wealth, they do crazy things like building cities in the middle of nowhere analogous to the Tower of Babel purely as an act to expand their egos.  

   And they do crazy things like investing in nuclear weapons. How much has Iran spent?  Maybe $800 billion on nuclear facilities when they still import forty per cent of their refined oil.  An oil refinery costs only $12 billion. 

   Well, whether this is anyone else’s business or not, if you take away surplus wealth, maybe next time nations will have better priorities.  Do people suffer? Yes. Does the planet earth have an interest in human activities? Also yes.  It has veto power over all human endeavors. 

   The earth is not like a little girl who needs to be rescued from the big, bad wolf of the Capitalists.  She is more like a divine being who has her own agendas—she is patiently waiting for a race to appear that has an interest in fulfilling her dreams.  The human race can never take for granted its right to be a tenant on this planet.       


There is no specific karma hidden in this global, economic melt  down other than undoing and learning not to repeat the same mistakes they have been made. 

    In a nutshell, “bubbles” are a natural part of economic history.  They are almost impossible to observe as they unfold.  Some such as this one are based upon the invention of new forms of credit that expand the flow of money in an excessive, wasteful, and unproductive manner.  Maybe only a hand full of investors really understood what was happening as it happened and figured out the correct time frame in which the market would collapse.  A number of investors went bankrupt because they saw what was going to happen but they bet that it would happen sooner than it did.  


Try this: The U.S. Congress passed laws encouraging and even demanding that banks offer subprime loans: mortgages for homes that the owners were unqualified and unable to pay with a little fraud mixed in.  These loans were then sold by the banks to investors around the world.  

   Mix in the fact that Alan Greenspan, the Federal Reserve Chairman, was slowly reducing interest rates making homes more affordable.  This was in part an attempt to get the economy running again after the tech bubble hit its peak on March 10, 2000.  Five trillion dollars in investments were wiped out between then and October 2002.  So people slowly became interested in putting their money somewhere else besides stocks and real estate looked more real.

   But the mortgage loans began to fail.  Some mortgages had low introductory rates and when these rates increased on schedule it became inevitable that the entire system of rising prices would turn in the opposite direction. 

   As a homes went into foreclosure, this drove down the price of surrounding homes and increased the inventory of unsold homes. The bonds and financial instruments based on these mortgages began to lose value.  The rating agencies could not continue to give a high rating to bonds that were losing value.   The first bubble—rising home prices—burst. 

   The second bubble—the vast expansion of credit that came from leveraging these speculative investments in homes—also burst.  Banks were not holding the mortgages they initiated.  They sold them for example to brokerage firms that repacked them and sold them to investors around the world. 

   A huge amount of cheap, speculative money had been pumped into real estate in the U.S.  And this was partly financed by money from other countries. China had something like ten per cent of its surplus wealth in the unsecured bonds of one U.S. broker.  

   A decline in the value of these investments, like a black hole, began to suck money out of the market, out of banks, out of hedge funds, out of your companies’ pension plan, out of credit card companies, out of municipal bonds, commercial paper issued by companies to pay expenses, out of your wages, etc. 

   When a debt comes due and a city, municipality, or company needs to refinance its loans or needs to sustain its cash flow (think California, GE, GM), no one wants to loan them money.  Some money is still there but a lot of money has vanished.  It is gone.  The falling prices in stocks and homes have made it disappear.            

   And yet there is a third bubble—not satisfied with mere leveraging--borrowing others’ money to make speculative investments—there was also a set of investments involving a kind of insurance you could buy or premiums you could receive for insuring just about any company whether or not you had a stake in that company.  Think banks, insurance companies, corporations, hedge funds, and private investors—they all bought into a new set of financial instruments that was new, unregulated, and untested.

   The first two bubbles involve fairly simple accounting.  This third bubble (think 25 to 50 trillion) no one has quite figured out how to contain or understand.  Though unregulated and usually not shown in a companies account statements, it still involves financial and legal risk.  This is in part why banks do not trust each other.  They do not know who is exposed to what risk.  Remember Leman Brothers and Bear Sterns? They committed financial suicide by playing Russian roulette with these kinds of investments.    


From this spirit’s point of view, at least from what I sense at this point of my meditations, the current recession is a normal economic and business cycle.  You screw up and make terrible mistakes, you pay for the error of your ways—you get a recession—deleveraging, a contraction in credit, less money is available to loan and to spend.   

   Will there be new and better international financial institutions as a result of this recession or financial collapse?  It is not like the human race has not been here before many, many times.  There is the easy way and the hard way.

   The hard way is to take an idea in your mind and attach yourself to it as if it is the only reality. The easy way (better way) is to create something new that is better than what has been done before—more accurate, more accountable, more productive, more reliable.     

   The market is going to go way down before it bounces and begins to rebuild.  This can be done fairly quickly or it can be a long, drawn out process.

   Perhaps the most important thing for the government is to establish as fast as possible the bottom in home prices.  Buying toxic mortgages, bailing banks out which delays their failure only makes things worse.  Write off the bad debt and determine which banks possess enough equity in order to survive. 

   The government, like J. P. Morgan in the 1929 crash, should get the banks together and decide who is bankrupt and who can still function.  And then get rid of weak banks and support the strong ones so that money begins to circulate again.  Banks right now are hoarding cash and hesitating to write down bad loans because they know things may get worse and they will have to have money on hand, and a pretty balance sheet, to survive future losses. It is up to the government to overcome this weakness.   

  The reason Citibank keeps getting bailed out over and over is because the accounting is so bad. Even the CEO and CFO can’t figure out what they owe.  Citibank is in a hundred countries.  How can any investor want to put money into a market under conditions like this?  

   The other thing governments need to do is figure out how to greatly reduce expenses.  This is simply a matter of innovation based on necessity—in dealing with scarcity--and partly of remembering how others survived in the past.  For example, we may see more police who are also trained as firemen.  We may see more families with gardens in their back yards.     

   There are obviously a great many creative things that can be done to keep families in homes rather than foreclosing on them.  I have written before how much individuals who are creative can contribute to this process. But home prices are still a function of the overall economy. You can’t hold them up artificially when they are determined to fall because the buyers are no longer there.   

   The market will go very low because world trade is going to become very weak. This is not yet factored into the market and the price of stocks.  The natural part of the process is that when it seems clear that the market can not go any lower investors reenter searching for good buys. 

   Home prices will not bottom until at least a year from now.  

   Perhaps unlike all other recessions, in this market it is quite easy to sell short and make money from the falling prices of stocks.  You simply buy an ultra short fund such as SRS, SDS, etc.  These pay twice but move in the opposite direction of other index funds which track the rise and fall of groups of stocks.  But you have to cash these in when they show profit because the market can reverse directions overnight.    

   And predicting falling prices is also extremely hazardous because the governments around the world are doing everything they can to intervene and get the world economy running again.  They are experimenting. 

  Part of the experiment is that they can rewrite the rules. They can ban short selling.  They can probably ban ultra short funds.  You can not get away from risk.


For me, with my interest in preventing the spread of nuclear weapons, the falling price of oil is a god send.  Iran requires around $80 a barrel of oil to maintain its economy.  Oil is now around $55 a barrel. 

   But this implies that the advanced industrial nations may suffer from a level of up to ten per cent or higher unemployment. This seems like a poor bargain to many people.  But if Iran hands a nuclear weapon to Hamas and a city such as Paris or London is nuked, you will have fifty per cent unemployment in Germany to Canada for two to three years as well as a set of police states around the world. 

   If the Western nations simply boycotted Iran’s oil, Iran would be unable to afford its nuclear programs.  But the world lacks such political will to insure the stability of human evolution.  It places its own survival at risk, for the future may well require we make certain advancements in the next forty years.  And these require a great deal of freedom combined with stability. 

  Israel, France, England, China with their nuclear weapons do not keep me up at night.  I do not worry about them.  But Iran is not a part of the international community.  It has not made clear that it wishes to contribute to human civilization in a productive manner rather than a destructive manner.  It is always easier to destroy.  Few know this better than me.  

    In terms of problems facing the planet in the political arena over the last fifty years, on a scale of one to ten, the problem involving Iran is maybe a three.  We have had problems up there around nine and a half. 

   Still, if you give children in kindergarten hand grenades, they will eventually pull the pins and kill a lot of elementary school children.  The idea is to prevent this from happening.  Once the children are adults, they can still get their weapons and attack others.  So you also want to teach individuals to be more responsible, to find diplomatic, non-aggressive ways to solve their problems.  Intervention is not the same as education.  You have to invest in both procedures.      

    And remember the big picture.  Ninety-nine per cent of all the species that ever lived on this planet are now extinct.  The planet has very deep and powerful dreams of what it means to be complete.  She is not always kind.  She sometimes favors the strong and she sometimes favors the weak.  Yet she offers the keys of divinity to those who seek.  The spirits of Mercury are among those who possess many of these keys.