Email Question: I have had headaches for several months from practicing Bardon exercises.  There are a whole series of ailments. But when I practice any of Bardon’s magical exercises I instantly get a headache.


Response: It will be difficult for me, but I will try to give you a concise answer based on my experience without lapsing into endless stories and commentaries on spiritual traditions.

  It would have been invaluable if someone told me in the beginning of my Bardon training—


Wise Man (who doesn’t actually exist anywhere on earth): Having problems with headaches are you from practicing Bardon? Didn’t even know it was derived from your magic practice?

  Okay, kid, here is the deal. Forget the tai chi, the chi kung, and all that martial art stuff.  That won’t help you with this problem. 

  For myself, in the beginning I discovered it helped to go hike for at least an hour and the headache would go away almost on the hour. But it had to be in nature, not on a paved sidewalk.

  Also, I would go eat prime rib at a restaurant without anyone sitting with me and drinking three cups of coffee loaded with sugar and at the third cup the headache would disappear.  But you have to limit your access to caffeine otherwise for that to work. Then I discovered the meat was not necessary, just the coffee.

  Now then, from my perspective (see my post on Mint Tea Dream on Facebook),  Bardon’s training system was not designed for human beings but for a more advanced race who are actually more human than us because they can feel more.  This race comes hard wired from birth with a laser like concentration.  A normal human being can develop that laser like concentration just by mastering chapter three of the first book and so in effect joins this other race for practical purposes.  But there are often side effects from working without certain supplements to the system if you are human.

  There are three quick and easy remedies which may be useful to you. 

  For two years I could not do any magic practice because like you any form of psychic perception or concentration created tension in my head which felt like a band of steel that was tightening around my brain.

  Not only that but during this time I could not be near a satellite dish or any strong electrical device like an xbox, even when it was turned off.   I could walk into a hotel and sit down and tell if they had a wireless network just by the tension it created in my brain.

   I tried shielding my bed with tin foil which helped a little because otherwise I could not even sleep. I would just throw up. I had to put the xbox in the trunk of my car for example—my brain set up an electronic connection to it since it had a wireless control.  I would be throwing up in a hotel room all night until I looked out the window and discovered there was a huge satellite dish fifty feet away. I had to go to another hotel a quarter mile away. And then all the hotels started going wireless. 

    Earlier, I discovered the hard way I can not use any magical item like a wand or even have a picture in my room because jewelry too will build up a charge from my aura that shorts out my nervous system. 

   The first remedy that started working was to treat the tension in my head as if it was an energy like an actual substance. I had to move it out of my brain.  I did this by imagining opening my forehead and pushing the tension slowly out by imagining a small ball in shape and I would push the energy in that ball out of my head; and then I gradually increased the size of the ball until I was pushing a ball the size of my brain out of my head—in other words, the energy inside the entire brain cavity was being shoved out over and over until I could feel all the tension or surcharge of non organic energy vibration/tension was gone.   

   This seems really stupid of course but it worked consistently.  It still does in a pinch.

  The problem was that the third eye becomes over stimulated. You already know this. 

  Now Bardon treats the entire body as the vessel in which you accumulate and dissolve energy and not a particular charka or body part or energy channel.  Those methods are fast and fun but in the end have absolutely nothing to do with working with cosmic energies, only human and some nature energies.

    So the trick is to train the body/energy system to no longer get STUCK in the third eye.  The way I do this and I do this every day still is to do my own version of the cosmic letter U. (see my article on the cosmic letter U under Cosmic Letters on my web site or under Saturn and the Idea of a Referee). 

  You just imagine the entire inside of the body is empty and that there is nothing there—no light, no substance, no energy, nada. In other words you are just setting up a screening device in your awareness that notices when any unusual amount of energy or tension is present other than what is necessary to function on a daily basis. 

   Add to this the space around yourself is also empty of all energy, light, substance, matter, etc. And gradually increase your three dimension awareness of space so it gets bigger and bigger. I like to use the image of sitting out in the middle of two arms of the Milky Way. I got that image from one of the earthzone spirits.  50 light years on all sides of me is pure nothingness. 

   And of course if your body is empty inside and there is nothing but empty space around you on the outside there is no vibration present and so not chakras, no body, no third eye for the energy to get stuck in or associated with.

   I imagine as is the case with the cosmic letter U that this space actually dissolves any energy or tension and restores the original pure nature of anything that exists.  This is me. It works for me. It is my primary vibration these days.  

  It is an aspect of the enlightened mind. It is the goddess Prajnaparamita—the mother of all Buddhas—sitting at your side. I know her. I met her. She is in human form down in Texas though you won’t find any Buddhists who are able to recognize her.  For me, her vibration is impossible to miss.

  I also combine those two—the emptying out of the tension in my skull with the emptiness around me. Sometimes the tension is spread through my whole body so I have to imagine pushing it out body part by body part. Bardon has you breathing energy out to accomplish this.  You will have to determine for yourself what works for you.  But that never worked for me.  My nervous system is definitely not like his. His breathing vitality is fire vitality which is the wrong vitality for me to work with.

  Bardon’s training is like working with fission and fusion—the concentration used by a Brother of Light who has attained to the sphere of the sun and who is able to unite all opposites within himself.

  The spirits Bardon describes belonging to the sun all can say in truth, “I am one with God,” because however radiant they may be and powerful, from within they each embody an empty mirror so clear and void of anything that the highest light can pass through them without distortion.

   By practicing becoming empty, you become this mirror and so you can neutralize the attempt of the body to focus all its concentration through the third eye.  Again, if you learn to be aware without any attachment to form or any body aspect or chakra, then energy does not accumulate and so does not get stuck or short out your nervous system.   



  The second remedy that works for me is simply doing a preliminary body awareness exercise that Bardon does not give. He has the student doing stretching exercises and tells him to totally relax before beginning to practice but not any kind of yoga or specific system of relaxation. (I have an article on this somewhere but I can’t find it at the moment).

  What works for me is a simple enhanced relaxation exercise with which you add only the breathing in and out without accumulating any energy. 

  You could call this a prerequisite to Bardon’s training system. If you are going to master the body you have to actually be aware of the body.  Moving too quickly into accumulating energy is like trying to increase your body awareness when you are running a marathon. You may be moving along very quickly and exercising the body on a high level but that is definitely not the time to learn to sense if your knee is going out, if your heart is going arrhythmic, or digestive track is about to get colitis. 

  The body needs to be studied from a state of awareness involving great relaxation.  Just transferring your consciousness into body parts will not do it either.  That is like trying to relax when you are thirty feet under water and wearing scuba gear.  Too much pressure and other things going on to be able to increase your awareness.   

   So you pick a muscle, forearm, top of foot, or the hand, the lower leg, upper leg, etc.  Tighten the muscle slowly. Observe everything conceivable about the muscle. Memorize the sensations so you can reproduce them in your mind. And then relax the muscle and again observe and compare. Observe and memorize everything.

  This is especially useful while doing yoga, but only a very gentle form of yoga used as a starting point.  Mastering a yoga system will get you nothing in terms of this specific form of awareness I am suggesting. 

  Now, as you stretch and relax the muscle again imagine breathing vitality in and out of it at the same time during the entire process. Then just sit there relaxed, breathing in and out, not accumulating or condensing. Just good old natural human vitality circulating and nothing more.

   Now there is an obvious trick to this.  As Scottie from Star Trek would say, “That’s the ticket laddie.”  

   Bardon recommends concentrating breathing especially on the eyes, hands, and feet.  Working the muscles of the feet as I suggested slowly stretching them and breathing through them helps get the energy out of the head and lower in the body. 

  The feet really help. But gradually work with the lower legs and upper legs and then throw in the genitals and lower spine.  Include in the end all of that as one unit.   

  This is the earth element region of the body according to Bardon.  You stretch a set of muscles in this region and then slowly relax doing body breathing, nothing magical yet, and you inevitably start evoking the body’s natural kundalini or association with earth, not the earth of heavy energy sensation that Bardon suggests in chapter three. This is a natural, holistic prerequisite to the earth element work. 

   There is a natural high or a natural and profound trance you can enter if you put your full concentration into this focus on the lower body part without doing any magical concentration.  It is kind of like fixing your bike, painting, drawing, playing an instrument, sailing—no magic involved but totally focus on one physical activity.

  See my article on Kundalini for Dummies which explains what happens when I pursue this with myself—


  Just doing the simple body breathing and focusing on my legs I pulled off a natural kundalini awakening and took it all the way up my spine to the top of my head. 

  The thing is that the third eye tension you are experiencing is directly due to the fact that the primal earth energy natural to the body of the first lowest chakra is not united to your third eye.  It is like running a car without gas, burning a candle with no wax, holding a copper wire hot with electricity with no insulation.  The third eye is creating side effects because it is burning up the normal vitality your body otherwise needs for brain functions, muscle functioning in the head region, ear functioning for balance, etc.

  You can get away with this for so long and then suddenly it creeps up on you. A person does not sense it coming because they are unaware of their body, that the arteries for example are blocked until they get hit with a heart attack. They do not realize the tension or worry is settling in the abdominal muscles and interfering with the digestive peristalsis until the digestive system shuts down with colitis.

  It would help if they had done their preliminary body awareness exercises and so could sense minor nuances of muscle and organ functions right at the beginning; rather than running a marathon and expecting that the high performance of the cardio-vascular (read magical training) was going to compensate for this lack of basic awareness training.

  Now, if you add in the abdominal region, all the digestive organs and I throw in the kidneys and liver too, especially the large and small intestines, the bladder, and the genitals—that entire region.  This gives you the water region of the body.

  If you do very gentle exercises or stretching with this area and do the relaxed breathing in and out you produce the natural water energy of the body.  Not earth energy, but water.

   My entire first book on Undines explores the themes, metaphors, images, and basic sensations/feelings of this body region. See a brief summary at: 


And this takes us to the third remedy, but as you practice you gradually include the entire body as well as the head region. You do not want to work with breathing in and out of the head too soon probably because the temptation to recharge the third eye is so easy that you inevitably burn it out again because everything seems back to normal.


The third remedy is to work with the water element.  Basically all spiritual traditions on earth are either brain dead about water, know it but do not teach it, or teach it only to one or two students.  

   My joke with the Bardon community of students is that it is impossible to attain magical equilibrium as human beings because the entire race is running at two per cent of its water capacity when its collective earth, air, and fire are up there running at 86 per cent.  Whatever feels like balance is only by comparison to other human beings.  And other human beings are horribly weak in water.

   So when I had the head tension due to electronic signals passing through me I discovered that one thing that seemed to help was going and standing in the bath tub in a foot of water.

   The third eye heats up and like a nuclear reactor there needs to be a cooling system in place to avoid a melt down.

  Rather than having a vast empty space around oneself and being that empty space you can feel water around yourself and be that water.  But the trick again is not to use magic in doing this. I try to work with the cosmic letter M each week which is the beginning and end of all water exercises. But again there has to be preliminaries, gradual all organic, body holistic natural energies of vitality in the body that create a platform to transition into cosmic water energy. 

  In water like the sea, nothing heats up.  There is no tension.  There is no attachment to a specific chakra. The entire Western world of magical traditions vanishes.  Buddhists vanish. Taoists vanish (except maybe one or two but they would still be very confused. Christians, Jews, Moslems—haven’t a clue though the Moslem Sufis on occasion channel Gabriel of the moon; some Wiccans actually evoke the moon goddess but the art and singing and dancing rarely captures it). 

  This is a basic water meditation based on Bardon’s practices which may work without inadvertently evoking magical energies.  


And below is the basic “sea of love” meditation which is the mermaid equivalent of working with the cosmic letter M. I also have video on it by Rachel in the same site area. 

  I can teach this in five minutes to almost any women between the ages of 20 and 24 and using only her mind she can produce physical sensations relating to water in a boyfriend without touching him. 

   God help us all once human women realize how to produce magical beauty in them elves. All wars will end.  The sick will be healed. The lonely will vanish from the earth. But this is precisely what has been hidden from mankind in the past for various reasons.


Of course these days because I am continuously interviewing or doing photo shoots with actual mermaids inside human bodies I keep resetting or rebooting my nervous system to attune to the water element naturally.

  For example, my video—A Tribute to A Mermaid Women—which has forty pictures of Rachel is actually astral tantra. The human race does not seem capable at this time to comprehend what I am offering in that video.  I made it so that by watching it I can reproduce in myself her exact vibration as if it is a part of me or as if she is sitting next to me and her aura is flowing through me.

  All of the mermaid women automatically pass their aura through you. It is what mermaids do. Water, that is, love is everywhere all of the time.  They sense it flowing through them and through you and in sensing it they also create it.

   I have another article I am finishing up tonight (a title something like: Magical Pacts with Mermaids) that discusses why the mages of human history have never learned how to internalize the cosmic letter M or the vibration of the mermaid they seek so desperately to possess. It is a fascinating discussion and history. I have many stories that explore this topic in all aspects. 

  Most simply, watch and contemplate the video, Take A Break (at scroll down or on my facebook video page) which is a water fall meditation for overcoming the curse of Atlantis placed on the entire human race, or see the vodeos Pastor Bob and the Mermaid, or the three interviews with Rachel, or Mermaid Women One, Two, and Mermaid Women Three is the one with Rachel’s pictures.

  In other words, all the videos I am making are derived from an earthzone spirit’s suggestion to me that I create an astral kingdom of primarily watery energy to support my spiritual practices because human culture offers me very little in terms of genuine inspiration.

  Play with it.  Find some natural activities/art/contemplations which, without doing magic, immerse you in the water element. I realize if you are in the Bible belt you are probably freezing your butt off right now, but when it warms up go contemplate a river or a stream.  Make its sensations and images part of your being.


These three remedies are where I am at.  My problems with head tension and Bardon practice have taught me things that perhaps no one on earth could have taught me.  In uncovering these natural remedies, I hope to enrich Bardon’s system which should in fact be a goal for every Bardon student—not just to imitate or become clones, but to leave the world with more than what was here when they entered it.