Copyright (C) 1999 by William Mistele

Idida of Mars.  

Note.  It is a little hard to describe the spirits of Mars without relying
upon poetry or using descriptive terms more suitable perhaps for the
demigods and figures of some ancient mythology.  As I mention
below, I never meet in human beings the kind of ferocity these
spirits embody.  
    Perhaps the best way to put it is to say that we can think of the
kinds of extraordinary will power which have been demonstrated in
human history.  And then, if you have a creative imagination or a
flair for divine vision, you can think of the kind of purposes and
powers which Divine Providence utilizes in unfolding the universe. 
The spirits of Mars are teachers who join these two together--
human will and passion with Divine purpose and power. 
   I think it is a wonderful combination.  I think it is something
magicians should always keep in mind--that if you review and
organize your life so that there is some room to fulfill divine
purposes, then even among the spirits of Mars you will find friends
and helpers. 

In the zone of Mars, there is a kind of excitement and passion no
martial arts master I have ever encountered reflects even in part. 
Here you sense that the will of the universe is using you as its agent. 
Its power is being expressed through your actions.  The Mar's aura
of red light vibrates with a voice which says, "There is no obstacle
which can not be overcome.  This is because the universe is
designed to be recreated in any life, in any moment, and wherever
the desire is strong enough to unfold life with beauty and love." 

Outer Aura.  Idida's aura embodies a ferocious cosmic will and
power.  He has absolute control over whatever he is working on. 
He has the weight of mountains in his aura.  He paralyzes and
crushes whatever opposes him. 

Inner Aura.  This is a power of silence which is so intense it shuts
down whatever enters its energy field and domain.  This silence is a
force field which can block the movement of sound, light, and
matter.  Silence sustains, strengthens, shelters, and protects.  Silence
contains a mysterious wisdom hidden in its depths which shapes and
guide the unfolding of the universe. 
Inner Source of Inspiration.  Idida: "You sense the beauty of the
universe around you.  That beauty is an ecstasy present in every
breath.  Every light, every star, planet, and being reflect a wonder
which has never been seen.  
    "In silence, I embrace what can not be known.  I see what no eye
can behold.  I comprehend what no words can unfold.  In silence, I
am one with the wonder of the universe which anoints me with its
beauty, which walks beside me and guides me in whatever task,
mission, or purpose I would accomplish.  My will is an expression
of the ecstasy and passion of creation.  Let those who oppose me
first pause to consider the source and strength of my determination. 
My power is beyond the power of mind to comprehend."

Akasha Plane.  Bringing Idida's Mar's energy into the akasha of our
earthzone, he generates an awareness similar to akasha.  He
penetrates into everything unseen, unknown, and hidden about those
situations, individuals, and problems he is working on.  In other
words, he has a marvelous comprehension of the background and
forces active in any situation.

Mental Plane.  On the mental plane, Idida's awareness is solid and
unshakable as if his mind is made out of steel and this vibration
extends for miles in all directions. 

Astral Plane.  Idida can halt, paralyze, or freeze the movement of
any action or influence of the four elements on the astral plane.  His
aura is a power of command which holds things in place.  In simple
terms, he is solid, grounded, unshakable, and has a level of
determination which is supernatural.  This determination is an actual
energy.  Though invisible, it is similar to a tidal wave of molten lead
or steel crushing anything which opposes it. 
Physical Plane. Idida's aura reconfigures the elements of the physical
world.  Little holes in the ground becomes huge pits which no one
can climb out of.  Huge obstacles become tiny piles of sand which
you casually step over barely noticing their presence.  He rearranges
the world so it appears in a different light, but the shading and
shadows of this light are solid like steel. 
   Again, for Idida, the power of silence is like something material. 
You can hurl it at someone and knock him down.  You can make it
into a chasm which no one can cross even though there is nothing
visible which stands in the way of the individual's movement.  You
can stop someone's thoughts or cause their five senses to no longer
   Like water, silence contracts and freezes.  Like fire, it commands. 
Like air, it is everywhere.  
    Idida, "Silence is another aspect of akasha.  You make it part of
your will so no one can see what you are doing and nothing can
interfere with your actions.  It does not matter if you explain and
publish in elaborate detail all that you are planning.  If you embody
the powers of silence, then what you do will be beyond the ability of
others to imagine."
      "Silence more than light or darkness defines sight, more than
thought and words defines understanding, more than movement or
volition defines action.  Silence is an unknown terrain and an
invisible mountain range.  No army can climb it.  No commander or
general can penetrate it and no reconnaissance plane can fly over it.
You can neither lay siege to it nor assault it.  Silence is the will of
the universe moving unobstructed toward its goal.      
     "Become this silence.  Wear it like armor.  Unite with it like a
lover.  Shine with its secret fire.  Accomplish those things which can
only be known by those who celebrate the beauty and wonder of

Idida also mentioned to me, "We share the same source of
inspiration.  That is why you need to sit and meditate with me often. 
In this way, you will be able to accomplish all that you envision."