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Interview with a Hard Core Mermaid Woman


All my life, people say I am secretive. I am mysterious. But I am not holding anything back.I just walk in this quiet knowing.What am I going to share with someone who has no comprehension of what I have in me?




This woman was referred to me by Ronda, the first mermaid type woman I met.She called me one day on the phone and asked if we could get together for coffee.She had read my article, Twelve Traits of Mermaid Women, and wanted to know how I could know so much about her.

†† One undine queen described this woman by saying she is more mermaid than human.††When we talk, I sense that I am not talking to a human woman but a real mermaid in a womanís body. She has the advantage.As with encounters with undine queens in their own realms, her aura has its own magic that automatically lays hold of you, like a magnet with iron filings, aligning you to its magnetic field. ††††

Other mermaid women are astonishingly like real mermaids, but they disguise themselves to act like they are human beings.This woman does not act in disguise which all these women are incredibly adept at doing.

Also, I have to avoid driving a car after we talk for about five hours.Being in her presence throws off my sense of physical balance.I feel that I am floating in a sea of water and that gravity is no longer an operating principle.

She works as a health coach and also does massage. When she touches me in massage, she becomes a medium for whatever undine queen I have been meditating with.It is no longer the girl but a specific undine queen sharing with me her energy.

I wrote a ďback story,Ē a way for me to explain to myself why she is the way she is.See Caelius Aurelius Luscus and the Mermaid.

To put it simply, I can easily understand how a reader would conclude that this interview is odd, eccentric, and off the wall.But to me, this interview among others is a world historic momentóno writer in the history of the world has had these opportunities to interview women who act, feel, think, and perceive as mermaids in the form of women.

But it is not hard to understand why.These women are absolute masters of disguise.They surpass the best Hollywood actresses when it comes to projecting an image that is unreal.In the past, our world has made it impossible for them to reveal who they are and how they feel.††




There are three key questions that determine a mermaid type personality.First, do you feel you are the same person now you were as a child?


Oh, yes.


These three questions I am sending out around the world in search of women with mermaid qualities.


And what are their answers to these questions?


It is my guess that one in four thousand women fit the twelve traits. Like the girl in Europe who says she has been trying to explain this point her whole life to others, about being the same person now as she was as a child.


Because people forget that they were children. They think that they were never children.So you look at them and it is very unusual.Because they had to be children to become who they are.But that doesnít mean you leave behind who you were. It is all a part of the package.


One girl says, You could take the me who I am now and put it in that little five year old and it would be the same person.

And the girl in Europe says that when she was five people started talking to her like she was an adult.They wanted to treat her as a child but they caught on that she could think and feel as they do.


You know what, that is really funny because the same thing happened to me.And there was a time when I realized I had to be quiet, because nobody understood.

She also said that around age eight she discovered that other people did not feel a part of nature as she did; they just wanted to exploit it.




So she started not sharing as much with other people about her experiences.Also, they often see spiritual beings as children.


Uh-huh. Very unusual things. They see fairies and fly with them. (laughing)


Tell me.


It is like flying but it is almost like you are in water but you are not in water, more like a dry gel.And you are not squishing and you are not Ö.


Have you told anyone about this?


No.Yeah, I donít know how to explain it.Itís like there is no bottom. There is no top. There is just this gel. And it is not wet and it is not dry.But it is there. And you just make your way though that and you can do whatever you want.And everything is beautiful.Like colors like we see now are like Pfffuuum (hand gesture of arms separating and hands out). It is just so much brighter. That whole 3-D thing I guess and you donít need to wear any green glasses.It is just how it is.

†† And everything has energy. Everything has this aura to it.This table has that.This piece of metal has that.


The trees?


The trees, absolutely. The air itself.†† And it is so sad how slow the heartbeat of the trees are.Like, why do they beat so slowly? You can feel that.Even this table has a heartbeat.††

I try to live half-way in this world that I am describing now and half-way in the world that exists around us that I have to function in for my business.So I have aches from that, because I am torn.

So I am trying to find that balance.


The girl in Europe I said to her, Forget about anything I have told you. Who are you really? And she said, I am a visitor.I enjoy being here but I look forward to going home.And I am in disguise because I have to hide who I am from other people.


Oh, yeah, me too. But for me I am getting better at not being in disguise.I feel more confident to say, This is how I feel about this. And even if it might be some whoo whoo thing, I am at the point where I donít care anymore. I am just going to say it and others can take it as it comes.


I like the phrase you once used, ďI am a mermaid having a human experience.Ē


I donít feel like I am going to go home later.I feel like I am here now and this is what it is and who knows where I am going to end up but I am going to live this and enjoy this and then I will just move on to something else. I donít feel like there is a home elsewhere.Home is here.

So that ďI am here and I am going home,Ē no, that does not resonate for me.


I wrote her a poem that begins, ďI am water.I am what I was before, I have only changed my outer form.Ē And it ends, ďI am water, I am what I shall beóa sea with its endless dream of being one and being free.Ē

But she feels like what Ronda said, Human beings are only half alive, like they are half zombiesóthey are not aware of their possibilities; they donít feel the way they could.They are needy. They are vulnerable. They feel incomplete.†††


They vibrate on a level of fear.And it is based on society. It is based on how we are conditioned from the time we grow up. The television. The newspaper.It is all fear based.

And until people decide to unplug they will never know who they are.They will always walk around like that.


The way you said it one time was you feel this is heaven.


Heaven is what you create like home is what you create.So you can create your own heaven here.Just unplug from all the bull crap.


I was telling Ronda there is a girl in Greece who is like you.But she doesnítí feel that being a human being is a problem. She already feels connected to everything she loves and feels a part of.She does not need to go somewhere else.


Yeah.Me too. I donít feel separated.Heaven, hell. That is what we create in our conscious mind.


I think maybe it may be that the girl in Europe still has a mermaidís soul and so she is ďvisiting here on holiday from the next world.ĒIt is like some people have a duel passport and others are visiting here on a visa.They are tourists or observers, and so their status is temporary.They may feel at home here but they also know this is not their place of origin.


Okay.I see.


There is a plus and a minus.She is telekinetic, can move objects and is incredibly psychic. But it is more like she is here to learn like on a student visa.


Arenít we all?


But she has no goals like human beings say, ďI am going to do this or accomplish that.Ē She just lets things happen.


I donít think in terms of trying to reach some goal.


Also, with the traits of mermaid women, as children they gave away valuable things to others.


I keep rocks, crystals, pieces of glass. But these are not valuable to other people.

No, it is like as a kid you play with marbles. Well, those are my marbles.And I like little boxes. But no body could care less about this stuff.These are things I treasureólike you can see a whole different world in a piece of broken glass.

I remember giving things away but I wouldnít say they were of value.But I like shiny things, like jewelry and like that.


How about out-of-body experiences as a child, up on the ceiling looking down?


Uh-huh and meeting people in the astral, like my grandmother. She and I would meet up because I always missed her.We always had a good time.There is something about that woman. She taught me a lot.


So you knew her as a little girl while she was still alive and then you would meet her when she was dead?

Oh, yeah.All the time.She comes and tells me whatís what and she helped me through my divorce.We even argue.She is passed on, but we have our own little arguments.

But I donít ďhearĒ her (gesturing to ears). I ďhearĒ her (gesturing to third eye).Or Iíll see a part of her like her hands and I will know what she means. Or I will smell something and it is a smell that comes with a message.She is quite bossy.


Mermaid women often say that smell and taste are very special in this world. They love to smell and taste new things.


My grandmother will miss that.So at certain times of the year she will come and say, You have to make this, because I feel that she misses that.But she is not unhappy where she is.She is growing in her own right.

And I cook like her.My mother says I have her gift because I can put together a big dinner and it is just me cooking.


Your ethnic background?


Hawaiian, Japanese, Portuguese, English.††


Tell me more about the fairies, little tree fairies, flowers, wind spites?


I donít know what to call them.


Small, big?


Oh, they are just little, sometimes kind of like just light works.


Do they fly along with you?


When I pay attention. The sad thing is that I am so busy these days I donít focus on them so I donít see quite as often as I used to.I keep getting messages that I should pay attention because they have messages for me.Whether they are fairies or guardian angels, I donít pay attention to what they are. I just know that they are there. I realize I have to pay better attention to them.


Do you have spirit guides?


Yes, and one is very strong.I call him my purple Indian. I havenít connected to him in a while.In a past life, actually, we were warriors together.And I donít know precisely where but I can see it in my mind where we meet.It is an open area with a stream, kind of like a meadow with the hills in the back.There are a few dwellings and a purple tree.And that is where he helps to bring me strength.He was family.


Other guides?


Yes, but I donít know what to call them. An orange light being, not human at all.And this being comes and I canít really tell you how the guidance comes with that but there is something to it.


Am I the only one who you have told about this?


No, I have told others.The Indian really is an American Indian.With that vision comes peace and clarity. And I think that is what the purple represents.Tranquility and connectedness.And it helps me go through certain things.††


You must have really connected to Ronda?


Yes.Where is she now?


Tennessee.She misses the ocean.


That is me too. I am coast. I need to be near water.I donít need to get into it, just be near it. I doní think a stream or river would quite do it for me.Because it is not deep enough.It doesnít have the depth that my spirit needs to have.†† And I guess I feel I draw from that.I think I would start to feel like I was drinking too much coffee if I lived near only a stream or a river.


The Pacific is not better than the Atlantic?


Water is water.It is the depth.


Some mermen specialize in streams.I told one merman type man that merman specialize in weather. He responded that he could easily punch holes in clouds with his mind.

†† The merman male, because of his natural affinity for water and feeling, has a slightly different problem than the mermaid type women.Men may stalk mermaid women.But human women tend to be overly attracted to mermen.They just offer themselves. One merman said that every single day a different woman he does not know comes up to him and offers to sleep with him.


I never believe that things just come.It is what we put out. We carry out energy that makes things that come about. Maybe that is what the merman is doing. ††


But the mermaid women have another problemóhow to share what they are with others.How do they connect when they donít feel a need to bond, to be dependent, or when they donít need the other person to feel complete?†††


No, they donít have a need to feel complete through another person.


But they want a relationshipógiving and receiving is like breathing.



The human males often say something like, If you donít depend on me or need me how can we have a relationship? And one girl says, How can I ever have a relationship with a guy because I donít ever need him? She says, if I pretend I need him for something, I end up feeling like I am being dishonest.


But it is okay because I do the same thing. With my business. I will ask for referrals from a certain group of people.†† And that was good.I can identify with that because I will ask for help when I donít need it. It is playing that woman role, like I need a man to do such and such.

If a mermaid woman says, ďI feel bonded to youĒ to her boyfriend, the words alone create a connection.


Yes. I remember reading that you wrote that.I go through that too. But it is not a spirit thing.It is just a connection to the mind.But that is part of being plugged into our world.I can understand that.


A mermaid woman may meet a merman type man and say, ďHe is my other half.ĒShe feels that connected from within.


That is a waste of energy for me.That is going well beyond. This is just her energy.She puts out this vibration that creates ďshe is me in another form.Ē It is just the aura she has around herself running all the time.So naturally she can also respond to that level of connection when it is reciprocated.


You yourself have felt really connected with men.So when it suddenly ends, there is a feeling of loss. But it is temporary.


Oh yeah. It is kind of like, Oh, what is next, because I look at it like a progression in my learning.Because it is like in certain instances Ö


A relationship continues but with a different person.


I am realizing that I am growing and that this person I am attracted to is also growing.


With some the relationship is more like a stream and with others like a fast flowing rapids, but when it is not there you donít need to want it back.You allow the river to flow in a different way.But that is what human beings doóthey get attached.††


For me, it is about learning.You can love everybody, but that does not mean you have to be attached to them.The learning begins and ends. It is not part of this form but of the soul and the spirit.


The word ďlearningĒ is a human word.Mermaid women like to grow Ö.

But it is like this quiet knowledge we have.We do not need to broadcast where we are at, what we are thinking, and what we are feeling.And so sometimes people think we are mysterious because for me I am told that I am so mysterious.


Who says that to you?


So many people have said that to me.All my life, people say I am secretive. I am mysterious.


They sense you holding back.


I am not holding anything back.I just walk in this quiet knowing.What am I going to share with someone who has no comprehension of what I have in me?

††† I look at it like too bad so sadóso I am secretive; so I am mysterious.I donít mean to be and I think it is funny that others think I am.If I am asked a question I will answer the question.I have nothing to hide from anybody but I am not going to waste my spit to try to explain the depth of me that nobody will understand.††

†† I am curious.Has anybody talked about that gel?


They talk about flying around through the air, creatures of light, small fairies.I will ask them.I get that feeling from being around you that I will never fall.


In the gel, you never will. And there is no bottom and no top. I donít know how to explain it.There are grids that appear in there.


[Authorís Note: another mermaid woman who telepathically picks up on my conversations with others referred me a few days later to what is called, Quantum Jumping, which has similar descriptions in the seminars they offer.]

Like what? Different energy structures, grid meaning, like a screen?


I feel it is there to help me transport,


Like astral travel, lucid dreaming?


All of the above, it is like Harry Potter with their port keys.You make it to the grid and pop you are somewhere else.


You have used the grid?


I believe I have but my conscious mind doesnít know how to describe it. Ö.It does connect me well beyond our universe and beings that dwell there. It is about making connections.Maybe that is all it really is.††† Ö.It is hard to express because it is all in my whoo whoo side of life that I donít need to express.When I need it then it is there for me.


But you are not utilizing it on a regular basis?


No.Have you ever heard of anything like that?


It is like Bardonís spiritual realms.For him, if you want to enter the realms of sylphs, gnomes, salamanders, etc. then you follow the protocol for entering their realms.


The mermaids are in the closest position to understand the purposes of the planet. If you can feel all the oceans of the earth the oceans are like a perfect mirror that reflects life.If you can turn your awareness into this mirror, then the oceans of the earth reflect a oneness with the universe.And this is what the earth wishes an intelligent species to share with heróto feel what she feels.

This is similar to mermaid women.They nurture like the earth and they send healing energy to others every day.Like in their spare time they think, who can I send energy to?


Oh, anybody.Like anybody who walks down the street. Iíll be like, Oh, happiness to you and zap.


I was telling someone that mermaid women are always giving away something incredibly valuable.If you asked a human to do that they would want cash upfront.


I give energy away to anybody. To anything.


So do you consciously to that to, not just spontaneously, like so and so needs energy?

Consciously? When someone is around me.


When someone is physically around you?




So if we put you in the ER at a hospital?


Oh, I would zap everybody.And they would each get different colors of energy from me.They would each get different bubbles of energy.


You mentioned before about bubbles. Are these vibrations, colors, sounds, healing, more visual Ö.


When I send it it is nothing.It is just energy.But when I look at it it is in a bubble. There is a color that resonates with them.And sometimes if I realize someone is low on energy, Iíll give them the color.Iíll feel they donít have enough of something like the color blue.But usually it is a subconscious t thing and afterwards I look and say, Oh yeah. Then my consciousness catches up.


Different colors often mean certain things? Like yellow?


Yellow for me would mean they are striving for higher consciousness.


And green?


Green relates to healing.


And blue?


Blue communication.


And violet?


Healing too and the need for tranquility.


And which colors tend to come most?


It depends on the individual.And sometimes you can tell when they are not accepting the energy and it turns muddy.And that is okay.


Do you ever feel worn out when you are sending energy?




Do you ever take on their symptoms?


Never. That is not my job.


You need to coach some of the other mermaid women on that point.


Because why am I going to do that to myself? I donít want to take that on because that is not my karma. That is theirs. I can wish them well and want to help them but I am not going to say I healed them. I am just a conduit.I am just sending energy.I take nothing from them. I send them peace and blessing but I walk away with my own peace and blessings.


Do you work on some sick people continuously, for a week or two?


Oh yes, for years sometimes. Oh yes, cancer people, Parkinsonís.Some die and pass on.


And you heal some and some you continue to maintain contact with after they have departed?


Oh yes.Some I heal but I donít want to say I healed.


Second Session


So childhood.What was your first memory?


I was at the Ilikai Hotel and I remember being in a white dress with red flowers and white shoes and crazy lacy socks. And I looked at the water and thought, Oh, that is water.And it wasnít like I felt I belonged in it but it was always a part of me.†† And there was a feeling of just how beautiful it was.Not having to look at it but just feeling the beauty.


That feeling helps define who you are?


Yes. And then I became a swimmer.


Tell me about that.


I am from the Big Island. We always went camping. I spent a lot of time in the water.But until I came here I didnít know how vast the ocean is and how beautiful.I knew I need to be near and in water but I didnít understand the depth of it when I was that young. I can consciously remember thinking, Wow.


So now you swim how?


It depends on how I feel when I get in the water.

The feeling of ocean you have is big.






Yes, full of life and magic.


It is always there inside of you?


When I was a kid I had to be in it. But now it is always around me.As a kid, there were times when I needed to get away from my family, out of society, and being in the water was the only peaceful place.

Whenever I would get upset about something and couldnít get near the ocean, I would fill up the tub and get in and just float around until I am all wrinkled.


Do you still need to do that?


No, I donít need to because I recognize that it is still in me.


How long would you stay in the tub as a child?


I canít even tell you.


A couple of hours?


A long time.


Everything submerged except your nose and mouth?


Off and on.Sometimes I fell asleep.


So you can feel the ocean right now, right?


Yes, and I can hear it right now.


So about the feeling part, if you focus on the ocean right now, you can do that right now?




Is this a different you and the person I have been talking to?




Same you?


Yes. That is funny, huh?


No, but it is different from what most people feel.


You know, there is a connection everyone has to the ocean.


So has anyone else been able to share this with you?




Is it something you have tried to share with others?




So no one else has every known this about you, that you feel the presence of the ocean in and around you at all times?


No.Not at that level. I can get message from the ocean, messages, comfort, whatever.And even from the wind.


But you are not part of the storms or the hurricanes?


Oh no. To me that is just turmoil of the elements.


You donít feel the human race is going to be here that much longer, do you?




I havenít gotten the vastness of the ocean in anyone elseís aura as it is present within you.You have got that really strong.†††




It doesnít matter how many storms are on the surface, the ocean for you is peaceful and tranquil.


Thatís right.


The surface does not affect the whole.




Do you ever use that to heal with?






All the energy.It is in the waves and the waves create a ďvaporĒ that I send.


And then it turns into bubbles or colors like before?


No, this is done consciously.I havenít done that in a long while.


How would you use that to heal someone?


I would never say that I am a healer.I just send energy.

And water just flows.


Yes. And people need to live more gently.Our society is made from drama, sensationalism, so they are always living in turmoil.Everybody wants to be sensational and important instead of flowing like the way the ocean flows.

People should follow their true purpose.We all need money but why do people want a certain amount of money? Why does that have to be first and foremost? Why canít we feel our spirits and realize why we are really here?


Which is?


To live lifeís experiences in harmony and in love. And why canít we recognize our connections to each other whether it be humans or other light beings?I am so frustrated with that. Why canít we accept everything as it is and just be harmonious?The only way we will truly prosper is if all our relationships are harmonious.




I have to be right with myself so I can keep doing what I do.That is what I want to bring to consciousnessóbeing right within ourselves.The spirit is to the soul what the heart is to the body.Why canít we put that together? That is so simple.†††


I shared with you the sea of love meditation. You imagine you are a sea and that the sea is love.The other person is then within your sea and there is no loss as you flow through that person, removing tension and imagining the otherís dreams and desires fulfilled.


You flow gently.Not full water. Vapor.Because people do not know how to manage energy, not even their own.So I use my little vapors, my bubbles, the gel I feel.


The gel?


Because they need to be touched gently, otherwise you shock their spirit.


So when did you first start sending energy to other people?


I think I have been doing it for a long time. Because when I was young I remember being angry at someone and making a movement (she flicks her wrist in a small movement) and watching them trip.

†† And then I realized that thatís not very nice.And it did not make me feel good.So I have to redirect my energy.


I ask this question of mermaid women also: what do you want to accomplish with a man in terms of relationships?


I donít do it that way.My thing is so basic.I just come as I am.I donít necessarily feel a need to be understood. Just accepted.


You donít want someone making demands on you, changing you, directing you.Those are all bad?


Those are all very bad.


And the problem you have with men accepting you as your are?


That whole concept of men needing to be needed.


But you know how to work with men feeling that way?

Of course. That is easy. But it gets difficult with different situations in life.Men feel they have to Ö..


The men feel that they have a kingdom and that they must control the boundaries and some part of you they must control otherwise there is no relationship.


Right. Yes.Sometimes when they feel they have no plays or leverage, if they donít have that, then they say something mean.But I recognize that as their own limitations and I say, peace and blessings.


Some men try to injure or wound the woman in some way, make her depressed, guilty, debased, so they then have a hook with which to control her.

†† This one mermaid woman had a guy fly half way around the world to have a date with her and she said, That must mean he cares about me, right?


Not necessarily.It could be control.


But he was an artist and artists are used to spending time by themselves focusing on their impressions so he has to be able to accept her own ways of doing things.

†† But I told her he would never be able to reciprocate her level of feeling and empathy.


But we (mermaid women) know that.We know that.


A Bardon student said men can learn to reciprocate feelings with mermaid women.

No. Not to the same depth that we carry.This was in Harry Potter. Harmonie said to Ron, You have the sensitivity of a teaspoon.That is how I see men. I am not saying that men do not have a sensitive side to them.†† They do.But in relating to the depth of a woman feeling, I donít know if they can really relate.I havenít seen that.

End of first session†††


Second Session


I have a model here in Hawaii who is a mermaid woman but she hides the power of the water that is in her from others.It is so deep in her that she hides it even from herself.


How can she do that because it is who you are.You can only swallow yourself so much.


If you realize how vulnerable it makes you to other people Ö.


I do.


There is nothing in the culture or the music or art that reflects that part of herself.The image I get for her is like a very deep mountain lake at night covered in fog.The depths of water and feeling are hidden inside.


I consider that to be very painful.†††


It is just part of nature, nothing good or bad about it.


Yeah, for this particular person it would be painful. Even in my quiet way where I donít share very much, I am still working closely with other people.

I would think it an emotional drain, what I call it is swallowing yourself.How do you really know yourself?


I looked at her pictures on line and I saw this energy in one of her pictures.There is an inner quality she offers of disconnecting from the world with a deep peace that you can let go into and transform.Sometimes to change we need to let go of the past without knowing what will come next. She does not want to talk about experiences.


Well, for myself, I never really understood what you wanted when you said you wanted to interview me.††


Once there is a community then it is different.


I never really knew there was a community. I mean I met Ronda but that was it.



There is one mermaid woman who can move small objects by placing her hands over them.I watched her doing that.She is going to try to teach me that.


You know, that is funny because I always thought I could do that too but I thought it is too much effort.


For her, when she is nervous, it starts moving by itself.There is no effort, like the way Ronda can short out electrical devices when she is startled suddenly.

Did you try to communicate with other people with your mind?


Oh sure, all the time.


Ronda could not understand why other people could not hear her thoughts.


Oh yeah, because it is not fair because we can hear what they are thinking. Some says, Flip a coin (gesturing of flipping a coin and putting it on her wrist after looking at it) and asking, What do I have?

When I see that they saw it I know what they saw.So I always win, right?And when they say, What card do I have?And if they look at it and I look at them I know what it is.


Ronda says she always wins at games at school fairs.


Oh, I never win when I go to those things.It helps to understand that money flows like water and not worry about it. Just let it come.It is true.The problem is that mermaid women are too giving. Things come from us and through us but we forget about ourselves, what we need so we often only have enough to get by.

And that is what I am working on right now. I have so much to share yet they do not need to know who I am and what I am.And my clientele have been with me for years and they keep coming back.But I always am giving but I only keep enough to get by. I donít draw to myself the abundance that would be natural to me.

Yes, we need money too.But for me it is meant to come gently.


So do you have other clients that get dizzy like me?


Yeah, there is one gentleman who feels so light headed after we work together.


Is that from the massage?


I donít know. I just believe what he says. But I have another client.She has high blood pressure and she does get dizzy when we do other things, not massage.


Just two? I only drive short distances after meeting with you.




No, you are what I am meant to become.


I have this need to just embrace everybody.I am not trying to be invasive or get into otherís space but I canít help it. But I have to be careful because it is not always the effect that I want. Because my aura takes up too much space.


Well, that is because you do have a huge aura.


This is what happens at the cafť in Ala Moana Shopping Center.


Oh, this is great.


You know how the seating is always so crowded.If I am with my mom or someone we sit down and all of a sudden there is no one around us.


What happens?


I donít pay attention but all of a sudden they are gone.They just disappear but then the children come.


What do they do?


They look at me funny. I am aware that there is sometimes a static charge in my aura that isnít right.


Returning to the theme of the ocean, you saw the ocean as a child and felt connected to it and you feel it is always around you now.


Oh yes.


And it is always around you like right now?


Yes, that is funny because I remember telling you we are close to the ocean but canít really hear it. But I can hear it right now. So it is funny because I think about being able to do that and it depends on my mood to. Sometimes there is a rolling waves coming in and other times the water sounds like a stream with water bubbling.


So, white caps, ripples, big and little waves,


And a stream trickling down.


Is there another sound? Like the wind.


Like right now? There is a calm even flow, no wind, no current, a kind of ebb and flow.


So it is a sound and a feeling. You are translating it as one energy but two different sensations?


It is just a nice flow


So when you heal someone it just happens spontaneously?


It depends on my mood and level of consciousness sometimes. But I can just look across the street and I will think, Uuh, that person needs energy and I will send it and it ends up as a color.If I send it like waves, I guess I do.


So you are harmonious when you do that. If you donít feel quite right will you change yourself?


No, that is too much energy to do that.If I am eating I will create a bubble so I can eat in peace.


Why would you put a bubble around yourself?


Because sometimes my energy is like static electricity and I donít want to adversely influence others. I would not want to give any energy to others but just enjoy the moment.

I am not going to waste my energy and interact subconsciously with everyone around me.I want peace to eat in.


You share energy with others at a distance to?






Anybody. And sometimes I will doubt myself and call to check and it turns out I was concerned and he was in a hospital so I was right.

And with this one relative he knows when I am sending energy and can feel it so I donít need to call.But he is stubborn too so there is only so much I can do. But he sends back.


Is there always a return flow?


No, but sometimes I sense confusion and I donít continue. They can take it or leave it. I donít want to be in anyoneís face.I am going to send it with my heartís energy and if they want to put up a block then that is okay.†† Fear, confusionóthat is negative energy they are putting out and I donít seek to penetrate that.


Mermaid women use water energy to heal.


Misty is what I use. It is always vapor like when you stand in the rain and it is not quite raining.Like a light drizzle. That is soothing and that is what I want to receiveógentle, tender energy flowing.So that is what I want to give.


Do you sense how it is working?


I donít want to know. I donít want to say I helped that person.I just want to give and move on.


But you donít say that person always needs blue green and so I will give him blue green.


That is not for me to do.I just send the energy and it automatically transforms.


You never take someone negative and do an overhaul?


No, never. I am never intrusive.


But you have at times an immense energy reservoir?


I like to think I will never run dry.


You never see what the limit it?


There are no limits.


But your ability to give varies?


I have a busy life.I donít always have energy to give.


Returning to the basic questions that fit mermaid women. They feel the same now as they did as children.They feel what othersí feel and they feel a part of nature to the extent it defines their identities.These responses set them a part from regular women




For example, adults treating a child as emotionally a grown up or someone saying I feel the same age whether I am a child or an adult.One girl says she always has and always will feel emotionally like she is around twenty-six years old.


To me there is no specific age a person feels.


When I can check any mermaid woman, this trait usually applies.

I can relate to a baby that canít even speakóI easily enter its state of awareness. Okay. I am with you.But you say that is hard and my response is not it is not.


If you put the three questions together it excludes most people.


You made me remember when I was a little girl and this woman said to my grandmother that this child is an old soul. I didnít know what they were talking about. My mom used to speak to pig Latin to her friends and I just picked it up and started talking to her in pig Latin.I have always been a kid at heart.I still play like a kid sometimes. I will things like decorate the eggs in the refrigerator when I needed a break.

So sometimes you play like a kid for a break.


And I do practical jokes.


Like what?


I like to be goofy at times.I had some radishes and I cut olives in half and put them in these radishes that looked like bloody eyeballs so I put a bloody eyeball in each drink we served at a party and everyone had a double take on that.It was a shock at first to everyone. And I said to them, you can eat those.Little things like that. It is fun.But other times people tell me I am too serious.


You have this authority to you.I told Ronda that this really sweet, gentle, and kind woman says that human women are mean, jealous, and vindictive and how could she come out and make a blanket statement like that?She speaks with such authority.


Itís true.I see it. I mean, like women, get over it. Find yourselves.There is no need to be like that.


Your observation though is like someone from the outside.


And I speak that way generally.I see it.


Ronda says human beings are savages.


The men are like children and women are selfish. I wish women would wake up and find their own personal power and realize they donít need to be mean. And men are always striving because they need to prove themselves. Do they need coddling? Yes.They donít need all that stuff they strive for.


I tell this other woman it is not just men. It is men, mermen, and male spirits all feel they need to do great things to define who they are.


I think we forget with men and women that it is the process that makes us and the end result is what we want to attain and that is great but the process is what we grow from.So we never celebrate ourselves enough in the experience rather than always focusing on the goal.

I have mentioned before about the four elements.Consider fire as will power; air is intellect; earth as practical applications and work; and water as feeling, love, and empathy.In fire, air, and earth, the human race is functioning at about 87% of its potential.But in terms of water, we are operating around 2%.Love is ineffective on this planet.††

††† If I had thirty women like you there would be no more wars on earth because there would be someone inside of those who start wars acting as their conscience and also being able to set limits for actions intended to harm other people.


I like that.Letís work on that. I am quiet and independent.When I think about the Bible it says when two or more are gathered Ö.


Together in my name there am I in the midst of them.Because all of the water women are empaths and empathy can send as well as it can receive.


I am very cautious of that about people sending energy to me. I can appreciate it but I am very careful maybe my thing is it never occurred to me until now but I am not a good receiver because I know what I am made of but I donít know what the other person is made of.I am not sure I can transmute the energy sent to me so I turn off my receptivity at times.


Some people, when they feel bad, they like to make others feel bad and then they feel good.††


Yeah, I know someone like that. They are energy vampires.That is partly why I am so cautious with someone trying to interact with my aura.


Some do this without being aware of it.


Oh they are aware.Especially women.


Tell me about when you stopped stalkers stalking you.


It is part of that protection energy.It is no you may not enter.

It is the bubble? How big, three feet, five feet?


It just depends.And sometimes I just say, I am invisible. Because I donít want to have to deal with it. I just move through people without them noticing me.And for me I feel like I am divinely guided.And only good can come to me.I am going to assert that as universal law and it will protect me.


What is the divine for you?


I believe beyond Moses and God there is a law. If your consciousness is goodness then only good can come to you. If you consciously acknowledge and worry about the negative then it can affect you.But if you step off that, I donít need to walk the plank. That is what it is to me you are stepping into someone elseís energy versus staying the path with your own energy in goodness, then you are free of that negative. Bad things can come to you but if you donít take it in then it is gone.

†† For me, if I feel afraid, I tell myself I walk in the divine light.


How is light different from water?


Same thing.Because when you share energy it turns into light


So it is both light and a wave like water?


Everything is energy period to me so I donít often say it that way but you are helping me to define it--it is exactly that misty energy, light in everything too even standing in the dark it is light.


Yeah, I used to have one model who works in the dark with all the lights off.


Yeah, me too. Even with the computer I donít need light and I dim it down as far as it will go.I sense light all around me.Actually I like to sit in the dark in bed with all the lights out.


And she seems to see in the dark.


I always did that. When I was a child and we went camping others used to use flashlights but I didnít use one. I could see fine.

And when we walked on the rocks on the Big Island at night I used to walk barefoot and it is lava rock there.And we would camp by the shore on rocky lava rocks by the sea.And I was the only one who would go with my father and he would wear sandals and I would go on the rock in bare feet in the dark and I would find my way.And sometimes I couldnít see but I could tell when it was safe to take a step even when I could not see.


You can still do that?


If I were outside I could do it. I know I could even in a forest.

Is there like an energy field like a web?


Yeah, that is a good way to see it.And my father was like that.He taught me a lot as a child but he was very quiet in his knowledge.†††

He was always at the ocean whether he gets in it or not.


You two must have really got along?


No, we never got along, only now.


I donít know many men with strong water energy.Water people, empathic people, are really at odds with this world.


He does herbal healing. He goes to the forest to gather herbs. He doesnít know the names of the plants but he can get rid of rashes, stop bleeding, take care of swelling. But he will go to the forest and pray and he receives a message that it is okay to enter.Would that make him earthy?


He is a natural born shaman.


He will draw plants for me and tell me what they are good for.He taught me how to dive.We would go free diving.


So the ocean energy you sense right now?




I am just going to go into it and sense it.†††




There is you and your watery aura, but there is also a whole ocean too.The two overlap.




So you the aura are also the ocean yourself.


I thought maybe you would check the current.And I should say I am connected to it and not the other way around.


You are like the Atlantic for me. What are you doing out here in the Pacific?


I donít like cold so that is why I am here.Actually I want to increase our fish count.


When you said you would tap into the ocean I was wondering what kind of current you would feel.


It is very slow but powerful, almost like it has the breaks on.


When it stops we will have an ice age.People keep saying global warming but it is the ice age that will be the problem.That current in the Atlantis is what keeps the ice age away.

††† The mermaid queens can feel all the waters of the earth all at once so I have been trying to learn that.So when they love they feel the oceans themselves are love so the love is boundless.

†† You feel you are wherever you are it is the right place to be?


Absolutely, that is the reason I am here. I am here to learn, observe, and be a part of.


A part of?


A part of everything. Having to do with nature, human nature, of the spirit. Even whatever is beyond there. But with or without the learning it is the right place to be.And I donít always want to be working or thinking. Sometimes I just want to be.


We talked too about other people not being fully alive.


Oh yeah! I donít want to say they are half dead. They just donít recognize their aliveness, the gift of life that they have now.


Which is what, the gift of life?


The opportunities that are limitless to us, we can be what we want to be, enjoy experiences in life.


Human beings have a sense of goals, and define themselves by their accomplishments, social status, etc.


The girl in Europe talks about not having goals, but just going with the flow.


Yeah, same way.I plan things but you have to sometimes change your schedule.If energy is not flowing that way I may not even need to make a call so I have the space to do something I am drawn to doing.Things will just happen. And people will say canít make it and things just work out for everyone.


Now how much of that the other people responding subconsciously to your aura?


I donít know. Yeah, I can give you an example. For example, today I didnít have time to get my car and the woman said weíll call you tomorrow but I got my car today because it was in the back of my mind that I want my car today.And I get a message from the woman saying, your car is ready and weíll bring it to you. Things just kind of happen.


What you are doing requires a great deal of power. For that to happen to me I put out a global casting call and I get exactly the right people.Where are all the others?All the others got screened out.The two who responded were far more valuable than I could ever have dreamed or imagined.But it took me two years to get Ronda to even meet me.


We are evasive and illusive.†††


Like my physical therapist.She is consciously hiding who she is.I have to be incredibly patient. The test they set is that you have flow through them the way they flow through you. Then they will treat you like your needs are their needs but you canít fake it.



I think we jump around in age.I think we are children to some degree. Playfulness is always there. I think that is the most precious thing because we loose that childlike nature because we need that to get through this world.Sometimes when we find it we feel silly when actually we are supposed to embrace it.

And mermaid women are unafraid of death. All the mermaid women are unafraid of death unlike humans.


Unfortunately, that is the crazy thing about it. I donít believe in death. It is just leaving the body and I am moving on.

But you know that from experience because you are in contact with dead people.

Yes.We donít die. We just use these bodies as vessels for our human experience.


So Ronda was very good with contacting dead people.That is what through me off initially with her.I didnít think originally that mermaid women would be in contact with human dead.


No way. I bet all your mermaid women are in contact with dead people.They just call them guides or something else. There is no way. We can not be so connected to nature and not see spirits.


So again, that would be a factor in not being afraid of death in that you already know dead people?


Exactly. Because the unknown is what we are afraid of.At the same time I think for me there is apprehension about the unknown, but there is this knowing that it is okay.It is jut another experience. Be curious but you have to acknowledge the fear. If you sit in the fear then you cheat your self of the experience.


And the thing about healing other people.Even I get into that sending energy to other people every day.It is once you have a surplus then isnít it something I should be sharing with others?


I donít think of it consciously like I have a surplus.I can be tired as anything dragging myself around and I will send it off and I will release it, send it off. And I will notice that an hour later I am not as tired as I was.So for me what goes around comes around.If you give you get back.


These mermaid women flow energy to everyone around them and so their families and friends are really charge.They are super radiant.


I do that sometimes.I notice with my niece she turns into a wild child bouncing off the walls.She is usually quiet and bright like she can sit down and tell you a story from her imagination but with my energy she starts bouncing off the walls so I tell myself I have to be still and if I am still then she can be still.If I am like kinetic, then she is the same and she gets into trouble.


So it is easier to do this sort of thing with children when they pick up your mood?

Children are receptive because they have such clean energy and hearts and when you share energy they keep that going. There is no selfishness involved.You are just giving and receiving.


Do you find that your aura wills sometimes affect adults the way it affects children?


I sense that sometimes but I try to shut that down.I need my space and I need to keep myself centered when I am amid a group a people or I will feel totally drained.


Before you started doing the bubble you would get stalkers and others after your energy.


Yeah, it is really sad. Kind of pathetic.


This medium I know would walk through the plaza downtown and the pigeons would want to follow her into a building.She doesnít always monitor the amount of energy she is putting out.

I guess I donít either. Sometimes I feel big. I can tell from the face of others the way the zing goes.If I donít pay attention I donít know the extent of my influence.


You donít check each day on specific people to see how they are doing?


I donít look for sickness.I look for energy or a frequency.But I donít ever monitor others. What people need they draw. If I pick it up then it is for me to send the energy to them because they are asking for it.


They have to ask?


They have to ask. It is not necessarily a conscious asking on their part.


The thing you mentioned about being secretive is that others didnít ask the questions and so you live a quiet life.




Have you been around any gurus who are consciously radiating energy to others?


No gurus.




I have been to church.I am a cynic. I will go occasionally and there is a lesson but if I pay attention to the energies I find myself a little annoyed with people.




I hate to be judgmental but people are so fake.They just use the church as a way to make themselves feel good about the bad things they have done. They go to church and they honor God and that makes them better people though on a daily basis they are not all that good.They donít have good thoughts. They donít know how to direct goodness.ÖI am glad people are asked to tithe when they go to church.At least that is something they are giving of themselves.


The hard core mermaid people have telekinetic abilities and are very intuitive. The ways in which you are psychic is that you can make people fall down which you donít do anymore.


The motion of the hand is just a motion but I donít know where it comes from. It indicates the direction of the wave.


You can tell what people feel and the colors of the energy you send. You sense the ocean.


Sometimes I can hold time. I can do that too.


Which is what?


Like my niece was learning to walk and she was falling and I couldnít get to her so I made time slow down so I could get to her and catch her before she fell.††††††


You have done that more than once?


Well, even with myself, I donít want to fall down.You take hold of time so you can move slowly through time.

So you stop it or slow it?


I donít know how to stop it.I can slow it but I canít tell you how.


You have caught yourself falling too?




How about driving a car? Same thing?


Oh yeah.


People sometimes see their lives flash before their eyes in a moment.In martial arts, you train to respond in microseconds so quickly that another person is unaware that you have even moved.I sometimes catch an object falling from a table. I do it without a thought passing through my mind.But I havenít heard anyone talk in this way before.††††


Time is bendable.Time is speeding up on everyone because there is so much focus on wanting the next thing.When actually we are missing out on the time we could have.

So if we wanted things that werenít speeding time up we could want things that slow time down? What would be something we could want that would slow time down?


Repeat the question--


Like if someoneís wants a latte, they are measuring time between now and when they get what they want.The other day I told someone that in the few minutes we were talking I felt that we had just spend weeks vacationing in the Bahamas.


That is the thing. If we can just hold time and space we could experience so much in a short amount of time instead of the way we are now running from one thing to the next. I am telling you this but I am living the same life that I think we shouldnít live.I can slow time in certain instances but how do we live it?


So what do we call this? It is kind of like being out in nature with its sense of timelessness.


Yeah, that whole thing that there is no time. Time is timeless by moving with the energy flow as you feel it.It is not what you make of it.We donít know how to just be and so we lose the timeless dimension and this makes us get old.


If you get out in the open ocean, there are not even geological ages.It is like it has been the same for a billion years.You can barely register the changing seasons. So that mermaid perspective of the ocean. I described this other mermaid womanóI am what I was before, I have only changed the outer form. And at the end of the poem, I am what I shall be, a sea with its endless dream of being one and being free.


We are always free.


Is invisible different than the bubble, and do you just tell yourself, I am invisible?


When you are invisible you are invisible . You donít even have to think about it.Its like (gesture of side of hand down from of face) ĎI am invisible.íAnd the bubble is a conscious think like, yeah, you are still there and maybe someone is still following you but then it is like, what are they following you for?You just cut off your energy so it is no longer available to them.


Okay.Iíll have to pass that on to other mermaid women who donít do that.


And it is only from them.It is not like cutting off your arm.


If you say, ĎI am invisible,í do you say something to slow time?


If you can think it and allow yourself to feel it; if you only think it you fail.It doesnít work. It has to come with the feeling.


The ocean that surrounds you all the timeóthere is no time there, right? So you can just link into that feeling? Schedules donít mean anything then because you are in the timeless space?††††††


Thatís true. Yeah. Schedules donít matter. They are just something I know I have to do with my conscious mind. But I can be in my sense of timelessness and still do the things that I have to do.I am in activities of a schedule but I remain in a timeless space. I can check out because I can work on autopilot which is how I can accomplish what I do.Because I need that at times.


You use the work ďcheck out?Ē


I have used the term I work on autopilot.


You can be both in time and out of time?






When I feel vulnerable sometimes when I am doing a massage and I walk into a room and that is not an energy I want to work with I will do this (moving hand back and forth in front of chest) and that means I am covering myself.So I can go and do it.Time goes by that much faster.I am not as effective but the person has an energy that I do not want to work with.I donít like doing that.But I wonít assist them because they have to earn it.If I am walking down the street and I sense ďthe drawĒ in the otherís energy, then I can send energy to them.But if they come in and they expect and they want, then I think they are not ready. I feel things come to us as we need it.We donít take it.And I sense these people come to us with this sense of ďI am walking out with this.Ē I donít play like that.That is not how I do my work.


I think I may have asked this before, but am I the only one who feels this ocean around you?


No, there was a feng shui person who told me you have too much water around you.He said, You have so much water you should sleep in a metal bed.†††††††


That is terrible what he said.


Why? He told me to sleep in a metal framed bed and change the kind of colors I wear because I am too much water, I output too much emotion. I like blue.I am still going to wear blue.


This is someone who would tell an ambassador from another land that he needs to stop speaking his own language, thinking his own thoughts, and become an American.

†† This feng shui person would have told Lao Tzu, ďYou have too much water in your aura. That is why you write the way you do.You should conform more like Confucius or be more practical like Sun Tzu.Ē I think in the past the human race has been forbidden from having understanding of people like you.

Lao Tzu was leaving China and someone asked him to write his thoughts down. Without someone asking him, we would not have his writings.

Some of the mermaid women, whenever I talk to them, have noticed how I feel, my health, the tension or stress in my body, and they have spontaneously sent energy to balance me out.I do similar things for them. That is one part of how a spiritual community might work in my mind.They have very specific knowledge of my daily energy balance.


That is very nice what they are doing, but I will never do that sort of thing.


Some of them specialize in that.


I am more cautious.


It is more like they feel a part of a boundless energy field that is love, like the ocean, and so they are not losing anything by interacting with another person in the ocean.It is like the ocean itself is flowing and circulating energy within itself.


Yeah, then it is energy that does what it must.There is a trust that the energy will operate in the right way and the other person can accept it or not and do with it what they want.It is the conscious mind that doesnít need to be so active because it is a beautiful energy that is already there and it works by itself.


If you are in the sea of energy and love and acting as the sea, then there is no manipulation going on.


Yeah, I am against manipulation of energy.I feel that that would cause myself harm to manipulate someone elseís energy.People create their own problems so let them figure out those problems.

†† When I end up with a problem, it is like, Oh, how did I get here? It is not like, Oh, somebody save me. But maybe I will meet up with someone who will give me a clue as to how to solve my problem or take me to where I went wrong to help me solve my problem.And I accept that as a blessing in gratitude.


I mentioned before this other human mermaid woman I know is constantly in every moment flowing energy through her boyfriend.I ask her, is he aware you are doing this? And she says, yes, he is.And I ask her, Does he want to you to keep doing it all the time.And she says, yes, he does.


The same with me though.You verbalize a lot of things I have never put into words. We just know intuitively I guess, that is the term. But you put it into words for me.


So I ask this girl, you know this energy flow is something very wonderful you are doing with this guy? And she says, yes. And I say, You must also know that this is something you could do with anybody on earth?

††††† And she says, I donít do it with others.And I say, Just try it to see what it is like.And she tries it and she can do it with others as well.The flow of this energy is not limited to just a one on one connection.But she is not the ocean type of mermaid woman.She is the human type.


I worry now for her that she is trying to create her own fortress.


But she has done this with every single boyfriend she has had.She does it without thinking.It is her way of quiet knowing, flowing, and being.She just gives out of surplus energy.For her it is how can you not give to someone you love?


(winching) But that creates a security on the human plane.††


For her, it is like two rivers flowing into one river.It is like why would you ever say to the other river, I donít want to flow into you?




But she does worry that the men she meets can never reciprocate the flow and empathy.


And she will be hurt by that because she is always giving and never getting enough for herself.


She worries that every single guy will realize at some point that she is not dependent on them.


For me, it appears that she wants what she is giving but she doesnít know how to also take, how to accept it back.†† And at the same time the maleís frequency of energy is so below hers that what she gets from them is like eeeek.


You canít ask them to give what they donít have to give.


She has to learn to take and accept at the level the men are capable of giving. I sense that she wants the companionship.And right now she has it but it is at a dissatisfactory level.


But then again she is so giving that it is okay.




And so the manís inadequacy appears to the man to indicate a lack of bonding. She says I am not bonded to anybody.I donít really need anyone to feel complete.


That is the thing.She has the choice to decide which man to be with.


And part of that decision you are saying is for her to learn to take something in return even though it is a meager flow?

And be satisfied with it and celebrate it.Treat it as something important what he can give.That is what the man needs.


And how does she do that, get the guy into thinking that she needs him?


Like I say, if she can celebrate what they do give because that is the manís best effort.Then the man would not feel that she is not bonded.


She would respond, she can celebrate what he gives but she doesnít need it.


Yeah. Of course, we never need it.It is nice to have but the need part is insignificant.


So if you were to verbalize that to a guy how would you say it?


You donít.


But what exactly do you do so that subconsciously the guy feels the woman is connected to him, so that he knows she is enjoying something he is giving?


You show appreciation, gratitude.


For what?


Energy. For whatever he is giving. You have to do it on the level of energy exchange of energy as it happens, a smile, a hug, a touch.You canít do it with words.


She also uses her empathy of feeling inside of a man to learn everything she can about his energy.


The problem with that is she is killing the mystery.


But she wants to understand everything he knows that she does not know.


Great.But that is like swallowing him whole. That kills the fun of it.Everybody has this quiet mystery that is revealed as time goes on.And that is what keeps it fun and keeps you curious.This mystery is something to celebrate.If you know too much too completely about the man then you leave him with nothing. He has nothing to share.††


She is with an extremely masculine type man.He exudes physical force, has a dominant physical presence, but he is not an alpha male.But obviously there are people who have the same mystery going on twenty years later.There is no learning process in their lives.


There is always that.I think people like us need the quiet mystery because that is the fun of it.


So she should never verbalize the nature of their relationship?


She can do little things and acknowledge it verbally in a small way.But the connection is more energetic, because that is the bonding of spirits, done through an exchange of energy.