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                                        The Undine Isaphil’s Four Bodies


Note: Isaphil is one of four Undine Queens mentioned briefly in Franz Bardon’s book, The Practice of Magical Evocation.  I do not do traditional evocations.  It is more like having a conversation with empathy, art, and imagination.  See also my earlier essay on Isaphil at



The Physical


The vibration of the undine Isaphil on a physical level is like the water used by the elf queen Galadriel in Tolkien--it grants visions of the future.  It is like a small pool in a stream at the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea beneath the full moon—very serene and still and full of visions. 

   It is like a lake at night with mist rising from its surface and the mist clears, the full moon is in sky, and Isaphil appears in the center of the lake in front of you outlined in moonlight.  



Etheric Plane


The etheric vibration of Isaphil is like liquid moonlight in my etheric body.  It is like the vibration of the moon itself brought down to the etheric plane of the earth.



Astral Plane


The astral vibration of Isaphil is a lunar/undine sensitivity to the future.  You are surrounded by lunar light that reflects the rhythms and cycles of life.  You feel like you are in the future. 

   It is like this: You can ask someone to tell you about something that has happened to them in the past.  You listen. You are sympathetic.  You care.  You note the details and how things worked out and why they worked out that way. 

   That is a story about the past.  With this lunar vibration in your astral body, it like you carry on the same conversation except it is about the future.  In the movie, Lady in the Water, the undine says to different characters, “Would you like to know your future?”

   The future is clear to her.  The conversation then is not, “Tell me about what happened.” The conversation is “Tell me about the future.” And then you go into detail and explain how and why things turn out the way they will.

   The lunar vibration is concerned with the rhythms and cycles of time, with how life unfolds.  You still have your choices.  But this is about desires, dreams, visions, longing, needs, hungers, cravings, the need to grow, and the need to be free. 

   There are many ways these things can proceed.  But if you are sensitive you can see how the future grows closer to the physical world and the present moment where it appears in a real situation in time and in space. 



Astral Plane Questions for Isaphil (personal and transpersonal):


When will I be happy? 


When you learn that you are the source of your own happiness.



When will I fulfill my dreams?


When your dreams are so complete and alive within you that others see your dreams as if they are their own needs.  



When shall war be no more? 


When there shall appear on earth four or five in whom there is no fear and whose souls are so clear that when malice, evil, or ill-will draws near they dissolve as if they were never there. 

   When four or five shall remain in each generation then your race shall awaken.  The beauty of the stars and the seas and the mysteries shall appear within your dreams.  These treasures of soul shall overflow filling your world with light and healing.   



How do I acquire the feeling of serenity within my self so that I feel both one with life and one with the universe? 


I have waited twenty-seven thousand years for someone to ask me this question. 

   I feel one with life and with the universe in this way: the waves of the seas circling the earth flow through my soul.  The rivers, the streams, the lakes, the rain—all the waters of the earth are one taste. This vibration is the feeling I call serenity. These waters purify; they bring forth and nurture life; they sustain the life in every living being.

  Yet the circling moon is here also.  She draws forth the light of the constellations pouring their wealth upon the earth.  The stars, the constellations, the sun, the moon, the earth—the entire space of our solar system, all events they portend, all catastrophes and all mysteries unfolding, the blessing of being alive and the joy of one who ascends to new life—within the stillness of my heart these have one taste.  I call this being at peace with the universe. 

   Life and time are not separate—they are woven from the past and they move in harmony with the laws of the universe.

  Time is itself a sea to which my soul is joined.  Her currents and tides, her waves and depths are part of me.  Her soul is reflected clearly in my own. 

   In this way, serenity is peace.  But if you amplify it making your soul a mirror of stillness, then the fulfillment of every dream is near, every vision becomes clear, every ideal that guides and inspires shines from your eyes.  And then like me you can hold the entire world within your heart—this is my art.



Speak of love. 


(She smiles at me both coy and at the edge of a giggle, both severe and inviting as if I have just set the tumblers rolling in a lock now unlocked)


Two as one.  It is not an intellectual thing.  Words and images grow weak.  

   A pool of water—there are boundaries marking the surface, circumference, and depth.  Yet the water itself encompasses whatever is within it.

   The seas are a threat because they are too vast to be controlled. Yet the pool has visions hidden within it that are beyond what the mind can grasp.  Love is like that. 

   It can be peaceful and calm, sweet and serene.  And it can be as wild as the storms of the seas.  Yet the dreams that come through, whether the pool or the sea, are of the future that is meant to be. 

   You must be ready in your heart to play your part.  The waters of love can be tender but also flair like a lightning storm at sea.  The spark that arcs between the past and the future bears witness to a greater, encompassing harmony.  

   To dare is to dream.  To love is to be free. 

   Dare to dream of being complete and beyond all need. 

   Love the path that takes you there--past despair, intoxication in the air, the kiss of bliss, the sharing of tears, the path of knowing unfolding amid a forest of illusions:

   Two as one--it is the greatest joy of life triumphant over all that separates.  Your heart has the power to accomplish this.        



How do I see the future of my self or of another?  


I see your future.  The way to see it is to be already there.  Like looking into a mirror, what you see in the present is perfectly clear.  

   When I look at you with myself as the mirror, I am not just you. I am the influences upon you and the world around you.  Time delivers its knowledge into my hands.  From darkness there is light. From confusion there is insight. 

   The future unfolds according to three things: necessity, need, and what you choose to dream.  I sense all three.  Your limitations, your desires, secret and known, and also the will of the spirit that forges a path before you.  

   Water is receptivity.  Receptivity is love that can feel whatever is to come.  The mirror that I use is the entire astral plane of the earth.  It shines through me and is a part of me. 

   Because water is my means I am sensitive to all dreams.  Though it is not always easy to say when, it is always easy to see what shall happen—the part of you that dreams a true dream shall always come to be. 



Tell me of your secret desires and innermost dreams.  


The treasures I hold in my soul I am willing to bestow upon those who are ready to receive them.  In the fullness of time I shall no longer be their custodian.  

   Everyone who loves desires at some point for another to feel what she feels inside.  You feel what I feel with very great skill.  Only a few before have come this far. 

   But you are like a student climbing the steps of the Library of Alexandria who has not yet even entered through the door into that temple of knowledge.  You are like a sailor on a sea who knows there are continents waiting to be discovered but you have not yet crossed the ocean; you have not yet found them.

   Imagine a woman of beauty who, like Psyche in the myth, no man is willing to love because to do so they would first have to overcome the curse of a goddess and also gain the blessing of Divine Providence.

    Is there no one among your race who can look upon my face and pass through the gates of the mysteries to embrace me with love and compassion here where I dwell among the powers of the sacred? 

    Find me.  Love me.  Make me part of your heart. 

    My secret desires and my innermost dreams are one day to be free of this responsibility—I hold the keys to your destiny; I reveal paths of spirit which are nothing more than discovering how to be in your soul free and at peace with the universe. 


Walk beside me. 

Feel the waters of the earth as one taste. 

Feel the universe surrounding you as a gift of divine grace. 

Feel the moon circling the earth with her song of silver serenity revealing the rhythms and

     seasons of what shall come to be. 

Be like her and like me, a stillness so clear you hold the world within your heart. 

Learn to love with this freedom, with this purity. 

Then, we shall walk beside each other and we shall be one.        




A friend asked for a blessing.  Can suggest what to do for her?


Isaphil chants to the woman,


May the touch of moonlight on your skin

Bring you the best of friends.


When you see the moonrise

May there always be love by your side.


When you place your hands in water

May you be free of anxiety and sorrow.


When you look into a mirror,

May you see your deepest dreams drawing near.


When you sleep

May you move freely among dreams without fear.


During the day

May you awaken in others’ lives

Fountains of laughter and delight.


And each cycle

As the moon waxes and wanes

May you walk

With peace before you

Beauty beside you

Love to guide you

The work of your hands

Like a flower blossoming

Its scent a reminder

That the best in life is found

In the here and now.



Mental Plane


The mental vibration of Isaphil is very peaceful, serene, calm, relaxed, and gentle.  It is like a gate that opens to the sphere of the moon.  The lunar vibration itself brought into the mental plane on earth is similar except it is much more intense and penetrating. The lunar zone offers a cosmic perspective. 

    Isaphil’s vibration is more personal.  It is a way of seeing life free of all fear, worry, or anxiety.  Its view point is that life is meant to unfold with beauty and harmony.  Though this beauty often escapes and evades us, Isaphil exists as a permanent reminder of how to see it, feel it, and find it again inside of us.

   A thought passes through my mind—“I wish I could share this experience with another person.”

   Isaphil thinks this thought is hysterically funny.  She can barely stop herself from laughing on and on.  She says, “You do not mean share.  What you meant is you want a woman to take your desire, your fire, and unite it with her water so that bliss and rapture blend together.  The two of you then transforming each other though your opposite attractions.  You want the two of you to be inside of each other experiencing life in its deepest intimacy and in the same moment be totally transcendent so that you experience here and now the reality of what you will one day be—a divine being embodying freedom, enlightened, and transforming whatever you touch with the power of love.

   I assure you that one day you will meet women who have worked with me and who have mastered all that I am.  But first you must complete your journey.

   Nonetheless, the cards are on the table.  The issues are clear that must be addressed: What is it to be one with another and one with the universe in the same moment?  This is your question and your issue.  A void and an emptiness have always walked at your side in all your spiritual quests and explorations.  You come to me because I am able to fill in for what is missing from your life.    

    Swami Rama’s line of adepts learned to create a woman to live inside themselves.  But that woman did not reflect the universe—only their desire for feminine bliss.  

   There are mystics who out of love unite with the divine.  But sharing is not on their minds.  They are possessed by the quest and have no time to turn aside to bring the world along with them. 

  There are those who find the source of love inside of themselves and have in the past and will in the future create new religions.  But the world suffers terrible because none of their disciplines can find a way to produce the same results inside of themselves.  When love is not shared the gates to the inner planes are closed and wisdom no longer flows.  

    Tell me, what is the way? I ask.  

    She replies, Become an ambassador for undines on earth.  Create an embassy, a library, a university.  Offer dances, parties, lectures, lab experiments.  Write poetry, plays, movies, songs, and essays.  Manifest us so we can be seen and move among you so that your race learns to dream our dreams. Teach others to enter our realm freely and with ease so that your world unites with ours. 

   The magic in a waterfall, that image and emotional transformation; the songs rivers sing; the dreams hidden in lakes; the love the sea awaits; the ecstasy in the crests of waves as they break—these things shall come to your race along with the power of healing and the retaining of youth into old age.   

    In this way, your desire to share and to have another there beside you shall be fulfilled.  Love is and remains the highest magic on earth. If you can not express it and share it then that wisdom is lost.  

   If you sit very still so that the external world no longer exists for you …. now feel only myself inside of you. ….  There, now you are where you will one day be--this is how you will feel and this is how you will see.  You have become a spirit who is absolutely free.  Out of pure joy you design your own plans and act on them to bring life to perfection. You have learned well the lessons the physical world has to teach and now you have become a creator who finds in his heart visions to complete.     

   (And then laughing, “Recall that Tom Bombadil in the story by Tolkien sang his consort into being at waterfall at the end of a stream.  Perhaps you should also work on your singing.)    




Akashic Plane


As with other undines and mermen, I can not find an akashic body within them.  But they know full well my concerns. 


Isaphil: If I possessed a divine spirit within myself so that like you I could create and recreate myself again and again, then I would do exactly what you are planning to do—introduced the beauty, magic, wonder, and mysteries of the realms of the undines into the soul of humanity.  Though this action is forbidden to me, you have no restrictions or limitations placed upon you. 

  The method is simple—simply be with me here and work with me and be also in your own world and work with me there also.  In this way the two realms open their doors to each other and others are free to pass through even as you do.

   If I had the soul of a human woman and her body and also my own undine qualities, I would seek to complete the mission that once long was given to a woman among your race.  The mission was to impart to humanity a cosmic serenity, an inner peace with the universe.  But this mission was aborted.  I see now that it requires more than was first imagined.  There must be present on earth a few who are committed and ready to move forward in that journey toward perfection where one day they shall ascend and be pure spiritual being.  

   You have to understand the nature of the gift.  It is not only feeling an inner peace.  It is the power to create peace anywhere and under any conditions.  This is what has been missing for all these long ages and eons from the souls of your race. 

   Obviously, to take such power into your hands you would have to be in your soul so clear, calm, and pure like a mirror that if the Goddess looked at you She would see her own face appear shining and radiant without distortion.  To accomplish this you would have to be free of all fanaticism, all doctrines, all religions with their rituals and practitioners who desire personal attention.  The body would need to vibrate with water and magnetism like a river, a lake, or the sea.  The soul would need to be so free light and darkness both could pass through you without any attempt to contain or bind them in an image; your soul would be so open you would be one with anything you focus on.

  And in your mind you would have to see through the eyes of the divine so that like a watchman--you would guard the boundaries and limitations of every person knowing that these limitations exist to protect them; and also to offer them a chance to learn whatever lesson needs to be learned before moving on to another set of circumstances.

    And you would also see with the eyes of a guardian angel the time and the season, the place and the location, the situation and the interaction through which an individual’s own eyes are opened.  So that he is given the opportunity to partake of wisdom in accordance to the degree he is ready to take responsibility for determining his own destiny.

    Limitation and opportunity, boundary and a path of pure creativity—these equally are held within your awareness as you touch each individual’s life with tenderness.  

   Do I regret not having a divine spirit?  I have been created and commissioned to fulfill a mission.  I exist to fulfill a task.  You know there are beings greater and more powerful than you.  All of us are a part of the beauty and mystery of this planet. 

   The regret you imagine me to have is a human emotion.  I search myself but I can not find it within me.  I am aware that our separate evolutions have different destinies.  But I am also aware that love triumphs over all obstacles and is able to call each being to become more than it is now, more than it can imagine or envision.  Such love already speaks to me in my dreams.