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                                      The Cosmic Letter J


One who has the wings of a man and the wings of a woman also is in himself a womb of the world; and being a womb of the world he continuously, unendingly gives birth. 

                                                                                 Lao Tzu


Franz Bardon describes the cosmic letter J on the akashic plane as being the expression of the highest, all-embracing love.  Practicing the J on this plane enables an individual to understand and to experience this love. 

    As with the other cosmic letters, it is helpful to ask questions and do some thinking about these letters before, during, and after practicing with them.  This action attunes our consciousness to these cosmic vibrations.  It sets us up to gain insight and to understand their meaning and application. 

  The questions we might immediately ask about the letter J are:


What is the highest, all-embracing love?  Have you felt it?  Can you imagine it?


I have pursued these themes in some of my writings.  A young man has a moral conflict.  He can’t decide between his wife and his mistress.  His attempt to solicit the help of an old wizard fails.  But he is told to ask the old wizard this question in order to solicit the wizard’s help: What can you tell me about the mysterious love that underlies the universe?  The wizard can not resist and spend weeks telling the young man stories about the spiritual evolution of the human race.  The stories start with the beginning of the universe and end with an answer to the question—what is the ultimate destiny of mankind and how is it found?  And so we might ask,


 What is the mysterious love that underlies the universe and what part might  it play in revealing the  destiny of the human race?


In another book I am writing there is an ancient practice called The Great Rite which celebrates the act of creation in which god and the goddess were joined.  The high priest and a young woman unite during the Great Rite to reenact this celebration.  The young woman is trained and selected based on her ability to embody the Goddess of the Earth both through sacred dance and in performing sex magic with the high priest.  This rite stands at the center of this civilization and is inspired by a spirit of the earthzone referred to as Ubarim after whom the kingdom is named. 

   A young warrior magician, however, comes to believe that the young priestess belongs to him and not the high priest.  The Great Rite is better celebrated as an act of love between two people rather than as a sacred ritual uniting a society.  The question then is:


What would our society be like if it were founded and shaped by the love that stands behind the creation of the universe?  How might such an attempt go wrong if fanatics or self serving or even the most devote high priests tried to use high magic to fulfill this vision?  How might it be done right?


In other writing, I refer to the great world teachers as those who have entered the sphere of the sun with their consciousness.  They know what it is like to be one with the universe.  Consequently, when they assume human form to teach mankind they often do so by accepting great limitations on their powers in order to enact a drama that conveys a particular spiritual theme to mankind.  If you follow Joseph Campbell’s understanding of mythology, he describes those like Buddha, Christ, Moses, Krishna, etc. as doing precisely this.  The question then becomes--


For what purpose have I entered life? What story does my life tell?  If I were inspired by the highest love, what purpose would my life reveal? 


The cosmic letter J on the akashic level is about love, union, conception, and completion.  Like another cosmic letter—UE—its voice says, “I create, I inspire, I guide/I make all things new in the fullness of time.” 

    Imagine that in the moment you die your soul mate, your spiritual and divine consort, appears to you and he or she says, “I have always been with you and beside you ever step of the way.  All you needed to do was to use your spiritual senses to realize that at the center of your heart I have been, am, and will be one with you forever.”  The cosmic letter J is saturated with this kind of inspiration. 

     Some die for the touch of love because it is so rare.  Others’ hearts grow bitter, hard, or cold because their love has grown old.  By contrast, the cosmic letter J envisions a sea of love that embraces the universe.  Its depths can not be measured.  It is everywhere.  It is in the air, in water, in earth, in fire—in every element is hidden the taste of its presence.  Every sensation bears witness to its existence.  The letter J gives you a different perspective, one not based on intellect but on experience.     

     Investors in the United States want to believe that there is a benevolent Federal Reserve Chairman, now Bernanke, watching over the U.S. economy.  Investing, like life, always embodies risk.  But to assume risk it is very helpful to imagine that the risk you take will prove to be worthwhile in the end.

     The global market, however, is best served when each investor makes his or her own informed and intelligent decisions.  When you are good, you oversee your own investments.  When you get better, you oversee others’ investments.  When you get very good, you run a mutual fund or other investment vehicle containing billions of dollars.  When you are wise, hopefully, you become something like Bernanke who is chairman of the Federal Reserve and whose decisions to some extent influence the global economy.

    The same applies to life.  You can be benevolent but others still have to make their own choices.  According to the story we have, one of the great moments in the history of prophecy on earth occurred with the Oracle of Delphi told the Spartan king, in response to his inquiry, that either Greece would be conquered or the king of Sparta would be mourned.  And so we have the story of battle of Thermopylae.  

    You can give others council, wisdom, and inspiration, but they still have to make their own choices.  King Leonidas chose to sacrifice himself.  Life often involves sacrifice and in this case, against staggering odds, the Oracle and King Leonidas turned out to be right about how to protect Greece.      

    We all oversee our own lives.  We watch over and to some extent do our best to protect those who are close to us.  When you get very good and truly wise, there are, no doubt, many openings in this universe for those who are willing to oversee, guide, and inspire entire planetary civilizations.  You can be very loving and, indeed, embody the highest love.  But unless you wish to become a spiritual dictator you have to allow people to make their own choices.  Without risk, choice, and experience, learning is not possible and life has no opportunity to flourish.    

     The four aspects of the Mysteries are to will, to know, to dare, and to keep silence.  To love is to dare.  It often requires great courage.  To dare is to accept the world as it is and also to strive to turn it into what it can be.  The question then is,


What kind of courage is employed by those who are inspired by the highest love? What motivates them to be willing to give of themselves? How do they pull it off?


At the risk of boring some of my readers, I write about the letter J as it is used in the magic formula J-CH-W by a magician in long ago Atlantis:





                                      (speaking word of power)



With the sound of “Jaaa” an opal light of dark violet, red, blue, and green intermingling expands across the sky.



All manner of spirits from all seven planetary spheres including the Angel of Death, arch demons, the 49 judges of Saturn, the elementals, and many other spirits from many realms and domains are surprised and astonished as they are held captive and bound by He’ad’ra’s voice.


The spirits turned their faces toward the third planet from the sun and to the continent of Atlantis and then to He’ad’ra.


Hurled and caught by a cosmic power of concentration, like the swirling tides of a cosmic whirlpool in a cosmic sea, their voices join.   The united spirits appear before He’ad’ra as a bright flame with a whirlwind of colors whirling within it.  These cast a dark red glow that melts, twists, and cracks the columns of marble and the floor.


As they presented themselves in front of He'adra in a column of light, they speak as one in an unearthly calm, in an eerie, quiet, and childlike voice:         



                          For what purpose are we called?


On the akashic level, the cosmic letter J involves a great union and joining of all beings under the law of love in order to fulfill a divine purpose.  In order to do this, the character called He’ad’ra was granted a gift from God earlier in his life:




He’ad’ra sits up in bed amid a lucid dream. Blurry lights around him transform into myriads of stars, nebula, and galaxies.  He gets out of bed and stands up as the walls disappear.  M100, at first appearing as a small spiral galaxy, expands into a gigantic galaxy of white, blue, and red stars that rotates beneath him and then drifts through his legs.




He’ad’ra’s room seen faintly illuminated amid the stars.


GOD (off screen)

Of all those who dwell on the earth, it is only within your heart I am free to appear. 

    Ask of me, therefore, whatsoever you will in the heavens above, upon the earth, or beneath the earth and I will grant it to you.



May my will be in harmony with Your own--that all my actions in service to others may arise from the One Light and serve the purposes of Divine Providence. 


        GOD   (off screen)

Because you ask for neither wealth, fame, nor anything for yourself at all but only to benefit others, your power shall be without limitation--your voice shall be like My own.  There shall be none like you, neither before you nor after you in the history of the world.


The above is part of a dramatic presentation involving the cosmic letter J.  My story is fiction but the magic I describe in the story is not. 

     In practicing a cosmic letter on the akashic level, the task is to first place one’s consciousness on the akashic plane, that is, penetrating through space and time.  And then one identifies with Divine Providence in accordance with the specific qualities of the cosmic letter. 

    Through experience, we gain a sense of what our individual purpose is in life.  But here on the akashic plane, we put aside our personal identity.  We imagine ourselves to be pure spiritual being. 

    The cosmic letter J on the akashic level is a divine celebration.  It is the union of the God and Goddess.  It is a union of everything that exists throughout the universe. 

     It is the union and bliss by which the universe was created.  And it is on-going.  There is no end to it.  Creation is taking place in every moment. 

     Whether it is the Hindu Swami mastering his chakras, the Tibetan Lama practicing his yidams, or the Zohar and the Quabbalah with the name of the Elohim that is a masculine noun with a feminine plural ending—the divine is seen in union with its opposite, with its consort, in every moment.  It is one way to comprehend this level of love. 

      In his work on ritual magic, Bardon describes the symbolism and use of the magic circle and wand.  By standing at the center of the magic circle, the magician unites the four elements and joins his will to God.  At the end of his book on basic practices, Bardon has the student imagine that he embodies the four divine qualities of spirit.  He practices uniting his consciousness to these four qualities both in an impersonal way and by also identifying with them in the form of a personal deity.  These practices are prior in Bardon’s system for working with the cosmic letters. 

     With the letter J, the three sense concentration involves the note of G#, a cold watery sensation, and dark opal with the colors of red, green, violet, and blue.  The red is power in all aspects.  The green is very similar to what I describe in the cosmic letter G--it is personal harmony, satisfaction, wealth, and success along with the blessing of Divine Providence.

    The blue is Jupiter’s sense of generosity, an expansion of life possibilities, and the enlightened mind.  It is all aspects of wisdom and knowledge.  The color of violet is cosmic consciousness.  It is being everywhere and within everything.  It is the original purposes of life in their purest forms.

    The cold watery sensation is like the magnetic fluid that holds and unites these four divine qualities of spirit.  Like the magnetic fluid, it is utterly receptive, open, and empty.  It easily can contain anything within itself--nurturing, preserving, and animating it.    

    In practicing the cosmic letter J on the akashic plane, there is a sense of uniting oneself with the essence, the life, and the spirit at the core of every being.  It is uniting oneself with every deep purpose in life. 

    You can probably understand then that in mastering the cosmic letter J there is no need of magic circle or wand, no need for ritual or ceremony.  No need of priest or temple.  In one of my stories, the Goddess of the Earth says to Le’ah’e,



                                   (walking toward them)

Four billion years I have watched over and tended this planet.  I created life.  No religion comprehends Who I Am, though it is I who grant permission before each appears.  

        (walking up to Le’ah’e)

Your innermost desires are the same as my dreams:

To have children who can see through the eyes of the stars,

who unite all opposites, the constellations themselves, into one song of love. 


Will you shine with my light?

Be anointed with my beauty?

Speak with my voice?





                            GODDESS OF THE EARTH

Two things I require:

Establish justice upon the earth


 And do as my Beloved and I do—


make the world new.



How do I do this?



Create a religion without rituals, priests, or temples in which love, wisdom, power, and justice are equally honored and pursued.


You could say that those who practice the cosmic letter J on the akashic plane are indeed practicing a genuine cosmic religion, one in harmony with the universe, one that embraces all divine purposes, and one that seeks to master omnipresence—to be an all-embracing love that senses, joins with, protects, and celebrates the original inspiration and inner spirit that is at the core of every being.         

     On such a level as this, like I say, there is no need of wand or magic circle.  When you speak, your words speak from and with the force of the life that is at the core of any being.  Under this law of love, you are free to join with any being in the universe to fulfill a divine purpose.  Such is the nature of Divine Providence and all-embracing love.

    There are jokes on Wall Street such as if the Federal Reserve Chairman—Bernanke--were to get in a car accident on his way to work the stock markets around the world would close three to five per cent lower at the end of the day.  Like I say, businessmen need to feel that their economies are stable and that if there are problems a benevolent presence will protect them.  

     A teacher in a classroom sets the tone and the quality of the classroom by the power of her voice.  It is not just done by command and authority.  It is through sympathy, empathy, and persuasion.  When she is good, the students are convinced that she looks out for their best interests.  If she is very good she actually cares about them in that way.

     You can practice the letter J on the akashic plane.  This level of awareness penetrating space and time can be your own spiritual space.  But you can also practice the cosmic letter J on the akashic plane of the earthzone--within the aura of the planet earth.  Here the J is slightly different.  You can get a sense of how the higher spirits channel the influences that reach the earth from certain degrees of the Zodiac.  That is how Bardon describe the 360 spirits of the earthzone in his book on evocation.  In their meditations, these spirits extend their influence across the entire planet.  They are inspiring, protecting, and benevolent. 

     There may not be very many on earth who are listening.  But the inspiration is there.  Practicing the cosmic letter J in the earthzone you can get a feeling of what it is like to be one of these spirits and one with all life on earth.


There are three more levels--the mental, astral, and physical levels- for practicing the letter J.  What I wrote today came out of four hours of meditating on the J on the akashic plane.  Obviously my procedure involves a lot of meditation and a small amount of writing.  Over the next few weeks I will try to describe my experiences with these other planes as well. 

    As you notice, I am making an effort to find connections between personal love and cosmic love and also between intellect and intuition.  In other writings, I have described in detail the difference between the electric and magnetic fluids.  These are primal and spiritual energies analogous to masculine and feminine.  With the cosmic letter J we find the creativity and vision that derives not from the separation but from the union of these opposites.  Or, as William Blake would say, to taste this ecstasy is to taste divinity.