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Introduction:  Jachil is a spirit in the akasha of the earth who relates
to the third degree of Cancer.  He teaches how the polarity of
attraction between lovers can embody the powerful electro-magnetic
energies of nature.  At the same time, these "lower" energies are
perfectly balanced with a spiritual purpose: they grant a greater
understanding of the depths of ourselves and a oneness that can be
attained with another through love.
    My interest in Jachil goes back a few years.  I had a wonderful
experience just feeling his aura with my hand.  I immediately wrote
a poem to describe that encounter.  
    I also find Jachil intriguing because he is so Cancerian and lunar. 
He is a master of nature and the serenity of the moon.  His sense of
acceptance and peace are fantastic.     
     Every time I touch his aura I see myself within a grove of trees
beneath a full moon.  It is a place full of love and yet it also
embraces all the wisdom of our planet.  Here, in the arms of love,
all your experience in all of your lifetimes is gathered together. 
Completion and oneness are the result. 
Entering the Akasha of the Earthzone: I was just at Sandy Beach on
Oahu a few minutes ago watching the space station Mir circling the
earth from SW to NE.  It took about eight minutes to cross from
horizon to horizon.  My wife pointed out to me the Milky Way. 
Since three points are required to define a flat plane in geometry,  I
pointed out the plane of the solar system. It can be imagined by
connecting three points--in this case, Venus, Jupiter, and the earth's
horizon where the sun sets.  The plane of our solar system slices
across the spiraling disk of our galaxy. 
    Being in akasha is a little like standing here at Sandy Beach.  The
planets, the stars, and the turning of the galaxy are like waves on a
cosmic sea.  Their energies break and wash over the earth.  You can
feel these currents and tides of energy flowing through you when
you meditate in akasha. 

Cancer in the Earthzone:  I focus my mind in the constellation of
Cancer as it appears on the akashic plane of our planet.  I notice that
this astrological sign is very serene. It loves happiness, satisfaction,
and contentment.  It is also very sharp about how to acquire
anything which contributes to these ends.  For Cancer, happiness is
not just an internal state or feeling.  It is an outlook which creates an
environment which is nourishing and fulfilling.  Still, when I
meditate in Cancer in the earthzone, I feel immersed in the light of
the moon surrounded by vast expanses of lunar serenity.
    This energy is so enticing and inviting, I feel myself falling into a
hypnotic state or trance.  Again all these words apply to describe this
spiritual level of Cancer: happiness, satisfaction, contentment,
peace, calm, still, etc.  It is like there is an automatic cleansing,
renewing, and reviving effect on the mind when you immerse
yourself in this energy.  If I were to give voice to Cancer as its
touches me in this moment it would say, "In every situation of life I
can nourish you with light so your dreams are always alive and your
soul radiant with inner beauty."
   Swami Rama once said, "Contentment is the greatest of all
wealth."   There is something about Cancer which is inexhaustibly
rich.  The seasons and cycles of time and history contain rhythms of
renewal and an inner stream of joy which are ever seeking to
blossom in each individual's life and in every civilization. 
Meditating within this sign is like walking into a nonstop celebration
of all that nourishes, satisfies, and brings happiness and new life.
     As I continue meditating, I imagine myself floating in a pool of
still water and sensing the glowing moon through closed eyelids. 
This is like waking up and knowing you are still dreaming--you may
find yourself within a grove of trees, a temple in Atlantis, or sailing
across the Pacific--it does not really matter.  The landscape and
structures surrounding you are not as important as the mood you are
in.  Peace and contentment flow from your skin and radiate from
your aura.  You feel in harmony with the universe.  

3 Degrees of Cancer:  The third degree of Cancer draws the body,
emotions, and mind into a state of beauty and love. There is a rich
integration of the personality and a welling up of happiness from
deep inside.  This evokes a state of trance which is below the level
of the dreaming mind.  That is, it approaches delta brain waves
which are similar to deep sleep where dreams do not occur.

Jachil's Level of Akasha:  Jachil senses the rhythms of life, the
seasons and cycles of nature, and the interactions of the planetary
spheres.  He senses these movements of energy from a place of
great stillness where everything is clear.  If you look at a crystal ball, 
you can see images and places from the past, present, and future. 
Jachil's domain is the mirrorlike clearness of  the crystal ball and the
open mind which gazes upon it.  
   From his state of peace, the experiences of the outer world,
though deeply appreciated, are seen as fleeting images.  They are
temporary.  The energy in them is real but transitory like water
flowing in a stream.  
    You can enter the stream.  You can drink its water and feel it
touch your skin.  But Jachil sees the entire stream--its source, its
mountain pools and falls, and mouth of the river where it flows into
the sea.  The events of history are composed of the energies of
nature even though those energies are shaped and expressed through
human consciousness.  The world is wrapped about with beauty if
you can open your senses to see it, feel it, and drink it in.  To enter
Jachil's frame of mind is to perceive this harmony. 

Jachil's Sigil:  The energy of this sigil is not so difficult to reproduce
in your mind.  Imagine you are in deep sleep and yet fully awake. 
Add to this the feeling of being immersed within a profound state of
love and you pretty much have it. 
    Try this. Relax completely. You are below the level of dreams
and have no need for sensory contact with the external world.  And
imagine too that you are with, e.g., a soul mate or twin flame. When
you are together like this you are within a love which is full of
wonder.  The rest of the life appears dim by comparison to this

Jachil's Aura--His Outer Energy:  Being around Jachil reminds me
of the experience of  falling asleep in the arms of a woman you love
with all of your heart--you can just let go and feel safe and whole.

Jachil's Inner Energy:  Jachil's inner energy is a powerful electro-
magnetic field.  It generates experiences with love and oneness.  But
it is not just an amplification of the polar attraction between a man
and a woman. Within the streams of energy flowing between lovers,
you can sense the moon's gravitational pull on the oceans;  you feel
the virility and echoing thunder of an electrical storm drifting
through the hills;  you sense the magnetic field of the earth flowing
between the poles;  you feel the seas' deep peace, the forest's silent
acceptance of winter, and a mountain's calm center. 

Inner Source of Inspiration:  In a way similar to Vehuiah of the
Mercury Zone, for Jachil Divine Presence is a oneness which
integrates the essence of everything that exists. To find this oneness
within your heart is to experience the ecstasy with which the worlds
were created.  
    For Vehuiah,  there is no point in revealing God's will unless
human beings also have the power to embody that will within
themselves.  Vehuiah exists to empower those who would master
such a will.  Likewise for Jachil, there is no point in discovering
God's love within your heart unless you can share the full ecstasy
and beauty of this love with others.  Jachil's existence testifies to this
experience and empowers its manifestation on earth. 

 Pathworking:  A pathworking is a way of connecting to something
through a personal and dreamlike mode of exploration.  I start by
drawing again Jachil's sigil in the air.  Almost immediately I see
myself walking into a grove of birch trees.  Soon after I graduated
from a very conservative religious college, I took the weekend off
and drove up into Northern Wisconsin.  I wanted to get away from
cities and towns and suburban developments.  I wanted to join with
    It was freezing cold that night but I did not care.  I stripped naked
and danced beneath a full moon beaming down on the branches and
ground.  A flock of geese landed on the lake beside me honking and
crying at midnight.  
   I hold this memory in my mind.  The part of me that is there in
the memory is not aware that this is a recollection.  The experience
is fully alive. I experience it as if it is again happening.  Next I find
myself also sitting in a stream with a beautiful naked woman across
from me.  This is one of those New Age seminars in the hills of
Virginia where there was no shower facilities except rain and a
nearby stream. 
    With these two images continuing in my mind, I also see myself
within a third image.  One time as I made love I felt I became the
waves of the sea bathed in moonlight as they rolled into and surged
against an island's cliffs.  
    And still another image comes. This image contains the other
three:  the palms of my hands are gently pressing against the hands
of a girl whom I met at college.  Moving our hands back and forth
sensitive only to the touch of the other's skin, she took me directly
onto the astral plane.  For a few moments, we became two
magicians joining our wills and uniting our spirits in order to fulfill
some mysterious purpose.  Decades later I am still unraveling the
magick in that touch. 
    At this point, Jachil shows me another individual whose hands I
can clasp in this moment through a psychic link.  After a few
moments, I feel an current of energy flowing through our hands. 
Our connection is a channel for the energies of nature. 
    In thinking about this pathworking, I like the way Jachil puts
together images and makes them alive.  At the time when I went up
into Wisconsin, I had not the faintest notion that there were other
people who danced naked outdoors under the moon to celebrate the
sacred.  But I was determined to connect to nature in a direct and
spiritual manner. 
   The second image with the stream is relaxed, sensual, and
peaceful.  The third image of making love was extraordinarily
hypnotic and rhythmic.  The fourth image of holding hands
contained the other three--it initiated a quest to join nature, spirit,
and love into one experience.  And the final image, of connecting in
the present moment psychically to another captures all of these
images as an expression of Jachil's magick and inner vision.

Akashic Plane.  9/20/98: I ask Jachil about the akashic plane.  He
replies, "The akashic plane is awareness independent of  thought
and physical, sensory experience.   You can enter here by listening
to a song, smelling incense, gazing upon an image, drinking
something satisfying, or following a sensation to where it dissolves
as you let go of sensation and open to the spirit beneath it.
     "My inspiration guides the highest beauty and love into
manifestation.  Within akasha, I am the highest will, the reassurance,
the intelligence, and the perseverance which makes this possible. 
    "When you enter my sea of lunar light, you cleanse yourself of
your doubts and free yourself of  pressing needs.  When you
identify with me, when you become this sea, you are the voice of
love fulfilling all things. 

10/1/97: Bringing Jachil down to the Mental Plane:  I spend some
time with Jachil without the slightest idea of what he is trying to
explain.  I keep getting this image of sitting among trees under a full
moon.  Finally Jachil says, "The mind can be quiet, silent, and still
as a grove of trees during a windless night beneath a winter's moon. 
There is no need for thought or action.  You can become the
stillness of this forest at night.
   "For the highest love to be present, your mind must learn to think
like a tree, drift like a breeze, and flow like a stream  You must be
able to sit still like a rock.  Then you can enter any dream moving
silently like the shadows of these trees which walk without bending a
leaf or causing water to ripple.  Your mind must have the freedom 
to be either empty or full so you can delight in every sensation.
   "And yet it is possible to live a life with no more substance than
moon shadows--your desires are shaped by an emptiness formed
from the reflections of what you are denied. Your actions leave no
trail behind and awaken no inspiration in others' lives.  But even the
dark moon causes tides to rise.  Find in your the heart the peace that
flows with the force of the moon.  Caught in its tides,  lovers unite
to celebrate the highest love--my voice, though often soft, sings this
song each day through the entire world. 

Astral Plane: As Jachil enters the astral plane, again his aura
manifests as an intensely powerful electro-magnetic field. 
Masculine and feminine are united within him.  There is an
incredible tension in this joining but it is wrapped about with the
serenity of the moon and the harmony of nature.  
   Jachil says, "Though there are five billion people on earth, only a
few love with this degree of intensity.  Sensuality, pleasure, and
erotic sensations are an invitation to discover this strength of
connection to another.  
    "To share this ecstasy you must first open your heart to the
beauty of the earth.  It would not hurt if you could enter the dreams
of trees and sing the songs of the seas.  You would love with a
higher degree if you could understand the mantra a volcano hums as
it explodes.  
     "And as the hurricane loves the sea and draws strength from its
heat--if you could comprehend that mystery and feel those raging
forces flowing in your bloodstream, then you would understand the
power with which love seeks to be celebrated on earth.  The
wonders of nature have been given to you so you might discover
this beauty within your hearts. 
     "There are some who strip love from their lives the way a
gardener removes weeds from his garden because it is too wild and
irrational.  And there are some who find love irresistible even
though their hearts are torn a part with its every visit.  But both of
these lose the way.  Love is like the sun by day and the moon by
night.  Its exuberant light reaches out to the stars and yet its touch is
always soft and gentle.  Tenderness and kindness are at its heart. 
   "You ask me, `How do you capture this power without being
burnt up in the process?'  I will tell you a little secret which has a
sweetening effect on any relationship.  See your partner's heart like
a park such as Yosemite, Sedona, or even the Grand Canyon.
Spend time there with your imagination.  Climb the mountains just
to find what's there. Sit by the falls, drift on the streams, wander
about sipping the wonders and dreaming the other's dreams.  Smell
the flowers.  Even in desert valleys, flowers cover the ground like a
thick carpet when it rains.  
    "Become a park ranger who loves the wilderness--know every
creature, every instinct and desire, and preserve and protect the life
that you find.  As you can see from the way I speak, every aspect of
your attraction to another has a counterpart within the natural
   I picture someone in my mind to get Jachil's explanation of the
nature of the attraction.  He sends me a picture back.  He says,
"Some hearts are so vast they appear like an abyss.  But if you look
closely, like the sky at night, they are full of planets, stars, and
galaxies.  The empty void is actually full of beauty.  If you can relax
and feel yourself surrounded by a vast expanse of stars and find
peace in that experience, then you will feel at peace with this
   I picture another person.  Jachil says, "This individual is like a
wolverine.  There are scratchings on trees marking territory.  The
smell is keen and the ferocity is unafraid of the more powerful bear
or mountain lion.  But the wolverine does not attack mountains,
lakes, and streams.  Be solid, calm, and flow like water and the
other will respond in kind adapting quickly by imitating your
   "But what about," I ask, "this extraordinary joining of masculine
and feminine which you embody?  Like a tantric master of nature's
energies, your aura is the reflection of two divine beings making
love continuously."
   Jachil says, "If you like, you can see a man as having the strength
of a mountain and the passion of fire.  In his eyes is the peace of the
seas.  When he speaks, you can sense the force of the jet stream and
the gentle warmth of the evening breeze.  In other words,
masculinity is very powerful and also very much at ease.  Dew
forms on flowers in the morning in anticipation of his touch.
   "The feminine is a woman whose blood is pure love.  Through
her veins flow kindness, gentleness, and tenderness.  Mother, lover,
sister, virgin,  mistress, and goddess--she has mastered all forms of
ecstasy.  She is both rejuvenating and soothing.  There is no fire,
spark, or flame she can not contain or raise to a higher pitch through
the touch of her bliss.  There is no longing or desire that can not
find release or completion in her arms.  Divine grace finds its
reflection in her face.  The feminine enfolds every aspect of
yourself--body, emotions, mind, and spirit--within her soft,
soothing, and arousing love.
   "These two, the masculine and feminine, are wrapped about and
inside of each other.  There is Divine Art in this love and this Art is
felt by all lovers. You can find it in your heart. You can find it by
spending lifetimes in quest of the highest magick.  You can find it
and share it with another.  It is always present.  Love is the most
natural of things and also the highest light of divinity is within it. 
Love is the sovereign lord of both nature and spirit."
The Physical Plane:    As I sit here meditating with Jachil, I am
relaxed and calm. But I notice a rhythmic surging of ecstasy pulsing
through my body.  I recall how Swami Rama, after a great deal of
striving, received shaktipat (a transmission of spiritual energy) from
his guru.  Swami Rama said he then sat for nine hours in a state of
bliss.  He said he could find that bliss within himself whenever he
focused on it and this he said he did each night.
    There was a man who once insisted that Swami Rama confer on
him a transmission of energy.  But this man was not a yogi and had
not prepared himself.   But he was so relentless in his demands,
Swami Rama put some of his own life force into a glass of water
and let the man drink it.  Shortly after, the man's body began
convulsing with wild physical gyrations and muscle spasms. 
Fortunately, there was another person present who got Swami Rama
on the phone to explain how to remedy the situation.
    A number of years ago I asked Swami Rama through telepathy to
confer on me a taste of the shaktipat he experienced with his master. 
The experience did not last nine hours, only nine minutes.  But I see
now what the Swami experienced in his initiation.  It is like having a
goddess of pure ecstasy and love living inside of you.  She is always
there in the background and a radiant light overflows from your
body and soul when you ask her to appear.  
   I mention this story of Swami Rama to give a reference in our
world and to name an actual person who could have been like an
incarnation of Jachil, that is, if the Swami's interest had been in how
love and ecstasy reflect and embody the energies of nature.
    Friday, 10/3/97--Two days later:  Jachil goes on, "Men and
women search so desperately for each other because they want
someone to be beside them and love them within the places of their
hearts where no one has ever gone--where the footstep leaves no
sound and lightning is void of light;  where terror is the face of a
loneliness night can not cover and the cold heart of winter can not
escape.  When lovers meet, they take the risk of crossing an abyss
on a path of light only love can chart--they open their hearts
believing love can banish the pain within them, that love can find an
oasis of bliss in a desolate wilderness.
      "When you fall asleep, when you enter a dream, and when you
leave the dream behind to enter a deeper place, who you are--your
name, your face, and your thoughts--they no longer matter.   
   "What does matter is that love is before you, behind you, and
within you, that your life is shaped by love and an expression of its
heart.  Then it no longer matters who or where you are.  You
yourself are love and it flows from you into whatever you touch.  
   "You see in me the highest love expressed physically and yet
retaining its full divinity.  When your mind is still like a forest at
night and calm as a pool filled with moonlight; when masculine and
feminine join within you with the burning serenity of a constellation
in the sky;  and when your physical presence awakens love as the
moon can bind the tides,  then you will understand this mystery--the
darkest places of the heart are full of ecstasies which can not be
measured or understood but only celebrated with others through
    When I first tuned into Jachil's aura,  I wrote the following poem
as I entered a vision of what it is like to experience love with a
woman with this depth of feeling: 

When you are in my arms
My wounds are healed
My dreams fulfilled
Our lips touch
Moonlight illuminates your naked skin
I no longer know who I am
The sun glides through the sky
Deer graze in the meadow
I am mesmerized 
The present moment fades 
The moon sets her sails to the solar wind
My hands glide upon your skin
The sun drowns as we kiss 
In the darkness of night to be reborn at dawn
Our hips join
As the stream winds through the crevice of the valleys
Mirth and laughter splashing down
As the sea enfolds the mountains in her depths 
The whale's song echoing through the hills 
Geese fly across the moon
The leaves of birch trees shiver
A solitary bird sings 
Cats' paws ripple upon the lake
The gusts of wind pulsate 
Your breasts pressed against my chest 
Your love shapes my life 
As the hands of the sculptor 
Mold the clay,
Closing her eyes
The harpist plays
The notes of the song within her heart.

10/23/98: Fri. A few weeks later, I again meditate with Jachil.  This
time on the akashic plane, I encounter an incredible amount of
tension.  This tension seems to relate to the power in the union of
male and female.  I asked Jachil, "What is this tension and how is it
   Jachil replies, "Your journey involves mastering absolute will and
power.  This is what you sense in love on a level of spirit.  This is
balanced on the mental plane by the attainment of perfect
enlightenment, for the mind is a domain of light.  On the astral
plane, the power of spirit is balanced by omnipresent love.  Here is
the realization of perfect oneness. 
     "This spirit on the physical plane expresses itself as immortality. 
It revives, renews, and rejuvenates every cell in the physical body. 
Its influence is to circulate and to increase health and vitality."
    I spent some time working with each of these planes.  On the
mental plane, I could sense the mind as being a sea of light. I took a
few moments and chanted the Vajra Guru mantra.  This is a mantra
relating to Padma Sambhava who founded Tibetan Buddhism.  
     According to legend, he materialized upon a lotus blossom in the
middle of a lake in the Himalaya Mountains.  He brought
tremendous light from the mental plane with him and also an
indescribably vast inner serenity.  His teaching, however, relate to
the enlightenment of the mind.  There is very little taught in Tibetan
Buddhism about how to work with astral energies. Buddhism is an
invitation to find enlightenment within yourself.  It is not really
about turning this world into a sea of love which flows between
each of us.  
    If Padma Sambhava had taught more about the astral, his
disciples would radiate happiness and peace.  Their presence would
fill a room with love.  In this case, they would make perfect
marriage counselors because their skills would be in showing each
of us how to attain oneness with others.  
     Though Padma Sambhava could have taught this, he was too
busy filling Tibet with 108 monasteries.  As a result, the entire land
became enchanted with a serenity leading to an inner sea of light
rather than outward into an expression of love.  But all four planes
are bound together and no world teacher or religion has the power
to separate them for long. 
     If you have great power, you can accomplish your will.  If your
power is combined with an enlightened mind, then your actions are
harmonious.  If your power is encompassed by love, then it nurtures
and fulfills all things. And if it is a pure expression of spirit, then
your works endure through all ages of the world. 
    The ecstasy of the astral plane is the realization of the oneness of
love.  Jachil's inspiration and gift is in teaching how to manifest the
highest love.  Two lovers, for example, produce the bliss which
amplifies and increases their empathy so it becomes easy for them to
sense the inner life in everything around them.  Experience with
another leads to experience with the light.  On the other hand, when
the light is present within our consciousness, the experience of love
in our world naturally follows. 
     The poem I shared earlier was a spontaneous expression of my
first contact with Jachil. It was an astral experience.  The astral
heightens our empathy and sensitivity to image, feeling, relationship,
and situation.  We often express astral feelings through touch,
affection, tenderness, and also through art.  
    At this point in my meditation, however, it is plain that I need to
do something different to work with Jachil on the astral plane.  I
project my mind into the sphere of the moon which is a like a sea of
silvery light.  Then I bring this lunar zone into the present so that it
surrounds me on the astral plane.  
   This light is similar to Jachil's aura.  It is clear like a mirror.
is a feeling of being within everything reflecting its highest
inspiration, all of its experience, and encompassing with your
awareness others' journeys through space and time.  You
comprehend the totality of all that another is which is, after all, what
lovers seek to do with each other.  
   This is the feeling within the poetry of Rumi celebrated so much
by Sufis.  This a yearning for transcendence which is overpowering
and yet the five senses constantly bring to mind thoughts of
Beloved.  Like an intoxicated lover, the beloved's face is seen
everywhere, in all that is manifest and within the unmanifest as well. 
     Part of the purpose of magical meditation is learning to generate
or create at will whatever feeling, rapture, ecstasy, illumination,
inspiration, insight, realization, and so forth which you may desire to
experience in the present moment.  You can fall in love with a lover. 
You can be obsessed or enchanted with another.  But a magician
knows quite well that any form of attraction that exists--any aspect
of love that experiences reveals--can also be reproduced within
    Individuals undergo conversion experiences.  Religions introduce
us to the sacred through ritual, sacrament, and ceremony.  But all of
these rich and illuminating experiences  can be found without the
external trappings within us through our own meditations.  At this
point, I am having some difficulty producing the rich astral feelings I
often get when working with Jachil.  
   I ask Jachil to help me out with this.  I send him a thought
imagining it traveling from my mind to his like a little ball of light
floating through the air.  I wait a moment and the response I receive
is a feeling of love flowing from my heart.  
   The thought that occurs to me or rather the picture I see myself
within is of being with a lover.  The two of us discover there a
candle in each other's heart.  Our desire and love produces the heat
that ignites these two candles.  The dark space which was once
within each of us now shines with something incredible and
astonishing.  It is awesome and wonderful precisely because nothing
before in our experience gave us a hint about a feeling this
     But then we find something else.  As we taste and celebrate this
fire, we know ourselves to be the fire and not only this.  We
discover we are also the fire in every heart.  
     This is what all lovers are meant to do with each other--to
celebrate the beauty and the oneness of the universe.  This oneness
or inner peace and harmony with the universe is like a contentment
which is pure ecstasy.  It is personal but also completely
transpersonal in the same moment.  
     The attainment of oneness with the universe in this sense is also
an attainment in which you and your lover are perfectly a part of
each other. The immense magical power or creative tension present
in the polar attraction of male and female is overcome or mastered
when the union is total and complete.  Your heart, mind, body, and
spirit are then transparent and open to each other. 
     This time when I work with the physical plane, I get a slightly
different emphasis.  Jachil's aura produces a kind of elixir or
philosopher's stone.  All the energies of nature gather around you
seeking to attain their highest vibration.  In effect, lovers emit a
healing power and rejuvenating influence.  The erotic of sensual and
physical attraction is instantly changed into the pure essence of life
force and vitality.  
    I have studied with masters who have gone to great lengths to
teach how to sublimate sexual energy.  The Taoists using inner
cauldrons for gathering chi seek the immortality body.  And the
Tibetan Buddhists using yidams of divine lovers embracing seek the
enlightened mind.  But meditating with Jachil it is so much easier for
me to experience immediately the overpowering ability of love to
produce health and harmony. 
   In this vibration, the opposite genders do not end up stealing from
each other or leaving each other depressed.  They do neither idealize
each other nor treat each other as a power to be internalized within
oneself in order to be more independent.  Their interactions
manifest beauty.  You feel revitalized and radiant with life force. 
Every aspect of sensual attraction becomes uplifting.    
     I also ask Jachil about whether he has specific partners with
whom he is commited and bound to in love.  He replies, "In this
very moment I am united with those I love.  We are within and a
part of each other.  This union is what you would call `finding the
universe reflected in your partner.'   It is a celebration in which
Divine Providence is present.  Though I am complete in myself--the
masculine and feminine in perfect harmony--my creativity and my
delight are increased to an incomprehensible degree through my
inner union with others."
    And I ask, "How do I find a partner with whom I can share such
love?"  Jachil replies,  "If you master the silvery light within the
zodiac sign of Cancer, in that moment your partner will be with you.
This light and the manifestation of love are one and the same thing."    

Possible Difficulties/Imbalances:  One problem in mastering Jachil's
energies relates to finding inner peace.  Most individuals have a lot
of pain within themselves.  Their psyches contain many disturbing
emotions which make them feel anxious and unsettled.  Even if an
individual could enter a profound state of peace and serenity, this
experience would have little permanent influence.  It is overpowered
and dissolved by other forces present within them.
     Obviously, if an individual has a specific problem such as
alcoholism or relationship difficulties, it helps to learn from others
who have worked through the problem successfully.  Others can
offer  a lot of insight and support.  If you have a conflict,
overcoming the conflict builds great confidence.  If you can not
overcome the difficulty, then you can still gain a sense of well-being
from attaining a solidarity with others who are in the same kind of
     There is, however, a more basic approach to discovering inner
peace and serenity.  This approach is two fold.  First, you seek to
take complete responsibility for every aspect of your personal life. 
This means you become extremely shrewd and observant about
your own behavior, thoughts, and feelings.  You make your
personality a life long study and home work assignment.  You
consider your life your primary work of art. 
   Second, you add to this desire to manage your life a commitment
to develop a profound state of transcendence.  The idea in
transcendence is that you seek to foster a state of mind which is
completely detached and separate from life.  And yet it is so
illuminated you are free to embrace all that is within life with both
passion and compassion. 
     The druid, for example, creates in his mind a grove of trees or
stone circle on the astral plane.  There he is free to meet and interact
and to be inspired by all the wise men and women of his tradition. 
There is meets the Goddess and celebrates the illumination of the
   When he is in his grove, he is completely there with all of his
imagination.  It is a waking dream and his well-being and peace are
complete.  If he finds a difficulty or disturbance within his psyche or
if he has a traumatic experience in his personal life, the grove offers
him support and insight for working through it.  
   At the same time, the difficulties in his outer life serve to challenge
him to explore more deeply the spiritual resources available within
his grove. The journey within must be profound enough to
encompass with wisdom and love all that he experiences in life.  In
this way, the problems and disturbances of his psyche are captured
and transformed through a spiritual quest.  
     The imagery of transcendence, like the center of a grove or
circle, becomes a sacred place where we gather the wisdom and joy
from all that we experience in life.  It is a place of celebration.  Yet
we continuously journey outward from the center of the circle in
order to grow and to experience new things.  Growth involves going
outward and focusing ourselves on specific tasks as well as returning
within to attain oneness. 
    We have a personal spiritual path and yet, like the grove, we can
also delight in sharing the same path and sacred imagery with others. 
This process offers reassurance.  It keeps us from feelings isolated
or stuck.  In place of feeling anxiety or desperation when we
discover the darkness within us, we find joy and strength in the
challenges which lie before us. 

 There is a second problem.  Though Jachil's aura evokes peace,
well-being, and attunement with nature, his primary teaching is
about how to embody the highest love both in yourself and in a
relationship with a partner.  The difficulty of working with Jachil is
in  appreciating the full depth and scope of his work.  The question
from his point of view is not primarily about how do I find the right
lover or how do I make a relationship work. 
    When you meditate with Jachil, you are initiated in the powers of
akasha.  As I described in my last session, for Jachil lovers and love
encompass all-embracing love, absolute power, enlightenment, and
also the elixirs of immortality. 
   The task, then, is to allow yourself to open enough to akasha that
you can taste and sense all four of these divine ecstasies.   Then, in
the midst of interacting with others, something of that light and love
effortlessly flows through you to those you are with.  I would point
out that the thirty spirits who preside over the sign of Cancer in the
earthzone share similar abilities.  
   Emfalion, 5 degrees Cancer, is a master of life force and of
rejuvenating the body.  He revives your health and makes you feel
and look youthful.  Jachil also does this but through working with
the polarity of masculine and feminine.  Working with Jachil in
akasha, you learn to perceive the life force in your body and the
body of your partner as becoming one energy system. 
    Losimon, 7 degrees Cancer, takes the magician back into ancient
times to see and to experience the wisdom and magical knowledge
possessed in earlier systems of initiation.  Losimon's visions are so
concrete and graphic, you feel you are really there in the past right
in the presence of ancient masters.  Your imagination and senses are
nearly convinced that your psychic experiences are more real than
what you experience in ordinary life. 
  With Jachil also, it is easy to sense past lives.  Those experiences
are somehow brought together and integrated within yourself.  You
feel part of the past and also that everything good and wholesome
that has every happened to you is alive and flourishing within you
right now.
    Kalote, 16 degrees Cancer, according to Franz Badon "is a
phenomenal expert in and master of cosmic laws.  He is also an
instructor in divine virtues and therefore informs the magician about
these, showing him how these divine virtues, in their cause and
effect, become valid under the legality of the microcosm and
     In a very relaxed and enjoyable manner, Kalote shows the
magician how to develop his mental stability, strength, and
concentration.  Meditating with Kalote, you can feel your mental
body expanding in power while at the same time you also increase
your sense of happiness and satisfaction. 
   In a similar way, Jachil possesses immense powers of
concentration and clarity of mind.  For Jachil, love is not separate
from enlightenment.  Tibetan Buddhists are not mistaken in their
preoccupation with tantric imagery.  It takes great mental power to
embody within yourself the essence of the electric and magnetic
fluids of male and female.  
     At the same time, if you bring that rich attraction, polarity of
masculine and feminine, and the depths of desire and longing to the
mental plane, the wisdom you encounter is not only about how to
attain complete freedom.  You envision the enlightenment of the
    The light in the mind of genuine lovers embraces everyone and
everything that exists.  There is no end to it.  In tasting and
mastering every nuance and fiber of desire, your compassion is
within the breath and heartbeat of every living being.  You hold
every soul within your heart. 
    In chapter 9 of Initiation into Hermetics, Bardon gives an exercise
relating to mastering the four fundamental divine qualities.  He says,
"The truly wise adept, who always considers the four elements in his
development, will represent the concept of God in four aspects
according to the laws of the universe, namely, the omnipotence,
corresponding to the fire-principle, the omnisicience and wisdom
belonging to the air principle, the omnipresence with the water
principle and the immortality with the earth principle."  As you
contemplate and enter into these divine qualities, Bardon says, "The
meditation has to be so profound, so pervasive and so convincing
that the astral body becomes, as it were, identical with the virtue."  
     The above exercise is part of Bardon's basic training.   The
spirits of the earthzone offer an opportunities to develop further and
expand upon your basic training.  Jachil, in manifesting the highest
love, naturally incorporates the four divine qualities.  The energies
of nature, the serenity of the moon, and the attraction of male and
female are also inherent in his approach. 
   For all the pain and confusion which is built into it, love is also a
path of initiation.  It introduces us to the divinity and sacred beauty
which is within us.  When you explore its depths, you discover that
love is united to wisdom, power, and immortality.  It is important,
then, when you work with Jachil to familiarize yourself with akasha.  
    Akasha penetrates though space and time.  To better understand
it, you search in your meditations and contemplation for the love
that is within and which supports every living being.  If you can
sense this love, you can sense the power, the divine vitality, and the
inner light which is within everything.  Jachil exists to remind us to
take the time to stop and look, taste, feel, know that the highest love
is also within us as well.  

The third problem is that the akashic intuitions you may have of
Jachil often carry a certain amount of tension within them.  It is in
deep meditation or trance that you interact with Jachil's level of
inspiration.  The question then becomes how to make these visions
and inner experiences a part of your life so that they feel natural and
satisfy without any effort being applied.  The answer in part is to
cherish the magick you do by turning it into art and expressing it
with feeling.  You look for opportunities to weave its presence into
your ordinary life.  As I think about this, I hear a voice which says, 

"Live your life with art and with zest.  Learn from everyone and
every situation you are in. Treasure each moment as a gift. 
Consider every breath as a path of light, as a voyage of exploration
through time, and as a sacred quest. 
    "Combine the light of spirit and ordinary life as fire takes hold of
coal or wood.  In so doing, it produces heat and light which serve to
nourish and foster life. Much of magick is learning how to live a
dream until the dream becomes real.  Make the grove of trees and
the full moon the harmony of the universe shining through you." 

As I sit in a grove beneath a full moon meditating with Jachil, I hear
the voice of Divine Providence.  It says,  
     "I am free to love others with as much love as they may seek.  I
am a river of love flowing from eternity.  I revive, renew, and grant
immortality.  I am the stars and the light with which they shine.  I
am the starry flow.  I am the Milky Way, the entire galaxy.  I am
billions of galaxies and the unmanifest love which called them into
     "I am the inspiration in every enlightened being throughout the
universe.  There is no beginning or end to who I am.  I am
everywhere and in everything.  I am everyone's best friend.  I am
your ultimate perfection and your journey through space and time.  I
am your satisfaction in discovering an inner light that never dies." 

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