Copyright © 2009 by William R. Mistele From The Little Book of Divine Missions. 


                                                Job Openings—Divine Missions Available 


I write upon my wall

For those who receive “the call”

Or have the wherewithal

To seek, to serve, to make life complete 

These job positions now available

If your will is unassailable


These words you must heed

Above all else you will need

To pass through your inner darkness

The hidden, the unknown,

The part of you that sits upon ego’s throne

These you must confront and dissolve 

No whining here, no clinging, 

No narrow minded thinking

For we enter the world to learn,

To work, to love, and to serve

Play is essential, happiness, and contentment too

But to pass through the darkness

You must destroy all selfishness

So illusion has no hold on you. 


When it comes to divine missions

There is no mystery

No one has an advantage

As has been said long ago,

“As you do it unto the least of these

You do it unto me.”

In every act of love a divine mission is complete

Some have just had more opportunity

To acquire experience 


                                                                                                          Current Openings: Summary


                  Spiritual Advisor on Global Economy

                Peacemaker—eliminate wars on earth

                            Gift Giver—reveal oneness with the universe

         Master of the Divine Arts of Love

                                                        Referee—clerk to Saturn, guarding political evolution

Create a new religion  

                   Establish a Spiritual Community

       Become a Guardian Angel

       Master of Magical Silence

Magical Therapy 

Magical Healer

 The Feminine Mysteries, Part II

Teach the Mysteries to the Masses

Troubadour of Divine Providence

Global Prophet at Large

Master of the Elements

Agent of Divine Providence:

                                                     Uncover the Mystery Unfolding in Another’s Life

Guardian ad Litem for Atlantis

                                                                                                                       Guardian of the Gate to the Realm of Undines        


                                                                                                                                          (more positions available soon)     

Note 1. When the quest seeks something this sacred, you invite either fanaticism and/or sarcasm.  Which leads us to one of Monty Python’s best pieces of humor relates to the Referee Quest/Mission (see—search “Spanish Inquisition”):

Also, if you like Monty Python’s movies,  Holy Grail and The Life of Bryan too, well, perhaps you can appreciate thinking in terms of long range goals based purely on human needs—for reducing suffering on earth and for those who wish to hold the world within their hearts.  That is to say, without a sense of humor, an appreciation of life’s complexity, paradoxes, and irony—without these things you place your self in jeopardy. 

This book is meant to be entertaining and without doubt it has humor too.  These quests poke fun at a number of traditions.  On the other hand, I write because it is effortless.  Akasha simply uses my brain to put into words what it wants humanity to understand—it does not expect anyone to fulfill these missions; but on the other hand if you fail to take advantage of your opportunities at some point you permanently lose them.     

Note 2: Special thanks to Ambriel of the sphere of Jupiter who motivated this akashic bulletin board and also to “Cigila” who maintains a local earth based bulletin board.  See and  

Note 3: Questions have arisen about the requirements necessary to qualify for these positions.  Let me make it so simple that no one can fail to understand what is at hand. 

First, when a job position is available, the best applications (those fully qualified) get the best results.   But if only a negative person (and no one positive) applies, then the position is rewritten to become a negative job position.  This is because the angels and the demons are in agreement on one thing: without a choice, even the wrong choice, people simply do not learn.  

For example, there were openings for job positions for leaders to guide and inspire the 22 Islamic nations after the fashion of a united Europe.  Did anyone positive apply? Not one.  And so the position was by default automatically rewritten as a negative mission: “Unite these nations as a dictator who rules by domination.”  See? Now there is a chance to learn something. 

Who applied?  Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden, and al-Zawahri.  These three were the only applicants and so they were immediately accepted by the negative and offered protection from the dark side.  Had they chosen to be positive they would have transformed the world.  In life, choice counts: every choice makes a difference.   

Second, in all cases, there is a price to be paid to assume “divine” responsibilities.  The price?  It is the training itself that one accomplishes that serves as payment to fate or akasha so that a new world can be created. 

The “basic training” refers to Franz Bardon’s book, Initiation into Hermetics, found numerous places on line as well as a published book. 





Ambriel of the Sphere of Jupiter--opening immediately available


Ambriel: analogous to Gemini, “has under his command all knowledge of the whole cosmic hierarchy.  He is the supervisor of the mind, of the intellect, i.e., of all theoretical knowledge in all fields of science.”  He has the capacity and authority to develop the intellectual abilities not just of individuals but of all inhabitants on a planet. 


Job Title:  Spiritual Advisor for the Global Economy.  Assist the global economy on earth through inspiration and suggestion to put the financial system in order, avoid needless suffering, accelerate innovation, and empower economic recovery without destroying the earth in the process.   


Requirements:  Familiarity with the planetary spheres, the four planes, the four elements on earth, and akasha and the light so you are able to shine most bright. 


Method: Ambriel’s vibration when brought down to the four planes of the earth vastly expands to a nearly incomprehensible degree both an individual’s and a society’s capacities to adapt, innovate, and integrate all aspects of any complex system such as a global economy.  Simply meditate with Ambriel bringing his energy to the four planes of our planet and then connect this vibration to someone like the Secretary of the Treasury such as Timothy Geithner (who just replaced Henry Paulson) and the insight necessary shall appear on earth.


Advantages: you may save the lives of hundreds of millions of people over the next fifty to one hundred years.  You may become very wealthy because you understand the future of the global economy.


Disadvantages: without the requirements being fully met, your ego will inflate to an intolerable degree subjecting you to the delusions possessed by the arrogant, normal fools, and also those who seek pies in the sky. 

   Jupiter embodies wealth on all planes.  You must become in your self this wealth in order to impart these gifts to mankind.   





Achaiah of the Sphere of Mercury—job opening, available immediately


Achaiah: this spirit has a fabulous capacity to solve any problem or conflict on earth.  Achaiah’s inner source of inspiration: “It is the nature of Divine Providence to offer all beings a path to perfection.  I exist to demonstrate this by enabling you to take the first on your path by resolving any conflicts that confront you.”

    Achaiah can take even the most malicious and turn them to the light by exposing them to the power of his insight.  Blessed are the peacemakers—Achaiah is one of the foremost spirits in this solar system for making peacemakers on earth. 

  (For more on Achaiah: see 

   For a story about peacemaking following Achaiah’s inspiration, see:             



Note: This position has been available to every single generation since the seventh century B.C., that is, the time of the Prophet Isaiah who defined it as an objective and as an ideal. 

   The failure to fill this position in each generation has resulted in the countless wars of human history.  As Isaiah himself might say to anyone who bothers to read his words concerning peace on the wall across the street from the United Nations: “Let those who have the ears to hear, let them heed this call.”


Job Title: Peacemaker—Resolving Conflicts through the Light Divine.  That little problem with India and Pakistan, Israel and the Palestinians, North and South Korea, wars in Africa, you name it, the light can resolve it. 


Requirements: similar to Ambriel, basic training, four elements, akasha, the planetary zones from earth, moon, and then Mercury.  A love of the color orange. 


Method: Project into the sphere of Mercury.  Hang out with Achaiah for a few years.  Meditate with him and with those who are involved with conflicts great or small.  A spirit such as this one can bring to a close all wars on earth. 


Advantages: fulfill the ancient prophecy: “… and war shall be no more.”  This job position was affirmed and again asserted by Christ in his beatitudes: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.”


Disadvantages: People still have a choice.  Some will persist in being negative.  You can not interfere with such choices.  It requires Saturn to actually accelerate karma so that a negative individual or nation learns quickly rather than over long periods.

   Since this mission is accomplished like most others in secret and solely through simple meditation, you get no credit, no social status, no fame, no renown, no respect--nothing, zilch, nada. 

   But if you desire to serve, to out do the Prophet Isaiah, Pope Leo, Gandhi, and everyone all together who has won the Nobel prize for peace, then this job is for you. 

   Humility here reveals the Divine Majesty to those who seek to make life complete.      

   One other disadvantage, the sphere of Mercury is most intense.  You will have to go out of your way to find in yourself an inner peace of a cosmic degree found in the sphere of the Moon.  Otherwise, events move very quickly around you and you end up very tense. 




Isaphil, an Undine Queen--opening immediately available.


(Note: this position has remained unfilled for well over twenty thousand years.)


Isaphil has a secret treasure hidden within her soul—the magical keys to the 28 mansions of the moon.  Namely, she retains an ancient gift offered to humanity during the time of Lemuria.  But it was ill received. 

   And so for all these long eons and ages we have most certainly lived our lives without her gift—an inner peace with the universe which we could also call divine serenity.   


You can observe the absence of this gift: Sit still and try to feel that inside of your self the entire universe is reflected. 

   This may seem like I am asking a lot.  But if you are psychic you will easily notice that inside of the physicist Steven Hawkin, as a hologram in his mind, is a virtual 3D living image of the entire universe with a fast forward button from the beginning to the end as a statistical quantum projection.  Steven Hawkin lives inside of an almost completely paralyzed body. 

    If you could match Steven’s hologram of the universe but constructing it instead on  the astral plane, making something of beauty and feeling instead of a mathematical calculation, then you would have an approximation of what we are seeking.  Except it would not be a construction or a simulation.  It would be an actual reflection, that is, an actual vibration.    


Job Title: Gift Giver: Reveal a gift to mankind--an inner oneness with the universe that has no measure. 


Requirements:  Basic training.  Love water.  Find and feel in your soul and also reveal the magnetic field that encompasses the earth, the oceans, the rivers, and the lakes.  Reveal the treasures of the undines and mermen, a love that has no end, that flows from the dawn of time to the ends of eternity as one unbroken stream, a sea that has no shores whose winds are ecstasy and whose waves are bliss and in whose depths are visions of eternity. 

   You must be such a sailor upon this sea with such a degree of mastery that you are beyond all fear and above all else you know the magical foundation of how “to dare.”   


Method: Make Isaphil your friend so that anything she can feel you can feel also.  Any magical skill she possesses you possess in equal measure.  Some think that undines are kind of frivolous and innocent, given to pleasure and flirting.  But I suggest you reassess your assumptions so you don’t find yourself out of your depth. 


Advantages: You offer the very thing to mankind that has haunted the human soul with its absence down through the ages of time.  In brief, you learn to see through time and can reveal anything that makes the soul complete. 


Disadvantages: put simply, you end up being possessed or obsessed with an undine queen whose beauty is beyond any human dream.  No woman on earth even in a small degree can match Isaphil’s beauty. 

   Do not say you were not warned.  It is no accident that this mystery has remained hidden from the beginning.  Some things can not be revealed until someone is ready to receive the gift and carry it from the astral to our human world. 

   The feminine mysteries are so deep that there are places within it where a man may not go without losing his soul.  Therefore, consider carefully.  Only approach Isaphil if you already have a fully empowered spiritual identity.    





The Venus Sphere—positions now available


(Note: this position has been open for over fifty years.  Forty-nine advanced souls from the sphere of Venus, its inner planes, have incarnated among mankind to accomplish this mission. 

   So far, as of today, every single one of them has utterly failed in this mission due to an inability to deal with the denser vibrations and desires of our planet.  Therefore, I am permitted by Divine Providence to disclose this mission if any human soul is willing to undergo the journey of love to a degree never before revealed to humanity.) 

As I have written elsewhere, “Almost all religions on earth know nothing about Venus.  You can observe this absence for yourself.  Even when religious people or “masters” carefully “listen” to you, they only listen in order to further their agendas rather than actually caring about you as a person.  If they really listened, they would seek to discover and to bring to life the sacred that is inside of you rather than the sacred that their doctrines celebrate. 

“A Venus spirit, like a great undine, will seek to fulfill and to realize the unique vision hidden within you.  In their presence, you taste what it is to feel whole and complete.  Through their aura touching your aura, you enter a vision and experience here and now all that you will one day attain.  I have experienced this many times through contact with specific individuals and spirits but never though contact with a teacher, master, or guru.”   


Offered by: Any of the 90 higher Venus Spirits


Job Title: Master of the Divine Arts of Love 


Requirements: Basic training; four elements in nature; earthzone, lunar, and Mercury spheres.  A desire to understand and to embody the mystery of polarity, of how attraction and desire have hidden within them a divine path leading to the sphere of the sun where divinity and the human become one.  


Method: Project into the sphere of Venus and get to know one or more of the spirits so well that they consider you to be one of them. 


Advantages: the ecstasy of love beyond knowledge of humanity.  Get to hang out with women who are more beautiful than any women on earth.  Learn to dwell in the aura of a planet that is a direct emanation of God and an embodiment of the mystery of divine love and its enchantments.


Disadvantages: to be honest, fail to fully master the previous three spheres—the earthzone, the moon, and Mercury and the spirits of Venus simply end up sending you back to one of these to finish up your homework. 

   Venus unites the powers and abilities of the earth, the moon, and Mercury too so they interact harmoniously and with a new level of integration.  Also, there have been many warning issued in the past about the sphere of Venus—the spirits are so enchanting that a mage loses all interest in any further development.  The desire for love has ruined many lives.  The taste of Venus has ruined many mages’ development.





Saturn—positions now available for Referees 


The Forty-Nine Judges of Saturn—take your pick


Job Title: Referee or clerk to one of the forty-nine Judges of Saturn,

                 guardian of political evolution on earth 


               My latest update on this topic is:




               (see also article:               

                And for Saturn, “Finding Saturn in Your Self” see:


                  And the sphere of Saturn in the essay at               



Requirements: Work through all training and spheres up to Saturn


Method: It could not be simpler.  Simply meditate with one or more judges here or just with the akashic vibration of this sphere.  And then share your meditation with the dictators of earth or with anyone who attempts to interfere with the development human evolution in a significant manner. 


Advantages: learn to operate as a law clerk to one of the forty-nine Judges of Saturn.  It is like being a clerk to a Justice of the Supreme Court of for example the U.S.  You get to experience first hand the work of fate and karma and how the positive and negative principles work to lead mankind in the end to attain to cosmic enlightenment. 


My web site is dedicated to the enlightenment of the world.  The planet on which we dwell has a divine design.  Whether or not mankind shall attain to that vision is another question. 

   All the same, one day there shall arise a race upon our planet earth that attains to this vision: of being one with the universe and perfectly enlightened to boot.  I have seen it.  I have tasted it.  I have been inside of it.  It has been shown to me.  I know how to bring it into being.  But the price is very great.  Then again, it is a price I am willing to pay: for I am madly in love with the beauty of the universe and there is a part of me, no matter how small it may be, that knows without a doubt that you and I and everyone on earth are one.   


Now back to Saturn: Like a clerk, you get to research case law, review past cases, write summaries, suggest questions for judges to ask during oral arguments, write up drafts for findings and judgments, cases to be accepted or rejected, appeals, etc. 

   In other words, you get to do the work of Saturn on earth.  There is also a rumor afloat that a position is available for someone to sit upon one of the thrones of the Judges of Saturn.  Being a clerk would look nice on your resume.   


Disadvantages: it is rumored that a premature evocation of a Saturn spirit results in immediate death.  So, go slowly.  The vibration of Saturn does not tolerate fools. 

  Also, the Saturn vibration hovers over one’s aura at all times.  You will need to compensate by doing extra homework in the spheres of the sun and Jupiter so you shine very bright and offer opportunities instead of gloom and doom.

   Some also say that it is very depressing to talk to these spirits since what they do is to severely restrict individuals and entire evolutions.  But it is no different really than being a probation officer, a warden, a case worker, bailiff, or an officer of the court in any number of capacities.  Without a strong and effective judicial system, injustice reigns in a society.  Without law and order, evolution is severely compromised.

     Some may consider therefore, as I have mentioned, that the price is too great.  That argument is exactly what led to the fall of Atlantis.  The Chief Judge of Saturn came personally down to the earth to seek a clerk to prevent the fall of Atlantis. But since no one was willing to apply for the position the continent and civilization were destroyed. 

    It only takes one.  Without even one then there is none and fate determines by default the outcome.        


Addendum: Should you succeed in this endeavor of becoming a referee who has the respect of the Judges, then there is one further task to fulfill.  As akasha might say, “It is a small matter really, nothing more, nothing less—establish an order of referees that shall continue down through the ages and that shall remain to guide the human race as long as humanity exists.” 

    Imagine that the National Football League had no referees for a year on the playing field.  And imagine that millions in bonuses were awarded at the end of the year to the winners.  Before the year was out, the players would be killing each other.  This is exactly what has happened in human history—big rewards for the winners with no referees to cry foul. You get to change all of that by simply aligning your will with the purpose of one of the great centers of spiritual awareness in our solar system—Saturn.       

   I suppose you could say that what is needed are not just those who love but who love justice also enough to insure its rightful place in human evolution. 





Goddess of the Earth--job opening: apply directly to the Goddess 


The Goddess of the Earth is the feminine counterpart to the aspect of Divine Providence that radiates through the sun. She is his consort.  As such, she is of a higher order than archangel. 

   The masculine through the sun radiates energy and goes on radiating energy.  The planet receives the energy and gives birth, nurturing life until it ascends.   The two go together.  No religion appears on earth without her permission.  This does mean she is always happy with the results.


Job Position: Create a New Religion


Requirements: You must become the knight, the defender, captain of the guard for the Goddess.  You can also do this in a feminine way by, well, consider the screenplay below in which the Goddess addresses a woman in Atlantis.



Will you shine with my light?

Be anointed with my beauty?

Speak with my voice?






Two things I require:

Establish justice upon the earth


 And do as my Beloved and I do—


make the world new.



How do I do this?



Create a religion without rituals, priests, or temples in which love, wisdom, power, and justice are equally honored and pursued.


Method: Someone just wrote me about caring for nature.  That is a different mission.  This one refers to religion.  It is about the four elements involved in attaining magical equilibrium.  

   Take the four elements in nature—earth, air, fire, and water—and reveal their human and divine properties.  Develop a new psychology.  But not only that.  This is both a human and a divine path.  Correlate human desire, motivation, and personality with the ecstasies of the four elements. 

   You do not have to become master of the four elemental beings in nature—sylphs, undines, gnomes, and salamanders.  But it would help a whole lot if you did. 

   In any case, explain and present charismatically and persuasively how fire relates to will power, human and divine, water to love and compassion along the same lines, air to knowledge, artistic ability, and the enlightened mind, and earth to strength and integration of consciousness as well as the mystery of silence.    

   Need an example? Try and also the essay at

These are examples along the lines of exploring the element of water.  You will need to take this much further and also do the other three elements.   Trace the spectrum between nature, human, and divine taking it one step at a time.

   The point is that no priest, ritual, or temple is needed (kind of like the ancient Magi) because the four elements are already alive in your body, in your soul, in your mind, in your spirit, and in nature around you in every moment of time.  It is about feeling fully alive. 

   Your heartbeat—lightning; your breath—the winds of the sky; liquid in your body—the waters of the earth; and your bones and flesh—the mountains, trees, and plains.  Consciousness is not confined to the surface of your body.

   The Goddess feels the planet earth as part of herself.  She is just asking for a race to appear that feels what She feels as well.  And what does She really feel? I will tell you now: She feels one with the universe. 

   Like I say, it is a new religion She is asking someone to create.    


Advantages: You have to master the four elements in your self anyway as part of your basic training.  You might as well get some credit for it.  Being the knight of the Goddess means that She trusts you with Her dreams.  You get to see through Her eyes the original designs and purposes behind the creation of this planet.

   Although going this far is not mentioned in any magic manuals that I know of (since they emphasize identifying with the male God rather than the Goddess), I still consider this basic training for anyone who delights in poetry or who has the blood of the ancient bards flowing through his veins.   


Disadvantages: You have to die again and again, that is, undergo spiritual death—letting go of any ties or associations with an historical identity.  It is not that you need to change your name.  It is just that when you listen to Her speak the silence is so deep that there is not a trace of anything that is “you” remaining. 


There is an element present here similar to the training for the Celtic bards—they spent seven years in total darkness.  After returning to everyday life, they perceive the world with new eyes. 

   Or, as in Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, the protagonist returns to view one day of her life after having been dead.  You see it for the first time realizing you can not possess it or call it your own even though it was your body and personality that lived through that day.  In other words, you gain a new appreciation for the fragility of life and see life as incredibly precious but also from a vantage point beyond years, ages, or eons. 

   If I was alive in Atlantis, imagine now that I can look into the eyes of the person I was then and he in turn looks back into my eyes now.  Tens of thousands of years have past.  We see in each other what is real—of value and that will endure--and also what will fade away.  But all the same, each moment of time we each experience is still precious—life is an incredible gift.  Who can see this?   






Asmodel of the Sphere of Jupiter—job positions available


Asmodel reigns over the sign of Taurus in the sphere of Jupiter.  He specializes in divine love and community.  See essay,


Job Position: Establish and support a spiritual community on earth dedicated to fulfilling the purposes of Divine Providence. 


Many times in life when we sense something missing we are looking for a community where we can belong.  We seek to participate with others who are committed to high ideals, whose depth of experience encompasses the wisdom of all ages, and who have that special connection to each other which makes for a feeling of home and well-being. 

  When we look into the eyes of the members of this community, we see souls that are vibrant with life. Their hearts are full of joy.  They have true zest for living and for adventure, for finding new and greater challenges.  And yet they never underestimate the value of human relationships. They treat you as a brother or sister.  But what fires of inspiration could possibly create such a community as this?  For this we turn to Asmodel of Jupiter.       




Listen. This is the essence of all my teachings: everything that
           exists has been created out of bliss.  For this reason, there is no limit
        to the imagination.  There is no end to the mind's explorations.  The
  desires of the heart can not be confined, for the heart desires that
matter and spirit be joined and all action be turned into Divine
              celebration.  This truth can be found and tasted, honored and touched in
               every moment of time.  Those who embrace this truth, their wisdom shall be
     as deep as the sea and as vast as the sky. And in their voices you shall
hear the songs the stars sing at night. 

Requirements: the usual.  Basic training; four elements; four planes; the spheres up to and including Jupiter. 


Method: In addition to the requirements, you need to love interacting with people so as to bring the best out in them.  And also you will need a touch of Mars to drive away effortlessly the trolls and those who seek to hog energy for themselves.  


Advantages: You have heard of Arthur’s Round Table? Of men committed to high ideals. How about the signers of the Declaration of Independence: “With firm reliance on the benevolence of Divine Providence, we do solemnly pledge to each other our lives, our wealth, and our sacred honor.” 


If we had a pledge it might go like this: Heart to heart and soul to soul, in life and in death we shall never be separate from the light and the love that join us forever as one.  You get to develop that fire in your eyes that shines from a heart that partakes of divine love as a quest and as a community whose members are unlike anything that has ever existed on earth. 


It is said of the brothers of light that their hearts shine with the light of the sun.  Even so with this community, the light of Jupiter shines through each member so that each envisions and commits to fulfilling life in ways that are without measure.       


Disadvantages: Well, again to be honest, hermetic magicians are not always very friendly.  Because Bardon works with divine power, you are going to run into a lot of weird folks.  Many are very big on going their separate ways because they just do not need support. 

   If you can get past the need for others and the repellant of those who don’t want community, then you can discover something amazing.  There really is a celestial community.  As a spirit of Mercury once said to me as he gazed into my eyes, “In this moment my heart is joined to the heart of every being that loves throughout the universe.”  Asmodel is just bringing that kind of inner realization, of being beyond all separation, into a living and breathing community on earth.  But you will need to find the divine within your self to make this work.  






Guardian Angel: Positions Now Available to be Filled


American Indians sometimes have a position similar to a “spiritual uncle.”  An appointed individual belonging to the mother’s clan seeks to inspire, encourage, represent the best aspects of conscience, and watch out for another younger individual for that individual’s entire life.  A guardian angel is similar except this person usually operates out of sight, that is, incognito. 

   We could call this individual a spiritual mentor, a guru, or a teacher.  But these concepts all fall into the dust compared to what an actual guardian angel does.  It is not that a spiritual mentor, a guru, or even a spirit guide isn’t a really great thing to have.  It is just that a guardian angel has absolutely no limitations placed upon the blessing, inspiration and guidance he may offer.  Of course, this depends on the spiritual resources you possess or can acquire.    


Note: This position existed during the time of Atlantis.  It was practiced as part of a secret lineage of women who had been initiated into the feminine mysteries in their full power.  However, this role has not existed for the last twelve thousand years on earth.  Therefore, I am pleased to announce that in the fullness of time this position is again available to those who, as was done in Atlantis—desire to serve the One Light--or to serve now according to the dictates of your own conscience and insight.      


Job Title: Guardian Angel


Requirements: There are no requirements other than the desire to wish the best for another person, anyone you choose.  And also the desire to bless this individual so that life is fulfilled in every conceivable way.  Again, your actions on the other’s behalf depend on the spiritual wealth you possess.


Method: Method is at your own discretion.  Even Guardian Angels are in learning mode.  It is a discovery process—figure out how to make it work.


A Few Examples:  Find a way to develop in your target a sense of well-being—a feeling of effortlessly moving with the flow of life.  Teach him or her to be immersed within the vitality of nature, and endlessly experience its beauty and its peace.

    Also, design, foster, or set up experiences for the other that create serenity and contentment and the feeling of love welling up and overflowing from within. 

    Encourage a feeling of adventure, a sense of awe and wonder in which everything is new. This is the springtime feeling of being refreshed and invigorated.  It is feeling challenged and being continually transformed and reborn.     

    This is the feeling of engaging another and sharing a profound excitement.  Within this excitement is an ancient wisdom, a wisdom which is both innocent and intoxicating.  It dispels the darkness of adversity, and it triumphs over our limitations. 

    Develop an appreciation for experiences with personal love, that “secret sharing heart to heart in which two enter a magical inner space where they feel as one.”  You might try daydreaming, envisioning, imagining, willing, praying, contemplating, etc. this for the other person.  It is not like it will happen on its own without your assistance; well, maybe once or twice in five or ten incarnations.   

     Work with the other’s heart so as to slice through Vishnu’s Knot: fanatics experience a sense of love but it quickly turns into a vampire’s lust for controlling and using other’s for its own needs.  This is because the experience with love was never total, absolute, and arising from a source outside of space and time, that is, truly divine. 

   Consequently, when you meditate simply include the other person in your meditations so he or she feels what you feel—a love that is like a sea without shores, a compassion that cares for every living being.  Eventually what you feel within your own soul and heart will arise within the other’s heart as well. 

   Remember, this is the most fundamental law in the universe: you are free to join with and become one with any other being for the sake of love and to fulfill a higher purpose.

   These few examples should suffice to illustrate some of the inner spiritual resources you can develop in another.  The karma of experience is: if you have the four elements of nature strong and positive in your self you experience positive and enriching experiences in life.  If the four elements are weak or negative in an individual, then the individual’s experiences are correspondingly weak or negative.   

   You may also need to set up dramatic situations through which the other person can actually experience first hand in the outer world the inner qualities you seek to manifest in this person.  Consult with other guardian angels in training for the personnel and resources to set up these “events.” 


Advantages: countless advantages—by doing good for someone else you receive several “get out of jail” cards assigned by the spirits of good karma.  You learn how to work as a spiritual being while still in incarnation.  You see life in a totally new way from outside of space and time.  You receive credit for field work which prepares you for assuming the responsibilities for a guide, guardian, and inspirer of evolution on earth.  You upgrade your self in countless ways just by assuming the role—you think different so you become different. And, it just makes you feel good to do something completely right when you get it right.  


Disadvantages: You have to be or try to become unselfish.  You will be given many opportunities to abuse the special insight and power that arises from seeing life from the point of view of a guardian angel.  You will need to make up and restore the balance whenever you abuse your position. 

   Though there are special support groups available for “guardian angels in training,” it is still a purely spiritual role. You will have to assume a spiritual identity, maybe for a half hour a week, to pull it off.  Doesn’t seem like much but few can even imagine such a thing.  This is precisely why it has not existed for twelve thousand years—a lack of imagination and “good will,” that is, acting without being selfish.   





Master of Magical Silence—Due to the demise in the last few centuries of several magical traditions, this ancient position is again available. 


Silence and Stillness—job position available—apply to any of the spirits below 


In order to pursue a “divine mission,” individuals will certainly need to acquire the quiet, inner ecstasy of silence that accompanies and empowers them from within throughout their lives.  Currently, Vipassana, Zen Buddhism, Dzogchen, Quaker silent meditation, contemplative prayer, and other traditions work with silence and stillness.  

   But none of these on our planet utilize silence in its full capacity as 1. a magical power, 2. an internal vibration (of a cosmic nature) essential for self-transformation, 3. an absolute weapon, 4. a divine virtue as in a “pure aspect of akasha,” and 5. also an aspect of akasha through which divinity in its highest light is revealed.

   If there were a magical university, you could major in and receive various degrees in the mastery of silence and stillness.  Thus, the following position as Chairman of the Department of Magical Silence is now available to be filled.       


Job Title: Master of Silence/Stillness


Requirements: It is quite simple--just master silence and stillness within your self.  Also, work with elementals and higher spirits who embody the mysteries of silence and stillness.  Form support groups around the world to practice these mysteries in their many aspects and levels.  


A Few Examples of spirits who specialize in silence and stillness:


The Gnome Muscar


Muscar: "I am a silence so deep and complete that when I gaze upon a rock or geologic strata, in comparison to me, it is busy chattering with thoughts and emotions.  You see,


I am a listening silence!  

I am consciousness without form or thought

Moving underground.

I both reveal the earth's secrets

And I am where treasures are hidden so well

Only the eyes of a seer

Can divine their location.

Time and age do not burden me.

I am constancy amid change.

I have made sketches of mountains

As they rose steep and new

But which are long since gone

Now but dirt beneath your shoes.


Ah, but so few of you listen

To your dreams

Or bother to enter

The gates that lead into the silences of the heart.

But I feed on silence.

It is who I am.

It is my home and my dwelling.

And its transformations are my wisdom. 

The Undine Isaphil

"So open yourself and be a stillness so pure and clear that the circling of the moon and the singing in the sea can appear clearly within you.  This is the master key I give to you, young poet.  This is the key which opens all the mysteries, both of my heart, of the sea, and of the ages which have been sealed and locked away in the twenty-eight mansions of the moon."

     And then to be sure that I understand and accept this key she takes my left hand and places it between her palms and holds tight.  She transmits her feminine essence into me.  I become a vast open space and I feel the orbit of the moon and all the mass of that planet and the grace of its flight flowing through me, through a space of stillness in my soul.  I became the moonlight shining upon the earth, calling and inviting, reminding the earth and those upon her of serenity.

The Earthzone Alosom in Sagittarius who specializes in silence  
“For those who are unprepared or insincere, silence is a country
whose borders are guarded by nightmares, terror, and whirlwinds of
despair.  But those who cross over and explore these unknown lands
find wealth beyond compare.  Master silence and you will have
channels of communication which open to all realms.  You will be
able to commune with any spiritual being. You will understand the
meaning when a spirit speaks.
   "You will discover there is nothing within you that you need deny or
fear.  All desires become clear.  Silence is where dreams originate,
visions are born, and passions enter to be transformed.
"When you can shut down your five senses and retain your full
awareness, there is a vast, inner expansion of consciousness.  This
consciousness leads to total mastery of your self. 
"Who can stand against you, oppress or oppose you, when you
have measured and crossed the abysses of silence hidden within
them?  What army, what empire, what wall, or weapon shall protect
them?  When you are silence, you are the vibration, the matrix, and
the substance from which their thoughts arise.  You are the eyes, the
forge, and the hammer which has shaped their will.  Its design is an
imprint of your mind. 
    "To possess the virtue of silence is to command a treasure
sharper and more beautiful than the largest diamond.  As fire to
light, as emptiness to form, silence is to wisdom, will, and love."
The Lunar Spirit Emnepe
This is a spirit of the lunar zone who specializes in lunar akasha: 
an internal stillness so clear the unfolding of the universe 
and of the future history of the earth is clearly reflected.  


The Solar Spirit Emedetz:


Inside this spirit is the empty mirror of akasha, a perfect stillness—pure nothingness of Divine Presence, the Unmanifest, to which it is united and one. 

    From within and from out of this emptiness and nothingness is the creation of infinite energy to empower the unfolding of the universe.  Specifically, it unleashes its energy so all created beings might attain the highest.  The goal is to be in the end absolutely one with the power and originality and being of the Creator, as the children become like the father.  


The Mar’s Spirit Idida


Idida’s Inner Source of Inspiration.  "You sense the beauty of the

universe around you.  That beauty is an ecstasy present in every
breath.  Every light, every star, planet, and being reflect a wonder
which has never been seen.  
    "In silence, I embrace what can not be known.  I see what no eye
can behold.  I comprehend what no words can unfold.  In silence, I
am one with the wonder of the universe which anoints me with its
beauty, which walks beside me and guides me in whatever task,
mission, or purpose I would accomplish.  My will is an expression
of the ecstasy and passion of creation.  Let those who oppose me
first pause to consider the source and strength of my determination. 
My power is beyond the power of mind to comprehend."


"Become this silence.  Wear it like armor.  Unite with it like a
lover.  Shine with its secret fire.  Accomplish those things which can
only be known by those who celebrate the beauty and wonder of



Advantages: Elemental beings, especially gnomes, will love you.  The spirits of the earthzone will offer you an honorary membership and the “keys to the zone.”  Higher spirits will enjoy hanging out with you.  And God will always and ever be available in a pinch to negotiate changes in fate and destiny should you be willing to bring the right stakes to the table.  


Disadvantages: It clearly helps if you have strong earth signs in your chart, especially Virgo.  You need that inner virgin, a desire to be and remain pure on some level, so that the mystery of the unfolding of universe and life can reflect through our soul. 

   In other words, this has got to be the most unglamorous job on earth.  You do not get any credit, any appreciation, respect, or love from others for this occupation.  Perhaps in a life time you will meet one or two people with whom you can establish rapport because they feel what you feel inside. 

   Consequently, you will need to drastically compensate for your psychological and spiritual isolation by being very creative: occupations such as being a movie director, an actor, a philanthropist, a stand up comedian, a clown in Circe De Soleil, a drill sergeant, a painter, poet, etc. are most helpful since they keep you in the spotlight. 

   However, should you choose to pursue a vocation such as a covert or intelligence operative (FBI, CIA, NSA), an undercover cop, a whistleblower, a forensic accountant, etc. then your professional skills will border on genius.  You will see and know how to play the weaknesses in any power structure or organization on earth.  Again, it is recommended that these mere human occupations be avoided since, technically speaking, they offer little challenge for your skills.       






Various Spirits relating to Mental Clarity and Psychology—Job Positions Available


This position in psychology has been available for the last fifty-five years.  It was once a fully recognized position during the time of Atlantis when science and magic walked hand in hand.  

   Western civilization is now at the point where a strong convergence of science, various traditions of psychology, and individual spiritual development are ready to proceed to the next phase. 

   Namely, trained or highly gifted individuals are able to directly observe and modify the brain waves of those who are experiencing severe psychological disturbances.

    This position does not refer to counseling for those who are encountering genuine magical or psychic problems such as with the side effects of kundalini, damages to the astral body from magical mistakes, psychic attacks, etc. 

   Rather, this position involves extensive research with case studies of how to bring about healing of others by directly modifying another’s brain waves and nervous system so as to foster mental health.    


Job Position: Magical Therapy


Requirements: at a minimum, a high level of clair-feeling, empathy, and ideally some degree of basic telepathy.  In other words, there has to be a capacity for feedback—observing directly another individual’s brain, how it functions, the correlation of brainwaves and psychological states and behaviors.  You change the pattern of energy in an individual’s brain and you change the personality, feelings, and actions. 

   This is not hypnosis—one individual narrowing another’s individual’s field of attention so as to produce changes in behavior by circumventing the conscious mind.  This therapy increases the other individual’s awareness, strengthening the conscious mind, and expanding the range of choices the individual can make. 

  It is not “energy follows thought.” Instead, it is “energy is awareness.”  You change the energy you change the person.    

  For those with a basic training in magic, consider the following spirit’s for reference purposes or as consultants to one’s practice:


In the earthzone, see Hyrmiua:


In the lunar zone, see Emzhebyp:


See also Bardon’s book, The Key to the True Quabbalah, for a large number of magic formulas or words of power that specifically are useful healing various mental conditions.

  See also for example the cosmic letter W on the mental plane and the essays and dialogues with the undines who specialize in magical empathy.  See the essay on Bagolini in the earthzone for a specialist in telepathy. 

  An example from the essay on the cosmic letter W:

This is a therapist who is clairsentient: You walk into her office.  You say something like, “I want to be self-confident and feel clear in my mind.  I want this strong enough that I can offer genuine emotional support and affection to the people in my life.”  Of course, personal history is important.  How you think about your self and the way you have solved problems in the past are important. 

    But this therapist is different.  She says, “Okay.  Let’s work on that.  Relax and focus just on the feeling of being self-confident.  She senses the client’s mental and astral bodies.  Then she says, “Feel that you are in charge of your life and that the choices you making are the best choices.”  She observes again his internal feelings.  She works with him until he is focusing in a completely positive manner. 

    And then she uses the active side of her clair-feeling: she slowly introduces directly into his mental body a slightly warm and fiery energy that supports and creates self-confidence.  He can feel this energy within himself.  He says to her, “I have never felt quite like this before.  I like it.”  And they proceed to talk and meditate together for the rest of the hour. 

     By the time he leaves, it not just the ideas in his mind that are different.  It is not just that by changing a few of his ideas he slowly begins to change how he feels about himself.  It is not like visiting a barber and talking about the kind of haircut you want or visiting a dentist and talking about having a cavity filled.  You want to get the haircut and have the dental work finished by the time you leave.  With this therapist, you walk out the door and you feel self-confident, clear, and able to offer support and affection to others.  The energy of the astral and mental bodies has actually changed to match what you desire.

    Even in the above example, the charge transmitted from the therapist to the client will slowly fade.  He will have to return and experience this again and she will strive to teach him how to reproduce in himself what he wants without visiting her.  But the magic of water is here—clair-feeling or the ability in this case to focus on an idea and reproduce in your self the precise vibration and feeling that goes with it. 


Advantages: You get to do what therapists can not do: actually heal people by treating the problem directly, seeing the difficulties in terms of energy, and changing those energies through force of magic, that is, by being aware rather than having to infer. 

   At all times in magic, a clear mind is essential and the power of concentration is one’s basic resource.  This field of research naturally expands one’s abilities in these areas.    


Disadvantages: There are little or no connections between traditional psychology and magical therapy.  Of course, you can take just about any genuine therapeutic tool and turn it into a magical action by adding concentration and a depth of contemplation to it.  But most therapists on earth would wet their pants if they tried for an instant to “observe without thoughts intervening.” 

   It is not that psychologists do not use intuition at present.  It is just that they do not know how to upgrade it by concentrating until they “see” what is in front of them. 

   But this is your basic training again: ask a therapist to stop all thoughts in his or her mind for ten minutes and you will find few on earth capable of doing this.  But this state of mental clarity is precisely where intuition arises—because it is in this open, empty space that one places the patient so that one can identify with the other to the extent that you feel everything the other person feels including memories, conflicts, patterns of brain waves, and the operations of the nervous system. 

  For a genuine empath, this is nothing to accomplish.  The problem with natural psychics and empaths is that they do not rigorously and systemically observe and experiment until they get the required results.  By recording one’s success and failure a body of literature is created that accelerates the work of others in this field.  





Emedetz of the Sun—Position Available for Magical Healer 


Note 1: Legend has it that magical healing was introduced into the civilization of Atlantis by Ahelus about 22,000 years ago.  See poem below for a biographical note.  Authorities still debate the poem’s authenticity.

   Though world teachers from time to time have briefly filled this position with their power to heal (cure leprosy, the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, the dead raised up), none of their disciples have ever acquired the same ability.

   Why? Because the disciples, every single one, lacked the desire that is fire, an all-consuming passion fusing all opposites into one light.


(Note 2: The clerk, who records these missions, wishes to point out that he is not a healer.  He couldn’t heal a scratched finger even under pressure.) 


Emedetz: A solar spirit governing 11-18 degrees Taurus in the sphere of the sun.  Emedetz “guards and increase the vitality and viability of man, beast, and plant.” 

  See also essay,   and notes soon to be posted 


Job Title: Magical Healer


Requirements: The basic training; work through the spheres to the sun. 


Method: Let’s let Emedetz speak for himself:


“It is the will of the Creator to imbue life with infinite vitality and light so that beings become immortal and divine.  But to do this you must complete a quest. 

   “What is the quest? It is to discover that within the body and the breath combined an entire star shines.  

   “In a star, it is not just fire.  It is fusion—it is not bread that is broken as a symbol of the soul’s salvation; it is matter that is broken, a will of this intensity, releasing the vitality that reveals the glory of the Creator.   

   “Hidden within you, I am.  Find me—become pure divinity.”


In other words, hang out in the sphere of the sun say for a half an hour a week for ten to twenty years or whatever it takes; experiment with Emedetz’s vibration in your akashic, mental, astral, and etheric bodies.  And then see to what degree you can heal others with the light that is reflected through you like a mirror.

  There are many spirits specializing in magical healing.  A number are in the earthzone and also in the sphere of Mercury.  But here in the sun we run into a light that shines so bright it is what each of us shall attain as we draw close to final and absolute enlightenment.


Advantages: Learn to heal any disease on earth.  Put off the “rags of light” and put on immortality not just through faith but as a practical ability expressed through compassionate activity. 


Disadvantages: Besides all the training, the solar spirits of this rank require an individual to develop a unique quality of akasha: in an instant, you must turn your consciousness into pure emptiness, a nothingness, a formless penetrating awareness that can take anything and fill it with vitality and perfect its life.    

   Emedetz: “Your obstacles are ego, lack of will, insensitivity to vitality, inability to perceive the vibrations that structure matter, minerals, chemicals, vegetation, animals, emotions, mind, and spirit.”  


Biographical Note on Ahelus:


A man says to the sun,

Love is no fun.

Women do not desire my dreams

They do not respond to my needs. 


The sun replies gazing into his eyes,

I feel what you feel

I have been there

I was once just like you.

So I’ll keep it short and sweet,

Simply do what I do:

Shine with infinite light,

There is no end to my life,

My love extends to the ends of the universe,

I am that bright,

Then you will only need to find a woman

Who wishes to be like you

Infinite and free,

Filled with divine creativity. 


The man replies,

Thank you for the keys to love’s mysteries

The riddle was more than I could handle


Just then the sun rose from a dark abyss

Dawn broke

The rainbow shown

The waves’ foam like crystals

The sea dazzling

And on the shore a woman dancing




 Istiphul—A Queen of Undines—job opening, available immediately

 Istiphul is one of four queens of the undines mentioned in Franz Bardon’s book, The Practice of Magical Evocation.  See also


 Note: This job position has never existed on this planet until now—not in Atlantis, not in Egypt, not in Tibet or anywhere else.  Previously, all bards, wise men, and magicians had been forbidden to reveal Istiphul to the world.  Franz Bardon changed that.  I proclaim it. 

Job Position: Reveal the Feminine Mysteries, Part II.  

 Divine Mission: Istiphul’s gift/treasure/mission for mankind: Restore the Balance—Present the Feminine Mysteries in their full power as a healing and harmonizing energy of nature.  Do this especially in regard to the physical world so that femininity can be felt and perceived as a force of nature—palpable, dynamic, mesmerizing, and healing--an overpowering magnetic field directly entering and transforming others from within with its receptive energy and encompassing love.

   This is the power to use the magnetic fluid in a very dense vibration to contain and refine masculine power so it finds its rightful balance with nature and with the feminine.  The search and quest for the divine and the sacred will forever engender disasters and abuses of power until mankind learns to weave the beauty and harmony of nature into its quest for wisdom and transcendence.  

 Requirements: This is basic Bardon training folks.  In chapter 3 of Initiation into Hermetics, Bardon starts students imagining they are within a universe of water.  This trains an individual to feel and perceive as an undine.  All that is required then is to do the basic exercises and master the magnetic fluid.  Then express this energy as a powerful force that it is to harmonize the genders and balance society.

Method: Let’s let Istiphul speak for herself.

 (Note: Nature spirits lack akashic bodies, that is, the source of the four elements in nature that all human beings possess.) :

  Istiphul: If I had an akashic body as do you, first I would form a community of those who sense that the sea is full of energy.  We would have great festivals and celebrations in which water as a symbol and as a vibration is understood to be sacred.  We would fully bring into consciousness the ability of water to offer these gifts to humanity: clairsentience, healing power, the joy of love, the ways of becoming one with anther, the nature and depths of love as seen from an undine’s perspective, empathy as a divine ability intended to transform humanity, the ability to overcome all separation, the undine’s gift of seeing the future, of entering a dream so it is completely real in the here and now, the ability to sense the deepest treasures at the core of the self, and of course the ability to hold in your consciousness an awareness of all the waters of the earth at once. 

   I would establish this on earth so that your race tastes in full measure our beauty and grace.  But lacking a human soul, I have no commission to do these things.  I am forbidden to intervene at my own discretion without a human being acting either as a medium or as a representative of my domain. 

   How long have the oceans of the earth waited for mankind to discover that they contain consciousness? How long until your race finds in its own soul the love and peace my race embodies in every moment of time?  How long until each of you loves with a love that knows how to be one with another without separation so that each of you understands how to assist the other to attain perfection?

   These are the very questions I want humans to answer.  But I can only discuss these things even now because you are lending me your spirit which I am speaking through. 

 Advantages: Mastering the magnetic fluid along the lines that Istiphul’s embodies in herself is the power to heal others through touch.  Here are her four bodies in a nutshell:

   Her physical body is like an incredibly powerful attracting force. No woman on earth embodies this force of beauty and attraction.  I consider Istiphul to be the most beautiful creature on earth.  Her physical body illustrates one aspect of her beauty. 

  Her etheric body is the awareness of extending one’s consciousness into all the waters of the earth.  The peace and serenity here are incredible.

  Her astral body is a near perfection of empathy that seeks to unite with another so as to transform the other through love.

  Her mental body is an extremely powerful magnetic field that heightens the will and ability to fulfill the deepest desires and dreams in others.  Only spirits of the earthzone and of Venus can surpass Istiphul’s power in this area.  

   In brief, working with Istiphul you gain the ability to directly perceive with great clarity the etheric and astral bodies of anyone else on earth and to do this effortlessly in any moment.  This is the transforming power of love that can only be seen when it is united to the oceans of the earth and the depths of the feminine within nature.  

 Disadvantages: This level of femininity is way, way beyond discussions about women’s roles in society, about gender issues, about balancing male and female energies in order to become more creative and to feel more whole and complete.  This is way beyond discussions about goddess energy and awareness.

  This level of power can only be touched by someone who genuinely masters magic.  You would think women would have an advantage here.  No one has an advantage with Istiphul and her magic.  Only those who seek to become highly evolved spiritual beings (as well as transcending socially defined gender identities) are ready to enter her domain to embody her power and mystery.   

   I videotaped a medium recently channeling Istiphul for thirty minutes (scroll down under  The girl was literally shivering for two days afterwards.  Water is cold to humans.  You have to start slowly.


 Wanted--Job Opening Immediately Available: Teach the Mysteries to the Masses in an easy to understand and easy to apply form.

 Want a divine mission that is fun and exciting too? Pays well and is a career that will give you fortune and fame leading to you to mingle among the rich and famous?  Well, here you are.  And I have even outlined the curriculum.  Work it. Work it.    

 Note: I swear, if no one does this divine mission I will do it myself.  I like fun and stand up comedy.  Come on!  I have better things to do with myself than be rich and famous and to hang out with the rich and famous.  Someone?  Anyone?

 Job Title: Lecturer; seminar instructor


Just do the first three chapters of Franz Bardon’s Initiation into Hermetics.  What could be a more simple, straightforward training than that? 

Sure, the first three chapters are, for some, like doing two or three years of college curriculum.  Except this is home study stuff.  Sure, it takes a little effort.  But keep always the end result in mind and you will do fine.  


 Here it is.  Give seminars based on and continuously developing a new psychological and spiritual system of self-transformation based on the five elements. 

  It is not like people have not done this exact same thing before. Just do it for real this time using the power akasha commands and the wealth of life it would bestow.

  See for example my recently posted essay, A Quick and Easy Guide to the Five Elements,     


 First group exercise.  Give a brief introduction.  Then have the seminar participants form groups based on the strongest element in them.  Have them do a skit or two and describe how the element of their group has shaped their lives mentioning also that element’s strengths and weaknesses. 

 Weakness? Fire needs fuel to burn to thrive and it often destroys.  Water can freeze up and grow stagnant if there is no flow going on. And it can drown or pull you down if you have too much of it around. Air can destroy also and it can be very dry as in no water in it and you get a famine, no nurturing there.  And it can float so high that you fail to connect anymore.

Earth of course gets bogged down.  It will wear you out or burden you if you try to carry too much around.  And it can bury life in the ground (how many have found that out?) if it fails to produce things that nurture, are of value, that inspire, or endure.  Some things at first appear solid but then they fall apart too quickly.    

 Another Exercise

Now, have the group teach the other groups through role playing and dramatic productions how to learn their element in the quickest way.  And have them do stand up comedy? If I were a rich man, dabadabadabado,  I would ….” But it is “If I were the air element, la la la la la, I would …. ”  That is, say how you would be different than you are now if you had the other element strong in you.

 Another Exercise:

 Now, final exercise, everyone writes in brief the life script that was written for them before they were born.  And now rewrite it so that there is more elemental balance in it. 

Advantages: Like I say, give those guys like Tom Cruise and Travolta a real curriculum to study, one that is understood and practiced by the archangels rather than something invented by New Age teachers drunk on the illusion of overcoming the ego through quick and easy answers that are cheap and shallow rather than as deep as the ages of time.  The Mysteries can also be taught in quick and easy forms that endure through all ages of the world.  You can bet your bittie on that. 

Disadvantages: All that fame and wealth that flows your way, all those lectures paying millions of dollars a year, well, it can lead to stagnation and difficulties in your personal life. 

You will actually have to practice what you preach: take the weak and negative elements in your self and make them strong and positive. Fail to do this and you end up empty inside amid what should be the greatest joys of life.  Let me say that in a slightly different way so the meaning is perfectly clear: If, for example, you are going to celebrate undines, you need to love water. 

And if you are going to give seminars on the five elements, you will need to love being alive—to embrace life both as it is and as it is meant to be.  Otherwise, akasha will have disasters waiting to greet you every time you open your closet door and look inside.          

 Divine Mission Addendum: Living Life to the Fullest

 This is a sister or companion seminar to the above.  Instead of being hard core self-transformation, its goal is simply to define and empower individuals “to live life to the fullest.” It is similar in that it is based on the five elements; but it also emphasizes the five senses. 

   It is true, each element offers its own approach and feeling of being alive.  Nothing connects to others on a gut level like fire—that is why they call it passion.

  But nothing gives that cheerfulness and ability to play in the moment like air—it is pure euphoria, rapport, and rapture.

  But if you want love, the real thing, not the passion as intensity and craving and desire gratified, but as oneness with another—well, you will need water.  Water will give you the inner peace without which life will never feel complete.

   Then again, if you are going to get life right you will need earth—doing what is most important to you from the depths of your heart.  It is not always hot and steamy like fire, or sweet like air, or full of tender love like water, but it certainly endures.  Nothing really results in life of value unless you care and earth cares enough to work at making its dreams and ideals real. 

    We already know all of this from the first seminar.  But now we throw in also the five senses because to feel alive you need to burn with the fire that each sense reveals and conceals with tremendous skill. 

   To be in the moment, to be fully alive, you will need your senses as sharp as an assassin’s dagger.  That is, always ready to catch the moment as it unfolds with all its beauty and wealth untold.  It is not just poets and bards who know this—that your body in each moment is speaking to you endlessly about the mystery of being alive.  Teach and explore the five senses as they are and as they are meant to be: doors that open to infinity.  

  Now, what could be more fun as a seminar than to do just that: take people who are miserable, selfish, and insecure, ridden with anxiety, and work them until they go home with a sense of wonder, awe, and beauty?  

  I will tell you a little secret about seminars since I have been called a “seminar junkie,” one who is addicted to taking seminars endlessly.  Seminars are not just about wealth and success—though those things certainly are worthy if you take the best. 

   A good seminar you can repeat again and again. This is because when you come back you realize the seminar has equipped you so life is now using you to fulfill its deepest purposes.  And in the process you have discovered one of life’s greatest secrets—that She is full of surprises.  To this you can testify again and again.     



Wanted: Troubadour of Divine Providence—Job Openings Now Available. Apply direct to Divine Providence

 When you see Venus in the night sky, think romance, beauty, love, passion, art, fertility, etc. But understand also its secret purpose—it inspires and overwhelmingly draws you toward that experience when you become one with another.  The ecstasy approaches divinity. 

   This is no accident.  The secret purpose of Venus is to so fuse you and another together that there is a quantum uplifting in your consciousness.  In loving one other you reach a point where the love flows so deep you feel united also to all others who love everywhere.

  And so a path opens that leads from the sphere of personal love in Venus to that of divine love that appears in the sphere of the sun.  In our solar system, Venus is love in transition.

  In the sun, the light is so bright it illuminates entire planets bringing forth life; and the light of the sun shines not just on the life of two in love.  This light and inspiration shines to the ends of the universe. 

  It is not an easy transition to grasp. The difficulty is immense. It is for this reason that bardic magicians, troubadours of Divine Providence, are sent into the world.  They know through their own experience with life something that religions on earth do not know—that the celebration of beauty is one of the purposes for which the universe has been created.

  Or, to put it simply, real beauty like real love asks you to become more than you are now.

   To put it another way, I do not hear a lot of people saying, "Oh, when we were making love last night for a few moments I became one with all lovers who have ever loved on earth" or "While making love, I entered the light that guides and inspires every human being" or "While making love, I became my future self and saw the end result of all my incarnations on earth" or, “Just when I touch her hand I find myself standing in the presence of my holy guardian angel; her touch transforms the way I see life to that degree.” 
   I do not in fact ever recall hearing words like that from other people or lovers.  A bard, on the hand, can see the goddess in the eyes of any woman. At least that much. 

   So, let us propose a little test before we go on.  Gaze into a woman’s eyes.  Be still. Be silent. Be patient.  See what is hidden rather than imposing preconceptions upon the perception.  Or as a bard might say who hangs out with undines, 

 And so we still await the day

When men are no longer afraid 

To taste the beauty hidden in their lover’s eyes,

Hidden from the beginning

When the stars first began to shine.

  Job Title: Bardic Magician


 Definitions: A bard is story teller and a poet. He sings songs that tell the stories of his people.  The Celtic bard trained for seven years in darkness.  His traditional powers included the ability to make people fall asleep, cry, or laugh with joy. 

   For the purposes listed here, a magician is someone who has trained his body, soul, and mind.  While still a human being, he also can act at times with the authority, power, and creativity of a spirit of the earthzone or higher.  These spirits are agents of akasha and of Divine Providence.  Their purposes are purely divine in nature, that is, they offer the inspiration, wisdom, and power to attain perfect enlightenment, fulfill divine missions, and express cosmic love. 

   Put the two together, and you have an ordinary human being with a muse whose purpose is to inspire others to become transformed by exposing them to the beauty of the universe.  The difference between a bardic magician and other bards that have gone before is that there is no limitation set on his authority.  He may reveal or speak of any wisdom or secret that exists according to his own interests and at his own discretion.    

   A bardic magician, therefore, tells the stories and sings the songs of the universe and of all paths of transformation occurring in human history and those on the verge of or yet to be revealed in the future to humanity. 

   The human race is on the verge of deciding between a great many different paths.  Your bardic magician in residence helps clarify the choices about which paths to follow.  He does this by pointing out in advance the options.  He knows options and opportunities that others on earth have never even dreamed.  

  The basic requirement is that you find and work with a Muse.  This can be Divine Providence itself or a suitable spirit who inspires poetry, songs, art, etc.  The finding of a Muse is your first quest. 

  A skilled magician, of course, can simply evoke a suitable spirit who presides over art and poetry from any one of the planetary spheres.  But there is more to it than this.  The Muse, like a beautiful mistress divinely inspired, will transform you from the core of your being.  This is as painful as it is ecstatic. 


 I remember talking to poets, Robert Bly, Gary Snyder, Robert Hall, and others. I would ask them about magic and poetry.  They all denied that poetry is magical in nature.  The idea of their art needing magic to make it richer and add depth was contrary to their desire to establish literary credentials and to celebrate their artistic freedom. 

  For me, all communication is magical in nature.  To grasp another’s intent, to understand the truth of the context or situation in which communication occurs, and to sense the multiplicity in the vibration of the words expressed—to comprehend this richness of life as it unfolds requires a magically trained will.  Otherwise, you simply miss your opportunities.

   To really understand others you need a near divine level of empathy and a skill with telepathy.  This is in part why we still have wars and hatred and all manner of injustice around the world.  The basic skills required for understanding each other are still lacking.  And poets, those who inspire, have failed miserably in contributing to a solution due to their arrogance, their obsession with socially acceptable techniques, and their lack of spiritual training.

   You can make this right.  Do some training in a genuine magical system so that you sense The Great Harmony underlying the universe.  Everything else flows from this.

    A bardic magician is not less of a magician.  On the contrary, as his bardic voice warms up you begin to see one who is master of the power of the Spoken Word.  That is, he is experienced in the cosmic language.  Thus, through his art, the light of divinity shines upon the soul of humanity. 

   When he talks about peace, you can bet he knows and is planning more than all the prophets of Israel regarding the ideals of justice and how to establish justice on earth.  When he speaks of personal love, you can bet he has mingled with the souls of the spirits of Venus and the undines.  When he says love has such and such depths, he has been there.  He has tasted the ecstasies.  He knows of what he speaks.

   When he speaks of the cost of wisdom, you can lay odds he has survived where others have died in this pursuit.  When he speaks of the soul of humanity, you can also well imagine that he can place his consciousness directly within the heart and mind of anyone on earth if that is required for his work. 

   And when he uses the word beauty he is not speaking of a quality of art or perception.  No, not at all.  He is describing the laws of the universe, the laws that govern the manifestation of matter, life, and spirit.  He uses the word beauty instead of laws because he is revealing paths of transformation.  And in regard to these paths, it is his experience that each person has his or her own unique path to follow.  Ultimately, like love, beauty demands you give all if you wish to partake of its wonder, its depths, and its ecstasy.   


 You may in your own life time receive recognition depending on your skills.  Shakespeare actually made money while still alive.  William Blake did not. 

   J.K. Rowling has generated a billion dollars though her fantasy series. J.R.R. Tolkien’s writings came into their own only after he was dead.   


 Like the Establish a New Religion mission, you have to understand the cost of this form of art.  Like the maiden who gives her entire heart and soul to the one she loves, you have to be in love with the beauty of the universe. 

  This beauty is not abstract and impersonal.  It vibrates within your nervous system.  When others are upset about being slighted or unhappy with not getting their way, you feel pure ecstasy shining down from the stars at night.  Because you hear the songs the stars sing. 

  Whereas others think about sex and their social status, you perceive the mysteries unfolding in the depths of others’ hearts.  You sense how each desire contains a divine fire hidden within it. 

   And what is far worse, you may well end up spending as much if not more time in the invisible realms, in the Blessed Isles, in the kingdoms of the elementals, or among spirits of the planetary zones than you spend with other human beings. 

   There is no glamour here.  This creates acute isolation of soul unless you find a way to share what you have seen.  Or, as it is said of the fire elves of whom no one is sure if they are of human or magical origin, “They have died and been reborn many times following paths of beauty.”    



 Global Prophet at Large—Job Opening, Apply NOW

 The human race is in an extremely vulnerable situation in regard to its survival.  Survival, in case you have not noticed, is never given. You can never take it for granted.  Only a fool would do so.  Gee, we already have at least three other intelligent species on this planet that are now extinct. Hello?

 Job Title: Secular Prophet, divinely inspired

 Requirements: The Old Testament actually has the phrase in it—“schools for prophets.”  I would have liked to have attended a school for prophets when I got out of college.  But I checked the seminar curriculums and as you can imagine none of them had becoming a prophet among their classes.

  So, I do not know where to refer you to a school for prophets other than the earthzone itself.  Here you will find some very fine spirits such as those referred to as Ugolog or Cigila who specialize in seeing the future.  The cosmic letter UE is also a sure thing in this regard.  

   But this is not a dumb ass “Gee, let me tell you what shall be” approach.  Anyone good at scrying can do that.  No, we need something real for a change.  We need someone to see the major disasters that will happen to humanity.

   And then comes the real work: offer specific ways to prepare for or to remedy these catastrophes so as to reduce suffering on earth.  This is not meant to be a wishy-washy kind of “Gee, let us get ready.  Let me point at the charts with my light pencil and show you the statistics—my cute little diagrams--which I have carefully fabricated so as to convince you that I am right.”   

   No, you have to speak with a voice of thunder to get your point across.  You will have to have the charisma to convince the world to actually do something. 

   And you will have to do this without the horrendous mistake that almost all reformers make: they feel their ideas are not quite convincing enough on their own.  So they tie their ideas to some sort of ideology or conceptual philosophy or social movement in order to give it credentials.  Like Marx or Lenin with Hegel or Martin Luther with the Bible, they want to convince you they have an infallible source that makes what they predict inevitable.  Big mistake. Always. 

   A good idea needs no credentials or ideology to back it up.  Like I say, you just need someone to speak with a voice of thunder.     
  The other requirement?   To see clearly you will have to pass beyond all fear otherwise the truth will not appear.   

Method:  Get good at seeing the future.  Make predictions that are 95% reliable.  Then start adding in solutions which you have passed through the minds of some of the major think tanks on earth so that your solutions and recommendations check out before you enunciate them publically. 

 Advantages: Duh, save humanity?

 Disadvantages: Prophets like this appear only once every five hundred years or so.  But you can bet on this—now is very good time and there is very definitely a divine opening at this moment in history. 

  All sorts of divine beings are sitting there up in akasha just waiting, waiting, waiting for some serious individuals to apply for this position.   I tell you, the suspense in the spiritual worlds is immense.  They are asking …can’t you hear this? They are saying, Who will come forward to save mankind from its inevitable destruction?

   Well, we shall see, won’t we if after twenty years someone bothered to take this job position seriously.  I mean, how many billions of people are on this planet? Are there not one or two who are willing to step forward and confront the spiritual world with the full power of their will to alter human destiny in a positive direction for a change?  



 Master of Nature—Job Openings, Now Available

 Many of you could see this one coming.  Read a little Franz Bardon and almost at the beginning you begin fantasizing about this stuff. 

   Okay.  Here it is: specialize in working with the energy of nature, the elemental beings in particular, in order to benefit mankind. 

  Sometimes this will take you to higher spheres but even so it is your potency on the physical, etheric, and astral planes that grants you your authority.   

  Job Title: Master of the Elements

 Requirements: Work with the four elements, the four elemental beings, and appropriate higher spirits to protect life on earth and to guide mankind toward its next step in evolution.  


 The method is obvious when we answer the question, Why this mission?   


 Worried about the year 2012 when the world is prophecized by many traditions to come to an end?  On December 21 of 2012 the earth and sun are aligned with the center of the galaxy.  It is also the time when sun spots are at their height.  The simple astronomical alignment could trigger a solar eruption. 

   It happened in 1859.  A solar eruption caused the sky to light up at night, gold miners in California awoke at 2 AM thinking the sun had risen, and telegraph operators all over the United States received electrical shocks when they touched their instruments. 

    The same event now would wipe out electronic communication, electrical devices, and power grids around the world.  Within weeks, people would begin starving all over the earth.  Well, the very poor and the Amish might not notice, not if they do not use electrical devices.  Their lives would remain unchanged. 

   How does this relate?  If you know Pyrhum and some of the other salamanders quite well on earth, it would then be relatively easy for you to contact say the first genius of the Sun sphere.  Bardon mentions that Emnasut guards and controls the original element of fire in the whole cosmic hierarchy, on all planets and in all spheres.” 

   Propose a deal.  Ask what is needed to direct the solar flair in a different direction.  Postpone for a day or two or shift its vector in another direction.  You can always ask.  As I suggest, you can get pretty much anything you want in life if you are willing to pay the price.      

  See my article on Emnasut on my web site:


  And what about a super volcano, like the one under Yellow Stone National Park?  An eruption, like those in the past (and we are overdue) could wipe out a third of the United States and trigger a global economic catastrophe.  Check out the salamander Orudu.  He specializes in the movement of tectonic planets.  A hot spot or a vast magma filled cavern? Well, that is child’s play for him. 

   See for example,


Part I

 Or maybe the problem is with the sudden onset of an ice age.  Historical evidence suggests that an ice age can arrive in as short a period of time as twenty years.  We would lose half the population of the earth should that occur during our lives.  All that talk about global warming and the rising oceans is interesting.  But that is nothing compared to what accompanies global warming: the North Atlantic current shuts down and then the planet’s air conditioner shifts from hot to cold.

  Who you gonna call?  Try Cargoste—the supreme master of the atmosphere of this planet.  I doubt that there are many planets in our quadrant of the galaxy that have a being with his degree of mastery over the air element and the atmosphere.  See

   Cargoste is an absolute master of the enlightened mind.  His skill is beyond anything any Buddhist master on earth can even dream about.  But do not take my word for it.  Project your mind into the minds of various Buddhist masters and then project inside of Cargoste’s mind.  You will notice right away the difference.    

   This sylph holds the entire atmosphere of our planet within his consciousness without the need to rely on thoughts or imagery to comprehend every wind and atmospheric condition.  What is my point?  My point is that Cargoste, this one sylph, could postpone an ice age by twenty years almost effortlessly. 

   But to gain his confidence and interest in your needs and the needs of humanity, well, you would have to hang out with him, get to know him, become his friend.  Ordinary sylphs are aloof and detached as it is.  Working with Cargoste requires to you actually explore the nature of the enlightened mind.  The philosophers and magicians in the Western world can basically offer you no help in this regard.  You will have to do your own investigation and exercise a degree of creativity if you want to accomplish a mission of this magnitude in regard to the element of air. 

  But no one said it would be easy.  I am saying it is possible.  You just need to love the air element, the enlightened mind, and wisdom as vast as the sky.     

 Part II

 Oh, by the way, every hurricane has a presiding spirit that controls it.  If you have a degree of telepathy or a feel for identifying with the sky in your mind, it is like picking up a phone and talking to someone—you can interact with the spirit of the hurricane with a fair amount of ease.  The next step, changing the course of the hurricane so it does not destroy a major city—this is routine.  Just exert your will and your authority: if you are one with the air element then it is willing to follow your direction as to its destination.  

   I spent a brief time with one of the Dalai Lama’s weather controllers.  He could stop a thunderstorm for three days, bottle it up so to speak, until a outdoor ceremony was complete.  And then he unleashed its rain. 

  It is beyond me why every major city on the sea where hurricanes ply do not have a master of the air element in residency.  I tell you it is a lot cheaper than the billions of dollars that the insurance companies pay out. 

   It is not that difficult a thing to do.  Just find the sylph within you, love the sky, its beauty and harmony; when you breathe in feel the winds of the earth are flowing through your chest, be open and empty as the sky in your mind, mirror like, clear, with a touch of compassion thrown in. 

   It is the most natural of things.  That is why it is totally beyond me why others don’t already do and teach these things. 

   It is an absolute shame—an embarrassment to this planet--that in the Zen monastery with its koans or the Vipassana retreat with its focus on the breath that they do not throw in how to control the wind just to keep you in the know as to how the real world goes. 

   It is inconceivable to me that in the university where they teach meteorology they don’t also have lab assignments into how to dissolve or create a cloud by focusing your eyes on a blue sky and stilling your mind. 

  What scientists lack in this regard is not curiosity.  It is a love of beauty.  It is the heart that asks us to discover this truth: that we can become one with the universe in our consciousness.  This is in fact why this planet exists: to empower a race to accomplish this.  Should we fail, the planet will find another race that accepts the challenge and is equal to the task.    

   In other words, if you are going to meditate on the air element, do not hold back.    


I have already mentioned two divine missions relating to water and the feminine mysteries based on the undine queens Istiphul and Isaphil. 

   These are useful for preventing wars on earth, for establishing justice between the nations, and setting a new direction for human destiny.  Gee, it seems we could use a little help in that regard—call it cultural engineering: defining and designing new destines appropriate for our current stage of evolution.  

   The water element is not of lesser degree of difficulty than those of fire and air.  On the contrary, the undine queens Isaphil and Istiphul have been kept secret from mankind for untold ages because we simply have been too weak to endure their beauty.  Had we been exposed prematurely, we would never have developed science and technology.  Sometimes you have to grow and mature before you confront the deep mysteries of life.  Their beauty is breathtaking.    


 What about earth? What’s going on here? Earthquakes? This mission relates more to the next book that Bardon wished to publish but did not get to.  Some say the book is there already to be read on the astral plane. 

   Whatever the case, I suggest someone work with the gnomes such as Mentifil to produce a consumer friendly internal alchemy—a set of meditations relating to the earth element that vastly enhances health and vitality.  Get to know your body from the inside.  Study vitality from every aspect so that you understand how to heal naturally and also accomplish this through your direct psychic perception into how to harmonize the body’s health. 

   Alchemy is basically a purification and refinement of the natural processes within nature leading to a quintessence.  Something is produced that enhances and perfects life force in every aspect.  This is also something you can produce within your own body, a refinement of the vitality already within you.    

   The purpose here in part, as with the water element, is to help define what it is to be a human being.  We are at the edge of redesigning our DNA, utilizing various cybernetic implants to increase our awareness and physical strength, interconnecting the brain to computers, etc.  We are on the verge of cloning whatever organs we need to replace in ourselves.  It is not science fiction.  We are already doing these things externally. 

   Consequently, it is time to actually reveal the methods for transforming the life force in our bodies through magic based meditations so that we understand the natural potential for health and immortality that already exists within us.   This task belongs to a master of the earth element.     

Oh, one other problem with earth. Edgar Cayce prophesized that the earth’s axis of rotation would change. That would most likely cause huge tsunamis, storms both of weather and magnetism, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.  (See the trailer for the movie, 2012). Can any spirit deal with that? Why yes, a few of the lunar sphere can.  They have been meditating on the gravity of the earth and moon for hundreds of millions of years.  The distance between Copernicus and Einstein is what, three hundred and fifty years? Imagine what you could do with millions of years.  If you are a master of water and earth it will be relatively easy for you to contact these spirits.  They will regard you as an old friend of the family and take under advisement any recommendations you might make.          


  If you love nature, then the advantages are obvious: you get to do what you enjoy most doing.  You get to study and master the energies underlying nature.  Nature is the training ground where the paths of spirit are found.  You get a fabulous introduction to the spiritual world in its first stages of development.  And you get to do something that benefits others in the process. 

   There are many with altruistic motives who seek to benefit others.  They just lack any spiritual power to aid them with their purposes.  I sometimes think many of these really committed and dedicated individuals never get around to asking themselves, How do I get this job done in the most effective way?  I am constantly asking that question, How do I solve such and such a problem?  The difference is, I utilize my full psychic powers as I seek answers.  That is, I incorporate the spiritual world into my will.      


 Try to remember the quote, “All power is given from above.”  In other words, do not let your power go to your head.  There is always someone watching those who exercise divine power. 

   You are permitted to make mistakes.  That is how we all learn.  But if you persist in acting out of arrogance (which is simply assuming you know more than you do) or if you should abuse your powers, then your spiritual credentials can be suspended or yanked at any time. 

   The king of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, spent seven years on his hands and knees eating grass in the fields as a way to learn about humility.  Try to avoid arrogance and wandering through the fields on your hands and knees. 

  In other words, having powers others do not possess makes you a kind of superman.  It can go to your head.  Make sure you keep your Clark Kent in good condition so your ego does not take the wrong position.        



 Agent of Divine Providence: Uncover the Mystery Unfolding in Another’s Life—Job Positions Available now

 This mission I first experienced during a Led Zeppelin concert (an English heavy metal band) in 1969 in Chicago, Illinois.  During the concert, I entered the sphere of Jupiter and there perceived three divine beings playing instruments as another person told and also relived every moment of his life. 

    The three beings took the story and transformed it into beauty.  They took the pain and turned it into light.  They took the personal history and revealed within it a divine mystery unfolding. 

   I promised myself at that time that I would find a way to embody this vision within myself.  Writing about this mission and listening to life stories are a beginning. 

     For a brief time and to the extent your skills permit, your eyes, your ears, and your feelings hold another’s soul in your hands through the magical art of listening.  You become a “listening silence.” You offer another person a chance to tell the story of his or her life from the beginning to the present. 

   Storytelling is perhaps the oldest form of culture on earth. But a story requires a listener.  As you listen, your silence becomes the light of Divine Providence with its power to transform both your own and the other person’s life.  

 Title: Divine Agent   

 (Note: the title, Divine Agent, actually refers back to the time in Chinese history when the emperor would give his signatory ring to an individual who he wanted to investigate some matter concerning the survival of the empire.  The “imperial agent” then had authority over everyone in the empire save the emperor himself.  He could, for example, take command of armies or investigate anyone. 

   But he usually operated in secret.  He was a covert agent.  He ignored everything except what he needed to find out in order to fulfill his mission. 

  In the sense of this mission, you are operating under the authority of Divine Providence.  It is not the safety of an empire that is at stake.  It is discovering the light within another’s life that you seek.)  

 Requirements: there are no requirements for this mission, not even basic listening skills.  Then again, we could easily integrate six other divine missions into this one.  It all depends on when and where you want to begin and how far you want to go. 

   Ultimately? The goal is to listen so well Divine Providence considers you part of itself.  In this mission, the way you listen is as important as the story the other person is telling.  It takes two to complete this mission—the story telling and the listening flow in and through each other. 


 Most people do not realize that the story of their life has any value.  They don’t understand why someone would be interested. 

    Yet an actual guardian angel who is well trained holds every moment of your life in his consciousness.  And akasha, the creator of life itself, considers your life a work of art, a masterpiece, high drama, pure poetry, the mystery of the universe unfolding.  Life seeks to know itself through your experience.      

   Somehow, fool, trick, bribe enchant, persuade, or trade someone into telling you his or her story.  Keep it simple.  Start with, “Tell me the story of your life beginning with your first memory.” Then go event by event and year by year from there.  

   Listen carefully to what the person says.  Stay on topic.  Follow the story line.  To the extent you listen, the magic happens.  Most likely, no one else will ever do this thing you are doing for this person. 

  Remember to offer confidentiality. And also to emphasize that the individual is only being asked to talk about things that fall within his or her comfort level.  It is the other’s story.  He or she can go into it or not according to his or her own interests. 

 Now then, a few thoughts on method.

 Active listening.  In active listening, you do two things.  You paraphrase the content—the ideas--of what a person has said.  And separately you describe the feeling with which the other person expresses what is said. 

   People are often unaware of their own emotions as they talk. They may not realize they are angry or sad, enthusiastic or worried.  By asking or trying to describe what they are feeling you give the other person a chance to clarify for himself what he feels. 

   Active listening is a form of feedback.  You do not have to be accurate, only close.  People look in the mirror.  They may be surprised with how good they look or how bad.  But until they look they do not have that feedback.  You are giving them a chance to look at themselves more closely and make up their own mind about how they feel.   

   For example, I pointed out to one person that as he told the story of his life he looked most alive and enthusiastic—his face lit up—when he talked about a drawing class and the colors of the paints when he was age five.  So I asked if he might consider doing more with painting or working with colors in some way now later in life. The comment gives him a chance to review his own feelings and experiences.  

 Incongruity.  Incongruity is the difference between what a person is saying and the feelings expressed though body language—facial expression, gestures, intonation, or even word choice.  Incongruity is one way in which words and feelings may not be in sync. 

   An individual says “It did not bother me” but his face darkens, his eyes turn hard, his voice changes pitch, his muscles tighten, etc.  That is an incongruity between what is said and what appears in the body.  

   In a case like this you can simply point out the changes in body language.  Another example, “As you talked about her you started speaking slower and with a quieter voice than the way you were talking before.  What were you feeling?”  Or, “You say you love him but he did all those terrible things to you.  Did you also experience some anger with him too?”

  I explained to one woman briefly a scale of physical reactions and also emotions relating to anger.  I asked, “On a scale of one to ten, how angry were you at him?” It seemed that in her body language and word choices she was expressing anger at around a five when the events suggested it might have been much stronger.  Her response was on a scale of one to ten it was a “Twelve.” Her response gave us both a clearer picture.    

Empathy.  There are many books on empathy.  Empathy is the ability to feel what others feel.  This does not mean you are in the same emotional state or frame of mind as the other person.  However, at a minimum, it means you can sense what the other is going through by imagining how you would react in the same circumstances. 

    Larry King, a TV talk show host, often uses questions that establish empathy with his listeners.  In his case, he will begin with a statement of fact and then follow with a question. 

    For example, “You mentioned that this is a new job assignment for you in a field in which you have no previous experience.  I am guessing that you had moments of doubt about your abilities the first few months?” And then even though the other person is on TV with millions of people watching, the guest will say something like “No one has ever asked me about this.  Yes. It was a terrible struggle until the second year.” Larry just got someone he never met before to disclose something personal he had never shared with anyone else.  Empathy, even as a linguistic tool, is very powerful.      

 You have to be careful with empathy.  Empathy seems like it is passive or only responding to the other.  I tell people who think that femininity is weak or submissive that empathy can control just as easily as it can be receptive. 

  If you feel what another feels and the other person senses this, then you can change the way you feel and the other tends to change also without even knowing that this is happening. Consequently, you do not want to be overly sympathetic or signal to the other that you feel how horrible or wonderful whatever it is that was experienced.  You want the other to discover for him or herself what is felt.   

   You do not want to define others’s feelings for them by indicating your feelings are already perfectly clear about the meaning of what occurred. 

   Salesmen are constantly doing this.  They act like your best friend so they can sell you something.  

  I met a real empath not long ago.  She turned her immense powers of psychic sensitivity on me and conveyed in an instant that she understood who I was and what I was seeking to accomplish. 

   I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.  My empathy told me that though she sensed what was in me she did not really care.  She was using her ability to sell me something.  Her heart was not in her response.  She was a highly skilled manipulator.  And the man she was married to was incredibly drained.  You have to actually care about others if you want the other’s story to be heard rather than your own agendas fulfilled.        

  Tracking, summarizing.  Tracking and summarizing are similar to empathy in the above example.  In this case, you make multiple observations and then tie them into a question or general observation about a pattern. 

   For example, “You began by mentioning that that you did not really remember much from that year. And then you went into great detail about several life defining events.  It seems that now you are better able to cope with what you went through than you were then.  Is that true?” 

  In this example, you are mentioning differences that have occurred at two different points in time and then asking why.       

 Self-disclosure.  In self-disclosure, you relate a story from your own experience that is similar in nature to the other person’s.  But you never do this to share your self or to turn the focus of the conversation back to you. 

  Self-disclosure enables the other person to consider again what they went through.  It is one of the few times that comparison is helpful because it enables the other to go deeper into the past by asking new questions about what was experienced. 

  For example, “What happened to me when I had a similar confrontation was that I never spoke with anyone again about that topic.  What did you do in the situation you mention?”  It allows the other to think more clearly about his or her experience.       

 Stages of life.  Some who specialize in telling the life story, like Ira Progoff in Intensive Journal, like to have the individual define for himself the stages of his own life.  It is the individual creating for himself his own subjective and personal reference points. 

  It is nice and all to point out the general patterns all people tend to go through.  But we have a specific individual in front of us and his words and ways of looking at himself are far more interesting and important than statistics or general patterns.    

  You can get a person to talk about this by simply asking, “If this time period had defining boundaries, where would you say it began and when did it come to an end?”  Someone might say in response, “It began when I started thinking about getting ready for college.  I got very active in sports and started studying seriously.  My interest in sports ended when I could no longer keep up with the level of competition I ran into in college.  That was also when I became confused about my career goals.”   

 Inner and Outer Flow of Life; How they Correlate.  In this method, you track the outer, real world events that occurred in the individual’s stage of life.  Then you also note the inner flow of life going on within or underneath it.      

  Maybe there was a great deal of activity, success and popularity going on in his or her outer life. But inside, in terms of feeling, the individual sensed that this was irrelevant.  Deeper feelings and desires were not being expressed. 

  Or the opposite, when everything was going wrong suddenly there was perfect clarity about what was most important.  A new sense of direction and purpose arose.

  In these examples, there is a separation between the “flow” of life in the inner and outer worlds of the person.  The next step here is to ask about how these two were connected.  Maybe the person was in no way bothered by the separation or disharmony.  Maybe even a slight difference was disturbing as in “I achieved what I wanted.  Why wasn’t I happy?”     

  In any case, it helps to find an image or words to express the dissonance or conflict or connection.  It is a way of summarizing or capturing the dynamics of a particular life stage.  The inner and outer worlds each have their own energies.  Obviously there is more energy if they flow as one.  And just as true there is a chance to learn far more than what was known before if they are in some way opposed.

 Resonating.  Resonating is simply moving back and forth between what is expressed and the feeling that is there but which is still not completely clear.  It is finding better words to describe events and the feelings felt about those events. 

    For example, you ask, What was that like for you? The person says, It was very annoying. 

   You notice the incongruity, that is, something in the way the person describes what has happened does not seem accurate.  And so you ask about it again if the person is willing. 

   You go on, “You say ‘It was very annoying.’ Given that this has occurred a number of times in the relationships you have told me about and from the way you raise your voice as you describe it, it sounds like you would like to put an end to this if you could.  Is that right?” 

   You are simply asking the individual to find a better phrase than “very annoying.”  The phrase does not seem to express the energy actually moving though the person.  You want an image or words that “resonate” with the energy inside the individual. And so the individual might say, “I am sick of the way these men treat me. I can’t stand it when they do that.”  

   The individual is in effect “checking” to see which word, phrase, or image best fits what is felt in the body.     

 Omens, Significant, Unique, or Life Defining Events, Crossroads.   So the woman is having great difficulty with her husband.  He keeps spending the money she makes and keeps trying to manipulate her and put her down. 

   The woman visits another town.  She walks out of the hotel and runs into the one person she loved long ago in high school who is currently available.

   What is that?  That is kind of like fate.  It is like a guardian angel intervening to salvage her life.  You have to note with great clarity events that are crossroads or that appear seemingly out of no where and which offer life altering choices. 

   Someone graduates from college and is offered a job in a field totally unrelated to what she studied before.  She takes it and becomes extremely successful. 

  The individual may be “stuck” in a stage of life.  He or she is waiting for an event that connects the energies of the inner flow of life to the outer world.  The person had been waiting for a long time or a brief time.  And he or she was ready or was not ready when the opportunity arose to move on. 

   Or the inner flow kept undermining all the outer world activities, diming their brightness, destroying their life.  Until finally the person decides to make a choice that allows those inner energies to vent or flow by being creative or finding a new way to go. 

    Some people relate to me events which seem to me to be so rare they occur only every few hundred years in the Western world.  It is like some ancient archetype, some deep power hidden within the human soul has decided that this individual is to be a vehicle to express its light.  These events offer great energy and possibilities that enrich life but they also come with a great price tag.  You have to find a way to adapt to them—meet their demands--so they do not destroy your life.      

   In fact, I run into this quite often.  A woman, for example, has some astonishing ability or energy within her.  If she fails to find a way to acknowledge and express it, it haunts her life like a ghost who has been wronged and wants things made right.  If this happens to you, you have to make a greater effort than most other people to acquire peace in your life. 

  For example, an individual has an immense capacity to love others. But she is passive with her gift.  She just wants another to love her.  So she ends up stalking men.  She has an almost divine power to heal others’ wounds.  But she refuses to learn how to heal others or herself.  She thinks life owes her and that things should flow along more easily. Not getting what she expects, she tries to steal love rather than use her inner resources to create it.

   Whatever the case, it remains to the individual to find her own way.  No one possesses the ability to “illuminate” her about her ways.  There are clear patterns.  But there are no support groups, no twelve step programs for individuals who experience direct contact with the archetypes.  There are no schools you can send people to whom the divine world has chosen to move through. 

  So you have to listen carefully.  The situation is unique.  Comparisons have little or no meaning.        

 Choices.  The great lecturer on screenplay writing, Robert McKee, emphasizes that choices are what drive story.  And so there is a vocabulary for describing the dynamics of drama. 

  There is the inciting incident: something happens that changes everything for a person.  In the movie, Lord of War, the arms dealer’s wife says in effect, “All the decisions in my life until now had already been made for me.  This is the first real decision I have ever made on my own.”  And so she leaves him.

  In another movie, Good Evening Mr. Wallenberg, a man is volunteering to help rescue Jews from the Nazis.  But a rabbi doubts he has the courage or integrity to do so.  The man relates how he saw a Jew pick up his child that was thrown off a train on its way to Auschwitz.  The father was then shot.  The man says, “Seeing this was the only real thing that has ever happened in my life.” 

  When you put it that way it no longer matters whether you have or have not exercised courage or integrity in the past.  What happened was a life defining event and, in the case of this movie, an inciting incident.  The choice that follows determines everything.  The categories that describe the dynamics of movies and of choice are in some ways far in advance of the categories presented in psychology.  

  Other categories of drama are subplots, symbols, contrasting characters, object of desire, arc of the plot, climax, etc.  

   See  for my article on McKee psychology.  McKee said he liked my article about him.   

 Projection/Identification.  This is a magically induced form of empathy.  Briefly, you do active listening for ten or fifteen minutes, listening carefully and allowing the other to do the talking.

  Now you imagine you are the other person.  You imagine you are inside of the other’s body.  You imagine that you use his or her body language and voice.  You think the other’s thoughts, possess the other’s memories, and feel the other’s feelings. 

  And now you wait until you can note a specific, concrete, and physical sensation in your body in response to imagining you are the other person.  This is not something that is intended to be shared. 

  When you get this sensation of being the other person, focus on it.  Allow it to tell you something new.  What is it like for you?  Is it also symbolic?  Is it an image?  Does it express the inner flow of the other’s life?

   What it does is give a direct body to body and heart to heat connection to the other person.  For a brief period or longer you are now connected to this person in a way that no one else in the world is. 

  Like I say, it is magically induced empathy to be used if you really have no feel for empathy or if there is a high level of difficulty in attaining rapport.  People rarely abuse this because it takes an actual effort to do it right.  People usually think that this level of rapport should happen naturally and so they never bother to make it happen. 

  But as an agent of Divine Providence this is child’s play. You can go far, far deeper than this in connecting to the soul within the other.          

 A listening space as in contemplative listening.  Now then, similar to the way I describe how to contemplate a picture of a woman, you listen with an empty mind as if the words being spoken are your own life unfolding.  You do not suspend your other listening skills.  But at some level in this form of listening you put your identity aside.  See my article on viewing pictures of women as symbols of the divine feminine:

   As you listen, you no longer exist. You no longer have a name or personal history. All that exists is the story being told.  There is nothing else in your awareness. 

   At this point you can ask, What is going on underneath or behind the story? What words or images express it best? You feel for the energy within the other’s life.  You have to be very open and empty of content in your self if you are to feel these energies move through you. 

  It is enough just to be aware of the energy.  But you are also free to ask what the other’s sense of his or her life energy is as well.    

   Since I photograph models looking for images of the feminine archetypes, I often have models tell me their life stories. I usually study the woman’s aura and energy before I do a shoot. In fact I write a poem about her inner life before I meet her. 

   Listening to her story clarifies what I have and have not sensed about her.  And she gives me new ideas about what to look for.  I can sense her inner life but I do not know how she has adapted to her experiences in the outer world.    

   In these cases, I video tape the model talking.  I usually do between two and four hours of listening.  Some people, however, such as relatives, it is easy to do ten to fifteen hours. 

  I notice that videotaping actually improves my memory.  Memory tries harder when it knows there is an external source to determine its accuracy.

 The Undine Power of Foreseeing.  An undine might say, “It is easy to see what will happen but not always easy to see when.”  What an undine does in her form of empathy is to sense another’s deepest needs, desires, and dreams.  She then imagines that those things are satisfied and fulfilled right now. 

  Actually for an undine, this is effortless. There is no imagination required. The magnetic field of her aura both senses what is within another and it creates the dream in which the other’s desires are satisfied.  It is a feminine power our world knows next to nothing about. 

   But we do comprehend the concept of blessing another.  Try it. After careful listening, imagine that the deepest desires of the other are satisfied and that the other’s deepest dreams are fulfilled. 

Visualize this person right now as being in a state of completion, of being whole—it is a feeling, a thought, and a picture.  You can put all three together.  And it is the act of daring—you accept the person as he or she is and also you dream what the person can be.  

  In the beginning I said you could put six other divine missions within this one.  This is one step in that direction.       


 I can well imagine that most people would have no interest in this kind of listening. They would find it boring and without purpose.  After all, you have to pay a therapist to listen to you.  But no one will be paying you to listen.  But the four elements are in it.


Fire is tenacious—it wants to find the divine.  It knows it is there. It wants to find the divine light that is burning in and yet hidden within others’ desires.  It wants to find the other’s secret inner source of inspiration.  It wants to know what is at the core of another’s being. 

In each person is a divine spark of creation.  This spark is absolutely unique and there is nothing else like it anywhere.  Fire sees this and seeks to reveal it.  Each person is a jewel containing eternity.  Fire wants the light to shine.

What does that mean in terms of listening?  Is there some specific thing you are looking for? It is not like that.  When you listen you seek to allow the other’s life to appear in its own words, in its own way, and in its own time.  No one knows what is there until the words are shared. 

Fire listens with an intensity and a sense of suspense that enables this to happen.     

The air element? Listening itself is an aspect of the air element—sound, mental vibrations, and words spoken.  Air, like the sky, can be so clear it can hold within its awareness the entire story of the other’s life all at once.  It can sense the vibration, the song, the note that encompasses everything that is told.   

Air is also big on equality.  Buddhists point this out as well: no one is ahead of anyone else in life.  Some just have more experience or opportunity. 

For air, we are all exactly equal.  Air could care less about self-images or who is ahead of someone else.  We are all like images that appear or disappear in a mirror.  Some become attached to the face that they see.  But deep within us, our awareness is like the sky itself—it has no barriers or boundaries and light of any kind is free to move through it.     

Air listens with openness and detachment that enables clarity to appear.  And it is air that “seeks to touch life with tenderness.” Air brings artistic sensitivity and appreciation to the process.  

 Water?  For water, we are all one with each other.  We are not separate, you or I, but join as one within the celebration for which the universe has been created.  That is water.  Water can feel another’s feelings as if they are its own. 

But even more, water is love.  And in its deep mystery and magic, water as love offers its own life and inspiration to complete what is missing in another.  Just by listening you are giving part of your self to make the other whole. 

Water also heals.  How? It holds the other person in its heart.  This is one of the deep mysteries of life.  It is how you feel a part of rather than separate. 

You accept another as he or she is but you also wish for the other the best outcome.  As I mentioned under undine empathy, this is called daring.   Without this ability to dream another’s dream and wish for another the best—without these things, run away from magic as fast as you can.  Because the magic that comes to you will not be your friend.        

 Earth? Earth appreciates history—the form things take.  We are specific and unique as is history.  Our journey in life is our own.  No one else’s is quite like it. 

Earth is after the story.  It wants the record.  It wants the knowledge.  If you listen persevering like earth, you learn from the other.  You have your life; but now you have more. 

You have walked beside another on the other’s path through life. In doing so something of the other’s life is now your own just as something of the peace and clarity and love with which you listen is now a part of the other person.

In summary, listening to another’s life is a way of developing and exploring the four elements in your self.  Though you may be one hundred per cent focused on the other, it is also the story of your own life that you will hear again and again.  Your own story will appear in a new form through the way you listen and through what is being told.            

 Earth listens with inner silence.  This silence has magical power: it shelters and protects, it holds within its heart, until the treasures hidden in the other’s life are ready to be revealed.    

 Other advantages? When I listen, I discover in others’ lives that there are stories about things that our world knows nothing about.  There are events that occur that history does not record, literature does not describe, psychology can not comprehend, and religion can not fathom.  An agent of Divine Providence, and you can bet on this, discovers things going on in life that others can not even imagine.  

 Also, Solomon from Proverbs: “Even a fool, when he keeps silent, is considered wise.”  Why? What is it about someone who keeps silent rather than speaking, judging, or explaining things away?   

Listening instead of speaking brings the vast, open, and timeless quality of eternity to the discussion.  Your silence is like the vibration of eternity being present, silently watching.  Eternity or akasha is always right here in every moment.  Become this presence; become its agent.  


 If you are an extrovert, you might want to save your self some time and read about some other mission.  You probably have no chance with this one. 

An extrovert is all about action. His brain searches for something to do rather than for something to feel.  It is not that he can’t feel.  It is just that if he is going to feel, he feels as he acts, not as he reflects on options and actions.    

No, you need to be able to appreciate a story as it is being told for this mission.  It is a telling but a telling that is all about looking within.  Extroverts literally lack the brain chemistry for this kind of thing.  The exception would be if they are studying brain chemistry and hook someone up to a MRI in order to observe the electrical patterns.  Then they have something “real” to hold on to.  

I mention this in passing because our entire world is extroverted.  I am just compensating for this excessive imbalance toward the outer by empowering a means for looking within.     

The other disadvantage is you need to know both how to keep secrets and when to keep silent. Listening is not about you or your ego or validating your self in the process.  Teach a class on listening and you always notice how some people who are supposed to be listening can not stand if the conversation is not focused on them for any period of time.  They want to bring the focus back to themselves.  You have to get past your ego to listen well.  Some self-disclose but then they forget to stop talking about themselves.  

Also, on occasion, someone will relate something that challenges your life assumptions.  You need to get beyond that.  Again, the focus of the story telling is not on you.  It is about what is unfolding within the other person. 

Try to remember this: experience contains its own light.  You give that light a place to shine by the power of silence in your listening.  You do not impose upon the other’s experience ideas, images, or words that come from somewhere else.  Or, as I said before, you let others find their own truth in their own way and in their own time.  No one knows the outcome or what is hidden within.

Also, a story is not over even when it is done.  It lives within you.  It continues to be told, to unfold, and to reveal new things.  But for the story to do this you must hold the other person within your heart.  Again, it is a divine mission.  We “live, move, and have our being” within the light of Divine Providence, within the gifts it gives.  Offer something of that light and life to others.        




Guardian ad Litem for Atlantis—Position Immediately Available


In 1940, the “sleeping prophet,” Edgar Cayce, predicated that the lost continent of Atlantis would be rediscovered in 1969 off of Bimini in the Bermuda Triangle.  In 1970, Ray Brown and two other men (as mentioned on the Discovery Channel on TV) found three pyramids underneath shifting sand twenty miles off of Bimini. 

   Five years later in 1975, I attended a lecture by Ray Brown in Phoenix, Arizona shortly after he first publically disclosed that he had taken a crystal ball from one of the pyramids.  The other two men suffered unfortunate accidents. There were three perfectly aligned triangles in the crystal ball.  Ray also mentioned that the crystal ball would on occasion light up a room for no apparent reason. 

    He also mentioned that there was a metal pole extending down from the ceiling in the pyramid that he could not even scratch with a knife.  The ball was held in the pyramid by two apparently bronze hands.  As of today, the pyramids have not been revisited beneath the ocean.         

   Technically speaking, given the difference of a year, Edgar Cayce’s prophecy about the rediscovery of Atlantis was accurate.  No one in our civilization, however, seems to have pursued this discovery.

  Note also the predication by Cayce that a storage chamber of Atlantean archives is buried under one of the paws of the Sphinx in Egypt.  Archeologists have determined using scientific instruments that there is in fact a room beneath the ground with items in it underneath one of the paws.  But this room has not yet been excavated.  Apparently the Egyptians do not want to be the ones to reveal the most significant cultural, religious, and scientific find in the last ten thousand years.  Let me say that slightly differently: the Egyptian government does not want to risk having in its possession knowledge of science beyond the knowledge of our world. 


A personal message from William R. Mistele to the Minister of Culture, Egypt.


Dear  Farouk Hosny,


If you sit on this you will lose the fame and glory that occurs once in ten thousand years because someone more adventurous than you will inevitably discover these wonders somewhere else on earth.  Consider, if someone asks you, “Farouk, What did you do last weekend?”  You can say, “The usual” or you can say, “We did something that will astonish the entire world.”  Your call.


After due consideration, I am pleased to announce the creation of a new position as Guardian ad Litem or General Magical Administrator to oversee all aspects of revealing to the world the civilization of Atlantis, not as a myth or legend, but with real archeological sites carefully excavated. 

  This is it folks.  It is time for us to recapture the knowledge of a civilization that once existed on earth that was far more advanced than we currently are in science and in magic. 

  Why now? Are the karmic obstacles ready to be overcome? Why it would be a shame for our civilization to come to any number of unfortunate ends without at least giving us a shot at utilizing the experience of others who went before us in the great journey toward ascending into the light.  Not that our world is very bright about magic, how to use science, or even about how to get along with each other.  It is just that there are many responsible people who have been complaining bitterly to Divine Providence that the wisdom and knowledge they once had long ago on earth still remains hidden from us today. 

  In fact, in part due to Edgar Cayce’s prophecy, I myself acquired an advanced degree in linguistics so as to help translates the written language of Atlantis.  I got my degree in 1975, the same year that Ray Brown revealed to the world that he had found Atlantis.  That was a while ago.



Job Title: Guardian/Administrator/Patron for the Rediscovery of Atlantis


Requirements: Technically speaking, there are two requirements for this mission.  An individual will need to embody in himself the vibration of the sphere of Jupiter.  That is, he will need to be a nearly perfect example of an individual of great inspiration who is dedicated to working for the benefit of mankind.  In other words, no secret intelligence operations here.  No CIA, NSA, or anyone else classifying this knowledge.  It is to be revealed to the whole world.  Screw around with this principle of utilizing this knowledge for the benefit of mankind as a whole and you just might again lose your entire civilization in one day as befell Atlantis. 

  Second, an individual will also need to embody the vibration of the sphere of Mars.  That is, we have people in our civilization that have great will power.  But honestly, you will be very hard pressed to find anyone at all who joins his will to the primordial powers unfolding the universe.  Atlantis had power of a cosmic dimension that was both of a scientific and of a magical nature.  You can not reacquire that ancient knowledge without also matching the level of will power that existed in that civilization. 

  Can I give an example? For one, there were trained individuals in Atlantis who could join their minds directly with a large number of other individual’s minds in order to solve various problems.  This is not a chat room or video conferencing kind of thing.  This is a brain to brain, mental vibration to mental vibration direct connection between individuals’ minds.  Their minds could become one.  To do this, they utilized great will power beyond what we currently understand in our world.  It is just a skill. Some individuals are already showing first indications of acquiring this kind of advanced telepathic ability anyway.  


Oh, one other requirement. You recall I am sure that Boeing Aircraft has already commissioned years ago research on antigravity engines for airplanes.  The use of antigravity for airplanes was known in Atlantis but this knowledge was later withdrawn from mankind, kind of like we lost our rights to that level of scientific knowledge with its applications. 

  Please check, therefore with several spirits about this problem of again offering mankind this restricted knowledge.  Consult with “Losimon” in seven degrees of the earthzone who “knows in what way and under what circumstances the phenomena of those days (the oldest people’s of the world) could be brought back today.” Losimon also personally reveals the secret of levitation and the means for controlling gravity.   

  Also “Astolitu,” 28 degrees Virgo, is “a special custodian of magic keys and secrets.” He too reveals the secrets of gravitation and its practical applications.  As Bardon describes, “Long before our civilization—many thousands of years ago—our earth was inhabited by people with a high civilization who were far advanced in comparison to us in the techniques of aviation. To them gravity was no problem. They entered airplanes without motors or gas chambers to fly to the loftiest places reaching speeds equivalent to the rotational speed of our earth, transported without any effort and without mechanical help the heaviest loads from one place to another.  After their ruin, which they had themselves brought about, Astolitu, this head of the zone girdling the earth took the keys back to himself again and now keeps them safely up to that day when mankind will have reached the necessary maturity and degree of development.” 

  I know, I know, this all sounds rather fantastic.  But recall that Hitler in his Third Reich was intensively researching antigravity during World War II. 

  And did you know? Thomas Edison personally consulted with Edgar Cayce asking questions about the nature and applications of electricity.  That is right.  That is a fact.  When in doubt, a magician will turn to empirical observation to conform his magical intuition.  When in doubt, a scientist or politician will turn to magical intuition to help formulate plans about future action and research.  It is the way the world works.    


Method: Get some money and go find those pyramids for a start.  How much? Low end—about eight thousand dollars.  High end? About two to three million.  It depends on how much scientific equipment you will need to locate heavy objects like small, perfectly structured pyramids buried beneath the sand in the ocean.

   Excavate the pyramids and for good measure have CNN live coverage as you do so.  No secrecy here, remember?  You will need the entire world involved in this project otherwise the immense powers that already guard Atlantis will kick in and annihilate you or your civilization.  Think the remake of the movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still.  The idiot Americans tried to keep the knowledge of the UFO to themselves instead of turning it over to the UN.  Dumb. 


Advantages: Help answer the questions, Who are we?  Where have we been? What are our possibilities? There are no limitations set on what the human race is permitted to accomplish. You just have to seize your opportunities as they arise and then pursue them in a responsible manner.  It has always been like that. 

   In other words, and this is my outlook and perspective speaking, curiosity, in the service of the divine, is itself a divine virtue.  If you lack curiosity about fate and destiny, you forgo by necessity both the gifts and the treasures that have been set aside for you to receive.  In other words, and this is true in all cases of world teachers, you have to ask the right questions to receive the wisdom.  Otherwise, these masters are bound by silence.  In which case, they can only offer you tokens.  In this regard, you could say we have been living on tokens since 1970 when these pyramids were discovered.  We only have a few faint clues about Atlantis, a few interesting speculations, and no definitive archeological evidence, no confirmed artifacts.      


Disadvantages:  If you are selfish, you will be annihilated.  If you are weak, you will be destroyed.  Ray Brown will tell you that.

   And if you lack a genuine connection to the divine, well, you may take part or all of the world back into the Stone Age again.  In which case, we will have to start over and work for another ten thousand years to get back to where we are now.  Then again, as I mentioned, we may soon be in the Stone Age anyway if we survive at all given the vast array of completely new problems that are about to fall upon us.

   And so the job position is now open.  Remember, if no one positive applies for a divine mission opening, the position is immediately rewritten for the negative side since at least then there is a choice to be made.  Avoiding making choices often produces a worse result than the worst of what you can imagine.



Sheriff and Judge/Guardian for Undine-Human Interactions


Job Title: Guardian of the Gate


Requirements: ability to investigate, judge, and end any abuse of mermaids/undines by human magicians. 


Method: be available to undine queens or other sources of information (such as your own psychic monitoring) to locate individuals whose intent is to interfere in an inappropriate manner with undines/mermaids. 

  See the same method for Referee job position:


  See A Mermaid’s Story under chapter six of my on line undine empathy course.  If you have power, there is always the capacity to abuse that power.  What is required, whether it is a corporation, a politician, a nation, an individual, or equally a magician is for someone to be vigilant and observe when abuse is happening. And then to intervene in accordance with human and divine law.     

  At times, failure to intervene results in the end of a planetary civilization.  It does not matter how wealthy, excellent, noble, or advanced your civilization is, if you do not strive equally for justice (a Saturn thing), then everything is at risk.


Advantages: The undine queens all know who you are and are willing to cooperate with you.  The judges of Saturn know who you are and are willing to cooperate with you.  In effect, you have an insider’s knowledge of the karma and wisdom governing the unfolding of your world. 


 Disadvantages: A sheriff arrests and a judge jails offenders, that is, takes them off line.  There is some risk involved.