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 				The Cosmic Letter K

It has been said: "Love is the law but love under a strong
will."  My way of saying this is slightly different--Love is
the purpose underlying the entire universe.  But to
accomplish this purpose, you must embody within yourself
the will and power of the Creator, for this is what love
asks and requires of us.


The cosmic letter K is at the heart of the discussion of
issues concerning faith and conviction.  Faith is a quality
of consciousness which is completely separate from the
doctrines you believe in, the causes you pursue, or what
you seek to accomplish.  Absolute faith and perfect
conviction are qualities of akasha.  They are part of the
vibration of Divine Providence.  Whatever doubts are for
an individual psychologically or spiritually, doubts are also
something akasha uses to limit an individual's ability to
access its powers of creation.  
    Many spirits specialize in manifesting wishes.  They
teach, for example, how to place a "cause" within akasha
so something manifests later on. You place a "cause" in
akasha with sufficient concentration that akasha then
influences the four elements on the mental, astral, and
physical planes until what you desire happens.  The
procedure is very simple though not at all easy.  You can
do it, for example, by making a picture of what you want
and then reinforcing this picture with enough thought,
feeling, energy, and conviction until it is so strong it
overcomes all obstacles turning into something necessary
and inevitable.   
     But this procedure will not always work if the obstacles
you confront are stronger than your thought, feeling,
energy, and imagination.  What is required then is
something more.  You must become as a spiritual being
who is willing to take and hold within his hands the
primordial powers of creation.  Foremost among these
powers is the absolute faith and conviction of the cosmic
letter K.  Divine Providence places no limit on anyone's
ability to draw upon such power other than having to face
the fears and conflicts which arise within your own soul. 
     The letter K is also at the heart of the discussion
concerning war and peace.  It concerns the question about
who gets to decide and have the right and power to make
war and who gets to decide and have the right and power
to make peace.  In evolution, the negative principle often
appears as a means for challenging those who are positive
to rise to a higher level of creativity.  
     And the letter K is about your ability to accomplish the
highest purposes of life.  It is about your capacity to
acquire any resource you deem necessary for fulfilling
these purposes.  There is a traditional view that a magician
interacts with and evokes spirits based upon his inner
union with God.  There is another tradition relating to the
Protestant Ethic in which the Christian entrepreneur
believes that God will reward his hard and honest work
because, after all, his faith joins him to a sovereign God
who blesses those who trust in him.  The letter K is at the
center of the discussion about attaining mastery over both
the outer and the inner worlds. 
     In my experience, the letter K is also the most difficult
of the cosmic letters to work with.  From my perspective,
the greatest conflict on our planet is between power and
love. We see this conflict in history and we see this
conflict in religion.  In this essay, I will discuss some of the
ways this theme unfolds.  

Introduction to the Cosmic Language

Part of the following comments on the nature of the
cosmic language I will repeat here for those who have not
seen my other essays. 
     The idea of a cosmic language is fairly standard and
consistent throughout the religions of the world. 
Basically, traditional esoteric, that is, magical or ancient
religious systems felt that it was important to account for
the active forces which are present in life and which also
have shaped and formed the universe into what it is.  Some
systems have mandalas which embody symbolically or
through the presence of various deities all the different
primary powers which govern life.  The idea is that if you
meet these powers within yourself, then you will be
successful in adapting and working with any experience
which happens to you in life.  In other words, the
unfamiliar and unknown can be made familiar and turned
to useful purposes if an individual has done his spiritual
     Ancient cultures were also profoundly impressed with
the discovery of a written language.  They often made the
pictures or scripts of  those languages into magical
symbols.  A letter is not just a letter. It embodies the
mysteries of life.  The entire alphabet embodies all the
mysteries of life which we can encounter.  That was the
idea anyway and it appears present in all the ancient
writings of any language in some form or another.  
     But it is not really necessary to get caught up in the
details and intricacies of the histories of various languages
such as what a letter in Hebrew or Sanskrit or the Druid
Ogham meant to the ancients.  The idea remains the same. 
Simply come up with a workable system of symbols which
summarizes in a succinct form all the actives energies and
states of consciousness through which the entire universe
and all beings, human, natural, and divine have been
created.  If you internalize such as system within yourself,
your microcosm--and so your spirit and will--are then
brought into harmony with the macrocosm.
    Take the cosmic letter A in the Bardon system for
example. It has a light blue color, a sound, and an
elemental sensation.  But you can really ignore all of that. 
Just study the universe.  Ask yourself, for example, what is
the enlightened state of mind?  In what way is it as vast
and open as the sky?  What is cosmic wisdom, a wisdom
which embraces all worlds and all evolutions?  In what
way is it like the open space of the universe?
    What is weather control?  What is it to penetrate and
comprehend with your consciousness all sides and aspects
of meteorology?  And what are the feelings, the astral
qualities, which accompany these states of awareness? 
That is the cosmic letter A in a nutshell.  You see, there is
nothing really mystical, occult, or esoteric about it.  It just
takes a lot of curiosity, a profound intuition, and a keen
sense of observation to penetrate these things and tie them
together.  Or, you can practice with the cosmic letter A for
example as Bardon presents it.  The idea is the same. 
Learn from experience, observation, and life all there is to
learn.  As the spirits of Saturn would say, the limitations of
form and life are exactly what we are meant to master in
order to be free.

The Four Planes

In his book, The Key to the True Quabbalah, Franz
Bardon mentions the importance of understanding the
different ways in which cosmic letters manifest on the four
planes.  On the akashic plane, we orient ourselves to
Divine Providence, to akasha, and originate new activities. 
On the mental plane, we take these spiritual purposes and
design them so they are applied in an effective way within
history and the world where we live.  
    On the astral plane, we accumulate the emotional
driving force and feeling which we need so our purposes
can take on life and vibrate with love.  On the physical
plane, we manifest our purposes, plans, and astral life in
specific situations in a way which is stable, practical, and
which produces enduring results.  By working with all four
planes, we are more likely to overcome whatever obstacles
we face and also reach our highest level of creativity.  
    There are twenty-seven cosmic letters Bardon mentions.
However, Bardon emphasizes the letter "M," "A," and
"Sch" in this way.  Bardon says, "It is pointed out in
Quabbalah that Divine Providence has created the original
principle of the elements by the three letters "A," "Sch,"
and "M," and that all other letters derive from these
letters.  According to Quabbalistic legality, the "A" is
analogous to the original element of the air principle; 
"Sch" to the original fire, and "M" to the original water
element.  The "A" is analogous to the intellect, to wisdom,
to the legality of equilibrium, etc.; the "Sch" to will power,
to all-power and omnipotence, and the "M" to love.  
     "Letter "Sch," as an original principle, is the principle
of activity that is analogous to the electrical fluid; and
letter "M," as its opposite, is the principle of the original
water element that is analogous to the magnetic fluid.  For
reason of balance the "A" has a mediating role between the
original fire and the original water....Consequently, these
three letters are the original letters or basic letters, i.e., the
mother letters."
     The letter K fits into this in that the letter SH, the
original fire, divides into the letters S and K.  The letter S
deals with force, raw power, kind of like the stuff which
makes up stars, fire in all forms, and electricity.  The letter
K, by contrast, is more the light, the first and purest light,
which fire emits.  It is the highest form of illumination, the
first light through which God manifests Hs presence within
     There is power and there is the power to command. 
This is like the analogy of the king and the commander of
the king's armies.  The K involves the power of command
possessed by sovereign kings.  The S involves the
collection of forces over which the king reigns.  If a real
king embodies the letter K, he would rule not by arbitrary
authority or by superstitious belief.  He would rule by
virtue of his ability to know all there is to know about
everything and everyone in his kingdom.  Nothing would
escape his gaze.  His power is the power to command you
not through some external force applied.  No, he rules by
virtue of his ability to command all that exists at the core
of each individual's being.  
    In a lot of ways, the letter K does not quite belong to
our age.  In other ways, it is always present and can not be
ignored or put off to the side.  It is part of the fabric of
space-time, the human soul, and divine being.  Part of my
task in this essay is to give some examples which clarify
what it is and how to safe guard our humanity when we
work with it.  
    The cosmic language joins the inner world of spirit and the
outer worlds of form and matter.  It is used to create and
to shape both. Working with the cosmic language is
learning the art of a creator.  For this reason, these
practices are both demanding and challenging.  Though it
takes much effort to attain any kind of mastery, in the end
this path enables us to resolve conflicts and originate new
purposes which are otherwise beyond our reach.

METHOD:  The method I am using is fairly
straightforward and is consistent with the method Bardon
outlines for working with the cosmic language.   I imagine
a gigantic sphere of energy around myself composed of the
cosmic letter K.  That is, I create an energy field by
performing a three sense concentration on the silvery blue
color, the note of "B," and the sensation of fiery heat.  I do
this on each of the four planes--akashic, mental, astral, and
physical.  I then meditate on each of these planes noting
the impressions which arise in my mind and the variety of
qualities, sensations, ecstasies, and experiences which
   A great deal could be said about the three sense
concentration which joins color, sound, and elemental
sensation.  It may take an individual decades for this
practice to produce results.  In any case, the three sense
concentrations activate a large part of the brain and
generate a dynamic energy field.  If you practice the three
sense concentrations, you might try playing with them so
that, for example, you turn color into sound, sound into
sensation, and so forth transforming each sense into one of
the other two.  This approach helps you make the cosmic
letter more familiar. 
    My basic interest is in uncovering the common ground
or energy field which unites my personal awareness to the
outer world of nature and the various energies which exist
on the inner planes.  My intent is to learn to evoke in a
relatively easy manner any of the states I describe.  I wish
to be able to create at will any emotional, psychic, or
spiritual state I encounter. And I want to develop my
concentration on these states to the extent that I can then
use them to accomplish different purposes.  With the
cosmic letter K,  I am internalizing in myself a primordial,
masculine or yang energy of creation. 
    One feature of working with intense accumulations of
energy is that it is important to dissolve the energy after
each meditation session.  In magick, there are different
kinds of elementaries, volts, and thoughtforms which are
created and designed to remain intact until specific
purposes are accomplished.  Since I am not using the letter
K in this way, I dissolve the energy accumulation after
each meditation.  This dissolving of energy takes
sometimes up to an hour or more for me but then again I
often meditate for three or four hours at a time which
tends to build up a powerful charge.  
   There are, of course, much more natural and organic
ways to attune yourself with various energies.  If you do
tai chi chuan, chi kung, yogi, and so forth, you retain the
energies you develop within yourself.  They blend well
with your own consciousness and the vitality of your body. 
Generally, however, cosmic letters take you into profound
states of awareness far beyond the personal and collective
unconsciousness.  No matter how blissful or satisfying
these experiences may be, the energy you generate and use
to attain rapture and illumination usually will produce a
tension and stress if you hang on to it. Consequently, it is
best to return as quickly as possible to your ordinary
consciousness in order to avoid unfriendly side-effects
such as straining your nervous system. 
    Over a period of time, working with the cosmic
language allows you to fine tune your mind so you can
manifest in yourself and others the energies you desire
without having to concentrate on color, sound, and
sensation.  You develop an affinity for the energy so it
accumulates automatically in support of strong intentions
and it shows up naturally without effort when it is part of
what you imagine. 
    The sound or note of "B"  in the case of letter K is like
an omnipresence, of being everywhere and within

Akashic Level.  I place my consciousness on the akashic
plane. That is, I imagine myself within a space penetrating
through space and time and that I am this vast, limitless
expanse.  The spaciousness is my consciousness during the
meditation.  I also imagine that this particular state of
consciousness is identical to the akasha which surrounds
the planet earth.  Then I do the three sense concentrations.  
     For myself, I have developed over the years the ability
to read or sense the qualities and attributes which
accompany different energies such as light, sound, and
elemental sensations.  With the cosmic letter K meditation,
I notice the following things immediately. I find myself
immersed within an energy field of power without
beginning or end and without limitation.  It has no center
and no circumference.  
    It is not the raw, cosmic power of stars exploding which
is the letter S on the akashic level.  The S is raw plasma,
atoms stripped of electrons, jets of cosmic fire exploding
in raging torrents stretching fifty light years out from the
center of a galaxy.
     No, the letter K is not like that.  It has some of that
power but its essence is altogether different.  The K is
more like the power of command.  If there is to be a
universe, you have to have light in all its many varieties
and wave lengths.  The letter K is the source and the
principle behind all appearance of all light. 
     The letter K deals with divine sovereignty in this
sense--its unique quality is that it contains all
consciousness within itself.  The letter E on the akashic
level is one with everything.  Certainly, such oneness can
be converted into power and dominion--the ability to
command and to shape the fate and destiny of beings.  But
the letter K is the absolute power over everything.  Its
very essence is power, command, authority, and
    Obviously, when I use words like "power, command,
authority, and sovereignty," we have seen these qualities
active in human history, but far more often in negative
ways than in positive.  Some individuals quite naturally
will have some serious issues with this whole approach
and discussion.  They will want to first convince
themselves at the core of their being that touching or
reaching out for this power can be done without becoming
corrupted and causing suffering to others.  Without
profound self-understanding, the letter K might  seem like
a taboo, something off limits to human beings.  Power is
power that can be abused.  
     Make no mistake about this. If you have not worked
through or been exposed to the temptations of abusing
power or the distortions of ego which result from feeling
omnipotent, you will in fact confront these issues if you
work with the letter K.  If you practice the letter K, you
are not only practicing omnipotence, you are actively
inviting yourself to confront every karmic issue and natural
conflict which comes with seeking to acquire
omnipotence.  But to be fair and to place this discussion in
context, there will come a time when everyone will have to
deal with these issues. 
     Another way to put this is that, regardless of how
people may abuse it, power is a divine virtue.  It is part of
the nature of akasha and it is an attribute of God.  If you
wish to understand akasha, relate to God, or be creative in
any specific sphere of action, you will have to come to
terms with power.  
    On the other hand, if you feel fairly comfortable with
the cosmic language after years of practice, experience,
and self-observation, you may find that you have personal
faith and conviction about your ability to not abuse power. 
You know after studying your own behavior and
responses in many situations that you seek to serve Divine
Providence.  In this case, it is very possible for power to
mean nothing at all to you as an individual.  You are
beyond its temptations.  If this is so, then the letter K will
not be a problem.  
     You can enter it, meditate on it, seek to master it,
joining with omnipotent power and not be corrupted or
twisted in the process.  You realize simply that to love, to
serve, to accomplish your purposes, it is fully appropriate
to master this energy in the same way you would seek to
master enlightenment, omnipresent love, or the ability to
heal and to increase your vitality.
     I find in my own experience that I can easily let go of
the sense of power which is in the letter K after having
spent a great deal of time working with other letters which
balance the K.  These letters can be considered the
opposite of the authority and sovereignty of the K--like
the letter E with its absolute emptiness. With the letter E, 
I practice imagining myself one with the stars and space
that contains the stars throughout the entire universe;  with
the letter M with its primordial feminine magnetism of
watery energy which includes identifying with and
embracing the oceans of the planet;  and the letter A with
its detachment, enlightenment, and airy quality of feeling
one with the atmosphere of the earth. 
    The main problem I am working on today in meditating
on the akashic level is how to better comprehend this
limitless and absolute power of the letter K.  Bardon calls
this "the highest power imaginable."  The task I have set
myself is to explore my imagination in order to encompass
power to the highest and greatest extent that I can
according to Bardon's suggestion. 
     What is the highest power I can imagine?  I imagine
God saying the words, "Let there be light" and a universe
takes birth with its two hundred billion galaxies each
galaxy itself containing many billions of stars.  I sense the
stars throughout the universe and each star as it shines is
singing a unique song of divine being, that is, each star's
light shines with a unique vision uniting wisdom, power,
and love.   And every single one of these songs is derived
from one note spoken from God's voice.  This is pretty
much my limit when it comes to imagining the highest
power.  But I can sense it. I can feel it. I can see it.  I can
comprehend with my mind this orbit of power and
creativity, that is, when I am within a state of trance
meditating on the letter K. 
    If Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, had a son or
daughter, would you say it not possible for this child to
imagine the wealth and power his father commands?  Bill
Gates, of course, is not the best example in part because
he has the Department of Justice after him for abusing his
monopolistic power.  
     Decades ago when I first started working with the
letter K, I used to get angry right afterwards. This was
perhaps related to unresolved anger I had toward authority
figures abusing their power.  To touch the power of the
cosmic letter K, I had to understand both the positive and
the negative ways in which power has touched and shaped
my own life.  And so I have worked through my anger.  
    Beethoven lost his hearing perhaps because his father
hit him in the ears when Beethoven was little.  But
Beethoven could still write the ninth symphony later in life
even when he was deaf and use Schiller's words, "Surely
over yonder stars a loving father dwells."  We are all made
in God's imagine and we are all his children.  His essence is
at the core of our being.  Surely there is nothing in the
entire universe which is beyond our power to comprehend,
to shape, and to command. When I practice the cosmic
letter K, I feel the presence of God near to me, that He is
here by my side.  Though each cosmic letter embodies an
aspect of Divine Providence to which you join yourself on
the akashic level, I do not feel this same presence when
practicing any of the other cosmic letters.  I love this
feeling of connection.  It is like a feeling of coming home,
of being where I am supposed to be. 
     A simple way to help further work with the akashic
level is, as Bardon suggests in a later chapter of Initiation
into Hermetics, imagine God both in an abstract and a
concrete way.  The cosmic letters are fairly abstract.  You
work with color, sound, and elemental sensations without
a lot imagery being offered in the beginning.  
     But certainly, if you imagine or perceive God in a
concrete or personal form, then it is much easier to relate
to that presence.  If I see God in the form of a human
being, then it fairly easy for me to project my mind into
that form.  As I do this, I get concrete feelings and
intuitions about what God is like and what His perspective
is.   Kind of like, "Here is the universe I have created and
here are the purposes I seek to fulfill within this creation."
     I asked Malchjdael, one of the most powerful spirits in
this solar system, for a few comments on the letter K on
the akashic plane of the earthzone.  His response is that
the letter K is like being a sovereign Lord of Creation. 
You are united with God and an agent of Divine
Providence.  It is like a spirit who is similar to a king.  He
has access to limitless power.  He is independent.  And yet
he acts in accord with the laws of the universe.  You have
great dignity.   You accomplish whatever purposes you set
before yourself. Your power is cosmic in dimension.  And
yet if you hold this power as a human being you realize
that it is something perfectly natural--it is part of the light
which shines in the enlightened mind.  
     I have to say that Malchjdael is very relaxed when it
comes to power.  Power, as he says, is something very
natural.  The birds sing at dawn.  Clouds form from rising
moisture and later on they rain.  The individual who
searches out the mysteries of the universe comes to
embody those mysteries.  The individual who unites
himself to God becomes like unto God, a creator in his
own right.  For me, Malchjdael is one of the most beautiful
spirits I have encountered.
     I also briefly contact Vehuiah of the Mercury sphere in
regard to the letter K in the earthzone.  His reply is that
"There is one light which shines throughout the universe. 
It is everywhere and in everything.  Nothing exists which
is not held and sustained by its bliss.  The reason my faith
is perfected is that everything that I am is joined to this
light which has neither beginning nor end."  I think it is fair
to say that Vehuiah is a celebration of what can be
accomplished when your faith is perfected.

Mental Plane.  We are now dealing not with the
experience of divine consciousness on its own level but the
applications of that consciousness within specific historical
periods and situations.  It is a little like saying to yourself,
"Now that I can taste and experience what omnipotent
power is to Divine Providence, what practical applications
does this have for solving the problems in my world?"
    My first impression of the letter K on the mental plane
is of the prophets of Israel when they said:  "Thus sayeth
the Lord," or "The mouth of the Lord has spoken it."  This
cosmic letter K, this all-embracing power beyond all
comprehension, speaks though them.  The infinite power
behind the manifestation of the universe and which is
sovereign lord of history speaks with their voice.  This is
my sense anyway of what it is like to feel the vibration of
the cosmic letter K within my mind. The words you speak
have a mysterious power.
    And it is Moses hearing a voice speaking to him in a
burning bush telling him to go down to Egypt and free the
people who are held in slavery.  The K on the mental plane
is the transference of authority and power from the divine
world to an individual within history to accomplish a
specific mission.  Moses is one great example of this.
    Another example is that when king Sennacherrib of
Assyria confronted Jerusalem with his great army, king
Hezekiah called upon the Prophet Isaiah for assistance. 
Now Isaiah, I think it is fair to say, hated Assyria for its
great injustice and cruelty.  During the night the angel of
death moved through the Assyrian army leaving many
dead by morning.  Sennacherrib, aware now it as not a
human will but a divine which opposed him, returned to
Nineveh where he was soon assassinated. Israel was under
God's protection.  It has a sacred purpose to fulfill though
it often failed terribly in pursuing this purpose.  Still,
obstacles when they arose could be eliminated if the
burden of karma was not too great.  
    The Prophet Isaiah stood within God's presence. He
was surrounded by the vibration of absolute faith.  And so
when he spoke, things tended to happen.  It is hard to
resist this vibration.  
   But a much better example is found in a strange and
often neglected figure of history named Pope Leo the
Great.  Atilla the Hun conquered central and western
Europe and then invaded Italy in 452 AD threatening
Rome.  But Attila, who was no doubt ruthless, cruel, and
vicious, withdrew from Italy after Pope Leo came out and
had a conversation with him.  
    This was not a one time, unique event.  Later on, the
leader of the Vandals, Genseric, also threatened to destroy
Rome.  Genseric possessed an implacable will.  But after
talking to Pope Leo, Genseric left deciding it was in his
best interest to not invade the city. 
     There is no question in my mind that the Christian
Church often radically abused its authority.  Its use of
power was often wanton, malicious, and cruel.  Still, Pope
Leo did things which Moses and Isaiah had failed to do. 
He accomplished victory without defeating any army.  No
war took place.  No angel of death had to be called to
resolve the conflict.  
     Pope Leo had the cosmic letter K down pat to the
point where you would start feeling the liquid draining
from your spine if you opposed his will.  There is a certain
power a military genius possesses and a certain success
that is possible to him granted the power he wields.  But
there is another  power which is far more rare but yet
much greater.  It is clearly seen from time to time in
human history and this is the faith and conviction of the
letter K.  
     If we pursue the problems of political evolution, we
can notice that Athens in Greece had earlier attained a high
level of democracy.  Power and its abuse were held in
check through the democratic process.  The needs, if not
of everyone, then of a large number of people were
considered rather than the needs of one individual.  But for
Greece to avoid being occupied by hostile neighbors, the
cities of Greece needed to be united under one central
command.  Alexander the Great's father did this and in the
beginning Alexander was pursuing a foreign policy
consistent with the needs of Greece.  As it turned out, the
democracy of Athens was sacrificed for the demands of
the day and age.     
     One of the essential political questions confronting the
Roman Empire was, "How do you insure the stability and
security of the empire while at the same time avoiding the
excesses and abuses of an absolute dictator?"  Recall that
at the beginning of Julius Caesar's career, Rome had been
a democracy.  Citizens could vote.  The Senate elected the
leaders to serve two year terms.  
    But Julius Caesar put an end to that.  He was a brilliant
military genius possessing great personal charm.  And it
was part of his will to feel that absolute power was his
destiny.  His personal ideal was Alexander the Great who
had already conquered the known world at a much
younger age than Caesar.  And so Caesar, after years of
struggle, took complete control of Rome and the empire
until he ended up being assassinated.
    Now in terms of political evolution and military
perspective, if you want to avoid being conquered by
another nation, you simply conquer all the other nations
first.  Rome had this strategy.  If Rome had a civil war, it
was not vulnerable to outside invasion since most of the
surrounding nations had already been conquered.  One of
the problems Rome had was that it is really not possible to
have a stable democracy if your foreign policy involves
conquering other nations by military force.  At some point,
the temptation will be too great for a military hero simply
to come back to your capital city and take over. 
    Recall that Napoleon complained that people wanted
him to be like George Washington.  They wanted him to
succeed militarily and then peacefully turn over the reigns
of power to a civilian government.  This Napoleon refused
to do.  He had that character flaw of being possessed by
his own visions of success.  
     By contrast, George Washington fought for eight years
not surrendering even when it looked absolutely hopeless. 
He knew a secret and he had a brilliant military plan: all he
needed to do was to keep his army alive long enough until
England went bankrupt.  In spite of a few military
victories, Washington knew he was fighting a war of
attrition.  This requires not only wit and will, stamina and
endurance but absolute faith in your cause. He has this
faith.  Do you want freedom, autonomy, and
independence? You want to overturn injustice and right
what is wrong?   Then pay the price: absolute faith in your
    In May, 1782, Colonel Lewis Nicola on behalf of the
army officers complained about the way Congress had
been treating them.  He asked Washington to become a
monarch to make right these wrongs.  Washington
refused.  There was no doubt in Washington's mind about
the purpose he served and self-aggrandizement or
instituting a monarchy which he had just spent eight long
years fighting against was not what he was after.  And
unlike Caesar who had Alexander as a ideal, Washington
had the idea in his mind to be like a great Roman general. 
When the Roman Senate required a Roman general to
exercise the powers of a military dictator in order to solve
some problems, this man came out of retirement and
succeeded with his armies.  But then he lay down his
power preferring to tend to his orchards rather than take
advantage of his fame and fortune. 
    Still, the faith and conviction Washington exercised in
the name of his cause did not come cheap.  He was often
discouraged with as many soldiers disserting as quickly as
others joined.  In 1776 he wrote, "Such is my situation
that if I were to wish the bitterest curse to an enemy on
this side of the grave, I should put him in my stead with
my feelings..."
     In this statement, Washington is touching on a special
aspect of the cosmic letter K and the nature of faith, of
why absolute faith is so incredibly powerful.  To attain to
it, to enter God's presence or feel the vibration of Divine
Providence within yourself,  you must enter and cross
through an abyss.  Akasha has no limitations or reference
points which define it in terms of space or time.  There is
nothing you can cling to or attach yourself to insure your
security or identity.  
    You must be able to stand free of all desires and all the
needs of your personal identity. Otherwise, you sense that
your very self is being annihilated.  Cornwallis and other
British generals might have been a little more careful to
ask themselves, "How do you defeat an army which
constantly retreats so you can not destroy it but also
attacks you when you least expect it?  How do you defeat
people who go on fighting without food or blankets and
who are so short on shoes they leave trails of blood in the
snow where they have walked?"
    Again, let me emphasize that peace and freedom are not
cheap. Perhaps the mystery of figures such as Pope Leo
and also Isaiah was they could do what Washington could
only wish for and what it would take him eight years to
accomplish--they could take their enemies within a few
hours or within a few moments directly into the abyss
which they had already crossed.  And in that abyss stands
the angel of death and a place where all selfishness is
completely annihilated.  
    This is the cosmic letter K.  If you turn on this fire in
your soul as you practice, you are asking to be purged and
purified of everything which limits you and of all ego
attachments.  It requires that you feel comfortable and
gain familiarity with the dark night of soul and with all
darkness which exists within the collective
unconsciousness.  It is the first light of Divine
consciousness.  It does not give order to the world.  It
creates order in new ways for it is without precedent and
nothing can define it.  Where does a Creator stand in the
moment before the universe is created?  Certainly it is a
place without definition and where no image exists to aid
the imagination. 
    I would say, therefore, you have to be careful when you
actually practice with this energy to eliminate the vibration
completely from your aura when you are done with your
practice.  Julius Caesar and dictators like him remain part
of the collective unconsciousness.  When someone senses
absolute power within another's aura, there is this racial
memory of the cruelty and abuses which accompanied it. 
The fears and feeling of helplessness arise naturally
whenever the vibration of letter K shows up.  
   In other words, if you suddenly show up with this
vibration of letter K within your aura, it will be easy for
someone to hate you without knowing why.  They sense
violence, terror, fear, and the injustice of dictators who
abused their authority such as the Inquisition torturing
innocent people in the millions.  They sense a power which
is completely unjustified.  
    So as a rule of thumb I would say that if you want to
understand Divine Providence, if you want to work with
spirits on the inner planes, or if you want to place a cause
within akasha, do so using the cosmic letter K in your
aura.  But when you are done, get rid of this vibration and
return to your normal personality as fast as you can. 
Otherwise, people will not see you.  They will see the dark
night of the soul, the abyss, and every fear they can
imagine.  Like I say, this is not an energy for our age, not
unless you have some divine purpose or mission to
accomplish and then you had best do it in secret so as not
to become the object of hysterical reactions. 
    Martin Luther is a figure of our millenium who
exercised great faith.  The only reason he was not killed by
the Church like many reformers before him was that the
printing press has been invented.   When he posted his 95
points in disputing  the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences,
his writing spread through all of Europe within a month. 
And so the brother of the Emperor of Germany could
place Luther under his protection seeing the political
advantages to Germany if the country were free of Roman
domination.  The Church of Rome had authority but now
kings and rulers like Henry the Eight of England could say,
"Hey, we have our own authority which joins us directly
to Divine Providence. We do not need you any more to
feel secure or to sanction our political power."
    Still, Luther's point was pertinent to the Jewish and
Christian traditions.  Faith is something you should find
and feel within yourself rather than using priests, rituals,
and some external organization to unite you to God.  Jews
went through a great crisis historically when they fought
to defend Jerusalem from the Romans in 70 AD.  They
thought that God would not allow the Temple of God to
be taken by the Romans.  They were wrong.  The Messiah
could not be made to appear by political necessity or even
acts of great valor.   The spiritual world operates on a
different principle.  And the Roman Empire would be
conquered soon enough by this new sect of Judaism called
Christianity--this when the general Constantine had a
vision from God to conquer with the sign of the cross of
his soldiers' shields before a great battle.
    But even in the Old Testament it is abundantly clear that
the Temple of God is within each individual.  The prophets
like Jacob, Moses, Daniel, Ezekial, Elijah, and Isaiah were
out doing things and interacting directly with God in ways
which no temple could ever accomplish.  If you want to
meet God,  you do not need a temple, an altar, a religion,
or a creed.  Your temple is your body. Your heart is your
altar.  And your faith is the fire which burns upon it.  No
sacrifice is required.  Love is sufficient to unite you with
God and with everything in the universe.
    A friend of mine is writing a book on prophecy.  His intention is to
trace which of the hundreds of prophecies in the Old and the New
testaments have been fulfilled and which have yet to be fulfilled.  I tell
him that the great advantage of a Protestant Evangelical point of view is
that you feel that you are connected through your faith to a sovereign God
who has created the universe.  This God then blesses you in all you
undertake. This gives you an immense advantage when it comes to seeking
solutions to any problem.  You know that with God's help any problem can
be solved.
     This is another example of how the letter K works on
the mental plane.  You feel directed united to the
omnipotent and sovereign power of the akashic plane or in
religious terms to God.   This power then flows through
you.  Your faith is its expression and also the connection.  
    The Protestant Ethic is assumes that man is fallen and
that selfishness is a permanent part of the human
condition.  People work best if they act out of greed.  But
if each individual in an economy is allowed to pursue
selfish ends, the accumulated result is that productivity and
the economy flourish.  This seems to be the case since the
specific form of capitalism which now exists has won out
over all other systems in research, productivity, and the
utilization of resources.   
   The limitation of the Protestant Ethic is that, though the
faith in being united to God is often present within
Christians, the heart remains closed.  The letter K contains
within itself an inner union with everything that exists. 
You serve not yourself but the world.  Great entrepreneurs
rarely attain to this awareness except perhaps when they
are near death and have to decide where to leave their
wealth and whom it shall benefit.  Then, at this late date,
they start thinking about the needs of humanity and not
about their personal need to attain power, fame, and
    Of course the great disadvantage of Protestant
Christianity in any form is that it is perhaps the only
religion in the history of our planet which has no spiritual
practice of any significance.  Specifically, in every other
religion there are practitioners who meditate or
contemplate for a half hour to six hours minimum at a
time.   And during this time they enter directly into God's
presence or into some state of transcendence. And they
maintain this kind of practice over centuries and millennia
and develop it so that each generation has something to
add to the process and pass down to the next generation. 
Protestant Christianity with its complete extroversion has
no such inclination.  
     Through this might seem like a paradox for me--the
people with the greatest use of K type faith on the mental
plane also have no spiritual practices--there is a price to be
paid for this extroversion.  And this price is that
Protestants have simple renounced the prophetic tradition
as something living and present now.  Prophets belong to
another time.  Individuals can connect to God directly but
their voices can not state accurately the fate of the nations
and the goals of human destiny.  No.  The Protestant Ethic
is about being productive and working hard.  Issues
concerning divine justice as applied to the political realm
and especially to our responsibility to those who suffer is
simply not their concern.  
     Though this is obviously a sweeping generalization, the
standard I hold myself to when I make observations like
this is that I project my mind into different individuals and
spiritual teachers.  And then I study their auras in great
detail.  I then notice for example in what areas they are
masters and in what areas they are ordinary like any one
else.  And when it comes to the cosmic letter K, to
absolute faith and conviction, I have an especially hard
time finding it anywhere in any religion other than among
businessmen and especially within Protestant businessmen
who have a very conservative religious outlook.   But as I
have mentioned elsewhere, this faith they tend to use
primarily for being productive and they completely ignore
the more spiritual applications. 
    Historically, there are many examples of great
individuals in other parts of the world who have worked
with the letter K.  One of the most outstanding was Padma
Sambhava who was the founder of Tibetan Buddhism.  It
would be perfectly natural for Padma Sambhava to say,
"The light to which I am united is not just the light of the
enlightened mind. This light is also the essence of
omnipotent power."  
    And so it is not surprising that he overcome all the
spiritual and political obstacles to bringing a new religion
to Tibet.  It is not all surprising that he founded a hundred
and eight monasteries during his life time.  What is
surprising to me is that he did not pass on to his disciples
the means to prevent Tibet from being destroyed by
Communist China nine hundred years later.  But I think he
was just too busy with the activities of his own life to put
in place causes which would have altered history in this
    I have met several Tibetan lamas who have the letter K
very strong.  When they need to get something done, it
gets done.  But for the most part, this Tibetan Buddhism
teaches individuals to avoid extroversion.  So even when
they have the power to change the world, they don't think
about it.  They are obsessed with religious experiences
belonging to letters like the cosmic letter A on the mental
plane or the letter E with its emphasis on emptiness and
akasha.   Consequently, their culture and religious ideals
rather than their actual spiritual abilities shapes their
courses of action.

Astral Plane.  During the time I meditate with the K on the
astral plane, this light and vibration causes me to feel
purified and empowered to accomplish whatever I need to
do.  All my emotions on every level of my being and in
every cell of my body serves and supports this spiritual
   All these individuals who go from being in jail for twenty
years or exile and return and become president of their
nations, they endure and persevere with this power within
them--knowing beyond all doubt that they have a destiny
and that that destiny will manifest through their work. 
     To better get a strong impression with the K on the
astral plane, it is quite natural to turn to a salamander like
Aphtiph who seems to specialize in the cosmic letter K. 
Elemental beings are especially adept in working with the
energies of their elements on the astral and etheric planes. 
I have written about four steps to mastering Aphtiph's
energy in another essay.  
    At this time, I am simply doing what I have done with
Zen masters.  You sit there practicing Zazen for forty-five
minutes.  You sit there basically without a thought in your
mind and if you have the psychic ability, you join your
mind in some or another to the Zen masters so you also
learn from his vibration as well. 
    This is a simple practice.  In other words, you just work
with the energy until it becomes very familiar and natural
for you.  With Aphtipth, there is again an incredible
sincerity, a purity which arises in an individual's feelings
from working with him.   
    But I want a clearer presentation than this so I switch to
working with Bialode, an earthzone spirit of 12 degrees
Aries whose specialty is magical authority.  I have also
written an essay describing Bialode elsewhere.  He seems
to point out that the K on the astral plane grants a sense of
being alive and emotionally engaged in a way which is
indestructible.  The emotional vibration on the astral plane
is so pure, high, and bright that it can not be contaminated,
corrupted, or weakened by any other vibration or
elemental influence on the astral plane.  
   Bardon states something similar to this in regard to the
cosmic letter R--"he has achieved a state of maturity by
which his feeling of independence has been transformed
into an absolute sate of security and unimpeachability."  Of
course, feeling and being absorbed in this realization
during a meditation is not the same as being able to carry it
over into your everyday life.  But being able freely to
evoke this realization at will is certainly a good place to
begin if you wish to practice internalizing it so it becomes
more and more a part of yourself.
     One of the things I often notice about the vibration of
the sun and of the spirits who dwell within it is that the sun
and these spirits continually in each moment recreate
themselves.  That's what it feels like to me.  This is the
nature of light derived from fusion--the process goes on
re-igniting in each instant of time.  On the astral plane, this
chemistry and metaphor represents the power within the
astral body to feel united with the powers of creation.   
     You not only are not attached or dependent on
anything.  Your deepest emotions illuminate yourself and
the world around you from the deepest source that can
exist.  This is why perseverance, patience, and endurance
are not a problem for those who embody the letter K on
the astral plane.  You don't need an external source of
appreciation or others' attention or applause to maintain
your enthusiasm.  Your cheerleader is within you and it is
inexhaustible and bright like the fires which cause the stars
to shine.
     In effect, then, the omnipotent power of creation on the
akashic level becomes the absolute faith and conviction
that this power will be within whatever your work or
mission is on the mental plane.  When we continue on to
the astral plane, this omnipotent power of creation
becomes an unlimited source of emotional life and energy. 
It is like a star shining with its own light . It does not need
a galaxy of stars around it to offer support or
encouragement.  It shines by itself with its own power and
its rays stream to the ends of the universe.  
    Since we are discussing the issues of war and peace, it
is appropriate to say something about the vibration and
spirits of the sphere of Mars.  Alexander the Great could
say he came close to conquering the whole world or could
have if his army had had the strength.  But Alexander
knows nothing at all about Mars--he has not faced the
darkness within himself and this opposition he lacks the
strength to embrace.         
   For me, all the Mar's spirits have a cosmic level of
enthusiasm and conviction.  I have never sensed or met a
human martial artist or military general who reflects these
powers within them.  Human beings compare themselves
to each other.  A great martial artist can say, "I am the
best.  I have defeated everyone else."  Yes that is true and
yet, from the point of view of Mars, they know nothing
about power.  For these spirits, power arises out of a
cosmic bliss which you only find after crossing the abyss
within yourself and joining with the universe.

Physical Plane.  This power, when manifest on the physical
plane, makes things happen.  The power in K may be so
impersonal no one understands why things are happening
but individuals yield to this power and obstacles dissolve
before it.  It is nothing else than omnipotent power
focused on producing specific results.  Sometimes history
is shaped by unexpected and incomprehensible forces. The
letter K shapes history consciously and with divine
     In brief, the letter K is the omnipotent power of the
Creator on the akashic plane. It becomes limitless power
focused on a specific mission on the mental plane. 
Consequently, there is no lack of faith or conviction.  On
the astral plane, it is boundless emotional energy and so
there is no lack of enthusiasm or stamina. 
    In other words, there is limitless power, limitless faith,
and limitless enthusiasm.  This brings us to the physical
world where things are more fixed and limitation is the
very nature of existence.  Here, the letter K grants full
access to whatever resources you need to accomplish your
mission or to manifest your purposes.  
    There are many examples in history of individuals
having absolute power.  But what do they do with it? 
They squander it or revel in it for a few decades of time
or, like Solomon, only a very few of his writings and songs
have come down to us.  He neglected the future--he
neglected his children and so his heir, the next king of
Israel, ended up with a civil war because he knew nothing
of judgment and wisdom.
    The true letter K is the omnipotent power of the
Creator.  You find and meet the Creator within yourself. 
And like the Creator,  when you speak your words are
intended to endure forever.  And when you do work, your
purposes do not fail but unfold according to the cycles and
seasons of time until your visions are accomplished in
every aspect.


In summary, the letter K is essential when working with
the inner planes. That is, you need to be completely
confident with what you are doing.  This is a little test
presented us by Christianity.  It declares the inner spiritual
worlds off limits and taboo.  Anyone seeking to know
directly how the universe works in spiritual terms will be
subverted by dark demonic powers.  Place yourself,
instead, under the authority of the Church.  Do not seek
within.  Rather, work hard on what God has given you to
accomplish in life.  
   But you pass this test if you know beyond all doubt that
you are able to act unselfishly.  You are able to work in
cooperation with divinity rather than as a sinner who has
fallen and so is unable to perceive God directly or find
divine consciousness within him or herself.  
    In other words, when you are presented with an
overpowering desire, a great difficulty, or a demonic
presence, you need to feel confident that you can find the
truth--that your inner awareness can illuminate the
situation so you can continue on in harmony.  This takes
maturity, experience, and a high level of perception.  And
this is the cosmic letter K--it is simply aware of the way
the world works.  It feels free to encompass everything
within itself. 
     Franz Bardon says that even negative spirits respect a
genuine magician and are quite willing to serve him.  An
individual I know who embodies a lot of the letter K in his
aura is similar. The Mafia would say to him, "We respect
you."  It was not just because they had nothing they could
find on him to use against him.  It was also because he was
able to do what they were not able to do: he could
command the completely loyalty of his employees for forty
years of service.  He never had doubts about his purposes
and rarely failed to take advantage of opportunities when
they came to him.   He is a true man of faith for whom
hard work was never a problem.  And yet when he needed
something done--a contract honored by the union--he
could pick up the phone and someone like Jimmy Hoffa
was more than willing to do him a favor. 
     Though the Protestant Ethic uses the letter K to work
hard, be productive, and to accomplish its goals, the
vibration of the letter K is much greater.  Its power serves
the purposes of Divine Providence and those who wield
this power must be free of all selfishness, ego, and
insecurity.  Faith unites us to Divine Providence and to
God.  Within genuine faith is the vibration of omnipotence,
of absolute power and also the authority of the Creator
who assumes responsibility for his creation.  At the center
of the universe and within akasha, omnipotent power is the
same as omnipresent, all-embracing love.  It is like the
stars and the void that contains the stars--the two can not
be separated.
    The presence of doubt in an individual is a way akasha
tells people that they have not done their spiritual
homework.  They are not ready to act as spiritual beings
who hold in their hands the powers of creation.  They have
failed to understand even the most basic of any genuine
spiritual training system--the individual is a mirror
reflecting the universe.  The microcosm is an image of the
   The universe, the trees, the seas, the clouds, the winds,
the animals, life, breath, electricity, and the sun itself are
vibrations which exist within us.  If you do not feel
connected to God, you might work a little more on the
basics.  Take some time to imagine that you are an animal,
a tree, a flower, a lake, a sea, a stone, a mountain, a
candle, and a star.   Get to know these things with a level
of empathy until you feel perfectly joined to them.  Do the
same with other human beings.  Then you may find it is
much easier to imagine what it feels like to be within God's
presence and to have the imagination turn into the actual
    There are men in the twentieth century who have spent
decades in jail or in exile who ended up ruling their
countries in spite it all that opposed them. There is no one
who is helpless or who can get away claiming to be a
victim because fate has made it that way.  This is not to
say that circumstances can not be totally overpowering at
times.  Rather, limitations exist as something we are meant
to experience and then to master in order to attain
complete freedom.  Power plays an important role in
becoming free.  Power is a topic to be studied and
mastered.  You have to work at it.  Learn from history and
from the world around you.  You study what works and
what does not work, the good ways to use power and how
to avoid its abuses. 
    Sometimes we need to turn within and practice
something like the letter K to master faith and conviction. 
At other times, power, success, or victory are acquired by
simply being more aware than everyone else of all the
factors which are influencing a given situation and the
opportunities which are available to bring about change.  
The power to create and to remake the world is within all
of us.  You have to look for it in order to find it.