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           Interview with an Undine in Human Form



This is an interview with a woman, Rhonda Voorhees, who states that she was once an mermaid—that is, long ago she was originally a mermaid but has since permanently acquired a human soul.  In the process, she has retained her mermaid psychic powers and empathy.    





I have a different essay in my revised Undine book that describes a mermaid/undine who has taken possession of a woman’s body in order to marry a ritual magician.  I took the liberty of using my clairsentient ability to study both her and the man she was with and the nature of their relationship.  

  The next question I was going to consider for my book was if an undine in history has ever acquired a human soul.  There is of course an Irish legend about a woman who changed into a mermaid to avoid drowning when her city was flooded and sank beneath a lake.  Hundreds of years later she returned to the human world, was baptized, and became a human woman again.  That is the story in Irish legend and literature. 

   But I only know of the reference to nature spirits acquiring human souls from Franz Bardon’s books.  He mentions that if a highly skilled magician has the permission of Divine Providence, that is, an adequate spiritual purpose, he may utilize certain procedures involving akasha and the four elements to give an undine a human soul.  He makes up the difference between what an undine now is and what she needs so that she can incarnate as and remain a human being.       

   My clairsentient ability is also useful for exploring the auras of individuals in the past so it is within my psychic ability to pursue this question.  But having just written the question down for my next meditation session the answer to my question came to me in a phone interview I did with a psychic I already work with. 

   She has her sun sign and three other planets in Taurus and only her moon is in water.  When I thought about her in the past I always thought to myself that what she was meant to do in this life was to learn to work here in the physical world, do physical things, find and enjoy her work and the pleasures and sensuality that come with being productive and successful.  I knew she was meant to also work at helping others in some sort of spiritual capacity.  She is meant to be very organized and successful.  These are not your typical undine qualities.

   And, in addition, she has never mentioned to me her specific activities involving water.  I already knew she was very good at reading future events.  She is extremely psychic. She is perhaps the best person I have ever met in talking to dead people. This too is not an undine thing to talk to dead people. 

   She has mentioned that when she gets upset electrical devices tend to fail around her.  For example, the engine in a car will go dead if she is riding in it and gets suddenly upset.  At times she has incredibly physical strength.  Again, not your feminine undine thing. 

  But she is very good at healing.  She has sent me energy.  She has described the room in which I live.  She has described people who are in my life without my mentioning them.  But it never occurred to me that she had undine connections.  When I did ask her to channel an undine she put it off by saying that she does not usually channel by focusing on a spirit but rather the spirits just come to her.

   She feels that her dreams or activities at night on the astral plane feel to her far more real than when she is awake.  The colors for example are far more intense.  The astral connections she can form when she moves as pure energy on the astral plane are far more intense than sex is her in our physical world. 


When trying to make sense of first hand reports involving paranormal phenomena it is often helpful to look for the insights these reports generate in order to grasp their significance.  Note for example that “Ah Ha” moment of Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.  When Newton said, “Ah, gravity!” he in effect answered all questions in physics that existed before him.

   When Einstein said, “Ah, gravity!” he in effect created the paradigm through which all questions of physics would be asked for hundreds of years in the future.  In each case, there is a paradigm shift.  A new way of asking and perceiving.  Of course, they had math to back their empirical observations and define their data.

   I too am looking for a paradigm shift and this is how it will happen: One day I will meet a woman who embodies the powers of the undine queens.  And in that day we, the human race, will be able to destroy the negativity of anyone on earth who wishes to harm others in a significant way. 

     Newton and Einstein placed in our hands astonishing methods for fighting wars and destroying the world.  But the day will come when the powers of the heart shall overrule those whose power is derived from external methods.  

   In reviewing reports on unusual spiritual experiences, we are looking for new insights, psychic abilities, intuitive skills, empathic skills, inner connections to others, and an understanding of love as a free flow of energy that nurtures, heals, and makes life new.  Women such as this one provide us with steppingstones that offer a different destiny for mankind.   




Fri. 5/29/09 Phone interview


Question: You mentioned before about how you recalled from another life time that after Atlantis sank there were people who figured out how to live under water and breathe in the water while still being human beings.


Yes, I recall that.  I remember being under water but there were different species.  I met a man the other day in the military who knows nothing about psychic or occult stuff and he shared with me a similar memory of living under the sea. 

  We were not mermaids but human beings.  I had legs but could still breathe under water. I am a hundred per cent certain about this memory of living under water. It is perfectly clear before my eyes.


Question: You have also mentioned earlier today that you were a mermaid long ago.  Were you first a mermaid and then a human being, a human being first who temporarily became a mermaid, or do you have duel citizenship?  


(she reports getting goose bumps and is crying on the phone)


Give me a few moments.  Your questions triggered a lot of emotions in me.   


I was a mermaid first and then later became a human being.


I think my body is psychic.  I miss being a mermaid.  I take five baths a day. When I am sad I want to go to the ocean. You won’t believe the number of times I have immersed myself under water.


I remember being a different kind of child.  As a child, I wanted my legs to change back into mermaid form.  I would sit and try to communicate with people with my mind and wondered why they did not communicate back.  I tried to move objects with my mind but failed.  I spent a great deal of time trying to be a mermaid.  I spent hours focused on trying with all my will to become a mermaid.

  I would go to bed at night and try to will it.  I was under age ten at the time.  I wanted to again live under water.


I just remembered, my grandma said when I was young  I would not get out of the water.  The family used to joke about it. I had a pool most of my life and would spend weekends when not in school in the pool for at least ten hours a day. 

  I also love to go out on boats but when people fish I can’t stand to see the fish die.  I will take the fish and try to help them revive and swim.  I can remember also crying when I would see fish that had died from pollution in the water. 

   I love to feel seaweed on my skin. 


Question: How did you make the transition originally from being a mermaid to a human being?


There was a very powerful man involved.  And someone else also. I would tell you if I could see that it was a woman but I don’t recall at this time.

    The powerful man I see has gold in his aura or around him as if he had great wealth or was royalty.   


Question: How was it being with him? Did he enchant you or force you to become something other than a mermaid?


I don’t know that I liked this man. He was enticing and very mesmeric. I always wanted to go back to being a mermaid numerous times but I could not.   

What usually happens according to the occult traditions is that the mermaid revives a woman’s body at the moment she dies and takes possession of it.  She can remain in the body with the woman’s memories but it is brought about through a magical action. 


She then goes and looks for a man?


No, the magician sets it up and then calls her to come before she enters the woman.  Once in the woman’s body she finds the man.  They then have an inner psychic bond that enables her to remain in the body. After she dies, she returns as a mermaid to the sea.  I describe in one of my essays a ritual magician who is currently living with a mermaid under these conditions. 


You’ve unlocked a big thing for me. I always wanted to go back but since I could not I have been obsessed with water.


It could be that the man did not have an adequate reason for giving you a human soul.  And so you feel you don’t belong here.  It is done magically by binding earth, air, fire, and also the akashic element to the water element the undine already possesses.  In this way, the akasha grants the mermaid the power to create and to recreate that is the unique signature of human beings. 

  Mermaids and mermen all lack the akashic element. They don’t miss it.  They become powerful and knowledgeable about water as they learn new things but they do not attempt to recreate the world through discovering new and unique visions within their hearts that they wish to fulfill.  But in the magic and empathy of water they are centuries ahead of us.  

   I’ll study the aura of this individual you describe as a powerful man the next time I meditate.


If I saw a picture I’d know him.

This is why I am still as I am—this is why I can feel others’ feelings; I can walk up to a stranger and feel what the other person is feeling every time, good, bad, ugly feelings, it doesn’t matter.


I can only do energy work on others when I am fully immersed in water.  So I am in the bathtub a number of times during the day.  I only feel comfortable when I am in water.


Question: Have you been visited by mermaids?


In my astral body. I remember this one mermaid I feel was close to me.  She has very red hair. That is why I keep seeing a woman or mermaid with red hair around you.  Mermaids are around you a lot.


I miss being a mermaid.  I want to cry because the powerful man would not let me go back to being a mermaid. When I think of him I feel awe and also sadness because he deceived or tricked me. 

  I am freezing right now, shivering even though the air conditioner is off and it is very hot in the room. 

  I don’t like being a human.  I often think both as a human and as a non human.  I do both.


You will be comfortable with being a human being when human beings learn to feel and perceive as mermaids and mermen.  This will eventually happen.


I remember trying to find a merman. I did come across one and felt a connection to him and thought it was good but it was a bad thing.  I was deceived.  The powerful man entered my realm in disguise as one of us. 

  When I met the merman it was not a human kind of experience. I was thinking as mermaids think and not as a woman with a man.  Right now I am talking as a human.

   I feel very powerful in being able to feel what others’ feel so it was so much the worse to be deceived.  He was loving and very positive and then I was disappointed and tricked.


I can heal others and sometimes save people who are terminally ill. I see the future and events involving many earthquakes and fires.  I can tell when women are pregnant and tell them the date and sex of the child to be born.   


I absolutely love the purity of new born babies.  Babies have this purity before they develop as human beings.  Do you know what I mean when I talk about purity?




You are not just saying that?  


I know what cosmic purity is.  I meditate every day on an energy that restores the original purity and purpose of things.  But I also think of myself as an ordinary guy if not a jerk.  The spiritual world sometimes considers me to be a jerk but it understands too that I possess some of its abilities.  And I have an advantage because I am actually here in incarnation and those spirits are not.  


Question: I ask my models to act as if they are mermaids when I photograph them in water.  But you have been a mermaid.  Would you be willing to be videotaped when you are in the water?  We could go to the beach near where you live and you could wear a bathing suit ….


That would be fine but I don’t like bathing suits. I never wear one when I am cleansing myself, immersing myself in the water. 


Why do I like purity so much?


A mermaid told me once that the essence of her race is a love that flows without ever being lost and gives all of itself in every moment.  


 Love is my religion.  Love in every moment. It is to live with innocence.


Water is cleansing, purifying, renewing, healing, reviving, animating, and life giving.


You put so many things together for me. I keep getting really good feelings talking to you.


When I am on the astral plane, I spend a lot of time within water. 


You said you like fire and water.


I like fire as it reflects in water, like the sparking light in nature.


The other medium I work with mentioned that undines can be seen by looking at the reflection of light on water.


Why do I feel electricity go through my body?


It is like a cloud, the positive and negative ions separate within the cloud’s magnetic field and when the charges are sufficiently strong enough you get lightning arcing between them.  It is that way when you are with people in certain situations, except it is emotions that probably trigger it.

  The undines bring out the will power and electrical energy in those they are around.  They do not work directly with fire or electricity but can amplify it through their magnetic fields around themselves.   


I almost drown once in water as a child.  I was on vacation and very little and I like to swim way out.  Something pushed me out of the water.  It was not a person. I have always been protected in the water. 


Question: The undines’ empathy has this thing it does.  It is like blessing someone.  They sense a person’s deepest desires and dreams and then bring them to life as if they are real right now. This Sunday I am going to see if I can teach a woman how to visualize one of my visions regarding eliminating wars on earth—to see it as if it is already accomplished. Do you do stuff like that, bringing to life the deepest dreams in others?       


In regard to sensing others’ deepest desires and dreams, I sometimes give people feedback and tell them what I see. 


I see the struggle and their future. 


If I use too much magic I interfere with what they have to learn. 


I have to build in learning as part of the process.


I realize I am only here to help but often feel very isolated or alone.


I mentioned having to get into the water five or six times a day to keep my self feeling okay.  And even then I have to stop myself from getting in the water more often.


I know this sounds weird, but I talk to trees.


I am so happy you’ve relieved one of my stressors. It helps explain why I have been so obsessed with water.


There is also a cave I see under the sea that is very significant and magical.  I have been to it and seen it.  I remember swimming to it.  It feels very safe to be within it.  I was there as an undine.  We moved about in tiny groups at that time. 

I see you as a master teacher on the astral plane. You must realize you have many students there.  You are what I call one of the “elders.” You have vast power and wisdom.


No, I do not know of such things.  My brain is programmed to accomplish things in this world.  I don’t even like the word “master.” Masters I have met specialize in specific religious or magical traditions and know next to nothing else about the world.  I am always learning new things which means I am always playing the role of a beginner—fumbling about, sometimes with brilliant insights and sometimes only to discover I have absolutely no ability to learn what I am trying to learn.       


But you believe in undines, don’t you?


It is more like I am after the evidence.  It is true, if you believe that what you are looking for exists, you look for it in a far more efficient manner than if you bring doubts to your search. 

   I believe in undines.  But what is far more important to me is that I figure out how to teach the world how to learn undine skills such as their magical empathy.  With that one skill we could eliminate wars on earth.


My mission is not to get people to believe.  It is reveal a new form of spiritual power.  But it is also true, to get women to embody undine empathy I have to in effect turn myself into a merman, a person with merman intuition and magical abilities—to see and feel as they do.  It is part of the job description. 


I can send you my piece describing a merman. 


No, I don’t want anything written because I want to share only what I can see and what I have experienced. 


Yes, I understand.


Well, you appear to me on the inner planes as radiant and magnetic, but you have not mastered the whole love thing yet right?  


The love thing? Yes, I have a great deal to learn about the love thing.  When in doubt, teach others the very thing you want for your self and in this way you learn so much that getting what you want happens without effort. 
    I want among other things the undine empathy so by teaching it to others I make it happen all around me.  Kind of like that. 
   I want to be able to feel saturated with love in every cell of my body as if I am within a sea of love that extends to the ends of the universe. 

   But to get it I have to teach it to others and open the gates to the undine realms so undines and humans can freely move back and forth.  In this way, I become the gate.  The infinite sea of love slowly takes form around me as I teach others how to embody this energy.  In this way what I desire comes into being without effort.  I am meant to be a master of karma, of how to learn and work things out. 


But you see you are doing right there undine empathy. The undines sense your deepest desires and dreams.  And then they take you into that dream as if it is real right now. 

  You are seeing me as a master.  It is something that is completely real to you.  As you talk to me about this thing that you see, you are conveying to me what it feels like to be that person.  There is a body to body, a non verbal, subliminal transmission of energy from you to me. 

  Which figures.  If a therapist with a client sat there and listened as usual to the client talking about his problems and also at the same time visualized that all the clients problems were already solved and the client no longer needed therapy, one day the client would say to the therapist, “You know, I don’t know why, but I feel really great.  I won’t be coming to therapy any longer.”   

  The power to heal and to make whole and complete is in the heart’s ability to dream the world as new—to live within the dream until the future becomes the present reality. 


Love is about using all your senses, connecting to others’ feelings, not judging.  I am definitely here to teach love and empathy and also, as you say, how to create.  





This woman has never seen or heard about the movie, Lady in the Water. In that movie, the mermaid had to sit in a shower to keep herself feeling okay. 

  But what is interesting is not only the number of time this woman gets into the bath each day but that she does her healing of others when she is in the water.  I have never heard of anyone healing in that manner before.

   I love the possibilities here.  I want to get this woman on videotape playing in the surf.  I want to get her around my model who has undine energy in her aura and also at the same time around the medium who instantly channels mermaids. And I want to see the extent this woman can interact or channel mermaids when she and I are next to the ocean. 

  It is kind of like a movie I am after—Conversations with Mermaids, in which we talk about the human versus the mermaid experience.  I want details—answers to questions that go like “Here is what it is like to be a human beings, seeing, perceiving, and feeling, and here is what it is like to be a mermaid, seeing, perceiving, and feeling.  Here is human empathy and here is undine empathy.  Here is sensuality as a human being and here is sensuality as a mermaid.”

   To talk to individuals like this you have to be able to listen really well.  From my experience, human beings do not listen and do not ask good questions of other people so they often miss the vast variety of things that seemingly ordinary people actually experience.

   The mermaid I mention who has taken possession of a human woman’s body completely disguises and hides the fact that she can feel the feelings of everyone around her.   She is like an actress playing the part of being a human being.  When in fact if you were  near her and if you could sense her aura, is like being under the ocean. You are surrounded by watery energy. 

  I wish to explore the range of experiences of people who have contact or connections to mermaids. And I wish to see the extent to which women and men can embody within themselves all the magical and empathic abilities of mermaids and mermen.

   As I have mentioned, we already know how to destroy the world with our science and technologies.  I am after the wisdom that equals and surpasses the science of Newton and Einstein so that knowledge and power serve the purposes of love rather than selfishness and destruction.  We may not have a lot of time left to us to pursue these things.