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                         Karl, the Master, and the Undine


“Master!,” Karl exclaimed.  

   A shadowy form took shape in the corner of the room where the curtains between the window and the balcony left the wall bare.  At first a dark haze, then dim like an oil lamp, it quickly took shape and began to shine brilliant like the sun until the entire room was wrapped in a soft, warm, golden light.   

  “I have warned you before,” the master spoke stern and disapproving, the words struck from the air like notes plucked from a string base or cello.  “Don’t you realize what you are at risk of losing?”

  “But master,” Karl insisted, trying hard not to retreat, “No other man on earth feels love this deep.  Her touch makes me feel complete.  Whether I am with her or we are far apart, the bliss remains the same.  She is inside of me, part of me, one with me. Even as we speak, she hears your voice and mine; and all the time her love flows through me like a river and surrounds me like the sea.”

  “Karl, Karl, don’t you think I haven’t heard this all before?  I have spoken the same words of warning to others just like you. And like you, my demands they refuse.

   “There is still time.  You are still able to choose.  The pack is not yet sealed. You can undo this enchantment if you choose.”

  “Master.  I love you so much.  You have taught me wisdom and granted keys to magic beyond the knowledge of this age.  But I think in regard to love your wisdom has something missing.   If you could feel what I feel you would know as I know that love such as this is sacred—it opens doors of the heart that no key can unlock.”   

  The master smiled and then nearly cried, “I see where this is going.  But just so that I am clear beyond all doubt, I’ll say it again: it is her very nature to fuse with you from within.  I’ll grant you that. Human women can neither compete with nor offer to give pleasure so deep. 

  “And there is no question about her motives: her entire being exists to love.  She will heal you and renew you.  Her hands alone caressing your skin will add twenty years to your life span. You will not age in outer form; you will always appear as a middle aged man even when all your other friends have died.

  “But access to the deeper mysteries of life will then be beyond your reach.  She borrows and depends on the fifth element in you, the akasha.  And her inner connection to you bends its light so that like a magic mirror, when you gaze upon it, you can only see her face; the divine pageantry of the greater universe unfolding will be now beyond your sight.

   “You will lose your appetite for all other spheres and planes.  Her astral domain will remain, a place of refuge, a home, and a kingdom of the soul; but beyond the bliss and ecstasy, the rapture and pleasure of her touch, beyond the dreams of the lakes, rivers, and seas—you will soon enough desire no more than the magic found within water--to give and to share love with its serene visions and its prophecies of the past, present, and future.  I had hoped that you ascend to so much more.”

  “Master, there is yet one thing your accounting fails to consider. If I were to imbue her with a human soul, granting her through magic and with the blessing of spirit the Akashic element, then she would one day be like me.  Together we shall ascend, loving each other, now and forever. 

  “This is not a selfish desire. By bringing her over from the Other Side, even you must admit, a new treasure shall be offered to mankind.  It is true that her love overshadows me like the leaves of a tree shade the ground beneath from the sun.  It is true that the dreams of the sea are gradually becoming my dreams so that I only desire to be within her love and to partake of her divine sensuality.

  “But don’t you see? If she is brought over and a human soul acquires, it is humanity that will be set free.  Love such as this has been denied to mankind since the dawn of time.  Not a trace of it has found breath or words to express it, not from any sage, mage, poet, or artist in any age. 

  “This is a moment unlike any other.  If I do not diverge from my own path to perfection, this gift will be lost to mankind.  If she remains, her very presence shall inspire the beginning of a new age. 

  “And furthermore, I already have publishers standing ready to publish her autobiography, groups and assemblies ready to hear her voice, the songs she sings, to see her dance, and feel the energy with which she heals.”

  The master gives Karl a long, dour look.

  Karl goes on, “Have you never visited the sphere of Uranus?”

  “You know I have.”

  “Then you know full well there is a time to keep the keys to the mysteries well hidden and there is a time to reveal new things to the world.  Even as we speak I can feel her love saturating every cell in my body.  There is nothing that I now am that is also not within and a part of her. 

  “But I tell you, this apparent act of selfishness on my part is one of the few exceptions to all wisdom traditions in regard to remaining detached.  For as you know also from your journeys to the lunar sphere, the Lords of that sphere proclaim and make it perfectly clear: In all of the world, there is no greater treasure to be found than a woman who loves a man with all of her heart. 

   “This love is within my grasp. I will not let it pass. It will last.  And when I die the world I leave behind will be forever changed. Mankind will never be the same.  The reason is that henceforth the path of wisdom and the path of love will walk hand in hand; even our children will sense it: as they look out at the world, their eyes of innocence will also be the eyes of wisdom, for they will see and believe that love has no end.”

  The master, his aura still shimmering, illuminating the room lit from a light within, slowly scratches the skin of his holographic chin.  He goes on, “I shall make inquiries and discuss with higher spirits the divine designs. The reason we have not taught this undine love is that its touch must remain hidden, its bliss forever forbidden to mankind.  Others have felt it before and their souls were so carried away by its currents that the entire race was faced with a dark fate.  For example, we would never have invented science.  We would still be riding horses.  People would be so content they would never invent.

  “But for some reason, your inner fusion with this woman does not dampen the light within your soul.  Like you suggest, it appears the two of you are opening a gate to a path of spirit concealed within nature and yet now revealed.  Even the wise do not see all ends.  I’ll be back another time and we shall continue this discussion.”

  And having finished speaking, the room slowly regained the colors and tones of late afternoon, the sun’s rays drifting again through the curtains and splashing down on the wooden floor.  And now the master’s light is no more.  His form and dour visage are both gone.

   The undine, from far away, speaks mind to mind with Karl as is her habit. 

    Kerara: “He felt solid like a rock, the fire in his chest compressed yet his mind vast like the sky.  He was not very relaxed.  And I wonder if he has ever felt happiness.  To say the least, he is weak in his knowledge of the seas, the rivers and the streams.  There are voids within his soul where love does not go.”

    “Is this why you choose me? You sense something missing and do not wish to be like him?”                     

     Karl: “It is not like that.  It is not a comparison.  Having met you I refuse to pursue wisdom without love by my side.  If I do not seize the gift when it is in front of me, there is the chance I will never find it again.”  

   Kerara: “I understand, my love.  As long as time exists and even on the Other Side where touch is no longer physical but heart to heart and soul to soul, you shall have my love.”       


The Undine’s Poem--Song of the Changeling


I am water

I am what I was before

I have only changed the outer form


I am water

I am more now than heartbeat or breath

My secret dreams, my innermost needs?

I am raging and daring and craving—

The essence of love that has no end

My secret name is desire set aflame:

I ask you,

Where does the sun burn so bright

As when its passion unites with ice?

The haunted soul with its abandoned love

Frozen and cold?

I go where others can not

I am the sparks that arc illuminating

The dark chambers of the heart 

My songs are citrine, violet, vermillion, and lilac

By what authority do I claim what is lost?

Have you never seen me dancing naked?

Dazzling his rays ravish me

In the curves and crests

Golden his caress finds me, binds me

In a billion waves

His ecstasy sets me free 


I am water

I am what I shall be

I am the sea

With its endless dream

Of being one and of being free