I woke up in the middle of last night and started writing this poem.  There are 26 basic building blocks of time, space, matter, energy, consciousness, and spirit in the Quabbalah.  This is the first one of them.  It is light blue in color and has a weightless sensation. It is both a state of mind and an energy.  It is referred to as the cosmic letter "A" which relates to enlightenment. 

  I could write like other modern poets about the present moment, the bread crumbs from the burnt toast that fall to the floor and are rubbed into the carpet as the dim light from the window and the gray sky filter through the curtains and remind me that I sometimes feel trapped and alone.  But I am not a modern poet.  My mind sees stars and galaxies and I am overwhelmed by their beauty.  I eat toast in the morning but my imagination is like the taste of mead.



The Voice of Enlightenment


I am a light so bright

So expansive my sight

I gave birth to the stars

And taught them to sing.


I am a darkness so dark

So empty and apart

There is nothing within me

To which evil can cling.


I am a mirror so clear

I am in this moment right here--

Its a moment so rich, so filled with bliss

So endless, so infinite

Only compassion can touch it

Which is why I see through every eye

I think the thoughts in every mind

I am the spark that causes the heart to beat

And the pulse to leap.


Who am I?

If you have seen the blue sky

You have looked into my eyes.

If you have seen the starry night

You are aware of my mind and my might.


Though my teachings may seem impossible

And my way incomprehensible

There is a trick to it that is quite simple--

The highest learning curve

I can expound in one word--kindness:


When you meet another's need

You greet me,

For I reside in and am the friend of every living being.