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              The Cosmic Letter C and L-C formula


Note: Like my brief essay on the cosmic letter L, this letter C has something to contribute to my understanding of Bardon’s breathing exercises.  In particular, I am pursuing the reverse of the C-L cosmic letter formula, namely, the L-C formula.

  Note also that I often write from an altered state of awareness.  Sometimes I am just like you in that when I read what I have written it is like I am reading it for the first time.  I have to think about the ideas presented in order to make sense of them.     


Two Formula Combinations


The C-L formula that Bardon describes goes right to the feeling of being younger and sustaining it.  It creates youth in the body.  In the C-L formula, one can work with the C in the astral body and the L in the physical body in various ways.  In this application, the L produces a great harmony and uplifting in the vitality of the body.  The letter C in the astral body backs this process up with an inner fire in which the elements in the astral body are constantly seeking to be purified and transformed.     

   The L-C formula, by contrast, goes to the power of concentration that condenses energy.  It helps one with the breathing exercises by making them work much more easily.

   The L-C formula places the letter L in the astral body.  Here it creates an inner peace and a wonderful, rich, deep feeling of wonder and wholeness within oneself.  The C on the physical level produces an intense concentration that is free of distraction or loss of intensity since it is backed up on the inner planes by the L.


The cosmic letter C has the note of “D.” The color is vermilion.  And the elemental sensations are air and fire, that is, weightless and hot.




As always, the physical level is best understood as an embodiment of the three inner planes.  In order to better understand the letter C in the formula L-C, I present the letter C on all four planes.




The letter C in the physical body is a very intense energy of self-transformation.  It produces great will power, great clarity, and is very uplifting.  The person who has this probably does not need any outside inspiration.  There is a powerful Mar’s influence here of focused will and power.

    For example, the fire and vermilion color are oriented toward will and power.  This is an extremely dynamic and intense power that is focused completely on transformation of physical matter.  It is very alchemical in that it is an inner fire, a sacred fire of transformation. 

    The letter C basically commands the body to align itself with a higher vibration. This is similar to the letters CH and W with their emphasis on creating a spiritual “womb” through which one is reborn and the sense of being in a sacred emotional space separate from the world. The letter C, however, uses fire and air rather than water and the violet color of akasha. 





Letter C on the astral is kind of like, “I stand ready to serve.”  It is a hundred per cent devotion and loyalty.  The astral body becomes like that: totally receptive to taking on the qualities of whatever is required. 

  This is not the physical body with its physical matter being transformed.  This is the astral body.  It is more like liquid emotion that then becomes totally receptive, and so, according to Bardon, able to be impregnated with a quality or idea.   

   Isn’t this funny?  At the risk of offending, I have to say it is extremely difficult to find an image of a woman who is totally ready and fiery receptive to receive your energy so that all that exists in her being is her focused on you.  Whereas many men understand this perfectly: you stand absolutely ready to fulfill your mission so that your entire being is able to be engaged in any moment on whatever is being commanded to accomplish.  

   These two are the exact same receptivity, totally yin, totally feminine, but it requires very great will.  And yet this will exists to serve and not to serve itself so that ego is no longer present.

   The image I get is like one of the hot springs at Yellowstone National Park.  A pool of water looks perfectly clear and still.  But if you drop into it even a pebble, the entire pool immediately becomes turbulent and boils, rising three feet in height with raging water.  It is not the turbulence that is significant.  It is its ability to respond from the vastness of its depths.    

   The idea of absolute devotion does not exist in our world.  And if it did we would automatically assume that it was blind and fanatical.  But this devotion is different.  It aligns itself totally to a higher will so that it takes on the inner qualities and awareness of that will. 

  It would be like a captain in the army who understands the thoughts and feeling of everyone in his chain of command right up to the Joint Chefs of Staff and the president as well.  This would be a very intelligent captain.  And in this case this captain takes whatever mission is given to him and seeks to fulfill it with his entire being.  We could call this superhuman loyalty in that it molds itself from within to match and blend with whatever design or will it is assigned to fulfill.       

   Think about this--the idea of focusing your entire being on the thing you are pursuing without any ego attached or intervening.  And the entirely of your astral body becomes aligned to receive something into itself and so to transform in a total and absolute sense—this is not part of the collective direction of our global civilization at this time. 

  Even those whose spirituality is defined by the word submission—not one of a billion  on earth has this degree of inner receptivity to the divine.  They simply do not have the fiery will power necessary to focus totally in this way.  Those who do have the fiery will focus it outward on the world searching for something to destroy rather than first to transform themselves. 

   The idea of self-transformation though interacting directly with the divine may be present in some of their astral bodies; but again, the fire aspect of absolute devotion is missing and it is not in their literature or theology.  You have to go elsewhere seeking an image like a Lancelot in service to a King Arthur or an Arjuna seeking an absolute weapon from Shiva in order to grasp the dynamics.   

   Like me try to say it in another way again at the risk of offending.  I am an amateur photographer who has a global casting call. I could take a great model, one highly skilled in portraying any concept required of her in a shoot, and say these words, “I need you to portray in the microsecond of the shot that you are absolutely receptive, totally ready to give everything—heart, soul, mind, and body—to whatever is asked of you.”  The model would most likely fall over laughing.  She would do this either because she thought I was being gross or else because instinctively she knows that our entire civilization is in service to the ego and not to self-transformation. 

   On the other hand, all of the mermaid women I have ever met know how to do this instantly and they practice it constantly.  They mold and extend their auras to nurture and transform those around them.  Their astral receptivity is nearly perfect.  And in the process, some of them utilize the oneness they attain with others as an automatic means to internalize within themselves the qualities of their lovers. But these mermaid women, technically speaking, do not have the vibration of human souls.  They have the vibration of another race of beings.       





This is the exact same as the astral except on a mental level.  In clairsentience in the mental body, you sense a feeling or vibration usually outside of yourself.  You focus on it.  You give it your total attention.  And then you understand its qualities, abilities, powers, and experiences.  It is a vibration you are observing and you bring to bare an encyclopedia of topics and experiences to decipher the  meaning of that vibration.   

   The energy of the cosmic letter C on the mental plane is like reverse clairsentience.  Like clairsentience, you sense something outside of or different from your self.  But instead of interpreting it, you become it.  Similar to a chameleon, you change your appearance, but not your outer skin color.  You shape change your vibration to perfectly match whatever it is that you are focused on. 
  If you have practiced successfully Bardon’s chapter five mental level, you are used to projecting your mind as a dot inside of the center of other things, people, and spirits.  When you do this, being there with your mental body, you get mental impressions so that you can in effect say, “Oh, this is what it is like to be a grand master of Tai Chi Chuan or to have the tan tien of an eight Don aikido master.   This is what it is like to be a ruthless dictator or to have the aura and being of a yogic Swami who is a virtual saint.” 
  That is child’s play.  Do the exercise, you get the results.  You do not have to rely on doctrines and beliefs set up thousands of years ago.  You can make your own first hand observations and draw your own conclusions. 

     On the astral level, the letter C is more feeling.  It is about the devotion that receives something into your self so it is part of you.  The astral deals with feeling alive and it heightens sensory experience.  And so it naturally has a concern with “What does it feel like to unite with this idea or person.”

   On the mental level, the letter C does what the mind does—it runs simulations, thinks about things, and analyzes concepts.  Here the letter C recreates a vibration in itself of whatever it is focusing on.  It compares and contrasts, regarding its own vibration and then systematically yet intuitively modifying and changing itself until it perfectly matches the other vibration. 

   The C on the astral is like an actor using method acting to assume the role of a character and to perform convincingly as that character.  The C on the mental is like a mirror that is perfectly empty and so it can perfectly reflect whatever appears in front of it.  The astral is working with the emotions and feelings of memories and the dynamic interactions and subtexts in situations.  The mental is far more detached. 

   I mention this concept many times in various essays: The nature of high caliber contemplation is that you put aside all consciousness of yourself and become the thing you are contemplating.  If there is nothing else in your consciousness but what you are focusing on, then its vibration becomes your vibration.  You are an open and empty space and something appears within that space.  Its vibration then becomes perfectly clear.  And you are one with it without loss or diminishing of your own consciousness.

   In a way, the letter C in the mental body speaks to the astral body like a coach to a great athlete, like a great director to a masterful actor, or like a general to his soldiers who would die for him; it says, “This is what I need from you.”  It does not need to speak loud or to shout, to demand or to command.  This is because it already perfectly embodies the vibration, the awareness, the understanding, and the experience of what it wishes to bring about.

  The mental and the astral work together like two great lovers or like a master who embodies perfectly the wisdom of all that has gone before in his lineage.




It is the nature of Divine Providence in the fullness of time to offer every being without exception the ability to become divine.  To describe this letter it is fair to say that here on the akashic plane Divine Providence is offering through the letter C the power and the will to accomplish this. 

  Or, to put it with a little more humor, those who seek God’s face would have done well to have a drink of this energy before starting on their quest. We would be in a different world if the Apostle Paul in his letter to the Ephesians had said not only to “put on the breastplate of righteousness” but also “embody the cosmic letter C on the akashic plane.”  Then this world would no longer be seen as a world of sorrow and loss; it would be a divine workshop in which you and the divine work side by side in transforming first oneself and then the world.      

   The astral plane goes for the life and feeling in each moment as it unfolds.  The mental plane has the plan of action, the detachment, the concentration, and the objectives.  The akashic plane penetrates through space and time.  It assumes the point of view not of the mind, the personality, or the feelings, but of eternity.

   The akashic plane awareness is without form or image, without thought or historical identity.  It can express itself through thought, feelings, or body, but in itself it is boundless and inexhaustible, forever new, recreating itself and whatever it touches with beauty, wonder, and love.  The great world teachers, though assuming historical limitations, manage to sustain their akashic awareness during all hours of the day and through all adversity. 

   To repeat the opening quote, “It is the nature of Divine Providence in the fullness of time to offer every being without exception the ability to become divine.” With the cosmic letter C on the akashic plane, you sense that you are united to and an expression of Divine Providence.  And you as well, to some degree, begin to offer the same opportunities to others.

    Consequently, when you turn to examining your mental, astral, and physical bodies in terms of the specific karma attached to each one, it is much easier to plan, feel, and to renew so as to transform the person that you are.  Meditating here, we fully engage the will, the power, the wonder, the love, and the creativity necessary to accomplish this.  


The Four Planes Emphasizing the Physical


The body is seen as a temple in which a sacred fire burns eternal transforming all who enter.  But it is more than this.  The body itself begins to vibrate with the light of eternity.    


If I wrote like a Sufi poet I might write like this:


Others do not understand. They say,

Perhaps he is from some foreign land

They think maybe I drink too much 

They mistake my bliss and suggest 

There is some woman I secretly kiss

They mistake my rapture and say,

His mind is gone

The goals of this world no longer carry him along.


But I am not like some Sufi poet drunk on the divine.

Sufi bliss is not on my list of drinks.  I write more like this:



It is in your breath and in how you eat

It is in your thoughts and the way you feel 

The goal is not to leave the world behind

It is to shine with light divine

Though no else sees your inner flame 

Your light dissolves darkness

Your intensity destroys malice

Your presence alone takes the ordinary

And creates the extraordinary.