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                                              The Cosmic Letter G


                        May the Blessing of God rest upon you,

                                    May His peace abide with you,

                                    May His presence illuminate your hearts now and forever more. 


   Sufi invocation 


                                   I have placed no limitations on what you may accomplish.


                                                                           From The Voice of Akasha




This discussion of the cosmic letter G is an addition to my essay on the electric fluid which relates to using magic to make things happen.  The letter G deals with the themes of divine grace and mercy, abundance, wealth, good fortune, divine peace, happiness, contentment, satisfaction, and harmony on all planes of existence.  For those who master its vibration, it grants the ability to bestow the blessings of Divine Providence in all aspects upon others. 

    The cosmic letter G is derived from a three sense concentration.  You concentrate on the color of green as in grass green, the note of F, and the sensation of cold water.  The three sense concentrations together produce the energy field of this letter.  You yourself must add to this energy an entire array of qualities and virtues that are part of its vibration.  The energy of the letter enhances certain qualities.  It creates priorities and imbues with luck certain kinds of wishes so that they materialize more rapidly. 

    The color green is sometimes described as harmonizing body, mind, and spirit.  The sensation of watery cold relates to the magnetic fluid in that it nurtures and offers support.  It is very receptive to taking one’s desires and intentions and bringing them to life.


The Cosmic Letter G in a Nutshell


There is no need to go overboard by imagining this letter to be obscure, strange, and esoteric.  It is fairly straightforward in conception.  A simple way to conceive of the universal aspects of this letter is to do the following exercise:  

    Imagine the wealth and expansiveness of Jupiter.  Consider Jupiter in its capacity to offer opportunities in life that enhance one’s ability to learn, to experience new things, and to enrich oneself and others in the process.  Then focus this expansive, enriching activity through the green light of the planet Venus.  Venus is concerned with personal harmony, with love, affection, luck, and beauty.  Then meditate on these themes on four planes—

    On the akashic plane are divine mercy and grace.  They make every attempt to offer the best so that we may get the most out of life.  You can learn to sense this mercy and grace on the akashic plane.  The letter G embodies this vibration.  Sense it and then imagine that you perfectly embody this power. 

    On the mental plane, contemplate the kind of mind and character an individual would need to have in order to bestow these gifts on others.  These would include, for example, divine peace and the power to create harmony around oneself and to bestow this on others’ lives as well.

    On the astral plane, the G sets up the situations and encounters in life, the entire spectrum of emotional experiences that balance one’s own astral body with others.  On the astral plane, peace, harmony, abundance, richness of experience, opportunities, etc. are attain through interactions with others.  Like dreams that are alive within you, these dreams are things that are about to become real.  It helps immensely to be in tune with the future in a positive and generous way.  If you are so attuned, then the door to the best in life is far more likely to open to you and you will be ready to walk through this door when it appears.

     On the physical plane, one’s physical environment, the events of your life and your connections to others sustain and amplify the inner plane qualities and creative powers.  At times it is quite difficult to maintain an inner peace and wealth of spirit when one’s physical circumstances do not reflect these things.  The physical can subtract from or tax your inner spirit. 

    On the other hand, the physical world can also support and reflect one’s inner life.  The physical world is energy in a condensed form.  If your environment is beautiful, harmonious, and serene, then it is much easier to recover from being tired and stressed.  The physical can sustain your spirit and enhance the materialization of your dreams.  Consequently, from the point of view of the cosmic letter G, it is the intent of Divine Providence to enrich life and provide abundance on all planes.  This includes offering wealth and riches on the physical plane in support of your soul, mind, and spirit.     

    In a nutshell, that is the cosmic letter G.  It involves four planes--body, soul, mind, and spirit--engaged in one creative activity.  It offers opportunities that enrich life in every imaginable way. 

     If I were teaching An Introduction to the Cosmic Language to a freshman class at a magic university I might give the following homework assignment over the first weekend: 1. On Monday, stand up in front of the class and tell two stories about individuals from real life who have experienced divine grace and mercy; 2. Give two examples from your own life in which you have experienced divine grace and mercy.  3. Now give two examples from your own life about times when you did not experience divine grace and mercy.  You experienced the opposite—the door to opportunity, to love, to happiness was closed to you. 

     Now imagine an individual who is intuitive, wise, and experienced enough that he or she might during those moments of your life completely turn things around.  Instead of sorrow and loss, this individuals actions bestow upon you whatever it is you need to have or to learn so that you experienced joy and creativity.  Tell me more about this person.  Who is this person and how did he acquire his wisdom and generosity?  How might you become such an individual who can offer help, love, and wisdom at exactly that moment when others need it the most?

    Cosmic letters are often quite different from each other.  Some we may have an affinity for.  I have met individuals who embody one or another of these letters in their auras.  If they tried, they could easily learn to use and direct one of these letters.   

    There are other times when certain letters seem quite strange and otherworldly.  They probe and celebrate aspects of matter, soul, mind, and spirit which are hard to understand. Perhaps an archangel might make use of them but for practical purposes they are not immediately useful to us.       

    I am not a professor at a magic university.  I am not teaching the cosmic letter G with any authority.  I actually find this letter G quite difficult to work with.  It is distant from my usual focus.  Yet it is the nature of wisdom that we occasionally stop and work on the very thing we are weakest at.  Such an activity takes us in the direction of magical equilibrium without which the practice of magic can be disastrous. 

     All the same, I am happy to share my observations and meditations.  I can often describe in detail the nature of energy and relate it to ordinary life experience even if I fail to embody these energies in their full power.  I know others will actually master this vibration and use it to transform the world. 

     I worked in meditating on this letter over a five day period about four hours a day.  Consequently, this is only a brief introduction.  Yet during this time I did acquire some new feelings, attitudes, and perceptions.  The letter G contains certain kinds of inspiration I should have embodied my entire life. 




My primary intent was simply to contemplate the qualities of the cosmic letter G.  I was doing this as follow up on my study of using magic to make things happen.  As such, I did not follow Bardon’s elaborate and rigorous approach.  For my self, wisdom needs to precede power.  In Bardon’s approach, you can not get wisdom without experiencing power.  For Bardon, to attain equilibrium using Quabbalah you have to focus extremely intense energies through yourself.  In my experience, things are slightly different.  A little power goes a long way if it is used carefully and focused in the right manner.        

     My method is one of contemplation.  I do the three sense concentration evoking the energy of the letter outside of my body and filling a very large space.  This energy can not be too intense or condensed for me otherwise the force present interferes with my sensitivity.  Then I open myself and focus on the qualities of the energy.

   I always get feelings from energies.  And feelings for me resonate with specific thoughts, images, sensations, impressions, and memories.  I simply record and then carefully study each of these. 

   Note that it is important to dissolve the letter G after evoking it.  It is not necessarily a natural energy to have around.  Of course, accumulated letter G energy can be used to put thoughts and wishes into.  But then again you have to be careful not to let these created thought forms interfere with the health and vitality of your aura. 


Akashic Plane


                      ….with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually 

                      pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.


                                                                           The Declaration of Independence


On the akashic plane, the letter G represents great good fortune.  It is the wealth and abundance of God overflowing or the benevolence of Divine Providence.  Divine Providence is sometimes referred to as the impersonal aspect of God.  Or it is the set of agents who act to implement His will. 

     It is a fantastic thing to have a personal God. The problem sometimes pointed out with those who worship God in a personal form is that they rarely get around to any kind of serious spiritual training.   If you think of divinity as active and present but slightly more impersonal in nature, then you have to really work to connect.  And the activities of Divine Providence then are more dependent on your actions for their implementation.     

    I can imagine lots of complaints directed at God and Divine Providence in regard to the quality of life on earth.  Human life has been horrible.  Suffering is pandemic. Injustice is everywhere.  Hundreds of millions if not billions of people do not have adequate cloths, shelter, food, and medicine.  A few control the lives of many with the intent of keeping themselves in power rather than bestowing any benefit. 

     But it is also possible to summarize the point of view of Divine Providence as a reply to these complaints: “I have given you a planet on which to dwell with incredibly rich resources.  I have given you an extra long and warm interglacial period. I have given you knowledge, science, laws, and ideals of justice, peace, love, enlightenment, and serving others. If you had played your cards right, seizing your opportunities as they arose, you would not only be living hundreds of years longer.  You would not only have solved the problems of poverty, energy, and protecting your environment.  You would now be teleporting between the stars.  I give you the opportunities. You must seize them and take advantage of them and apply them well.”        

     My mother watched the Wright Brothers practice at Kitty Hawk.  My mother is still alive.  Her brother, Rus, who also watched the Wright Brothers, became an aeronautics engineer.  He designed a jet for Hughes Air West.  During my mother’s lifetime man took flight, flew in jets, left the atmosphere, landed on the moon, sent probes to Mars and other planets, and also the Voyager has left the solar system.  All of this occurred within the span of one woman’s lifetime. 

    Could the Wright Brothers or those like them have flown a hundred years earlier if society had been more advanced?  How about five hundred years earlier?  How about a thousand years ago we established colonies on Mars?  What if the Greeks and Romans had promoted a little more science?  Handled their economies better?  Acted with higher political ideals rather than seeking to enslave each other?

    What if the Temple of Solomon had never been destroyed and God still appeared once a year between the wings of the Seraphim on the Ark of the Covenant?  What if the Tang Dynasty had developed telescopes and microscopes?  What if the Europe had formed a Common Market five hundred years ago rather than their nations playing king of the hill?       

    I ask these questions because they are pertinent.  They relate to another question, Just how much wealth of spirit and resources have Divine Providence made available to us on the akashic plane?  And what does it take to access these resources, to bring this wealth of beauty, harmony, knowledge, and blessing back so we can share it with our world? 

     In his book, The Practice of Magical Evocation, Bardon describes 360 spirits of the Earthzone.  These spirits are responsible for inspiring mankind in every aspect of cultural, science, religious, and innovative activity.  They are sitting in akasha watching, waiting, seeking any individuals with spiritual receptivity who can respond and carry to mankind the gifts they offer.  The benevolence and wealth that are in reserve surrounding this planet are truly extraordinary.

    The akashic plane is like a television or movie producer.  It does not matter how many really great screenplays are available.  If there is no producer, then nothing happens. 

    The primary qualification for becoming a producer in the akashic plane is to identify with Divine Providence.  You have to pull out the stops.  Open up.  Expand your awareness through space and time.  Imagine what the benevolence of Divine Providence is.  And then imagine that you are this benevolence. 

    When I do this I get a sense that “It is my will to create and produce happiness, satisfaction, wealth, abundance, success, and the fulfillment of desires on all planes.  It is my will to see life fulfilled.  This is my intent, my power, my creativity, my plan, and my purpose.  I enrich life on all planes of existence.”

     Practicing the cosmic language is learning to create the way God creates.  As I have said elsewhere, there are no rewards given for being timid.  You do not score devotional points for saying I am weak, limited, fallible, and such creativity does not belong to me.  No, quite the contrary.  Imagine you are Divine Providence and that it is your nature to be generous, compassionate, merciful, gracious, and benevolent.  And that there is no end to the gifts you are free to bestow. 

     So what is the problem here?  Why has heaven not come down to earth?  Divine Providence is in the position of a guardian angel.  It prompts your conscience.  It sends dreams, warnings, promptings, feelings, thoughts, and inspirations.  It sends individuals to meet you and offer your alternatives.  It says in effect, “This is the way you want to go.  Make this choice and not that choice if you want good fortune, success, happiness, peace of mind, joy, contentment, and satisfaction.”

    But the individual says in reply, “My mind is already made up. I want this which I see right here in front of me. I don’t have time for useless speculation. I have no real interest in self-reflection.  And I, to tell you the truth, never was very much into faith, conviction, and using something you call a divinely inspired spiritual will.  Talk to me again in twenty or thirty years when I am older and have more experience. Maybe then I will be more receptive to “spiritual” rather than earthly things.”

    This is part of the problem the spirits of the earthzone have in dealing with human beings when it comes to bestowing gifts and benefits.  You are not permitted to interfere with others’ wills when it comes to the choices they make.  This is especially true when the choice is to learn through experience rather than through experience combined with divine inspired intuition.      

     So imagine you are Divine Providence.  And further you imagine you possess the power of Divine Providence to create.  It becomes “I am the benevolence of Divine Providence enriching life in all aspects; according to others’ openness and receptivity, the gifts I offer will manifest in space and time.” 

     Life involves a lot of really tough lessons. We are going to die.  Our time is limited.  We can not always depend on anyone for support. It is easy to lose our way.  Times can be really bad.  Shelter, protection, health, friendship, meaningful work, and love—these may not always be available.  Religions, ideologies, philosophies, and governments often take the wrong turns and produce really bad results.  To be alive is to be at risk—uncertainty and unpredictability are part of the fabric of life.    

     Grace and mercy take tough lessons that have to be learned and turn them into opportunities to grow.  And this growth takes place in such a way that you do not notice the sacrifice, pain, or hard work involved.  What you notice is that you are doing what you love.  You are doing it in a harmonious way that enriches your life and others’ lives as well.  Your actions produce happiness, peace, and satisfaction as the byproducts.

    In attaining your own wealth of spirit, mind, soul, body, and environment you are automatically producing these results in others.  This is mercy and grace in operation.  A young man can lose his way and end up in jail for any number of reasons.  In jail, things get worse.  This is the absence of mercy and grace.

    Then there is the story of the actor Morgan Freeman.  He is attracted to this girl in school but he does not know how to express his interest. So he pulls the chair out from under her as she is about to sit down. She bounces off the floor, gets up, and comes at him like she could kill him. 

   He runs out into the hall.  A teacher grabs him and says, “There you are.”  The teacher takes him and puts him in a room where another teacher is producing one act plays for a state competition.  Freeman not only gets a part.  He wins the state competition.

   Later on he moves to Hollywood where he nearly starves.  But he gets a break acting for TV.  And then he becomes a fabulous actor.  That is mercy and grace in action.

    Other students drop out or get kicked out of school.  Nothing of interest every holds their attention.  Their lives are shipwrecked.  That is the absence of mercy and grace.

    One person goes to college and is in a pre-orientation program where a group of ten students spend a week canoeing together through different lakes.  They form friendships that last a lifetime.  College is friendly because they have made friends before the first class begins.   

   Someone else goes to college and has a roommate who is a nightmare.  Hostility is thick in the air.  But rooms are scare and the school is in a ghetto.  It is nearly impossible to switch rooms.  The student ends up dropping out of school.  That is the absence of mercy and grace.  At least it is the absence of luck during a critical moment during a difficult social, educational, career, love, or life transition. 

    Sometimes the difficult is the mercy and grace.  It is alerting you to a problem that needs your full attention.  It is asking you to take a very difficult or negative experience and turn it into wisdom and love, into healing so that you an offer assistance to others who may not be in a position to learn as quickly as you.  Like I say, life involves a lot of tough lessons.  With luck and grace we get through these lessons without being torn apart. 


Mental Plane


Contentment is the greatest wealth there is.  Swami Rama


Blessed are the peacemakers.  Christ


Bardon’s description of the letter G on the mental plane: “The virtue of divine peace in the spirit, the experience of peacefulness, is attainable by this letter oscillation, and so is the blessing by Divine Providence in all its aspects. If the quabbalist masters this letter oscillation, he acquires the faculty of giving true divine blessing.”   

    As I meditate on the letter G on the mental plane I get a sense that this peace is a mind that creates harmony.  It does not waste any of its energy on worry, distractions, confusion, etc. It has no problem with ambiguity and uncertainty.  It maintains comfort, relaxation, and being at ease amid the gap between the present and the future. 

    It has no problem with cognitive dissonance—mutually contradictory perspectives.  The presence of negativity does not confuse or stifle the imagination.  It is not put off by obstacles or difficulties.  Having no viable solution to a conflict does not distort its sense of balance.   

     In other words, it avoids states of mind that interfere with conscience or its ability to transmit to others the blessing of Divine Providence.  It is not hot tempered, fanatical, desperate, whimsical, depressed, despairing, cynical, sarcastic, or skeptical.

     The mental plane sets up and maintains your priorities.  It forms a vision.  It provides reasons and motivation.  It is persuasive.  Without harmony, clarity of mind, and peace of mind it is easy to sabotage your dreams.   Giving into vices and obsessions deteriorate the quality of the elements in one’s astral body.  You lose your spark and your energy.  For the emotions to receive the inspiration of the akashic mercy and grace, the mind must remain free, harmonious, and in a state of peace.

    To put it simply, on the mental plane the mind creates harmony.  It makes the most of every situation.  Since its source is the akashic plane, its attitude is somewhat different.  It sees every situation in life as a starting point and an opportunity for revealing the wisdom, love, power, and purposes of Divine Providence.  Since it knows itself to be producing mercy and grace on the akashic plane, it now acts to transmit this benevolence to others through the actions of thought and mind. 

    In working with the cosmic letter G your mind is based on a limitless and boundless state of awareness found in the benevolence of Divine Providence on the akashic plane.  Consequently, there is not need to validate and defend your identity.  There is no need to convert others to your cause.

      Many religious people I know from all traditions do not base their minds on a boundless state of awareness.  What they do is identify with a tradition.  In doing this they often end up having to defend that tradition.  They feel betrayed, under siege, or opposed to someone who takes their tradition in a new direction.

     They become very anxious if the precise rules of their tradition are not followed.  They view the world through the eyes of this tradition and in so doing their thoughts become narrow-minded and rigid.  They are not generous.  The gifts they offer are offered with strings attached.  Their gifts are like a hook with bait.  Taste the benefits and now join their team.         

     As I meditate on this plane, it is like sitting on a throne amid a sea of green cosmic letter G energy.  At the same time there is a feeling of being in charge of a foundation such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  All you want to do is bestow on others the wealth and opportunities others can use that does not destroy them in the process of receiving it.    

    Imagine being able to say, I have five hundred, no, make it a billion dollars I am considering offering as a grant.  Tell me what you could do with it that harms no one and does only good.  Invested at five per cent return that is 50 million dollars revenue per year you can spend.  Take what you need for your own needs but give the rest to your project.  And then you take submissions and consider proposals from those who apply. 

     It is not your evangelists, bishops, or gurus who come up with the best ideas.  It is your prostitutes, homeless, and criminals who have the best suggestions.  Because they are closer to the situations of need.  And they are more aware of how offering benefits to others may weaken them instead of helping them. 

     Warren Buffet, the second wealthiest man in the world, says success is doing what you love most and doing it well.  Bill Gates, the wealthiest man in the world, dropped out of Harvard.  Years later he said that at the time he was not aware of the social and financial inequity in the world.  Now he spends much more of his time trying to offer assistance to those in need. 

   One critique of the Democrats is that they want the Federal government to give billions of dollars that other people make to those who are most likely to vote them into power for receiving these benefits.  The criticism is that Democrats do not really care about helping people by empowering them with opportunities.  They want to enslave people by making them addicted to their generosity. 

     Republicans, on the other hand, say that the only real way to help people is to give them a job.  Meaningful work builds self-esteem, family, and community.  But few people work hard without some religious practice that says hard work is worth the sacrifice.  Consequently, for Republicans, genuine capitalism requires a strong element of faith.  

     However, improving the conditions under which individuals gain access to education, medical treatment, safe neighborhoods, and equality in the eyes of the law is not generally a Republican activity.  It rarely occurs to them that they share any responsibility for those things.  There are of course many ways to view the creation of wealth and the role of philanthropy and government social benefits. 


Reviewing the four planes and any obstacles I have to the letter G


At this point, I concentrate on my own problems with the cosmic letter G.  I ask, What is blocking me right now on any of the four planes from embodying this energy within myself?   

     I sense in my body my emotional reactions from the past.  Wealth produces tremendous inequity between the rich and the poor.  Many wealthy people possess a powerful work ethic.  They put lots of pressure on their children to succeed.  They give them all sorts of activities and education.  Those who become very wealthy often leave a legacy.  They set up trust funds and foundations. 

     But few provide significant assistance to others while they are still alive.  It is almost an afterthought—“Now that I have more wealth than I know what to do with what can I do to benefit others?” Few understand the phrase of Mr. Scrooge toward the end of A Christmas Carol, “Our work is the world.”

    When I was young I was shocked that wealthy people feel no responsibility for society.  Be that as it may, I was even more appalled that wealthy people felt no personal involvement in the simple fact that they human species was at great risk of becoming extinct.  

     I do not understand how individuals like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet could sleep at night while they were busy doing what they loved most.  All that wealth of theirs could be vaporized, turned to ashes and dust, in the span of a half hour during a nuclear attack.

    For my self, divine blessing and wealth, happiness and peace were not exactly high priorities.  The world needed a Texas Ranger, and if anything, a divine judge to intervene when these hot shot dictators rattled their nuclear sabers.  To offer projects that harm no one and do only good requires first another project: limit the massive, planet wide suffering that can be caused by a few individuals in possession of weapons for which there as yet exists no wisdom that limits their use.

   While Bill Gates was figuring out how build a monopoly with his operating system, and Warren Buffet was accumulating his first ten billion, and the Rand Corporation was running simulations of various kinds of nuclear attacks, I was also busy.  I was exploring the spiritual worlds. 

     I was asking spirit after spirit the question in every sphere of the solar system, How can the karma of the human race be altered so that nuclear war is not inevitable?  How

can fate be overturned?  And what is the price that must be paid to acquire this wisdom? 

     I met a lot of very wealthy people when I was still young.  And none of them asked these questions.  The attitudes and abilities that enable an individual to acquire wealth-- the opportunities, the hard work, the faith, the education—none of this in any way leads in the direction of taking responsibility for the world.

    To protect the earth you have to reign in very powerful and negative individuals.  And you have to do so without interfering with the stimulus they provide that forces the global community to rise to a higher level of responsibility.  There are spirits waiting at this moment to inspire the human race to develop effective nuclear fusion.  We have fission reactors but not fusion.  Once we have it the cost of energy will be reduced by ninety per cent. 

   But look what happens.  This gift means mankind would possess far more power.  It will not be just N. Korea and Iran hot for the taste of nuclear weapons and the political status they represent.  Any little country--Uruguay, Congo, Syria, Lebanon, the Solomon Islands—can now afford to run centrifuges and produced weapons grade uranium.  Those who offer gifts must be very careful that what they give does not cause the recipient to self-destruct.  National and religious terrorism exists in part to stimulate the global community to take more responsibility for protecting itself.  And to protect itself it must reach a higher level of cooperation.  

   Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.  As far as I can tell from my studies, the religions of this planet are simply not producing peace makers capable of getting the job done.  And the world could use a few more children of a God who makes peace happen. 

    Still, as the lunar spirit Emrudue point out, there is no reason you can not experience happiness and wealth during a spiritual quest such as one for justice.  The cosmic letter G is fantastic for family life and for relationships.  And a peacemaker is also a priest—he creates harmony which is precisely what the letter G accomplishes on the mental plane.  It is not always easy to maintain internal balance when pursuing a cause.  But for myself I would have been far more in balance had I worked more on the energies of the letter G and its themes during the last thirty years. 


Astral Plane


Tis the gift to be simple.  Tis the gift to be free.  Tis the gift to come down where we want to be.        

                                                                                               Shaker hymn


 The letter G on the astral plane produces happiness and satisfaction.  It does this through polarity—it is the combination of you and another person or situations that creates balance. 

     Having worked with the akashic and mental planes, the letter G on the astral automatically produces images, dreams, and feelings of happiness and satisfaction.  You do not have to work at this. You do not have to visualize and imagine what makes you happy.   It appears to you through your receptivity.  The letter G makes the astral vibration lucky. It draws to you the best.  It repels the unfortunate.

     Interactions are harmonious and the result is happiness.  With harmony, things flow.  People blend together.  The results are soothing and healing.

   This astral vibration enables you to take advantage of existing circumstances and resources.   You get the most of what you have.  You give more and your receive more.  The net effect is that you look at what is around you in a completely different way. 

          If you are not desperate due to some unresolved and unmet emotional need you do not have to express yourself in a desperate way.  You do not have to put yourself at risk and in jeopardy by trying to quickly resolve an emotional pain.  You do not need to     compensate through distractions and excess or attempt to reassure yourself that your needs will be met.  You do not have to act out of feeling imbalanced or incomplete. You have the emotional wisdom to tell right away if a relationship, action, or project is going to result in harmony.           


Physical Plane


Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life ….


                                                     King David, from the Psalms


The physical plane vibration of the letter G is very conservative and sustaining.  It protects and maintains.  This is the embodiment of abundance.

     One of the points of having a physical manifestation of wealth, happiness, satisfaction, and success is that they reinforce the three inner planes.  You want a home?  How about a home blessed with divine peace?  You want a love relationship?  How about a relationship in which you experience the deepest sensual gratification and which also reveals your highest path to perfection? 

     You want wealth and riches?  How about wealth and riches that are the natural results of simply doing what you love most?  This is the blessing of Divine Providence flowing down and into the physical plane.   


The Four Planes Together


There are many ways to think about the four planes.  The akashic plane is like the movie producer.  He has a purpose: let’s produce a great movie, a tragedy, a comedy, a documentary, or a historical drama.  Scripts are reviewed and considered.  The akashic plane provides the inspiration and motivation to put it all together.

    The mental plane is where you read scripts.  You make selections.  You bring in the director and discuss casting.  You secure financing.  You set a time frame and a budget.  You put your team together. 

    The whole shooting of the movie is the astral.  This is where you scout locations.  Your actors start rehearsing.  The director reviews his story boards.  He talks to cameramen and assistant directors about how to set up the scenes. 

    It is doing what is necessary to make the dream real.  The actors articulate their parts and these actions are captured on film. 

     The actors may feel their parts.  The shooting gets done.  But you still have to edit.   

Editing may take five months.  And you have to select from all the imagery and dramatic/emotional interactions the ones that best conform to the original intent.  The astral has its own life and flow.  New things may have happened.  You take what you have been given and make the best of it.

     But no one is going to experience anything until the movie is in a theater, on DVD, or on television.  The transition between the astral and the physical plane has to be complete before anything real happens.  You have to advertise, promote, and get your actors to do interviews.  When you secure your audience and you have their response you are done.  Something real has been produced.

    Things do not always follow this order from akashic plane to the physical.  Sometimes a writer writes a screenplay and spends fifteen years trying to make the right connections.

Sometimes an unusual event happens in the real world.  A producer asks a writer to express it as a screenplay.  Sometimes an individual keeps a journal of her emotional experiences.  The experiences assume the form of a story.  A director like the story and talks to a producer.  

     We can also liken the four planes to a prayer.  We could say that praying to God is initiating a cause in akasha.  I often say to someone, “Keep this idea in the back of your mind.” That is one kind of prayer—“By the way God, could you consider doing such and such?” On the other hand, rehearsing as if you are about to argue a case before the Supreme Court (or in this case Divine Providence) is another kind of prayer.  One is casual. The other is an elaborate presentation.  Both may be of equal significance.  But the second possesses far more energy.

    In your prayer, you have, for example, an intent or purpose such as you wish to serve.

On the mental plane, ideas come to you about how to serve.  You compare your ideas with your intent to find what has the right vibration, what is of the right quality and feasibility.  Then you begin to have dreams. You feel in your heart what is right.  You may even have prophetic visions that show you through dream images what can and what should be. 

     Again, nothing happens until the separation between the inner and outer planes is crossed.  You must put your dreams into action.  You must be ready to act.  You must put forth the energy and make the contribution necessary for your purpose to be fulfilled.

    Practicing the cosmic letter G is both a universal and personal practice.  It is aligning your aura with the laws of the universe.  But this is also personal.  It improves your life style.  You have more channels open to receive and to transmit higher energies.  Your presence has a harmonizing influence. 

    The four planes using the letter G can also be specific.  You can evoke Divine Providence.  Act with the clarity of mind and mental peace that focuses the energies of Divine Providence.  And then you can specify the specific space and time result that you want in a way that benefits a specific person or situation. 


Making Cosmic Letters User Friendly


At various times I have mentioned that the cosmic language works with cosmic energies. These are not specifically the energies of our planet nor do they produce the vitality that enlivens our physical and astral bodies.  But they are useful because they are the basic building blocks from which all matter, spirit, life, time, and space are make. 

    To make them friendly, that is, into something familiar and which is easy to work with you have to create a mental and emotional connection to them.  When I bought my first computer long ago there was no “on” button and no instructions about how to turn the thing on.  I called someone and he said, “Oh, hit ctrl, alt, delete” and the computer will boot.” Now how was anyone supposed to figure that out?

    Cosmic letters are sometimes like that.  Bardon tries very hard to make them useful and practical.  But you still have to put a lot of energy into them and write your own manual for how to make them work.  If you do research, ask questions, and study the variations, the process itself makes you acquainted with how they work.  And in this process, you put in place the emotions and the thoughts that enable the cosmic letter to open a clear channel in you between the akashic and physical plane.   

    The most basic activity is to ask questions about what these four planes mean to you and to the human race.   As I mentioned earlier, you can ask regarding the akashic plane: What is divine mercy and grace?  What is Divine Providence and what are its activities?  How have these things been active in your life?  To what extent can you extend your consciousness so you can identify with the awareness and activity of Divine Providence? 

    On the mental plane, the questions are, What is divine peace?  What kind of mind and qualities of character are able to transmit the blessing of Divine Providence to others?  How do you embody a mind that creates harmony from discord?  What are the attributes and experiences of such a mind?   

    On the astral plane the questions are, What is happiness and satisfaction?  Do not hesitate here.  Do not place impossible hurdles between you and the objects of your desires.  Desire and satisfaction go together.  They define each other.  They have been created for a purpose.  Find out what that purpose is. 

     Stories require conflict to move forward. Characters are not inert.  They move forward.  They change as they strive to resolve their conflicts.  What person would you be if you resolved your conflicts?  What if you linked your mind and heart to Divine Providence by using the mental and akashic planes? What if it gave you the astral power to dream a new dream and the luck and good fortune that makes it happen?   

    On the physical plane the questions are about the kind of physical environment, social connections, health, and wealth you need that sustain your strength, provide for your happiness, and enable you to be of benefit to others.  What is success for you?  And what legacy, what gifts would you like to leave the world when your brief time here is over?                    

     When you do some of the homework asking, thinking about, and contemplating these kinds of questions, the letter G is not so distant.  You are already thinking and feeling its vibration in your aura.  Consequently, when you evoke this energy through a three sense concentration the energy is already attuned to you.  It is ready to work in and through you by means of inspiration, psychic promptings, new ideas, and physical opportunities occurring through synchronicity.

   For example, when I think about investing the cosmic letter G completely changes my outlook.  It takes what I already know and rearranges that information.  I start right away thinking in terms of the best ways to get the results I want.  The letter G prompts me to put everything else I am interested in aside and focus on the one or two things that carry the highest probability of success. 

    It is not that I wasn’t trying to do that before.  Like someone once said, a slight shift in the lens you are looking through and everything suddenly becomes clear.  Or on an emotional level, it is like saying, I know what I want. I can feel that it is alive within my self.  Why would I settle for something less?   




I started out my essay on Problems in the Study of Magic IV by discussing The Secret.  The Secret works with the laws of attraction to manifest things such as fulfilling wishes and desires.  There are a great many kinds of wishes and desires, kinds of compassion, love, enlightenment, wisdom, power, and purpose that the proponents of the secret do not seem to be aware of. 

     But in terms of wealth and realizing wishes, of happiness and satisfaction, of living with harmony rather than discord, we might consider the cosmic letter G to be the primary letter of materialization of abundance.  Bardon specifically describes this letter in terms of transmitting the blessing of Divine Providence in all aspects, the wealth of the universe.  

    I sure there are many others who are far more attuned to the inspiration of the letter G than I am.  As I mentioned in the beginning, I am weak in this area.  My mother said I should have been a judge.  To be a peacemaker who is also a psychic warrior you have to put on the mantel of a judge.  You cloak yourself in akasha.  You assume divine powers. 

     You negotiate with Divine Providence regarding your fate and the fate of nations.  As if using a psychic magnifying glass, you examine the motives of leaders from the past.  You enter the minds of leaders in the present.  And you walk into the future, five years, fifty years, and five thousand years.  You consider the factors that shape and determine human destiny.  You ask questions: Why are we here? What are we to accomplish? What is available to us and where do we find such wisdom? 

    These are very tough questions to ask.  And I am not a nice person when it comes to those who seek to harm others on a massive scale.  Krishna was the avatar of Vishnu, the preserver of life.  To protect life you sometimes have to think in terms of what Krishna said, “I have entered the world to destroy the destroyers.”

    To judge is to do the opposite of blessing.  It is to take away, to limit, and to restrict rather than to provide opportunities.  But in the end, divine judgment and mercy always walk hand in hand.  Grace is offered to everyone.  And there comes a time when even psychic warriors and would be Texas Rangers settle down to live a simple life at peace with themselves, with nature, and the universe.  Or as an undine once sang to me,


Peace like a river

Peace like the sea of stars on fire

Peace like a heart that loves forever.            


Finding that song in oneself is what I would call wealth.