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From Letters to Mermaids


Question: What is the best psychic defense against human beings, namely, the bad magicians and the advanced race—the Perseians—when they try to manipulate or possess us?




The simple answer is master the cosmic letter M while you are in human form.   


What human beings sometimes do is to create an addiction in the other person.  In the beginning, they give something wonderful that is overwhelming; then they take it away, only giving back a little at a time in order to force dependency or to establish control.  When this is done with great skill the other person is not even aware it is happening until the enchantment wears off.  

  An illustration is in the movie, Lord of War.  The arms dealer books every room in a hotel, puts his name on the side of a plane, and then schedules a photo shoot with the girl of his dreams. She gets there and there is no photographer and she and the arms dealer are the only one’s on the entire beach.  Riding back on his plane she says, “It was our destiny to meet.”

  Or as a Miss America once told me, “I never met a ‘real man,’ until I met your associate.  But he was not a ‘real man.’ His confidence and dynamic presence was no more than a cocaine high.  In a similar way, the mage will make you feel really good, but it is an illusion, a temporary presence of watery love that he has condensed and briefly sustains.     

   Franz Bardon, for example in the third chapter of his book, Initiation into Hermetics, is already teaching his students how to enchant the elemental beings of earth, air, fire, and water. Bardon treats as powers the four elements in the astral body. Of course they are powers.

   But the four elements in the astral body introduce a student instantly to ecstasies and perceptions that have never been described by any religion or literary tradition on earth. 

  Bardon, under this commission to reveal methods for manifesting the divine will on earth, totally skips over the fact that each element has its own unique psychology and a vast storehouse of ecstasies, realizations, wonders, perceptions, intuitions, etc.  He figures there will be time enough when his students get to his third book for the student to concern himself with those sorts of observations. 

  In fact, this is precisely the difference between the kings and queens of the four elements—the salamanders, gnomes, sylphs, and mermaids—and those elemental beings of lesser rank.  The kings and queens can condense and dissolve the element of their kingdom at will. In this sense they are exactly like a Bardon magician who has mastered an element.  The difference is that the elementals  have been studying their element for millions of years. 

  The elemental beings of slightly lesser rank do not know how to create and to dissolve their own element at will.  They can do many things and embody many wonders but you will notice how easy it is to impress them and get them to “fall in love” when a magician creates something from out of nothing.   

  In effect, the mages of Atlantis, of our Western history also, and the next race—the Perseians—can enchant a mermaid because they create in the mermaid a vibration of water—some love, ecstasy, oneness, expansion of consciousness—that the mermaid has never encountered before. And then while the mermaid is absorbing this new vibration into her soul, the mage subtly changes the vibration in a way that lays a trap, giving him control.

   Of course, all human beings have seen both male and female lovers do this many times.  They get someone to fall in love with them and then you change the rules of the game from openness, receptivity and caring to control, demand, and taking.  Who is not weary from seeing how human beings continuously, endlessly abuse the mysteries of love?    

   Now then, a spirit or magician visits a planet to learn its themes. Imagine going to Venus, studying their enchanting love and art, but never studying how to become one with another.  I know it is absurd but it happens.

  Imagine going to the sphere of Mars and studying the use of cosmic powers to overcome all obstacles by focusing them through your will, but who never studied self-mastery.  It is mind boggling.

  Imagine visiting the sphere of Jupiter and mastering all manner of wealth on all planes, but then the mage has no interest in being generous so as to enrich others lives by creating new opportunities.  Weird, huh?

  Imagine going to the sphere of the sun and gaining a cosmic level of creativity but without uniting one’s self to God from within.  It is right out of Monty Python!

   Therefore, imagine visiting the planet earth. Here among other things, are mermaid queens. They are the most perceptive creatures in this galaxy when in human form, because they have joined themselves to all of the waters on earth. 

   But our mage, having incarnated here and though learning to do exactly what Bardon has his students do—to master water as a power that you condense and dissolve at will--he nevertheless fails to love nature by joining with it so that he is united to it at the core his being; naturally, anyone who does this attains astral immortality—the water element never again deteriorates in his aura so that now he feels forever young, new, fully alive, every moment unfolding with wonder and beauty, etc.

  Such an individual who fails to attain astral immortality in his soul by uniting with the water element easily turns into psychic vampire, an interloper and a thief.   When I say of such that all their efforts are worthless and all of your achievements of no value in regard to all their incarnations on earth, I am not embellishing. They have simply failed to touch the mystery of this planet.  As the ancient Greek poet said, May such a person never cross my threshold.

  But this is the history of mages of humanity when they have contacted the realm of mermaids.  

  You can not “master” the four elements on earth or make these realms of nature your home unless you actually love nature on earth.   

  Joseph Campbell talks about the Hero’s Quest—all mythologies on earth tell the same story: a hero is called or tricked into crossing over familiar boundaries and entering unknown realms where he confronts amazing dangers, gains unusual companions, and in the end has a final confrontation.  Here he gains some great treasure.  But his journey is still not complete until he shares this treasure with humanity in a way that it becomes a permanent part of society.  

   The Hero’s Quest is a perfectly accurate summary of all human mythologies.  But Joseph Campbell was completely mistaken.  There is only story being told on this planet—the power of love to transform the world and the consequences of failure.  Campbell does not understand this because this story has not yet been told. 

  And so you ask naturally, What about Christ? Is not his life this story in action?  The answer is no.  None of his disciples ever asked him the right question so he could not share what he knew and embodied.   And none of his disciples every embodied his love.  They were, for some strange reason, too timid seek it. 

  It is a rule of Saturn governing all planes and spheres and races in this solar system: a world teacher can not reveal a new gift unless the people are ready to receive it.

  You will hear theologians speak of the first commandment: “Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength,” but instantly they change the subject to “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel” or some other addendum, modification, post nup agreement, etc.

  The idea is certainly there as an ethical imperative, theological doctrine, or concept. But the actual astral feeling of love human beings know nothing about. None of Christ’s disciples or anyone else asked Christ: How do I love the way you love? If they had, like I say over and over, we would now be in a world were wars had been eliminated thousands of years ago. 

   Consequently, every mermaid or merman in human form will want to take the opportunity to master this trick that human magicians use.  Simply practice the cosmic letter M which is the beginning and end of all water magic and meditations. This gives you the ability to create love as human mages can create it from out of nothing and then to modify, redefine it, or dissolve it at will.  (for a brief description of the cosmic letter M see my web site or Bardon’s third book).

  In this way, never again will the evil mages from the human race or those misguided nature ignoring Perseians interfere with the beauty of the mermaid realm on earth.  

   The will power of the Perseians, like Bardon students, are so developed that they do not even realize when they are abusing it. The Perseians send out energy like a tractor beam from their lower abdomen to bond with a woman of their choice. It never occurs to them that their actions violate divine laws about maintaining the freedom of those they love.



From Letters to Mermaids (actually this was man asking)


Question: What did you mean when you said that the ancient Chaldeans with their astrology mislead women into believing they were not water but also  earth, air, and fire? If women are water, are men just fire?


Response: The suggestion is that women have been brainwashed so that women fail to realize that water is their elemental, psychological, and spiritual essence.

  The thing about the Chaldeans is simply an example in which a metaphysical system presented women with concepts and images that misleads them into thinking that water is not their primary essence.  

  This idea was spoken aloud when I had Mikki channel the undine queen Istiphul. That transcript is in my book on Undines. It is a mermaid queens comment on human beings.  It does not suggest or imply anything about men and their elemental makeup.

  It was staggering. There was Mikki no longer conscious but the mermaid queen was speaking through her for about an hour answering my questions as if the two of us were having a casual conversation. 

  But I could see the undine queen standing clearly about two feet behind Mikki.  It is times like these when you need to be a Picasso (who could stand and paint for eight hours without taking a break)  or a Rembrandt, a Shakespeare or a Homer so that your gaze is an absolute unbroken concentration, otherwise the ecstasy and beauty present annihilates your consciousness and strips your mind of reason. 

  Fortunately for me I have met with the undine queen many times and told of a few of her other stories about her encounters with human magicians from past ages. 

 (It is an undeniable fact that if you asked a sylph, salamander, or gnome about whether the human race understands their individual element they would all stand up and applaud at the outstanding examples where human beings embody their element: you can't get more gnome than Warren Buffet, one of the top three richest men on earth;

  Or more fire than Oppenheimer who said seconds after the first atomic bomb exploded--"I have become Shiva, the destroyer of worlds." Oppenheimer was not quoting poetry in that moment. He was channeling Shiva.  Or more sylph than Hawking whose mind contains a hologram of the universe. Dont' take my word on this. Simply attune yourself to the vibration of his mind. It is the same kind you will find in the sylph Cargoste is in any moment is aware of all the winds on earth; that is, it is open and clear.

 But the mermaids when they incarnate are always in disguise and through all ages have hidden themselves from us until Bardon revealed their secrets.

  Whether the mermaid queens perspective is accurate, her point is well taken. She is immortal being for whom a million years is like a watch in the night.  Any race that wishes to cooperate with the purposes of this planet will have women who embody the mermaid queens' ecstasy of being one with all the waters of the earth.   


Question: How do I work with an esoteric lodge such as the Golden Dawn without inadvertently subjecting myself to the negative karma that occurs when joining a group? 


Response: The "bad" karma of joining any group is of course completely suspended if you work with the group solely from within the confines of a specific purpose. That purpose can be of your design.  Such as, I am here to party--I enjoy people, the giving and receiving, the warmth, the offering of support, the friendship, the learning and mentoring I can offer and the endless sharing.

  That is a purpose. Stick to it and no negative karma attaches to you. It is when groups, that always also exist to perpetuate themselves or to further the ego agendas of specific individuals, interfere with your purpose that you need instantly to modify your relation to the group and/or sever your connection to it.

  Groups hypnotize people into believing the group is more important than the individual it exists to serve.

   An ideal spiritual group for me is one in which everyone is completely free to give and receive, to participate or withdraw in any moment.  Mermaids are like that--they love you with one hundred per cent of their being when they are with you or psychically connected to you. But they never bond. They never need you. They are forever complete and free in themselves.

  They can feel intense connections, they can become one with you without separation; they can commit to fulfilling your ideals in ways equal to anyone else on earth; but in their natural state in the sea the only group that exists for them is a pod of three and in that group they often take leave for centuries without feeling in any way less connected.

  You could call this the water element primary override imperative: any group that wishes to operate on this planet must attune itself to the freedom and beauty of the water element or else it is automatically falls under the jurisdiction of Saturn—Saturn offers us the means to learn through limitation but demands that we, in the end, master and transcend all limitation in order to attain cosmic freedom. There are no exceptions to Saturn on this point: learn what you individually need to learn in any situation as fast as you can and then move on without attachment or feeling loss or regret.

   I worked with one of the top ten Tai Chi Chuan masters for three hours every day for a year. My purposes were always clear: I was here to learn to master his innermost secrets of chi and chi kung; and to offer to him a DVD disk that summarizes everything he had ever said to anyone about the movements in his  Tai Chi Chuan form—full multi media with illustrations and cross referencing. 

  My association with this group ended instantly when those two purposes were fulfilled. I was one of two students who could perceive clearly his innermost being when he practiced Tai Chi; and he declined my offer to simplify and systemized his teaching of Tai Chi.  Thus no karma, no regret, no loss, no unhappiness when I left. Saturn smiles on me. I am free.  



Letters to mermaid women


Question: People are insane and driving me nuts. How do I deal with the endless way they keep hitting on me?


Response: Let's keep it simple. When the Hari Krishna's are at the airport in Los Angeles looking for hand outs I give them the Rinpoche Look.  I look them in the face with a stern gaze (with a gaze of wrath full compassion) and shake my head in very small and rapids movements. They have seen this look before from their own masters and immediately turn to hit on someone else.

   The equivalent of this with civilians (not religious types) is the “sheriff look.” Unlike regular cops, sheriffs have tasks like serving warrants, foreclosure notices, dealing with lots of stuff that does not require being polite.

  Ask a sheriff a dumb question and he just stands there and stares at you.  Until you figure out that you would be more comfortable being somewhere else right now.

   That is you go silent inside yourself. I myself have my own version of this which has 95% effectiveness when dealing with negative people.  I just imagine I am the void of outer space—that there is nothing around me for 25 light years in all directions—just pure empty void. 

  Some speculate that this is how Buddha himself became enlightened—he got so tired of answering dumb questions that he turned himself into a mirror.

  Zen claims for example that when Buddha opened his hand once to reveal a flower in his palm, that only one student understood the message—your mind itself in this moment is offering you enlightenment.  Thus was the birth of Zen Buddhism.

  In more practical terms considering your immense powers of empathy and natural balance of the water element in your aura that human beings have not yet attained (even the magicians do not know what I am talking about), the idea would be to become what you already are—have a look in reserve which is the look of the sea of itself and of all waters on earth.

  That is, no longer look out through your eyes as you do now with that dazzling, enchanting invitation hard wired in you from birth that says—become one with me and share love’s ecstasy. Believe me, that is you—that is your look.

  No, put that look off to the side.  Look instead at others with the blue green gaze of the sea which has the silence of a six mile deep ocean trench, the ferocity of thirty foot waves freezing cold south of Cape Horn, and also the ice that has sat for millions of years at the South Pole and recalls eons before the human race appeared on earth.

  This is your “real” look. Try it.  Look in the mirror now and notice that haunting inviting look in your eyes calling to others to be free and experience release.  File that look away someplace safe.

  Now look into that mirror with this gaze: thirty foot freezing waves, the silent depths of the ocean trench, and frostbite.

  You are in fact a sheriff of Divine Providence. And you are on patrol here on earth. Every one of you mermaid women, your very existence and presence, is a last warning to the human race that unless they shape up and learn to feel with the depths of love with which the seas sing in ecstasy in every moment of time, they will soon be no more.

  Help them out.  Cut them some slack. Suggest, since you are this  sheriff, that it is uncomfortable doing what they do—unlike you, every single human being takes more than they give.  They do not perceive the actual exchange of energy between people. They do not know how to be fully alive in each moment.  They think that love can be lost.

  In summary, to deal with this horde of people who keep hitting on you, perfect the frostbite gaze which screen out the faint of heart and draw to you only those who are ready to experience endless ecstasy.

  You will know of course when you have perfected this look because in your email to me you will say, “It works like a charm every time; and there are one or two who get through because, unlike the human race that is insanely obsessed with fire (blind hunger and taking), they know that cold (selfless giving and nurturing) the mysteries of love holds.”


 Mermaid Woman Comment: These guys, my superiors, are not supposed to interact with me—technically I am off limits to them—but they all give me their phone numbers and want to stay in touch.
Response: Other mermaid women (and some human women too) have a similar situation. For one, every single friend of hers at some point has an anxiety attack and feels they have to control her as if they are worried they can't get enough of her.
Another says four different men have threatened to kill themselves if they can't have her.
It is because your aura passing through a person, usually men but it can also happen with women, evokes the kundalini primal energy in them.
Kundalini, when not directed to its goal, is an insatiable and blind hunger to devour for the simple reason that only a gifted yogi or magician can directly it consciously.
 After all, you are an extreme empath who automatically can absorb others illnesses and pain into yourself and heal them in the process.
  But because your aura has more elemental energy than human beings, it can also evoke this primal energy because it awakens those instinctual hungers in them that are farthest from their conscious awareness. Other people then sense, as I do when I leave the presence of my physical therapist--I suddenly feel half dead because her aura (the sheer amount of energy she flows through me in her presence) was making me feel two times more alive.

From Letters to Mermaids:



Mermaid: I was just meditating on North Korea and I also was met by 2 spirits who wanted to know what my purpose was or what I was doing. They were not negative just seemed protective.


Response: Should you run into these two spirits again who are not negative but just want to know why you are there or what you are doing that the human race has been ordered by Divine Providence to create peace and to fill the earth with justice.

  And that should we fail in this endeavor we will soon become extinct; that another race is already present on earth that stands ready to replace us.

  Should these two spirits have any further questions, reservations, or the faintest doubt, tell them to see me. On this matter, I do not speak as a human being but as an agent of the 49 Judges of Saturn. 

  I would be most happy to take them directly into the sphere of Saturn and present them to these Judges who are the final arbitrators of all matters concerning karma of all spirits and beings both positive and negative in this solar system.  They can then see what I see, hear what I hear, and feel what I feel in regard to peace and justice on earth.

  Should they survive this encounter, they are of course free to draw their own conclusions.