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Introduction to the Cosmic Letter "M."  In his book, The Key to the
True Quabbalah, Franz Bardon mentions the importance of
understanding the different ways in which cosmic letters manifest on
the four planes.  On the akashic plane, we orient ourselves to Divine
Providence, to akasha, and originate new activities.  On the mental
plane, we take these spiritual purposes and design them so they are
applied in an effective way within history and the world where we
    On the astral plane, we accumulate the emotional driving force
and feeling which we need so our purposes can take on life and
vibrate with love.  On the physical plane, we manifest our purposes,
plans, and astral life in specific situations in a way which is stable,
practical, and which produces enduring results.  By working with all
four planes, we are more likely to overcome whatever obstacles we
face and also reach our highest level of creativity.  
    There are twenty-seven cosmic letters Bardon mentions.
However, Bardon emphasizes the letter "M," "A," and "Sch" in this
way.  Bardon says, "It is pointed out in quabbalah that Divine
Providence has created the original principle of the elements by the
three letters "A," "Sch," and "M," and that all other letters derive
from these letters.  According to quabbalistic legality, the "A" is
analogous to the original element of the air principle;  "Sch" to the
original fire, and "M" to the original water element.  The "A" is
analogous to the intellect, to wisdom, to the legality of equilibrium,
etc.; the "Sch" to will power, to all-power and omnipotence, and the
"M" to love.  Letter "Sch," as an original principle, is the principle
of activity that is analogous to the electrical fluid; and letter "M," as
its opposite, is the principle of the original water element that is
analogous to the magnetic fluid.  For reason of balance the "A" has
a mediating role between the original fire and the original
water....Consequently, these three letters are the original letters or
basic letters, i.e., the mother letters."
   In terms of the cosmic letter M, the akashic plane represents the
principle of water and fluidity throughout the universe.  More
specifically, it is the "mother" letter in that it introduces us to all-
embracing love which sustains all forms of life.  On the mental
plane, the letter M heightens our insight into the life sensations and
feelings within ourselves and any specific individual or creature.  On
the astral plane, the letter M enables us to create and renew the
highest sense of love and connection between ourselves and others. 
And on the physical plane, the letter M gives us the ability to
manifest in specific circumstances any or all of the qualities we have
developed on the inner planes. 
   My exploration of the letter M is focused on its psychological,
psychic, and spiritual qualities.  When strong enough, this cosmic
letter also can be used to work directly with the magick of nature. 
On the level of divine or cosmic creativity, the letter M is used to
create water and magnetic fields.  Depending on our individual
development, we can study the letter M as a symbol and an energy
which is part of human consciousness. The letter M is reflected in
our life experience. We can also study water and magnetism and
how they are a manifestation of the letter M's power to create and to
shape the physical universe.  The cosmic language joins the inner
world of spirit and the outer worlds of form and matter.  It is used
to form both. 
   Working with the cosmic language is learning the art of a creator. 
For this reason, these practices are both demanding and challenging. 
Though it takes much effort to attain any kind of mastery, in the end
this path enables us to resolve conflicts and originate new purposes
which are otherwise beyond human reach.

METHOD:  The method I am using is fairly straightforward and is
consistent with the method Bardon outlines for working with the
cosmic language.   I imagine a gigantic sphere of energy around
myself composed of the cosmic letter M.  That is, I create an energy
field by performing a three sense concentration the blue-green color,
the note of "D," and the icy cold sensation.  I do this on each of the
four planes--akashic, mental, astral, and physical.  I then meditate
on each of these planes noting the impressions which arise in my
mind and the vast variety of qualities, sensations, ecstasies, and
experiences which occur.  
   A great deal could be said about the three sense concentration
which joins color, sound, and elemental sensation.  It may take an
individual decades for this practice to produce results. It has taken
me many years to learn to concentrate so that, for example, in any
moment I can imagine freezing cold ice or water around myself.  In
this regard, it helps to find those images and practices which are
effective for you.  In any case, the three sense concentrations
activate a large part of the brain and generate a dynamic energy
field.  If you practice the three sense concentrations, you might try
playing with them so that, for example, you turn color into sound,
sound into sensation, and so forth transforming each sense into one
of the other two.  This approach helps you make the cosmic letter
more familiar. 
    My basic interest is in uncovering the common ground or energy
field which unites my personal awareness to the outer world of
nature and the various energies which exist on the inner planes.  My
intent is to learn to evoke in a relatively easy manner any of the
states I describe.  I wish to be able to create at will any emotional,
psychic, or spiritual state I encounter. And I want to develop my
concentration on these states to the extent that I can then use them
to accomplish different purposes.  Overall,  I am internalizing in
myself the  primordial, feminine energy of creation. 
    One feature of working with intense accumulations of energy is
that it is important to dissolve the energy after each meditation
session.  In magick, there are different kinds of elementaries, volts,
and thoughtforms which are created and designed to remain intact
until specific purposes are accomplished.  Since I am not using the
letter M in this way, I dissolved the energy accumulation after each
meditation.  This dissolving of energy took sometimes up to an hour
or more but then again I often meditate for three or four hours at a
time which tends to build up a powerful charge.  
   There are, of course, much more natural and organic ways to
attune yourself with watery and magnetic energies.  If you do tai chi
chuan, chi kung, yogi, and so forth, you retain the energies you
develop within yourself.  They blend well with your own
consciousness and the vitality of your body.  Generally, however,
cosmic letters take you into profound states of awareness far beyond
the personal and collective unconsciousness.  No matter how blissful
or satisfying these experiences may be, the energy you generate and
use to attain rapture and illumination usually will produce a tension
and stress if you hang on to them.  
    Over a period of time, working with the cosmic language allows
you to fine tune your mind so you can manifest in yourself and
others the energies you desire without having to concentrate on
color, sound, and sensation.  You develop an affinity for the energy
so it accumulates automatically in support of strong intentions and
the things you imagine. 

AKASHIC PLANE:  Franz Bardon says of the cosmic letter M, "In
the akasha principle, this letter oscillation is the original water
principle.  Divine Providence has created water in all its forms of
existence, i.e., in its original principle, the principle of fluidity, up
its realization in the material world by the help of the "M"
oscillation.  The quabbalist learns to comprehend, recognize, and
control the original water principle fully from the viewpoint of
creation by the help of this letter oscillation in the akasha."
    Meditation:  Working with letter M is learning to identify with the
original "mother" principle in the universe.  The letter M, like water
and the magnetic fluid,  contains, controls, modulates, and
transforms energy.  The intent is to nurture.  It does this, for
example,  by taking heat, fire, masculine energy, etc. and altering its
quality and intensity to meet the needs of specific life forms.  Like
the mother, a womb, or the biosphere of the earth, the M creates a
protective sheath and supportive environment in which life can
    Water as an element on the akashic plane is analogous to divine
love and omnipresence.  Placing your consciousness within the
energy field of letter M on the akashic plane serves to amplify your
impressions and introduce you to this aspect of love. For example,
you gain the feeling of being the mother--you feel united with the
matrix which supports and animates all of life.  
   You could, of course, work with meditations and spiritual
practices which invoke or evoke feminine images of deities such as
the Mother Mary, the Goddess, Prajnaparamita, Quan Yin, etc.  In
these cases, you are encountering specific archetypes or spiritual
presences which already embody aspects of the letter M.  On the
inner planes, there are many fields of energy which we can
characterize as being feminine and which are also like the letter M. 
We could search for these states of awareness and energy fields and
meditate within them also.  
    The difference in quabbalah is that on our own initiative and
through our own imagination and concentration we create both the
energy field and the qualities of spirit which the mother archetypes
and Goddess energy reflects.  The advantage in working in this way
is that the feminine principle is then part of ourselves.  We do not
find and relate to it as being "out there."  It becomes a 100% part of
our own nature.  When we do magick on the akashic plane, we then
unite in our voice masculine and feminine energies.  We are the
source from which they arise. 
     It is always dangerous and even self-destructive to ignore the
sacred power which the feminine principle offers.  The mother
offers the support you need to attain to your destiny.  If you fail to
honor this principle which holds all of life as sacred, then your heart
is denied access to the love and beauty hidden within it.  Without
this feminine wisdom, your creativity is bereft of its divine spark. 
     The akashic M vibration purifies, nurtures, animates, and
renews.  In one phrase, it is loving support.  You can also view the
letter M as containing within it the akashic level of all the cosmic
letters which have a relation to the water principle--G, CH, J, N,
and W. Like the letter G, you are practicing the power to bless all
beings so that their paths in life may be fulfilled. With CH, you are
learning to understand everything in its purest form.  With letter J,
you comprehend the great joining, the celebration of union which is
at the heart of the universe. With the letter N, you internalize the
bliss which is at the core of all beings.  With letter W, you come to
comprehend the outpouring of cosmic love which, like the sphere of
Uranus, offers new paths of life and wisdom.  All of these things
you seek to taste and to know first hand through Quabbalistic
meditation on the letter M.  
   Quabbalistic meditations, then, are not a private, subjective study
of energy.  They are not the possession of the hermit, the acolyte,
the sage, or the yogi.  In the letter M, we come to see and realize
through experience that love is the dominant force in the universe
and is behind all that exists.  The vastness of the seas of the earth
have been given to mankind that we might attain understanding of
the joy that is behind creation and celebrate it through the way we
live our lives.  The molecular vibration of water molecules contain
this spiritual realization. 
    We can find the letter M, then, in the entire energy field of the
seas and in an awareness of the nurturing environments they
contain.  For example, working with M on the akashic plane I have
the impression of being aware of every fish and form of life within
water for miles and miles in all directions within the ocean.  You
could say, then, that the letter M is reflected in visible form as the
seas of the earth. 

MENTAL PLANE.  Bardon says of the letter M on the mental
plane, "since in the mental kingdom--the mental body--the original
water principle is manifested as life, feeling, and sensation, the
quabbalist, by mastering the "M" oscillation, is given the mental
faculty of becoming perfect master of his feelings, sensations, and
life spirit.  This faculty also enables him to penetrate into the life,
feelings, and sensations of any man with his own consciousness, and
to study and master them."
      Meditation.  As I work with the letter M on the mental plane, I
feel more aware of the complete range of feelings, primal desires,
and life sensations which motivate myself and others.  The M grants
the ability to look into the intricacies of the nervous system,
memory, and astral body of human beings.  Again, it heightens both
imagination and psychic perception.  For example, you understand
how to be free of tension on all four planes--spirit, mind, emotions,
and body.  The magnetic fluid and watery energy has a soothing,
tranquilizing influence which you acquire as well.  You also
understand how intense sensations are used to stimulate growth,
increase awareness, and attain bonding, union, and love with others.
    Letter M on the akashic plane offers an awareness of universal
life--of nurturing and supporting all life forms.  On the mental
plane, letter M becomes a pure awareness of how any individual
being feels and experiences life.  You are aware of how its mind and
body, consciousness and soul are organized.  You sense the
impulses and desires which move others from within.  
   The advantage to possessing this awareness is that your presence
brings out the beauty and inspiration within others.  In empathy, an
individual senses and feels what another individual is feeling.  The
mental plane here, however, is more than empathy. It heals, renews,
and amplifies the life within the other person.  It evokes happiness
and joy. 
    If I recall correctly, when Golda Myer was prime minister of
Israel, Moshe Dyan, the defense minister, and Abba Eban, the
foreign minister, would come over at her house unable to resolve
their conflicts with each other.  Golda Myer, the prime minister, 
would go into the kitchen and bake cookies and come out and serve
them.  When there is nurturing mother energy around, you can relax
and let go of your hostility.  When she says, "Let's try to work things
out,"  your mind is able to function on a different level.  You can
put aside your ego and defensiveness and proceed to solve your
problems on their own terms. 
   As I focused on a number of individuals I know from the mental
plane in the energy field of M my psychic perception is increased in
new ways.  I seem to sense what it would feel like to be them.  I
sense how and in what ways they feel most alive.  Any quality of
their emotions and astral bodies which is unusual also comes into
   Another result is that I am more sensitive to the nature and powers
of attraction.  If you focus on any form of  human attraction within
letter M, you can sense its tantric aspects.  Since most human
interactions on a social and romantic level take place within cultural
norms, we often fail to sense the divinely creative aspect within the
    In the Wiccan ceremonies,  the priest becomes the god and the
priestess the goddess.  In Hindu tantra, each chakra has its own pair
of masculine and feminine deities who embody the spiritual powers
and qualities of that chakra.  With the letter M, you can sense
directly how the normal, human attraction between two individuals
contains a divine presence.  If you focus on your feelings for
another, you can trace these feelings to their source on the inner
planes.  You then realize not only that all lovers have a natural
ability to reflect through their love the god and goddess but you also
sense the specific divine magick or siddhis hidden within each

ASTRAL PLANE:  The letter M also leads to the mastery of the
water element on the astral plane and the magnetic fluid which
arises from it. 
    Meditation:  As I meditate with the M energy, I get a picture of
rolling waves and also of the expansion and receding of ice at the
earth's poles during ice ages resulting in the rising and falling of the
level of the earth's seas.  I also sense the currents within the ice of
the north and south poles.  Some ice flows move a half mile through
the ice cap over the span of a year. 
    It is also easy to imagine the cold water at the poles descending as
currents which later rise at the equator.  And there are the other
currents such as those in El Nino.  You sense a circulation of hot
and cold water on a planetary scale. 
      This level of imagination has its parallel in the consciousness of
undines some of whom can perceive the entire vibration of the
oceans of the earth.  The four articles I have written on undines
explore these themes.  From a psychological point of view,  the
letter M on the astral plane relates again to the mother archetype
except this time the influence is more personal.  It is both
extraordinarily attractive and it has the feminine aspects of being
nurturing, caring, and providing.  There is the power to receive, to
yield, and also to contain which are characteristic of the magnetic
    I find the magnetic fluid as presented in this cosmic letter to be
wonderful beyond words to express.  It is holy and sacred.  It is the
omnipresence of divinity reflected in the world of nature.  In
astronomy, scientists measure and study all aspects of the spectrum
of cosmic energies from one extreme to the other.  They build
telescopes and instruments to study gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet
radiation, the visible light spectrum, infrared, millimeter, and radio
waves.  Sometimes they link together separate disks to act as one
larger telescope.  Beneath a mountain in Japan, scientists use a large
amount of purified water to study neutrinos passing through the
     But ocean of water encircling the earth is also an instrument
which can be used to fine tune and study the subtle vibrations of the
universe both in the outer and the inner worlds.  The undines know
how to use the magnetic field of the sea to obtain visions of the past
and future and to amplify the realization of love.  The cosmic letter
M captures the energies of the earth's seas within its vibratory field. 
Its magnetism is the essence of beauty within the oceans. 
   It is important to feel comfortable with the vastness and depth of
the magnetic fluid in this cosmic letter.  The primal cosmic magnetic
fluid is needed if you wish to contain and control the electrical and
fiery energies of the universe which also manifest in and through
human beings.  The highest and most powerful will requires this
magnetic fluid as its compliment in order to function properly.
Otherwise, the fire of cosmic letters such as K and S can be harmful
and over zealous in their application.  When fire or will act without
their opposite, they can leave a trail of devastation rather than
engaging in an original and harmonious act of creation.
     So far, then, M on the akashic plane offers loving support to all
life forms.  The mental level offers healing by animating and
renewing other's lives.  The astral level now sets up the circulations
of energy on the inner planes which help bring into manifestation
situations of satisfaction, happiness, healing, well-being, love, joy,
contentment, serenity, etc.  The astral level develops vivid and
strong emotional ties to others on a permanent basis.     
   The magnetism of M on the astral plane is like entering a domain
of an undine except in this case the vibratory domain is an aspect of
your aura.  You exude a enchantment similar to an undine which
acts to draw others into her love.  In other words, the letter M
enables you to produce a sacred space imbued with the beauty of
water and the magnetic fluid similar to what undines create.  This is
an overpowering attraction which contains happiness, joy, love,
serenity, etc.  Others can let go in your presence and feel blissfully
renewed.  Of course, the cosmic language can be used to replicate
temporarily in your aura the attractive influence of the letter M.  It
takes, however, much more work to come to a real understanding of
this letter so its qualities become your own.
Five Meditations for the Astral Plane

There are countless ways of working with cosmic letters.  The
following five meditations are drawn from the world of nature and
the imagery of the seas.  Each represents a slightly different aspect
of the magnetic fluid as produced by the letter M on the astral plane. 
Four of the five meditations I have already been introduced to by
the four undines I work with from the Bardon system.  The
meditation relating to tides is more characteristic of the magick of
spirits in the lunar sphere. I am presenting these meditations to
illustrate one way each level of a cosmic letter can be explored
    1.  In this meditation, You image you are meditating inside of an
iceberg.  You want to experience the energy underlying water in a
solid form.  For me, there is a sense of suspending time. You no
longer relate to the external world.  Rather, you are within a
protective space of magnetic energy.  
    This energy is pure.  In it you can find those feelings which you
need to become whole and to grow.  In other words, the magnetic
fluid specific to an iceberg has a psychological or psychic magick
within it.  It implies finding and internalizing the feelings of love you
need to become transformed.  Occasionally, we run into individuals
who embody something this purity and giving in their astral bodies. 
These individuals are genuine and wholehearted.  You can tell when
you meet such individuals because you feel emotionally refreshed,
revitalized, and more alive being with them. 
    Some individuals also embody in their auras extremely cold and
intense magnetic energies.  In other words, their magnetism has a
power outside the range of what we usually encounter. Others might
sense in these individuals something strangely fierce, detached, and
   For the magician, even this side of the letter M is extremely
valuable.  You need it in order to accomplish certain missions in life. 
It enables you to remain focused on your task when no one else
understands you or offers you support.  You need the power of the
feminine to contain, shelter, and nurture with love.  A mother, lover,
or energy field such as this then gives the precise support you need
to sustain the power of your will.  Without it, you compromise or
abandon your goals because your goals have no meaning to the
people who are part of your everyday life.  When nothing reflects
your spirit, you have to become the womb which gives birth to what
shall be.
      2.  This meditation is similar to what I present in the essay,
Finding the Undine in Yourself.  The image here is of being beneath
the surface of the ocean far out at sea.  You extend your
consciousness into the water around your for miles. You become
the water and identify with it.  And then you add to this spacial
awareness of watery energy the vibration of love. You become this
love.  You sense it and you radiate it.  Your aura is amplified and
magnetized by it.
     3. You imagine you can sense the gravitational force causing the
tides to rise and fall.  You sense the influence of the sun and moon
on the oceans of the earth.  For example, you visualize the moon
drawing the oceans on opposite sides of the earth to rise due to the
moon's stronger gravitational pull on one side of the earth and
weaker pull on the opposite side. 
   You eventually get a feeling for this magnetic or gravitational
influence on water and you identity with it.  This gives you a feeling
for the deepest flows of magnetism in nature and also for the
biorhythms which are active within our own bodies.  Since the letter
M relates to the mother archetype, working with letter M introduces
us to the moon and its cycles, rhythms, and phases.  We then sense
how these fluid aspects of water and energy relate to our lives. 
    4. This is like being on the floor of the ocean or in an ocean
trench in that you feel undisturbed by the surface of the ocean or,
for that matter, by the outer world.  You attain a profound sense of
peace which is ancient, wise, and which comprehends the mysteries
of the deep.  This is where you learn to perceive and think from the
point of view of the planet rather than from the viewpoint of a
member of a particular race of beings living on the earth.  In other
words, the magnetic fluid attunes us not just to the feminine aspects
of the human soul but also to the soul of the earth.
     5.  This is a magical aspect of water relating to omnipresence
and akasha.  You imagine you are within the ocean but you
concentrate on the way in which water suspends distance.  You
sense and then study how water enables you to feel an immediate
contact with any other creature or place within the sea.  
    Some of the undines have this perceptual ability to sense waves
breaking on any shore of the earth.  In their own consciousness,
they feel as if their senses can perceive anything anywhere within
the ocean.  The water serves as a medium for amplifying
impressions and conveying physical sensations of objects no matter
how distant.  
   This meditation on water leads to the clairsentient ability to
suspend distance so you can connect to anyone as if you are there
with them.  In this case, the ocean is used as a symbol of the astral
plane where we are able to move in our astral body anywhere we
wish in an instant by focusing our mind there.  Also, undines such
as Amue and Istiphul feel as if another being or creature's aura is a
part of their own aura.  This arises because they automatically
circulate energy between themselves and anything else which makes
contact with them.  This heightens their abilities to heal and to love. 
They do not feel separate because the other's space is also their own
space in that they sense every subtle vibration within another.  
    These five meditations go together.  In effect, we are breaking the
letter M into smaller, distinct meditations.  After practicing, we join
them again into one energy and awareness which encompasses all
five. Undines such as Istiphul and Isaphil can do this very easily.  As
human beings, we study and observe the sea but we are not in the
habit of imagining we are the sea.  Undines who exist within the
subtle vibratory field underlying the physical manifestation of water
perceive the sea as part of their own aura.  We can learn to do this
also.  Nature exists to train us to understand the powers of spirit.  In
working with the cosmic language, we internalize within ourselves
the watery powers and magick of undines and far more. 

PHYSICAL PLANE:  The physical plane gives us control of the
fluid principle and magnetic fluid in the physical world in our own
microcosm as well as the larger macrocosm.  The letter M on this
level also relates to the control of gravity. 
    Meditation:  Working with the magnetic fluid on the physical
plane enables us to bring into manifestation the qualities and powers
of the three inner planes.  Our meditations on the psychological,
spiritual, and magical aspects of water then becomes something
which make a difference in our lives.   The powers of the three
inner planes are reflections of omnipresence--we learn to become
one with anything and so heal, restore, animate, revive, renew, and
imbue with new life. 
    For example, by condensing the magnetic fluid enough we are
able to engage in magnetic healing and to calm and tranquilize
other's emotions.  You can also employ effectively your psychic
abilities to acquire specific impressions when you need them in
order to understand difficult situations of the past, present, and
future.  And you have the absorptive power of water you need to
work with highly electrical and fiery magical energies.   You know
how to remain calm and sensitive during the most explosive and
intense situations. 
    With the cosmic letter M, we develop a force of personality
which gives us the ability to remain calm, serene, relaxed, peaceful,
and to let go and go with the flow in any situation.  We can cause
other's inner visions to come into their consciousness and find
positive direction.  We enable others to release their tension, pass
through catharsis, and attain transformation.  Our clairvoyant vision
empowers others so that their deepest dreams become alive in the
present moment and continue to inspire and motivate them.
    CONCLUSION.  I wrote this essay after meditating for about
fourteen hours on the cosmic letter M over a period of five days. 
As I noted earlier, the immediate result was that I am much more
sensitive to tantra--the way in which attractive and polar energies
exist within our ordinary relationships.  My ability to feel the aura
and sense the emotional life within others who are not physically
present is greatly increased. 
   It is part of my long range goals to master some of the cosmic
letters dealing with fire and cosmic will.  To do that, I have to also
master to the same extent the letters pertaining to love, attraction,
and feeling.  Since the M is the most basic of these letters, it is
naturally an important area for me to focus on.  The letter M
summarizes all my experiences with undines over many years.  It is
nice to develop a clear understanding of the one energy which
encompasses the great variety of experiences and sensations which
undines evoke. 
    I also did not realize at the beginning the way in which the letter
M contains within itself all the other watery letters of the cosmic
language.  Again, it is nice to have a clarity about how the G, CH, J,
N, and W relate to each other on a deeper level.  I look at this article
as a prelude or brief introduction to the cosmic letter M.  I hope it
serves to help others in their studies of the water element and
cosmic language.  
   The method I use works well for me individually.  I am sure there
are countless methods and any number of books which could be
written on this one letter.  I have not gone into any detail about the
magical applications of the cosmic letter M in regard to formula
magick or words of power which employ the letter M.  Just
meditating on the four planes, however,  is itself a kind of magical
action.  It brings out any latent connections you may have with the
powers, qualities, and psychic abilities relating to water as well as
the spiritual aspects of primordial feminine energy. 

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