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Questions and Answers: On the Magical Empathy Exercise


See the essay, Ordinary, Magical, and Undine Empathy


And also the One Minute Seminar at the end of the essay,


I have some questions about the magical empathy exercise.

1) Question: if a magician using clairvoyance looked to two people talking to each other using active listening, would he see some form of psychic connection, or this only happens in the magical empathy?

Answer: It depends on how clairvoyant.  Even a sociolinguistic watching any two people talking could rate on a scale one to ten how much rapport they had.  Social interactions are a subject of study in sociolinguistics.  There are various interactions some of which can be observed along the lines of Neuro linguistic Programming and others which are just good interaction skills.
   There is nothing special about active listening that two people wouldn't do automatically if they were respectful and cared about each other. It is a convenient method for learning. 

   But it can also be expanded into a divine mission which I describe under Divine Missions on my web site under “Agent of Divine Providence: Uncover the Mystery Unfolding in Anther’s Life.” 

  Listening is a divine skill most perfectly embodied in high initiates, prophets, world teachers, etc.  It relates to the magic of silence.     

2) Question: that connection, that happens in magical empathy, lasts for how long? For how long the person that created it wants?

Answer: It is meant to last for a few seconds to as long as you want depending on how connected the two people are.  I intended it for couples, esp. married couples who tend to take each other for granted. 

  Some individuals have a Venus kind of empathy that naturally feels deep feelings for those cared about but it is usually limited to one or two other people.  So some people continuously have a natural magical empathy and this has not been well studied anywhere that I know about. 

  Some women report being able to feel what is going on with their partner all the time 24/7.  For them it acts as a psychic instant link always operating.  But no one teaches this psychic ability that I know of. 

3) Question: is this connection "two-side"? Both people, even if they are not focusing in each other, or even if they are not aware of the magical empathy connection, will be affected by the connection? Or only the person that created it (the other person would be affected only if the creator of the connection wanted so?)?

Answer: Intimacy can be sustained by just one person so if one person does magical empathy both individuals, barring obstructions, will feel a special closeness to each other.

  The above statement may seem counterintuitive.  But my mother was a master of “make friends of your enemies.”  That is, she would become the best friend of her enemy.  Best friends are very rare in life.  If someone volunteers to play that role for you it may well overshadow any feelings of animosity you have for that person. 

  In this case, closeness or intimacy can be created even with an enemy. There are spirits of the sphere of Mercury who are appointed by Divine Providence to teach this ability.  
  Obviously, if both individuals have and practice the ability it works better.  But that is dangerous too in that they then share a private, special, magical world with each other which may interfere with their interest in developing other healthy social connections.  
   But there is nothing wrong with two people having a magical space of love that exists on an inner plane and is unique to their relationship.  It is what one undine queen specializes in.  For example, Istiphul creates a magical space where two separate souls may join as one. Her magical space that she creates assumes that each person can

1. let go of their egos,
2, that they can handle extreme states of ecstasy in which the personality is dissolved,
3. that they are willing to step outside of the flow of time, 
4. that they are willing to love each with all their heart, soul, mind, and spirit,
5. that as in a Bardon chapter 3 exercise, you can feel that you are a center of an entire universe and that this universe has the vibration of love,
6. that you know how to unite your consciousness with love so that nothing else but love exists in your consciousness--kind of like feeling united to Divine Providence but in this case the undine queen feels it on the astral and etheric planes. 
7. and, as another undine queen, Isaphil said to me, "You don't understand yet the gift being offered. I am not just creating peace with the universe.  The gift I give to mankind has the ability to create peace anywhere at anytime under any circumstances. This gift is what has been missing from human experience for over twenty thousand years."

Put that in terms of Istiphul with her magical empathy creates a magical space of love in which two are one and you get, "I bring the full force of the magnetic fields of the oceans of the earth and of the entire planet to bear on any situation in which I choose to create a love in which two are joined as one. 

   “Can not the human race conceive of this: the universe itself is on fire with wonder, beauty, and ecstasy. It is on the verge of exploding because of the joy it contains.  But you, I perceive, will have to write an entire mythology in order to communicate this simple wonder to other human beings."        

4) Question: to consciously break the connection created by the magical empathy, a simple wish to do so, or any form of visualization that *gently* breaks the connection is enough?

Answer: Some magical empaths are just psychic.  They sense others psychically so there is nothing to break. They just sense what is going on with anther person the way someone else can see another person standing in front of them.  It is just perception. There is no spell being cast by magical empathy.   

   If you create a special feeling of close to another there are of course all sorts of situations where one might wish to dissolve or break that link.  Even some of the writing you reference—tension, distancing, and being impersonal can serve to create attraction. 

   But there are situations where someone is psychically hitting on another person, trying to vampirize the other’s energy and so forth.  That falls under magical protection.  The Buddhist method is to have no ego so there is nothing to attack.  That is just placing one’s mind in akasha. 

  But in simple terms, if you have a song playing over and over in your head, hum a different song. If you feel hot, think cold.  If you feel heavy, think light.  If you feel over connected to someone, think about someone else. 

  If someone wants to do magic on someone else that is a different set of practices. This set of practices is for people of good will.  The entire astral plane of the earth is in a state of magical empathy: everyone is within and a part of one energy field of feeling. We are all joined. 
  The real question is: why are people under a spell to feel separate from each other? Why do they feel that their individual egos are exist independently of each other? Why do they not sense that we are all one?

   Separation is the illusion and so there is nothing remarkable about the sudden insight that "Look, I can feel what is inside someone else and get the other to feel that we are deeply connected.”  

  From the point of view of the undine queens, the human race has not even begun to explore the spiritual resources of this planet.  

  This is a very dangerous situation to be in: to have a race and a civilization on a planet that is not only poorly connected to nature; the human race does not yet understand the deeper purposes that this planet exists to fulfill.             

5) Question: when telepathy happens, there is a magical connection of the same nature than the connection in magical empathy? Maybe a very short one, only in the moment of receiving/sending something?

Answer: Studies of telepathy indicate that people's heartbeats tend to synchronize.  But telepathy can be very mental so that it is like What is the answer to number 12 in the today's cross ward puzzle? Oh, its "horseshoe.”  There is not much feeling or connection going on in an intellectual exchange like that.

  But if I ask, Why is Ahmedinejad thinking right now? Ah, he is thinking about his next choice for vice president.  There isn't any feeling of empathy there, just observation of mental activity. 
  If I go further as in Ahmedinejad is feeling "my hand is shaking because I am so upset that the Ayatollah shot down my choice of vice president" now that is more empathic.

6) Question: The magical empathy seems very similar to the effects of transferring your consciousness to another person (to the effects I read about). What is the difference?

Answer: It is a matter of degree.  You can imagine you are something that you are not projecting into and still get a sense of it because your imagination and subconscious come into play.

  But anytime someone thinks about anything there is an instant telepathic link between that person's brain and what is being thought about.  So there is a kind of sonar going on also: you "ping" the other person or object on some level and a vibration or echo comes back to you.  Most people just don't bother to sense the echo or response of mental sonar or radar. 
  But naturally one can project as in chapter four of Bardon's first book into another person as Bardon suggests doing.  And this projection can be a kind of brief taste, a sample, a light touch, or at the other very far extreme: Tibetans actually transfer their consciousness inside of someone else; one ninja mentioned to me that another ninja once took complete control of his body.  And of course high Tibetan lamas project their consciousness into a young child who they then incarnate through after their present body has died.  The universe is vast and deep.
  But in the exercise, you just imagine you are the other person until you get a feeling or sensation in your body of what it is like to be that person. 

   When I practiced being a mediator for a conflict resolution institute, I instantly did the magical empathy exercise with everyone who came in to have a conflict meditated.  This was so I could ask the right questions to lead them forward in their process. 

  Some telepaths actually reproduce in their minds the exact brain waves of another person or several people at once so that the telepath does not even need to read the other's mind.  The thought the telepath thinks with the other's brain waves duplicated in his own brain produces the exact same thoughts of the other person. 

  I do this with spirits all the time.  I lock in and imitate their vibration and then when I ask a question the answer is what their own minds would produce.  I can check with them as I do that.  Or, I can do both at once: link minds but also think with their own mind vibrations.     

  Something like this is indicated in everyday conversation, "I know what you are thinking."  Or people complete each other's sentences.  It is no big deal.  

  One of the undine women I know recalls sitting with several other women at the time of Atlantis and they were speaking to each other with telepathy.  It would have seemed odd in that social situation to have had to rely on words for a conversation. 

7) Question: Through my researches in the seduction community of the pickup artists, I heard of people being able to quickly develop incredible connections/rapport just through eye contact. I heard of a guy named Cory Skyy (this is his website How is that possible? Is this some faster variation of the technique you taught in the article to achieve magical empathy? I haven´t studied his material yet, but I was very curious about it, since it is very different from what the majority of the pickup artists seem to apply.

Answer:  Again, I am not doing pick up stuff.  The undines are exactly the opposite.  Rather than being predators or seeking to "effect" or influence another person, they exist without ego in a state of love that is everywhere and in everything.  

  In a sense, picking up girls is using the electric fluid; in its nature, the electric fluid demands and commands and seeks to capture and utilize whatever it needs in order to achieve its goals.   

  So, I guess if you wanted to really master picking up girls you could become an enlightened being who simply feels instantly a part of anyone he focuses on or who is near to him.  But then there would be no human need or desire. 
   The undine empathy is based on the opposite of the electric fluid, namely, the magnetic fluid.  A magnetic field constantly exists around the undines and it can be extended anywhere on earth and so anyone can be made a part of its magnetic lines of force. 

  As a magnetic field, it automatically acts to "magnetize" anyone within it with the same love and peace and healing power that the undine possesses.  There is no method or act of will involved.  You step into the ocean you get wet. You draw near an undine queen you feel her love flowing through you. 
  But to answer you question, Mantak Chia, the Taoist, for example in seminar would mention how he does testicular breathing and so by analogy woman could do ovum breathing.  In Chia’s case, he breathes chi into the sexual organs as if he were using Bardon's exercise of drawing vitality into the body through breath.  Chia’s eyes would then become mesmeric or electrical and everyone feeling sleepy in the class suddenly wakes up and becomes interested again. 

  I took his week long seminar on various practices relating to chi and circulating chi in the body and so forth.  I pressed him on why he does not teach the element of water to Westerners.  He said it was impossible.  They can’t learn it. 

   But some women in the seminar complained that his methods were designed to serve the purposes of men and not those of women. From my experience, all spiritual and wisdom masters on earth teach methods which favor the purposes of men and not of women. 

   Wicca might be considered an exception since it works directly with the moon.  All the same, anyone seeking to study the magnetic fluid or feminine essence is at a terrible disadvantage in our world.  The entire civilization is fiery and electrical in its science, technology, industry, and political and cultural institutions.  Step out on the street and you are bombarded with electrical energy. 

  But the example you site is more like, I suspect, just being sensitive to the electrical energy in your own eyes.  Bardon too mentions the electrical power of the eyes to mesmerize.  So if you were aware of the electrical energy in your eyes and glanced into another person's eyes immediately linking the two electrical systems together, like joining two batteries with a wire, you could produce various feelings of connection in the other person.

   I mention something similar to how the mage in A Mermaid's Tale enchanted a mermaid because he easily created an electrical current flowing through the center of her body and back through his which increased her attraction to him and the way they felt one with each other: one flow of energy between two equals a feeling of oneness.   
   But in other stories I mention for example with the undine queen Istiphul that looking into her eyes is like seeing ten thousand moods of the sea that no human being has ever dreamed. 

  So eat your heart out oh ye hermetic magicians. Until your will can encompass all the oceans of the earth and the magnetic field of the earth and moon as well you just might find yourself out of your depth when dealing with an undine queen’s empathy. 

  They are far ahead of us in terms of love.  It will be an absolute miracle if the human race learns the quality and power of love that these beings possess before our time here on earth expires.