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Through art, you are able to solve problems that otherwise have no solution. 

                                                              --the poet at work


The Master, the Student, and the Mermaid Woman


The Student: Master, I have been practicing the lessons you teach on elemental beings.  There are sylphs who have made me a life long friend.  There are gnomes who consider me to be one of their own.  A few salamanders have gone so far as to designate cinder cones and minor volcanoes as under my authority and part of my domain so that I can practice fire magic on magma and lava.

   But I am having trouble with my first mermaid contact. Can you give me some tips?


The Master:  I have never heard of that—a magician exerting a proprietary interest in a cinder cone? How very odd.

  Now then, on this other matter, what procedure are you following with regard to mermaids and what are your results?


There is this mermaid.  Her aura is like an explosion of joy.  She is like the Pleiades, that is, unique and charming beyond belief. Her innocence and natural affection are beyond the knowledge of women on earth. 


We have covered all of this before—as above, so below.  If you think and feel like you are one with a woman, whether human or mermaid, she will eventually respond to you.  It can be a slow process, but the results are inevitable.  Or are you just short on patience and forgotten the supreme lesson in initiation which is enduring without ego in silence until what you desire appears? 


Patience is my middle name.  But still she does not respond.


You matched her energy? You reproduce her aura in your self?   You became the energy field in which she exists and that nurtures her being?  You were one with her from within?


Oh yes.


Hum. You have been doing the exercise with your hands in a bowl of water every day in which you practice becoming one with water in both sensation and vibration? 


Yes. I even shiver and shake with the cold,    


Have you checked her point of view?  What do you observe when you are one with her so that nothing else exists in your consciousness? And you know the difference between mental plane mirror like clarity used in contemplation and astral empathy that embodies the etheric as well?


Yes, yes I do.  Nothing else exists in my consciousness but the mermaid and me. 


Let me take a look.

  Are you trying to pull a fast one on me? This is not a mermaid.  It is a woman with a mermaid’s aura.  What are you trying to do? Get me to advise you on how to get this girl to sleep with you?


Would that be wrong? Is it not the case that you said the two procedures the same?  You think and feel you are one with the other and then she responds.  Human, natural, or divine—all beings and spirits respond.  

  I know for a fact that this entire subject is a matter of humor for you.  All you need do is pass your hand over a woman’s body and she instantly falls into a state of pure bliss.  And from that moment on you are her sun and her moon.  But I can not do that.  I am still a beginner in the magic of Venus.  And so I require a few tips on the divine art.   


You should have been a lawyer.  You could persuade a devil to renounce evil.


  (Pausing, reflecting, for a moment with wistful, dreamlike longing)


 In matters such as this, as a magician grows older, inevitably there comes a point in time when his mastery of the life force, of the elixir of life, is so powerful all youthful passions are reactivated in both body and soul.

   He not only looks and feels younger.  Primal sensuality and primordial hungers awaken.  In this moment, it is incredibly easy to forget that he is wise and go chasing like any stupid kid after women, like Krishna with  the women in the fields herding cows, or like Solomon with his thousand wives and concubines. Even world teachers have these problems because their auras can easily cause women to lose all inhibitions.       


(Returning to a normal voice)


 I told you, this thing about imagining you are one with a woman--it can be a slow process. On average, it can take up to two years.  Why the rush?


She appears to be on the verge of responding, the way a heartbeat is on the verge of pounding or a wave on the verge of breaking as it rises up or the sun on the verge of lifting above the horizon at dawn or lightning on the


I get it, enough.

  Of all my students you are the one who is most unlucky in love.  It is without parallel.  Some cosmic mystery holds you in its grasp. It seeks to manifest on earth by plaguing you with woe until its beauty is able to unfold. 

   If I can not solve a genuine problem of a student with my own skill and knowledge, then like other masters in my line, I have the ability to grant you immortality until you figure out how to solve the problem on your own. 


You would do that for me?


It won’t come to that. 

   Try this.  Wait a moment.  Wait! There is another mermaid woman you know—

  This is most peculiar.  Only one in four thousand women is a mermaid type woman.  It is hard enough to meet one.  Some people never do.  And here you know already two. I didn’t meet one until I was in my fifties and here you are only twenty-four.  

  She has the aura of a stream at the beginning of a valley.  If you mastered her energy you would not even be asking me these foolish questions.  Enter her aura and study her.  The first one may be like the Pleiades. But the second is like a gate to the Mysteries. Join with her watery flow. 

   Have you never heard the saying, Blessed are those who let go and flow as each moment unfolds,


…. for they shall see through the eyes of God.


Do you know why that is so? No one understands this beatitude.  The present moment is the mysterious nexus that holds history in its grasp, through which all things pass.  The Great Now, the ineffable, the unknowable, the Divine Majesty, the akasha, appearing concrete, graphic, and in kinesthetic sensuality.

   This mermaid’s mystery is the art of seeing through the eyes of God. This is a feminine mystery and those who are initiates of the masculine powers are almost incapable of comprehending it. 

  It is wonder and the newness life.  Or, to put simply, it is innocence that wisdom can not fathom and that topples empires and overthrows all dictators.


Wait. Wait. You have some sort agenda you are pursuing, don’t you? You tolerate the weaknesses and folly of your students by making fun of us.  You pretend to help in a begrudging manner while all the time you are tricking us into becoming enlightened.  Tell me my analysis is wrong. 


If that were the case, what would your folly be? 


My need for intimacy with women. 


(laughing wholeheartedly) You think I am reframing your need for intimacy with woman so that the girl disappears and you are left with a magic mirror when you gaze upon her? And in that mirror you see a divine path unfolding? Ordinary life would then be like a gladiatorial arena where you fight not to the death, but where every desire and sensation shines with inner illumination. 

  Such a quant idea.  Almost cute.  Even adorable for you to take my words in that way.    


You are persuading me to study women so as to internalize their energy. In this way, I would be free of the need to sleep with them.  Maybe be friends and hang out in order to learn.  But the physical intimacy for you is redundant and unnecessary.  It is emotional support but offers little if anything to improve my learning curve.


 You don’t like my approach?  


You are turning me into a spiritual vampire.  I notice an attractive woman I would like to get to know and be with. And instead of sleeping with her I simply study her energy and the feelings and sensuality that accompany it.  Then I make not her but her energy a part of myself. 


You are not injuring her.  A mirror, or a magic mirror for that matter, neither possesses nor is it possessed.  It neither grasps after beauty nor does it flee what is undesirable. Where is the vampire?


(like an attorney interrogating a hostile witness with leading questions)

  Women for you are steppingstone across the stream of illusion and on the other side is enlightenment. 


Is there a question?


Where is the love if there is no giving and receiving?


You have just made my point.  Where is the love if all you want from the beautiful, attractive girl is to sleep with her?  What is the energy you exchange or trade under those conditions? 


Well, I hope she would like me and to be with me. I am not without appeal you know.


No, in your scenario you use the girl to give you what you do not have in yourself--namely, the ability to let go and flow and be pure innocence, new in every moment.  There is nothing you possess that you could give her in exchange for the gift she gives you. Not this girl. 


I have magical abilities, possessions, wealth, success, social contacts, and all the support associated with intimate contact—warmth, affection, attention, listening skills galore, friendship, caring, wanting, needing, helping, assisting,  …..


Again, you make my point.  You have nothing equal in value to what she offers you.


Say it again.  What is she giving me?


If I put that girl inside of you so that she was one hundred per cent a part of you, that is, the feelings within her soul, this would put you twenty if not forty years ahead on your path.  You would have become in that moment ten times more of a man and a magician than you are now. 


Okay, now, you are saying that women possess, no, embodies the mysteries of life and love on a level unknown and unrecognized both by men and by almost any other wisdom tradition.  Am I following your train of thought on this?


Exactly!  How nice to have a student who is so bright.


(asking himself aloud) So, have I been tricked into taking one giant leap forward on the path of enlightenment?




There is always a trick to these things.  How exactly, precisely, give me a few tips out of your cache of endless cosmic wisdom on how to join with and be one with a woman.


You make it sound so difficult when it is so simple a child could grasp the method.  Visualize her now in front of you.


Yes. I can do this. 


Do you feel your aura and her aura also?


Clearly. As you say, this is child’s play.


You can sense also how your aura and her aura touch and now flow into and through each other?


Yes, this too is perfectly clear. I just never thought it in those terms before.   


Now then, gently breathe vitality from the air into your body. 


Yes, I am doing this.


What do you observe happening?


Our two auras begin to flow through each others with greater strength and harmony.   


And now you must use art to take the next step.


Art? Why art? You are not diverting my focus through another one of your tricks? 


Art uses the magic of the astral plane—its concrete and graphic imagery enable feelings to flow with a depth and strength otherwise unattainable by the imagination or an individual’s normal range of emotions.   


(And the master, waving his hand in the air, a rich magnetic field of energy passes through the student)


What is now unfolding before you is a vision from the Other Side.  And yet it is you and this girl also, is it not, who are the arc of the plot? The images are your actual auras interacting right now in this moment.  Tell me how this story goes.


The year is 1307.  The Church, in great treachery and malice, seeks to destroy all of the Knights Templar throughout Europe.  A few manage to escape:


The knight gazes upon his own body lying next to a small stream in a green field at the edge of a mountain cliff.  He turns and looks at young woman sitting next to him. 

  He says to her, “I am dead and you are an angel.” 

  She replies, “I am not an angel and you are not dead.”

  He looks about himself at the hills, the trees, the stream, the forest, the sky and clouds.  He says, “Each thing here shines with its own inner light.  The colors here are a thousand times brighter and clearer than they are in my world.”

  “I have heard others say those same words,” she replies.

   The knight: “And you, even now, your inner light flows through me even as this stream.  This is a very unusual dream.”

 “It is not a dream,” she says calmly.

 Knight: “It is like you and the stream are the same energy, the same being.  And you and I are also the same energy, the same being.

   “Tell me, child of the mysteries, in what world, in what reality, does beauty such as this exist? Tell me so that when I awaken in my body I may make it my life quest to find this place again, to find you again that we might be even as we are now.” 


“You are a human being,” she replies.  “I am from a race that by God’s grace does not require spoken words in order to express feeling, does not need medicine in order to heal, and we do not require passion or compassion in order to love. 

   “But you, you must speak words in order to feel.  Speak aloud now what you sense this place to be.  Speak, so that when you awaken you will know this is not a dream and you will remember everything you have heard and seen.”   

The knight replies as he gazes into her eyes,   


The stream begins

Where the clouds drift

Enfolding the hills in mist

Moisture so thick 

The waters runs wild

Dancing in the rain like a child

The current, the pulse, the flow,

Here are secrets only love knows—

How to be one with another’s soul.


Knight: “Will you speak to me again? Will you come to me and guide me? Will you be to me even as you are now, part of my own being?”


She replies, “As the sky is a part of the stream, and the earth, and the valley.  As the stream nurtures all things, even so I shall be a part of your soul.  Forever free, in love and in beauty, as one stream our lives shall unfold.”     


I understand now, master.  My eyes are opened.  My heart is now free of doubt.  My senses are clear.  My spirit is renewed through the power of divine art.


Go in peace.  Walk the path of beauty until the ends of eternity.