Mentifil's Domain:  As with other elemental beings, Mentifil's domain is
as much a state of mind as a location on the astral plane.  It is like a
small town or an industrial complex.  There are many gnomes present and
they are all busy.  There is organization and division of labor.  Everyone
is attentive to their work and enjoys what they are doing.  And what are
they doing?
   There are gnomes who are very involved with refining processes of
alchemy and raising the vibration of matter.  But this is not only busy
work.  They are ungrading their own nature and increasing their powers of
   There are gnomes who work with gemstones.  It would appear they
actually cut stones but they too are engaged in a spiritual endeavor.
They are interested in investing the stones with magical powers.
Diamonds, rubies, amathyst, and so forth not only take and break light
into beautiful reflections.  They can serve to preserve and amplify
consciousness.  A gnome can place some of his own spirit into a stone
which then can be passed on to benefit others.
    Some gnomes work with trees and forests, with topsoil, herbs, healing,
and fertility.  They know about roots, bark, leaves, and seeds and the
active chemical ingredients within these.  As any druid knows, trees have
consciousness and gnomes have a role to play in preserving this.
   Some gnomes are interested in mineral deposits, rock formations, and
mountains.  Again, for a gnome matter is not void of spirit.  Everything
physical has an inner secret and mana present within it.  If you put your
hand on a rock outcrop, how would you know if a gnome has done anything
with it?  
   Take the butes in Monument Valley.  Climb up the rocks sliding down
from the side and put your hand on the stone wall reaching up to the sky.
If you have a little clairsentience or a gift for psychometry, you might
detect the memory within the stones--of how they were formed and the
presures and stresses which have been brought to bear upon them.  If you
meditate longer placing your mind within the bute, you might sense a
vibration like a man asleep waiting to wake up who is not even conscious
of himself dreaming.
   But if a gnome has taken some time to make that stone his home, you can
detect the results of his efforts.  The stone is in the process of
becoming conscious.  For one, it is aware of you being there.  In this
awareness is an acceptance which you may experience as peace and
well-being.  The physical world and the unseen are sharing in common a
dream and you are also a participant.  So the next time you hear a native
American refer to a mountain as being sacred you might think about who
might have been there living within it.
     I could go on.  Mentifil's gnomes are engaged in quite a few
activities.  They are interested in salts, the structure of the earth,
earth energies, and all sorts of things only gnomes know something about.
Here is my point.  Do not stand out as someone who is lost or up to no
good and does not belong.  In other words, adopt an attitude which is
     If you project your mind and imagine yourself within Mentifil's
domain, be sure your aura blends in.  Assume the form of a gnome.  Then
look like you are a solid, sturdy, and stable gnome who both love his work
and the earth with all of his heart.  Appear fully attentive and alert but
also as silent and enduring as the earth.  
    And also send you mind into the past so you watch mountains rise and
fall so the changes of time mean nothing at all.  Seas come and go as do
ice ages and the changing of the poles.  You have seen it all and yet you
are as interested as ever in pursuing some endeavor.  If you can imagine
and get a feel of this then I think you are well on your way to convincing
even a gnome that you are one of their own.  As with human beings, gnomes
are more comfortable with what is familiar than they are when something
strange suddenly appears dropping down from a distant or unknown realm. 

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