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Melamo, 2 degrees Capricorn,

Reason for Evocation:  I wish to strengthen my personal will. If you met
me in a public setting like an airport, I would probably strike you as
being more like Mr. Rogers (the host of a children's TV show) than general
Patton or general Rommel. The power within me is more akashic than
     I also was having difficulty evoking Vehuiah, the first spirit of the
Mercury zone.  Vehuiah's power is just a little too much for me.  The
Mercury zone spirits are especially useful for resolving conflicts
relating to whole nations and societies.  T he earthzone spirits, by
contrast, tend to relate more to situations influencing your life rather
than the world at large though there are exceptions.  It turns out by
working with three earthzone spirits--Melamo, Anamil, and Haja--I can
reproduce the sa me effects accomplished by Vehuiah. 

2 Degrees Capricorn:  This degree is about taking charge.  You master and
take control of whatever is necessary to accomplish your objectives.  If
anyone can be responsible, determined, and conscientious enough to lead,
this degree lays claim to these abi lities. 

Melamo's Domain in Akasha:  This level of akasha strengthens and amplifies
personal will and power.  The analogy to human experience would be growing
up in a family where the discussions over the dinner table were about
buying out corporations and getting
 the right politicians elected.  After years of this kind of exposure, you
acquire a instinct for how to meet your objectives.  With ease you
evaluate costs, expenses, options, tradeoffs, and multiple ways of
completing a task.
     To be more precise, Melamo's domain provides specific understanding
of how to take control and master whatever kind of power you are dealing
with.  It is a penetrating awareness which studies power in any situation
and then alters or transforms it.
Melamo's Sigil:  This sigil evokes a feeling of being surrounded by great
power. As with Melamo's domain, if you are exposed to power for long
enough you become familiar with it.  It is then easy to understand others.
You can tell which individuals comman d genuine power and who exercises
power due to external factors such as position, wealth, appearance, or an
authority invested in them from another source. 
    Since the constellation of Capricorn is concerned with limitations,
restrictions, and how to transcend them, it is inevitable that at some
point in our lives we will have to deal with these issues.  To be
responsible, to follow our paths in life, and also to love we must honor
the power within us.  This sigil introduces us to universal and cosmic

Melamo's Inner Source of Inspiration:  It is the nature of Divine
Providence to grant to those who seek the ability to take charge of all
the factors shaping their fate.  There are no limitations or restrictions
placed on this activity.  Power and influen ce, like the temperature of
fire, have no upper limit. 
     Indeed, there are spiritual purposes and works which, if they are to
be accomplished, require individuals to master superhuman powers.  There
is no way of getting around this--power is one of four fundamental
principles governing the universe and i t is an essential ingredient in
the study of magick. 

Melamo's Outer Aura:  Melamo's aura is like a strong energy field similar
to gravity.  It exerts control the way something frozen in ice is held by
the ice.  It is an energy which penetrates through every aspect even the
molecular vibrations of what it is
 focusing on and commands those vibrations according to its intentions. 
   This kind of will, of course, starts with yourself.  To influence or
lead others, you must master yourself first.  But the power Melamo wields
is not based on psychology.  It is more that he knows everything going on. 
He perceives it directly.  It is not as if he needs to engage in argument
to persuade an obstinate individual to change his mind.  The obstinacy
itself knows it is subject to Melamo's will by the tone in his voice.  You
can not proceed against a power which already controls every aspect and
fiber of your own power, strength, and will.
      In the Western world, there is line of thought which considers human
beings too flawed to take into their hands spiritual power.  God alone is
sovereign and we do not share in that sovereignty even though technically
we are his "children."  There is
 a danger that if human beings acquire power they will inevitably abuse
it.  Consequently, it is argued that we should not subject ourselves to
temptation by exploring or learning too much about the spiritual worlds or
the inner planes. 
    Of course, the constitution of the United States takes potential
abuses of power into consideration in devising a system of checks and
balances between the three branches of government.  Power is distributed
and freedom of speech protected so that the
 exercise of power is constantly being scrutinized.  Still, there remains
serious questions about what happens when human beings have greater power
than they have wisdom.  History has many examples of power getting out of
control and the inevitable destru ctive effects which result. 
   In dialoguing with a spirit from Saturn, I discussed some of the
methods akasha employs in limiting abuses of spiritual power. It is fully
possible to use magick for negative purposes.  The negative spirits within
the earthzone serve this end.  They al so attempt to take possession of
anyone who uses magick in negative ways.  Negativity is their turf and
they are jealous of anyone operating within their domain free of their
influence.  In the final analysis, Saturn steps in when negative wills
threaten to contaminate the inner planes.  In our earthzone, a spirit such
as Ybario oversees and limits the work of black magicians.
   I ask Melamo about power and its abuse. He replies, "If you feel
connected to the sacred and cherish it within your heart, then power is
already around you and within you.  Power enables you to grow and to
become yourself.  The entire universe is a stu dy in how to use energy to
fulfill spiritual purposes.  To be responsible in any way whatsoever, you
have to exercise power.  Your own heart is the final authority in this

Melamo's Inner Aura:  Melamo is also relaxed, friendly, fair, evenhanded,
and considerate.  He is impartial and has a judicial temperament.  In
making a decision, he weighs all options and alternatives.  He considers
short and long term effects. 
    There is nothing secretive about him.  He is quite willing to hold all
he does up to public scrutiny.  Like the Heirophant in the Tarot, he
declares from his heart and his conscience, "My actions and intentions are
     The connection between this friendly side and his power is that the
exercise of power is always tied to fulfilling a spiritual purpose which
has great importance and significance.  He perceives and weighs his
choices from an akashic level of awarenes s.  He sees through time and
space the consequences of his actions and he is concerned about the
well-being of everyone with whom he works.

Akashic Plane:  As you intuition develops, you can understand and see with
complete clarity the nature of power--its uses and abuses, its qualities
and the purposes it fulfills. Anywhere where there is government,
authority, and the exercise of will, Mela mo can reveal the foundations of
this power, its current status, and the fate of what will occur.
   But the impulse here is not prophetic--that is, to declare how divinity
is guiding all things by unfolding a great purpose and harmony.  Melamo is
an active player.  He is a piece on the chessboard you can not ignore.  He
is an active participant in th ose areas which concern him.
   Melamo also is not related to the Judges of Saturn.  Placing
restrictions on negativity is not his commission.  All the same, if an
individual is abusing power in a way that impacts on Melamo's activities,
Melamo can say, "I am drawing a line.  Cross i t and you will find me
waiting on the other side.  You are welcome to wrestle with me to test
your strength.  The power you would approach and overthrow arises from a
cosmic dimension." 
    Again, Melamo is relaxed, friendly, accountable, and fair.  He is
poised and even charming.  But his true nature is clear--he is vibrant,
radiant, masterful, and inexhaustible. 
    12/3/97: Wed. As I again meditate with Melamo in akasha, I ask him, "I
seem to be missing something."  He replies, "Relax.  Take a deep breath
and let it out.  Now imagine that you are omnipotent power.  It is
important that you get a direct feeling a nd sensation of what it is like
to be joined to this aspect of Divine Providence.  Notice how you think
and see things from this perspective.  Do not consider the worlds of form
yet or anything historical.  This is an exploration of spiritual being and
of being united to divinity." 
   Doing this seems to fill in for what was missing.  I notice, however,
that I have to keep reminding myself to relax.  I repeat aloud, "I am
omnipotent power."  The sense I get is of being able to control forces
like gravity.  On this level of spiritua l being, I perceive the universe
around me as being under the influence of my will. 
    This is not an ego trip or an invitation to become a megalomaniac. It
is a basic high school level exercise for magicians who wish to become
acquainted with what it is like to be a spiritual being.  You do not think
of a personal diety as being way ou t there somewhere beyond all
understanding.  You practice joining with God/Goddess so you overcome the
human error of feeling separated.
Mental Plane: On the mental plane, Melamo is a master teacher of how to
develop will power and also to understand the power individuals' possess. 
This is not a depressing discussion about how human beings control each
other out of greed, selfishness, and
 fear.  For Melamo, being able to act effectively is a wonderful gift. 
Being able to come to grips with what obstructs your path so you can move
it aside and continue on your way is absolutely essential.
   Power is never to be taken for granted.  It must be balanced and
modified according to the requirements of each situation.  You do not wear
power like a crown to demonstrate your authority and acquire glory.  You
develop it and master it within yoursel f free of any need to declare its
   You respect power and cherish it because it is a gift from the Creator. 
It radiates from all that is sacred and it is a tool in the hands of love. 
Melamo puts it this way, "As an embodiment of the constellation of
Capricorn, I take responsibility fo r those things that concern me." 
Melamo channels an immense force.  It is very dynamic and engaging. 
   In my own experience, with my Mars in Aquarius, I sometimes act as a
public advocate seeking to change an institution or situation.  I do not
hammer out a specific plan of action or demand a certain result. I talk to
everyone who plays a critical role
 and who is party to the decision making process.  My ideal is to know
more than anyone else and to have researched in advance all the options
and consequences. 
    When I talk to someone, then, there is no need for them to feel
threatened and there is no need for me to make demands.  What happens is
that they get a very clear impression of what is occurring and they figure
out on their own their best options.  I
 demonstrate to them by my knowledge that the future can not be avoided. 
It is much easier to deal with a small decision now than wait until major,
negative consequences confront them later on.
   This is one procedure of which Melamo is well aware.  One time I got on
the phone and make a hundred phone calls researching a public issue. 
Melamo's approach would be more magical.  He would read everyone's mind
telepathically and then psychically ur ge them to seek a mutually
satisfying solution.  In this sense, he would be the voice of their
conscience bursting into life with a compelling urgency they could not put
aside.  In general, Melamo's inspiration provides a whole spectrum of ways
to come to
 grips wtih a problem and resolve it. 
    In summary, on the mental plane you learn what kind of stance,
attitude, or position to take to make yourself powerful and effective. 
You also learn to read others' power so you understand their strengths and
weaknesses and also how to influence them .  The omnipotent power on the
level of akasha is now considered in relation to specific problems and
within the context of history and traditions. 
    A samaurai general in a chaotic kingdom needs one kind of power and
will.  You must communicate on a gut level to your soldiers and enemies as
well that nothing can defeat you.  The force of your will is so dynamic
that even chaos comes to believe you
 are its master. 
     It takes another kind of power to deal with a Napolean marching over
the hill.  You need to be more careful with strategy.  You can not rely on
charisma to carry the battle.  Napolean has the corner on that market. 
You have to work more with logisti cs and allies in order to defeat an
army which considers him its hero. 
    And if you live in a modern society and are concerned with public
issues such as the pollution of the water table, then you must use words
with precision.  When you speak, others must see that you not only embody
the truth but the future as well.  You
 understand the politcal machine, costs, expenses, and public opinion. 
    You know when and how to apply pressure while remainingly neutral and
impartial.  You are not a whistle blower or a lightning rod for anger. 
You are a conscience speaking with the voice of thunder.  Every situation
and context has its own best custom ized application of power. 
Astral Plane:  On the astral plane, Melamo can track back to its source
every dream, longing, desire, impulse, and instinct within another.  This
is not the sensitivity of a bard or artist whose interest is in expressing
the beauty and diversity of life.
 This is a will capable of finding out what is going on in someone else
and interacting with it..
   A great general can look into the eyes of his soldiers and see their
fear and weariness.  And yet he can command their loyalty so they are
willing to die without a second thought.  He speaks to the courage and the
commitment within their hearts so they
 know that they are bound, as is he, to give and to sacrifice themselves
in service to a greater cause.  The power he awakens derives from their
bonds to each other.  Similarly, a mother will sacrifice herself for her
child or suffer horribly if the child
 is lost because the bond is greater than anything else. 
    On the astral plane, we reach into the depths of ourselves and share
the strongest passions and instincts of life with others.  It is not so
uncommon to be attracted to another person due to lifetimes of experience
shared in former incarnations.  The relationship is not about pleasure and
satisfaction. There is a Capricorn impulse present--to work together to
accomplish a purpose which is worthy of the spirits within us. 
    With someone with whom you have worked before, it is easier to commit
to overcoming obstacles which an ordinary, personal relationship of love
could never survive.  This is because when the bonding arises from the
depths of the unconscious, the connec tion has a strength which it is hard
to find with anyone else.  Even when the relationship has many negative
manifestations, if the partners both commit themselves they can say, "One
by one we will work these problems out."  The "normal" spectrum of attra
ctions in romantic love based on desire and satisfaction rarely carries
this power and commitment. 
   On the akashic plane, Melamo embodies a penetrating intuition into the
nature of power and a will to overcome obstacles.  On the mental plane,
Melamo takes into account all the factors governing a situation or person. 
He then takes responsibility by a cquiring the specific power needed to
succeed.  The command and dynamic resolve are well formulated, masterful,
and very convincing.
   On the astral plane, then, the next step toward realizing your ends,
especially in regard to exercising leadership, is to speak to others with
a profound understanding of their motivation.  Leading others is not about
applying external force.  It invol ves inspiration and inner connection. 
   It is a remarkable thing to run into someone who understands your
deepest feelings.  When an enemy can do this with you, the conflict begins
to dissolve because you feel you are dealing with a friend.  And what does
a true friend do but stay with you i n your difficulties, support you in
your pain, and share with you your aspirations and dreams. 
   When someone can sense what is within your heart and offer you the
chance to express it and bring it to life, it is hard to resist this
voice.  Again, this is not about being satisfied and happy.  It is about
someone being there for you with an opennes s and generosity you have
never encountered before.  Melamo's presence on the astral plane is like
meeting an individual who shows you the part of yourself that has waited
your entire life to come alive.  As it blossoms and unfolds, you feel
peace and gra titude.  Loyalty results from wanting to return something of
equal value in order to keep the connection alive. 
    Bonding, then, is one aspect of Melamo's understanding of astral
power.  If you go against and betray a profound bond or love with another,
you have to deal with the emptiness that remains.  This kind of karma can
follow you for lifetimes. You feel lo ss and sorrow and you have not the
faintest idea where it is coming from because it is below the level of
conscious memories. 
   Being fair and genuine in relationships is a natural aspect of being
responsible.  But the karma of lifetimes can also be encapsulated in a
moment.  If someone uses a voice which speaks from the depths of yourself
and you try to oppose it, the emptines s hits you immediately.  The
experience can paralyze you. 
    If you manage to ignore this voice of conscience, your own associates
will turn against you.  They know instinctively on a gut level that you
betray trust, you have run out of luck, and everything you do is going to
fall through. 
   It is important to be clear about what Melamo is doing.  It is not
about personal love.  The spirits who teach personal love are more
concerned with beauty, harmony, and establishing a union of soul and
    By contrast, Melamo is interested in getting a job done.  For example,
he establishes profound bonds in a group so the work is effective and
successful.  The group's solidarity reflects the level of commitment
necessary to complete the task.  It is no t love but a way of working
together which he effects.  Still, there are many who would be willing to
die to find a place in life where they could bond with others to this
      On the akashic plane, the mantra is, "I am omnipotent power."  On
the mental plane it becomes, "I take charge and have complete control." 
On the astral plane the mantra becomes, "I am an inexhaustible force;  I
have absolute command over the four elements"  That is, the astral plane
reflects within the four elements the ideals of akasha.  To the gale,
Melamo is a hurricane. To the hurricane, he is the jet stream.  He is
always a little greater. 
    To the hill he is a mountain.  To the mountain he the chain of
mountains and the movement of the teutonic plates.  To the lake, he is an
ocean.  To the ocean, he is the ocean of the sky containing countless
oceans on countless worlds.  Melamo embodies
 an understanding of the elements and the power that commands them. 
Reflecting the omnipotent power of the akasha on to the astral plane,
Melamo has a wonderful expansivenss which extends without limit.
Physical Plane:  On the physical plane, Melamo embodies the will and
determination of a magician to get something done.  That is, there is
complete respect for Saturn with its emphasis on laws, time, space,
history, limitations, and restrictions.  And the re is also the use of
magick to do something which otherwise, using natural means, would take
many years to accomplish
   Magick uses clairvoyance and psychic perception.  It studies the forces
at play on the inner planes as well as in the external world.  It commands
the four elements. And it introduces new things and calls into play new
forces depending on the purpose i t seeks to fulfill.
   Melamo embodies a will which is more solid and enduring than any
institution, tradition, or historical circumstance.  His aura on the
physical plane leaves you with the impression that here is a power you
would never want to oppose.  You would prefer t o get out of its way or
just cooperate with it. 
    Like the force of gravity, it is permanent and its effects are
obvious.  Like a mountain or an ocean, it is there in front of you and it
will not go away.  It is possible to understand the purpose behind it, but
words and understanding will not alter
 its movements.  By the time you see this will manifest on the physical
plane, it has already determined its course of action and it is more than
half way toward reaching its goal.
   11/3/97: Melamo's presence, then, dissolves problems and conflicts. 
Obstacles and barriers collapse in front of him.  There is a story about
St. Columba in the sixth century when he went to see the king of the Picks
in Scoltand.  The king, under the a dvice of his druid, would not let
Columba into the fortress.  So Columba knocked down the gate with his
hands.  The king said, "That's my kind of man.  Show him in." 
    There was a billioneraire who wished to meet with the English prime
minister to discuss assisting Russia's recovery.  He was refused an
audience.  So he bought German marks betting the English pound would fall. 
He was right.  He broke the bank of Eng land.  Now when he desires to meet
with politicians, they are happy to see him.  When you can get things
done, people find it convenient to cooperate with you.  You become a force
of nature.  Like a barameter, people look to you to see what is happening. 
  The mantra for the physical plane is, "I materialize the situatons I
require."  We can summarize the four planes as "omnipotent power in
complete control moving with inexhaustible strength to materialize its
goals."  You can not learn a martial art like
 Aikido in the first day of practice.  You may, however, learn its
principles and be able to act because the idea works for you.  But to
master Aikido takes many.  Though continuous practice, Aikido becomes a
part of your body so that thinking is not nece ssary when you act.  The
same is true with Melamo.  You meditate with him until your aura reflects
a degree of his power. 

   Common Difficulties/Imbalances:  I have met a large number of
individuals who possess extraordinary magick but who tell me they are not
ready to apply it.  They feel uncomfortable with the powers of spirit they
sense within themselves.  It would appear
 they developed their power in other lives but they know instinctively
that in this incarnation they have to attend first to the needs of their
personal development.  They wish to be happy, responsible, productive,
loving, and creative.  These things must
 be attended to first before they would even consider turning to magick to
accomplish a spiritual purpose. 
    On the other hand, I have met some rather negative individuals whose
consciences are not sensitive to abusing their power.  Using magick to
satisfy personal desires is their first objective.  Being responsible for
the consequences of their actions and
 for others' well-being have no bearing on their decisions.  The
inspiration of beauty, wonder, harmony, and love--these things do not
touch their lives. 
    I sometimes imagine that Judeo-Christianity conceals a secret
spiritual test.  It asks everyone regardless of their beliefs, "Are you
able in yourself to be pure and to take responsibility for your actions? 
Otherwise, you must place yourself under an
 external authority and avoid searching out nature's mysteries."  A lot of
individuals lack the inner conviction and determination needed to say
"Yes, I am responsible and worthy to be initiated in the high mysteries of
      The testing process, however, does not end with believing in
yourself and the purposes your serve.  Individuals who possess immense
will often engage in self-destructive actions because they flaunt their
power.  Even when they have no conscience, th ey restrict their
development by making themselves dependent on others.  They crave
recognition because of their insecurity.  In their arrogance, they feel
they are a law unto themselves and yet they are addicted to having praise
from their underlyings.  They need to impress others whom they consider
inferior with their importance and power.
      They overextend their armies or attack too soon when, with a just a
little patience, they could have gotten what they wanted or even taken
over the world.  They have not mastered the mystery of silence--that the
first objective of magick is to bring
 yourself into harmony with the larger universe. Without this, your work
will always be limited or undermined by what you do not see coming. 
    There is a certain similarity between Melamo's power and the power
Buddhist's draw upon in performing the Prajnaparamita ritual. 
Prajnaparamita is the mother of the Buddhas.  The ritual centered on her
creates an enlightened state of mind in which th ere is only oneness.  If
individuals attempts to abuse power when influenced by this ritual, they
find their power is undermined.  It has nothing to attack and so turns
back upon itself.
   Melamo also employs this mode of operation.  His presence dissolves
opposition because his power is rooted in akasha.  Melamo, however, is
more forceful when it comes to representing the power of the universe in
    In summary, Melamo's power involves an immense respect for the world
as it is and for the limitations under which we live.  His station is in
Capricorn--developing and using power are a means for taking
responsibility for those factors which influenc e us and determine the
course of our fate and destiny.  There is nothing inappropriate about this
      Do you still feel doubts and uncertainty about developing your
magical will and power? Akasha always tests those who draw upon its
wealth.  Akasha asks, "Will you work with me to remake the world so there
is more love and beauty or does fear haunt y our soul because you feel
insecure and unworthy?  Search your heart and consider your priorities.  I
am within your heart.  I delight in the best things in life and in
transforming the world through love." 
     In the final analysis, it is up to each of use to determine for
ourselves which spirits of the earthzone we wish to study with.  The
earthzone is like a vast university.  Each of have our own areas of
specialty and our own goals when it comes to what
 we wish to accomplish. 

   Pathworking:  To better harmonize Melamo's spiritual power with my own
personality, I did a pathworking.  In this case, I focused on Melamo's
power on the four planes and began to free associate.  I began by asking
myself what Melamo's power means to m e personally.  As a result, I review
four past life incarnations in which the use of power was the central
theme.  From this perspective, I can conclude for myself: 
    There is a basic problem which relates to will and power.  Will power
is analogous to the fire element which, in its purest form, converts into
the electrical fluid.  To maintain this kind of magical intensity requires
either unusual isolation or care ful insulation.
    What can insulate and contain this divine power of will is the
magnetic fluid which is refined from the water element.  The magnetic
fluid wraps holds the electrical and expansive will within itself without
loss or diminishing its power.  Water and ma gnetism are analogous to
love.  The skillful magician, then, always is careful to insure that his
power and will are encompassed by and united to love. 
   When this is done, it does not matter the extent of his actual
isolation in the real world.  He never feels separate from others.  He
never is distracted by craving for fame, honor, and recognition of his
powers.  He does not need to demonstrate what h e can do and he does not
identify power with his personality.  Power is a tool in the hands of
love.  It serves a higher purpose and it is this purpose with which is his
source of inspiration. 
   This pathworking, then, has put me in the position of evaluating other
life times.  I notice what I accomplished in those incarnations.  And I
notice what still remains to be done if I am to continue on from where I
once was moving toward a greater har mony which has love at its center. 

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