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And now on a lighter note


(see for the “sea of love” video by Rachel or simply my book on Undines)


Warning: serious Dangers involving Mermaid Meditation


Of course, the mermaid meditation (the sea of love meditation) does not involve direct contact with real mermaids. But it presents you with all of the same dangers.

   Beware then of young women who are practicing this meditation.  For example, time dissolves when she focuses her attention on you.  You can no longer distinguish between past, present, and future.  For her, this is no problem since she can easily continue to schedule meeting and events by the calendar.  You, however, may have to reactivate the part of your brain that tracks linear time.  

  You will notice also that in her presence happiness wells up inside of you like explosions of joy.  Do not worry. This affect will soon vanish a few hours later when you not with her.

   There are reports also of individuals who need to avoid driving cars for up to five hours after a casual conversation with one of these women. You lose your awareness of balance, movement, and momentum because of the residual feeling that you are under water and so gravity no longer is operational.  Do not ignore this warning!  Wait until you can walk down the street and you feel your feet are again on solid ground and that there are no currents, eddies, or waves breaking around you before entering traffic.   

  In a similar manner, contact with women such as this may cause you to feel that when you touch water with your skin that all tension, worries, anxieties, depression simply vanish as if they were never there.  Do not give this a second thought. Water has always possessed this capacity of purifying, energizing, and renewing as well as healing the broken heart.

  On the other hand, you may feel that when you place your hands within water that you are joined to all the waters of the earth.  There is nothing negative to worry about with this experience. Enjoy it. Just allow it to arise and flow through you as if you are floating in a tide pool or drifting down a river.  The mermaid queens all seek to master this physical sensation.  This is because their realm on the astral plane mirrors the omnipresence or Nirvi-Kalpa-Samadhi that advanced adepts all master as part of their training in working with omnipresent love on the plane of akasha. 

    And speaking of this experience with water, you may also experience a specific form of “ego inflation.” For example, you may feel you have turned into a deity such as the god Neptune.  This grasping after a reassuring self-image from mythology occurs because you feel that you are now aware of waves breaking on all the beaches of the world, that you can feel the winds driving the waves across an entire sea, or that everything within the seas’ depths are not a part of your consciousness.  Just go with the flow--refuse the demands of ego that require image and concept to shield you from the vast, unexplored horizons that exist within sensory perception.

   You may find yourself tempted as was Swami Rama who said, “Contentment is the greatest wealth in all the world.”  This is of course sheer nonsense, a minor side effect of Kundalini being unleashed in the second charka.  Even an advanced master adept can become saturated with contentment from even a fleeting contact with mermaid vibrations.  In his case, the Swami failed to attain his destiny which lay in a completely different direction.

     It is perfectly normal to also encounter the unique form of mermaid bliss—feeling a micro orgasm occurring in every cell of your body that is completely unrelated to and yet more intense than sex.  This results from experiencing “mermaid electricity.”

   You can acclimate yourself to this phenomenon by gradually increasing your exposure to it over time.  It will no longer appear then like you are in the center of an electrical storm when you are near one of these women.  The other result of feeling that you are going into a heron withdrawal when you leave the girl’s presence will also soon be overcome. 

  Again, it is simply a side effect of Kundalini being activated briefly in your body as her aura passes through you when you are with her.  I am sure you will be able to ignore your sudden, inexplicable desire to control and dominate her when this passion strikes you.  Beauty, after all, is no ones possession. 

   Everyone will also experience that unique form of mermaid ecstasy—the feeling of uniting with another in love in a sacred space where your two hearts are now one.  This is after all nothing more than a rudimentary introduction to the mystery of love.  The element of water naturally possesses such capacities.  This vibration is in the rivers, the lakes, and the seas and has been there for billions of years. 

   And do not forget that real mermaid women do not bond. They can love you and be faithful to you, but they will never need you. Therefore get rid of that silly human notion that a real relationship requires the two of you to need each other.  If you want to “bond” with her, then learn to feel what she feels. That is the only genuine way to connect with a mermaid woman. 

    Now then, others may describe this girl who practices mermaid meditation as being a cute, hot, or foxy chick. But you will find yourself experiencing an eerie and awesome feeling as you carefully observe the range of her facial and emotional expressions.  Totally unlike human women, she is like water—she adapts instantly in a unique way to each person and to every situation she is in.  She does this because she has attained “astral immortality.”  She is now united to nature from the core of her being. 

  Consequently, for her the present moment is more alive and filled with joy than anything else she can imagine.  Like water, there is no residual clinging to a self-identity or mode or way in which she was expressing herself in the previous moment.  In effect, then, she has no ego.

  All ego and social attachments are no longer of any value to her. Her sense of personal worth and value are independent of the roles she plays in society and history.  She may in fact be piloting that 747 you are riding on and doing so with great efficiency and skill. But do not think for a moment that in her own mind that job creates for her some sort of status.  She is oblivious to human social attachments. 

   Of course men who practice the mermaid meditation may face their own set of problems.  Women who are complete strangers may come up to you when you are about town and offer to sleep with you for no reason whatsoever.  And it is not uncommon when you are alone with a woman for her to suddenly take off all her clothes.  Realize that she is not being seductive. The vibration you have simply makes her feel that it is simply wrong to be wearing clothes—she may simply have the inexplicable feeling that the two of you are strolling down a nude beach.   

  There are of course many other side effects. For example, you may find your self waking up at night not in a dream but on the astral plane where you see visions of the future or make direct contact with the living or the dead. You may find your self sensing others auras and hearts and reliving their memories as if they are your own.   

  These kinds of siddhis arise from contact with the mermaid meditation which is actually nothing more than the cosmic letter M on the astral plane.  As such, these capacities are written into the vibrations of matter, life, and spirit.  You were bound to encounter them eventually anyway.  These are things are par for the course for any spiritual adventurer.

    You can simply disregard any of these side effects which you consider to be annoying.  They are mere distractions on your journey will take you through many spiritual realms all of which you will learn to call your home.

      Do not forget that as a human being you are composed of five elements—earth, air, fire, water, and the fifth element of akasha. Any serious student of the mysteries will make a superhuman effort to balance all five elements within himself without preferring one to another.  For historical reasons, water just happens to be weak in human beings.  For this reason, all of the positive experiences and ecstasies mentioned in this article belong to the mermaid meditation and are actually normal.  It is the human race that has so far failed to bring water up to the other elements in strength.  

    All of the attributes of the woman with strong water in their auras are components of mermaid empathy—the ability to feel what others feel. This empathy is a deal breaker.  Currently, the human race is scheduled to become extinct in the future.  If these abilities are not developed, that is, if such empathy does not become common among human beings, then there will be no more human species. It can not be said clearer than that.

   But problems of the future never motivated anyone to change themselves in the present.  It is instead the presence or absence of the sense of wonder and a delight in love and joy that will determine the fate of human race.  “And the sea will grant each man new hope” is more than a quaint saying.