By William R. Mistele


The Mermaid Project


My study of women who have the auras of mermaids or who are actual mermaids incarnating as women comes from two sources.  While editing my book on Undines, I noticed that the undine queens promised me I would meet women who are actual mermaids so that I could better understand their race of beings.  To facilitate this end, I put out a global casting call for women who can portray through modeling, singing, dance, or the performing arts what a mermaid in human form would be like.  I describe some of these women who responded in my two books—Undines, Lessons from the Realm of the Water Spirits and the forthcoming book, Mermaid Women.  

    But there was a second agenda.  From studying mermaid empathy and love, it became clear that the human race is astonishingly defective in terms of the love these beings embody in every moment.  As magicians, an individual works toward balancing earth, air, fire, and water in his astral body.  But if you look at the astral equilibrium of the human race, the water element is missing. 

  From the mermaid point of view, the human race will become extinct sooner or later due to this imbalance. This is because we will take increasing risks involving technology and scientific experiments while at the same time losing our survival instinct.  Without the capacity to feel and to create love so that love defines who we are, the emptiness inside become overwhelming and intolerable.    

   In my essay, Traits of Mermaid Women, ( I am not presenting superhuman abilities that belong to exotic creatures of a far away magical realm.  I am presenting what should be normal for human beings right now.  We are behind in our homework on the element of water, psychic empathy, and love.

  This is especially important because our world needs individuals who have heightened capacities to facilitate justice, conflict resolution, and peace.  Built into this idea is the mermaids’ capacity to appear within and to interact directly with others from within their dreams.  This is an activity of the astral plane.  Love not only connects to others.  Love interacts with others on a soul to soul and heart to heart level. 

  Such an individual, which I call a referee, needs to feel equally at home in society, in nature, and in various spiritual domains. This alignment with nature is necessary because mermaids for example have no ego.  When they relax, they are pure contentment, happiness, peace, and serenity in part because they are united to nature—the seas, the rivers, and the lakes from inside of themselves. 

   This inner peace is important because a referee can often focus immense energies and powers though himself.  Doing so, it is easy to become aggressive or biased due to the level of confrontation and struggle that occurs. Being united to nature from within helps the individual avoid the inflation of ego and the confusion and conflicts that go with having to define and to defend personal boundaries. 

   Mermaid women have no political ambitions.  They do not pursue abstractions or relate to ideals.  They embody love; they do not empathize with others. They are empathy.  Mermaids as far as I can tell do not wish to become referees.  Justice is a problem for human beings to solve.  It is not their problem.  Human conflicts do not exist within their realm.

   Though a number of times I have gotten referrals from the mermaid queens in which they want me to meditate some situation where a mermaid has fallen under the control of a magician or another race of beings.  For the mermaid queens, it is okay if a mermaid acquires a human soul.  It is definitely not okay for someone else to compromise a mermaid’s ability to love. 

  A magician who can work with akasha, the fifth or spiritual element, also needs to embody mermaid love and empathy.  In which case, you then have an individual who can pursue the abstract idea of justice and the spiritual ideal of peace and who is also able to love and to feel with the same degree of skill.  

  But at this point in time our civilization has no interest in learning to feel what others feel.  My mermaid project, therefore, is designed to overcome this hurdle.  I work with some of the most beautiful women on earth not just in their outer form.  They are also the most feminine women on earth. 

   Women with this level of receptivity and empathy are one in a hundred million.  They are one with nature.  They exist to love and they embody love.  They can feel what anyone else on the planet feels as if that individual’s life experience is their own. They are healers and have the ability to walk with us through the darkest places within our souls.  The ecstasy they embody is beyond human understanding.

  If presented clearly and in a public manner, the love these women embody is nearly irresistible.  The realm of mermaids has been created and commissioned by Divine Providence to serve as a reference, a resource, and a steppingstone for those who seek to transform the world. The mermaid project is, then, a joint endeavor. It involves nature—the realm of mermaids, human society, and the divine working together to fulfill a higher purpose.