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On Mermen


In his book, The Practice of Magical Evocation, Franz Bardon introduces us to four of the most powerful undine queens and mermen on earth.  He spends two or three paragraphs describing each one.  At the end of his book, Initiation into Hermetics, Bardon points out that a magician could write entire books on his experiences with the undine queens. 

  My first book, Undines—Lessons from the Realm of Water Spirits fulfill Bardon’s prediction.  In this book, I recount my experiences primarily with the undine queen Istiphul. And I go on to explain the ways mermaids experience and perceive the energy and magic of water. 

   In the book, the undine queens promise me that one day I will meet women who possess the souls of mermaids. In this way, I will be better able to understand their race of beings.  This also has come to be.  My second book, Mermaid Women, is now done. I am finishing up the editing and art work.  

  The question also arises about mermen—the male version of the race of mermaids.  In this brief essay, I will expand on the description of the four mermen Bardon describes. And I will introduce a merman who has incarnated and who I have interviewed on several occasions. 


Four Mermen




Aposte, according to Bardon, rules over all brooks and rivers large and small. He can find treasures in water and also knows the magic of the water element.  He offers his subordinate spirits to help in protecting people while swimming or during other water activities. 


Aposte’s Aura: This merman’s energy is very enchanting.  On tuning into him, I immediately sense streams and river beds and what is within them. And he is aware of the flow of water.  Touching his aura immediately places my awareness out in nature by and in streams and rivers. 

   The water imagery which arises from contact with Aposte is very animated and powerful.  Again, mermaids and mermen perceive water in a different way than human beings. 

   Sit next to a mermaid or merman on a rock in the middle of a stream with your legs beneath the flowing water. You and the merman can perceive the same physical sensations of water flowing, bubbling, the sounds, and the sights of waves and splashing water.

    But here is where we begin to notice a difference.  The merman senses the water as if he is in it and a part of it. He is aware of the currents beneath the surface, the water pressure, and the way water moves in the sand or ground beneath the stream. And he is aware of the entire stream from its source to where it finally flows.  But there is now something altogether different.

  For mermen and mermaids, within the physical substance of water are etheric and astral energies.  In other words, for a merman water is itself life force and vitality.  By extending his aura through the stream, the stream sustains his being the way food and air nourish and sustain a human being.    

    And there is the astral component of water.  For a merman, water is itself pure feeling.  It is imbued with soul and the capacity to give, to receive, and to animate the feelings and sensations of being alive.  For Aposte, as I sit here meditating with him within a stream of water, I notice that for him the water is thrilling, daring, courageous, passionate, and full of dreams.

  The stream exists to give and to nourish life and to renew and purify the soul.  The stream, for Aposte, is to the surface of the earth what an artery is within the human body.  To sit next to Aposte and feel the energy in water is to effortlessly enter a deep trance; and in this trance one senses that water is a path of spirit that leads to the perfection of love.   




I describe Ermot in my first book on Undines.  I have also written a story about Ermot in The Knight, The Merman, and the Maiden.  (See


Bardon says that Ermot is similar to Aposto.  Ermot is especially good at teaching the magic of water element and at making magic volts.  He likes to inspire human beings to love each other by help of the water element.  He is especially influential with women.  He can, for example, use a magnetic volt or ball of condensed energy to create a story—unfolding a purpose that would otherwise not appear in the world.


Ermot’s Aura: (from Undine’s book) Ermot treats a stream or a river like a lover. It is something to care for. He would share and know its deepest secrets and dreams. It is something to become one with so that the life within one flows through the other without barriers or limitations.

All the same, to become one with something takes great concentration and will. Ermot possesses these things in a powerful way. Imagine a river that has flowed through mountains for tens of thousands of years. Ermot’s mind is deep, majestic, and mysterious like such a river.


Inner Aura: Pick a stream and then walk up the stream from beginning to end. Also memorize every way and place where the water flows—the way it turns around a rock here but it is different there, the way the currents move and how the water touches, ripples, or splashes on the banks.

If you did this, then you would have a sense of Ermot’s inner aura. His awareness can encompass an entire stream or river from beginning to end. His entire vibration is artistic like a poet or a painter who gazes with delight as he studies his subject.

    Whenever I meditate with Ermot, I often end up writing poems when I am next near water in nature.  This poem below is his:  


The girl and the stream

Are the same dream

Letting go into the flow

To know love as water knows

It curls and turns

It swirls and yearns

Lying beside you

She dreams your dreams. 





Bardon says that Amasol is able to cause and to calm storms at sea.  He also is skilled in working with the magnetic properties of water from both a magical and quabbalistic point of view.


Amasol’s Aura: Amasol’s has an expansive awareness that extends through the sea and sky. He has great psychic perception into the way storms at sea are shaped by the polar electro magnetic energies at play.


If for some reason you wanted to capture complete in your awareness a raging thunderstorm at sea, with all the wild winds, lightning, and huge waves, then Amasol is your man.  His consciousness can do that—the entire storm he understands; it is like a force he can control with his mind and hands.
   The process by which he can generate or calm a storm is derived from his ability to extend his aura out into nature and through the clouds and sea.  The magnetism in the earth and sky are part of his awareness so that by changing what he senses he changes the weather. 

  It is a somewhat difficult to find a psychological application of his powers. He has direct power over nature. But from a magical point of view, if you wished to increase your ability to work with the magical aspects of magnetism and electricity, this is a really great merman to meditate with.

  As an imaginary exercise, you can try placing the palm of one of your hands over the other.  Imagine that the hand on top is the sky and clouds of a thunderstorm; the hand beneath is the ocean with its water and its waves. 

   As you imagine both the storm and the ocean embodied in your hands, you may begin to feel the currents and charging and discharging of electricity and magnetism in nature.  Add in some imagery of lightning passing between the clouds and the sea represented by your two hands and you may get some very intense, sharp sensations in your hands.      





Bardon says that Ardiphne  can cause changes in the world by force of the water element.  Since for mermen and mermaids water in one location is tied to water everywhere else though subtle vibrations, you can use this principle for magical purposes. 

  I have an essay called, Basic Water Meditation, on my website.  The exercise is placing your hands in a bowl of water and learning to feel and identify with the magnetism in the water.  You could say that Ardiphne is an absolute master of this exercise.  By changing the vibration in the water around your hands and placing in that vibration your intention, that energy then influences anything else on earth you wish to work with through the magnetic properties of water.  

   A simple illustration of the application of Ardiphne’s skills is to place your hands in a bowl of water, sense the magnetism in the water, and in that moment you become united to nature.  The tension, thought process, unease, and frustrations of modern life suddenly vanish.  You are joined to serenity, peace, and contentment at levels of intensity that are beyond what is commonly experienced in human society.     

  From this perspective, it is necessary to go beyond psychology.  The energies of nature need to be present in your soul in order to feel with the power human being are capable of feeling. 


The Incarnation of a Merman


With 6.8 billion people on earth, there are some unusual things occurring.  Among these, a few mermaids and mermen have incarnated in the bodies of human beings under a variety of different conditions.  It is not so much a matter of answering the question, What is the reason or purpose why they are here?  It is more like, Why not?

  Water goes where it wants to go; it just flows. Love too expresses itself in ways that are often unnoticed and unseen. Love can operate outside of conventional understanding or the categories men dream up when they write metaphysics or theologies.   


He works two jobs.  He is not famous or wealthy. He is not a celebrity or a rock star.  And he is careful about who he loves, for he loves deeply.  But in one of his jobs where he is out in the open a different woman walks up to him each day and offers to sleep with him. 

   The mermaid women have the opposite problem—men stalk them.  Men sense that these women naturally, effortlessly, and spontaneously exude energy; it is an energy that heals, that makes you feel really good when you are near it.  Mermaid women know how to blend with you and match your energy to such an extent that you feel you have just met yourself in another form.  When you are with one of them, you feel joined to nature from inside your self.

   The mermen appear in this way to women—it is like standing on a beach in front of the sea.  But the sea is not water but love.  She feels like she would like to enter that ocean, to be swept away, to let go into a love that has no end or limitations.  But imagine the problems.  These are human women.  Nothing in society has prepared them for love with these dimensions.    


The undine queens are water in its primordial, archetypal, and cosmic aspects as magnetic love.  They are the sea itself. By contrast, the four mermen I described above specialize in some aspect of water in nature.  They focus on the movement of water as liquid and as energy. 

   In a similar way, in his natural state as a merman, he focuses on the movement of water as it overflows in nature.  Anywhere where water rises up or wells up—the tides, rivers overflowing their banks, tsunamis, storm surges, flash floods, and the back flow when a six foot wave of water pushes back from the ocean and rides up the Amazon River, etc.

  Again, as an example, if you touched his aura when he is a merman on the inner planes, these images might flash through your mind—an undersea avalanche and water rushing in and then out as concentric circles of tsunamis spreading out.  What is dangerous in nature to human beings is balance and harmony for water.   

   In his human form, his aura has the same vibration.  He can see other people and talk to them and interact with the in a social context.  But he is also seeing as a merman; he senses water flowing everywhere around him. 

   Being in a human body for him is like a human being wearing scuba gear or swimming under the ocean. You are still you but you are in a different environment and have to act more slowly and adapt to your surroundings. 

   His body is like a diving suit he has put on. But it does not change who he is and he does not identify with the body as being real or shaping his identity.  He is not a human being.  He has his original merman souls inside of him. 

  In nature, water flows in, fills in a void.  For him, our world is like a void.  There is an empty space here and water is free to flow into it and try to fill it.  He is an aspect of that pressure in water as he enters our world to create balance and harmony.

    This is his first incarnation.  Previously in human experience individuals were closely bound to their group and to their cultural, religious, ethnic, or racial identities.  But in the last part of the twentieth century, the isolation of individuals has created a psychological and psychic situation in which their souls are “dry.” They lack bonds with others and with community so the emotional life is harsh, barren, like a dry wasteland. 

  For him, this is equivalent to a river overflowing its banks or a dam breaking so the water is free to flow between the astral plane of mermen and the human world.  In other words, the barriers naturally separation the realm of mermen and humanity have been growing weaker.  This is something he is uniquely able to sense and so it was natural for him to appear in our world incarnating as the soul of a new born. 

  In is youth, he was a total introvert.  Then one day he met a woman who was all fire.  They spent three days together.  And she transmitted her feminine fiery energy to him.  He required outside assistance in order to comprehend what is so obvious to human men—to get anywhere in life you have to act with confidence and take charge of your resources, seize opportunities, and fully engage others persuading them of your value to their lives. 

  The girl gave him a cigarette lighter.  He says if he merely holds that lighter in his hand he feels directly connected to he as if they are still living together.


His Aura: He is this flood of love like the sea overflowing both as a water sensation and a feeling of love. 


Inner Aura: He has the resilient and supportive aspect of water—it is like air in a tire; it can sustain great pressure so that water in an ocean trench is still water even though under immense pressure.  Water can change to ice and act like a solid and hold up a glacier or ice sheet.

   In other words, if you push against water it pushes back. You may notice that the small stream bed in a valley has these huge boulders lying in it. During a flash flood the water picks up boulders and throws them around as if they are sticks. 

 Psychologically this means he is sensitive to other people but like some mermaid women he could probably knock someone down with a simple flick of his wrist if he wanted to do that.    


And so back to his problem with human women.  Sometimes a man is at first attracted to a woman of great beauty. But later on he comes to fear her.  This is because he realizes either that he can not control her or that if he remains her beauty will change him in ways he can not comprehend.  

  In a similar way, a woman who is attracted to this merman at first is willing to let go and feel his love flow through her soul.  The love reaches down to the nerve endings, into the inner brain, and every cell in her body begins to glow.

  But here is the rub.  You have to be free of ego to endure love of this intensity.  The first thing she may notice, then, is that there is no bonding going on.  This love is not romance with its celebration of special moments shared together and that you are “mine,” “I have a hold on you,” you are my refuge, my life raft and my mooring. 

  No, in this sea, there are no lines or ropes that tie you to a dock.  There are no islands where you can put your feet on solid ground.  You can lie on your back and float in water on a calm day.  But with him a woman is adrift on a timeless sea where the only operating principle is that love flows and overflows. 

   Here you know your self to be a love that is one with a sea and also one with whoever it loves.  He is a merman. What do you expect? He has the soul of an immortal being united to the sea.  His very essence is to be one with all things and to be free.

 And so the second thing a human woman may notice in a relationship with him is that she has this quiet panic attack—like she feels she is drowning.  It is a sensation of constriction or contractions in her lungs and her chest. 

  At this point, there is no psychological feeling attached to it. But if she asked herself, What is underneath this sensation or behind it? Her answer would be that there is no me. There is nothing to hold on to.  And, in spite of the feeling surrounding by love, she also feels “this is sooo not right.”

   Human women, being composed of five and not just one element, are not the sea.  A better image might be that they are like a tree next to a stream.  The merman is that stream. For him, love just flows. There are not restrictions placed on it.  It is everywhere.  Its very nature is to adapt to any circumstance with infinite creativity and to endlessly exchange energy. That is love and what love does.

  But our human woman would like to be able to send her roots down into the ground; to reach up with her leaves and drink from the sun; to produce fruit after her fashion and kind; and to know that she is not just a tree but part of a forest.

 The wind in her leaves is also freedom.  The sunlight is ecstasy.  But she does not need to move about, to radically adapt, or to constantly flow into another form to celebrate light and love.  Love for her is registered in the tree rings that mark how she has grown as the years unfold. 

  A merman can sense and be the liquid water flowing through a tree. He can be one with her.  And so, and this is the crux of issue, he wonders why she can not reciprocate his love by being with him, inside of him, and one with him.  To put it simply and most concisely, he would ask her--Why can you not be one with me even as I am one with everyone?

  And so as every mermaid woman comes to discover about human men—they have not a clue as to how to reciprocate the empathy these women give the men.  So too a merman’s dilemma—he is here to share love with mankind as it exists in nature and in the world divine.  But time after time the human woman responds with this anxiety attack and with their own question to him—Why can you not just give me the love I need rather than trying to anoint with the love that is the sea? 

   The story goes on.  Impossible as it may sound, the merman one day met a woman who was like him—without a human soul but rather a mermaid embodied in a woman.  But that story will have to wait until I have both of them together on video tape.  But I will try to make the wait worthwhile by writing a screenplay to go with it.