I was meditating today on the spirit some call Emnepe who reigns over the fifteen mansion of the moon.  Vibrating the spirit's aura within my mental body, I wrote this poem. See also lava.net/~pagios/new.html for similar stuff.

                                                                          Copyright © 2009 by William R. Mistele


   The High Priestess Elena


In the third year of the reign of King Henry the VIII

A high Wiccan priestess named Elena

Stood in a grove of trees amid a coven  

Not far from the town of Amesbury in England


The full moon in Virgo was high in the sky

A catís paw left a trace on the surface of a lake

The ears of deer were motionless as the silent woods

The high priestess raised her eyes to the sky

And a vision came through  

The goddess of the moon

Cloaked in silver and violet

Starlight shining from her hair

Stepped down, her feet touching the ground   

Then the priestess whispered these words

With soft, moist lips to the goddess:


When shall the moon unite with the earth

Filling the world with bliss and mirth?

When shall we be free of greed and need

To wander among and manifest

Dreams of peace and serenity

Our children walking openly

Hand in hand with the mysteries?


The goddess replies,    


I would anoint you with my beauty,

To speak with my voice and shine with my light

For though I have searched the entire world this night

You are the only one who has found me  

Answer these questions while I am here     

And I will give you the keys to the lunar Mysteries

To see what has been and what things shall be:


When shall the broken heart mend?

When shall justice over power ascend--

The calloused hands of men lay down their swords

To touch life with tenderness?   

When shall true love by bondage no longer be bound?

When shall the religions of earth seek kindness first?


And the priestess replies,  

Goddess, you speak the words of my own heart

Though I can not sit upon your throne

Or take your cloak of light as my own

In your presence I sense what you feel--

The play of night and day

Upon each other await

The stars and the sun

At dawn their journeys begun

I hear their song of ecstasy

The moon sings in the dead of night

As a melody of serenity

The distant past and the far reaches of the future

Are a flower blossoming

With the scent of the entire universe unfolding:    


These are your answers:  


The broken heart shall mend

When lovers forever remain friends

The flame of passion within one

Refined into inspiration by the other


Justice over power shall ascend--

The calloused hands of men

Laying down their swords

To touch life with tenderness--  


When the blazing sun is one with the dark moon

Men shall sing into being,

Human will fulfilling, the love hidden

In the deepest dreams of the seven seas

And the roots of trees shall speak from out of silence

The song the earth sings to other planets

Then shall men pass through their inner darkness

Without fear or shame to find the divine their desires contain

Justice between the nations being one of them  

I have seen it, I have spoken it

By your light I know it


True love shall no longer by bondage be bound

When the joy of spring,

When the sweetest bird in all the earth does sing 

Of when the stars first began their rounds

When these are found in every farewell,

In every parting and ending, in every good-bye,

Because the eyes are no longer to the heart blind   

Then shall true love overcome every limitation and separation   


The religions of the earth shall seek kindness first

When the waters shall arise

From the sea floor, from the stream bed, from every shore

From the mountainís secret core to flow through the souls of men

Then shall all know one stream of life unfolds

In and through every living being

That we are born in and through and transformed by one another


And the goddess replies,


The keys to the lunar mysteries you already perceive

The sun, the moon, the stars, the seas, the mountains, the trees

Your mind a mirror, a pool of water clear,

All these things in their outer forms and inner energies

As the sky where everything is free to appear 

Nurturing, sheltering, preserving, inspiring

Until like day from night

The dream fills with light  

Overflowing out of a ravenous hunger for serenity

A wild delight in purity

And the peace beneath all the seasons of life--

To hold the earth within your heart

Silent and still as the circling moon  

Then you shall be the cup

From which others drink

To taste bliss and mirth

All pleasures of the goddess

And the laughter of children

Walking beside you hand in hand