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On-Going Notes on the Next Race That Replaces Human Us


Sometimes it is strange living among human beings. I dwell among a people who can not sense others’ auras or enter their hearts and feel what they feel inside. 

  Ahmadinejad can get up in front of the United Nations and say that Iran is only seeking peaceful uses of nuclear weapons.  And the ambassadors and their presidents with all their armies and intelligence services have their suspicions and their imperfect and inadequate information.  But they can not hold up their hand, feel Ahmadinejad’s aura, and observe directly that he would rather die than give up his plans for a nuclear armed Iran.

  This world of Western civilization is completely extroverted. As such, it lacks self-reflection and intuition.  And above all, it is weak to the point of self-destruction with its inability to empathize with others.  It is like twenty-five per cent of the collective human conscience is out of service.  Like I say, sometimes it is strange living among human beings.

  After thirty years of reading auras of mortal and divine beings, I have come to trust my intuition.  But more so, I trust my observations in which I confirm my intuition through empirical observations.  

   There are those among us who I call Perseians. They are here at the invitation of the planet earth to replace us should we foolishly become extinct.  They occupy human bodies and are extremely adaptable.  Their job is to sustain the human form and thrive when human beings are no longer able to cope with a hostile environment created by human or natural causes.

    I spent two hours last week in an on-going interview with a woman who is a Perseian.  Everyone likes her.  She is sweet and kind. 

  She loves being a mother. She loves everything about sex, being pregnant, nursing, mothering, disciplining—the whole nurturing thing. For her, children are so innocent. She loves being around them. She tells me she even treats others’ children with the same love she has for her own.

    The first time I interviewed her she listened to me talk about mermaid women for a half hour.  And finally she opened up and began to talk about herself.  She said she and her husband share the same soul.  In life time after life time, he incarnates and finds her so they can be together again. 

   I asked a hard core mermaid woman about her.  The mermaid can sense anyone’s aura on earth instantly just like me.  I get the mental vibration—the person’s experience, nature, strengths, and weaknesses. She gets the astral vibration—the quality of soul—the instant feeling of what it would be like to be that person.

  She said the Perseian woman and also her husband who is also a Perseian are like Siamese twins.  They are like two bodies joined together.  Mermaids do not bond in this way.  They flow through others without attachment like water being poured into water—when the connection is deep, “the other person is you in another form.” 

   The Perseians work more with the earth element.  Their bond to each other is like the bonds in chemistry where elements join together in an intense electro-magnetic embrace so that in the extreme “you share the same soul.”  Of the 6.8 billion human beings one earth, no one bonds to another with this depth of connection which this Perseian couple possesses.  

   Mermaid women do not have an ego as human beings understand the ego.  They do not do selfishness.  They never take more than they give.  They do not understand the idea of hurting another person even when that person intentionally hurts them.  Mermaid women are innocent beyond human understanding. They will tell you straight out that “I exist to love.”  And they feel at their core that they are united with nature form inside.

  The Perseians also do not have an ego, but it is different.  The Perseian woman, lets call her Linda, has the inner aura of a mermaid queen.  She has an intense and powerful magnetic field inside of herself. 

   If a human woman had this vibration, she would be extremely empathic, loving, and profoundly psychic.  But Linda is not very psychic at all.  She is loving but she demonstrates no remarkable empathic skills. She can tell if someone has a good vibration or bad but that seems to be the extent of it.  One out of every hundred human women is more sensitive to energy than she is.           

   What Perseian women do with their magnetic energy is that they feel self-sufficient.  One of their traits is that they do not need confirmation or validation or inspiration from outside of themselves. They are able to pursue their own interests independent of any kind of social support. 

   In other words, Perseians have perfected what most human beings can not even imagine—they do not need emotional support from the external world.  The conscious self, the rational mind, the purpose driven life, goals, tasks, and finding our niche in life are at best secondary if that. The dynamics of their personalities takes place on what we would call a subconscious level. 

   It is like they have a default program in their brain that reviews the experiences of their daily lives in five different ways.  And this program runs all the time without any effort on their part. In other words, they have a high learning curve. 

    Linda told me that often her husband will call her on the cell phone and warn her about any danger that he senses. He may have a specific idea of what the danger is or it may just be “be very careful; there is danger around you.” And just then an old woman driving a car will turn through a red light onto a one way street going the wrong way one lane over from Linda.       

  Now that could be a useful survival skill—the ability to sense danger and warn another person about it. 

   I know mermaid women who also do this, perhaps with far greater precision.  One would sense in advance the location of IED’s on the road when her husband was deployed in Iraq.  She would actually interact psychically with Al-qaeda to prevent them from threatening her man. 

  But she is not political.  Her interests only extent to the immediate well-being of her family and to a few she heals with her abilities. 

    Linda, when I touch her hand, has the feeling of Neptune—it is the vibration of all of life interconnected.  I have never run into anyone with anything remotely similar.  The vibration of the sphere of Neptune along with its spirits is pretty much beyond the range of human evolution at this time. 

  I pressed her on this point.  Often when individuals have a highly developed crown charka, that is, the chakra at the top of the psycho-nervous system of Hindu yoga, they tend to be out of touch with reality.  They may feel united to the universe or have visions of a light “brighter than ten thousand suns,” but they are pretty stupid when it comes to understanding the problems and concerns of others’ lives; unless, they are equally developed in the other six chakas. 

  Linda is very down to earth, practical, in touch with her own feelings, and she is aware of what motivates others. She does not remember her dreams other than a repetitive dream of running from danger which ended when she met her husband. I am not sure Perseians actually need to dream.  Their brains may operate in a different way than ours. 

   The primary quality in a Perseian’s aura that distinguishes them from human beings and other entities is that they possess a laser like concentration on one of the four bodies—the etheric/physical, astral, mental, or akashic.  Linda’s husband has the quality of concentration in his mental body.  Linda says it is like his brain is always running at full speed non stop.  She says he is extremely logical and can discover the flaws in how anyone else thinks.

   I told her that he has a problem.  The human body is not designed to handle the level of intense concentration he possesses. He should learn to turn it off.  Or more likely, he should run some sort of organization in which he works closely with a number of other individuals. 

   In this way, he can interconnect everyone into one group so they become one energy system.  This is not so uncommon.  Tai Chi Chuan and also other martial art masters often require a group of students in one place in order to teach their methods.  Tai Chi itself may not work very well without a group of practitioners practicing together so that the accumulated group energy balances the weakness in the different individuals.  My Aikido master said that if he had a headache, just by walking into the Dojo it would disappear.  There was a group energy he was used to working with and sometimes this energy can be accumulated in a physical space.

    Franz Bardon students are trained to develop a laser like concentration.  But that mental power is meant to be balanced with an equally developed capacity to feel and to be healthy—to heal and to generate vitality.  It takes many years to develop this.  A well-trained Bardon student can match a Perseian’s concentration.  But most Bardon students are not even on the same playing field as a Perseian.  A Perseian is born hard wired with the capacity to concentrate in one way or another.  No training is necessary.    

   Besides having the magnetism of a mermaid queen, Linda’s laser like concentration is in her akashic or spiritual body.  The akashic body oversees one’s experiences in life.  It is like a guide and higher conscience.

  In Linda’s case, her akashic body’s power is like a voice.  I can hear it speak as I touch her aura. It says to her, “You will survive and maintain yourself against obstacles. This is not just a command. This is the power of the universe operating through you.”

  If you put that energy in a human being, you could anticipate that this individual would be a sixth Don Aikido master or equivalent in some other martial art.  It is an energy of self-mastery and power of will. But in a Perseian it operates differently.  She and her husband share the same soul; she calms him down; he raises her vibration and offers her protection. It is hard to say if she or he is the one who can sense the danger. They are interconnected. They operate as one energy system. 

   A few more brief comments. Linda is playful and loves being married. She told me with laughter how one night she put a big red ribbon around her waist and walked around the house to the front door otherwise completely naked. She rang the doorbell intending to surprise him with her “package.” He was distracted and did not at first come.  She began to worry that the neighbors might notice her but then he opened the door.  He said he had to get a picture of her before they proceeded any further.

   She told me also about her mother who was herself a survivor who broke the family tradition of abuse and violence.  Her mother had a recurring dream. In the dream, she was walking down a hall. Each time she dreamed the dream she went a little farther.  Every detail of the hall was always the same.  

  Her husband told her the dream was not significant.  But one day in the dream she got to the end of the hall and opened the door. She looked in and saw her husband in bed with another woman. She told her husband about this and his face went white.

  After that, the dream never came back.  No doubt sharing the dream solved a problem before it got out of hand.   

   Again, the hard core mermaid women are maybe a hundred times more psychic than this.  Some can literally wake up when they go to sleep and not just be in a lucid dream but interact with others in our world while their physical body remains asleep.  The astral plane is more real to some of them than our physical world.  But then again, they are from the Other Side.

  The great advantage Perseians have in the way they bond to each other so deeply from inside is that this frees up their creativity.  Whether they are highly involved with other people or have little human contact, they simply do not have those all so human needs of being validated, supported, need to be understood, to share, to communicate, to belong and to have honor and praise. 

   They are not vain. They are not selfish. They are simply independent.  Consequently, if they want to pursue some line of work or area of creativity, there is nothing preventing them. They just go and do it.  They do not have any self-doubt, guilt, depression, or inhibition slowing them down. They never lack for self-motivation. 

   These are just a few on-going comments on the Perseians. I seem to be meeting a number of them at random.  One I wrote about in my story, The Airplane Pilot Mermaid. Shortly after I wrote that story, I met another Perseian. He too was an airline pilot. He was the last person to board my flight and sat down next to me. He was wearing his pilot’s uniform. He gave me his card.  Another Perseian was just returning from being deployed in Iraq.  She was going back to work as a life guard for the summer before going to college.

   Perhaps the mermaid queens want me to meet as many Perseians as I meet mermaids in human bodies.  The queens are very concerned about the fact that mermaids are never supposed to bond the way Perseians bond.  It is against a mermaid’s nature.  They seem to want me to mediate and educate a few women who have fallen into thinking they are human when deep down, at their core, they are only here as visitors and actually belong to another realm.