Ghost of Christmas Future


I am the Ghost of Christmas Future

A mermaid in disguise--

I see what is hidden from others’ eyes.


For by the choices you make

You shape your fate


There are living who are dead

And dead who are still alive 

For those who love

The heart still beats

The soul does not sleep


Choose love over hate

Choose peace  


I am the Ghost of Christmas Future--

Without center, I am everywhere

Without form, I am free

In me past, present, and future

Are clearly seen.


And if I come to you

I will take from you

Until nothing remains

But your best dreams.




Four Horsemen

Four men riding horses
Halt by my gate
The rider of the pale horse dismounts
Offering me the reins saying,
Child of Saturn
Wrath of compassion
Annihilation of attachment
Tonight ride in my name
Work must be done
Before the rising sun
If you wish peace established on earth.