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                          The Gnome Muscar 

Bardon  has  said of Muscar:  "In the kingdom of  the  element 
earth,  Muscar is one of the most respected of spirits. He may be 
called a genuine magician of the earth."  As a specialist in  the 
magic  of the earth,  Muscar studies the electro-magnetic  drifts 
moving  through  the  ground whether caused  by  storms,  natural 
formations, or the orbiting moon.  He knows how to attune himself 
to these energies and direct them to practical ends.      
     Muscar feels that the fault lines and mountains talk to him 
and answer his questions about their origins.   He perceives  the 
history  of  a  mountain,  its  internal  stresses,  its  erosion 
patterns, and the forces which have shaped it and which will wear 
it  down.   Muscar can dip his finger into a subterranean  stream 
and    instantly   identify   the   minerals'   present,    their 
concentration,  and the sources of the stream.  He senses forests 
and  the  evolution of trees and plants and how they  affect  the 
earth.   You could say that Muscar is a master of Feng  Sui,  the 
Chinese art of understanding how space and energy are related. 
     Muscar's hearing is as sensitive as high tech  seismographic 
equipment. Analogous to a bat or dolphin, Muscar emits  something 
like  a  sonar pulse.  But no sound is  reflected  back.   Rather 
Muscar  feels  energy in the far distance as though his  aura  is 
itself capable of scanning and determining what exists many miles 
away.  What he senses translates into visual images which  define 
for  him  the structure,  quality,  and composition  of  geologic 
     If   you   meditate  with  masters  from  different   wisdom 
traditions, one of the things you may notice they share in common 
is their level of internal silence. If they are good at what they 
do,  at  any moment and under any circumstances they can stop all 
thoughts from entering their mind.  They can put off to the  side 
their concerns and their assumptions about life.  
     In this state of complete receptivity, they can observe what 
is  in  front  of them without being swayed by personal  bias  or 
illusions.   When  they  speak they take great care to  see  that 
their words are accurate and true.   This is not to say that they 
are  solemn  or grim.   Such acute sensitivity and inner  silence 
does not exclude being funny or vivacious.  
     Muscar  is like this.  He can sit watching the stars  moving 
through  the sky from dust to dawn and feel no more than a moment 
of time has gone.   You can gaze into his face and see  reflected 
therein ages and epoches of time and not feel in the least old  or 
weary.   For Muscar,  everything that has shape, form, and weight 
is fascinating and full of wonder.       
     Unlike a mountain or a plateau,  Muscar never grows old.  He 
is constantly full of enthusiasm.   For Muscar,  there is no need 
to hurry;  there is no need to worry--each moment is  satisfying;  
each moment is a treasure of the heart.   The silence in which he 
dwells  is a magic well from which he sips and drinks the  beauty 
of the earth. 

Warm Up Exercise

Let  us  pause and seek the part of  ourselves  which 
appreciates the earth in a way similar to Muscar. 
 Sit comfortably and notice the weight of your body.   Notice 
how  gravity  has  hold of you and connects you  to  the  ground.  
Imagine your body is growing slightly heavier. As your weight 
increases, feel even more relaxed. 
     Feel  also that your physical body has an energy  connection 
to  the earth--your body is wrapped in the earth's  energy.  This 
energy is cool, magnetic, and grounding.  The top soil, the roots 
of  trees,  the  flowing streams,  and geologic  formations  also 
contain  an energy you can feel.  Like Solomon the  morning 
after God had granted him wisdom, imagine you too can hear  what 
the blades of grass are whispering to each other and the  stories 
the stones have to tell. 
     Feel  now the earth's silence and the vast ages of  time  it 
encompasses.  Consider the time frame which raises up a mountain, 
gives birth to a sea,  and calls ice ages to come forth and  then 
to  depart.   Consider  how  the earth in its enduring  presence 
shelters, nourishes, and supports all life.  
     Now  imagine that your consciousness has become subtle  and 
penetrating.  With your mind you can pass into a rock.  As you do 
so  your body attunes itself to the rock's atomic structure and 
mass as easy as the shadow of a plane flies over the ground.  
With ease you can travel into limestone and pass into granite 
with its crystalline structures, into coal with its dream of 
ancient  forests,  and in  diamond with  its  symmetrical 
arrangement of carbon atoms.      
     Now  visualize  the land which surrounds you.  Feel that  it 
spirit flows into you--that you are not separate from  it.   This 
is  no more difficult than relaxing and letting the beauty in a 
Celtic song resonate within your heart. 
     Feel the earth now--its mountains,  its valleys, its rivers, 
its forests, and its trees. There is a peace here in the silences 
of the land--deep,  rich,  wondrous,  and magnificent.   The mind 
that contemplates the earth does not enter a cold, desolate, or 
lonely place.   Rather,  it approaches one of  the sources of 
compassion which never fades away. 

It is time now to ask Muscar to appear.   I have the feeling that 
he  ascends a great distance from beneath the ground like a miner 
riding a elevator up from a deep cavern.   Muscar appears in  my 
room standing six feet away.  He looks like a middle aged man who 
is robust and active.  He is about five feet  tall,  sturdy,  and 
strong.  His muscles seem to be made of steel though they are not 
at all bulky.  
      There  is also something about Muscar's presence which  is 
reminiscent of a Nordic king.  His poise is that of royalty.  You 
can sense a power present which is hard to identify.   He is one 
of those gnomes who can be absolutely still as well as completely 
engaging.   His  personality is warm and friendly yet he radiates 
dignity and virtue. 
     Muscar's  voice  is deep and resonate as if the rocks  of  a 
mountain  were  given a voice with which to  speak.  I  have  the 
distinct  feeling that Muscar spends a great deal of time walking 
down ancient pathways on the inner planes or through subterranean 
     When  Muscar  speaks  it  is like he has  a  speech  already 
prepared--a  speech  he  has developed  and  delivered  to other 
magicians with whom he has spoken in other ages.   Muscar says to 
me, "The earth knows my voice and reveals to me its secrets: its 
past and its future,  the nature of its transformations and  its 
changes.  I  know the peace in which mountains rest,  their 
histories, and what is hidden within their inner recesses. I know 
the  force and life which gave birth to them and the forces which 
will  erode them and wear them away.  I know the strength  within 
their cliffs and their journeys through time.  
     "I am a silence so deep and complete that when I gaze upon a 
rock or geologic strata,  in comparison to me,  it is busy 
chattering  with  thoughts and emotions.  Its memories are still 
vivid and being replayed--memories of its birth and of the  past, 
present, and the future to be.  You see, 

I  am  a listening silence!   
I am consciousness without form or thought
Moving underground. 
I both reveal the earth's secrets 
And I am where treasures are hidden so well
Only the eyes of a seer 
Can divine their location.
Time and age do not burden me. 
I am constancy amid change. 
I have made sketches of mountains
As they rose steep and new
But which are long since gone
Now but dirt in your shoes. 
In my time frame, 
The Himalaya Mountains and the Andes are but the tents
A great warrior has pitched in the night
And packs up again
When he breaks camp at dawn.
If you want to attune to me, 
To match your moves to mine, 
Whether to party, chat, 
Discuss, linger, lurk, or socialize, 
Then be still and open 
Such that the stars are no longer distant and cold
But young again--
Children playing a game of ball,
Dancing, singing, full of laughter and delight,
So excited you notice them shifting 
Their constellations 
As they run through the night. 
Then you will hear me whisper in your ear--
Your race has dreams 
Like the dreams of the earth Herself
Like the songs that stream from the stars 
Ah, but so few of you listen 
To your dreams 
Or bother to enter 
The gates that lead into the silences of the heart. 
But I feed on silence. 
It is who I am. 
It is my home and my dwelling. 
And its transformations are my wisdom.  
So, where to find me?
My paths lead to the philosopher's stone
And of nature's quintessence 
I have many trade secrets to share. 
The conversations I hold with your race 
Have been going on 
Since before you learned to build towns
You bet I have a few stories I could tell!
So when you are weary or in despair 
Feeling lonely or discouraged, 
A soul in need of repair
Come round and see me. 
I can be most entertaining.
I love parties which celebrate the seasons!
I love the songs of ancient bards 
Who train for seven years 
In caves of dark isolation.  
I love alchemists who spend a lifetime of refining
To hold in their hands the red lion!
Though once we meet
I probably won't miss seeing you 
For a century or two--
You see, 
My first love shall always be 
The earth beneath your feet. 

At a later date,  I again meditate with Muscar. On this occasion, 
I  orient  myself to the spiritual principle which  the  greatest 
gnomes seek to master.   They probe the densest aspects of matter 
in  search  of a gate that leads to the  enlightened  mind.   The 
awareness  they  seek  is  virtually limitless in  its  scope  of 
inquiry.  No culture, priesthood, doctrine, or wisdom of any kind 
can  determine or influence its movement nor chart its  countless 
     Immersing   their   awareness   directly   in   the   atomic 
oscillations  of  the  elements,  they see  matter  as  empty  of 
solidity  or  substance.    For  them,   the  material  world  is 
transitory  and  continually transforming.  Everything  physical, 
every object with shape and weight,  appears and then  disappears 
as if it never existed. 
     I focus now on Muscar.  I do not draw a sigil in the air nor 
with  care do I inscribe a magic circle on the floor with astheme 
or  sword.  I do not pronounce a divine name nor  strive  through 
prayer to join myself to God to assume His attributes in order to 
sanctify  my room. The mind that is open, the heart that  loves--
what could be a greater wand of evocation than this? 
     Muscar  appears  within seconds.   He notices my  effort  to 
understand his source of inspiration.  
     He says,  "The geologist measures the geologic ages,  but  I 
experience  their changes.   I am the ears and the eyes of  rocks 
and  stones.  I know how the sun and moon shined a billion  years 
     "So when I examine a mineral, element, or, say a diamond, my 
tongue can taste its molecular vibration, its quality and purity.  
I  copy and reproduce the energy field of the diamond  within  my 
mind. The diamond responds to me like a woman who has been forced 
to conceal her sensuality because her passion is so intense.  She 
will  only give herself to the one whose desire reaches into  her 
depths.  And this power I possess. 
     "Do  you wish to hear more?  A diamond is full  of  secrets, 
hidden  pathways linking matter and spirit.   When I encounter  a 
great wonder such as this, I search for the source of its beauty.  
In this quest, no effort is too great and no obstacle can turn me 
     "Can you taste with your tongue what I taste?  Matter is not 
separate  from spirit.   When you take a substance,  examine  the 
roots  of its existence,  and then strip away its shape,  weight, 
form,  structure,  and density,  the essence that remains is pure 
light.   And  this light and the mind which comprehends the light 
     "Let  us walk a ways together into the depths of  the  earth 
where  I roam and into the mystery of silence which is my home.  
My  awareness  is underneath the  mind's  images,  thoughts,  and 
feeling sensations,  even those within dreams.   I am where  they 
can  not go.  If you want to work with me,  shift your  awareness 
into a stone, a rock, a block of lead or amethyst, a mountain,  a 
granite cliff, a limestone formation, or Precambrian schist.
     "In  such  places  as these you can get to know me--I  am  a 
patience  embracing the ages.  I listen and see how the hands  of 
time have shaped the world. In dirt and dust, I can feel the wind 
and rain, the hot and cold, the stone when its fossils were still 
living  and breathing.  And in my eyes I see quite  clearly  what 
has been and how things will one day be. 
     "But  do  not  think  I am an introvert  or  that  I  prefer 
solitude  to company because I can wander for  centuries  without 
the desire to talk, compare notes, or say hello.  It is just that 
I  have  many  projects to accomplish and the earth  is  full  of 
wonders I am constantly contemplating.       
     "Think of the ground beneath your feet as filled with gnomes 
wandering  about busy pursuing their crafts or the   research 
that commands their attention.  Unlike your race,  gnomes are not 
confused,  vulnerable,  or in need of constant reassurance.   And 
we do not mine for coal,  oil,  or precious stones.  For a gnome, 
every  mineral and stone is full of mana and soul--the earth  has 
that much wealth hidden within it!"
[Since  Muscar is interested in the inner harmony of  nature,  he 
is  also  sensitive  to  when great  beauty  manifests  in  human 
experience.   To this end,  Muscar,  who has been trading stories 
with human mages for ages, told me a story of how true love first 
appeared  on the earth.   This occurred long ago in what he calls 
the kingdom of Ubarim.]
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