Copyright 2010 by William R. Mistele. All rights reserved.


On the Next Race that Replaces Human Beings


I know of one other woman with an aura of pure magnetism

And she is a double changeling,

Having once lived with Undine Queens.

This girl with whom I now speak says to me,

I have been listening for an hour

To your stories about mermaids and mermen

And so I will now tell you

What I have told no one else before--

My beloved and I share the same soul,

We are that connected.

In life time after life time

He incarnates and finds me

So that we can be together again.


Using my clairsentient abilities,

I scan the entire race of Homo sapiens,

All 6.8 billion,

And I find no lovers who have attained this degree of intimacy.

I scan also the mermaids that dwell in human form

And find a few who share the same soul with their lovers,

But not with this degree of intensity.


The race that replaces human beings

Focuses inward with a level of concentration we can not understand.

Yet they are known for their adaptability and creativity.

Can a Shakespeare or some other troubadour, perhaps of Camelot,

Even imagine or dream of this way of being one with another?

I do not know. I will ponder this wonder in my soul.