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                                                       Planetary Spirits


In the metaphysics of Franz Bardon, each planet in our solar system has its own unique aura, color, vibrations, qualities, etc.  It is as if each planet is a university specializing in particular disciplines and areas of knowledge and spiritual insight.  The aura of each of these planets also contains vast numbers of spiritual beings.  Many of these beings fully comprehend and are prepared to teach the universal principles of life and wisdom that are embodied in their domain. 

     Each planetary aura or sphere offers its own unique perspective and opens a gate to the greater all-embracing love that underlies everything which exists in our solar system.  What Franz Bardon has sought to do in his book on evocation (The Practice of Magical Evocation) is to offer the names, sigils, and a brief description of the highest spirits in each sphere. 

     Bardon summarizes in a nutshell the various planetary spheres. The earthzone, even at its highest spiritual levels, remains focused on the physical world.   The lunar sphere has a particular affinity for the world of feelings, dreams, and mastery of the astral plane.  Mercury relates to the mind.  Venus integrates these three aspects of ourselves--the body, emotions, and mind-- through harmony, love, and beauty.  The sun then is a fusion of these and all other planets.  The sun is the sphere of light that amplifies an individual's overall vitality and creativity.  Mars emphasizes passion, will power, self-mastery, and the development of superhuman abilities.  

     Jupiter introduces nobility, ideals, and a vast expansion of wealth and opportunity on all levels of existence.  Saturn is the judge insuring that the paths of evolution leading to spirit remain pure and uncontaminated.  Uranus holds the keys to revealing new forms of magic as well as beginning the work of  connecting our solar system with the spiritual energies from other stars and constellations.  Neptune is responsible for the overall vision of life as we perceive it.  Pluto, though having astrological influences on our planet, does not usually interact directly with the earthzone from a spiritual/magical point of view.

      I would like to discuss a spirit from the sphere of Mercury.  Mercury spirits have a powerful and expansive influence on intelligence.   Many of the spirits of this sphere teach various aspects of the enlightened mind.  They are extraordinarily dynamic.  They love to solve practical problems and they specialize in illuminating situations so that you can see clearly what is occurring and comprehend the best choices for resolving conflict or achieving your goals. 

    If you work with Mercury spirits successfully, you might notice that there is great increase in the amount of productive work you accomplish in life.  You find you have a heightened ability to visualize your goals and you sense how to accumulate the energy needed to get tasks done.  Obstacles that previously might have blocked your way dissolve within the light of Mercury's illumination.

     It is possible to transfer one's mind into these planetary spiritual realms and study their qualities as well as meet the spirits who dwell there.  Of course, Bardon points out that such contacts should be preceded by years of practical mental training.  The elements of nature here on earth should be carefully studied.  Then the spiritual realm of the earth, the earthzone, should be explored followed by the sphere of the moon.  At this point, assuming a magician has a sense of proceeding systematically, Mercury is also studied.  Everyone, however, has to find their own sense of balance and proportion when pursuing such the magic of the spheres.

    One way of contacting the sphere of Mercury is by visualizing oneself surrounded by a vast expanse of orange light and then transferring one’s consciousness through imagination and psychic perception into the Mercury sphere.  As I now project my mind into the akasha of the Mercury sphere, the orange light takes on the qualities more specific to that sphere.  My first impression is that the sphere of Mercury is completely obsessed with the pursuit of science, knowledge, magic, and cosmic wisdom. 

   Let me be very concrete and specific as to what I mean when I say science, knowledge, magic, and cosmic wisdom.  If you project your mind or can telepathically attune your mind to the mind of Stephen Hawking, a well-known physicist (see The Universe in a Nutshell), you will perhaps notice that he has a vast theoretical outlook and a scientific orientation toward experimentation and testing a hypothesis.  There are a lot of mathematical equations in his head, but these are tools he uses to better understand the laws of nature.  He is a student of the universe and seeks to understand the intricate and interconnected ways in which it operates. 

    But Stephen Hawking, however, very definitely does not have a sense of the enlightened mind.   He also does not understand the power of his mind to transfer itself anywhere in the universe and study in a direct manner the vibration of what he is observing or thinking about.  Hawking’s orientation is that of knowledge acquired through external observation.

   Now then, if you can attune your mind to or transfer your awareness into the mind of the Dalai Lama, you will notice an altogether different vibration and state of awareness.  (I don’t feel invasive in doing this; The Dalai Lama often invites thousands of practitioners to move through his chakras during the course of an initiation.)  The Dalai Lama’s mind has a vast spaciousness, resiliency, buoyancy, and illumination.  It is free of form identification, that is, he is aware that his mind possesses a state of freedom and light that space, time, personality, and history can not condition, limit, or contaminate. 

    The sphere of Mercury in its vibration is like the minds of both of these men put together.  It possesses cosmic wisdom and illumination.  And at the same time it has an intense and passionate interest in science, knowledge, technology, history, and the practical aspects of how to solve any problem. 

    On our planet earth, a genius will often set out to apply his knowledge to practical ends that transform the world.  Thomas Edison was obsessed not only with inventing but with founding new industries that would capitalize on his inventions.  And though Einstein's attention was focused on pure, theoretical physics, he would see in his own lifetime nations applying immense resources to use his theories to unleash the forces hidden in nature.  Human beings on earth tend to be uncomfortable unless they can forge a direct link between wisdom and applied technology.  Or if the knowledge is very powerful, governments will declare it top secret and, in regard to magic as well, magical lodges will reserve their techniques for the exclusive use of their highest initiates.

     The spheric magician or the Quabbalist mystic who penetrates into the sphere of Mercury can delight in an intelligence that searches out the mysteries of nature and also cherishes practical applications.  But in Mercury the supreme purpose is not productivity, wealth, and organization.  It is the desire to understand the laws of the universe.  It is the intent to comprehend the mechanics, the structure, and the nature of everything that exists.  The sphere of Mercury also insists that improving the quality of one's consciousness is critical to the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.

     In Mercury, there is no separation between the discovery process in science and developing a mind of pure light that is enlightened and free of illusions.  These two pursuits are closely aligned.  And there is also an association between applied technology and pure magic.  You are free to use natural means to attain a result but you can also, as a divine being, shape energy and create causes on the inner planes to accomplish the same end.  

   Unlike on earth, the goal and purpose here are to align oneself with cosmic laws and the universal harmony of the universe.  For this reason, science and Quabbalistic magic are the best of friends and fulfill the same purposes.  They are dedicated to revealing the means through which the universe was created.  To discover this wisdom is also to share and participate in original visions that are on-going and continuously revealing new aspects of themselves.




Nith-Haiah is the twenty-fifth spirit in the sphere of Mercury according to Franz Bardon.  This spirit is associated with 1-5 degrees of the astrological sign of Leo.  Bardon calls Nith-Haiah "the greatest original initiator of the Mercury sphere...." in regard to magic and Quabbalah.  Nith-Haiah both conceals true magical knowledge from those who are unworthy and he reveals to the mature magician the means for understanding the greatest mysteries and also how to apply cosmic laws in a practical manner.  Bardon calls Nith-Haiah "the guardian angel of all magicians on earth." 

     In my own meditation/evocations, I have asked Nith-Haiah to watch over, inspire, and guide my own activities in regard to communicating Bardon's methods.  (I figure I can use all the help I can get in this kind of endeavor.)  I also occasionally ask Nith-Haiah for some suggestions for what to place on my web site and the energy to follow through.  When I do this, within a day or two I find myself busy working on an essay to upload as if he is looking over my shoulder to see if I am getting something productive accomplished.


Nith-Haiah's Domain


Spirits exist within certain fields of vibration.  There is an aura, a feeling, or a set of qualities that surround them.  If you visit the CEO of a large corporation in his office, you will notice something about that organization, about the intensity and level of competency the company maintains.  There are differences between companies that are involved in mining or manufacturing as compared to those that are in communications, entertainment, or transportation.  Then again, hospitals and universities are different from police stations and military bases.  The domains of spirits are similar.  If you enter them, you can get a feeling for the kind of activity and level of intensity.

     I place my mind within Nith-Haiah’s domain.  This particular vibration celebrates the light and magical knowledge as it exists in all spheres of our solar system.  Nith-Haiah is a role model for a cosmic magician. 

     In this energy field, there is also a burning interest in the cosmic language and the words of power that can create and reshape anything that exists.  This interest is palpable.  You can sense it.  There is a profound dedication to mastering the penetrating emptiness of akasha.  This is a concentration willing to hold within itself the tension from which matter, mind, and spirit can be called into being from out of nothing.  This is a supercharged emptiness.  It is a dynamic void.  It is the mind of a creator in the instant of creation. 

   This is not so unlike the Henry Ford, the Edison, or the Wright brothers who use materials readily available to give form and substance so their visions materialize.  Nith-Haiah, however, is using pure light, auditory vibrations, and elemental substance that he has created from his own mind to fulfill his purposes. 

    This is, after all,  the basis for what Bardon calls the cosmic language--you study and then align your mind with the laws, vibrations, and life within every planetary sphere.  You embody this knowledge and experience it within yourself.  And then at a certain point these purposes, original forms of intelligence, and creative powers become your own.  You shine with the light of the sun, the love of Venus, the will of Mars, etc. all at once.


Outer Aura


As I perceive Nith-Haiah's aura, he possesses a precise and in-depth understanding of the laws, qualities, and powers of each sphere in our solar system.  He teaches, for example, how to be perfectly at ease with each planet's energy.  In this regard, he shows how to perfect one's will and concentration through working with these different domains and especially through mastering the cosmic language. 

    Nith-Haiah does have an angelic quality (as Bardon suggests) in that Nith-Haiah is free to act at his own discretion on behalf of the harmony and the interests of the whole solar system.  He perceives the practical limitations and boundaries that enable life to function.  He also sees within the circumstances and conditions under which we live the universal energies that can be better focused and drawn upon since they are already a part of who we are.  In other words, he is free to bestow whatever gifts or magical keys he wishes on his own initiative. 

    Specifically, he can assist each magician to succeed in his magical work as well as understand the major influences on his life.  In ordinary terms, it is as if this spirit understands every phase of personality life and all modes of wisdom and spiritual transformation.  If we met a human master who had mastered all wisdom traditions and spiritual training systems on earth and we then sat and meditated with him, we could get a feel, at least in human terms, for the depth and the vastness of Nith-Haiah's level of mastery. 

    In summary, when I perceive Nith-Haiah’s aura, I follow pretty much the same procedure I use in sensing the aura of a human being.  This can be done through clairvoyance, telepathic rapport, or clairsentience among other things.  Once you become familiar with studying the auras of human beings, you can extend your mind to connect to various spirits.  On the basis of what you have already learned on the human level, you can then begin to study and work with spirits as well.

    When I sense Nith-Haiah’s aura, it is very Leo like.  He is tremendously radiant, self-confident, brilliant in conception and action.  Unlike many Leos who love to be at the center of attention, Nith-Haiah has the qualities of a mature Leo--he brings out the light in others without having to refer back to himself or require others to give affection and loyalty in return.  His aura embodies his opposite as well--genuine Aquarian energy.  He has the ability to link to your mind and speak to you in terms that you understand and offer suggestions that are within your reach and available for you to act upon.

    For those who are more visual or clairvoyant, when I perceive Nith-Haiah visually instead of using telepathy or clairsentience, I notice his appearance is very benevolent.  He embodies a purifying clarity.  There is a feeling of being uplifted and becoming transcendent--of seeing life completely from a spiritual perspective.  His face and garments radiate divine wisdom--it is a glory nearly terrifying to behold.  And yet he is a typical Leo.  He radiates joy.  He is the celebration of light.  If our sun were orange in color, it would be easy to imagine Nith-Haiah as being the archangel of the sun.


Inner Aura


We can also turn and look at the inner quality of Nith-Haiah, that is, we can consider the driving force behind his work.  Nith-Haiah embodies within himself a meditative trance and clarity of mind that holds within its focus the interconnection of all the planetary spheres and the keys to wisdom within them.  He seeks to empower the creative will of each magician to draw upon this level of inspiration.   This is a very radiant, powerful, and penetrating state of awareness. 

       I might note just in passing that another spirit of the Mercury sphere, Mebaiah, #55, has a similar encompassing, meditative perspective.  Mebaiah, however, does not emphasize the creative will as much as the inner peace and celebration of the unity of all spheres, planets, zodiac signs, planes, and elements.  Working with Mebaiah generates that sense of peace that underlies and embraces all aspects of life.  Bardon calls Mebaiah an "initiator into genuine cosmic religion."

       To feel the presence of the sacred in our lives is to feel that the unity of beauty, love, power, and the divine majesty are walking by our side.  If, through ritual, song, meditation, or movement, we can touch the depths of awe and wonder shining all around us, then, for a brief time, we are free to draw upon an inspiration that flows without limit.  If you were to look into the eyes of the practitioners of a genuine cosmic religion, you will see passion like the flames of the sun and stillness like the stars shining in the sky at night.


Akashic Plane


In working with Nith-Haiah and other spirits, I often meditate with them on each of the four planes that Bardon emphasizes: the akashic, the mental, the astral, and the physical.  The akashic plane of the earthzone is a timeless and spaceless level of intuitive awareness. When I move with Nith-Haiah from the sphere of Mercury down to the akashic plane of our own planet, he emphasizes learning to develop a multifaceted perspective that draws upon all the spheres of our solar system. That is, when you contemplate what purposes you wish to manifest in life, you integrate into your endeavors elements of all the planetary spheres. 

     To speak in practical terms, we begin to embody this awareness within ourselves as we develop a vast array of methods and means for accomplishing our goals.   In other words, under this form of spiritual illumination, it is possible to perceive each situation in life from a position of complete freedom.  You find yourself responding to the most difficult conflicts in a variety of new and effective ways.

     Alchemical texts, which attempt to portray the integration of all things, often picture a landscape in which all the elements of nature, man, and spirit are shown in harmonious interaction.  Man and woman, the four elements of nature, the electric and magnetic energies, the sun and moon, day and night, the outer paths of life and the inner realizations--all of these are seen and embraced in one state of awareness.  Bardon refers to this as the "quintessence of the whole hermetic science."  A simplified illustration of this symbolism is given at the beginning of the book, Initiation into Hermetics. 

    Carl Jung, for example, discusses from his point of view some of the processes involved in reaching this state in The Psychology of Transference and other works.  Working with Nith-Haiah, the image, the taste, the feeling, and the energy in this state of wisdom are all united.  Nith-Haiah perceives the fundamental principle of life from the point of view of Mercury:  in each moment is a celebration of all things interacting and interconnected.  Creatively and with freedom, each individual and spirit is fulfilling its own unique vision while remaining in complete harmony with all others. This state of mind is embodied in Nith-Haiah on the akashic plane.


Mental Plane


On the mental level, Nith-Haiah teaches the enlightenment of mind in which, ultimately,  you become so attuned to the light that you speak and act on behalf of Divine Providence.  The light within his mind is a source of liberation.  At the same time, there is an appreciation of how to balance one's actions and tailor them so they blend with the needs and limitations of historical and social settings. 

     If we consider Nith-Haiah as an enlightened being, we may also see that he possesses the ability to offer to each individual the most accessible aspect of the enlightened mind appropriate to his personality and his work in life.  Each of us has our own path of light.  Nith-Haiah guides us on a path of wisdom appropriate to who we are.  The great seers, prophets, and sages shape history with their words because they see the full spectrum of energies that are active in life.  When they respond to an individual's inquiries, their parables and stories speak to the desires hidden in the depths of that individual's heart. 

     For a being such as Nith-Haiah, the moment is complete in itself and yet his response is unique and specific.  There is oneness with all things and also creative activity.  Recall that the mental plane fashions ideas that join time and eternity--an akashic state of awareness with the needs of the physical world.   For Nith-Haiah, faith on the mental plane is the purity of heart and the power of vision to perceive what needs to be done and the conviction and the authority--the inner union with the divine--that empowers and accomplishes this mission. 

      In the presence of an aura in harmony with all things, doubts are exchanged for an exuberant commitment.  Fear is exchanged for the will that masters the self.  And greed and narrow-mindedness are exchanged for the love that transforms the world.


Astral Plane


On the astral plane, Nith-Haiah imparts an emotional exhilaration that also contains an ancient and ripened wisdom.  This wisdom comprehends all phases of life and the cycles and seasons governing the unfolding of the world.  The astral plane is thick with elemental drives and desires.  This spirit's presence illuminates our motivations and guides us in the use of those ideals that enrich our life and feelings. 

    In this wisdom, there is a continuous gathering in and processing of the lessons we have learned from life.  With great sensitivity, tenderness, and compassion, we draw our personal experiences into a universal perspective.  Yet we also radiate outward an inexhaustible and vigorous desire to engage fully every moment and every new situation as it unfolds. 

    Though on the astral plane emotions and desires may seem, at times, to trap us in a web of complexity and a maze of illusion, it is possible to find within ourselves in each moment a light which is without limitation.  One of the things a skillful mediator can offer individuals in conflict is an understanding of precisely where they are right now and what their next step is in resolving the conflict.  Similarly, many of the spirits of the Mercury sphere completely light up a life situation so everything is seen clearly.  With this increased light, it is possible to free ourselves of all that binds us so we can make the best decisions from the vantage point of wisdom.

     As with the spirit Mebaiah, working with Nith-Haiah on the astral plane evokes the presence of all that is sacred.  Nith-Haiah, however, creates the astral energies and visions that are then able to manifest in real situations so that we can better express and share them.  These heal and restore and individual to his or her highest path to perfection. 

    While I was meditating with Nith-Haiah on the astral plane, he gave an example of his activity on this level.  We focused on someone I knew.  He then said that to heal the wounds of the soul and spirit, you introduce that individual to the experience of being one with the light and of being immersed in a sea of healing energy that illuminates the deepest needs.  On a mental level, this field of energy he creates generates a sense of complete freedom.  In the astral body, it creates a feeling of absolute peace. 


Physical Plane


Bringing Nith-Haiah’s presence into the physical world leads to the experience of being embraced by a community of love, of having friends and life companions who are motivated and inspired by the highest ideals and visions.  Though quaint and easily trivialized, the members of such a community would in fact share a sacred commitment--the degree of their connection to each other might be expressed in the words, "Brother to brother, sister to sister, heart to heart--yours in life and in death.  From each other's presence and love we shall never depart."

     Also in the physical world, one of Nith-Haiah's interests is to bless an individual so he or she has sufficient stability and the necessary resources and guidance to be a magician and to follow a magical path of life.  Exercising a supreme will in mastering life's difficulties, a magician often strives to live in a "simple, unentangled, and committed" manner.   And yet, like an artist, he takes every desire and weaves it into a tapestry of beauty by the way he lives.

    Far from withdrawing or being an introvert, the magician develops the concentration needed to engage the world and to be active within it.  And yet he retains his sense of proportion and priorities in remaining focused on mastering himself.  He seeks, after all, to embody the light and the creative will of Divine Providence.  And, from time to time, in accordance with his maturity, he will fulfill spiritual missions that require a magical will and the skills he possesses. 

    A magician is sensitive to universal and cosmic laws as well as to the complexities and challenges of daily life.  He has Saturn's appreciation for tradition and the limitations and restrictions of history.  And he embodies Uranus' bold and fearless introduction of unforeseen, totally new, and unfathomably wonderful possibilities and treasures of spirit.  Both Saturn and Uranus are united in the wand of power he wields, for both sharpen and develop spiritual will.

      It takes time to develop a magical will.  And yet it is also true that it takes magic to learn magic.  An individual needs a healthy dose of inner conviction--a sense that the time is right to engage in the highest form of spiritual activity.  When we express love physically with the intent to bring into life another human being, it takes nine months before an infant is born. And then it takes many more years of training and guidance to enable that individual to become a productive member of society.  A parent hopes for his child that he or she will learn to be independent and self-motivated, happy, creative, and fulfilled. 

     A magical will can also take many decades before the power and skill are mature and able to produce practical results. 


A Few Additional Contacts with Nith-Haiah


At another time, I again interact with Nith-Haiah on the denser levels of the earthzone by using my imagination to condense orange light and then bring his presence into it.  I notice he embodies a massive cosmic will and power.  At the same time, there is within him a supreme samadhi or trance in which he maintains a oneness with all the planetary spheres.  There is a deep peace and stillness within it.  It is a beautiful combination of masculine power and feminine receptivity.

   I slowly begin shifting my mind into his body the way I might with a Zen master or guru to study the other's realizations.  I begin to see through Nith-Haiah's eyes.  For him, the light we create through our visualizations and Quabalistic practices contains awareness and consciousness.  It is an extension of ourselves.  And yet the light we create through visualization and imagination can be turned into a gift given freely without strings attached.

    You have to remember--though I am sitting here in a chair (I don't do my evocations standing up) and he is there in front of me--for the most part I am not looking at a room.  Though my eyes are open,  I see the two of us within a vast sea of radiant, orange light.  This orange energy field is the medium enabling his mind and mine to interpenetrate and connect.  The idea is to condense the light so that, at least within the realm of imagination, it feels as solid as a ball of steel. 

    The other method I employ involves attuning the vast space of light around us to the specific vibration of Nith-Haiah's mind.  I lock in on the quality of his mind so there are no distractions.  This serves to stabilize his presence within our world.  The enlightened mind is luminous light filling a vast expanse of open space.  If you want the spirit to have some sort of effect, you have to duplicate some of the aspects of its nature so its presence can be felt.

    Nith-Haiah says, "If you want wisdom with all of your heart, I can open the door.  Your life will be blessed with peace, harmony, and happiness.  This is within my power to grant.  There is no magical key I am not free to give.  If need be, the nations shall seek peace so your work may proceed without interference.  Come.  Step into my study.  There is much to learn and many things to be accomplished on earth."

   I have meditated on three different days four hours each time in this past week within the sphere of Venus.  I have to confess that this is a very nice switch from that erotic-ecstatic vision of love that Venus celebrates in every way that can be imagined.  Nith-Haiah offers a pure, enlightened, and angelic energy of healing.  Unlike a Venus spirit, he does not instantly awaken the most secret and hidden needs of your soul to show you the bliss hidden beneath it. 

   Nith-Haiah's path is more gentle.  There is none of that passion seeking union to demonstrate experientially the oneness of all things.  The peace in which Nith-Haiah exists is based on an understanding of the order of the universe.  Everything has its own path of life and its own way of evolving.  Each thing can be clearly perceived because you can see and comprehend the universal energies that compose its being. 

   In meditating with Nith-Haiah, you come to see your own life from the point of view of the enlightened mind.  The complexities and inexplicable problems you face are now seen from a universal perspective.  The confusion and pain of personal or collective history do not result from a breakdown of cosmic order and law.  Every crisis contains a challenge and an invitation to acquire the wisdom to remake and recreate the world.  But acquiring wisdom is a life long commitment and not a brief fling or a song you sing in a pinch.


8/24/97: Sun. I place my mind within the sphere of Mercury.  Within the realm of Nith-Haiah, I notice again the intensity of energy.  It is like a space created by heat when the air forms a vacuum as lightning passes through it.  But it is not just a vacuum or emptiness.  It is the will capable of creating the electrical potential that causes lightning.  This will encompasses all the building blocks of matter, that is, the entire cosmic language.

    I notice the will and power present in Nith-Haiah's aura appear stronger today than yesterday.  I focus on the cosmic peace that is part of his nature.  This peace is a rich blend of all the energies of the various planetary spheres.  But when this spirit manifests on earth, he is all will and power. 

   I ask him about this difference between the cosmic wisdom he embodies within his own sphere and the power he radiates when he is on our planet, "Why does your aura vibrate with such power as it approaches the physical plane of the earth?"  He replies, "To master the dense energies and elements that compose the situations you live within your will must be complete.  Though you feel my presence as power, I am not less sensitive or receptive.  My strength is a reflection of my inner stillness. 

    "The elements of your world have no influence over me.  You experience this as will.  I experience it as peace.  You perceive my ability to command,  but all my actions are in accordance with divine order.  The lawful purposes of all planetary spheres are integrated in me as one wisdom and one perception."

      I would like to mention some of the ways I meditate with Nith-Haiah.  To begin with, it is possible to view the planetary spheres one by one and imagine drawing them into one integrated awareness.  For example, Mercury's intelligence is interested in Mars in terms of understanding the universal laws and purposes governing that sphere.  To get anything done, you need to be able to gather your strength and focus it on accomplishing your task.  Mars teaches the self-mastery and the acquisition of will equal to the task you set before yourself.  One universal principle in this endeavor involves having an absolute conviction that you can accomplish your work.

    Nith-Haiah is equally interested in the wisdom of Jupiter.  In the sphere of Jupiter is found a universal and magnanimous love that goes out of its way to be of assistance to others.  With great care in attending to details and out of true nobility, it fashions opportunities that enable others' lives to become enriched and fulfilled.  The wisdom of Jupiter is found in its acquisition of an inexhaustible wealth of spirit.  Jupiter sees itself as the guardian of all aspects of inspiration natural, human, and divine. 

   Small wonder Jupiter commands great loyalty.  He will notice you and believe in you when no one else does.  He will honor you by giving you the chance to develop the talents hidden within you. 

    Each of the other planetary spheres as well can be studied from the point of view of universal wisdom.  This knowledge is then brought into one meditation and united into one perspective.  This contemplation and awareness is Nith-Haiah's inner way of seeing.

    It is possible to experience this by projecting your mind into the form and energy of Nith-Haiah's aura. You can then consider situations in your own or others' lives which you wish to understand better.  This contemplation is completely calm and serene as still water.  It is as open as the sky.  It is attentive and practical as the physical items that compose our daily lives.  And yet there is also, unmistakably, the intensity of fire within it like exploding volcanoes. 

   But this meditation is not just something passive.  When Mercury spirits examine some part of life, they look at it from all sides and from within all planes at once.  They see its origins and its future effects.  They see the causes that are already in place and moving through the planes to produce the future.

    In fact what they often do is hold all aspects of a situation within their minds that again is like a vast, luminous, radiant space of pure light.  If you wish to identify a particular problem you want solved, you begin to see the new possibilities and how to pursue them.  

   This approach to working with Nith-Haiah is basic psychology 101.  If you have a problem, you relax.  You put yourself in an open and meditative state of mind.  You may wish to work with some simple imagery that assists you in moving from your current perspective to how you would like the situation to be in the future.  

   This is not so different from the procedure Bardon recommends in his third book, The Key to the True Quabbalah.  In that book, Bardon has his students spend a great deal of time imagining they are within a universe filled with different colors.  They visualize each color within the cosmic language one after the other condensing the light both within and around their bodies.  Then the student, after adding in sound and elemental sensations, meditates extensively on the chain of causes each color governs in linking the akasha plane to the physical world. 

     You can also imagine there is some expert or inspiring person or guide present to assist your intuition.  In this case, with Nith-Haiah, we are upgrading this simple procedure.  We are using the magical enlightenment, penetrating wisdom, and presence of a Mercury spirit to aid us.  Nith-Haiah, e.g., embodies one way the Mercury sphere operates as it acts upon the earth through the sign of Leo.

    Of course, I could avoid this mystical stuff and prolonged work with meditation by just asking Nith-Haiah what to do in regard to this or that problem and he will answer.  But a verbal answer is not the same as bringing his light into the situation and illuminating it for everyone involved. 

     I could also ask Nith-Haiah to do that as well--to solve the problem for me.  But this also would not be the same as working with him so that I learn to embody in myself his qualities and powers so his abilities become my own.  And, after all, the main thrust of the sphere of Mercury is not found in the application of external knowledge to enhance our control over nature and the world.  It is expressed through the transformation of oneself by embodying wisdom and the enlightened mind.  When you work at this, many problems dissolve without requiring any further attention.

     At the risk of misrepresenting such a wondrous being, I will offer some poetry I wrote giving voice to Nith-Haiah’s description of himself, a self-portrait if you please.  In any and all telepathic communication, there is always a degree of difficulty in both translation and interpretation.  Words do not just appear out of thin air as if any prophet who ever existed on earth can simply write what he hears.  Even God is restricted by virtue of the limitations of the human being through whom He speaks. 

    The reason is that words are not just words, elements in a lexicon marked with semantic meaning and functioning through a grammar.  Words carry power.  They carry weight.  They embody the ability to create.  Attempting to express in human language what is communicated to the one listener in a fashion that does not rely upon form, sound, or image is a most daunting task.  But then again, art can express things that words of the intellect will otherwise completely miss.


                                                  Nith-Haiah, A Self-Portrait


I am the skill that creates,

The designer who mates

Choice with fate.

I am the engineer, the architect:

On my drawing board

Are the blueprints of existence.

I am the indefatigable will,

The artist binding by my touch

Color, sound, and vibration.

Every pattern is in my eyes

Every being--

Its structure, weight, its design,

I know its magical name--

The sources that fashion it,

Nourish it and destroy it again.

I am the Word of Power

That commands and then translates.

My name is Nith-Haiah!

I am a scientist,

Of physics I know more

Than the human race will ever discover.

I am master of cosmic orderliness--

The intricacies, interconnections,

The unfolding of the worlds. 

I note every boundary, gateway,

Every marker, every plan,

Every authorization and commission,

All of these are at my command.

Of the spheres I know

And of each realm--

All manner of beings,

Sylph, undine, salamander, gnome.

Those who are permitted to cross over,

Magician, bard, poet, prophet, saint and seer,

Those empowered by the Light,

And the dazzling array of gods,

Those who are free

And those who are bound.

Circles, triangles, squares,

Pentagrams, hexagrams,

Sigils and talismans

Of these I am absolute master

With ease I draw their

Fiery, glowing images in the air,

All gates do I unlock.

Before every person

I place the keys of all the mysteries

They are set upon my table

And of these you may pick and choose,

According to your skill and your will--

Some are gold and some are bronze,

Some are silver, tin, or lead.

Some are words so mighty

They bind and loose the universal powers.

Anything you could ever desire,

I have the combination

That sets the tumblers rolling

The treasure yours to take.

If you wish

To hold conversation with me

Master perfectly every one of your senses,

Your concentration command--

To the eye, light and image clear,

Here is will and faith and conviction.

To the ear: sound, song, and thought

Each oscillation,

These will give you balance and reason.

To the touch: every sensation,

Its instinct, gratification,

Bodily organ function, your very breath,

In these are hidden the ebb and flow of life.

To smell: the fragrance

That empowers the mind to call,

The heart to feel, the body to combine.

These will unveil

The mysteries of the plant kingdom.

And to taste: the kiss, the tongue,

The dissolving solution to embrace,

Minerals, bone, saline, acid, ions,

Your body electric

Is the universal chemist

Taste will always lead you back

To your home in the physical world.

Master these and then

I will show you the loom

That weaves your fate,

And the lute strings

That play the song of the universe.