Question: do you work with empathy initially before beginning to work with a political figure?


Response: I often study the biography at least briefly of an individual president and imagine I am that biography, that his life is my own, so as to better connect to him both with sympathy and psychic power.

Question: If we send positive and loving thoughts to someone negative, won’t that create peace?


Response: Some people will get hold of those loving thoughts of light and peace and redirect them to placate and hypnotize the people of their society so they can more easily maintain absolute power.  Malice loves loving energy--it eats it up to strengthen itself the precise way a vampire loves blood loaded with life force. 

  Free will allows individuals who are committed to destruction to destroy. Otherwise they would not be free and wouldn't be able to learn about the consequences of being destructive.  But they don't have to learn at others' expense.  
Question: What do you mean about dissolving the dictator and what is the karma involved in possible “harming” such an individual?


Response: The simple response would be in the visualization to focus on Kim Jong Il but simply see him as embodying a united Korea, everyone fed and reasonably employed, a fair and just society, good use of the economy instead of the entire nation existing to sustain his power, etc. In other word, take Kim Jong Il, and acting in effect as his own guardian angel, imagine him to be what he is meant to be--a true leader, a magnanimous and utterly positive individual who transforms his nation into a nation of peace and productivity and prosperity and justice.
  If you want to kill him, you couldn't come up with a better death command than that. He, like a number of other dictators around the world, would rather die than do something positive with his life.  This is in part why guardian angels do not show up very often in your life—their presence is an embodiment of what you are meant to be and so inevitably the destruction of all of your false attachments. Unprepared, such an encounter is nerve racking. All the same, on monumental occasions guardian angels are indeed permitted to intervene.  This is such an occasion.

  You are still giving a dictator a choice--he can respond to this vibration in his aura or reject it. He already is a master magician of utilizing every social institution in his country to draw energy to himself and to maintain himself in power. People say that visiting N. Korea is like entering a brain washed society. Kim Jong Il may be stupid about how to run an economy, but he is a master black magician in terms of exercising absolute domination over a people and a country.   
  On the other hand, we are focusing not on Kim as the obstacle. We are focusing on him since he acts as a transmitter of the vibration of the thought form extending its energy out from him to those around him and the entire nation.
  Again, this does not interfere with his free will. He can choose to act anyway he wants. But it accelerates the karma of himself and his nation so that positive things come more quickly--since they are visualized--and the destruction such as his own inevitably fall will also come more quickly depending on whether he is in tune with or opposed to the vibration you offer to him.
   Saturn lets people learn from experience. They have to use their free will to do this. An agent of Saturn incarnated on earth however can limit the destruction of free will choices so that destructive individuals destroy only themselves. In other words, instead of a nuclear bomb going off to mark the passing of the regime, there is a sudden, quick overthrow of the government or a quick movement of change as occurred in the Soviet Union as the politburo was forced to turn to the younger Gorbachev. He in turn set inadvertently into action a series of events that ended the cold war with the dissolution of the Soviet Union. It could have been massively violent but it occurred in an extremely benevolent fashion compared to what it could have been.
   On the other hand, in my game theory, if soccer had no referees the players would kill each other during the international competition because you do what you need to do to win.  And that why we have had wars in human history--no referees.
  I merely suggested seeing the dictator dissolving as a way of saying "He is sick; he is going to die soon; let what follows him be a harmonious free society."
  That was my intent. But also I intend to train referees who on their own initiative can hand out a red card as in soccer--you take a player out of the game because that is your job—to defend fair play on the field. People play different when a referee, even a bad referee, is on the field watching them.
  A referee draws a line and says, "This far you may go in abusing and harming other people and no further. Try to do more and you must sit with me in a state of the enlightened mind free of all attachment. If you can do this and survive, then you can remain in power."

  If you enter the sphere of Saturn, it has that vibration--no attachment if you want to be or understand what is here.
  The best thing you can do for individuals who have destroyed their own conscience is to limit the negative karma they are incurring by reducing their ability to harm others any further.
 Without the use of "overpowering force" by those who are appropriately appointed by society (in this case, you are acting as a spiritual being—an agent of akasha) you can have no justice anywhere on earth. Bardon was forbidden by karma from using his magic to interfere with Nazi Germany--he could not violate the karma of the body he had borrowed which possessed no such authority or ability given that individual's script for the shared incarnation.
  Israel, however, for a thousand years had prophets in every generation who served as a training module for us gentiles. Balaam had the power to bless and curse nations.

(see my story on Balaam—a guy who did it so right and yet got it so wrong—http://shell.lava.net/~pagios/balaam.html  Balaam was the first self-appointed referee in recorded history. But since he had no tradition or commitment to the divine, he used his abilities selfishly)

   And Isaiah named the fate of all the nations surrounding Israel.  Jonah went to Assyria whom everyone hated to attempt to save them from destruction. Justice is international. The prophets had authority over the kings and could remove them.

  Failing to act to counter injustice is as destructive and as bad in terms of karma as the actual negative actions. That is why Tibet fell to the communists. The Tibetans had no sense of fairness, justice, or political/economic evolution—for them, what is is, always has been, always will be—and therefore there was no need in their mind to improve upon or change their feudal society.  
 Politics is itself continuously evolving. It is one of the remarkable traits of Homo sapiens who constantly experiment in reshaping social organization. N. Korea among others serves as a test of the collective will of mankind as to whether they are ready to evolve to another level in which nations work closely together to solve their problems in a fair manner.  
  So it is not that "you the bad guy dictator are going to die anyway and so I am just making it happen sooner." It is "you are going to be destroyed as a result of the negative forces that you have unleashed and I am just bringing into the present those exact same negative forces so they (and not me) destroy you sooner rather than later." Think Ghost of Christmas Future—your thought form is taking the dictator into the future so he sees it now and so is able in the present to change what otherwise is scheduled to be.   

   In your meditation, you not only are suspending space but also time.  Unlike Saturn that waits and lets everything bad happen, an of agent of Saturn is a living person on earth and not an abstract principle of karma. And so as a player or presence on the playing field of history, you are indeed free to modify karma in such a way that fewer people are harmed and everything that needs to be learned by all parties is learned including the dictator.
  But for sure, outside of crisis management which is what we are doing here, anyone committed over time to this work has to also work through personal, family, national, and collective karma in order to wield these powers.

  But if no one gets around to acting, like I say over and over, the human race will eventually lose the planet. For all practical purposes, the collective conscience of humanity has been destroyed and no longer functions from the point of view of Saturn.

  That is, take away war and human beings will still figure out how to destroy themselves. My mermaid project is an attempt to restore the element of water in the collective conscience.

  From my experience, Divine Providence is furious at the human race for allowing Kim Jong Il to even exist.  Furious in this way: Saturn is now willing to allow mankind to damage itself severely. This is somewhat like the people who tried to warn the Federal Reserve and other regulatory powers about the financial meltdown before it occurred.  Like Saturn, their voices were not heard. They were ignored.  

 The head of the Federal Reserve, Geenspan, would state before Congress—“we do not feel that the problem in the mortgage markets will spread to the larger economy.” His conscience—that is, his ability to absorb the actual data in front of him and respond to it with clarity—his conscience was already destroyed.  

  Greenspan had that terrible New Age imbalance among the four elements—in his mental process, he favored the air element over water by “assuming” that if you think positive thoughts and keep reducing the mortgage rates and reducing the requirements for obtaining a mortgage everything will work out. 

  If he had had water stronger in his aura, he would have perceived instantly that the people applying for these cheap, unsecured loans were either in dire financial straits or else being manipulated by the banks into loans they could not afford.  Greenspan—no conscience. The CEO of British Petroleum—no conscience. The UN Security Council—no conscience.  Those diplomats think—“if we ignore the problem, maybe it will go away on its own.” And also, they avoid thinking: “Gee, look at that: N. Korea needs money and so is selling nuclear technology and delivery systems to Syria, Iran, Venezuela, and anyone else who will buy on the black market.  There will be a terrible price to pay for letting this happen.”  

  This is exactly parallel to another situation where the powers that be state—“We believe that UN sanctions will work with Iran and that we have at least another two years before they have enough enriched uranium to make a bomb.” Financial markets are indeed complex. Dictators are always simple—any individual with one third of the empathy my mermaid women possess can tell you what exactly is going on inside the head of a dictator.  There is never any confusion here.

   So to review, just keep the visualization completely positive. This part the New Age has right: visualize what you wish to be as if it is real right now. Visualize N. and S. Korea as being united and peaceful right now and make Kim Jong Il one hundred per cent within, for, and apart of that positive vision of the future.