Copyright (C) 1999 by William Mistele

Introduction--A Few Notes on Magical Incarnations

In Tibetan Buddhism, they have this interesting tradition in which
they find and offer special training for high reincarnated Tibetan
lamas or priests.  The Dalai Lama, for example, has one of the great
scholars of Tibet who acts as his life long mentor and valet.  He is
always near the Dalai Lama looking after him. 
    Since Tibetan Buddhists believe in reincarnation and since they
recognize degrees of spiritual development, it seems natural for
them to preserve their monastic lineage in this way.  Some lamas
even describe in detail before they die where and when they will be
born again and even the names of their new family members. 
    Incarnation in the Bardon system is even more wild and
suggestive than this. Elemental beings can temporarily incarnate by
tborrowingv the body of individuals at the moment of their death
and then reviving the body and using it as a vehicle for their
consciousness.  When we turn to the spirits of the earthzone and
spheres in the Bardon presentation, it is not as clear what the status
of these spirits is.  Some may be ascended masters who have taken
on specific positions of responsibility.  Others may be similar to
angels--created beings who have never incarnated but who are
vested with spiritual powers and authority in order to fulfil a specific
    I imagine that when human civilization is more developed some
of these beings will feel free to incarnate as human beings in order
to teach and in order to present a more dynamic and lively influence
on human culture.  And, of course, some of them will also further
their own evolution.  However, the physical, astral, and mental
planes of our world contain a great deal of karma which is not only
individual but collective as well.  
     It is one thing to have a monastery grab hold of you as a child
and say, tYou are special and we are going to train you in a way
which we train no one else.v  It is another thing to incarnate into a
family with its cultural, ethnic, racial, and religious traditions.  And
then within that society and educational system you attempt to recall
who you are spiritually and how your powers are meant to be
     The great advantage of being a Tulku (reincarnated Lama) in
Tibetan Buddhism or of a magical incarnation in which the
individual is shielded from the karma of his society is that you are
able to bring through more of the spiritual perspective of your past
existence.  The great disadvantage of being a recognized
reincarnated lama or of preserving your spiritual nature intact as you
incarnate is that you really do not belong to this world.  Buddhas
and magicians have absolutely no special advantage when it comes
to communication.  If they did, Tibetan lamas would not sound so
abstract and answer questions put to them with answers which were
cogent and persuasive fifteen hundred years ago in a feudal society
of India or Tibet but which have little use in a democratic and post-
industrial culture.  And magicians would all have their books on the
best sellerFs list.
    The disadvantage, then, for magicians and Bodhisattvas is that
only other initiates can hear them speak.  If you turn on your
magical power and do a few miracles to impress the local folks with
your power and might and ascended light, well, people turn fanatical
and blindly attach themselves to you surrendering in the process the
need to take responsibility for their own development.  
    Consequently, from my perspective (and this is my bias), many
highly evolved spiritual beings incarnate in order to work with the
karma of a society by changing it organically from within.  They
become rock musicians, artists, scientists, mathematicians, 
politicians, etc. in order to work creatively from the ground level up
in transforming our lives.  They a are housewives, postal clerks, and
Sunday school teachers. If they awaken to their spiritual
consciousness, these same individuals become political leaders,
nuclear physicists, or educational researchers. In this way, they offer
more individuals more freedom as a result of their life work than
they ever could if they wore robes and burnt incense and celebrated
religious rites. 
    In my experience, I often run into individuals who appear to have
strong connections to specific Bardon spirits.  Sometimes they are
not at all aware of their inner connections, but they are strangely
driven in ways which set them apart somewhat from other
individuals.  They may suffer from extreme emotional difficulties,
be alcoholics, obsessed with love or power, etc. but there is this
other quality about them.  There is a powerful transcendent spirit
watching over their lives waiting from them to awaken to the greater
purpose they have to serve.
     Like anyone else, it is easy to get things wrong.  It is always
easier to work with negative energy than positive and anyone with
strong magical aptitudes is offered opportunities for advancement
using negative powers rather than positive.  An individual can
incarnate, for example, with the purpose of embodying divine
justice.  But it is so much easier for that person to use power for
oneFs own sake rather than for others.  You have to make a
conscious choice to become transcendent and view life from a
divine perspective if you wish to serve the divine.  Otherwise, if you
use your powers the way others surrounding you would use them if
they had these abilities, you fall from the light which you are meant
to serve.
     On a very few occasions, I meet an individual who does to some
degree directly reflect the quality and nature of a Bardon spirit.  In
this case, I feel comfortable saying for myself that so and so is an
incarnation of a specific spirit described by Bardon.  In other words,
there are observable aspects of the individualFs behavior which
mirror the interests and aptitudes of the spirit described by Bardon. 
There is something they actually do which is altogether different
from most other individuals.  And, of course, if you are psychic,
perhaps you can perceive how the individualFs aura is directly
connected to the Bardon spirit as well.  
    There is always a Don Quixote aspect to talking about magical
incarnations.  When asked if he was the incarnation of the avatar
Vishu, Sri Krishna replies in the Mahabarata, tOne can never be
quite certain of these things.v  The Theosophists in the early part of
our century took it upon themselves to try to tbring throughv the
incarnation of the future Buddha named Maitreya.  They found a
child who they raised and prayed for over the years.  
     This child became Krishnamirti who rejected the theosophists
when they started bowing down to him and treating him as a
Buddha.   Interesting enough, Krishnamirti, who was the focus of so
much magical energy, promoted a kind of Zen approach to
spirituality which was free of occult techniques.  If we can learn
anything from religious traditions, Messiahs of various degrees are
not always what you expect them to be.   
    The following spirit, Obideh, of the sphere of the sphere of
Venus is for me an example of a spirit who has incarnated as a
human being.  To put it another way, there is a woman who has a
very strong connection to Obideh.  Venus spirits are all incredibly
beautiful and enchanting if you meet them on the inner planes.  If
you meet them in real life you can expect something of that beauty
and enchantment to carry over.  
    But Venus spirits are also fairly powerful and have a no non-
sense attitude. Though they charm and captivate others with their
beauty, they are themselves free of illusions.  If you are not mature
enough to work with them and learn their secrets, they send you
back to some other sphere to acquire the experience you need so
you will mature more rapidly.  Obideh is like that both as a spirit
and as a woman.
    Obideh is one of the first eight spirits of the Venus sphere. 
Bardon says of these spirits that tThey may be regarded as excellent
initiators into erotic and sexual mysteries. They completely control
the electrical and magnetic fluids, especially with regard to the magic
of love.  The magician may learn from these intelligences how to
practice sexual magic with the help of these fluids...v
    When I talk with the human woman who is connected to Obideh,
I often get the impression that she has the sensuality of a undine, the
detachment and freedom of a sylph, the intense fire energy of a
salamander, and the appreciation of material existence of a gnome. 
She is naturally psychic, incredibly receptive, and understands the
range and quality of male illusions about women.  
   There are two things she is especially good at.  She has a kind of
touch which was passed down to her by the women in her tradition. 
She has a very gentle, light like a feather, touch which she uses to
caress your arms and body.  This touch embodies the perspective of
a sylph and an undine.  
    When caressed in this way, you feel that you are floating
completely free of the earth, completely detached, and completely
relaxed.  ThatFs the sylph.  And there is the quality of being totally
immersed in the sensation of touch with the depths of sensual
pleasure and contact so that nothing else exists--just the beauty of
tracing and unfolding the sensuality of skin against skin. ThatFs the
    I often feel uncomfortable with individuals trained to do massage
or psychic healing because they put so little of themselves into the
touch they use.  It is not personal.  It is professional.  You are not a
person but a client.  They avoid using their feelings to connect to
you individually because, after all, they are trying to do a good job
and personal connection reduces their ability to perform well.  
    But as a Venus spirit uses touch she may seem to say--vI am
intimately expressing my love and appreciation for you as I touch
you.v  Touch is used as a way of heightening your ability to feel
whole and complete.  A Venus spirit gives herself to you personally,
heart to heart, soul to soul as a way of fulfilling divine love because
a Venus spirit knows that nothing accelerates evolution as quickly as
does love.  She joins herself to you in the process, celebrating the
relationship, the oneness, and the divine love all at once.  
    If you can imagine, then, a woman very very slowly stroking your
skin, barely touching your skin, and doing this on and on--she can
do this for hours at a time--then you will have a sense of one aspect
of this Venusian form of sensuality.  The only correct response is to
touch her back in the same way.  After all, she is a high initiate who
is a teacher--the sexuality she conveys, though embracing every
aspect of sexual desire, also is completely transcendent and a
reflection of pure divinity.
    The other thing I have noticed she does extremely well is similar
to what some of the gnome magicians in the Bardon system
specialize in doing.  The  gnomes place part of their own spirit into
stones.  They do this in order to transform the material world--to
raise it vibration and further its evolution.  And they do this as a way
of transmitting to others through the gift of the stone some of the
power which exists within themselves.
   This woman also does this. When she makes a necklace for a
friend, she places some of her own spirit into the stones and gems
she uses.  The necklace is like a talisman--a magical embodiment of
her spirit.  And it is at the same time carefully designed to satisfy the
needs and fulfill the purposes of the individual to whom she gives
the charm. 
    The human race is getting to where you can pluck one hair off
the head of another individual and then clone that person.  We do
this with cows already.  But spiritually it is appropriate for a highly
evolved beings to transfer to you part of their own inner essence.  It
then becomes part of you.  Love is a free circulation of energy
between individuals, heart to heart, soul to soul, and spirit to spirit
which has no limit and no end.  This woman seems to understand
this and is willing to give of herself without fear of loss in the
     What follows is a brief description of the Bardon spirit named
Obideh of the Venus sphere and also some comments on how to
prepare for such love.  Like Obideh who relates to the sign of Aries,
the human woman has her natal Venus in Aries and this planet and
sign seem to govern her natal chart.

Obideh of Venus,  #3,  Aries 9-12 degrees. 

Outer:  In the moment she appears for me she is like a supermodel--
her hip leans to her right, her breasts to the left, and her head to the
right with her right arm lying against her right hip.  She has a
beautiful smile, young, vivacious, inviting, and also her eyes are
extremely penetrating.
    She is incredibly, absolutely fabulously sensual--the energy she
evokes in a human being surges with sexuality but it also unites all
the seven chakras in one flow and one ecstasy.  It seems fairly
natural to me to set up a flow of energy directly from my hand to
her aura so we circulate our energies through each other. 
     As I touch her aura and let that energy flow through me it is very
sexual but a sexual energy without any overt signs of sexual arousal
or stimulation. That is, the sexual energy turns directly into a healing
energy.  Rather than arousing, it is relaxing, nurturing, soothing, and
tranquilizing like being immersed in tenderness and drinking from an
artisan well of happiness.  

Inner Aura.  Again, there is this extreme sexuality, like feeling
sexually joined to her, but all the chakras and other aspects of the
mind, body, and psyche are within this as well.  The sexual psychic
connection circulates through and saturates both partners with love. 
The air breathed in and the blood circulating become saturated with
the love sensations and energies of love making.
   As I touch her aura now, I think to myself that each stage of
human life from being a fetus, an infant, a child, a teenager, on and
on to being elderly--each stage and age has its own unique pleasures
and satisfactions.  Exchanging energy with Obideh is like feeling all
these pleasures of life united into one touch, one flow, and one joy.  
    Perhaps one of the reasons Venus spirits are so beautiful is that
they radiate a harmony, love, integration, and satisfaction which is
internal.  It is not dependent on the external world.  You do not
have to be anything to others or accomplish anything to have this
beauty and love inside you.  But if you have it, you bring charm,
harmony, and good fortune to every situation you enter.  The
challenge in interacting with a Venus spirit, then, is to be open and
to learn so that you can find this beauty and love in yourself. 

7 of 14 Requisites.  If you taste and experience such as an exquisite
and divine level of love and union, you need also to do your
homework if it is not going to end up wounding you or
overpowering you with its power and its passion.  This is to say that
if we are going to practice Venusian love here on earth, we need to
acknowledge and work through the various difficulties which such
love evokes.  
     Human morality, with its built in jealously and ferocious defense
of tradition, is overtly hostile to new expressions of love.  Human
morality is as opposed to innocence as it is opposed to fulfilling your
divine work on earth.  But you donFt overcome morality by
attacking it or intentionally breaking its rules.  Rather you do what it
can not do which is to take more and not less responsibility for the
decisions you make.  You envision what it can not imagine--the
fulfillment both of instinctual desire and divine purpose. 
     Here are a few comments on some of the problems we need to
overcome if we are going to express such a high level of innocence,
intelligence, and power with each other.

1. You need a will of steel to control and watch over the process of
love.  The reason is that with deep expressions of love all your inner
pain and the needs of infancy and childhood come immediately
bubbling up to the surface demanding to be satisfied.  When you
feel a love in which you are completely safe and which touches the
core of yourself, you also open to what is hidden within you.  If you
then demand the other heal all your wounds and pain in an
impulsive and irrational manner which is what infants and children
do, you then destroy the sacred space of the love connection.

2.  Also, there is an inevitable sense of hurt and ache which results
from such a high level of union with another.  A love relationship
can heal some parts of yourself.  But the long range remedy is to be
totally committed to healing oneself so that you embody the healing
process which you also seek to perfect and to share with another
    In other words, you remain extremely clear in distinguishing
between what is your karmic work in life and what belongs to the
other individual.  Lovers sometimes become so invasive and
demanding of each other that they insist the other person do their
own work.  A woman who is a Libra expects her partner to maintain
balance and harmony in the relationship when this is her karmic task
and not his.  A man who is an Aries expects his partner to be
assertive and incisive in her decisions when this is what he is meant
to learn on his own. 
    Partners can certainly act in ways which maximize the harmony
and health of the relationship but there is a point at which you are
not helping your partner but hindering.  Consequently, you have to
be very sharp about what each individualFs task in life is. 
Otherwise, your sympathy and kindness fosters dependency rather
than strength. 
3.  The third problem is that the surge and flow of physical and
emotional attraction comes and goes.  Sometimes it is profound and
awesome and other times it is faint and waning.  This can be very
confusing for partners who  attach themselves to peak emotions and
try to avoid the more difficult emotions.
     The remedy is to have a powerful mental connection mind to
mind.  For example, you can do this by contemplating each otherFs
lives and imagining you are the other person so you practice seeing
through the otherFs eyes.   Without this mental plane stability and
concentration, you invariably feel the other has invaded your
personal and private space and then abandoned you.  In other
words, if one day you feel this great intimacy and the next day you
donFt feel it is there, you end up questioning the relationship.  It
seems invalid.  The mental plane offers a means for overcoming

4.  The fourth problem is that you need to share all your important
memories of your life because if you donFt there will be times
when the other person feels like a stranger--you simply canFt
understand why he or she acts and responds in certain ways.   One
exercise married partners sometimes do in encounter groups is to
talk about something neutral like cooking dinner but also to express
as they talk some major emotional experience that occurred during
the marriage.  Quite often, the other partner can name the specific
event the other person is recalling and feeling as they talk. The point
is that those who are close can grasp each otherFs feelings and so
overcome the isolation arising from not really knowing each other
very well.

5.  The fifth problem is that when you are this close to another the
other individual inevitable exerts too much influence over you. 
Your wills infiltrate each otherFs motivations and aspirations.  The
otherFs presence ends up organizing your feelings and editing your
thought processes.  When individuals marry, for example, they will
often go to extreme lengths in order to affirm their union, often
sacrificing their friendships and other interests which are quite
     The remedy is to overcome the natural tendency to immerse
yourself in each other as if you are forming one identity.  Instead,
you keep clear in your mind that you are two separate individuals
and personalities.  What you do then is that you focus on the
attraction between the two of you.  This is the kind of appreciation
and observation a painter, photographer, or artist uses when he or
she is trying to give expression through their art to the beauty they
see.  They perceive color, form, texture, context, posture, and
movement in every nuance and aspect.  
     To use a metaphor from music, the body is your instrument. 
Sensations are your notes.  Feelings are the melody and love is the
song.  The musician masters each part so that the music is right.  If
you go for the song without practicing and mastering the notes, the
rhythm, and the beat, the music is incomplete.  Therefore, you study
your own and your partnerFs behaviors and routines always
seeking ways to make things flow a little more naturally.

6. The sixth problem is more profound and existential.  There is
something terribly lonely about being human.  There is always
something essential that is missing from life which keeps us from
feeling fully alive. 
   The great temptation is to imagine that the lover and the love you
have for each other are enough to make this emptiness disappear. 
After all, lovers will say, tWe have each other.  Nothing in world
can take this away or reduce this gift.v
    But as enticing, overwhelming, and blissful as love may be, the
lover is not the remedy.  You have to identify with the divine spirit
within yourself which is immortal and exists beyond the limitations
of any incarnation.  
    To put it simply, to love fully you need to be aware of your
divinity.  That is, you have to see that love is a creative act--you
have to want it, will it, and then oversee it until it is all that you
it to be.  This is not something you get from another person or a
relationship.  This is something you give.  When two individuals
bring this resource into the relationship, then you are in a position to
have a union of your spirits.  And this is something truly sacred and
magnificent and the world benefits from the gifts you are able to

7. The seventh problem has always been around but it is also very
modern indeed:  you get too busy to have time for each other.  That
is, you are so externally focused because of your activities you no
longer change gears in a way which is required for an inner
connection and rich flow of feelings with another person.  Such a
connection requires putting aside all your barriers, defenses,
aggressions, and organizational abilities.
   The remedy is to treat a relationship the way you visit a church or
temple.  When you enter this space, you realize you are in the
presence of the sacred.  You come here to worship, to open your
heart, and to touch to the divine.  You put some time aside for this
and you make a commitment to it. 
     This is almost impossible for human beings but then again it is a
Venusian teaching.  The spirits of Venus are appointed to teach that
you cannot serve others very well or attain real integration unless
you experience love at the core of yourself and share this in turn
with another.  Do this and when the light of divinity appears within
your heart, its light is able to shine.  Without this personal love
which Venus has been placed in the sky to celebrate, the divine light
is reflected through your heart in a twisted, distorted, fanatical,
harsh, or devouring manner.

I plan to update this report at a later date as I learn more.