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†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Changeling Dialogues Part II



4:53:32 AM William Mistele: How are you?

4:53:55 AM Changeling: Iím doing alright, long work weekend, but the weather has been SO BEAUTIFUL the last few days.Iíve been exploring the town.

4:54:08 AM Changeling: Its raining now so I walked home in the rain, danced around a bit, now Iím just chillin at home.

4:55:37 AM William Mistele: I am working on my breathing energy exercise. Can I "breathe" inside of you for a minute or two?

4:55:54 AM Changeling: Sure sounds good

4:56:11 AM William Mistele: ok.Back in a minute or two.

4:56:17 AM Changeling: mmk

5:02:33 AM William Mistele: It is meant to be gentle. Is that ok? Feel anything?

5:02:40 AM Changeling: Yeah

5:02:44 AM Changeling: Its really gentle and peaceful.

5:02:53 AM Changeling: I could just relax and close my eyes and let go.

5:02:57 AM Changeling: It was nice

5:03:02 AM Changeling: Thanks :)

5:03:09 AM William Mistele: You are very watery but I already knew that.

5:03:34 AM Changeling: haha that I am, trying to work on balancing a little more for my own sake, but I wonít loose my water, donít worry.

5:04:41 AM William Mistele: The air vitality turns into water inside of you as you breathe in.The air vitality will alter itself according to the nature of the person.I am in awe of your watery nature.It is very balancing to work with your water.

5:05:16 AM Changeling: :) Iím glad I could be of help, and its so refreshing to work with you :) always a pleasure!


6:07:11 AM William Mistele: Okay, here we go. I am producing a magnetic field inside and around me; just follow and reproduce it in yourself and then we will add in another level.

6:07:28 AM Changeling: okay

6:07:52 AM William Mistele: I'll throw in eight or so other watery type people including some of your friends.††

6:08:00 AM Changeling: okay sounds good

6:10:48 AM Changeling: okay, so to me it feels like Iím taking the water and charging it with electricity and making it thicker and a little darker almost, more contained and intense.

6:11:05 AM Changeling: It takes more effort to extend it, but it can be done.

6:11:33 AM Changeling: I feel a pulse going into my solar plexus

6:11:48 AM Changeling: like little volts around my skin almost.

6:12:20 AM William Mistele: The magnetic field absorbs or "controls" all electricity but yeah there is electrical activity, often very ecstatic, but that is a side effect, the sea of magnetism doesn't really change.

6:13:12 AM Changeling: yeah.It is not harming anyone but its there. I can almost smell the electrical static when it changes. Iím not sure if Iím doing it right.

6:13:46 AM William Mistele: okay, I'll do it a little more this time as me inside of you doing it.

6:13:57 AM Changeling: okay

6:15:17 AM Changeling: Ah! I see okay!

6:17:10 AM William Mistele: Here is adding in an undine queen namely Istiphul this time, okay.

6:17:22 AM William Mistele: Another meditation partner for you to work with.

6:17:29 AM Changeling: :) Sheís amazing.

6:17:34 AM Changeling: okay

6:20:12 AM Changeling: wow, great.

6:20:59 AM William Mistele: Feels good.

6:21:23 AM Changeling: yes it does :) I love when she is around.

6:21:40 AM Changeling: She never kissed me like that though.

6:21:51 AM William Mistele: so you can gradually add her into ..... kisses you?

6:22:22 AM Changeling: She came and touched my face, kissed me, swan through me, and then allowed me to drink from her magnetism.

6:22:47 AM William Mistele: Like nectar flowing through you kind of feeling.

6:23:17 AM William Mistele: So you can add in Istiphul on occasion to enrich or learn more about magnetism and love as she does it.

6:24:04 AM William Mistele: Being in her presence is sometimes like being in an electrical storm because she sets off mini volts of electricity discharging from all the nerve cells in my body but that is just a reaction.

6:24:17 AM Changeling: yes

6:24:21 AM Changeling: I think it is similar to what occurred in me.

6:24:26 AM William Mistele: This time it was the pure flowing magnetism moving through me.

6:24:46 AM Changeling: yes

6:24:50 AM Changeling: Its wonderful.



12:50:53 PM William Mistele: In fifteen seconds I will be a tiny dot in your solar plexus about two inches above your navel in the center of your body and I'll breathe in about five breaths of vitality accumulating it.

12:53:45 PM William Mistele: okay?

12:53:53 PM Changeling: Ffelt really good :) A ice heat sensation.

12:53:59 PM Changeling: But warm soothing heat.

12:54:30 PM William Mistele: yeah, Bardon favors fiery light as healing energy; you naturally send watery healing energy when you heal.I have to figure out how to teach others that as well.

12:54:47 PM Changeling: I should learn how to use the fiery too, for when its needed.

12:55:05 PM William Mistele: Okay, I'll take a minute and dissolve this energy in you which I gathered.

12:55:12 PM Changeling: okay

12:56:37 PM William Mistele: It should be mostly gone now.

12:56:59 PM Changeling: Yeah. My abdomen reacted physically haha, weird but cool.



12:57:46 PM William Mistele: Next is concentrating on a cold sensation.Simply concentrate for a minute on both hands being in icy cold water; I'll imagine my hands are inside your hands doing the same.

12:57:54 PM Changeling: okay sounds good.

12:57:58 PM William Mistele: Or inside of ice.

12:59:37 PM William Mistele: How was that? Okay?

1:00:15 PM Changeling: Very much so!

1:00:27 PM Changeling: My hands are still cold.

1:02:05 PM Changeling: My hands are physically cold.

1:02:15 PM Changeling: And becoming red and blotchy.

1:02:22 PM Changeling: Almost like the beginning of frostbit.

1:02:31 PM William Mistele: OH, okay, I'll dissolve the cold now, give me a minute or two.

1:02:46 PM Changeling: No its fine.

1:02:51 PM Changeling: I dont mind working with cold. I like it.

1:02:52 PM Changeling: Keep doing the cold.

1:05:22 PM Changeling: Nice.

1:05:32 PM Changeling: I like this way of working a lot.

1:07:22 PM Changeling: I pictured myself in the arctic surrounded by ice and water. Istiphul was also there & you but not physically.

1:07:39 PM Changeling: haha. ym typin get so bad when im not fully back yet.


1:10:39 PM William Mistele: So that is the kind of thing you do for others using the sea of love meditationóyou add the icy cold water sensation to the love feeling which is more a magnetic thing which is more effective for you.



9:48:56 AM William Mistele: I did a hour and a half interview with a local mermaid woman whose aura is like the sea.

9:49:29 AM Changeling: Wow! Great! What did you gain?

9:50:41 AM William Mistele: She feels the sea surrounding all of the time.†† I kept asking her, have you ever told anyone else about these experiences you are sharing with me and she would say no.She "zaps" people just walking down the street making them feel better.She has always has seen fairies, and she used to get stalked by men until she put an end to it.

9:51:14 AM Changeling: Stopped zapping people?

9:51:24 AM William Mistele: She emits "vapor" from the ocean she senses around herself to heal others.

9:51:35 AM Changeling: nice :)

9:52:02 AM William Mistele: She automatically sends energy to whoever she is near.She doesn't call it healing and it is automatic but after she sends it she notices the different colors the energy assumes for each person.

9:52:18 AM Changeling: Wow! Very cool.

9:52:45 AM William Mistele: She feels she is already right now in heaven and that whatever is happening is where she is supposed to be.

9:53:12 AM Changeling: Whoa, she is very blessed and very wise to feel that way.

9:53:30 AM Changeling: Its one thing to know it, but to actually feel it is something else.

9:53:33 AM William Mistele: It takes me hours to recover from just being around her.

9:54:40 AM William Mistele: I lose my sense of physical balance. She says that "astral" travel for her is like being in thick jello and that there is no up or down, you just flow through it and that you go wherever you want to go. That is partly why I lose my sense of balance around her because this jello space gets into my aura.

9:54:59 AM Changeling: hahaha

9:55:00 AM William Mistele: I'll try to transcribe the interview soon.

9:55:50 AM William Mistele: She reflected on my point that she had never told anyone about her experiences which in effect I pointed it out to her.

9:57:15 AM Changeling: Haha you do that for a lot of us, point out things we donít know we do.

9:58:54 AM William Mistele: She says breaking up with a deep lover is like a strong and deep river that suddenly stops flowing through you.She doesn't complain or try to cling to it like a human woman but simply asks to herself, Where is the next river?She says human women, and this is a woman who is very gentle and kind, that human women are vindictive, mean, and jealous.

9:59:16 AM Changeling: ;)



10:09:09 AM William Mistele: So, today, five minutes?

10:09:18 AM Changeling: Were you doing some meditations on me yesterdayworking on peace and bliss?

10:09:27 AM William Mistele: I was talking about you in the mermaid womanís presence.You probably sensed her aura which for me is like the Atlantic Ocean.

10:09:37 AM Changeling: haha okay, then I was just feeling it.


10:12:23 AM William Mistele: Tell me about Istiphul's kiss sometime. I have several pages written on her kiss.

10:12:40 AM Changeling: It was magnetic to say the least.

10:13:39 AM Changeling: She grabbed my face, not harshly just strongly and kissed me, and our energies swirled together I want to say it was like two sisters kissing but that is inaccurate.

10:13:57 AM Changeling: It was like the two of us becoming one being , but different aspects of itself uniting.

10:14:09 AM Changeling: Strong, passionate, wise, playful, and loving.

10:14:23 AM Changeling: Then she flowed right into me.

10:15:05 AM Changeling: Head first, through me like a playful and omniscient cascade of water.

10:15:19 AM William Mistele: That is really neat.

10:15:39 AM Changeling: Then back out,allowed me to drink form her magnetism, and then flowed off ;)

10:15:53 AM William Mistele: wow

10:16:23 AM Changeling: yeah :)

10:17:23 AM William Mistele: My descriptionóďIf Helen of Tray at been a beautiful as Istiphul, it would not have been the Greeks and Trojans but the entire world at war over the right to kiss her lips.Ē

10:17:57 AM Changeling: She has been around me a lot and so have a lot of other water beings that I feel familiar around but donít know yet in this skin.

10:18:11 AM William Mistele: I wonder if I should introduce you to some of the mermen that Bardon describes? I don't want to take your focus away from this world though. lol

10:23:06 AM Changeling: I would love to meet these mermen!

10:23:20 AM Changeling: Iím always open to pretty much everything.



7:34:47 AM William Mistele: Hi, back. Here is a picture of the local mermaid woman. I mentioned when she was little that she could flick her fingers and cause someone to fall down.But she decided right away that that wasn't such a good thing to do.But at some point she learned to get rid of stalkers.I didn't press her on that as to how but I imagine she just "wills" them to depart or to leave her alone.

8:06:55 AM Changeling: She is really beautiful.


8:09:01 AM Changeling: Do you have any effects like that after speaking with me? I hope not. I try to be quite conscious of how I affect people and try not to take them too far out of their element so to speak.

8:09:22 AM Changeling: It happens to me with other elements especially air and fire.

8:10:04 AM William Mistele: No, there is nothing dangerous yet about you.You as a planetary treasure to be preserved and protected at all costs.


8:15:06 AM William Mistele: You really get inside of another, not just immersing them in your aura; you are like an apprentice to Istiphul who specializes in joining two as one in a sacred space of love, not just joining or oneness but a oneness that is absolute, total, completely, past, present, and future too.You can't dream or imagine this sort of thing until you run into it.

8:15:22 AM Changeling: :)

8:16:22 AM Changeling: Thanks.Iím so happy that you are able to understand it. Now I can talk about it to someone who is physical.I find it easy to do with you though.

8:17:14 AM William Mistele: Why not at least try to explain it to someone for whom connecting from inside to another is an important issue?

8:17:55 AM Changeling: I do try to explain and a lot of people at least try to understand.

8:18:04 AM Changeling: But you the first who recognizes it and speaks it to me.

8:22:06 AM William Mistele: I wrote my story about Karl, the Master, and the Mermaid after meditating with you. I must have already mentioned this: where a mermaid in a woman puts to an end a magician's spiritual growth because her inner connection to him is so absolute and overpowering.But you are already here in a body of your own and not possessing a woman's body as in those cases. All the same, our first meditation together suspended my psychic abilities for three hours until the spell wore off because you effortlessly join with another on an etheric level--that is, it is not like your astral body but you are blended totally with the biochemical vitality of the body.This isnít like another local girl woo extends her aura through her boyfriend all the time.She doesn't know how to extend her etheric body in that way but I'll have too see if I can get her to do that too.

8:24:46 AM William Mistele: Your telekinetic abilities mean you are more closely tied with your consciousness to the physical world as is the girl who with her flick of the fingers can cause someone to fall down. Human beings do not generally have that tie to the physical world with the energy inside of themselves; maybe before in Atlantis but not in this civilization.So when it comes to love, there it is again. You do Istiphul's kind of love and she is the best on the earth in that area.

8:26:54 AM Changeling: :>

8:27:08 AM Changeling: Wow Bill, sorry for suspending your psychic abilities.

8:28:59 AM William Mistele: No, no. It was an experience with undine style love. Love suspends everything as you must know overriding all other concerns and purposes.