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On Magical Bonds With Mermaids


Question: What are the ways human beings may bond with a mermaid to keep her here with us? Can a magician not gain her qualities and powers by marrying her?


Response: Bardon tells of a student he warned not to marry a mermaid, but his student married her anyway. I write of two similar cases.

  There are a few genuine changeling events that occur where the mermaid and human child are exchanged. These are quite rare. See The Changeling:


Some mermaids incarnate of their own volition and free will. Like water, they are free to flow into a different form that has an affinity with water.  Some are here for the first time in human form and others have incarnated many times.

  These are not so unusual that you can not meet them.  See The Custodian of the Mermaid Archives:


   I did not understand Bardon’s warning about not marrying a mermaid until I meditated briefly with a mermaid in human form. She instantly, effortlessly, became one with me. It is the nature of mermaids to do so. Love is being one.

  But for three hours I could not do anything psychic. When I tried to look into the spiritual realms, I could only see her face and feel her within me.  It wore off, but I can see why binding a mermaid to our realm through a magical agreement would be disastrous.  (see again the above story)

  All the same, in one of my short dialogues I make fun of Bardon for not considering all options and consequences of such a relationship. See the story, Karl, the Master, and the Undine.


  For Bardon, a human being who stays too long in the realm of the mermaids can die as his astral and physical body connections break down.  See the story, Donovan:


In the story, Ahmed the Wizard, see


the magician does not gain the mermaid’s powers because she is in him but he is not in her. But she can acquire many of the magician’s powers because mermaids are so incredibly receptive; like the ocean that absorbs the heat of the sun, they effortlessly learn the man’s abilities.   

    The wizard Ahmed has many different kinds of encounters with the undine queen Istiphul over many years. He experiences the bliss and love of her presence. But he never really learns anything from her. He develops amazing healing abilities, but the healing energy comes from her aura which is constantly flowing through him. 

    Some bad magicians seek to bind a mermaid against her will so she remains in human form.  In the following three stories, I explore briefly how and why they were motivated to do this.  In the story, Mermaid Assassin, a woman recounts to me how she was turned into an assassin during the time of Atlantis.  I tell how as a mermaid she was mesmerized and controlled so as to become an assassin.

The Mermaid Assassin:


  In the story, A Mermaid’s Story, I tell of another mermaid of high rank who was given a human soul against her will during the time of Atlantis. This was a terrible violation of divine law and contributed to the destruction of Atlantis.  This violation is still being held against us.  Dumb, dumb human beings!

A Mermaid’s Story:


  In the Airplane Pilot Mermaid story I tell of how a member of an advanced race has right now taken control of a mermaid by the extraordinary will power these beings possess. But he does not realize he is violating any divine laws.  This form of bonding is completely natural for his race, but the mermaid queens have asked me to mediate this situation.   


The Airplane Pilot Mermaid


There are other ways mermaids are bound to human form. One story I am writing is of a mage who permanently attached a spirit to the mermaid so she continues to incarnate in human form.


I wrote perhaps my best story about a woman I have interviewed many times, see Caelius Aurelius Luscas and the Mermaid


A senator in ancient Rome has a mermaid slip in and out of his wife, temporarily taking possessing of her.  The wife wanted to stop being alive. 

  On consulting a seer, the senator was told:

  “You have three options.  Do nothing and you risk losing this creature of nature imbued with divine grace.  In any moment without explanation she may return to the sea.  If you lose her, she is gone forever.   

   “Second, if you desire her, there are ways to entice her to remain.  You may give and receive pleasure.  You may share love.  But when either of you dies the love will only be a memory, like a dream, that fades away.  She returns to her realm beyond human reach. 

  “Third, you are free to invest her with a human soul like your own.  In this case, she will be bonded to humanity.  The love you share in this life will remain part of your soul forever.  Not only that.  She is a gift from the sea to humanity.  A new love shall take root on earth.  It shall grow and flourish down through the centuries.”

  This story goes into some detail on the procedures used.

  But once she was in human form, the senator began to experience an astonishing expansion of his awareness of water.

  This brings us to the central question of this entire discussion:  Why is it that the great mages of human history can not figure out how to embody the qualities of the mermaid queens within themselves? Why do they try to steal that beauty, possess it, or keep it from being known to mankind?

  The senator consulted with the high priest of the temple of Neptune for an answer.  A man who embodies a mermaid’s energy does not turn into a merman. He turns into the god Neptune—he becomes aware of all the waters of the earth. He becomes a god. But neither the senator nor the high priest dared attempt such a feat. People in those days feared the gods or else they had good common sense.    

  I also pursue this question rigorously in The Story of the Undine Queen Isaphil:


In a very ancient time, a great warrior says to a great female seer sent to our world to teach mankind of the lunar mysteries:

“Humanity is focused on the external world. Our senses seize and take hold of things. The design of our lust and love creates separation rather than inner union with nature. It is who we are as a race.

   “Perhaps after ten or twenty world civilizations rise and fall we will have enough experience to turn within. We must learn through experience that willpower without inner illumination inevitably destroys the world. When we learn this, we will then be ready to join the inner and outer worlds.

    “You must wait until a woman senses what is missing from life and volunteers to embody within her self the love that unites the realms of human and fairy.”


For more playful stories about internalizing feminine beauty and energy, see


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