On Trolls


Due to the recent gift of the internet to the human race from the spirits of the sphere of Uranus, the astral plane has grown closer to the physical world. As a result, there are side effects such as lower astral entities are now able to temporarily take possession of human beings. One such astral entity is the troll that comes in a variety of forms.

   The most familiar kind of Troll--the Pissing Troll-- is the one who enters a group such as a yahoo group with the sole purpose of evoking a strong emotional response from its members. The human being possessed by the troll astral entity does this usually by "dumping" unprocessed emotions on the group members.

  When challenged, the troll, often adept at rationalizing, will present persuasive and completely reasonable arguments that he has the best of intentions and is quite happy to fulfill the deepest purposes and ideals of the group. E.g., "It was never my intention to offend anyone with my innocent yet constructive comments."

  It is not the actual content of discussions that drives away other members of this group. It is the "smell" of unprocessed body fluids that the troll continuously exposes the group to, thus the name "Pissing Troll." However educated or adept with words this troll is, he remains simply a baby without diapers as he dumps on others endlessly without any capacity for self reflection. The perfect con--he believes himself to be innocent and is shocked that anyone would think otherwise.

  Though the Pissing Troll might appear as a seemingly innocent and naïve individual, his malice should not be underestimated.  In effect, it is as if a larvae from the astral plane that exists to feed off of others strong emotional responses had temporarily taken possession of a human being.  Attaching itself to the crown chakra of a human being, that individual’s conscience is in effect suspended.  It is no longer then possible to actually reason with this individual.

  It is not that he can not reason, but rather being generous or “kind” with such an individual hoping he can learn from your comments is like trying to heal a vampire by giving it some of your blood.  What the larvae/Pissing Troll does is that in any interaction his response, even when apologizing or stating his commitment to being positive, is to reframe others comments. He will put the others thoughts, intentions, or feelings one notch lower in value. 

  If you say to him, This is my experience, he may acknowledge your experience but suggest patiently or calmly that it is inadequate or missing something which he feels it should have to be adequate.  If you explain to him that certain things are for him to discover on his own, he will say that he could in fact do that but he wants to know right now if you can save him that effort by simply demonstrating to him what he feels you should be able to prove given all the work you have done. 

  In effect, whatever you do or say, he will imply in some what that it is inadequate.  His standards and experience are the final judge and not yours.  What makes this troll so nerve racking if you have not witnessed it before is that he believes himself to be totally sincere and innocent even as he is attacking your motives or experience in his next breath.  Like I say, his conscience is gone.

  You can cup your hands and fill them with water and watch the cute little blood sucker fish swim around. See how adorable it is. But it exists for one purpose—to suck your life force out of you and into itself.

   Unless you have seen negativity wrapped in innocence before, it is extremely hard to understand this troll because you keep wanting to help him and encourage him.  It is like spouse abuse or someone getting DUI’s, they are in denial. Until you have actually witnessed denial first hand, it is very hard to understand that someone can actually “believe” that they are innocent when they are not—fooling even themselves and so again surprised and shocked that you question their motives.

  On the other hand, there is nothing more enjoyable than a Pissing Troll if you are doing stand up comedy in a comedy club or leading a boring discussion group such as in an eight hour class meeting five days a week in the Navy. You pray to have a Pissing Troll in your class. Their incredibly creative sarcasm and negativity generates endless laughter.  One third of your group can’t believe that the individual is so negative. Another third does not understand what is happening. And the other third know exactly what is happening. The humor arises as the group members play off of each other’s reactions to the troll.

  Even more funny is that the Pissing Troll may enjoy and be surprised by all the attention he is receiving (remember-he doesn’t care if the responses are positive or negative) that he may inadvertently end up learning how to become a constructive group member.  Outside of controlled setting such as this, however, your Pissing Troll has the power to destroy group after group that he enters. Again, it is never precisely the words he says but the endless dumping of unprocessed emotions into the group (like a baby dumping poop) that creates the “smell” that the group stinks from all the bad energy.  People start leaving just because they can no longer stand the smell.        

     Other trolls are the Under the Bridge Troll. This troll or also called the Hazing Troll attaches itself to an on line group and simply charges a fee or else feeds on anyone new who tries to enter the group.

  For this troll, the group does not matter. It is the psychological boost of feeling free to attack, haze, or generally be mean to anyone new. The basic intent then is to gain an ego boost similar to "if I can make you feel bad, then I feel good" approach.

  A variation on the Troll Under the Bridge is the Troll as Gatekeeper. The Elite Troll Gatekeeper feels that now that the group has been formed, we the current members are very special and we really do not want newbies coming in and wasting our time. And there is the simple sense of anyone who feels privileged or "higher" in rank not wanting to be around those of lesser rank. In other words, a general snobiness.

 In one Half Life on line gaming community, for example, I am told an Ad Man simply banned any young kids with high pitched voices and also anyone who did not speak "good English"--no doubt a left over vestige of the British Empire.  

  It turned out that some parents who played Half Life were directing their six to nine year old children to play Half Life on line in place of hiring a baby sitter or having to baby sit them between the hours of 6 PM and 10 PM. Our sympathies to these poor Ad Man whose high throne has been debased in the role of baby sitter.

  Of course, as everyone already knows every monastery, ashram, and religious community on earth has its own equivalent of a Troll Gatekeeper. Christian colleges in effect relegate this duty to the Dean of Students as part of his job description--weed out those who "don't really fit in the way we would like them to fit in." This phenomenon has already been described exhaustively in the International Manual of Monastic Associations.

      The Saboteur Troll is more of a specialist. His motive is  competition and one upmanship. He enters a group like a mole and worms his way up the hierarchy of trusted leadership. But then he acts to destroy the group in various ways. Again in Half Life, one community of gamers may as moles enter another group with the sole purpose of becoming Ad Men or even gaining the service pass words. This allows him to shut down the group, steal group funds at will and transfer them to PayPal, or else to simply delete files so the group can no longer function.

 The worst kind of however remains the XO Troll--the executive officer who is second in command. Illustrated as in a monastery, ashram, martial art group, church, etc. where the "second in command" screens out or in effect clears away all complaints, legitimate questions, and actual needs of those in the organization. Anyone with integrity will object to this but the individual in charge is so grateful to have such a loyal underling that he gives his complete support to this abusive individual.

  Other trolls such as the Amway Ambush Troll are not actually trolls. Amway is of course a wonderful direct selling marketing system. It is the training seminars that produce not trolls but vampires. You will notice this when you get a call from someone who has just attended their seminar. It is "Let me bite you on the neck with my enthusiasm and you shall have my enthusiasm and sales success. In turn, all whom you bite with this bite of enthusiasm shall also be as successful and well motivated." But, like I say, that belongs to a different set of astral entities and centers on the problem in yoga called Vishnu's Knot in the heart chakra.