Open Letter to the Dalai Lama


With all due respect,  

You want Tibet back?

As a temporary agent of the 49 Judges of Saturn

I’ll tell you the bottom line,

You do not deserve Tibet back at this time.

If you really want it, you can have it

But here is the karmic bind:

What you seek for yourselves

You will not find

Until justice and peace are applied first

To all human beings across the earth

Short and sweet—between the nations make peace

I personally will hand you Tibet in three years guaranteed

If my words you have the courage to heed:

Take thirty of your best disciples on earth

And for an hour a day

Do the Kalachakra, wrathful compassion,

Inside of dictators who cause pain and suffering

The Chief Judge of Saturn herself--right from her lips--

Offers you this tip:

A religion of kindness will never succeed

Until you and your disciples go one on one

With the malicious

Not until your hearts are more powerful than theirs

As in getting them to stop arming and harming.

It counts for nothing your large, solemn gatherings

Puga mantra-ing, robes, and Bodhisattva vows

When you are asked by akasha to fulfill this task:

Tear down the concrete and barbwire walls

Of North Korea, stop Iran from arming Hezbollah,

And other comparables

Specific time frames for real world tasks is what I ask

Fail in this endeavor

And Tibet you will have never,

What you seek for yourselves

You must first give to others

No one said life was fair

But like stone soup

You have to put in your fair share.