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Pigios, 15 degrees Gemini, Patron of Poets


Introduction.  Pigios, according to Bardon, assists those who are writers and poets through force of inspiration.  Although Bardon mentions a number of spirits in the earthzone who work with writers of fables, myths, and occult novels, he says that Pigios is the head of all poets on earth. 


Reason for Evocation.  To communicate unusual subjective experiences, it is often useful to rely on metaphors and to do comparisons.  Pigios, as a master of poetry, is a specialist in this area.  I also want to work with poetry since another spirit, Zagriona, had reminded me I had once been a bard in another incarnation long before Western civilization rose to power.


Preliminary.  According to Bardon, the spirits of the earthzone in Gemini prefer the color brown be used initially in drawing their sigils.  Besides drawing the sigil of Pigios in the air, I create an energy field of brown light.  To do this, I imagine a space as vast as the sky surrounding the earth.  And then I visualize brown light filling this space.

     In addition to this, I imagine my awareness is penetrating throughout space and time and that in fact I am this entire space--I am formless, immense, and vast.  This aspect of the visualization expands and extends your aura so it embodies the one vibration or meditation you are working with.  It is a way of opening a gate between the worlds and of creating a sacred space in which you can meet a divine being.

    Often spirits require that I condense the light I am visualizing so that they are able to be more fully present.  To do this, I sometimes imagine that the outer edge of the sky, like the inner surface of a sphere, is a mirror focusing the color of light to the center where I am sitting.  The light becomes dense and thick in the air and it is this substance that enables the spirit to appear.


15 Degrees Gemini.  The fifteenth degree of Gemini is an invitation to explore the wonder of sensory perception.  The five senses take on an exquisite fragrance and a delicious taste.  You feel like you want to discover the layers of light and the secret treasures of delight hidden within each mode of perception.


Pigios’ Inner Source of Inspiration.  Pigios talks about his power to evoke feelings and to inspire:  "The desire of a man for a woman--when it is so strong he would do anything, go on any quest, make any sacrifice, accomplish any mission, in order to taste her bliss--this fire of desire is part of my enchantment.  The pain, the void, the abyss, the suffering, a fire so concentrated it ignites stars in order to use their light to express its desire--all of this is hidden within a man but I am the inspiration that gives it expression.

     “And the love that flows from the heart of God and is woven into the form of a woman who loves with all of her soul--this is the greatest treasure on earth though mankind knows it not and religions refuse to honor it.  Woman is the mirror reflecting the omnipresent, all-embracing love that is within everything that exists.  It is as near, present, and as fresh as a kiss.  Those who are touched by this inspiration, in one inhalation and exhalation, feel they are as radiant and joyful as the sun whose light revives and energizes all life on earth.  My enchantment is the invitation to be fully alive--to be complete freedom, to be desire and its gratification, and to celebrate the sacred paths of life.

     “The feeling that flows through me--it is the breath of life;  it is the wind that lifts the wings of the archangels;  it is the Song of the universe;  it is the taste of starlight;  it is the silence of the night awaiting dawn's first light;  it is the adoration of Divine Providence;  it is eternity and time blended in the taste of wine;  it is the courage of a warrior whose will dissolves conflict by annihilating hatred and destroying fear;  it is a love of such passion and gentleness the world is made new through its embrace.”


Pigios' Sigil.  This sigil strengthens your imagination.  It evokes a feeling of complete freedom and satisfaction.  And it also gives you a flair for finding the precise image or metaphor that captures and expresses to your self or to another what you want to say.  Once you become familiar with Pigios and his inspiration, you can draw this sigil in the air.  In a few moments you may say to yourself something like, “Ah, this is the metaphor that captures what I am after.”


Pigios' Domain within Akasha.  For Pigios, we live in multiple dimensions and there are many ways to perceive any event that happens.  In our breath and ears is the wisdom of sylphs.  In our eyes are clairvoyance and the wisdom of fire.  In our touch are the mystery of trust and the wonder of being alive. 

     Is it the archmage, the patriarch, the saint, and the sage or is it the child who is closer to the heart of life?  To express truth with simplicity and beauty is a magical accomplishment.  To speak in the present moment with precision and finesse and yet to select words resonating with the wisdom of all ages--this is true art.  The domain of Pigios is as invincible as it is timeless because at its center is the power of the Spoken Word and the beauty and harmony of a heart that loves.


Pigios' Outer Aura.  Pigios employs very powerful images that enchant and generate ecstasy and profound contentment.  I notice right away as I tune into Pigios that his energy is very hypnotic.  It has the effect of heightening your imagination so you feel you enter whatever memory or experience you are considering.  Think of someone and you are within the memory of being with that person. 

     Of course, physiologists have discovered our brains have a natural capacity to reproduce anything we have actually experienced as if it is happening again right now.  But imagination has many applications.  For example, if you picture another person clearly in your mind, you establish a psychic link and can convey telepathic messages.

     Pigios appears as a young man dressed like a wandering minstrel.  His personality is so charismatic you can barely pull yourself away.  The air itself feels intoxicating in his presence.  I notice again that around Pigios any thought or memory I have becomes alive and animated as if I am physically present within it.

     Pigios says to me, “I have absolute mastery over the five senses.  Though I am formless awareness, consciousness without a body, I can taste every fruit on earth and distinguish each of their qualities.  But not only that.  Everything that exists has taste, fragrance, color, sound, and sensation.  I can taste the twelve fruits of the Tree of Life.  The treasures the archangels guard are not beyond my reach.  I can also taste the enlightened mind--I can savor its essence and delight in its fragrance because its luminosity sets the five senses free. 

     “Meditate with me and you will understand the life within the sea.  The sensitivity of each creature will pass through your nervous system.  The waves, the winds, the tides, and currents will feel like the flow of blood in your own arteries and veins.  And the undines also--you will slip into their dreams and see the world through the eyes of immortality.  And then the wave drifting to the shore and the spray washing your skin will be as a lover returning again.  And you shall discover love surging, pulsing, and flowing through you--it is a sea of wonder whose depths are eternity and whose shores are more distant than the stars.

     “Meditate with me and within your chest, within your breath, and you will feel the desire within the winds.  Your heart will open.  And at night beauty and harmony will curl up with you and fall asleep beside you.  Every sound and echo, every note and song will be a voice speaking to you of a wisdom more ancient than time and older than the world. 

      “And when you awake at Dawn you will speak her songs.  And the moon also as she sails through the night will pause to come down and sit beside you and speak with a voice of silvery delight.  As she takes your hands, she will speak softly as a friend whose heart is pure tenderness.  And then the future, the past, and the present--all ages of the world--will appear in images around you like the memories of a sage who, with sparkling eyes and perfect serenity, recounts the path he followed to attain liberation.

      “If I had a college on earth, I would grant degrees in enchantment.  But this enchantment would not be the kind that binds because it is motivated by greed.  My art is what the heart sees when beauty takes off her garments to reveal divinity--awe, wonder, the deepest mystery, the greatest power--these you celebrate as you break bread, as you hug, as you smile and laugh together.  I am the community whose members celebrate the sacred quest and the beauty of the world.  I am the patron of all poets on earth.  And I am the music and the art within the heart that has been set free.”


Pigios' Inner Aura.  Pigios has an incredible graphic imagination in which all five senses are engaged.  Words become virtual reality.  Say something and it is as if it is real--you look around and touch things and you feel you are really there. 


Personality.  It is also appropriate to talk about the personality of certain spirits.  They have their own unique style and charisma.  Pigios comes across as passionate and mystical.  Again, it takes an effort of will to pull yourself away since he is so captivating.  Deep feeling flows through him like river.


Akashic Plane


On the akashic plane, Pigios evokes a deep trance.  Concentration on this level is an evocation.  Power grasps and manifests the life within an image.  For Pigios, a great bard is a magician.  He can find the image and words that transmit life and experience from one person to another.

     Pigios puts it this way, “I will tell you a little secret which is part of my art: absolute faith retires into the hidden chambers of the heart.  And there it lays on a table its cards and begins a dialogue with God.  It says to God:

      “‘If I were a sovereign deity who has created space, time, matter, and countless galaxies circling, spiraling, and whirling in an endless void, this is what I would want for the world.’

      “It then tells God its vision which it has found in God's own heart.  And, hearing the voice of a poet who is willing to speak with the beauty and wonder His own voice would use, replies, ‘Ah, I thought of that Myself.  How insightful of you to probe the depths of My heart.  Since you have come this far in learning My Craft, I will offer you a gift because I am generosity.  And I love beauty and I love creativity.  As you have searched My heart, search now your own heart and then tell me your deepest wish.  And I will tell you where in space and time it shall manifest.’”

      “Think not that the human heart is separate from God's heart or that the work of your hands is not a part of His Art.  Hold in one hand all the pain, suffering, and loss you have felt.  And hold in your other hand all the joy, love, and kindness that has touched you and flowed through you. 

      “Do this within an akashic trance.  Do this while remaining relaxed and seeing through space and time while retaining the feeling of freedom within your heart--do this and the Buddhas of the world will appear before you and greet you as one of their own.  If you want inspiration to flow through your soul as it flows through me, be the jewel that embraces every color of light, that makes love with every nuance and shade of life with purity and freedom.”


Mental Plane


On the mental plane as well sensory experience is incredibly real.  You read or hear a descriptive word or phrase and you experience it with your senses.  You smell the smoke.  You feel the cold water splashing on your face. You hear another's voice and see her face and feel her presence as if she is here with you right now. 

     The akashic level is the vehicle of concentration as the crystal ball is the object that the mind focuses upon.  The mental level is the image appearing sparkling and alive and luminous with beauty and light.  The sensation here is as if the air is thick with magical power.  You move your hand through it and colors fly off your fingers and images take on life.  Whatever you focus on becomes concrete and real.

     Pigios says, “As the senses can receive sensations--taste, touch, smell, sight, sound, and the soul experiences feeling, even so the imagination can recreate what was and envision what shall be.  The senses emit creativity in order to share in the dance of life. 

      “Every situation you enter has a substantial reality.  It has weight and gravity and forces that bind and control and refuse to let go exerting a pressure and influence upon you.  But you can take each influence and force into your heart and watch it melt as the flame melts candle wax and as love sets free the secret desires of the heart.

       “On the akashic plane, you learn to be free and you willingly embrace life's opposites.  In doing so, you discover ecstasy and beauty.  Bring this awareness to the mental plane and the imagination becomes a flame drinking in experience and transforming it into wisdom. 

      “When your desire to experience life is strong enough, then the reality of the world and the divinity within you will clasp each other's hands and refuse to let go--like two brothers, one divine and one mortal, whom fate herself cannot control because their pledge to remain friends forever has more passion than she can handle.”


Astral Plane


On the astral plane, Pigios creates a feeling of being satisfied through your entire body.  The pleasure is mesmerizing.  In other words, for this spirit the astral plane contains the ability to experience the gratifications belonging to the body and senses.  In a dream you can experience something with such graphic reality you can no longer tell if it is a dream or the real thing.  This magical enchantment of image, mood, feeling, and place is something that can be transferred from one person to another or conjured up within ourselves.

     Old men dream of being young again and then awake and weep because for a little while they thought they had returned to their youth with its dreams of freedom and possibility.  There are times when someone we have never met says something to us in a dream that is more insightful and caring than anything anyone has said to us in life.   There are dreams that come upon us and then depart as if God Himself were asking us to share the feelings within His heart.  The astral plane, like the land of dreams, has the power to enchant because this is where the deities of all mythologies are free to speak if we can but learn to listen.

     The artist who is a magician finds his way into this place.  He puts his finger precisely on what is missing from life.  He does not stop at the boundaries of his society because he refuses to allow what is missing to remain unknown.  Rather, he ventures into the solitude and secrecy of dreams and shows us ourselves--who we really are if we are willing, like him, to enter and then make the dream real through our life and our art.

     Such an artist is a seer.  Through his words and art he gives you to drink of the cup of wine of what can be.  And this taste then guides you to plant the seeds that grow the vines that make the wine because his art opens the veils of time.  He shares with you a vision that transforms the world because he has been within the future, walked around, and seen beauty so wondrous it commands us to honor its reality.

     Pigios says, "The coldness of winter, the pure, clear depths of a mountain lake like the loneliness that makes the heart ache freezing the bone and turning the soul to stone; the beauty of life you see so clearly and yet which refuses your embrace because it speaks of your destiny--of who you need to be;

     “The desert where you follow a solitary path past the ruins of civilizations that have come and gone--you shift among the rubble and you hear their songs. You smell their food cooking over a fire and you taste what they taste and curl up in their beds to awake within their dreams and feel the longings in their hearts. 

     “The desert is an empty and barren waste where it is dangerous to travel too long on your own.  But like the silence in the night, it is where you must go if you would make your soul your own.  There is a moment within contemplation when the world vanishes away and you look about yourself in wonder and see a divine fire that chose these images of loneliness and loss as the fuel it needs to awaken your heart--a flame that burns without ceasing.  Its light makes every moment a treasure and a gift of love like the pleasure of one who has finally come home.”


Physical Plane


When Pigios' influence extends directly to the physical plane, he creates great success in communication.  That is, if you are a writer your work gets published and attains renown.    From Pigios' perspective, success in writing or art is just a way of communicating yourself.  It is getting the message out whatever it is you wish to express. 

     All the earthzone spirits are preoccupied with manifesting something so it is real and substantial.  It does not matter if it is the philosopher's stone, a sacred mission, domestic harmony, love, health, wealth, peace, knowledge, enlightenment, etc.  They want something concrete that everyone will agree is real so that its influence spreads and remains effective through the years. 

     For Pigios, what this means is that your personal experience, through the power of art, because part of everyone's experience.  Your journey through the labyrinth of life helps clarify for others an aspect of human experience and a moment when the human soul opened and discovered its own light.   And so there is an immense drive to reshape and perfect your work so that it becomes something of enduring value.

     In the early morning when the birds first begin to sing, when the light filters through the leaves of the trees with subtly and art shifting between colors and shades--this experience of wonder and newness remains true for all generations as long as life exists on earth.  Pigios teaches us that our personal experience is united with all ages of the world.  Our individual lives are the drama and celebration through which life moves. 

     Each moment is clear and crisp and full of wonder.  Pigios is an intoxication of joy.  He is the realization that the five senses extend to infinity.  And in the process of discovering this and tasting this we become magicians and we become fully alive.

     Pigios summarizes the effects of his full evocation in this way, “My awareness in the physical world is the realization that your body and the universe around you are a magnificent and wondrous work of art.  Like any great pageantry and celebration, the power and beauty within them are immense. 

     “The wine master, when he is accomplished and wise, does not need to be recognized.  He is satisfied when others delight in his wine and drink it at their parties, ceremonies, and celebrations.  Through his vines flows the ancient soul of the land.  In the grape is the taste of fire falling from the sky and also rain and streams full of dreams.  Through the heart and hands of such an artist flows the joy that brings life to fruition and fills the world around him with pleasure. 

     “I have inspired poets and bards since the beginning of time and yet only a few know who I am.  But this does not matter because my art is a gift to me from life.  My joy is complete and through my work I, in return, honor life.  It is true that as the fire dies down and only the flicker of glowing embers remains our appreciation for the light is the greater.  Still, the fire within the heart remains whatever shape or form the body takes.

     “If you can make my soul part of your world so the inspiration within me speaks with flesh and blood, then the human race will always celebrate the mysteries of love.  They will always be able to speak the words that reveal and satisfy the innermost secrets and longings of the heart.  And there will always be poets and seers on earth to sing the Song of the Universe.”


Possible Difficulties/Imbalances.  The first hurdle to overcome in working with poetic inspiration is fear.  Fear stops the five senses from perceiving.  It makes them dull, numb, and dumb.  It puts blinders on them. 

     Fear says, “Experience is like riding the subway, train, or bus.  It is only permitted to take you to places along established routes where the stops are predetermined in advance and there are other people riding along with you.  If you try traveling by foot or by yourself, you will end up in a ghetto, a jungle, or a swamp.”

     Fear is other peoples' expectations like a noose around your neck or like a bridle on a horse.  You do not need to be in jail to wear chains upon your ankles and cuffs upon your wrists, to have guards taking role call, announcing lock down, and making you march two by two to dinner, exercise, or work.  Fear preserves order by keeping people out of jail and attending to their social obligations.  Fear is more potent than poison when it comes to destroying your craving for exploration.

     Even archangels will not come near a people who cherish fear.  Their voices are silent even during the still of night when everyone dreams.  The radio waves may be filled with the music of Bach, Handel, and Beethoven, but it does not matter.  The radios may be turned on but the hearts are switched off. 

     As opposed to fear, joy is freedom.  Delight is illumination.  Pleasure in its truth is a wand in the hands of a magician who knows that each of the five senses has a divine function. 

     This is why with a magician's eyes the room he is in disappears and he can see through the veils of time.  This is why when he listens he can hear the archangel Gabriel's voice amid a host of heavenly choirs filling the sky.  And this is why he can take into his hands the powers of creation and shape them to fulfill a vision.  Ecstasy is all around him and the beauty of God is upon him because he perceives the wonder of the universe.  He senses the divine within everything both imminent and also transcendent.

     Therefore, if anything should block or hinder your path such as fear, guilt, shame, pain, confusion, or despair, go on a pilgrimage.  Seek the sacred at the beginning or at the core of a religion or hidden in the five senses.  Some must by necessity journey outside their bodies.  But the only real journey in all the universe is toward the center of the heart.  Find the sacred there within yourself and the ancient barriers separating matter and spirit and the inner and outer worlds will dissolve.  The gates of creation and creativity will open as you approach.

     To overcome your limits, lay claim to the divinity within you.  Be not as the revolutionary, anarchist, cynic, and the pious who are so impatient and greedy they see only the world as it is now in front of them.  Take time to discover that each of the senses is divine.  When your body, soul, and spirit are united, you become the breath and voice of freedom.

     The second step is to join your imagination with the sacred so its presence is immediate.  See, touch, hear, smell, and taste it.  Drink it in.  Live it with a passion.  Inspiration is within everyone's reach.  You only need to ask yourself what is missing from your life.  Imagine desire satisfied, need fulfilled, and vision attained.  Dream it.  Enter the dream.  Live within the dream.  It will then become part of your breath, your senses, and your will.  Its light will shine from your face and then, without effort, the world around you will reflect back to you the joy, wonder, and delight you have found within yourself.


Here are two exercises that relate to Pigios’ mode of inspiration and perception.


Exercise 1.  One of the things I learned from the druid Philip Carr-Gomm is a feel for the bardic tradition.  There is a celebration of the seasons, the elements, and the rhythms of nature.  And part of any spiritual quest is being able to express through art our own unique experiences.  Without this ability, the treasures of soul and spirit we discover on our journeys cannot be shared with others.

     I try to spend a few minutes each day with my kids just exploring our imaginations.  For example, we spend two minutes jumping out of a plane with parachutes at ten thousand feet.  We scuba dive and swim by a reef and examine the black coral.  We assist the volcanologist collecting samples of hot lava with a chain attached to a tin can near a cinder cone. 

     We become characters in Jurassic Park catching our first glimpse of dinosaurs and then we become the dinosaurs.  We walk on the moon and touch the monolith in 2001.  We become a drop of dew condensing on a flower petal at dawn.  We are moonlig ht dropping down into water.  We are hail, a hurricane, a raindrop.  We are a dove cooing and an owl gliding on silent wings of stealth.  We are all these things in our imaginations not a few times but for years we explore countless images.

     The actress Sigourney Weaver on one occasion used seventeen different colored pencils to mark the different feelings she was trying to convey in the various dialogues in her script.  The imagination is not only an exploration of action and perception.  It also is an exploration of the entire spectrum of human emotion and of our ability to respond with sensitivity and creativity.

     Through amplifying our concentration and exercising the imagination, we enter the realm of Pigios who is one of the guardians of the world to practice the art of living well.  Mastery of imagination is the first requirement for forging the wand of a magician who transforms the world with his will.


Exercise 2.  On the akashic plane, Pigios recommended a meditation.  Here is a summary of it.  He said,  "Think not that the human heart is separate from God's heart or that the work of your hands is not a part of His Art.  Hold in one hand all the pain, suffering, and loss you have felt.  And hold in your other hand all the joy, love, and kindness that has touched you and flowed through you. 

     “Do this within an akashic trance.  Do this while remaining relaxed and seeing through space and time while retaining the feeling of freedom within your heart--do this and the Buddhas of the world will appear before you and greet you as one of their own.  If you want inspiration to flow through your soul as it flows through me, be the jewel that embraces every color of light, that makes love with every nuance and shade of life, with purity and freedom.”