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Notes on “Pigios,” the spirit of 15 degrees Gemini, “Patron of all Poets on Earth”


This short piece is an update of the article on the spirit I just posted to my website.


Method: I vibrated the aura of this spirit in my akashic, mental, and astral bodies.  How do I do this? For me, with my clairsentience abilities, I only need to think the thought, “The vibration of Pigios in my akashic body,” and the vibration of the spirit automatically appears within me.  Some of the surplus energy in my aura converts it into the spirit’s vibration.

   I could do this using my concentration or by evoking the spirit down to the specific plane.  But I am after cost effective methods, the best results for the least effort.  Full evocations for me can be exhausting. 

   Generally, if you can create an energy inside your self and have done the basic training, you can create that same energy in anyone else on earth.  Not that this should ever be done lightly.  But I mention it in passing.

    Bardon likes to create powerful charges of energy to get things done.  Yes, but an alternative is to master a specific vibration and then simply ask, as in “command,” the energy to do precisely what you want it to do or be where you want it to be.  It is using pin point accuracy versus the typical alpha male sedge hammer approach of overkill as in “get out of my way; I am coming through.”    

   Not that Bardon doesn’t do pin point accuracy.  It is just that the “methods” he teaches involve incredible levels of accumulated power.  If someone actually mastered the exercises as Bardon wants them done in his first book, it would literally give an individual almost limitless power.  Maybe this is just my perspective.  I can see the practical application of seemingly simple exercises.  However, I have lots of difficulties with book one.  And furthermore I don’t enjoy exercising power over anyone.    


Pigios on the Akashic plane


Studying this vibration today I notice it is like the perfection of a Zen master.  I knew a Vietnamese Zen master who I have mentioned before.  When he meditates, his aura vanishes.  If you tried to feel his aura with your hand you would feel that nothing was there.  Just pure emptiness, that is, akasha as an awareness like a perfect mirror.  This is very Buddhist except Buddhists rarely get this far, that is, directly into akasha. 

    So, the energy here is total awareness, an omnipresence, and perfectly clear.  It is aware of everything around itself or in whatever it focuses on taking into consideration all aspects.  The application or genius of this spirit is its emphasis on the way imagery and communication might be used to reveal akasha and lead others in this direction or to attain this realization.

   In other words, a good poem shines light upon all aspects of a situation or theme.  It gets you to think and to perceive in new ways.  

  I have mentioned before that enlightenment in no way gives an individual an advantage in cross cultural communication.  You have to actually make the effort to understand another’s culture because if you use examples that “work” in one culture those examples may have the opposite meaning in another culture. I have often heard “gurus” of great wisdom pontificate on the failures of Western civilization. 

    But you check the details and they don’t teach their own nuns to read or write.  They stifle innovation.  They want students to be clones of themselves and they often “borrow” or more accurately “vampirize” the energy or the time and effort of their students to serve their “higher” purposes.  Their prime directive is furthering and establishing their lineage. 

   Those are fine to do in a feudal society but the planet is no longer in a feudal age.  We need individuals with personal insight and original uses of will just to keep the world from self-destructing.  Traditional bound teachers know nothing of this.          

    Put simply, a Zen master in my mind creates an original koan for each student he works with.  He finds it inside of the student.  Asking the right question is perhaps the greatest way to move forward on one’s path. The right question can revive someone who is dead to life and restore the person to the path of light.  The spirit uses imagery in this way.  Every poem involves a quest, that is, a quest(ion). 


Mental Plane 


On the mental level, this spirit’s vibration develops tremendous concentration.  It enables a writer to go directly into the thing he is imagining.  It also involves a great eye for details.  And you sense the inner life expressed through the form or situation you are considering.


Astral Plane


With this spirit’s vibration operating on the astral plane within you, you have that ability of brilliant actors to become the character they are playing.  You embody the emotions and vibrations of the character.  You may not wish to act but the awareness here increases your perception and intuition into others.   

   A good actor takes into consideration or constructs the biography and personality of someone he is playing.  An empathy similarly can easily imagine or sense what happened in someone’s past.  What this spirit does is more accurate—it perfectly mirrors the life within another inside of you as if two have become indistinguishable.  More than empathy, it is art—you find ways of expressing what you sense so that others can share and learn through what you are expressing. 

   (Note: I just asked myself, What is it to have the soul of a female gnome?  I thought that would be an interesting personality structure to study.  I have studied with the male gnomes but not the females. I just wrote a poem and dialogue about a female gnome and posted that on my web site under What’s New). 

    In other words, on this astral level, you can work with and shape any feeling or emotion like the way a sculptor shapes clay. You mold it, form it, refine it, and transform it.  You can take one vibration such as is within yourself and change it into another emotional vibration the way water adapts itself flowing from a pitcher into a cup or from one cup into another.

   When I wrote the little piece on the gnome, it was like the vibration of the character I was concentrating on was inside myself. Consequently, I could simply write about what I was feeling inside.


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