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                    The Venus Spirit Pomanp, # 84, 3-6 degrees Pisces



This descriptive essay involved meditating with a spirit of the sphere of Venus named a Pomanp on Nov. 1, ’08 and January 17, ’09 for three hours each time.  Pomanp is one of ninety Venus spirits mentioned by Franz Bardon in his book, The Practice of Magical Evocation. 

   Most people should probably stay away from stuff like this.  But when your purposes requiring this knowledge, then what is forbidden to others becomes a necessity if you wish to act responsibly.  

   Spirits such as this one belong to a future time when humanity shall possess greater powers of mind, body, and soul.  But it does not hurt to look at what shall be as long as we are honestly seeking illumination on a path to perfection. These spirits are intended to manifest in and through us when we are strong enough to permit them entrance.  

   Note: I have worked with and written essays on a number of other spirits from Venus such as Obideh and Gomah who are on my web site under “Spirits of the Planetary Spheres.”    


Why this spirit?  This individual spirit was recommended to me for the specific problem I was interesting in solving--namely, I want aspects of divinity reflected in a relationship while still moving within and operating from a space of personal happiness and satisfaction. This spirit is very beautiful but also gifted in understanding how to satisfy every conceivable desire.  Pomanp specializes in reflecting Divine Providence in relationships.  


Note 1: problems with translations.  Every translation has a degree of difficulty and an element of interpretation.  I can get an impression, a sensation, a thought, a feeling, or an image from a spirit.  But this does not mean that what I write down is necessarily accurate.  One vibration of a spirit within my mind and an entire book can easily be written.  You just have to be receptive and in the right state of mind and possess the right gifts and level of commitment to bring through what has been given to you. 

   However, any thought vibration a spirit places in an individual’s mind is subject to the limitations, inclinations, and tendencies of that individual’s life experience, his nervous system, and brain waves.   This is why a lot of prophets and mystics often say things that make sense but which, with all due respect, are an occasional jewel amid a pile of bullshit—because they are just regurgitating what they already believe, what they already fear, or else creating a vision of how their in group should one day ascend to power over all others. 

    It is not that the vibration in their minds did not appear perfectly clear.  It is rather that their hearts and minds were not adequately prepared to bring through an accurate vision to the world.  But what is far worse, even when what they see in the future is accurate, is that they often leave out the other 10,000 things that might have occurred if anyone had gotten around to seeking a different result.  Future events are usually negotiable.  You just have to meet the asking price to change what shall be.  


Note 2: This essay is along the lines of an interview, perhaps even an introduction to how to work with this spirit. My being able to translate my impressions into descriptive sentences in no way implies I will succeed in making changes in myself or the world.  I have only spent six hours with this spirit.  You go to college and you may spend thirty to sixty hours a semester in classroom time with the professor.  That in addition to homework, assignments, and original or field research papers. 

    Like I say, I am just at the beginning.  A far more advanced individual than me can get immediate results in the first contact.  But I am not usually contacting spirits who know things I already know.  I am working with those who specialize in areas which for me involve great difficulties to be overcome.        


Requisites for working with the sphere of Venus if you wish to follow the guidelines of Bardon’s practice:


1. During your basic training, explore the four elements in your self so that the will and power of fire, the love and serenity within water, the clarity and detachment of air, and the stability and practicality of earth are in equal balance within your personality.  Without internal equilibrium, a balance between the elements, a would be lover merely searches for another who reflects what is missing from his own personality.  This is okay.  Everyone does it.  It is asking for balance but it does not say much about your commitment.   


2. Proceed to the earthzone where you realize all experiences on earth are like being part of a university—the spirits here exist so you can learn, become productive, and make contributions to others’ lives.  Note that for each of these spheres Bardon asks his students to become familiar with the sphere’s vibration as well as working extensively with several spirits before journeying further.      


  3. Go next to the lunar zone.  Here you learn that life unfolds from what is inside of us, that time unfolds in accordance with the laws and harmony of the universe.  This will establish in you profound contentment, serenity, and an inner feeling of being at peace with the universe. 

   If you attempt to explore the ecstasies of love without first exploring and uncovering the mysteries in the depths of yourself, you end up like Lancelot—a nearly perfect knight dedicated and loyal to his king and to defending the kingdom but whose passions undermine everything he claims to strive for in life.  You can bet on this.        


4. Finally, pass through the sphere of Mercury.  This sphere enhances the powers of mind and intellect so that they touch on divinity.  Here is found the clarity and capacity to solve nearly every problem that confronts us in the external world.  Without this commitment to truth, an attempt to bring body, soul, and mind into a harmony that is the pure ecstasy in Venus will force you to go back and start over again. 

    Love in Venus does not exist to validate your identity or make you feel good as in “Do some magic for me so I can find my perfect soul mate because then all my problems in life will then be minor since I’ll feel and be complete.” 

   No.  It does not work that way.  Love is in fact the most demanding of things requiring your total attention and creativity because it underlies everything.  In particular, it exists to inspire and guide you on your path to perfection.  Few lovers on earth possess this commitment and very few have ever found their way into the sphere of Venus.   


You can ignore the requisites.  Many people do at times.  Your endeavor then becomes risky and unpredictable.  Remember that love requires more, not less. 

    Notice that Pomanp embodies the mental concentration of a Mercury spirit, the astral inner vision of a lunar spirit, and the practicality of an earthzone spirit who seeks to manifest something concrete and real using absolute will.  She unites all three spheres with harmony and beauty through the power of love. 


Venus Zone




Bardon mentions quite a few ways for exploring the planetary spheres. I have a few introductory essays on this.  You can, for example, use evocation or mental wandering.  This essay is a little of both. 

    Basically, I visualize the color that goes with the Venus sphere, a kind of emerald green as if I am inside of a vast sphere of light as deep as the sky.  And then I place my mind in the sphere of Venus.  Projecting one’s mind is a basic exercise, Chapter Four in Bardon’s Initiation into Hermetics.  Do the exercise enough and you can enter another sphere like this in a few seconds.  

   Finally, I vibrate the sphere of green light around me and also in my akashic body so they match exactly the vibration of Pomanp’s aura.  This is again a very basic exercise as in chapter four of Bardon’s first book.  You project inside of something and become its vibration.  Do this enough and you can not only get impressions.  You can synchronize your mind and energy to the thing you are concentrating on. 

   Actors do this as well in the internal method of acting. You become the character you are portraying.  Some actors spend six months studying a character before stepping on to a set.  It helps to employ ingenuity, imagination, and creativity especially when working with something outside of ordinary experience.   


The Sphere’s Vibration    


11/7/08: This sphere works with empathy, sympathy, the polarity of attraction, with uniting opposites and also art, rapport, love, pleasure, bliss, ecstasy, rapture,  fertility, love magic, attunement of souls both with persons and with spirits, the harmony of self and harmony with nature.  In effect, it encompasses all erotic and magical arts of love in relationships, within consciousness, and with divinity. 

   World teachers on earth and the religions of earth usually do not penetrate this far into the planetary spheres.  Consequently, they are oblivious to the cosmic principle that beauty is one of the purposes behind the creation of the universe; and that total and absolute oneness with another is a requisite for attaining to the sphere of the sun—namely, you can not go around attempting to be compassionate toward all living beings until from the core of your own being you have experienced total oneness of love with another.  Try to do so and your compassion ends up being abstract and brittle---your feeling for the life within the individual in front of you does not rise to the level that compassion demands.    


1/17/2009.  There is that feeling of falling in love, of endorphins like incense in the air or like perfume on your skin.  It is falling in love all the time and every moment when you are in this sphere.  It is the experience that something wonderful is happening, a coming together, a vibration of harmony in which the souls and spirits in two are aligning. 

   We have all heard the phrase, “You die alone.” In Venus, this is not true—we live and die and are born again in the arms of love.  Here, there is nothing you can experience in life or in death that is not transformed through the power of love—


There are no boundaries love can not cross over.  There is no isolation love can not dissolve, no darkness it can not illuminate, no barriers it can not penetrate, no sorrow, grief, or loss it can not raise up into joy, no separation from which it can not design a reunion, no destruction from which it can not make a new creation.    


For those who master these mysteries, the keys are granted to enter, to understand, to join, and to fulfill the deepest purposes in the heart of any being in all of creation.  In this universe in which we exist, no limitations have been placed upon the authority of love to accomplish this.

    The next time you see Venus in the sky remember that the aura of this planet emanates from the divine.  It is a reflection and a way station for Divine Providence as it operates within and through the laws of the universe. 

    For Venus, what is sacred is drawing close to another and attaining intimacy.  This is not a social principle or a rite of passage; it is the governing principle of this entire sphere.  As far as Venus is concerned, if you wish to be banished from the house of wisdom, just ignore empathy, love, and intimacy.  Then the work in your life will be weak and without any blessing by fate.  


Plane and Domain


Spirits of a high nature exist within a vibratory field of energy.  Form is secondary.  Their consciousness is quite independent of the need to identify with specific images.  Still, they can and do easily assume a form that reflects their vibration. 

    This vibration where this spirit dwells is a drawing together of two to become one with all the attendant divine powers and qualities and states of consciousness that entails.  Such oneness with another is most easily initiated on the level of spirit. Then it manifests within the worlds of form on the mental, astral, and physical planes to the extent and depending on the mastery you have over your self. 


Sigil: (Note: this is one of the more simple sigils or diagrams Bardon lists making it relatively easily to visualize).  I draw the sigil in the air with my mind a number of time vibrating it on the akashic, mental, astral, and etheric planes.    

   The sigil is rather intense.  It creates a very high level of concentration in terms of empathy and telepathy so that the barriers between individuals are dissolved enabling an inner oneness of souls. 


Inner source of inspiration


It is the purpose of Divine Providence that the full polarities of creation can be joined within oneself as well as within a relationship in order to bring into focus the creative activities of the universe.  It is true that we first experience and learn about the opposite of ourselves through others.  It is also true that through our experiences with others that we learn to master these energies within us. 

   Beauty is both within and without.  A path of beauty involves both—mastery of the opposites within us and oneness with others through whom are equally reflected the wonders of life.


Outer Aura:  Pomanp’s outer aura is very clear, harmonious, beautiful, majestic, and pure—there is a oneness that reflects though itself the vibration of Divine Providence.  She offers a very pure and high vision.




Me: I am having a little trouble understanding your vibration, your energy, your sphere of activity, and your love. 


Pomanp: Take my hand and enter this vision. 

   (I see two lovers running through the woods and making love at the edge of a mountain pool.  All of nature is within them.) 

    She is the water of the stream and you are the falls.  She is the pool and you are the gravity drawing her to the sea.  She is the clouds and you are the lightning.  She is the sky and you are the stars.  She is the tree and you are the seeds. She is the flower and you are the perfume.  She is the dark depths of the earth and you are the volcano exploding.  She is passion and you are the wisdom that guides it to perfection.  Together you are immortality. 

   She is the open, empty mirror of the enlightened mind and you are the light that illuminates it without beginning or ending. 

   She is Saturn, the ages of time, and the limitations through which you are born again and again and you are the purposes of the Divine that through the perfection of will manifest in the fullness of time.  She is dream and you are vision.  She is the wind and you are the waves that are driven.  She is the shore, an island amid a sea of storms, and you are the sailor returning home bearing treasures of wonder.  

   In every kiss, clasp, caress, and sacred dance, the two of you circle around moving in and through each other. In every element of sensuality on earth, the two of you dance as one—the wind in the trees, the flower blossoming to the morning sun, the sand at the crest of the dunes sliding down or taking flight on the wind, water evaporating on the open sea or freezing in a snowflake or the surface of a pond, the winds of winter freezing, the winds of spring thawing, the fruit that is ripe in your hand, the fields of golden grain at sunset rippling with the stars beginning to shine through, the deepest desire in your heart she steals from you and gives it back wrapped in bliss with her kiss-- 


The saint in his monastery praying within a cloak of devotion, the hermit in his lonely cave meditating on the nature of revelation, the sage in his tower observing the constellations, the mage in his magic circle penetrating through the inner planes with his clairvoyant vision,  the poet caught in the moment as one sensation unleashes a rainbow of reflections, the mystic intoxicated with the rapture of his self dissolving into something greater—


not one of these taste what you taste in this moment as you kiss the lips of the woman I have shown you in this vision.  Each of them specialize in the mastery of a specific aspect of personality or divine will.  None experience what you experience--all aspects of the self are united in harmony.              


To know another who is inside of you and one with you, that even when  you are separate your two lives are as two rivers that join and flow together--this is the nature of my wisdom and the gift I am commissioned to offer to those who find me within their hearts. Though the world in which you live does not permit such oneness, it is also true that the world in which you live submits to my will, altering its plans creating new actions when my beauty comes through.

   Beauty is not the trophy offered to the conquerors of history.  Beauty is the mystery around which life turns and fate itself melts before its grace.          


Inner Aura: Unity requires the full experience of polarity.  Pomanp inspires   individuals so they experience the full heights and depths of their passions and desires in their full power.  In this way, individual and joint creativity come into their own.  There is no question that an individual must fulfill every desire in a positive form because otherwise unity between two individuals would not be complete.       


The Four Planes




Through imagination and concentration, I bring the emerald green light of Venus into the akashic plane of the earth.  In the earthzone, because this vibration of Venus is so outside of human experience, you have to create a purely divine level of will power and authority to pull off the manifestation of this energy and consciousness.  The cosmic letter H is an example of the will, especially the masculine electrical will that is required. You have to appear and embody the perception of Divine Providence in action.  This takes an immense electrical energy.  Also the cosmic letter J is an example: an ingathering, a oneness of all energies and beings to fulfill a purpose.     

     Bardon refers to using a “perfect, complete, and absolute will” when doing magic.  This is precisely what this spirit manifests on the akashic plane, the sphere of causes where wishes are planted that come to manifest in time.  Or, even as the Bible states in regard to the highest commandment:  Loving God with all one’s hearts, soul, mind, and body.  If you want the love of Venus that a spirit such as this represents, you have to fully activate the divine will inside your self so that your heart, soul, mind, body, and spirit are totally focused on manifesting the love you envision.  This is perfect faith and conviction freed of all doubt and hesitation. 

   You learn to create these things inside yourself.  This is part of training.  Or you can evoke this spirit to the akashic plane of the earth and her aura changes into this vibration. 


Mental Plane


This requires, for example, a divine level of mental concentration on each other, namely, the use of Quabbalistic formula magic to produce this degree of mental connection.     

    The nature of having a powerful concentration is that for this spirit’s qualities to come through two individual’s have to have their mental bodies vibrate together.  It is similar in telepathy in which the brain waves of two individuals, their heart beats, and breathing synchronize when they are communicating at a distance.  The point of this, being able to join minds so easily, is that it grants great freedom in feeling and in being a part of each other.  Distance is overcome.  Form and gender are overcome.  The rapport is then extraordinary as is appropriate for this spirit’s presence when it manifests. 

    Bardon mentions that the cosmic letter W on the mental plane activates a state of Samadhi.  This spirit’s vibration on this plane is similar.  I would also describe it as similar to a performing artist rendering one of his or her best performances in a life time in an opera or musical. You witness mastery of art celebrating its highest attainment. 

    We could say then that a lot of images we have of great lovers from history, literature, and art, by contrast, have an overpowering astral attraction—they have rapture that comes from falling in and staying in love.  Here, by contrast, we see the arts of Venus: true love requires an incredibly powerful mind and concentration which both lovers possess.  When they focus on each other, their minds join and they are profoundly connected.    

   This has political consequences, among other things, because it makes lovers such as this the most creative and dynamic elements in a society.  They join and originate new things which overrule and preempt all other rules and laws, not diminishing them but rather fulfilling them by assuming a greater responsibility.  Love is simply a higher authority when done right.  From its vision, justice and freedom are seen in their clearest light.            


Astral: The outer form of the gender partners is different but the inner astral energy has become the same so that you are within and a part of each other. What is within one person is also the same feelings within the other: the rapport and emotional attunement is that perfect.


[Note: The significance of the astral plane, as I often point out, is that the astral is what makes an individual feel fully alive.  Without the astral sensitivity, things like compassion do not work very well.  Personal love is the training ground, you could say, the requisite for loving a wider range of individuals.

   This is also because divine compassion, when one attains to it, does precisely the same thing that lovers do but it does this with all living beings.  It treats them as part of itself.  Once again, you have to find and activate love to this degree in and through personal experience—in and through desire, need, hunger, craving, hope, dream, vision, ideal, satisfaction, gratification, and fulfillment, otherwise the compassion remains empty and void of any power to transform others.

    A guardian angel, if it is doing its job right, is as intimate as any lover when it comes to reading your heart.  But the guardian angel is not seeking to gratify its own needs. It is seeking your perfect, complete, and absolute enlightenment, that is, the attainment of perfect freedom.  To do this it will have to begin with exactly where you are in this moment of your life and proceed form there.  Otherwise, we are not talking about love or compassion. We are talking about fitting another into a preordained mold.]   


You share and live within the same dream, that is, your inner oneness with the other on the level of soul and feeling, generates a sense of being fully alive.  The creations of this love are not illusion.  Whether they produce children, art, or action, they are full of beauty, wonder, and delight.

    What is it to be fully alive? Sitting here in the presence of this spirit I notice that, like akasha itself, being alive is to experience everything continuously as new.

  Robert McKee, the great teacher of writing screenplays, says, “Sex is the only thing in life that you can endlessly repeat without losing its affect.”  McKee knows nothing of Venus.  In this spirit’s presence, every sense and every sense perception is full of new life; they overflow without limitation because you are expanding your awareness to encompass every other heart in creation.

   Some suggest that in joining with another it is possible to attain a level of oneness that is so complete that you simultaneously feel one with all others.  This is not a static experience.  You could say that Venus and Neptune join vibrations at a certain level.  As lovers drink from each other’s well of love they discover that the waters of life they drink are the energies that flow through all living beings.  Surely at a certain point in love the two streams of life, that of the lovers and that of all beings, begin to flow through each other.       

   But once again, to be prepared to encounter this without losing your clarity of mind or individuality of personality, you need to work through the basics.  You share another’s dream so that you walk into and through each other’s souls as though the feeling within each of you is an entire kingdom and you are for each other tour guides revealing the beauty, wonder, and sacred shrines.  

     Venus has a quality of harmony—physical, astral, and mental and the inner and outer worlds vibrating together to form beauty.  The level of consciousness that goes with this is being able to sense the vibration in anything that exists—the mineral, the plant, the tree, the elements of nature, the animals, other human beings and spirits as well, in stars and constellations, in the sun and the galaxy.  Because you can sense directly the vibration you can also equally feel it inside of you and outside of you in the same moment.  You can synchronize your brain waves and every level of your aura to whatever you are concentrating upon. 

    Thus you can establish a kind of rapport or mirror like awareness so that the other appears inside of you.  And in addition, you can form a direct connection between you and something else—you are vibrating as one and part of your awareness is also within the other.  Any magician who has worked through the basic training already knows how to do this.  It is just that Venus makes this into a sacred art and extends it into a divine action.    


Physical: Those who would open the gates to the next sphere, the sphere of the sun, must attain to this level of harmony within themselves and within relationships before the light and consciousness of divinity can shine through them without distortion.  Nonetheless, harmony is its own purpose: to attain completion in the here and now so that you can experience a relationship in its best light.  But in its full power, the harmony here is Divine Providence moving through the sphere of Venus and manifesting in a relationship.

     This is also the great love relationship that can shape and redirect the course of history as sometimes occurs in mythology.  Attain to such oneness, and the union inspires entire cultures down through the ages.         




Me: There is a slight problem.  Saturn gives me a hard time with love such as this because the Judge’s of Saturn, with whom I work, insist that cosmic freedom and enlightenment require the absence of all attachment. 


Pomanp: Yes, that is true.  But the sphere of Uranus, just beyond Saturn, is the custodian who brings new magic into the world.  The love that I teach and reveal is permitted on earth if your purpose embodies such an ideal.   

    From your heart, express who I am through your art.  The living images you portray, as in a dream, shall my beauty convey.  You already know how to do this.  The love of Venus shall come down to earth and walk beside men even as the inner and outer worlds join as one within the sacred.  

  In the art of creation in which two become one, the arc of fire that leaps between your hearts illuminates the world so the stars shine from within you; in the touch of skin upon skin love takes the dreams of the seas, the longings of the winds, the craving within fire, and the songs the earth sings and unites them. Then shall the ideals of the far future be made real here and now in the present world.  Time steps down from its throne and offers you gifts of divinity that you may partake while still mortal and bound by the limitations of your society. 

   Love is a sacred circle of fire.  At the center is an emptiness and void so refined, so perfected and divine, that there is nothing you can not bring through, nothing that you can not do, and no limits set on the way or extent in which two may join. 

   Keep this image, along with the visions in my eyes and the sensations in my touch ever alive within you and Saturn will not pester you with objections to your desires and the magic of Uranus will always guide you with its illumination.  The whole of creation waits upon her children to discover that the mysteries inside of you are ready to unfold with beauty, glory, and wonder.                  




There are some familiar themes here I often pursue in other essays: oneness in relationships, the cosmic aspects of love, the nature of inspiration, the joining of love with will, with the enlightened mind, and with the highest purposes in life. 

   Like I mention at the beginning, I have only met with Pomanp twice.  I once practiced each morning for a year with one of the great Tai Chi Chuan masters of China.  There is something to be said for just hanging out. You repeat something so often it naturally becomes a part of you.  

   At a certain point in the year I noticed I could sense the innermost energies of this lineage of masters.  It was perfectly clear.  But what they were doing was not what I was after.  To put it another way, it was not “What you have I now have.” It was more “What you have will appear within me in a completely different way which I have to find on my own.” 

    Spirits such as Pomanp have a commission from Divine Providence to reveal specific things to those who seek.  In some cases, there is simply no problem they can not solve and no desire they can not fulfill.  This is because solving the problem or fulfilling the desire is the first step on a journey toward the divine and there is no limitation placed upon these spirits for empowering others to move in that direction.   

    From this brief encounter with Pomanp, I notice that manifesting her qualities in a real world relationship is almost identical with being able to bring the spirit through to the physical plane.  Do it enough so that it feels real and can be done with ease and, like the Tai Chi master, I would no longer need her to assist me.  Her qualities would at that point have become a part of me.  Having trained under her inspiration, I could find what I seek on my own.   

   But I must say I love her vision of the woman by the mountain pool.  Like waking up inside a dream, you enter it and it feels totally real.  But it is not just a dream.  It is a magical symbol of what can be which I seem to be able to reenter in an instant when I try.