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A Pop Quiz for Magicians, Parts I-XIII (from Intro to Magic 101), Plus FAQ and Bio (at the end)


(Somewhat on the lighter side as in humor and satire; but be careful what you wish for.  The intent is not to inspire but to encourage people to think and also to laugh.

      Often individuals take sides or start with assumptions or a point of view and perspective.  On the other hand, any fledgling telepath knows right away that there are many points of views and alternatives with most questions. Or, as the higher spirits like to point out, “It all depends on how you ask the question and for whom the answer is intended.”) 


Note 1: See also the separately posted Talk Show Radio broadcast from the Magic University with its on going dialogue on undines and the magic of touch.


Note 2: These pop quizzes belong to a class held at the Magic University.  Magic 101is a freshman class and a general introduction to magic, to the meaning of life, the universe, and to everything else. 

     Included along with the actual quizzes used to facilitate classroom discussions are interviews, radio talk shows, debates, field trips, a mid term exam, various brief evocations, poetry contests, and conversations between students and professors during office hours and during independent studies.




Magic is the highest wisdom on earth.


Magic is the highest science on earth.


Sex magic is the highest magic on earth.


Magic and science produce the same results.  They just use different methods.


Magic has been kept secret from the public and is highly restricted during this divine dispensation because of the way it was abused during previous civilizations.


There are two tests for studying magic—1. You must be convinced that you can correct whatever mistakes you make along the way and 2. You believe you are pure enough to avoid abusing your power.  (If you are not bothered by making mistakes and abusing your power, then these two points do not apply.  Instead refer to the classic text, The Final Test if the Dark Side is Your Quest.)


Ninety-seven per cent of the magic practiced on earth is “pretend” magic. The only genuine test of magic is if you have used it to significantly transform the world in a positive manner.  (Note: Generally speaking, house rules do not award points for using magic to destroy things.  It is too easy, there is too much of that kind of activity, and so we have decided to acknowledge only creativity.)


Magic is the study of how to make the best choices in life.


To be a magician you have to become a spiritual being.  Your commitment must be absolute so you carry no doubts.  And there must be a place within your spirit which is free of all fear.  (From The Undine Osipeh).






Is there any money in it?


You mean you’re pulling rabbits out of hats?


Shouldn’t you be looking for answers in the Bible?


Can you use it to find a sex partner?


Didn’t magic go out of fashion five hundred years ago when people gave up trying to turn lead into gold?


Will you do my natal chart for me?  How about read my palm? 


I always knew you were weird.





Develop a level of concentration so that like the movie director Steven Spielberg they can imagine an entire movie unfolding before their eyes including all of the characters’ actions, feelings, and words.


Develop the concentration of an advanced Zen Master who can stop all thoughts from appearing in his mind at will whenever he wants and for as long as he wants.


Develop the level of vitality of a sixth don Aikido master, a grand master of Tai Chi Chuan, or an advanced yogi.


Develop a level of psychological analysis and self-understanding equivalent to having several Ph. D’s in psychology. 


Develop mastery over the electric fluid so that you can keep your flashlight working when the batteries go dead.


Be able to dissolve all negative energy from a magical attack simply by placing your hand in a bucket of water.





Telepathy involves reading the exact thoughts occurring in another’s mind as they happen.


Telepathy never involves reading the exact thoughts in another’s mind as they are occurring.  Instead, telepathy is art—as in any form of translation, there is always a degree of difficulty and always an element of interpretation.


The best way to begin practicing telepathy is by transmitting and receiving sensory impressions involving smell since smell gives the strongest sensations.


In telepathy, a single impression sent from a spirit can be received/perceived in either visual, auditory, or sensory sensations and can contain the equivalent of volumes of books.


The best way to begin practicing telepathy is by sending a little white ball of energy from your forehead to your partner’s forehead containing a single impression you wish to communicate. 


Telepathy, like all magic, entails a lot of listening and a little technique.  (Peter Beagle)


You have to establish a “listening silence” before anything will happen.  (Eugene Gendlin)


Join your mind and the mind of another so they are one and you won’t have a problem with communication or interpretation. (Bagoloniearthzone spirit)


The best way of learning telepathy is to practice turning on and off an electric train using a galvameter hooked up to a plant and an electric switch.


And now for a word from one of our spiritual anthropologists: “Though she and I sometimes speak aloud with words for the sake of dramatic effect, no thought or image is needed when we communicate.  She speaks as a harpist communicates moods through the touch of her fingers on the strings of her harp--but the strings are my nerves and the moods she creates are a flow of love from her heart into my own.” (from the undine Istiphul)






A team of scientists consults with you for a $30 million contract they have with Boeing Aircraft for developing an antigravity engine for airplanes.


The CIA consults with you on why their death ray device works using only a radionics diagram of a machine rather than the actual machine.


The Pentagon consults with you on their secret experiments for strengthening the steadily weakening North Atlantic current that is the only thing preventing the return of an ice age.


After taking a course on “remote viewing” with a former CIA operative, you can now “locate” your car keys when you misplace them.


Your cat and dog come when you call them telepathically. 


You sell your “dragon slaying sword” from your on-line role playing game for $800 on eBay.


You discover you can turn on an electric train from anywhere on earth by sending a telepathic message to a plant hooked up to a galvameter and the electric train switch.


Steven Hawkin consults with you because astrophysicists still can not locate ninety-five per cent of the matter in the universe that is missing and that emits no radiation detectable by scientific instruments.


The company stock (Netease [ADR]) you bought that runs Chinese on-line role playing magic games doubles in value netting you a cool ten grand.


Like the Televangelist, Pat Robinson, you convince yourself that you can control the direction of hurricanes.






A sylph falls in love with a human poet and assumes the form of a woman to be his lover.  But she later falls victim to the racial and religious bigotry of that society.


A male magician falls in love with an undine who “borrows” the body of a human woman to become his lover—things may or may not work out in this one.


A powerful magician wagers that will is greater than love in attempting to take possession of one of the queen of undines.


One of the highest ranking female sylphs tries to outsmart a powerful wizard who has managed to encase her in a jar.


A powerful salamander (also called a genie) becomes attached to a lamp and is forced to grant wishes. (Aladdin)


An advanced gnome enjoys bargaining and trading rare magical items with human magicians down through the ages.


A man suspects that his lover, though possessing the form of a woman, may actually be a mermaid who was traded for a human child.  As the man probes deeper into this mystery, he discovers ancient forms of magic that lead into the mysterious realms of nature spirits. 




They seize each moment with zeal in order to dissolve the obstacles blocking their path to fulfillment. 


For them each moment is a magnetic sea containing the dreams and the taste of ecstasy--each moment arises from and resonates with the love sustaining all life on earth. 


They are able to transfer their astral bodies at will into a human woman or into a seal.


For them, anything in physical existence is constantly transforming, solidifying and dissolving again--in each moment matter and emptiness are flowing through each other like water being poured into water. 


These beings enter each moment seeking to attain and to abide in complete harmony.





It is an offshoot of the Ku Klux Klan that promotes Aryan supremacy.


Is a male oriented secret society that gave rise to the Masons and the Rosicrucians. 


Is a group of white magicians who socialize together on the inner planes in extravagant virtual reality temples that they take turns creating through their power of visualization.


Recently changed its name to the Great White Personhood in order to be more politically correct.


There is no Great White Brotherhood.  Any mature magician is in direct contact with Divine Providence and has no need of joining a group in order to accomplish his work.


No, the Great White Brotherhood is the group of magicians who work directly with Divine Providence and are also know as Brothers of Light because they have penetrated into the sphere of the sun.


Due to a still classified altercation with the Illuminati, a number of the Ascended Masters composing the Great White Brotherhood have now moved on to better things. Therefore, the Great White Brotherhood is proud to announce it is now accepting applications from earth plane masters to fill these openings.  Think of it!  An officially certified Ascended Master ranking can now be yours.  Simply submit a one page essay on “Why I Should Be Called an Ascended Master” to any occult publishing company that publishes our works.


No, the Great White Brotherhood, whether real or not, is part of a conspiracy (probably invented by the Theosophists) to delude spiritual seekers into believing that there really is some masterful group of high initiates on the inner planes.  The purpose of setting forth this delusion is to seduce the innocent into giving their attention, time, but mainly money to those who claim to speak on behalf of the Great Delusion. 

   It does not matter in the least if there is or is not a Great White Brotherhood.  The point is that for just a little time and money you too can join with those (who no doubt are con men who believe their own con) who speak for and work with the GWB and share in this self-deception, group delusion, and neurological dysfunction—I mean, where is their brain during all of this?


Announcement: We at the Great White Brotherhood would like to say that we do not mind others making fun of us.  We love humor and a well written satire.  And furthermore we officially recognize that even blasphemy is one of the rights of free speech guaranteed in a democracy.


The Great White Brotherhood, whether real or not, may be construed as a “safety net” for spiritual practitioners.  In other words, if you should pursue the great enterprise of raising your consciousness through a rigorous magical and spiritual training system, the Great White Brotherhood will be there for you should you run into serious problems. 

     Neat, huh?  Should you fall off the high trapeze that circles the earth from the heights of akasha, down below are those who have ascended before you and who are ready to catch yah.  Well, don’t count it.  Come to think of it, I am noticing all this blood and guts, bone and broken skulls lying around down here on the circus floor. 

          (looking up at the trapeze)   

I wonder if perhaps those spiritual adventurers would have been a little more careful, perhaps practiced a little more diligently, if they had known that the floor where you end up if you fall is so hard?


No, we demons would like to put in a word here.  We would just like to say that we “sell protection” from accidents, you could call it spiritual insurance.  That’s right folks.  Keeping your feet on the ground is always advice most profound and we have found that by meeting your own needs first you will remain safe and sound. 

     So don’t go climbing ladders up to heaven when it might be best to lay away a few treasures first here on earth.  So many people think of us as the enemy.  No, No.  We are just friendly and our job description reads clearly: Wherein and wherefore the Great White Brotherhood may not be able to catch someone falling from a spiritual height (due to previous spiritual commitments), you are hereby commissioned to protect and uphold the journey of those who are heaven bound.  

     Understand now?  We are the keepers of the gates of reality.  And before you use one of those spiritual keys to escape, you will have to get past us, for we also have a deep respect for the law of gravity—for responsibility, limitation, karma, and restriction.  That’s right.  Before you ascend you have to first comprehend the purpose behind the “descent” that delivered you here.  To put it simply, before you can tight rope walk high among the clouds, you have to first learn to walk with your feet on the ground.


“Q” from the TV series, Star Trek, was introduced into the script through the influence of the Great White Brotherhood.  The Brothers wished to keep alive and revive a public image worthy of their celestial notoriety and so used dramatic conflict to portray their inner plane activity.  This is in the same way that Marvel Comics has kept alive mythology through its outlandish heroics and villainy.  In both cases, the goal is to prime the pump within the astral body so that the imaginations of the masses can still contemplate spirituality.





You are an advanced magician who has attained immortality through your practice.  But to remain immortal you must avoid having love affairs with women.  You fall in love with a young girl, get her pregnant, lose your immortality, die by guillotine, and your daughter ends up being an orphan.


You become the high priest of Atlantis but with all the distractions and commotions you betray your true love and so end up whining and complaining through all your subsequent incarnations on earth about how guilty you feel.  (Dweller on Two Planets) You also later renounce your occult writing and become a Christian.


You decide on a lark to accomplish a magical incarnation by enticing a lunar spirit to incarnate as a human girl.  But you quickly lose interest in this incarnated spirit once she is born and move on to other things including your cocaine addiction.  (Moonchild by Crowley


Abandoned on a remote island by a relative who has stolen your political power and position, you attain justice in the end by utilizing the dark arts of magic.  Having restored the balance, you now renounce magic and get back to ordinary living. (Shakespeare’s The Tempest)


A magician gets trapped under a stone by his lover.  A king, due to pagan influences, mates with his sister to produce a son who later destroys his kingdom.  Your best friend and head of your armed forces has sex with your wife and then carries her off to his own kingdom.  But out of guilt she decides to become celibate and enters a monastery.  There is an additional side quest involving some sort of religious relic, a cup or something, that apparently possesses the same magical powers as a cauldron in Celtic mythology; but the king who holds this cup has been wounded in a part of his body that should not be mentioned in polite company. (The Death of Arthur)


Having acquired all wisdom of your age you remain doubtful of God’s existence.  So you sell your soul to the devil to find out if there is a God but later all is forgiven because your quest for the truth is sincere.  There is also a young girl who gets screwed in the process.  (Goethe’s Faust)


A vampire forces a writer to listen to his coming of age story.  (Interview with a Vampire by Ann Rice) You later renounce your occult writing and become a Christian and decide to write the young Christ’s coming of age story.





Women desire that a man be sovereign over them.


No, not sovereign.  Women are happiest when men are in control and tell them what to do.  But then again when have women ever wanted just to be happy?


What women want most from men are money and the status that goes with it.  Some want children and a few want sex


Women want the man’s strength and power to join with their own to make a home.  And in that home they want love to flow without barriers or boundaries through body and soul.


Women are waiting for a lover who is wise, strong, and tender to discover their secrets, to taste their bliss, to ravish their hearts, and yet who will let them be as wild and free as the sea.


Women desire to give and receive love with a man in a way that makes the world new.


You think there is an answer?  Story: A guy finds a lamp on a beach and rubs it and a genie (usually a salamander) appears and offers him one wish.  The guy says “I hate flying and boats but I want to visit Hawaii.  Make me a bridge so I can drive.”   The genie replies, “Are you out of your mind?  Why the concrete alone would require more than is on earth not to mention the steel.  Give me another wish.”  “Ok,” says the guy.  “I have always wondered about women.  Tell me what women really want from men.”  And the genie replies, “Now was that two or four lanes you wanted for your bridge?” 


You have heard of reverse engineering—take a finished product and then figure out how it was made? OK.  A wise man said that in dealing with women you should try to create the best possible conditions for enticing the woman into giving you what you want.  And then you just have to wait and see what happens. 

    Expectation?  Get rid of it because it has nothing to do with the results.  Transcend your personal desires and needs that drive you to demand a specific outcome.  Learn to delight in the spontaneity of the unexpected as it happens because “one of Life’s greatest secrets is that She is full of surprises” and I might add that Her surprises are sometimes good and sometimes bad.

    OK.  If the above is what a wise man would say about how men should treat women, what does this tell us about women? 

    It tells us that women are willing to give men what men want if you learn to play Nature’s way—something is not caught until it is in your mouth, your claw, or your paw; and the seed does not sprout unless it is buried in the ground with the right soil and water around and the sun above calling out in a voice of golden light, eternal and bright, “‘Arise and come forth’ for your time has come.”

   What?  You want an interpretation?  OK.  You do what you can to prime the pump but then you still have to act with absolute authority that is nonetheless a hundred per cent natural.


Just say it straight out: Women want multiplicity engineered by synchronicity.  Too intellectual?  Try this: Women want an endless variety of simplicity carefully supervised by spontaneity. 

    What?  You still don’t understand what is at hand?  OK.  For those men who just don’t have a clue about what women want I will tell you: You have to first steal her mind before you can get a piece of her behind. 


Don’t fool yourselves.  There is nothing simple about it.  Why Moses had to use a male female breakdown in communication to kick out his explanation of why life is the way it is.  Male female—it is the stuff of mythology.  What does the most beautiful women in the universe want?  She wants the man with the most creative power in his hands.  Why?  Because with him at her side there is nothing that can not be made new.  And that is what genders do—they produce something new.


Wait, wait.  I am receiving the answer to another pop quiz question.  Question: What would you like God to say to you when you get to the pearly gates?  Answer (obviously a man): I would like God to greet me warmly, shake my hand, and say, “It was simply incredible the way you seduced and loved that woman.  You are a credit to all men everywhere.”

   You see, it is not about trying to please women or make them happy or what they want.  No.  Your relationship to a woman is actually a function of a dialogue you have with God in which you wrestle with God for a blessing in order to entice Him into revealing the secret of how to love a woman.

   But then again, to be completely honest, God Himself does not have a good track record when it comes to loving and being loved by mankind. Actually, His track record is very, very bad.  In fact, his historical failures have been far in excess of his successes. 

    Or, as God said to Balaam who complained that he was troubled his whole life by the beauty of women, “First become the love you seek like a mighty river flowing from out of yourself.  Then you shall have all that you desire.” 


Wait.  Wait.  I am receiving part of the broadcast from Talk Show Radio.  Rachel’s song (sung to melody of Scarborough Fair):


The softness of a woman’s skin

Is a night without end

Each woman in her heart remains, 

Forever remains a virgin,

Dressed in robes of silence,

Surrounded by the night’s cold,

        She waits for a lover with the eyes of dawn

At his touch begin birds their songs;

His hands and arms warm her skin,  

Her body rises to meet him

And the ache in her heart with a kiss, 

The ache and pain dissolve into bliss.

Like the earth with the sun above

I shall give him all of my love

And he to me as the sun

We shall love till we are one.


Wait. Wait. Another broadcast from Talk Show Radio:




To touch a woman’s skin, you have to understand, it is not about being a man.  It is not about taking command.  Sure, there is your burning urgency.  But the woman is not there for your emergency.  

To touch a woman’s skin you have to become like a child again.  It is about trust and love and tenderness and the wonder of flowing from one moment into another. 

In touch you communicate a message that you are there for her and that you care for her and that skin against skin your life and hers flow as one unending stream, that is, at least in the moment the two of you are sharing the same dream.






Howard Stern, the reincarnation of the famous Chinese Poet Li Po as well as the great Zen Master, Duga, for his well-known contribution to radio talk shows by virtue of his tenacious, life long attempt to answer the Zen question, How does a man get through puberty?  (And how can you knock a guy who is getting paid two hundred million dollars by satellite radio to rant on like a broken record about sex and the curiosities of puberty?)


Bob Guglioni, the founder of Penthouse Magazine and the reincarnation of Sir Isaac Newton, for giving ten million dollars out of his own pocket in the 1970’s for the research of nuclear fusion, a non-toxic alternative form of energy. ($10 million in 1970 with appreciation and inflation is about $140 million today).


Hugh Heffner, the founder of Playboy Magazine and the reincarnation of both Virgil and Goethe, for being the first to racially integrate television in the U.S. as well as publishing the first writings of virtually every major American writer for thirty years.  Net worth—probably $205 million.


Bill Gates (the reincarnation of Sir Francis Drake and Genghis Khan), Using cut throat monopolistic practices, he has virtually stolen $900 billion from the rest of the world by forcing other nations to “outsource” computer operating systems to the U.S. for twenty years.  However, he has now founded the largest charity in the history of mankind worth $24 billion.  He uses this charity to raise the living standard of poor people around the world so they can afford to buy computers with his operating system.


Marilyn Monroe, for finally embodying what in her previous incarnation as the man Casanova (as well as the author, Ovid, during the Roman Empire) he/she sought to capture--the perfection of every man’s desire.  (Her net worth wasn’t that much.  Her value is more a cultural icon thing.)


Reminds me of the five wizards sent into Middle Earth from Valhalla.  Of the five, only one remained true to the mission.  The others got distracted or turned to the dark side.


No, the spiritual vision of Netzach is that of a beautiful, naked woman.  Every magician is required in his training to master the intricate complexities and the subtle nuances, the sensual tonalities and the full emotional spectrum of vibrations hidden within this vision.





A magician, especially one having mastered the cosmic letter “k,” is able to take possession of any treasure on earth if it serves his spiritual purpose.  Kind of like George Washington requisitioning privately owned boats in order to cross the Delaware.  No one would accuse him of stealing.


No matter how sacred your purpose, you are not permitted any extravagances or short cuts, kind of like the instructions the head of Mossad gives his agents on secret missions—“I want a receipt for everything—and no prostitutes or no lap dances.”


Using magic to win a lottery is like stealing money from the poor to give to the poor—what kind of Robin Hood would do that?


States lotteries are “non profit” activities used to fund education and other public institutions.  Individuals spend money from their own pocket to buy tickets which offers them hope when their lives may have no hope.  And groups of investors buy tickets in large numbers balancing risk and return.  To use magic to gain a favorable outcome would be to undermine all these honest and legitimate efforts.  In other words, you generate a bad karma—you will have to pay back at some later date every cent that you take.


If you do win, the state gaming commission, the FBI, the CIA, the mafia, and other interested parties or outraged individuals will want “interviews” with you because they will find out.


There is no problem winning.  After all, magicians are superior to other people and everyone will understand that you are going to use this money for a noble purpose.  And although magic is intended to create wealth and not just take it out of one person’s pocket and put it into another person’s pocket as a lottery does, magicians are still superior to other people.  This is because part of a magicians training is in being a pickpocket as well as thieving in general. I mean who can steal thoughts, feelings, vitality, and dreams like a magician? 


Let’s review.  “Some of the worst things imaginable have been done with the best of intentions.” (Jurassic Part II)  What if demons are in charge of awarding the winning ticket in some lotteries.  Well then, you would be invading their turf, won’t you?  Kind of like wearing the wrong colors in the wrong part of LA. 



No for lotteries but yes for casinos.  Casinos, unlike lotteries, are “for profit” enterprises and someone is always trying to cheat them.  This cost or loss is figured into their daily operating expenses.  (See the movie Cooler for how casinos are fighting back to prevent magicians from cashing in the chips).


Actually the stock market is the traditional arena where criminals, honest investors, and reincarnated magicians fight to see who will win and who will lose.  (See David Swensen’s book, Unconventional Success.  Swensen, a reincarnated magician and recognized financial adept, has doubled the total endowment of Princeton University every four years for the last twenty years raking in tens of billions of dollars.  You could win all the lotteries on earth over a number of years and still not do what Swensen has done for “a good purpose.”)






As church treasurer, you write out checks to yourself, cash them, and then paste your church’s name over your name on the checks.  Then you Xerox copies of these checks and place them in the church files so they look like normal church expenses.  ($1.2 million—treasurer of First Lutheran Church of Grosse Pointe who lives down the block from me)


Work with an appraiser, a buyer, and a seller to gain loans for more than homes are worth and then pocket the cash the bank pays the seller.   ($30 million—a Detroit mortgage broker, one of my high school classmates; $20 million in LA)


Persuade the head of a few trucking companies to accept kickbacks for issuing fake invoices for work never done in relocating a number of buildings in your city for urban renewal. ($8 million which he then blew in casinos—City Controller of Honolulu who lived down the block from me)


Gift stock and stock options to zoning commissioners, city management, local and state officials for an indoor gulf course while selling the stock to the public and transferring the balance to your off-shore accounts. ($65 million—Skyland Park Management Company, Naples, Fl. whose office was down the block from me)


Charge one per cent per year on the balance of accounts you invest for others until you manage $1 billion dollars and receive $10 million a year for your trouble.  (some successful financial advisors).


As an unlicensed financial advisor, issue false financial statements to your clients showing they are getting 20% return on their investments while you gamble away their money in day trading.  Meanwhile use new client’s money to make payments to older clients. When the judge asks you to explain, say “I thought that is what banks did—they take one clients money and give it to other clients.”  (Naples, Fl.)


Pray for money when you need it.  You may receive a check from your insurance company after your house burns down but, hey, you got the money, didn’t you?  (a man in Australia trying to pay for his trip to a spiritual seminar, who I met at the seminar).


Money is never a problem.  It always comes shortly after you pray for it.  And when it no longer comes?  Time to die.  (a Wiccan in the state of Washington)


Forget prayer. Set up an on-line pornographic pay for view website.  The world wide revenues for all such sites are currently $150 billion a year.  Shouldn’t part of this money be used for “the Lord’s work?”


There are countless ways of getting hold of individuals’ financial data to make withdraws from their checking accounts and charge their credit cards.  Think Internet. Why it will be at least another seven years before adequate security is in place to prevent this.  The window of opportunity is there.  Even without your participation, figure $300 billion will be taken from the innocent in the next seven years.  Shouldn’t some of this money “be going to the Lord’s work?”  Oh yes, by the way, consider travel packages to nations with no extradition. 





One of the best cons is a Ponzie scheme—be as generous and reward as much as you can for small actions in the beginning until the mark becomes “hooked” before taking what you want from them.


The supreme con, beyond all other cons, is always accomplished by convincing yourself first beyond all doubt and with total sincerity that what you are doing is right and will be of the greatest benefit to others.  (To beat these guys you have to do a thorough background check and in-depth analysis of their purposed actions.  But that still won’t help if your weakness is deluding yourself).


The best method is the “soft sell”—you get others through their own incentive to freely “give you” whatever it is you want from them by virtue of your friendship, your sincerity, the way you trust them, and the deep emotional bond you have formed.


Your opportunities for fooling others will always be in direct proportion to your degree of intelligence, charm, and friendliness.


Intermittent rewards are the most effective for “hooking” others into doing what you want—you give small and large rewards but in an unpredictable manner so that others feels some efforts are immediately rewarded while other rewards come unexpectedly without any effort.  Never give rewards to others on a consistent basis because they will then believe you “owe it” to them or they will feel you are trying to manipulate them.


To test another person’s submission to your will all you need is one of the following: demand the person believe certain beliefs, feel specific feelings, or act as you act. 


Reveal to others their highest purpose in life but convince them in the process that because of the sacredness, holiness, or nobility of this purpose “the ends justify the means.”





Ability to have a mind free of all thoughts for a half hour.


Having several elemental beings, nature spirits, who enjoy hanging out with you.


Being able to create several elemental beings (elementaries) who completely obey your will.


Having successfully evoked your Holy Guardian Angel.


Encountering the darkness in yourself.


Being able to “create” causes in the akasha for things that later manifest in the physical world.


Having a close relative who is a spirit of the earthzone along with good  references from several masters.


Finishing your eight year degree program in Bachelor of Magical Arts at the Magic University.





Your elementaries (magically created servants) begin swearing at you.


Demons enjoy hanging out with you.


You discover that you enjoy talking to ghosts more than to living people.


Women no longer enjoy having sex with you.


You miss your second mortgage payment after maxing out your three credit cards.


The spirits in your personal hierarchy start saying, “Don’t call us.  We’ll call you.”


While you are asleep and dreaming, an amateur magician in Poland evokes your astral body into his magic triangle thinking you are a spirit of the earthzone.


You begin to like the image of your worst self more than the image of your best when you look into your black and white magic mirrors of your soul.





Nith-Haiah, the archangel of all magicians on earth.


Cigila, who maintains a spiritual web site listing every divine mission available on earth.


Ugolog, who will willingly reveal the past, present, and future of any human being, each person’s true spiritual  path, and all future incarnations up to final  perfection.


Cermiel, who presides over each individual soul during its existence between incarnations.  In other words, he knows the answer to the pseudo Zen question, What was my face before my father was born.


Anamil, who, using “electro magnetic volts” in the akasha, can guarantee a solution to any problem on earth.





You let someone touch your magic wand.  Never let anyone touch your magic wand.


That book you bought on eBay, Quick and Easy Lessons for Clairvoyance and Telepathy, is not on the approved reading list for the Magicians Guild.


The spirit you evoked is actually standing in front of you inside your magic triangle.  You just can’t see or hear it.  Everything is ok.  Just don’t let the spirit know that you can not see or hear it.


It is always better to hire someone for $3,000 from the local occult book store to walk you through your first evocation.


If you can’t afford the $3,000, you can hire an experienced medium for $300 from your local occult book store who will “channel” a spirit.  In this way, you can get answers to your questions and “hear” what the spirit has to say to you.


If you can’t afford the $300, try working as a medium in your local occult book store until you have enough savings. 


You are not utilizing the resources available to you from the “Quick Answers for Magicians Having Difficulties” Phone Service that you can subscribe to on an annual basis for $243.





The 72 spirits of the sphere of Mercury make up the absolutely secret, unpronounceable, and never to be written name of God (pronounced and written as Shem Ham Phorus) and these spirits know how to get things done.


The spirits of the sphere of Mars and Saturn may kill you on your first evocation unless you know those spheres’ secret passwords.


The spirits of the sphere of Uranus are the custodians of all magic in our solar system.


The spirits of the sphere of Pluto are not suitable for this phase of human evolution, that is, they don’t take calls.


The supreme spirit of this solar system is an embodiment of cosmic love which is fitting since our solar system is the heart chakra for a set of seven solar systems.


Evocation is not necessary for contacting spirits of the spheres.  You can simply engage them through “mental wandering.”


Contacting spirits through evocation or mental wandering is not necessary since any spirit’s quality or power can be mastered by working with the cosmic language of the Kabbalah.





In a word—temptation.  For a reincarnated magician, a demon will make a courtesy call within two years offering “free gifts” in return for a little consideration.


These books accelerate your karma so that a student of them will encounter the worst in himself in the next five years instead of in the next fifty years.


The books reveal how to acquire divine power.  As such, the individual must first make an absolute commitment to the light before utilizing this power otherwise he will destroy part of his soul if any abuse occurs.


They are too difficult and so a waste of time for most people.


They have serious flaws, false information, and errors in them.


It costs one million dollars to train a B-1 bomber pilot.  It costs at two million dollars to pay for your living expenses for a life time while you attempt to master the exercises in these books.  Why you would have to win a lottery to get money like that.


Nonsense.  You are actually doing a good deed by sharing with others something you find helpful for yourself.





You attain a brief experience with omnipresence in which you are aware of everything in the entire universe, including every speck of dust, among two hundred billion galaxies.


You get to hang out with the most beautiful creature on earth, the undine Istiphul, who initiates you into her mysteries of erotic love.


You get to hang out with numerous Venus spirits like Hagiel, Guru, Gomah, etc. who in the future will become the teachers of mankind in the areas of love, ecstasy, art, and intimacy.


You get to hang out with the higher spirits of the sun who reveal to you the original inspiration behind why the universe was created.


You learn through first hand experience the answers to you deepest questions about the mystery of life.


All that study allows you to work out your karma (to pay back to mankind the debts you owe) so that now you can finally put magic aside and get on with living a normal life.


Your magic allows you a brief interview with God in which He promises to give “serious consideration” to whatever petitions you make.




He means what he says, namely, it takes twelve years of careful observation in which you may discover minor inconsistencies that will reveal the major underlying flaws in the master’s teaching, organization, or personality.


The Dalai Lama does not mean what he says.  What he really means is that you do not have to rush or feel pressured to become a discipline.  Just make sure you feel completely comfortable with a master before becoming his student.


He means what he says, namely, attend the master’s seminars.  Read all of the master’s books.  Interview a number of the master’s new and older students.  Compare this master’s approach to masters in similar and different traditions.  This may take you a few months or a number of years.  The idea is to make sure that the master you choose not only feels right but is right for you.





Become omniscient.


You free yourself from suffering and the cycle of death and rebirth caused by false attachments so that you do not have to incarnate on earth again.


You are able to turn bad people into good people by your touch. (movie Golden Child).


People will build large, gold plated statutes of you for thousands of years. (see the history of Buddhism)


Your relics will radiate a light that will bring peace and prosperity to whichever kingdom possesses them. (movie Warriors of Heaven and Earth)


“You attain exactly nothing.” “There is no attainment and nothing to attain.” (Heart Sutra)





Because they do not live on the flight path of Buddhist masters traveling between the Orient and California.


Become Western magicians are more concerned with will power which is an aspect of the fire element than enlightenment which is an aspect of the air element.


Buddhism only makes sense within a feudal society.  That is, it requires a society with a rigid class structure, massive amounts of suffering due to overpopulation, and limited economic opportunity. Buddhist celibacy, monastic living, and detachment are among the best ways of getting your head clear under such circumstances.


Western magicians do not know anything about enlightenment because it never occurred to them. 


Because wearing light or dark orange or saffron robes, burning incense sticks, and sitting on a mat does not seem challenging enough for a Western magician.


Because for a Western magician having wisdom means you transform yourself through the act of transforming the world.  By comparison, for a Buddhist having wisdom means that you transform yourself first and then, and only then, will your mind be clear enough to think effectively about how to transform the world.





The master, though his number one disciple, tells you that you must sign over all your assets to his organization while you are studying with him in order to show good faith and demonstrate your commitment to the lineage.


The master tells you must take a vow never to reveal his teachings to anyone else including his other students because these teachings are meant only for you.  Later on you discover that he is teaching his other students the exact same things he is teaching you.


After taking the above vow and studying for ten years, the master tells you to assassinate another student who left the organization in order to “preserve the holiness of our lineage.” But don’t do it if this individual turns over all royalties, foreign, movie, and subsidiary rights as well as spin off royalties and a percentage of any future unrelated publications back to the organization after having written an unauthorized book about the sacred teachings.


Taking you to the side, the master casually confides in you that you should always charge your students as much as you can but not so much that you lose them because the more you charge the more seriously they will take your teachings.


The master tells you that in order to study further with him you must commit yourself to being his disciple for your next three incarnations.


Most run of the mill masters, prepackaged and prefabricated by overzealous and narrow minded traditions (or lineages), are actually not demonic or working with the dark side at all. They simply do not rise any higher in inspiration than abusive parents—who are incapable of acknowledging someone else’s thoughts and feelings and get angry as a defense when you try to express yourself.  And behind this little veil of inferiority they pretend they are superior. 




It is not what you say or claim, but the way you can tap the fundamental fears, feelings of helplessness, frustration, etc. of your listeners.  For example, blame your conspiracy on some disadvantaged or suspicious social or ethnic group which you never liked anyway.


Present a theory which is coherent, systematic, and internally consistent but which has no means whatsoever of verifying through empirical observation.


If you must present evidence, use only one independent source.


Make sure your conspiracy is being discussed openly.  But leave numerous trails of disinformation containing false evidence that will cause the investigators of your theory to be publicly ridiculed and debunked so that your actual conspiracy can remain hidden.


Create “real” conspiracies by funding and promoting extremists groups whose actual threats and radical ideas. This will distract anyone with intelligence from discerning the deeper, far more malicious and devastating conspiracy you are planning.


Never ever link yourself in any way to a conspiracy.  Instead, inspire and feed information to young, naïve but highly motivated and talented individuals so that they imagine themselves creating the conspiracy.


There really are no conspiracies.  If there were, Copernicus, Newton, Einstein, Columbus, Martin Luther, Gandhi, the signers of the Declaration of Independence, etc. would have to be called conspirators.  Its all how you look at it. 


There is no best way to present a conspiracy theory.  When you feel helpless, vulnerable, or used, simply blame your feelings on an invisible organization that is in control, invulnerable, and abusive.  If you can’t find one under “the official list of old and new conspiracies” on Google, feel free to make one up.


If you get tired of hearing about conspiracies, simply convince yourself that you are the one behind the scenes controlling the fate of the world.


Those who believe in conspiracies lack imagination because they fail to understand both sides of a question.  Every conspiracy, even real ones, on some level has a valid interest and a useful purpose.  Lord of War is a brilliant movie because it allows the bad guy to fully articulate his motivation and purpose—e.g., the protagonist says more people are killed by alcohol and tobacco than by the sale of guns each year; and the U.S. sells more weapons to other nations in one day than he sells in a year; and he serves the U.S national interest by selling arms to countries which the U.S. can not officially support.

    A movie like Syriana is not so brilliant because it blindly labels international oil companies as being bad while failing to represent their legitimate functions.  And it stupidly assumes oil reserves are running out.  Canada alone has a hundred years of global oil supply that can be converted from sand and shale.  The international oil companies have to invest twenty years in advance to meet global demand.  And an oil company is not a welfare agency or FEMA or the Red Cross.  It is owned by its shareholders some of whom are firemen, cashiers, and bell hops.  And the Saudi Royal family is not simply inefficient and needs to become more efficient.  Most likely the entire ruling class needs to be removed before the country will invest in infrastructure and create jobs for those citizens who are not politically connected. 

   You don’t have a compelling movie until the bad guy states the real reasons why what he does is the best thing for everyone (at least in his own mind).  The same with a conspiracy—you have to get inside the mind of the conspirators and allow them to articulate with great intelligence why their actions are invaluable.  (And of course, once you truly understand the minds of the conspirators you are officially authorized by akasha to modify that conspiracy according to your own secret purposes.)

      UFOs are taking possession of the minds of human beings?  Well then human beings can take possession of the minds of UFOs.  No one gets a free pass when it comes to world domination.  There is always someone in the wings ready to steal the movement and drive it in a new direction.  And this person could be you.




Moses who called the Angel of Death to kill the first born male of every Egyptian in order to persuade the Pharaoh to “let my people go.”


The prophet Isaiah for calling the Angel of Death to wipe out two thirds of the Assyrian army besieging Jerusalem?


Pope Leo, when he left Rome and walked out all by himself, to persuade Attila the Hun to take his massive army and turn around and go back home?


The King, during the Norman Invasion, for paying a Catholic Priest to perform a mass to change the wind direction so his ships could sail from France to England in order to invade in a timely manner?


St. Patrick for banishing all the snakes from Ireland?


General Patton, for ordering his personal chaplain to write a prayer which Patton read aloud to get the clouds to clear so his planes could bomb the Germans during the Battle of the Bulge?


St. Germaine who “manifested” during the Continental Congress to inspire the delegates to stop bickering and finish writing the constitution?





You go around persecuting and destroying Jews who became Christians.  But after a one time vision on the road to Damascus you decide it is better to support the Christians and so you now go around destroying the faith of Jews in the law.  (Apostle Paul)


It is prophesized at your birth that you will become a king, a great law giver who will bring universal prosperity to your world, or else a great world teacher.  Your father, the king, decides he wants you to follow in his steps so he prevents you from ever seeing suffering.  You discover suffering in the world and, pissed off at your father’s ploy, decide to strike out on your own and solve this problem once and for all.  (Buddha)


God tells you to tell the Assyrians that they are doomed. You choose to ignore God but He sweetens the deal by making you an offer you can’t refuse.  You tell the Assyrians they are doomed but get pissed at God because he backs out of his promise to destroy them.  (Jonah)


Pissed off at your master with all the pussy footing around with spiritual exercises, you demand that your master give you shaktipat (a transmission of spiritual awareness from the master directly to you).  Your master refuses and so in order to convince him of your sincerity you tie a huge rock to your leg and threaten to throw it into the river unless he relents.  He gives in to your request.  (Swami Rama)


On your spiritual quest, you can’t help thinking about sex.  You even start imagining that beautiful women have come to seduce you only to discover that they turn into horrible serpents after you embrace them.  But by chance you come upon an out of print book in a lonely cottage that explains everything: behind beautiful women the Goddess Kundalini is waiting to initiate you.  (Swami Muktananda)


A second angel appears to you at age six wearing wings, a choir robe, etc.  He says you are called to enter “the service.”  Getting pissed off you say, “Get lost. I did not incarnate in the twentieth century in order to return to the Piscean age’s blind devotion and religious idiocy.”  But the angel, diabolically clever, immediately causes a girl to be born whom you will later meet in life and who entices you through her beauty and vulnerability into studying magic. (W.M.)


You are an electrical engineer who has just successfully designed the nose cone for a missile produced by Hughe’s Aircraft.  In a chance meeting, a hereditary witch asks you to study magic with her.  You do not believe in magic until she shows up in your office with a candle and tells you to point your finger at the flame and make it bend in different directions.  You give it a try and discover you can bend the candle flame at will.  You quit your job and open an occult bookstore with her later discovering that you can also cause lightning to strike by pointing your finger.  (Bob M.)


Consider: Although magic has a vital part to play in every age, for the public and for society at large magic is in fact irrelevant to our world.  Which of the following best support the above statement.


Internet, which is applied technology and not magic, is a direct gift to mankind from the spirits of Uranus, the guardians of all magic.  Internet, far more than any magic practice, empowers individuals to transform themselves and the world around them.


You can spend a lifetime dedicated to studying magic.  In doing so, you may benefit a few other individuals, maybe a few thousand with whom you have direct contact.  But if you help develop one new medicine, one new genetic formula, one new breakthrough in any branch of science, you will benefit tens of millions of people around the world.  Going purely by the numbers, magic is not the best investment of your time and energy.


People think that magic speeds things up (the getting something for nothing approach) but it actually is a way of slowing things down so you do things right the first time around.  If people realized that studying genuine magic is more expensive in time and energy, in emotion and commitment than any other discipline you will lose ninety-nine per cent of your practitioners.


Though the foundations of modern chemistry arose from the experiments of alchemists in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, since then magic has made no appreciable contribution to culture, law, politics, religion, science, literature, or art. Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings are contributions from fantasy and mythology, not magic. 


In the scientific method, you perform an experiment that is reproducible by other individuals.  It is subject to observation and verification though quantifying variables.  All of this takes place within the context of a recognized and accepted body of knowledge and a set of theories that are consistent with an overall paradigm.  Magic offers no such method, no such quantifiable or reproducible results, and in no way is part of any generally accepted and recognizable paradigm of accumulated knowledge.  




Well done.  Now for your next assignment on earth.


Well done.  Now you do not need to ever again incarnate on earth.


You take yourself too seriously.  Come on in.   I have a couple of hookers and a high ball waiting for you. (Sean Penn)


Yes, Elvis, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, and Hemingway—they are all here but no, come to think of it, I haven’t seen any televangelists around.


I have been waiting for you.  Could you watch the pearly gates for a while?  I need to get a few things done.


Welcome.  Here is the short list of things you can do with yourself for the rest of eternity.


“Just to know that there is laughter.  Like God saying, ‘There are these two Jews who walk into a bar ….’” (Robin Williams)


I would like God to greet me warmly, shake my hand, and say, “It was a pleasure to watch the way you seduced that woman.  Such incredible skill.  You are a credit to all men everywhere.”



You practiced and mastered magic in a previous life time.  Consequently, before you are born you are given the choice of a spiritual gift to insure that you fulfill a divine mission of your own choosing on earth.  Which one from the following “gifts” would you choose?


Your concentration will develop to such an extent that you can command the attention of any spirit to answer your questions at least for a period of five minutes including any of the archangels.


Your magical equilibrium, that is, your emotional intelligence—the balance between the elements in your astral body—is so developed that you are able to avoid any emotional entanglements or confusion during the entirety of your life.  This means you have the aura of a saint.


Choose one of the following three:

Your clairvoyance is such that you can easily read the future of any person you meet.

Your telepathy is such that you can understand the thoughts of any being, mortal or divine.

Your clairfeeling is such that you can feel what is in the heart of any being and also materialize any spirit at least to some degree on the physical plane.


Although possessing no magical abilities, your innate business skill will allow you by age thirty five to be worth fifteen billion dollars.  Utilizing this wealth, you create endowments for five magical universities.  This will guarantee that for the next five hundred years there will be an ample supply of highly trained magicians on earth who will serve the purposes of Divine Providence.



The difference between the positive and the negative in magic, that is, between serving the light and serving darkness, serving Divine Providence and working  for demons is ….choose the best answer:


Is the difference between being constructive and being destructive.


There is no difference between the positive and negative in magic.  They both serve the same purposes as in “the demons are but angels in disguise teaching us how to let go of all of our attachments.”


The difference between good magicians and the black path is that the black magicians have no sense of wonder, awe, or gratitude for being alive.


Good magicians should always fight black magicians and insure that their purposes fail.


Good magicians should not interfere with black magicians because everything serves a purpose.



An Angel appears to you at age five.  I know, I know, age five is before the age of maturity and consent and responsibility.  But guess what?  Angels apparently are too stupid to know that because this happened the way I am telling it. And the angel tells you to make a wish (as a token of recognition for your spiritual accomplishments in past lives).


Do you ask for love since love is missing in one form or another from the lives of everyone around you?


Do you ask for wisdom so that you might understand how to help those around you?


Do you ask for power so that you might accomplish your work in life?


Do you ask for money since you notice that poverty prevents everyone you know from being loving, understanding, getting a good education, and being able to contribute to society?


Do you ask for real excitement since the church your parents are dragging you to three times a week is so incredibly, incomprehensibly boring?


Do you ask to be “big” so that you can beat up the bullies down the block?



A demon appears to you and says, If you hurt another person every so often in just the right way, then you will be free of pain, doubt, depression, and you will succeed.  In fact, he argues, this is the only you will ever be able to live life to the fullest.  And further, he insists, all men of power, leaders, and political, social, and religious reformers as well as women of beauty know and practice this method of human engagement.  Choose the best response of the following:


Do you say to him, I live under the dictum, Do no harm.  I would never think of hurting another person and so you turn him down.


Do you say to him, I live under the dictum, Do no harm, but then again, there is no gain without pain and, in fact, being able to share pain with others has always the test of friendship, genuine love, and a closely knit community and so you accept his offer.


Do you say, I live under the dictum, Do no harm, but a man has to take care of himself and his family otherwise you are not a man and so you accept his offer.


Do you say, I live under the dictum, Do no harm, but I also am an initiate and practitioner of the wrathful side of compassion—you can’t help other people without pushing them on occasion beyond their self-imposed limitations.  And anyway, all demons as well as positive spirits are always willing to serve the purposes of a true magician.  And so you say to the demon, you are not telling me anything I don’t already know.


Do you say to him, I understand your offer but what would be involved if my counterproposal consists of only practicing your method when I am in dire circumstances?


Do you say to the demon, Pain and limitation have always been my best teachers.  I have no need of your offer and so you send him away.


Never respond to a demon.  This is not about hurting other people.  And it is not a discussion about morality, ethics, spirituality, cost-benefit analysis, right and wrong, or good and bad.  The entire purpose of the demon is to get you to commit acts, whether small or great, that lead to the destruction of your conscience.  Next to this loss, everything else is irrelevant.




Are proof of the existence of God.* (See also note at end)


Demonstrate that beauty contains a magical power to bring together all the diverse aspects of yourself (known and unknown) so that you experience wholeness.


Are further proof of the theory of intelligent design over evolution and natural selection.


Are waiting for a modern writer, who in one glance as with Dante at Beatrice, will bring forth a new vision of the union of heaven and earth proclaiming that God is still sovereign and in charge.


Their cinematic appeal and stardom arises from a subtle interweaving of pagan and Christian influences.


By concentrating on their beauty, they can be used as a yidum or magical image that will take your consciousness into akasha, a state of awareness penetrating space and time.


Create desires that are more suitable for discussion in a bar than in an academic setting.  (“What a wicked thing you do to make me dream of you.”) 


At least there are these two women who do not hate men.  Don’t give up guys.  There have got to be a few more out there. 


*(Note: Michael Douglas emailed me to say that for him Catherine Zeta-Jones offers proof each night as he holds her tight; Tom Hanks also insists that “the warm bed I share with his wife” is direct evidence; Roger Ebert, the well-known movie critic, wishes that we might see as he that Ashley Judd is love personified; Hugh Heffner called me to say that when Marilyn Monroe signed up to display in his first Playboy Magazine that it was no less than a sign from God anointing him to fulfill a divine mission; and who would deny that Meryl Streep is an angel in disguise or perhaps one of the seven sisters from the Pleiades who has come down from heaven?)





Contentment is the greatest wealth on earth. (Swami Rama)


A woman who loves you with all of her heart is the greatest wealth on earth. (the lunar spirit Ebvap)


Happiness is inevitable. (King Uddeshtira, from Mahabarata)


Everything good in life will come to you in its own time and in its own way. (Susan Penfield)


We are adrift in a sea of motionless time until we come to realize there are worlds enough for becoming ourselves. (Frank Waters)


All the great battles of life are first fought within your own heart. (Krishna)





A judicial temperament: an impartial ability to withhold judgment, to consider case and precedent, and to make decisions after carefully weighing the evidence on both sides of an argument.


The ability to argue both sides of a question because you can understand equally well the feelings and thoughts of everyone involved.


A tolerance for ambiguity: you can look at situations from different perspectives without feeling compelled to adopt one view or another.  It also does not bother you that sometimes you have to make decisions based on incomplete information.


Being practical and down to earth, that is, having a fully operational bullshit detector.


A sense of humor.


Just place your right hand on the book, IIH, and repeat after me: “I have superhuman patience; I am beyond all fear; my will is perfect, complete, and absolute; my dedication is pure; my determination will persevere until I attain perfection.” There, that should take care of any missing pieces when you present your resume to akasha though technically speaking you may want to throw in, “I embody personal, universal, and cosmic love, all-embracing, omnipresent, everywhere and in everything.”


“I love touching dark edges.  I love going to dark places.” (Domino Harvey)  What can I say?  In my screenplay a character says, “In my heart, light and darkness join.” Or maybe we could hear from Lao Tzu: “One who preferring light, prefers darkness also is an image of the world.” But Domino said it in a more feminine way without the masculine craving for a happy ending.








Id as in Freudian psychology—the chaotic, conflicting drives of the unconscious.  I guess these aliens didn’t know their Freudian psychology.


They had no Great White Brotherhood to protect them. Isn’t that obvious?


Monsters of the Id refers to primordial instincts present during early phases of evolution. The race destroyed itself because it had no Steven Spielberg to make movies like Jurassic Park about life forms such as dinosaurs that possess a lethal combination of intelligence and determination.


Perhaps there is an intelligent race in about every hundred cubic light years in our galaxy.  Roughly five per cent of these races end up destroying themselves.  This might be due to any one of the following running rampant: nanotechnology, an AI, a level five air born virus, an asteroid, weapons of  mass destruction, or just an old fashioned nuclear experiment like the one a few years back on the East Coast in which scientists speculated about a “miniscule” chance of destroying the earth.  Kind of like what was rumored to have happened to the planet that used to fly between Mars and Jupiter—now the asteroid belt.


No, one of their world teachers declined to sacrifice himself for the greater good.  As a result, the entire race had to be destroyed to “restore the balance.”


They forgot that whenever you move on to a new magical practice you have to restore the balance in your astral equilibrium which is automatically thrown out of whack. 


They relied on machines to materialize and dematerialize.  Never rely on machines for your materializing and dematerializing needs.


Like the creatures in the book/movie Space Vampires, they forgot that “survival is always an issue” until a race attains final and complete enlightenment.


They had no magician’s guild.  Approximately 80 per cent of all races in our galaxy have no indigenous magician’s guild.  The magicians guild’s number one job is looking out for the future.  (If you are an alien on earth and reading this message you can apply for a guild on your home planet [for a small fee; barter is ok] by hiring The Magician’s Guild’s We Are Here for You Out There Quick Response Team.)


The did not know the saying, “The higher you go into the light the deeper your roots sink down into the darkness.” The roots of their unconscious sank down until it awoke the “Monsters of the Id” buried within them.  This contamination of their conscious selves resulted in their transformation into blind fanatics who immediately killed each other off fighting over whose beliefs were right.





You assume if you follow the exercises the way the master says then everything will work out ok.


You assume that if you do not follow the exercises the way the master says then everything still will work out ok.


When Bardon says you will need “superhuman patience” you ask yourself, “Doesn’t everyone have superhuman patience?”


You say to yourself, “Somewhere between the first and second chapters I’ll just sneak in a little astral travel, clairvoyance, and spirit evocation.”


You say the obvious, “I am already a sixteenth level initiate in another magic system.  In fact, I am an initiate of the sphere of Chesed. Take that Bardon.”


You say to yourself, “I live a simple, honest life free of distractions.  I am sincere and dedicated.  What more does a guy need?”





Hang out with Gnomes.  Gnomes can take you to a place within silence where depression is afraid to go.


Male magicians tend to become overly mental, abstract, detached, and obsessed with will.  This can be corrected if they spend time with the opposite of themselves—young women whose emotions are bubbly like champagne, blindly accepting, and naturally affectionate due to the high levels of estrogen in their bloodstreams.


Depression is a refusal to acknowledge the greatest secret of life: “You are on the highest path when you are attracted to the thing that is most unlike yourself and which you consider to be inferior.” (the Supreme Spirit of the Solar System).  Take a moment and consider exactly what that is in case you ever want to add a little spice to your life.


The most basic principle in psychology is “if what you are doing is not working try doing something different.”  Try doing something different.


Depression is anger turned within.  Anger arises from failing to exercise your will.  If you want to get over your depression, decide on a decisive course of action guided by all the feelings in your heart and all the wisdom your mind can provide.  In other words, always have a backup plan of action in case your current course of action leaves you high and dry.


No to all of the above.  Depression is the result of sensory deprivation.  Go on a shopping spree, eat some chocolate, get a lap dance, a good football game, a party, a good movie, express yourself in art or through intimacy—you got the idea?





No, the reason he granted him immortality was that the student’s dumb questions were driving the master crazy.  By granting him immortality the master could finally get some peace and quiet.


The master rightly understood the saying, “The wise do not know all ends.” (Gandolf)  Therefore the master granted immortality to his student because he recognized that life is a greater teacher of magic than any magician or wisdom tradition.


It is a system of self-initiation.  The only way anyone ever learns anything is by discovering it for themselves.


No, the student knew the master would lose face if he failed in trying to teach someone magic.  So the student played dumb in order to force the master to grant him immortality.


The problem with immorality is that you permanently impregnate your body and soul with youthful energy.  Even if you possess wisdom your youthful energy denies you the ability to apply that wisdom.  All students of magic are eventually given the choice between being wise or acquiring immortality.  If the student had chosen wisdom he knew he would have started growing old.  (Thus the saying, “A wise man does not wish to be young again” is actually a statement of fact: you can’t have both wisdom and youth in the same soul.  This is a joke, right?)





“Love is the only experience in which you can let go of yourself without knowing anymore who you are or what you are becoming.”


“Each moment contains an abyss.  Only the heart can chart a path across.”


“Love gratifies your deepest cravings and reveals your highest path to perfection.”


“Love is bliss unafraid of emptiness.  It is desire unafraid of loss.  It is a yearning burning so hot it annihilates the shadows within the lover’s heart.”


“If you could take all of nature and extract from it its beauty and then drink this elixir and attain immortality you would still not taste the bliss I taste when I hold my Beloved in my arms.”


“Who is like my Beloved? At her touch, the sun and moon dissolve into a brighter light.  Day and night join as one.  The life animating plant, animal, and tree, human and Divine being return to their source at the center of my heart.”


“When I meditate I am embraced by countless beings of love and might who guide and guard all paths of wisdom and all evolutions: with both mortal and divine I join my heart and mind to celebrate the Light embracing all of creation.”





Though an act of love. (Franz Bardon)


The universe is a mistake. (Steven Hawkin)


“The universe will not end until every heart is found and every soul becomes pure light.” (paraphrase of the Dalai Lama’s vow)


“God’s will will not be fulfilled until there are hearts big enough to contain the entire universe within themselves.” (Seventh of the Seven Lords of Creation).


God got it wrong the first time.  We are now living in a universe that is His second try.  (Jewish legend)


The universe arose from the dream of the gods who then became entangled in the web of their own creation. (Hindu Vedas)


The universe demonstrates an intelligence behind its design.  Now was that intelligence “an unmoved mover” (Aristotle), perhaps a large cabbage plant (Hume), a turtle (I-Ching), an impersonal God (Benjamin Franklin), a bunch of mean old Titans (Greek mythology), etc.?  Where do you weigh in on this?


We are one of God’s thoughts on one of his bad days. (Kafka)


I do not believe God plays dice with the universe.  (Einstein)





“Where word breaks off no thing may be.” (Trakl) See Martin Heidegger’s essay On Poetry.  There is no problem because something can not exist within our world if you fail to record it in your magical journal.  If you don’t write about your mystical or magical experiences they lost forever.


Nothing can exist unless it has a name. (Franz Bardon)


It has no name because its nature is shaped by colors of light vibrating in spectrums that do not exist in our solar system and so it is not subject to the Kabbalah or cosmic language as we know it.


If you do not have the magical name for any being (which is what was meant in “having no name”) then you can not control that being.  No name means out of control.


The Old Testament and the Kabbalah were written by Jewish mystics who were very good at scrabble and cross word puzzles.  They hid a lot of prophecies about the future in religious texts by hiding words within words.  If something is not in the Official Jewish Mystic Scrabble and Crossword Players Dictionary then it can not exist and can safely be ignored because it is just fiction.





Friendship is not one of the things they need for attaining magical equilibrium.


Their divine missions make them too busy for friends.


Instead of taking calls on their cell phones at a restaurant, they take “calls” from spirits.


If they ever should think bad thoughts about you, you end up with a headache or else the bad thoughts rattling around inside your head.


If an evocation goes bad for them, they may suddenly look ten years older, check into a mental hospital, or convert to fundamentalist Christianity or the Hari Krishnas.


They may think it is funny to slip a tiny firedrake inside your aura when you aren’t looking.


If you speak the name of the devil in their presence, the devil appears.


When you ask them for some magic that gets you money, love, or a job they fail to warn you in advance about the disastrous side effects that come with fulfilling your wish.


No, the reason male magicians do not bond well with other men is that, like most men, they are still working on the problem of how to please women.


Without even thinking or giving it a second thought (because it only takes a few seconds), they may try to hypnotize you or use your aura as a medium for evoking a spirit.


The simple fact is that a genuine and mature magician operates from a place beyond the knowledge of our world.  Whether he knows it or not, his own mind and heart are illuminated with a light reason can not conceive and intuition can not perceive.  And though he may try to be consistent and friendly, his essence is formless beyond word, image, thought, or feeling.  In other words, he may look like a human being, but don’t count on him following through with anything.





When attacked, try drawing pentagrams in the air pronouncing the sacred and holy names of God, the guardians, and the archangels of the four quarters.  This will cause any evil spirit to immediately collapse from laughter or else think it has wandered into the Comedy Store in Hollywood.


Stop it!  You are confusing the innocent.  The Official Guide to Franz Bardon’s Practices clearly states and I quote, page 45, “In order to draw pentagrams successfully in the air you must 1. Imagine that the hand that is drawing them is actually the hand of some divine being such as God; 2.  You must draw the pentagram on all three planes simultaneously—the mental, astral, and physical; and 3.  The pentagram must act as a summary of all of your experiences with the four elements and their integration in the akasha.  The pentagram in itself has no magical power just as a cross has no magical power unless a Christian is holding it and understands its symbolism.  In other words, you only get out of magic what you put into it.”  (Then again, what about in the movie The Mummy in which the thief holds up a Star of David and speaks in Hebrew and the Mummy says, “The language of the slaves.”  You never know.  Maybe a pentagram will make the spirit stop and think of some other reason for not bothering you.)


Try running a copper wire around your bed and, when your wife is not around, attach it to a dagger you stab into the beautiful varnished wooden floor beneath your bed.


Put your hand into a bucket of water to drain away any negativity.


Place little mirrors surrounded by the eight trigrams of the I-Ching above some of the windows in your house.


Magically charge each day a psychic “Do Not Disturb” sign you hang in the air outside your house.  That is, visualize a sphere of white light on the ground around your house and with a commanding voice full of absolute conviction say or project into the circle, “The circle represents the harmony and law of the universe.  Nothing may cross that is not in accord with that harmony.”


Like Crowley, project your mind inside the negative spirit or entity until that being falls over dead from the vibration of cocaine you have flowing through your blood stream.


Repeat the Buddhist mantra, “There is no attacker, attack, or anyone being attacked.” (Or, alternately, read aloud the Heart Sutra or, if you are Jewish or Christian, Psalm 90)  That is, make your mind empty, nothing, and joined to the Great Void (akasha, the unmanifest, sunyata, whatever) until the attacking energy or entity can do nothing else than turn around and attack whoever sent it in the first place.


Stand in the center of your magic circle joining yourself to God.  Any being, positive or negative, will then be force to serve your will.


Better yet, simply threaten to stab any negative being or energy with your magic dagger or trident.


And even better yet, hire whoever is attacking you to defend you against some other real or imagined enemy.  The bad guys will be so honored to be recognized in this way they will now consider you a friend.


With a loud, authoritative, and persuasive voice, explain to the negative entity that it is just so unfair the way its master has enslaved and abused it in the past.  Then with a commanding voice send it back to attack whoever sent it.  (Max Freedom Long)


Practice entering a timeless and spaceless state of awareness by imagining a dark, ultraviolet light emanating from every pour of your body and going throughout the universe.  Then identity with every particle of light you have emitted (that is, make yourself in a vast empty void).  Then when you need to, simply “zap” any negative being when it comes around with this dark, ultraviolet light and akasha which you send from your hands into this being destroying any attachment to form it may possess.





Magicians are only superior because they train more than others and work through their karma fairly quickly.


There are no real masters and no one is superior to anyone else.  Masters are just specialists who know a lot about a few things and are just as stupid as anyone else in other areas.


Magicians are superior to other people because they have a full catalogue of talismans, sigils, and charms that they receive when they join the Magician’s Guild. 


Magicians are not only superior.  As they develop they bring their microcosm into harmony with the greater macrocosm until they have mastered the elemental realms, the earthzone, and magic of the spheres as well as the cosmic language of the Kabbalah.  They then become a virtual god incarnate free of any karma and now acting as direct representatives of Divine Providence.  (Did I miss anything? Oh yah, at this point they are finally able to wrap up any exercises they failed to master in Initiation into Hermetics)


No real magician would ever say he is superior (even if he was).  This is because the more mature a magician is the greater his humility and desire to serve.


Most people operate in the three dimensions of the physical, astral, and mental planes.  A magician adds a fourth dimension—akasha--that penetrates through space and time.  Whereas most people are struggling to master physical necessities, emotional needs, and mental clarity, a magician is struggling to master omnipotence, omniscience, and cosmic wisdom.  Though this does not make the magician a better person, it does give him or her a fantastic flexibility.  (See the book, Troubleshooting, Safety Tips, and Repair Manuel for 4th Dimensional Travelers.  Also see the New Age book, Your OK, He’s OK, but I am Superior).


Let’s be practical.  The magician opens the gates to the inner planes by casting his magic circle consecrating it with water.  He draws pentagrams and sigils on the circumference like an artist whose paintbrush leaves a trail of fire.  His eyes sparkle with divine authority.  His voice resonates with a sacred ferocity as he chants great and mighty words of power.  Standing at the center of the circle, he joins himself with God so that what he wills might be fulfilled, that no obstacle can long resist what he commands to manifest. 

     Now if that is not superior I don’t know what is.


No.  Magicians are not superior.  They just have big egos—it a professional hazard.  When they work with the elemental beings, these beings are profoundly grateful to serve the will of a magician who is joined to akasha.  And so naturally when a magician is so respected and honored and treated as a master on the inner planes, he expects other people to treat him the same way.  And this is why magicians are not very social.  No one can stand being around them.





Men want women to accept the man’s sovereignty over them.


Men love war more than women, food, or sleep.  (an ancient Greek proverb)


The only reason a man is interested in a woman is to have sex or children.


Men want the beauty of women in their lives.  They want the oneness sex implies.  They want the tender love they see in children’s eyes.


Men (whether they know it or not) want a world in which women are fully aroused.  This is the only way they can see the inner light shining in all things.  Without this, they fail to attain their destiny.


“To understand a woman in love you first imagine a man and then you take away his reason.” (As Good as It Gets)  It is not that men want women to be more rational; they just want them to be more agreeable.


Men all want the same thing from women.  Some are just more patient than others.  (Jennifer)


No, no, no.  This is not a gender issue. Marilyn fell victim to the Kennedy Curse that killed John and Bobby.  Actually the death of one woman was not enough save Ted Kennedy.  It also required the selfless sacrifice of Marilyn to break the curse and of course Teddy has to settle for being a U.S. senator instead of president.


Yes it is a gender issue.  Whether you are a president, an attorney general, or a kid named Elton John or Howard Stern finding a magazine under a bed, it makes no difference.  You want “desire and need joined to intimacy so that loneliness and separation are shattered and broken asunder and replaced with kindness, friendship, and love.” (from Istiphul)


Don’t you think we should consider God’s point of view on this topic? “Do you know what the human body goes through when you have sex?  Pupils dilate, arteries constrict, core temperature rises, heart races, blood pressure skyrockets, respiration becomes rapid and shallow, the brain fires bursts of electrical impulses from nowhere to nowhere, accretions spit out of every gland, and the muscles tense and spasm like you are lifting three times your body weight.  Its violent. Its ugly and its messy.  And if God had not made it unbelievably fun the human race would have died out eons ago. ….Men are lucky they can only have one orgasm.  Do you know that women can have an hour long orgasm?” (From the TV series, House.)


Let’s keep it simple.  Women need to feel they are pleasing to someone and they need to be told they are loved (like maybe once a day).  A man needs to receive respect from a woman (like once a day) and to exercise some control over some aspect of the woman’s life so he gets that inflation that comes from control. 

    Don’t ask me why, though Peking Man and Neanderthal are now extinct because their brains had no neurological programming regarding gender differences.





You become too upset to study because of conflicts involving 1. a girlfriend, 2, your wife, or 3. both your wife and your girlfriend.


You begin to question if you are on the right path because you can neither astral travel, levitate, or evoke spirits after three weeks of practice.


The roof of your house caves in on top of the desk where you left your Initiation into Hermetics book the first night you bring it home from the store.


Someone invites you to a conference on Franz Bardon and you reply, “I could never feel safe around people like that.”  Or worse, you go and you meet these Bardon students and later you ask yourself, “Why on earth did I think that associating with people like that would be beneficial to my practice?”


A demon appears to you within two years to see if he can make you an offer you can’t refuse. 


Excuse me, we demons would just like to put in a little word right about here—we feel that the above statement may misrepresent both our intentions and our actions.  Words should really express the truth and not be blurry around the edges.  Just a simple clarifying statement I think will solve the problem.

    Like any other spirits, we are fully committed to helping magicians in any way we can.  Be assured right now that we have absolutely the best of intentions.  The situation with young magicians is more like this:

    We see a man or woman with deep overpowering desires, cravings, hungers, needs, obsessions, wants, etc. etc.  Most often this young person is not even faintly aware that these passions are hidden within his soul.  In this regard, we are just simple facilitators.  We are very honest about what we see because we point out that these hidden cravings are there (which is true) and that they will soon bubble up to the surface, especially if magical training is undertaken (this is also true).

    Consequently, as spirits who seek to serve, we offer simple, straightforward, and effective means for satisfying these cravings.  We are just doing our job—fulfilling life. 

    I will be the first to admit that there have been a few complaints from time to time about our methods.  I assure you, we do absolutely the best we can with the skills and attributes we have been given.  And to be honest with you, harmony, balance, and doing things in a positive manner are not what we are good at. 

    But we do get the job done.  We gratify the craving.  We satisfy the need.  You can count on us to deliver the goods.  And I might add, when I use that word “gratification” I mean satisfied and satiated beyond your imagination!  

   So I hope this has been illuminating.  I am really looking forward to meeting and working with you.  Just don’t say I am making you an offer you can’t refuse.  To quote Shakespeare, “We can’t always control our fate but we still have a choice to make.”

     I would never offer you something you could not refuse because it is your free choice that is so absolutely fascinating—why we sit around taking endlessly about the choices people make and how those choices determine their fate.  See you soon.    


No demon appears.  Instead you discover a darkness growing inside yourself.  This darkness demands that you surrender your will and allow yourself to transmute into something horrible.  You try to resist with all your might but it appears that this darkness arises from the core of your being.


No, no.  All you need to do is balance the four elements in your soul producing a magical equilibrium.  Keep it simple and straightforward describing your strengths and weaknesses and working on the weaknesses one by one.  In no time the darkness is gone and you now feel at ease, full of peace, and vibrant with energy as never before. 

     The dark side is no match for the simple, straightforward and positive thinking of a young magician.  (Or am I confusing this with Star Wars when the Sith Lord says to his disciple with rancor and hatred dripping from his breath, “The Jeddi are no match for you.” Or some other movie where the character says “Look within and you may discover that Darth Vader is your father.”  Or, “Trust the force, Luke” says Obiwan.  “Yeah, but which force to trust, light or dark?”  “Search your heart” but there is still a choice.  Gee, George Lucas made billions from this light/darkness mythological motif.  I wonder why that is?)


Well, it turned out you had nothing to fear after all.  You simply follow the directions as written and after five years of diligent practice you master IIH.  You then proceed to the second book on evocation.  Within a year you are communicating successfully with not only elementals but spirits of the earthzone.  After two more years you begin working with spirits of the planetary spheres.  At year twelve of your practice you move on to practicing the cosmic language.  This takes another ten years to master.  Finally after twenty-two years of practice you accept and fulfill a divine mission over the course of another ten years.  You then retire to live out the rest of your life sitting on the board and/or being a professor at an important magical university.  (But wait!  Are some of the other professors secretly working for the Dark Side?  Stay tuned for the exciting sequel to Magicians Gone Wild, winner of two Academy Awards or was it Female Magicians Gone Wild, winner of number one erotic video by Playboy Magazine?)


No, statistics show that 90% of those who have practiced the Bardon system for more ten years have started the system over from the beginning at least five times.





The first thing Solomon did when he woke up the next morning after gaining wisdom was to celebrate by getting drunk out of his mind.  He records this in his book, Ecclesiastes, in which he says, “I gave myself to drink.”  But because of the resulting hangover, he concludes, “Vanity of vanity. All is vanity.”


Solomon never got over the fact that his mother seduced his father into murdering his mother’s first husband and that this resulted in the death of Solomon’s older brother.  And so Solomon concludes in his Book of Proverbs, “Among a thousand women, there is not one you can trust.” (You might get away saying that on Bill O’Reilly but not on Oprah.)


Solomon never found true love.  This is indicated by the fact that he married seven hundred wives and had three hundred concubines and still had time to have affairs with Queens from other lands such as the Queen of Sheba.  These women also caused him to turn away from God and become an idolater by worshiping in pagan temples.  Solomon even began to give cryptic warnings to virgins to stay away from himself.  (See The Song of Solomon)


Solomon was also a rotten father. This is seen in that he did not leave any words of instruction to his son who ruled after him (unlike Solomon’s own father David whose last words to Solomon were specific and extensive.)  As a result Israel was divided into two nations immediately after Solomon’s death.


Solomon committed high treason against Israel by secretly dispatching a national treasure, the Ark of the Covenant, to Ethiopia in the care of his son whom he fathered with the Queen of Sheba.


God refused King David’s request to build the Temple of God because God said, “You have blood on your hands.”  Solomon, however, defiled God’s Temple by ordering an unarmed man who took sanctuary in the Temple to be slain before the altar.  This occurred shortly after Solomon was heard saying, “Nobody messes with me and gets away with it.” (Later on after the high priest complained about this desecration, Solomon was heard muttering: “He should have armed himself. That way he wouldn’t have died unarmed.”)





It is very easy to lose your way--of the five wizards sent into Middle Earth by Vahalla (read Divine Providence) only Gandolf remained true to his mission. The others either got distracted or, like Sarumen, were turned to the dark side.


When pressed as to what Gandolf was doing sneaking around in the Dark Lord’s dungeon, he replied, “Finding things out.” As a matter of fact, a magician is able to violate the taboos of his society and seek forbidden knowledge because he too is “finding things out” to fulfill a sacred mission.


Gandolf, when pressed, was able to make his wand glow in the dark.  This is actually one of the basic exercises in Bardon’s training system.


Evil can cloak itself in the form of great beauty and charm. It then proceeds to bestow upon the world great and wondrous gifts. These gifts appear to enrich the spirituality of all people but are actually part of a sinister plot to take over the world. (Sauron when he forged and gave the original rings of power to the elves, the dwarves, and the human kings).


Only the individual who is free of all desire for power can safely be granted absolute power over the world.  (And it helps if you live under a hill, like to smoke pipes, and have hobbits as relatives.)


Whether you agree with his cause or not, like the evil emperor in Stars Wars known as Senator Palpatine, Sauron was doing something right (which the good guys never ever seem to get around to doing)—he was taking responsibility for the entire world (or galaxy).





A magic cloak that enables you to be invisible. (Isn’t the Beta form of this currently being developed and sold by a Japanese firm?)


A magic map that tells you where everyone else is and in what direction they are moving. (Aren’t several versions of this currently available in Beta form for Seattle and San Francisco at least as far as cars and trucks moving on the city map?)


A jar that if you fall into it takes you back in time so you can experience first hand past events?  (isn’t this called psychometry or,  if you want to get fancy, psychic archeology?)


The ability to fly on broomsticks without the aid of aerodynamic wing design or gas propelled engines.  (didn’t I already mention that Boeing Aircraft is researching antigravity engines?)


Book and newspaper covers with animated three D images.  (Don’t most second graders have at least two palm held devices that can do better than this?)





You don’t want to hold your breath for this—your chance of meeting an available and acceptable magical partner of the opposite gender in any given year is about one in five hundred. (Of course, if you have attained immortality ….?)


It is ok if one partner embodies Receptive Intelligence and the other partner embodies Active Intelligence.


No, no, no.  It is only ok if the woman who is a magician is also a true submissive (Definition: a submissive woman is one who finds pleasure in pleasing a man--about 3% of the female population).  This is not a contradiction.  After all, it is the submissive who is always in charge because she gets to choose who will be her dom.  (A tip for you prospective doms—though you are in charge never ask a true submissive to do anything she does not already want to do.) (Note: A male who finds pleasure in pleasing a woman is not called a submissive.  He is called a gentleman.)


Since sex magic is the highest magic on earth you should be looking for a suitable partner who practices magic like yourself. Check the on-line Dating Service for Magicians Seeking Magic Sex Partners.


No, teach seminars on magic that demonstrate your knowledge. Nubile women are always attracted to men who are able to hold the attention of large groups of people.  One of the women attending will inevitably come on to you in a way that you can’t resist and at the same time she will respect you as an authority figure.


Actually it is a requirement if you wish to attain enlightenment in this incarnation to practice sex with a trained spiritual partner. (See the Introduction to The Wheel of Time by the Dalai Lama and then consult the on-line Yabums for Attaining Enlightenment or Your Money Back)


Magicians should not marry other magicians because--can you imagine having to use a sign up sheet and a calendar for whose turn it is to use the magic temple next?


Actually your best chance of meeting a suitable sex partner for Tantra or Taoist Sex Yoga is at a Tantric or Taoist Sex Yoga seminar.


A woman who really loves you will do for you whatever you want her to do.  Simply initiate her yourself.  This is possible only if her mind has not been contaminated by ideologies, intellectualism, metaphysical theories, etc.—that is, her flexibility diminishes to the extent she feels attached to or has a vested interest in fixed ideas. (Especially avoid women with strong superegos like those from Georgia, S. Carolina, or Virginia).


This discussion is nonsense because love is the greater magic--you just have to meet the right person as in “seek and you shall find.” (If you can use that to find God then you have at least a chance of getting it to work to find a woman).


Sure, of course you want a woman to share your spiritual life and walk beside you on your spiritual journey.  But guess what?  The first three things a spiritual woman is going to require of you is 1. that you pay her back for all the suffering men have caused women for the last eight thousand years by allowing her to dump all her anger and rage on you;  2. that you now manage her career so she can become assertive, successful, dynamic, and outgoing while you also meet the usual expectation for males that you “bring home the bread.” And 3. that you explain to her the female’s path of spiritual growth that involves developing the magnetic fluid by role modeling this feminine mode of feeling and action; (Have you considered the other option of doing seminars with this spiritual woman while marrying someone else like that attractive and loving but not so spiritual woman who has been after you for years?  Of course if you are a saint and/or masochist by all means ….)


On the other hand, if you are a female magician you probably already have the will side of your personality developed as well as the intuitive capacity to join with any aspect of the feminine mysteries.  And you are able to reproduce within yourself at will the magnetic fluid.  Pick a man therefore who can bring home the bread enabling you to be free to practice your magic undisturbed by worldly distractions.





King Kamehameha’s use of kahunas in his brilliant (but ultimately self-defeating) strategy for forcing the king of the Big Island to surrender?


St. Columba’s duel in the sixth century with the Pick Druid to free an enslaved woman because everyone is “free in Christ?”


The druids and Wiccans using magic to force Hitler to call off his invasion of England?


The duel between the Dalai Lama’s weather controller and a Hindu shaman over whether it was going to rain or not?  (See the Dalai Lama’s weather controller’s unofficial biography)


That famous historical duel in the Bible between Balaam, the gentile prophet, and Moses, the chosen prophet of God, over whose blessing of Israel would appear on the walls of Jewish synagogues. (As everyone knows, Balaam won. The question is did he play fair?)


Padma Sambhava (the founder of Tibetan Buddhism in the ninth century) forcing all the demons in Tibet to vow to serve and protect the Dharma down through the ages? (This is why you never want to be in a room above the kitchen in a Tibetan monastery when the cooks burn the food—demons are more like mafia enforcers than cops and they are also so stupid they think that protecting food is part of protecting the Dharma.)





Never make the first move—always let them speak first to you.  Otherwise, according to the rules of astral plane covered in Who Gets to Possess Who? section 14b, they can declare you a “lost soul” thereby gaining salvage rights to your soul.


No matter how loving or friendly, all nature spirits and elemental beings are programmed to follow the rule that governs all magical realms--the strong rule over the weak.  That is, while you are seeking to master them they are seeking to master you.


If they give you a gift, such a gnome offering the Red Lion or Philosopher’s stone, it is only because they wish to possess your soul.


No, if a high ranking elemental being offers you a gift the gift acts as an entrance pass that enhances your ability to enter their elemental realm.  Just make sure you bring your own exit pass or else have a quick escape route in view.


The undines/mermaids are not trying to seduce you and then take possession of your soul.  It is just the nature of the magnetic fluid they embody—it automatically acts to magnetize your aura so you come to feel the way they do.  (Although there may be a few bets on the side over who can seduce you the quickest).


You do not need magic to commune with nature spirits.  You only need to do one of the following:


1. Really love nature and then nature spirits will really love you. 


2.  Keep a diary in which you imagine you understand their dreams and schemes.  Make an entry each day in which you imagine yourself doing whatever it is nature spirits do.  Magic can not compete with empathy like that. 


3. Feel the blood flowing through your veins and imagine you are rivers and the sea.  Feel the air in your breath and chest and imagine you are the winds, the biosphere, and the dream of being free.  Feel the weight of your body, the bones, and especially the legs and feet and imagine you are solid and enduring like the mountains, the earth, and the trees.  Feel the heat of your body, your desire and need and imagine you are the fire that consumes and also the fire that needs no fuel to create light to see.  I think that should do it: nature spirits will then welcome you as an honored guest among them.



Even if you follow the correct rules, what might happen with nature spirits?


They show up unexpectedly, obtrusively, and without being called.  Maybe they like hanging out with you.


You notice they do not speak in any human language.  Their communication is directly body to body, feelings to feelings, and mental imagery to mental imagery.  Kind of intimate and at times absolutely overpowering.


When something interesting happens, it occurs to you that what you just experienced is not described anywhere in human literature by any human mystic, poet, or philosopher.  


You find yourself dealing with forms of psychology that the human race will not discover for hundreds of years.


You notice that as you begin to see as they see, feel as they feel, and interact with the elements as they interact that your psychic powers are vastly enhanced.  But what you are perceiving is no longer the perceptions of a human beings.  Duh.


That unless you write down what you were doing for the last three hours you spent hanging out in the ocean with an undine, drifting though the sky with a sylph, walking beneath a mountain with a gnome, or discussing questions about the nature of fire with a salamander, everything that happened vanishes from your mind within five minutes of time.  (Why?  You have two hundred thousand years of neurological programming that makes you a human being.  They have millions of years of uniting with nature while remaining unseen.  Putting the two together in one state of consciousness is not as easy as it may seem.)





What?  That’s it for me.  I am done with Bardon.


I do not have a clue as to why people go to baseball games.  I mean I could project my mind inside of a few fans and give you lots of details about what that experience is like for them.  But I am not going to do that.  I am not even curious. 

      (Just a moment. I have just walked by a coed baseball game in the park.  It looks so clear to me now: each person strives for their individual success and yet each person’s actions are perfectly defined as a role within a group and team.  How wonderful to know your place in life, if only for the time of the game. I mean, life never offers this.  So why not pretend?)    

    Similarly, I do not have a clue as to why people sit in front of and play slot machines.  I am sure with a little telepathic probing, I could tell you in detail about the chemical and neurological changes in their brain chemistry that somehow can be construed as pleasure or if nothing else as addiction.  But I am not going to do it.  I see these people sitting there and I just can’t bring myself to get the least bit interested.  

   (Just a moment.  I have just walked through a casino on the way to the buffet.  No.  Sorry.  Why people sit their gambling is still  beyond me.) 

    OK.  You know what am going to say next, don’t you?  I do not have a clue as to why anyone is concerned about the names of the spirits Bardon appears to have misrepresented in his books.  I mean, I hear the arguments and the criticism, I read the discussions and conclusions.  But I am not even curious as to why this is a problem for them. 

    If someone, such as Bardon, gave me a description of a spirit, I could contact that spirit.  And you know, if they gave me a description of a spirit which either was completely wrong or which they thought did not even exist, I could still find and contact the spirit.  It is a very big universe.  There is every conceivable kind of spirit out there waiting to be contacted.

    I mean, spirits are sitting around playing Bridge in the Akashic Domains and complaining, “Ever since God created Creation and granted me jurisdiction over Magical naming and Records not one single magician has bothered to evoke, call, or even look for me in a crystal ball—I tell you, if anyone has a right to complain it is me.”

    So I just don’t get what the fuss is about.  You think of a spirit and you connect to it.  It is that easy if you have trained your mind and psychic faculties.  Get a life.


As point of fact, if you attempt to contact a positive spirit but your purpose or intention is negative, you will automatically be directed to the negative spirit that is the counterpart of the positive one (this is due to the akashic switchboard which automatically sorts and transfers communications). 

     There is some controversy, however, as to whether a positive goal can be assigned to a demon since the demon would by its nature object to being ordered to pursue a positive end.  Kind of like walking up to a loan shark and saying, “Listen.  I am too busy to give this money to charity.  Here is ten thousand dollars. Would you see that it gets to whoever needs it the most?”  Yah, right.  The loan shark might either fall over laughing or else think it was an IRS sting operation and refuse to deal with you.  I mean, even demons have a code of ethics.


The explanation is quite simple—Bardon did not want the wrong people to abuse this sacred science for selfish purposes and so he hid the true names.  Any experienced magician can quickly discover for himself the true names of these spirits.


What is all the fuss?  You stand in front of the Grand Canyon and the sign reads, “Niagara Falls.”  Which are you going to believe, what is in front of your eyes or the sign?  You know, “A rose by any other name ….” And these spirits are not completely stupid.  When is the last time someone sent you his real name with his email?  The absence of the correct name does not prevent you from communicating.


In telepathy, any time you think about someone or a spirit there is instantly a connection between the two of you.  You don’t need a name.  The spirit appears or you sense its aura or you contact its mind.  As the girl said in the movie, “The little things don’t bother me.”


It will take one of Bardon’s original students to explain this or else you can wait for the forthcoming publication of The Magical Journals of Franz Bardon in five volumes for the answer. (by Merkur Press or was that Murmer Press or Mummy Press—I forget which.)


So what if I decided to call Emrudue in the sphere of the Moon say a name like Jimmy.  Then whenever I called Emrudue I formed a magical intent to contact him but aloud or silently spoke the word Jimmy instead.  I think Emrudue would know I was talking to him and respond.  I mean, someone can contact you on the internet referring to you using the wrong name.  You can look at the communication on its own terms and respond without getting upset, can’t you?  Don’t you think spirits are sufficiently intelligent to not be offended by mispronunciations and clerical errors? 


You are missing the point.  How could a world class grand master like Bardon allow mistakes to be published in his books?  Why, it is absolutely outrageous.  It is insulting and disrespectful to me as a student of magic.  I am totally offended. 

      The product delivered is not the same as what was being advertised.  Its fraud, I tell you.  It is unfair and I suspect a deliberate conspiracy is going on behind the scenes.  Yes, that is it.  Someone is messing with my magical career and trying to sabotage my spiritual motivation.  It might be the Masons.  Maybe the Knights Templar, maybe ….

      Well I tell you it is not going to work.  I am not going to put up with it.  White is white and black is black.  And if it is not all 100% white then it is obviously black.  Because I am just here to say I don’t do grey.  Reputation is everything in life.  And unless what you are offering is full of light (with no frayed edges, no little specks of dirt on the cuffs, and no loose threads) it is worthless in my sight.





The Quabbbalah, Kabbalah, etc. is the highest magic on earth.  It represents the Spoken Word by which God created the universe.  The vowels and consonants in this cosmic language were used to give birth to the sky, the oceans, the mountains, the stars, earth, fire, air, water, and the spirit that endows all living beings with consciousness.  Bardon’s descriptions do not clearly connect each divine letter to the aspect of nature it represents.  Pictures or illustrations for each letter should also have been included to better stimulate the imagination.


No. Bardon should have used the actual Hebrew letters instead of Latin script.  People love mystical shit.  And the ancients all believed that their original languages were intrinsically magical and arose from divine origins.  I tell you people are going to believe a lot sooner if you tell them that Hebrew is a sacred language spoken by the angels and it is only to the Jews that God revealed this wisdom.  If you want a monopoly you got to make a lineage.

      (See the book, How to Invent A New Religion by Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology; if you don’t want to go to the trouble of practicing mysticism or inventing a new religion, see the book published by the Evangelical Self-Righteousness Press: How to Become a Televangelist for Money and Profit).


No, it is not really about book sales.  Like Orthodox Jewish Rabbis (wasn’t that word orthodox invented by the Christians in the first century? How come Jews get to use it?), you should insist that an individual be forty years of age and then teach only males this sacred practice.  However, exceptions are permitted if a female celebrity like Madonna takes an interest.  Initiate her because its good for publicity.


The problem is with the Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant Christians.  They have created a religious environment hostile to spirituality.  Ask a Conservative Jewish Rabbi.  If he walks into a Christian bookstore and sees crosses with or without corpses on them he will say to himself, “I am the only one in this store not practicing idolatry.” 

     God is formless.  No prophet of the Old Testament did, could, or would have prophesized that the Messiah would be divine—an absolute impossibility in Judaism.  (Opps, there is that reference “mighty God,” every lasting father, etc. in Isaiah.  I will have to consult the Hebrew and the Jewish Mishna on this one.)

      By making Christ a member of a trinity the Christians put an end to the search for God by substituting a written creed, catechism, and set of doctrines.  The Word is Spoken and takes on flesh not through belief but through faith, conviction, and action.  This is significant because each cosmic letter has an akashic or formless state of awareness attached—and this is something Western civilization has long repressed.  You want Quabbalah, study it and then speak it in specific applications. 


No. no, no.  Bardon’s Kabbalah is for gentiles, not Jews. Different rules apply.  All that is needed is a few good men (or women).  Take a little of that old Jewish mysticism—“They shall not learn war anymore”—and add to it a dose of the new “Blessed are the peacemakers” and you get a small but dedicated group. These students of Bardon shall fulfill the old and new prophecies by making peace among the nations.  Not only that.  They shall also make peace with whatever civilizations the human race shall meet as it travels between the stars.


Young magicians are not permitted to buy and read The Key to the True Quabbalah unless they are current in their dues to the Magician’s Guild.


Whose eyes do not see the Mystery?  Whose tongue does not taste the bliss?  Whose ears have not heard the Wonder?  Whose thoughts do not bear witness to the truth? 

      It is everywhere and all around us.  It is in every breath.  The sky is part of the Voice of God that embodies the wisdom of the universe—creating, ordering, unfolding, setting forth seasons, the illumination of lights, the cycles of time.  And at the center of this Great Mystery is the human mind.

   It is in the oceans, the water, the rivers and streams, the rain, the icy cold poles, the lakes, the well—it is in our dreams: to be embraced and to embrace, to give birth to and through each other, to love, to flow, to receive and to give, to be within and part of every heart—who can fail to feel and to notice?

     The electricity in the heart beat, that sails down the nerves, that explodes and implodes within the synapse, the ions exchanging places at the wall of every body cell; and the galaxies whirling in space, the stars exploding, the light proclaiming, exclaiming, bearing witness to the Glory of Creation that echoes through the universe and speaks plainly even in the darkest place. 

   The language of God, His voice, the sounds and consonants need no human mystic or lineage, no orthodox or unorthodox doctrine, no human teacher at all is required to learn to speak as the Creator.  His Creative Art is all around us.  One only need to open his heart and become one with this wonder, the bliss, the powers, the separation and union of opposites. 

    Mastering the Quabballah is as simple as that.  The Magi I tell you were initiates of this.  (For further references, see the gentile prophet Balaam’s classic unpublished work, Creating as God Creates, Or, Avoid Screwing Yourself with Belief, Faith, or Devotion—Go Directly to God; see also the book by the Magi--We Kings, We Follow Star, We Give Gifts, We Vanish without a Trace).








He stands in the center of his magic circle and thinks to himself, “I am joined to God.”


He picks one of the names of God from the Old Testament such as Elohim, Adonai, JHWH, Eheiah, etc. and then clearing his mind of all thought allows this name to sound in his mind.  He then follows that vibration until he enters the Presence of God.  (Note: one kind of evidence for your progress is the presence of St. Elmo’s fire—the hairs on your skin become electrified, begin to hum, and to glow.)


That is absolutely ridiculous.  Those names have no magical or spiritual energy attached to them unless you pronounce them simultaneously in three planes—the mental, astral, and physical—and understand something of how to “pronounce” the Quabbalistic or cosmic letters from which they are composed.


No, a magician joins himself to God by spending six hours each week contemplating the Tree of Life on four planes for each sephiroth.  After thirty years, God drops by out of curiosity to ask the magician why he is wasting so much time on something so ridiculous.


You join yourself to God first and foremost by thinking God’s thoughts, feeling the feelings within God’s heart, and envisioning as God envisioned the purposes for which He has created the universe.


You join yourself to God by practicing the akashic level of each of the cosmic letters in the Quabbalah.


No dummy.  Practicing the akashic levels of the cosmic letters joins you to the impersonal aspect of God, that is, to Divine Providence.  Joining yourself to a personal God requires a different procedure. 


You join yourself to God by imagining the four elements, earth, air, fire, and water in their divine aspects which are immorality/divine work, cosmic wisdom or omniscience, absolute or omnipotent will, and all-embracing love or omnipresence.  Practice, practice, practice.  There comes a point when you find God sitting nearby doing whatever it is that God does with all those qualities of His.


A magician joins himself to God by using both invocation and evocation.  In invocation, he rises up half way to meet God. (“stirring himself up” through inspiration, perhaps a state of ecstasy, etc.)  In evocation, like the gentile prophet Balaam, or the angel Gabriel, or the two witnesses, or in countless other ways (for ultimately we each have our own way), he directly enters the presence of God.  Invocation is more drawing God near through the love and inspiration in your heart; evocation is rising up to meet God through an absolute power of will.  The magician uses both methods.   





It’s a “divine” province often mistaken for Shambala which is actually located three hundred miles to the northwest and not due to materialize on earth for another 270 years.  (Shambala is not to be confused with Shangrila—an outpost of Shambala that materializes for a day or so every hundred years.)


Divine Providence is the impersonal aspect of God.  This impersonal aspect was indicated by the Apostle Paul in his reference to the prophet from the pagan island of Crete who wrote—“Him in whom we live, move, and have our being.”   

    This reference by the Apostle Paul serves as the basis for the founding of numerous schools for prophets both Christian and pagan which down though the ages have nurtured and supported the Christian church and in fact all genuine spiritual traditions.  (What schools for prophets?  Opps, this must have been in an alternative universe.)


Divine Providence is a way station located approximately two thirds of the way between purgatory and heaven.  Its primary directives are offering inspiration, guidance, and supervision.  It does this pro bono and outreach is on a case by case basis. 


Divine Providence is the collective of all higher ranking spiritual beings whose inspiration derives from God.  They engage in activities such as overseeing various evolutions and planetary systems, civilizations, etc.  They are of high enough rank that they act on their own initiative and freely innovate within their specific areas of jurisdiction and supervisory capacity.  In a phrase, they (or Divine Providence) might say, “I create, I inspire, I guide.  I make all things new in the fullness of time.”


Divine Providence is the “One Light” that shines throughout and that illuminates the entirety of creation.  The entire universe is sustained, derived, and guided by this light.  It is intelligent, conscious, and yet without form or image.  It is self-illuminating, self-existent, and boundless in its power and radiance. 

     (By the way, after you reach a certain high level in your development you are free to dissolve your personal ego and identity and join with “the light.”  (For a complete discussion of the advantages and disadvantage of “dissolving one’s ego and joining with the light” see the book, Manage Your Karmic Account Now So You Can Become A Saint Upon Retirement.)





More and more spirits are sharing with each other their data bases regarding human magicians.  If your first evocation is not completely professional following high standards and in the correct format you could be black listed.  This could seriously interfere with any future contact with spirits.  (This happened to Crowley whose first evocation was out of doors, totally inept, and interrupted by a constable.  Spirits never took him seriously after that.)


The Magician’s Guild can help insure that your magical paraphernalia (robe, wand, cap, shoes, socks, skin lotion, underwear, perfume, hair gel, etc.) are of the highest quality increasing your chances for success.  See The Complete Catalogue for Beginning and Advanced Magicians.  Your Guild membership fee includes free on site assistance with all your evocation needs.


When your practice attains a professional level, the Guild will offer you a “green light” or official stamp of approval.  To say the least this “green light” practically guarantees future success in your chosen area of magical specialization.


Being a member of the Magician’s Guild allows you to waive any out of state tuition at any magical university around the world.


Membership also bring automatic participation in the Magician’s Guild’s Coop. The Coop allows you to receive the lowest interest payments on your student loans, Guild credit cards, and low interest car and home loans.  Also included in your membership is access to magical energy accounts that will reinforce the effectiveness of any spells or words of power you may perform.  Simply choose a five digit numerological based pin number related to your birth date and last name.


The Guild also maintains exclusive archives containing magical diaries, writings of the Tertons, magical and other books saved from the library of Alexandria, and historical documents for example the written records of William Blake and W.B. Yeats showing them to have practiced magic as druids.


The Guild also offers extensive on-line seminars for members in good standing on a vast assortment of magical topics.


Join today!  Simply send a brief telepathic message to the Guild admissions stating your occupation, annual income, charitable activities, and a brief resume of your magical abilities and accomplishments.  Shamans, wizards, sorcerers, priests, Sufis, Kabbalists, diviners, and prophets are also welcome.  Scholarships are available on a case by case basis.





You feel your consciousness has been invaded by an alien presence that you are unable to define or remove.


You feel suddenly violent when things don’t go your way.  After all, don’t you possess a magical will?


You feel like magic has become a mistress that has taken possession of your life. (So naturally your wife complains that you are married to magic so that now she feels that you are treating her like a mistress).


You feel profoundly important part of the time and completely worthless at other times.  (this is the standard inflation and deflation of ego).


You feel that magic will finally allow you to gain the acceptance and recognition you desire from others and the world or maybe even a few friends.


You feel superior to other people.


Like just about everyone who is in jail feels—“The world owes me” and (since I am superior to other people) “I can take what I want.”


You feel somewhat like a not so mature Aquarian might feel—not really part of this world.  That is, part of your consciousness is stuck someplace else such as on the astral plane.  So you can’t be fully present in the here and now because an actual percentage of your physical brain, like ten or twenty per cent, is on the astral plane.  The neurons are firing; they are just not referencing reality.





You do not cast your pearls before swine by giving to others what they may mock or scorn.


You stay in the moment interacting with others in a way that remains within the boundaries of what they are able to understand and within the range of feelings they can handle.


To keep silence means you do not share magic with the uninitiated.


To keep silence refers to protecting and nurturing a spiritual vision in your heart the way a fetus is nurtured in the dark, protective womb of a woman.


To keep silence means that you have an internal stillness that is continuously connected to and in harmony with your core values and your deepest dreams and visions.


Silence embodies a magical power—it is the power of detachment and negation in which you distance yourself from any and all distractions that interfere with doing what you feel is important.


No, no, no.  You have to look to Solomon for the answer to what “keeping silence” means.  See The Book of Proverbs: “Even a fool who keeps silence is considered wise.”


The wisdom, power, and love shining within the heart which has mastered stillness is the beginning and the end of all the mysteries.   (from the undine Isaphil) In this case, silence has been upgraded to mean stillness.  This stillness is like a magic mirror—it reflects within itself the union of the earth, the heavens, the divine, and mortals. (Martin Heidegger).


Within the earth element is found the silence that nourishes a dream so it can unfold.  It is the stillness within our hearts that measures our dreams, their beauty and their power, and then endures in its work until they transform the world. (from the undine Istiphul)


Silence is primarily a survival technique.  There are those who are out in front of things conquering and succeeding by being aggressive.  There are those who are assertive.  They respect their own needs and ideas and others’ as well.  There are those who are passive—they are too shy to fully participate in the game of life. 

    And there are those who are passive aggressive, that is, they know if they were to assert themselves they would get stomped into the ground.  So they find ways of fighting back that both express their anger at being held down and which protect themselves from being caught.

      Silence in this sense can be a passive aggressive technique—you strike when it is least expected as in utilizing the element of war called surprise.  Silence can also be seen as belonging to those who are not only aggressive.  It is the primary technique of those who end dominating, controlling, or, if we are to cast this in more positive terms, guiding the unfolding of the world. 

     This is because power, and especially absolute power, requires that you keep a great many secrets.  It requires that you master the virtue of patience—you wait until precisely the right moment to act.  It is required for spending years if not decades in preparation that lays the foundations for fulfilling your vision. 

   In a sense, then, silence is a divine virtue—it extends right from the moment of conception of a vision through the process of laying the foundation, preparing to act, acting, and then following through until your vision is fully manifested in a stable and permanent manner. 

     In a nutshell, it is silence that enables you to stay on track and not waste energy on distractions, doubts, self-validations, and a craving for praise and recognition. The virtue of silence separates the weak from those who wish to operate at their peak.


That sounds a lot like that question in Mark, “To what shall we liken the Kingdom of God?”  To a grain of seed.  But the seed needs conditions under which to grow, a support system. 

     But for some it is destroyed by the demonic.  And for others, they begin with enthusiasm but lose their interest when things become difficult.  And there are those who are simply surrounded by too many distractions of desire, demanding careers, and well even a woman is enough and they abandon the quest. 

     But for a few the Kingdom of God takes hold and like a tiny seed it grows until it is huge in its influence and beauty and strength. Within the seed is a vision of what can be.  And the seed remains true to its purpose against all opposition until it manifests and the vision is complete. 

     The Kingdom of God is within you.  But as the Kingdom takes hold it is the transformation of the world that unfolds.  Who is able to understand the “orbit of power” that is at hand?  And who can not see so plainly and obviously the mystery that every seed knows—that death and rebirth require sleeping in the earth, letting go, the taste of silence in your mouth, its smell in your nose, and then rising up as the light of a mighty sun calls you forth?


And now for a word from one of our associates, an honorary member of the board of the Magician’s Guild, i.e., the gnome named Muscar.

Hello?  Muscar?  Could you make a brief statement regarding your perspective on the mystery of silence? Thank you.




I am a listening silence!  

I am consciousness without form or thought

Moving underground.

I both reveal the earth's secrets

And I am where treasures are hidden so well

Only the eyes of a seer

Can divine their location.

Time and age do not burden me.

I am constancy amid change.

I have made sketches of mountains

As they rose steep and new

But which are long since gone

Now but dirt beneath your shoes.

In my time frame

The Himalayan Mountains and the Andes are but the tents

A great warrior has pitched in the night

And packs up again

When he breaks camp at dawn.

If you want to attune to me,

To match your moves to mine,

Whether to party, chat,

Discuss, linger, lurk, or socialize,

Then be still and open

Such that the stars are no longer distant and cold

But young again--

Children playing a game of ball,

Dancing, singing, full of laughter and delight,

So excited you notice them shifting

Their constellations

As they run through the night.

Then you will hear me whisper in your ear--

Your race has dreams

Like the dreams of the earth Herself

Like the songs that stream from the stars

Ah, but so few of you listen

To your dreams

Or bother to enter

The gates that lead into the silences of the heart.

But I feed on silence.

It is who I am.

It is my home and my dwelling.

And its transformations are my wisdom. 

So, where to find me?

My paths lead to the philosopher's stone

And of nature's quintessence

I have many trade secrets to share.

The conversations I hold with your race

Have been going on

Since before you learned to build towns

You bet I have a few stories I could tell!

So when you are weary or in despair

Feeling lonely or discouraged,

A soul in need of repair

Come round and see me.

I can be most entertaining.

I love parties which celebrate the seasons!

I love the songs of ancient bards

Who train for seven years

In caves of dark isolation. 

I love alchemists who spend a lifetime of refining

To hold in their hands the red lion!

Though once we meet

I probably won't miss seeing you

For a century or two--

You see,

My first love shall always be

The earth beneath your feet.



Still reading about “keeping silence?”  Gees, you must be hard core.  Well, that was Muscar.   And that stuff about the stars being young again playing a game of ball?  Well, how about this:


Listen! Can you hear it?

The sound of galaxies whirling, spinning, and colliding

Sailing on celestial winds?


In a dark place

Silence blossoms

Revealing the distances separating and uniting all things—

I hear the Song of the Universe


Hmm.  Perhaps silence is good for listening as an artist might listen who wishes to hear the voice of the Mystery speaking, singing, and expressing its Art.


What?  You are going to dump on us more of your poetry?  Well, just get it over with.

From the Salamander Itumo—master of thunderstorms (who is another visiting professor at the Magic University)


      Itumo, "There was a time long ago when I was small and

insignificant.  Causing lightning to strike was beyond my ability.  I was so

weak I could not cause a spark to leap.  Neither atoms nor molecules would

listen when I spoke.  The attraction they felt for each other was beyond my


            "Yet even then I was still what I am now--an intelligence with the will to

master electricity.  My commission was also the same as now: to forge paths

where none exist between mind, matter, and spirit. 

I embody the mystery of how

to gather strength in silence until the power that is unleashed is great enough

to cross every gulf so the desires of the heart can be fulfilled.  The silence

that cloaks my will is the same silence woven into the sky that holds the stars

within a vast embrace of stillness."

             "Then did you develop your power on your own?" I ask.

           Itumo replies simply and to the point, "There are times when you must act

alone for there are no guides provided."

            Itumo and I just stare into each other's eyes measuring the depths and how

we have explored silence in our separate ways.  Itumo says, "Because something

is simple it does not mean it is easy.  I am saying you already know how to

enter a place of silence where the only thing that exists is your vision and the

power of your own imagination."





It happened when a Russian sub off of Cuba was about to launch a nuclear tipped torpedo if the U.S. navy moved another quarter mile closer during the Cuban missile crisis.


It occurred in the fifties under President Eisenhower who threatened Russia with all out nuclear retaliation if Russia invaded Iran in an attempt to gain a warm water port.


It occurred when the U.S. threatened all out nuclear war with Russian if Russia followed through with its planned preemptive nuclear strike against China.


It occurred during a war game in the eighties at NORAD when a computer game was taken as the real thing and the screens showed Russian nuclear weapons beginning to explode in Northern Canada.


It occurred just after the fall of the Berlin Wall when the Russian ambassador informed the U.S. president that Russia actually had a fail safe device in place for a computer launch against the U.S. but was not quite sure how to disarm it or even if disarming it was possible.


It occurred well after the fall of the Berlin wall when President Yeltsin of Russia was told a missile was minutes away from hitting Moscow.





A lost soul is a soul that is lost.  This occurs when the silver cord joining the astral body to the physical body is somehow severed or severely damaged as when inexperienced individuals attempt astral travel.  (See the companion guide to Quick and Easy Astral Travel known as Twenty Ways to Loose Your Soul While Astral Traveling—written in commemoration of the twenty who never came back).


A lost soul is a soul in need of soul retrieval.  Soul retrieval is possible when only part of the astral body is damaged.  Very intense emotions, loss, grief, or tragic love affairs can result in part of one’s astral body being captured or “borrowed” by another person.  Special astral collection agencies are available (for a small fee) to reacquire stolen astral life (deep emotions of well-being, happiness, satisfaction, contentment) and return it to the original owner.


Lost souls are souls that have died and left unfinished business on earth.  They can’t move on and they can’t go back.


Lost souls, (as compared to hungry ghosts), are souls that basically “float” about in a light green colored abyss.  For some this is a real astral terrain and for others it is merely a kind of astral haze that overshadows and surrounds their auras while still alive.


Lost souls are souls that haven’t found their niche, they don’t know where they belong, they have lost their way home, or their social and emotional distance from other people results in a slow deterioration of the vibrancy and animation of their astral body or ability to feel.


A lost soul is simply a soul that has lost its ability to hope, dream, or search for a better life.


A lost soul is a “master” who has died without having passed down his teachings to at least one student.


Technically speaking, there is a difference between a lost soul and an individual who is suffering from being under the influence of a possessing entity.  A ghost or thought form or negative being can attach itself in a minor way to an individual’s chakas—usually the crown chakra.  This external influence severely hinders the performance of an individual’s conscience such that in effect the individual loses the ability to learn anything new from experience.  A lost soul often is in the exact same predicament.

     In neurological terms, the part of the brain that engages in self-reflection and seeks harmonious results is shorted out.  We see this in everyday life when an abused person inadvertently identifies with his or her perpetrator in order to survive or a hostage turns to supporting the kidnapper.  The situation continues until there is a sudden increase in brain energy usually through a shocking jolt to the nervous system.  This can be do to an unpleasant encounter with reality or another person sending a burst of pure vitality into the individual’s spine. 





A female magician does not treat her magic wand or magic sword as if it is part of her own body.  Then again, a crystal ball and a silver chalice have meanings for her that a male will never comprehend.


When she uses the words “feeling” or “feelings” she actually knows what the words means.


She is not obsessed with sex or sex magic.


She actually cares about other people and the world.


People who know nothing about magic (that is, “ordinary people”) enjoy being around her.


When she posts a request on internet for a partner she gets hundreds of replies.  A male magician is lucky to get one or two.


A female magician’s robe has better stitching and embroidery.


She knows that God is both masculine and feminine—that you can not have a God without a Goddess.


To the extent she masters the magnetic fluid, to that extent she is capable of altering the fate of mankind.






The Protestant Ethic has kept Protestants so busy working hard, being productive, and living a moral but repressed emotional and sexual life that there can be no time for any spiritual activity.


For a Protestant, reading the Bible is a spiritual activity.  Therefore Protestant do in fact qualify as having a genuine spiritual practice.  (Even if they substitute the idolatry of worshiping the written word—see their avid tradition of memorizing verse and chapter—for worshiping the Living God who Speaks equally in every moment and to every age of the world. 


Protestants are cheerleaders for capitalism.  It took thousands of years to set in place the requisites for developing the capitalistic economic system.  No system on earth could possibly be more in compliance with the Jewish commandment: “Be fruitful, multiply, and have dominion over the earth.”  And if Protestants are anything it is that they are imitators of Judaism (the Apostle Paul did not think he was inventing a new religion, just upgrading Judaism, and adding a few gentiles, with a one time, once and for all sacrifice and a few new rituals and holidays added later on.)


Protestants, like the first century Christian bishops, demanded that their followers be orthodox as in “Do not go out and seek God on your own.  Just believe what I tell you to believe.”  And so, as one Christian writer puts it, “Seeking God was an Old Testament thing.  We now have Christ and so do not need to seek.”  (Disregard that question, Should a people not seek their God?” uttered by God through the voice of a prophet.)


The Book of Common Prayer authorized by Queen Elizabeth of England specifically forbids “seeking God’s face.”


Actually Martin Luther wrote about meditation in his writings.  But since that time meditation has declined until it finally reached the absolute minimum—see Billy Graham’s statement, “Prayer should be no longer than a minute.”


No, it is all about money, taxation, and who gets to control your tithing. Martin Luther was pissed at the transferring of German wealth to Rome.  Germans should tithe, not buy indulgences, and those tithes should stay home. 

   When the Pharaoh of Egypt demanded a better taxation system, his ministers invented the first language in order to keep track of who had paid and who had not.  And so Martin Luther’s first act was to translate the Bible into German.  No need for Latin, no need for transference of wealth outside, and no need for those Catholic monasteries or contemplations--you should go to church to hear a sermon.  You should not be trying to make up a sermon on your own and, above all else, give your money to us and we professors of theology will do the rest.  

    And the bottom line?  When the Apostle Paul (the idol of all evangelists) decided to make a deal with the Christian Jews in Jerusalem to accept his gentile converts, he collected money as a bribe to sweeten the gentile’s appeal. But the Romans thought Paul was using the money for an uprising so they had him arrested.  But it didn’t matter.  Jerusalem fell a few years later.  But because a New Testament prophet foretold the problems Paul would face, Protestants have always hated prophets and have banned them from practicing.)


Nonsense.  Protestant Christianity produces individuals who are pure, very enthusiastic, and who trust in the Lord.  How can you knock that?


No, Protestant Christianity may not satisfy the needs of hard core introverts but it is the only religion on earth in which an individual can feel that his faith gives him a direct connection to God who will bless him in all that he undertakes.  How can you beat that?





According to Don Juan, you can only enter the Nagual, that is, the formless state of awareness, after you have lived under and survived the petite dictator.   This is because it takes absolute courage to face the unknown of the Nagual. Such courage is only mastered by those who have extricated themselves from slavery and domination through their own initiative.


To master the unknown you must be free of all fear.  Such freedom is only possible if you have looked in the face (for example a father, mother, boss, mafia don, chief of police, national dictator, etc.) that creates the worst fear. 


No, the Heart Sutra clearly states that to free yourself of all fear you have to have to perceive how form and formlessness interpenetrate each other.  The problem is not an individual who enslaves others to a false will that is based on illusion.  It is reality itself (samsara) that is the dictator that enslaves those who consider its illusions to be real.


The human being who acts as a petite dictator is nothing else than an embodiment of the Guardian of the Threshold.  This Guardian’s power is derived from guaranteeing the reality of the social order and the agreed upon consensus about what the world is and what it means.  To enter the unknown, you must pass beyond this Guardian who says to each of us—“Turn back.  What lies beyond will destroy you.”  In other words, the only way to attain to any degree of happiness is by acting in compliance with and validating a social world through which we acknowledge and validate each other. 


Actually the Guardian is telling it the way it is.  To see the truth in its full power means the annihilation of your personal identity.  To survive this experience you have to be aware without using thoughts or images to define yourself.  And you can not use any conventional reality or consensual truth as a reference point to understand your experience. 


No, its an ego thing.  The petite dictator is your typical Alpha male who wants control over everything and is pretty good at getting it.  To enter the unknown you will need a much bigger ego, a much greater will—a will with the power that can take hold of the unknown and transform it into something understandable.  Therefore, you do not escape from the petite dictator.  You absorb and transform him into yourself.  (But try not to kill your father or employer—Oedipus).


“Fear is the mindslayer.” (see the movie/book Dune).  You have to go beyond fear for the mind to become clear.  And our enemies are our best teachers.  So you have to have a really great enemy in order to attain a really clear mind.  Otherwise you will never be motivated to seek and then to find.  (See the good cop/bad cop approach to interrogation or the Tibetan practice of giving a disciple two gurus—one who is very sweet and kind and another who is very hostile and bitter. Also the Tibetans are fond of identifying with wrathful deities designed to scare the shit out of your own fear.)








They both have used fire to destroy the unbelievers. (note the charred artifacts found in the archeological ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah)


They both used earthquakes to destroy the unbelievers or slackers. (for example, after Moses came down from Sinai)


They both used floods to destroy the unbelievers. (too obvious to mention)


They both use famine to destroy the unbelievers, the lazy, and those who strayed from the way.


They both used foreign armies to attack their own cities or nation.  (The Jewish captivity in Babylon)


They both used their own army to slay their own citizens. (Consider the sad story of Awatovi)


They both indirectly used their armies to allow another army to attack their cities.  (E.g., the Hopi Sun clan [the tribal armed forces] telling the Navaho that they would “be out of town next Tuesday so there will be no one on duty for defense.”])


They both used disease, whether by angel or, e.g., by distributing small pox contaminated clothing, to cause the death of their own people. (See Hopi oral tradition).





Obviously, you are a disincarnate entity.


You are a soul waiting to be born.


Having incarnated before in other lives, you are between incarnations. (say in the Bardo)


No, before you are born you inhabit a different astral body.  This astral body “dies” before you are born because you are about to assume a new astral body.


Wrong again.  Your former astral body that you abandon when you are born is quite capable of surviving for centuries though it is no longer inhabited by your soul. 


No, before being born you are floating around blessed out of your mind in this warm, sheltered, nurturing space.  Everything is so easy and free that you think if the rest of life is like this then let’s get it on.


How far “before you are born?”  You are a fetus in the womb or an impregnated egg or then again if there are two identical eggs that have divided and so are perfect clones you get to flip a coin to determine which one to enter.


No, according to the Koran, a soul does not enter the fetus until the fourth month.  Therefore, since it the soul that makes for a living being there can be no legal rights—it is the soul that gives life.


Before you are born, you are a “divine spark” waiting to ignite within a life.


“I knew you before you were in your mother’s womb.” (God speaking to Jeremiah)





I can’t think of any.


The system is actually straightforward and step by step. Follow the steps as Bardon recommends and you will do fine though it may take slightly longer than you first thought.


Absolutely everything in Bardon is in the first three chapters of IIH.  Master these and you have in effect mastered the entire system.


It helps if you have already been practicing meditation for ten years before picking up a Bardon book.


Ok.  Let’s go over this once more.  A spirit’s name or sigil is like an internet address or URL.  Your psychic senses are like your modem connection.  Your ability to interpret your psychic perceptions and impressions is your service provider.  No modem or service provider, no email.  Got it?


The purpose for working with the Bardon system must come from you.  Make no assumptions.  Remember always the saying, “The wise men of old were alert like men walking on thin ice ….”  Don’t ever forget that.





A magician is like a Navy Seal: he is a highly trained and an intelligent member of the special forces with his own direct uplink to command central.  (“There are no dumb Navy Seals. If you are dumb, you drown.”  Also, there was a Navy Seal who was trained to disarm any American or Russian nuclear weapon—thus a Navy Seal is the kind of guy you want on your team.)


An unrostered agent (that is, no paper trail as in very secret and leaves no traces) for the CIA in which the CIA is Divine Providence.  By the way, unrostered agents are very good at “keeping silence.”


A Swami with an ashram, disciples, and a small slush fund on the side.


Like Balaam, a gentile or “heathen” prophet who could speak directly with God and who could usually obtain God’s blessings at will. (though it helps to have a donkey who speaks and can warn you about avenging angels.  By the way, the talking donkey and the snake in the garden, according to Hebrew legend, were two animals left over from the first creation which was later abandoned).


Like Gandolf, a higher being sent into the world disguised in human form to accomplish a mission.


Like a viceroy from England or an imperial censor from the Emperor of China who has complete independence and power to render judgments and finalize agreements on behalf of the crown/Emperor. (read Divine Providence).


Like a new student at a huge university where all the other students and most of the professors are invisible and beyond sensory detection.  As the sun slowly rises, however, the light begins to shine illuminating from within this student’s vision.  And now behold he sees that many other sojourners like himself are collectively entering the Halls of Wisdom (for initiation is collective) and collectively sharing in a great wonder that can only serve to enrich mankind. (Note: the editor was not completely certain if the above paragraph falls under this topic describing magicians or the earlier topic describing lost souls.)


A magician is like a knight of old during an age of chivalry.  He protects women, children, and the vulnerable.  He trains to be strong.  He fights against wrong.  He strives to be noble, courteous, and honorable. 

    If given a quest, he is relentless to pursue it and you can bet he will do it.  His heart is like a lion.  His thoughts like an eagle and his body like a boar about to charge.  His eyes have seen wonder.  His voice can speak with thunder.  And his hands will establish his work upon the earth.


Saints and sages can afford to feel content because of the bliss they radiate and the wisdom they contain.  But the role of a magician is more.  He is in a position to assume a degree of responsibility for the world.   He exercises oversight, guides and inspires, and also helps mankind get through its bottlenecks. 





The Oracle of Delphi to which Socrates appealed his death sentence.


Buddha while sipping tea with Kama, the Lord of Demons.


Shiva responding to Arjuna’s request for an absolute weapon.


The chief Judge of the Sphere of Saturn.


Queen Elizabeth when she sent Sir Francis Drake on a secret mission around the world.


Albert Einstein responding to his first wife when she mentioned his promise to her that both their careers would be of equal importance.





The both practice the “internal method” of acting.  They both concentrate on assuming another identity and really getting into the part.


They both know that the role they are assuming is not who they really are.  It is a fiction, something made up, and imaginary part that serves a temporary purpose and that is all. 


They both explore their major life experiences and feelings in order to develop their professional skills.


The magician may often hide his true identity as a magician the way an actor hides his own personality in playing a part.


They both play many roles on the stage of life.


They both spend a lot of time off stage behind the curtains waiting for their entrance.


No, they both know that life is art—its about creating and expressing yourself.



Copyright ©2005 by William Mistele.  All rights reserved.



            Pop Quiz Part IV


Like some housewives, monastic priests, seekers after truth, a few gurus, magicians, and mystics, you seek to “join yourself to God.” What is most likely to occur in the near future?


Nothing, absolutely nothing.  When I said “I wish to be one with God” what I meant was that saying those words gives me a nice warm feeling in my heart.  I have absolutely no intention of backing up my words with actions.  That is, I have no plan of action.”  (“But maybe God will guide my life now that I said something nice to flatter Him.”)


Some demon shows up who monitors vows that are spoken aloud concerning uniting with God.  This devil is like a troll under a bridge—he wants to know if you are ready to pay your dues for crossing over.  “What dues?” you ask.  He replies, “Well,” he says, “There is a little infinite abyss that separates the material universe from the Presence of God. (After all, God the Creator stands slightly outside of the created universe). And since many sojourners get lost when they journey out into the abyss seeking God, its my job to mount a search and rescue operation.  So you can pay now or later when I rescue your sorry ass.”  “What do you charge?” you ask.  The devil replies, “To bring you back to the material worlds, I inject you with an antidote which I have found quickly cures those who are spiritually off course--a little Conquistador greed, some of the hatred and arrogance the narrow-minded heed, a taste of lust upon which we demons feed, and the ‘right beliefs” of the self-righteous whose doctrines are the product of our seed.”


You decide the best way to unite with God is to honor the Sabbath to keep it holy.  You may or may not do any work on the Sabbath.  But you understand that the principle is quite simple—to set aside a time each week in which God is the primary focus.  But since you are not a complete idiot, fool, or given over to absolute stupidity, you understand that the basic principle means that during this time set aside each week you are to love God “with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.”  Consequently as any lover who seeks to love his Beloved, you experiment in a passive devotional invocation approach (that is, you work with your feelings) and you experiment with an active intense focus of your trained mind and will approach (that is, you work with the full power of your mind and the divine will that is within you) to unite with the other’s body, mind, and heart. (In other words, you spare nothing and hold nothing back). After thirty years of this setting time aside, you discover God is quite willing to talk to you with no less intimacy and no less power than what he shared with any of His prophets such as Isaiah, Ezekiel, Elijah, and Daniel (and just so you understand what I am saying, add Moses to this list, for God seeks many men like Moses to appear in every century to serve His purposes.)

[He just doesn’t use the standard burning bush to make His pitch.  These days He expects a little more self-initiative.]


This is nonsense.  There is no need for magical training, prophetic depth, or mystical bullshit.  You accept Christ into your heart and you are now united with God.  Got it!  It is that simple. 

     Now then, let me be the first to congratulate you on joining the Republican Party and escaping from the clutches of those godless, heathen Democrats. I mean if you have accepted Christ into your heart it should be perfectly clear to you that you are now in favor of the death penalty, against gun control, against abortion and sex education, for reducing taxes, for intelligent design, for the displays of Christmas and the ten commandments on public property, and any other aspects of the Republican party platform—I mean, this nation was founded on Evangelical Christianity and what can be more obvious than that God stands squarely behind us?


Stop being so cynical.  Any person of any faith or persuasion even a non believer who prays to God with sincerity and even faith as small as a grain of seed is in fact united with God in that moment of prayer.  God is everywhere and He is surely within the heart of those who open to Him in need, in trust, in love, or even in making a simple request for His blessing or guidance.  This is not a mystical thing.  We are all God’s children and He is within us whether we know it or not in every moment, every breath, every tear, and every heartbeat.


Be one with God? Let me think about that.  Oh, the only obvious thing here is that you have to first learn to be completely and totally one with another human being before you will ever comprehend in the smallest degree the challenge and commitment and patience and love necessary to unite with God.  But you know, my girlfriend is absolutely impossible.  The emotional pain of intimacy with her, even trying to deal with her, is unbearable.  She is constantly disrespectful and attempting to destroy who I am.  Opps, isn’t  akasha even worse, more  than any lover, it seeks to obliterate any identification with form, self-image, or personal needs and history.  I guess God will just have to wait on this one until that place in space and time when I attain to true love.  Maybe God made women so difficult that in learning to love them I would be better prepared to endure the beauty of His face, well, of His/Her face.  Maybe the woman is a small taste of oneness with God and God in return encourages us to attain a greater will and a greater love.  Or, as the saying goes, maybe “God is love, lover, and beloved.”  The task in seeing the world through God’s eyes is equally and in the same moment to see it through the eyes of our lover.


And now for a completely different perspective, i.e., from the undine Istiphul: 


The magician opens the gates to the inner planes in another way.  He casts his magic circle consecrating it with water.  He draws pentagrams and sigils on the circumference like an artist whose paintbrush leaves a trail of fire.  His eyes sparkle with divine authority.  His voice resonates with a sacred ferocity as he chants great and mighty words of power.  Standing at the center of the circle, he joins himself with God so that what he wills might be fulfilled, that no obstacle can long resist what he commands to manifest.    

    But at Istiphul’s touch, with her clairvoyance

awakening within my eyes, I sense it is lovers who have the greater power and an authority that has no limit.  To be in Istiphul’s presence is to be anointed with the beauty of the world.  And the love she celebrates evokes a greater mystery than that of a mage joined with God.

At the touch of her hand on mine, skin against skin, our different evolutions, our separate destinies, the barriers human and divine are set aside so two hearts can find each other, blend, merge, and unite.  In this circle, only love exists and all power and will bow down before its bliss--such is the vision hidden within women and within the soul of the sea.




Some magical groups talk about a Gevurah or sphere of Mars initiation.  One of the best descriptions of a spiritual warrior is given not by Chogyum Trumpa who drank himself to death but by Don Juan in the writings of Carlos Castaneda.  Which one of the following was not described in Castaneda’s writings?


A warrior is impeccable, that is, he exerts control over himself and seeks to fulfill a specific purpose in every situation he enters and at all times.


A warrior knows how to “stop the world.”  He is capable at any time of turning off his ordinary mind and the activities of his normal consciousness and enter a state of pure perception that is beyond all presumptions, assumptions, and conceptions.


A warrior is always vigilant, on guard, assumes nothing, and takes nothing for granted.


A warrior’s supreme attainment is viewing other human beings with detachment—he can see beyond his need, desire, or vulnerability and look at others as if they were a Gila Monster crossing a road or an eagle landing on a branch.


A warrior uses his own death as an advisor.


A warrior masters his daily routines and habits treating them as critical areas of his study like a hunter studies the habits and routines of his prey in order to perform a successful hunt.


A warrior can change his personality at will going for example from quiet introvert to radiant, outgoing extrovert, from intelligent, detached, and curious to forceful, leading, and commanding, from fun, playful, intimate, sensual, and sweet to single minded warrior focused totally on accomplishing his mission.


A warrior is constantly and forever exploring paths of beauty that honor the unfathomable wonder and awesome mystery of the universe that surrounds us.


A warrior is ever vigilant to see and then seize that rare moment or window of opportunity in which power or the unknown appears to him.


A warrior will set aside six months or even years to disguise himself, playing a role, or changing jobs to discover if he can share his innermost inspiration and power with another human being who shows unusual potential.


A warrior never whines, complains, or blames others for anything, that is, you are not a warrior and not of the Gevurah Initiation if from out of your mouth proceeds an emotional utterance that is whining, complaining, or blaming.  A warrior is in fact never helpless or vulnerable—every moment is an opportunity to move to your own place of power.


A warrior can be impeccable, in control, and in his place of power except when it comes to woman—for the love of a beautiful woman in fact contains the power to annihilate everything that is masculine by taking it to a place of greater love and union.


Women in fact have a greater natural potential for entering the spiritual world than do men.



Which are stories a magician might tell to impress his friends?


Well, there was this hurricane coming my way and though I don’t ever do weather control, for some reason I sat down and meditated on this hurricane for twenty minutes.  The next news report indicated that the hurricane had stopped dead in the water for an hour and then made a ninety degree turn veering off course and heading due north away from us.


So I am out there in the forest chanting some old dumb Buddhist chant and these two young deer come and sit down next to me.  I pet them and after a while I start jogging through the forest and they run along beside me.  Except when I go back to my car.  They turn around and walk off when I opened the car door.  I guess they figured at that point I had been fooling them and wasn’t really a deer after all.


So I was meditating with this women, I mean, in a very pure way with honest spiritual intentions.  We did this once a week together.  But I could feel her having an orgasm as we meditated even though she was thousands of miles away.  She later on confirmed this and implied she liked the turn the meditation was taking. What can I say?  Meditations sometimes go astray and in this case she was the one who took it in the wrong way.


So this spirit gives me this Muse who flies between the stars and I ended up writing poetry every day.  It was actually exhausting until I sent the Muse away to return when I was stronger and had more leisure. 


Yah, whenever I go sit in a church pew, there is this angel who haunts my family ancestors who shows up and sits in the pew behind me.  Like one of the angels who assisted Moses, it whispers in my ear, “Of all those who dwell on earth only a very few of you have ears that are open and can hear my voice speak.  And so perhaps there is some miracle you would like accomplished?  A Red Sea divided, a pillar of fire by night or a cloud by day?  Don’t be shy.  For I stand ever ready to serve and to manifest the glory of God on earth.”


Oh about every year or so I have a dream in which I wake up and I am in the future.  Last time I was in a car in the dream and the whole car flew through the air into the future.  I always try to remember everything I see going on in these dreams because later on when I older what I saw is what comes to be.


No, I only did a brief meditation on the Chinese premier I saw on TV, you know, maybe get him to work a little more on democracy.  And the very next day on the news the Chinese premier said, “We in China are committed to democracy.”  But a week later after my little spell had started to wear off, the premier said during another TV interview that “When I use the word democracy, I mean we will define democracy in our own way.”  In other words, spells can be good but you have to keep charging them up otherwise their influence wears off.


My favorite undine?  Istiphul—she is the most beautiful creature on earth.  She is very magical and erotic and I said to myself when I first met her that “I will never meet a human woman this beautiful.”  But you know, life is full of surprises.


What?  Magicians don’t tell stories to impress their friends.  Magicians are beyond vanity and have no need to open up and share spontaneously stories about their lives with anyone.


What?  What?  Don’t you know that biography is fiction and autobiography is pure fantasy.  Now how many times do I have to say that. 



Sometimes magicians have very brief telepathic contact with spirits.  Even so, a single telepathic impression can contain volumes of information, new skills, abilities, powers, inspiration, etc.  And it sometimes takes years to read through these volumes or find a practical application.  Which of the following may occur after such a brief contact with an earthzone spirit?


After thinking about an earthzone spirit (in Libra I think) who might help you develop healing remedies and herbal elixirs and while lying down getting acupuncture you “download” a plan of action for developing micro brewing and after succeeding at this you end up with enough cash to finance your spiritual journeys during the rest of your life.


After consulting with a spirit in Libra of the Earthzone who specializes in laughter and humor, you become a stand up comedian—that is, you now have a funny and engaging way of reframing all that hatred and rage you have inside and making others laugh as you share.


After briefly meditating on a spirit of the earthzone who is a master of fire, you walk around your neighborhood melting the snow on others’ roof just for fun.


After consulting with a spirit of the earthzone who specializes in divination, you end up with an annual income of $75,000 from doing Tarot readings.


You consult with Ubarim in Taurus in the earthzone who inspires you to write an entire mythology about a kingdom named after him.  In the process, three women you never met email you and tell you they “would die for you” because of your writing and a few other women actually think about killing you in order to “purge themselves” of their obsession with you. (All of this in spite of being one of the most unlucky people when it comes to love.)


After using a little horse shoe magnet electro magnetic volt placed in the akasha to discover a suitable divine mission, you receive a vision regarding a future problem facing mankind.  But you also discover others who have had this same specific vision.  One of these people is in an insane asylum and another is a drug addict.  But this does not stop you.  For you, the lights are all green and say “Go for it.”


After consulting with a spirit of Cancer in the earthzone who specializes in the magic taught in ancient and forgotten civilizations, you find yourself in the presence of individuals who have found extremely powerful magical relics from ancient and forgotten civilizations. So naturally you decide to activate one or more of them.


After a brief contact with Istiphul you notice that you can read the charkas and karma of whoever sat in chair before you when you sit down.



After you explain about how some people like General Patton, Franz Bardon, Einstein, Bill Gates, etc. enter life to fulfill one specific mission, she asks you if everyone has a specific purpose to fulfill in life.  Your best response:


I think in the movie La Strada a man picks up a pebble on a beach and says, “If this one pebble has no meaning then the entire universe has no meaning.  If this pebble does have meaning, then everything in the universe has meaning.”  Well, if you are going to put it that way sure everyone has a specific purpose to fulfill otherwise the contrary is too horrible to consider.  Now, you have heard about the butterfly effect, have you heard about the pebble effect?


Someone once said to the universe, “I have meaning.” And the universe replied, “Though that may be the case it does not obligate me to reveal what that meaning is to you or to assist you in pursuing it.”


Look, keep it simple: if you are born an Aries then you obviously are here to learn to assert yourself and to solve problems, accept personal challenges and overcome obstacles in your own way.  When you become mature, you do this for other people.  Same with all the signs, for example, a Leo is here to learn to develop a personal sense of honor and dignity, to reinforce morality, to lead and inspire, and be the center of a community.  And when a Leo becomes mature he or she empowers others to shine and does this without having to be paid with loyalty, affection, and attention as part of the transaction.


We are all here to learn to master the three lower planes—the physical, astral, and mental.  We sometimes are placed under great restrictions and limitations precisely so we can learn to take charge of ourselves and our environment, change the world, and attain freedom.  For most people, dealing with physical necessities, emotional satisfactions, and developing mental focus and clarity are more than enough challenge.  In other words, your task is to find meaningful work, personal love, and a niche or community where you can belong and feel and be of value to others.


“The only reason for entering life is to be of service to others.” (He’ad’ra from the screenplay, Fall of Atlantis).  Some people have hidden within them an abundance of capacity for dealing with necessities, being satisfied, and focusing with clarity.  Their mission, should they accept it, is to deal with the physical necessities, deepest satisfactions in life, and greatest wisdom and clarity not only for themselves but for communities, nations, and even the entire world.  Of course, they can always screw up and abuse their gifts or fail to activate them in a positive way or just get distracted by a cute skirt or motorcycle boots that walk by. 


Yes, everyone has a specific purpose.  Edgar Cayce used to channel past lives so as to convince individuals of how masterful  and wondrous their activities were in other lives so that now  they can move on and deal with the fact that their present purpose is just learning how to pay their bills, do a little community service, and care for their friends and family.  I mean, come on, clean up the things you can now touch around yourself before you go racing off into the mystical fairyland of imaginary illusions which some call metaphysics and magical practice.


Yes, everyone has a purpose.  Just keep bugging your Holy Guardian Angel through prayer or meditation or magical ritual until you obtain a vision of what specifically you are meant to accomplish.  And then be advised that having a vision in no way grants you knowledge of the means for manifesting that vision.  And receiving a vision in the first place is often like a newspaper reporter writing a story after carefully interviewing you: the guy should receive a Pulitzer prize if he gets your story 75% accurate.  A really great story is usually no more than 45% accurate.  That is, it takes lot of different independent sources and reporters to come up with the truth.  In other words, you may have to become a different human being than who you are now before you can even begin to understand your specific purpose. 


Yes, everyone has a purpose.  Just ask yourself what is in your heart.


Yes, everyone has a specific purpose. Just follow your bliss.


Well, not exactly.  Following your bliss may get you dead or in jail (I know people who did precisely that) and doing what is in your heart may mean hating, abusing, destroying, and annihilating anyone who blocks your path (I know these folks too)—think about that!


Just ask your minister, priest, Rabbi, or guru for your specific purpose to fulfill.  Each of these has a little notebook in their hip pocket filled with quick and easy answers that they have perfected and developed over thousands of years.  After considering your gender, income, wealth, age, and personality traits, and of course their own institutional needs, they will be able to tell you exactly what your purpose is.  And also they have a blue book in their other hip pocket which lists the trade in value of your car.  And they can tell you an insurance premium for your age and health, interest per cent for loans, and maximum apartment rental payment given your credit rating. 


Well, of course, there are those around who know the answer to all your questions, the solution to all your problems, and your specific and exact divine purpose for being here on earth.  The problem is there might be a little discovery process involved and your freedom of choice just might play a large part.  (As in “What part have you chosen to play in the unfolding of creation?” God asks to entire species on different planets throughout the universe.  From Mystical Fables, Chapter One, The Story of Creation.)


Now lets see, that Tarot card reader who downloaded a spirit of divination begins laying out Tarot cards in a certain position to answer your question, “This card represents you.  And this card is what opposes you.  The next card is your path in life.  And this card that goes across it is the obstacle that stands in your way.  And the ‘specific purpose you are here to fulfill’ is represented by this next card ….” (And if you don’t like these answers you can come back tomorrow and the cards will lay out in a different pattern.)



A woman who successfully projects her mind inside of a man so that she can understand his mind, emotions, and body based on first hand experience most likely will notice which?


That he can not find meaning in life by getting pregnant and having a baby nor find the love he has always sought by having a daughter whereas some women can and do.


That being and feeling natural is not natural for him.


That he can only derive meaning from doing, attaining, or accomplishing something.


That the sun in its heat and radiant energy is present in miniature in his body even if he unaware of it, which explains why some men are “driven.”


That he is only totally “in” his body during sex, sports, hard work, or physical action.


That he likes to do one thing at a time because in this way he “feels” he is accomplishing is mission—to project something of himself outward that seizes and transforms the world.


That he only feels fully alive when he “makes” things happen spontaneously.


That a man is certain and “knows” something is right because that is what he wants and needs it to be.


A man can tell when he has a good women because she is not selfish, that is, she gives of herself without trying to bend him to her will.  She may try to persuade him but not by using sex as a weapon.


A man feels in a woman’s body a cool energy like an underground stream that flows, let’s go, nurtures the soul, and heals without any action perceived or seen.  Her body has the power of water that absorbs energy into itself, stores it, and transforms it and returns it continuously.  Of course, like an undertow or rip tide, it can drag down and drown or else quench the thirst and renew, rejuvenate, and grant new life.


For a millisecond, a man can experience the bliss of an orgasm just by looking on a woman. 


A man naturally thinks about how to solve any problem and feels uncomfortable when there is no course of action.


The scent of a woman makes a man feel alive and energized.


A woman who successfully, I mean really successfully projects her mind inside of a man no longer hates men.  Why? Because she can perceive things from the other side.



A man who successfully projects his mind inside of a woman so that he can understand her mind, emotions, and body based on first hand experience most likely will notice which?


That her body, emotions, and mind are always giving and receiving in everything she does. 


A woman can tell when she has a good man because he strives to be stable, fair, and consistent. 


That a woman only feels fully alive when things happen spontaneously. 


A woman is certain and “knows” something is right because that is the way it is supposed to be.


A woman feels in a man’s body a light and heat that excite, ignite, and seek to bring the best out of life.  It has the power of fire that constantly is seeking a fuel it can burn in order to gather, sustain, and focus its power.  Of course, it can destroy and devour or radiate light and create.


A woman thinks about talking about a problem without having to solve it or do anything about it.


The scent of a man’s sweat makes a woman feel relaxed and calm.


A man notices that a woman’s brain can experience pure physical being, that is pleasure, without having to attach any imagery, fantasy, or power to it.


That a woman can multitask:  that she enjoys pursuing several activities and is comfortable moving between them even with interruptions and distractions.


That a woman thinks in emotions—the nature, strength, and quality of the bond she feels to others or to a topic influences the way she relates to it. 


That a number of small fulfillments in life can easily add up to being more than one great fulfillment.


She can feel that a strong relationship with a sister, daughter, or mother is one of the most fulfilling things in life.  (But if anything, having a daughter is often enough to justify her being alive.)


Once his mind is inside a woman’s body, he feels that the universe in its all-embracing, all-encompassing presence is living inside of her whether she is aware of it or not.


A man who successfully, I mean really successfully projects his consciousness inside a woman suddenly realizes that every woman is like a mother, daughter, sister, child, and guardian angel—someone to be honored and respected.  That is, for the first time in his life he actually experiences a woman without thinking in terms of sex, sex roles, or erotic intent



A “silent spectator or observer” is


This is a practice in which you stand back and watch your own thoughts from a distance while not participating.


A silent spectator is someone at a sporting event who is unhappy that his side losing but he doesn’t want to be a bad sportsman by complaining or booing.  Or perhaps a silent spectator is an extreme introvert who charges his energy up while sitting on the sidelines.


A silent observer is like a medical researcher wearing white in front of a microscope or an astronomer wearing ordinary clothes though warm clothes at fifteen thousand feet in front of a telescope.  Neither wants to disturb what is being observed by interfering with the accuracy of the perceptual transmission.


The silent spectator is the one transcendental ego that no sword can pierce, no fire burn, no water drown, etc.  It is the true self, utterly independent of the world and beyond all suffering.  Now, let me see, to get this you just need to join Shiva with Shakti who has ascended through your spine into your brain and allow time, space, the universe, all opposites, etc. to be annihilated. 


No, the silent spectator is consciousness itself, that is, the deeper consciousness free of contamination from the elements.  It is the mind that is open, luminous, self-aware, and empty of all form like a mirror.  Some say this mirror or emptiness is already within each of us and some say you have to develop it but the discussion is irrelevant since the same process is required for “activating” it.


No, “the mind is as vast as the sky, as deep as the ocean, as solid as a mountain, and flexible like chewing gum.” (Shalpa Rinpoche).  You develop this through a practice called shinye in Tibetan Buddhism as compared to Vipassana in Theravada Buddhism.  Vipassana is more like putting your mind inside a closet—it is neither open nor vast but good for hanging specific things on hangers.


No, it is easier to practice by simply gazing upon the blue sky.  Thoughts and sensations in your body and disturbances in your awareness are like little clouds, well, maybe an occasional thunderstorm or hurricane but the open and clear blue sky is still there behind it all.


The silent observer is a construct, an imagined or realized state of awareness in which you eventually can stop all thoughts in your mind and simply be aware.  You practice it until in your own way you can shift into it whenever you want.


The silent observer is like learning to ride a bicycle.  Even though some Zen masters say you can not stop the mind from thinking, people who say that do not bring the full power of will to their practice.  Once you get it, like riding a bicycle, you never forget it.  But then again, if you try to move from a bicycle to a Hardly Davidson or race bicycles in a French long distance race--that will take a lot more practice. 


If you can stop all thoughts in your mind for a half hour or hour or, hey, even for ten minutes, you are existing at least on a mental level like a spirit of the earthzone.  There are now five thousand different powers and qualities of consciousness you can discover within this silence of mind.  Like what?  Well, let’s see.  In the sphere of Mars silence can be used to destroy anything.  In the sphere of Venus, a silent space of oneness is used for joining totally to another in love.  In the sphere of the sun, silence is the empty mirror so clear, pure, and open that the Presence of God can appear within it shining forth with an absolutely original creative light.  Within the sphere of the moon, silence is timelessness—past, present, and future are open to your gaze for you can now perceive how all unfolding causes arise and are fulfilled and that the separation that seems to exist in time is an illusion.  In Mercury, silence enables the will of God to gather in strength within your self until the divine purpose manifests on earth. Does the silent observer inside of you right now know all of this?  Yes, absolutely.  All of the above is present and arises in accordance to the way you shape your silence and focus your observing.  Although don’t try to observe this at a Quaker meeting on Sunday when they sit in silence.  Their “silence” is like coal mixed with shale, bread mixed with stones, or a prayer meeting where someone has left the radio on tuned into Howard Stern.  There is too much selfishness and ego present so their rating never gets beyond “amateur” status.


On the other hand, if you want to cheat at any time, you jump ahead and practice akashic mediation.  Then in a state of akasha thoughts themselves dissolve instantly at the moment when they try to appear. 


There are other ways of cheating.  Project your mind inside a Zen master’s mind, the Dalai lama’s mind, or better still, the sylph Cargoste.  Cargoste’s mind is the perfection of Dzogchen—without thought or image he is aware of the entire biosphere of the earth with all its interactions.  Now that is a mind that is clear.


The silent spectator is more like the director or producer watching an actor putting on his clothes, entering the stage, and playing a certain role in a stage play.  Ah, but standing right next to this director/producer is Mr. obsession, Mr. fascination, Mr. addiction, Mr. “I have been hiding in your closet waiting to come out for your entire life,” and numerous other characters.  If the director/producer decides to take a break, one of these other characters is always happy to take over and take the play in a new direction or start a new production.



Pop Quiz Part V


Mental Wandering is


       Mental wandering is “wandering around with your mind.” 

Closely associated with Attention Deficit Disorder as defined by the National Psychiatric Association, mental wandering arises due to a weakness in brain chemistry.  Specifically, the synapses are firing without respect for proper order and harmony; like someone cutting into a line, everyone ends up dissatisfied.  So keep your thoughts, impressions, and perceptions properly aligned and if distractions occur?  Well, what do you do?  Like someone cutting into a line, “give them a piece of your mind.” (Quote provided by the Official Handbook of Psychiatric Disorders which is ghost written by the Ladies for Proper Social Etiquette.)


The mind is a terrible thing to waste.  So don’t go wandering around.  Keep your feet on solid ground.  This is sound advice--a word to the wise will suffice.


Mental wandering is a method of projecting one’s mind directly into the realm of the elementals, earthzone, or higher spheres.  No ritual or magical paraphernalia are required.  It may help to saturate your mind wit the vibration (light, elemental quality, etc.) of the domain where you are sending your mind.  Contact with spirits is then made through casual encounter or through throwing in a name, a sigil, etc.


Mental wandering is an advanced form of daydreaming.  Actually magical daydreaming can be accomplished through free association in combination with magical intent and a trained receptivity.  You just think of a spirit and then allow your magically trained subconscious to interact with the spirit in an effortless manner.


Mental wandering occurs when the mind wanders into “higher” or “lower” spheres of evolution, past, future, etc.  Dramatists, screenplay writers, and occult writers are particularly gifted in this sort of thing.


Mental wandering is for those magicians who do not like going to the bother of doing evocation.  You just interact directly with a spirit without all the clumsy bother of using ritual, kind of like making a new acquaintance or taking up a conversation where you left off with an old friend.


Mental wandering should be distinguished from astral travel.  Astral travel involves pulling out one’s astral body or some say one’s etheric body.  It is said that traveling with the astral body beyond the boundaries of the earthzone with its elemental protective sphere will result in the death of the magician.  Therefore, make sure you always have your spiritual passport in order and the correct akashic visas issued for your spiritual explorations otherwise you may end up in a Saturnian jail.


There is no limit on where the mind can go, what it can project into or join with.  There is no limit on what it can observe or understand from assuming an objective external, an empathic internal, or both modes of observation simultaneously.  Just remember, it is the always the heart that  runs the search program.



Swami Rama states that when he received shaktipat from his master he remained in a state of ecstasy for nine hours.  I sent a telepathic request to Swami Rama to experience briefly his experience and he sent me a shaktipat that lasted nine minutes (well, I use the word “brief.”)  This was a state of bliss which is like having the perfect opposite of my self alive inside me so I am one with her.  Swami used to enter into this state of oneness each night before going to bed for the rest of his life.  What might this form of inner union signify in terms of masculine spiritual or magical development?


Come on.  Any red blooded male wants to get it on with or get some from a woman for reasons of mental and physical health and emotional gratification.  And you know, those Swami’s are known for being horny esp. when they get around young, Western women, also known as spiritual groupies.  You can’t use gurus as a model for spiritual behavior.  Well, not unless your particular obsessive compulsive disorder is burning incense, living in an ashram, wearing funny robes, and chanting.  And then there is that little schedule scheme of monastic chores such as cooking, cleaning the floors, and wiping up the spiritual bullshit of your fellow practitioners.


You know, Swami Rama might have had this feminine presence within himself as did his master.  But I kind of wonder who started it?  Was a woman the original lineage master and so she passed her essence down by shaktipat to her male disciples?  If so, the male master must be initiated by a female master.  How about that?


Or was it that a male yogi practiced sexual/tantric yoga with a female disciple?  By doing this, the two united their chakras as one.  Thus the male learned through direct experience how to embody in himself the essence of a woman.  Thus any male magician can learn to embody within himself the feminine essence by working closely with a female magician through tantric or magical sexual practices.


Or perhaps the yogic lineage was founded when a male yogi united with and then absorbed the woman’s soul into himself, taking her essence without a fair trade in return.  Haven’t you heard what happens when the Buddhist lama sits the women in the back of the temple during puga or a female notices that the Taoist sexual yoga actually only benefits the men?  Its called outrage.  Even women in Islam are starting to object to sitting in the back of the temple.  And Swami Rama’s one true love, who he refused to marry, insisted he pursue a political career which he also refused to do.  I tell you, what used to pass as “spiritual” is now called inequality, exploitation, and a bad career choice in our age.


Ok, let’s keep it simple.  How can a man and a woman give to each other to the extent that they actually taste, share, fully experience, and learn to embody the essence of the other’s gender?  This would include the mysteries of the other’s spirit and also the goal of teaching each other the mastery of the electric and magnetic fluids?  (Would you believe it? A woman actually asked me the above question.  At most about six women email me during a year from visiting my website). Stay tuned.  This question no doubt requires a separate essay—see Problems in the Study of Magic, Part III.)


Hey, Swami practiced yoga. Yoga is union.  Just do yoga.  Your own body and breath have the answers to all your questions.


Anyone who pursues these questions is obviously obsessed with sex and women.  In fact, this whole line of thought is the product of a complete nerd, a geek.   Not.  They are obsessed with the creativity that comes from joining masculine and feminine whether within oneself or in a relationship.  Notice the difference?


Duh.  A magician must master both the electric and magnetic fluids equally if he is going to create using magic (Bardon). What he does with his personal life is his own business.


No, a magician’s personal life is his highest art and best arena of magical practice.  And every man and woman has something they can teach or give to the other should they have the opportunity and recognize the possibility.

You are personifying Swami Rama’s skatipat and expressing it as a “woman.”  What Swami learned to embody in himself was not a woman but the biochemical, spiritual, and psychological experience any man can experience in the instant after he has an orgasm.  This is that great moment of drama when his physiology switches from the parasympathetic to the sympathetic system of responses. 

Special thanks to the increasing number of young career oriented women who have dedicated their lives to mastering the masculine electric fluid and due to increasing number of complaints from young male magicians that women are no longer very feminine--the Magicians’ Guild is proud to announce the release of a new herbal remedy.  This elixir is called the Moment After Orgasm (also considered an effective herbal treatment for getting in touch with your inner woman).  Complete contentment and the perfection of serenity are guaranteed lasting for nine hours (enough to get a good night’s sleep without a feminine woman by your side.) It is offered completely free of charge at any Guild Supply Outlet for those who are current in their Magicians’ Guild dues.


Not.  You miss the magical aspect.  Swami Rama’s inner woman is a spiritually living being made from out of his own vitality.  And like any spirit dwelling in akasha, Swami Rama simply switches into a feminine aspect of himself since any adept on a high level is inherently androgynous.  (This explains why there is “no marriage or giving and receiving of marriage” in heaven.  They are all androgynous.)  (“You mean the rest of the galaxy are perverts?” from Left Hand of Darkness.)


Gees.  All this talk about the inner woman.  Someone needs to get laid.


We here at of the privately funded Institute for Guru Success would like to suggest that the phrase, “get laid,” is inappropriate for a topic involving a high level of inspiration.  We don’t mind you blasting gurus, making fun of them, and describing their motives and actions with absolute cynicism—hey, publicity is free advertising; it is worth money even when it is unfavorable as long as it is correctly handled by an effective public relations firm.  But really, “get laid” as a phrase suggests something unseemly is going on. 

     As an alternative, may we suggest this: “Although we are discussing the “inner woman” we are not describing anything directly analogous to real women.  Some individuals will in fact require a healthy and intimate relationship with a woman depending on their karmic situation. 

    “The “inner woman” is then more appropriately used in the description of an internal spiritual process.  This process is in fact going on within everyone.  Only a very small part of our relationships to the opposite gender can be recaptured and applied to illuminate what is in essence a divine image and state of consciousness found within us.”

    Now isn’t this way of saying it a whole lot more informative and fairer to the fairer sex?


Which of the following would be consequences of a nuclear bomb going off in LA, New York, London, or Paris?


Civil liberties would be set back fifty years.


Students would need a security clearance in order to attend college.


A secret security agency approved by the leading fifteen nations code named Global Security would be founded which would report only to the permanent members of the Security Council of the UN.


Due to restrictions on travel, communication, freedom of the press, and so forth, education and technological innovation would be set back fifty years.


There would be massive numbers of black ops involving world wide assassinations and indefinite holding periods of suspects.


House to house searches would become common and all internet and cell phone communications would be closely monitored.


All democracies would be in a permanent state of emergency and each head of state would possess authority to declare martial law with minimum pretext.


An identification and location system involving global positioning satellites would be put into effect for the entire planet’s population.  Each person’s location would be continuously recorded.


Millions of sincere religious practitioners, except of course the radicals in Islam (and Pat Robertson and Jerry Farwell who would say on air—“Its God’s judgment for our sins.”) would ask, “How could God let this happen?”  The answer:  God didn’t fund the Manhattan Project and God gave millions of people the ability to foresee and to prevent it.  They just didn’t bother doing what needed to be done.  (Or as Teddy Kennedy once said, Nuclear war is “unthinkable.”  Duh! I guess someone was thinking about it after all.)


Which one of the following spelled the beginning of the end for communism in the Soviet Union?


When Karl Marx cried because the discovery of gold in California meant that the U.S. had found a new source of exploitation to sustain its imperialism.


When the head of the communist party in the 1930’s in the U.S. writes Stalin and complains that Roosevelt’s New Deal (in which Roosevelt reinvents the role of Robin Hood) is legally stealing from the rich to give to the poor in order to prevent a proletarian revolution.


In 1949 when John Nash published his graduate thesis at Princeton in which he demonstrated that conflicting parties, such as labor and management, always have the option of resolving their problems in a non-violent manner.


When Marcuse (after receiving his a royalty check for his first book) complains in the 1960’s that the U.S. is utilizing “repressive desublimation” to co-opt its opponents, rewarding them for their critiques in a way that inadvertently makes them de facto capitalists.  I mean, there are no rich communists and if there are, as is now occurring in China, their children will look at their fathers as complete idiots.


It began when the CIA orchestrated the sale of Che Guevara t-shirts to help pay for its clandestine activities.


When Radio Free America began broadcasting commercials on Russian airwaves for Coca Cola, Ketchup, and lingerie from Victoria’s Secret Garden.


When the stocks for Exxon, GE, and Dow Chemical started showing up in the retirement funds for firemen, nurses, mechanics, and Walmart employees.


Communism, like any other ideological system such as socialism, capitalism, fascism, and feminism is based on a hardened complex of interlocking mental ideas.  To succeed, these systems must hypnotize their adherents’ emotions on the astral plane and severely restrict freedom of action on the physical plane.  In other words, the mental ideas are ferociously jealous and require that others “think, feel, and act” the way they do.  This hypnotic power eventually erodes and collapses under the weight of its own narrow understanding of life.  Communism collapsed when a large part of its citizens became alcoholics and its economy stagnant.


What might you learn by projecting your mind into other people?


That President Reagan was so persuasive because he was a natural born telepath.  The news media missed this and were astonished that such an obviously dumb president could be so successful.


That Andropov, a former head of the KGB, was an embodiment of pure malice and extremely clever.


That Marilyn Monroe was also telepathic and designed her physical and emotional interactions in response to her perception of male desire.


That Bill Gates is clairvoyant, having part of his consciousness located about two years in the future.  It is not that he is brighter than other CEOs.  Rather, he is more competitive making the decisions that block others’ success.


That Saddham Hussein’s positive mission was to unite all the Arab countries into the equivalent of a Common Market for Islam.  But instead he chose to become an agent for the dark side.  This agenda, for unknown reasons, was stymied even though he had more will power than Hitler.


That Vaipahee, the former prime minister of India, had decided to attack Pakistan even though it might lead to a nuclear war resulting in millions dead.  (The CIA missed this one.)


That Swami Kriyananda had mastered the equivalent of several salamanders though yoga practice.  His heart chakra embodied a marvelous sea of fire radiant with life and energy.


That Swami Rama’s life mission involved stabilizing India politically but instead he became hopelessly addicted to the practice of yoga of which he was a supreme master. 


That Steven Hawkin has a holographic image of the universe inside of his mind.


That the Dalai Lama’s heart chakra is a “sea of compassion” nearly infinite and the basis of a genuine cosmic religion.


That the historic Buddha was extremely empathic and also a master of life force, things his disciples have completely ignored down through the ages.



When someone dies


They are pretty much the same although the level of energy they possess drops by about 90%.  This also causes them to lose touch with physical time so that a few minutes for them may be months or years in the real world.


Their five senses no longer have a physical counterpart so that now they perceive on the astral plane instead of within the physical world.


They often do not know or refuse to believe that they are dead.  This may result in elaborate visualizations that perpetuate the fiction that they are still alive.  (See the movie Jacob’s Ladder  for a close approximation.)


A “greeter” comes to meet them, often a member of their family who has previously died and who seeks to guide them to their next realm.


They sometimes appear just after death before someone who has the second sight” in order to say a few last words.


They enter the Bardo state where they choose between five different colors representing five distinct Buddha realms or five states of suffering.  Their choice then determines their fate.  (But this only applies if they have previously attended Buddhist catechism as a child.)


Their consciousness moves to that state of density and illumination in the planet’s astral plane which is suitable for their level of maturity, that is, they finally find a “niche” which they may not have found in life.


95% of those about to die have psychic visions of their “greeters,” of their mode of departure (as a bus, airplane, ship that is coming to pick them up at the moment of death) and often want to complete any “unfinished business” such as packing a suitcase or saying goodbye to some loved one.


A few, though declared dead, get sent back because it is “not their time.”  They may also receive a vision or be given a choice as to whether they wish to return. (See the movie, Heaven Can Wait, or individuals such as Ray Elkins who says he was sent back by Christ). 


Faith (not belief in something but the quality and power of conviction that you can unite with truth [and light] and express it through action) is the single most important trait to possess for adapting to and succeeding in any afterlife situation. (Cermiel—an earthzone spirit.)  (see Q. “Should I be afraid?” A. “Not a man like you.” Meet Joe Black)


They enter the “light” or full presence of their guardian angel who grants both a brief but total life review and a state of all-encompassing love and peace (which they could have entered anytime while still alive had they tried hard enough—Cermiel).


When you die, you are dead.  There is nothing more to be said, other than the memories that are left in the brains of those who remain.


“When you die, the best parts of yourself are like sparks that fly through the air and become a part of those who are still alive.” (Whoopie Goldberg)


Catholic priest to Voltaire on Voltaire’s death bed: Are

you ready now to renounce Satan?

         Voltaire (after a life time of promoting tolerance and       

                   satirizing Christianity): This is not the time to be

making enemies.


Freud: We have to make friends with the necessity of dying.


Montaigne: Don’t bother to prepare for your death because,

when the time comes, you will know how to do it well enough.



Practicing Bardon, you may fall victim to various disturbances due to an overdeveloped or out of control mental concentration.  These might include, dissociation from your personality, feeling that you have become a detached spectator, inability to feel natural, to let go, and to flow, and so forth.  To get energy to come down from out of your head you


Stop doing so much magic.


Stop doing all magic.


Stop doing magic during this incarnation.  You did too much in other lives and this lifetime was designed as a rest stop on your long journey to perfection. 


You have done too much magic.  To compensate, you have to do the opposite of magic—be physically active; engage in physical work; play sports; climb mountains; do art but avoid magic in art, concentrate on work and love—make money and make love; do things with other parts of your body than your head, namely your hips, legs, and feet.  If all else fails, do “the quick and easy recovery remedy” for mentally disturbed magicians by concentrating for a minute on each of your five senses twice a day.


The problem is your self-talk—you are identifying with your own weird way of thinking and are terribly shaken after glancing into  the incomprehensibly vast depths of the human mind (which other people of course do not sense or see). Therefore, put aside your desires for attaining grandeur through magical practice by taking a life long, self-taught class in 1. how to use ordinary language, 2. speak like normal human beings, 3. engage in casual conversation, 4. act normal and friendly, 5. avoid the use of abstractions, esoteric, and metaphysical language altogether, and 6. above all else—learn to be grateful and satisfied with each moment you are alive (which is the single most important requisite for practicing genuine magic).


What are possible dangerous side effects from practicing magic?  Part II.


As happened to a kundalini yoga instructor, often someone in his apartment complex would literally jump out of a window when he was deep in meditation.


After doing love magic, numerous women fall in love with you.  But a few of these women are willing to kill you should you not return their affection.


After doing a little wealth magic, very wealthy individuals seek to become your patron.  However, that Arab with all his rolls Royce cars, private jets, and luxury yachts turns out to be an arms dealer and wanted by the IRS; the CEO of a large company who wines and dines you at a luxurious club turns out to want you to do insider trading; and another CEO who lets you in buy in early on a soon to be IPO fails to tell you that his company is already bankrupt.


You discover that whenever you do meditations on world peace the head of the nation you are praying for is often assassinated on shortly afterwards.


You work in the akasha to remove the pain in another person due to her karmic situation and discover she now hates you furiously for no good reason as if you have stolen part of her soul.


That one tiny piece of magic you did to send a hurricane away ended up diverting all major hurricanes from the Pacific to the Atlantic for the next twenty five years.


After practicing as a magician, people who know you begin treating you like God’s gatekeeper, as if you can speak on God’s behalf.  But you soon discover that practitioners of magic never want a straight answer from you.  Instead, they are hoping you will verify and confirm the answer they already have decided on whether consciously or subconsciously.  So finally you understand why the Oracle of Delphi was so obscure in its responses—the riddles from the priestess were designed to verify and confirm whatever the petitioner already believed.


After doing a little very rare magic for satisfying a personal desire you finally understand the Greek saying, “The gods answer the prayers of those whom they wish to curse.”


Religion is


A party.  It is a chance for people who would never ever associate to get together, commune, communicate, and celebrate their community.  (See the movie The Apostle.)  Just ignore all that crap about guilt, hell, purgatory, sin, etc.  That is just there to stimulate the adrenal glands—these glands feed on fear and terror.  Since many people are adrenaline junkies, they need a fix once a week to get their kicks. 

     (Marx didn’t quite have it right.  The drug is not opium but epinephrine unless you are into psychology like Freud and then it is cocaine.  Freud, who worked with extremely repressed women, observed that for many “pleasure is pain and pain is pleasure”—a central doctrine of many religions.)


Religion is a way to make people feel so important, for example, bribing them with “treasures laid up in heaven” (or just for believing what we believe you will receive a golden crown or at least a belt of gold [not to mention the possibly of young, unspoiled and nubile women]) that for a very tiny part of the time here on earth they just might learn how to do a few acts of unselfish kindness. (And that is asking a lot).


The first task of any religion (or mythology for that matter) is to teach the awe, wonder, and mystery of being alive, that life is both horrible and wonderful at the same time.  (Joseph Campbell)


Religion is the opiate of the people and communism works best in countries where the middle class has not yet fallen victim to the addictions of leisure, freedom, and a chance to fight for justice.


No, very clearly those people in white shirts and ties who come to your door want only two things from religion—1. spiritual security and 2. “a community.  If you are after the truth of the universe or genuine wisdom you will have to look outside of conventional religion.


Religions are all the same.  (RamaKrishna after spending seven years practicing in each of the major religions).


Religions are all different.  (W.M. after thirty years of projecting his mind inside of the main leaders of each of the major world religions.)


You should not try to change to another religion than the religion you were born into.  Just add a universally spiritual (but neutral in terms of belief) system to the religion of your birth in order to expand your awareness.


If you have played the game Civilization you know that religion is an upgrade to the advancement of civilization.  For example, fanaticism is an upgrade over warlords because it gets your army to fight harder for less cost.  And Monotheism reinforces the rule of law, enables an integrated state religion, and enhances morality in a way that increases literacy and productivity.


Religions are popular to the extent they guarantee their practitioners divine help in fulfilling the desires of the three lowest chakras, namely, the desires for wealth, for strong families (including a wife who will obey you or at least be bound to conventional morality), and for social acceptance.  (Joseph Campbell).

     If you wish to acquire the expansions of awareness such as the empathy of the heart chakra or the wisdom and intuitive insight of the third eye you will have to go on a spiritual quest or journey. (And this was the whole point of the Arthurian and Grail legends—you don’t get spirituality in a church.  You have to get on a horse and ride off.)


How can you miss something so simple as this?  “God is near; He is within each of us.”  Therefore let us treat each other as brother and sister, as mother and father, as son and daughter that the Divine Presence might be honored, respected, and celebrated.


Religions involve extremely complicated and intricate combinations of accidental and necessary historical events that shape their formulation.  In truth, all religions are about one or more of the following divine ideals: love, wisdom, power, and justice.  All rituals, doctrines, lineages, and ecclesiastical hierarchies are but an attempt, no matter how insipid, to make these four ideals real.


Religions subtly intertwine the positive and the negative often without any capacity for self-reflection that could discern the negative within their own actions.  Consider faith and conviction, qualities associated with the cosmic letter K.  Faith and conviction reveal dynamic ways of moving into the future with great creativity and ingenuity.  But with a negative slant, faith and conviction become an advanced form of psychic vampirism that like fire feeds on others’ emotions and devotion in order to reinforce its own power base.  Is the televangelist preaching the Gospel or is he hypnotically suggesting that you write out and mail in a check through clever manipulation and emotional enticements?  Certainly we witness both the positive and negative in all levels of all religions. 


“Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.”  (Domino Harvey)  Well, I guess she said it better than anyone—belief can be fun; its putting belief into action that’s a bitch.



The best way for women to master the magnetic fluid (the psychological, spiritual, and universal essence of femininity) is to gain familiarity with which of the following meditations or procedures:


Sit down and talk to other older women about their experience with love. (See American Quilt) (I have spent at least thirty hours talking to my mother about the twenty five men she dated in college, why she married my father, and what resulted; for example, she would never have dated a guy named Jerold Ford, captain of the football team who sat next to her in class and later became president of the U.S. because “he was a nobody.”)


Meditate on the undine/mermaid Istiphul, the most beautiful creature on earth.  Because, if anything, Istiphul is a grand master of the magnetic fluid.  Other undines are also great such as Isaphil who embodies water and lunar serenity.


Project your mind into the Dalai Lama’s heart chakra, which is a sea of compassion of cosmic dimension.


Of course there is Mother Mary on the inner planes.


And Christ has a love and compassion embodying divine being; just ignore the history of Christianity which took the wrong turn.


Gabriel, who impregnated Mary according to the Gospel of Luke, is the archangel in this solar system in charge of divine sensuality and obviously eroticism and who oversees “the birth of new light on earth.” 


The blue green, watery cosmic letter M, the “mother letter,” that embodies the essence of universal water and magnetism, especially working on the astral and physical plane.  (See my essay, Problems in the Study of Magic, Part III: The Magnetic Fluid)


Immersing your hands in a bowl of water each day and identifying with the water surrounding your hands.


Meditating on the sea, the life within it, and becoming the sea from continent to continent, from pole to pole.  As Istiphul once put it, “In your soul waves roll five thousand miles and magnetism flows between the poles.”  Sometimes you just have to pull out all the stops and really love what you are doing.


The Goddess of the Earth, the earth mother, etc. The Hopi Indian medicine man was unwilling to teach anyone.  So I evoked the vibration of the earth mother in my aura and in the next moment, without commenting on the meditation, he began teaching me.  That was in 1975. 


In the screenplay, Fall of Atlantis, the Goddess of the Earth asks Le’ah’e, “Do you wish to shine with my light and be anointed with my beauty?” Le’ah’e says yes.  The Goddess goes on, “Then two things I require: establish justice upon the earth and do as my Beloved and I do—make the world new.” “How do I do this?” asks Le’ah’e.  The Goddess replies, “Create a religion without priests, temples, or rituals in which love, power, wisdom, and justice are equally honored and pursued.” 

     I imagine the life force of the Goddess is within and sustains every living being.  You just have to get inside that.


Then again, one of my favorite, the Great Feminine also called the cosmic void that contains all the stars and galaxies.  Though utterly empty, without form, without thought, without substance of any kind, receptive to the extent of being a physical component of all-embracing love or omnipresence (and also like Prajnaparamita, the mother of all the Buddhas), it has brought forth life on all planets on all worlds throughout the universe.  But then again, you’ll have to be “madly in love with the universe” to pull off this meditation.



Spirit guides.  I know, I know, most people are thinking of a spirit on the inner planes, perhaps an Indian medicine man with an eagle feather, a guru with a turban, or a Tibetan lama with a vajra, etc.  I have a little time to write here at the terminal before they call for my flight.

     Well, “Now for something completely different”—how about we make up our own?  I mean you have been practicing Bardon, right? And you are at least on the level of a freshman at the Magical University.  Ok.  This is a pop quiz.  Imagine you are on a beach.  One half second and I can hear the roar of the waves, feel the spray on my face, the taste of salt on my lips, the smell of ocean air, the feel of sand between my toes, and the heat of the sun on my face and nose.  Not to hard?  How about this?  I imagine I am at the Arctic Circle and within a half second my body involuntary shivers from the cold.  Or this?  A TV in front of you and switch through ten channels spending a few seconds on each and see and hear the different people and voices speak.  No problem?  Ok, we are ready to begin.


You remember the movie, All That Jazz?  Our musical director had a muse.  She appeared to only him and carried on a total life review.  Flirtatious, intimate, sweet, she knows your every thought and feeling.  She laughs and jokes with you about your folly.  You can smell her scent, feel her stands of hair across your face, her fingers on your skin.  Now travel with her though some of your more “interesting” life experiences.  What is the past like when you relive it with her by your side?  She whispers in my ear with her arms around my shoulders, “Its ok,” that time I felt I had died while still alive. 

And another time she says, “This was one of your worst” as she sits next to me, holds me, and enchants me as I gaze into her eyes.  It was when I lost something I will not be able to replace until my next life time.

And you know that kind of loneliness so deep, so cold, so abandoned and alone like a field of wheat or corn destroyed by a storm and so left waiting for the first snow to fall. She is there at my side--“Your spirit can not fail you with me as your spirit guide.” I agree with her a hundred per cent.  Now if I had only had her back then I would be where I am now a few decades sooner.  Well, not bad for a start and at this point we are only doing art.


Now part two, maybe something a little more seductive (to hold your attention better).  Ok.  Like a supermodel of your own choosing.  Don’t be shy.  You are free to combine kind of like Al Pacino in the movie Simone.  But just to keep it “spiritual” add a touch of Saturnian wisdom. 

How? Well, that sway of her hips—it uplifts rising upon the air as a breath on a path of love flies on wings to the heart of God.  Never thought of the sway of a woman’s hips in that way?  Try this.  She bends your head back and gives you a kiss. Your entire life, every desire, is raised to a new height and simultaneously every desire is assuaged; to kiss her lips is reason enough in this moment to justify why you exist (can you feel that?); you rest your head on her lap and your identity dissolves as you hear the Song, the Song of Wonder that sang the universe into being.  You see the sun and the earth and a billion years unfolding.  You become the seas and every living being: 

“I have entered a place where men are forbidden to go,

a place of the soul

A wilderness unknown

Where breath can not flow

The heart can not seek

But it is clearly seen as she dances for me--

Her hips and thighs

Caressing the air

Her body sharing her innermost being

Unfolding as she enfold this moment

In circles, curls, and turns

Rising and descending

With a love a man can never know.”


I told you she was a little more seductive.  Who exactly is this spirit guide or woman?  Well, I will tell you—

      “I saw a naked woman dancing a slow, hypnotic dance

In a kingdom of my imagination so far away

It is not found in any myth or religion.”

   So I am going to write an entire myth of my own in honor  

 of this one.  It will be called The Kingdom of Ubarim and this lady/spirit guide is at the heart of the arc of the plot.  In other words, this spirit guide is a work in progress.


And now for part three.  How about a woman who is the union and perfection of every woman for whom you have ever had feelings?  This is astral alchemy at its best—taking nature (or the world of feelings) and refining it into a quintessence.  Just a moment.  This is new for me too.  Let me bring her into focus.  Ok.  Here she is sitting beside me her head on my shoulder, her hand on my thigh.  “Don’t believe in me?” she asks as she pinches my arm.  “Ouch,” I reply.  Her tongue probes my ear.  “Real enough now?” she goes on.  I nod.  “For what purpose am I called?” she asks using the traditional test of an evoked spirit to see who is best.  But she is just having fun.  What she means is “Can you give me a challenge I can’t resist?” I reply, “Can you take my bliss and transform it into an inner union with the universe? And also into that inner peace that captures the depths and the treasures of the twenty-eight mansions of the moon—that serenity of an archangel whose art encompasses all ages of time inside his crystal ball so sublime?  And take me to that place where all opposites join as one in the stillness in the heart of the sun?  And a voice, could you please, give me a voice that speaks with the consonants that gave birth to the seas and the trees, the mountains and the galaxies; and also the vowels that created wonder, love, and hope so that when I speak my words shall set in motion the causes that shall fulfill the deepest dreams?”

“So who are you?” She asks.  “The Elfin Knight?” (from Scarborough Fair).  “Just answer the question,” I reply.  “No problem,” she says.  As I gaze into her eyes every cell in my body electrifies, her fingernails and fingertips upon my skin and my breath becomes the jet stream.  At her caress, the lightning in every thunderstorm flashing between the earth and sky leaps between us, a dazzling arc of incomprehensible passion that is celebration.  I hear the stars singing and the galaxies turning and turning as we clasp.  This is not just art.  It is called “spiritual sensuality and divine eroticism.”

Opps.  They are calling for my flight--“Now boarding flight #4459 for Indianapolis.”  I had better get up and get in line.  We will have to do more on spirit guides another time.



Pop Quiz Part VI: Much Longer Questions and Comments


(Note 1: The following question is optional. For some it will represent a major problem and I mean really major; others will never run into it. Note 2: I seemed to have really gotten carried away with this question and comments.  Even though it is a sensitive subject, I will still risk it since I do so much enjoy the humor.


Carl Jung refers to the animus as a complex within a woman’s psyche.  It is a kind of fake and poor imitation of how women see men.  That is, a woman may look at men as self-assured, self-possessed, and above all certain beyond all doubt about what they do (there is no lack of confidence).  Consequently a woman who is possessed by her animus is absolutely certain beyond all doubt that she is right. This fake, little twisted man inside her takes over her consciousness.

     Jung states that it is impossible to carry on a discussion with a woman possessed in this way without the woman’s animus evoking within the man its opposite which is the male anima.  (The anima, by contrast, is the false, poor imitation of how men may look at women—men may see women as being so emotionally upset that the woman is incapable of an intelligent, rational response to what is being discussed. Again from As Good as It Gets, “You imagine a man and then take away his reason.” In the case of anima possession, a man becomes possessed by a fake, twisted, little image of a woman that is inside of him. 

      Often when a woman is possessed by her animus she temporarily embodies an extremely potent and devastating amount of electrical fluid.  (The animus, arising from deep inside the psyche, can tap onto collective powers and quantities of energy otherwise inaccessible to consciousness). She then uses this surplus charge of electrical energy to zap anyone around her who disagrees with her ideas.  She destroys their aura with a sudden ferocious burst of electrical energy.

     (At the time of this study, we have found no cases of men who, when anima possessed, demonstrate any kind of magnetic influence over others.  Apparently the collective unconsciousness of mankind has a surcharge of negative electrical energy easily tapped by women. 

     But there is no surcharge or spare reserves of magnetic energy that men are able to tap into.  Consequently, there is no male magnetic zapping phenomenon.  A man, possessed by his anima, is just emotionally confused and overly sentimental--nothing that can’t be easily understood or dealt with by those around him.)

     Which of the following comments are accurate descriptions of these phenomena?


The electrical fluid is hot, burning, expansive, dynamic, intense, powerful, and explosive in sensation. Its burning and consuming power acts to dominate the wills of others. It tortures and torments, hazes and subjugates.  It absorbs others’ wills into itself.  It utilizes every means possible to corrupt, divide, undermine, and enslave others to its purposes. 


If you have never observed the zap phenomena, simply sit in on a few PTA meetings when there is something controversial being discussed.  You will run into at least one mother who speaks as if it is God speaking through her declaring with apostolic and apocalyptic authority, “This budget is not right for the soccer team;” or, “You are only saying this because ….;” or, “The principal must be removed ….;” or, “These books should be banned;” etc.

    And I will tell you, it is nothing for such a woman to zap not merely the person she is attacking but the whole room.  Some zaps can electrify an entire crowd with burning hostility as if battery acid has suddenly been spilled an inch deep across the floor.


It does not matter if you see it coming or how many times you have experienced being zapped in the past.  An explosive burst of electrically charged emotionally energy will always cause damage to another’s aura.  One way it does this is by impregnating the other’s aura with its negative electrical charge—namely, an incredibly intense, burning, devouring,  possessing, and tormenting rage, hatred, anger, etc. that may takes hours or days to wear off.  In the mean time, this energy takes control of the man’s thoughts forcing him against every effort to the contrary to return again and again to thinking about the woman who has zapped him.  This controlling the focus of the victim’s thoughts is an effective technique in hazing and social systems involving domination.


The zap is represented in mythology as Medusa who, through the intensity and power of concentration embodied in the snakes on her head, can turn men into stone.  Also seen recently in the movie, Narnia, by the ice queen who can turn those she touches into ice.  The Medusa is an aspect of the teeth mother, one of four primary feminine archetypes.  See the essay on the electric and magnetic fluid on my website.


A curious aspect of the animus attack by a woman on a man is that the woman will forever deny she did it consciously or in any other way.  “It never happened; you are mistaken.”  In other words, she will refuse to listen to, acknowledge, or accept any report, feedback, or discussion that presents a contrary position.  Perhaps this is due to her having played the part of a medium who channels the electrical energy from the collective unconscious.  Many mediums are not conscious of the entities that they channel. 

    (Note: Also curiously, there are case studies of men who apparently have acquired an animus complex through prolonged exposure to very powerful women.  In other words, these men act at times like they are animus possessed by asserting, insisting, and demanding that they are right and that any other point of view is complete nonsense.  In this case, they have temporarily abandoned their masculine capacity for objective problem solving and acquired an unconscious hostility toward the processes of thinking and reasoning. 

    It must be pointed out, however, that in this case the man in no way possesses the electrical zapping natural to women.  His zap, by comparison, is completely impotent.  The only force behind his wishy washy zap, this bark without a bite, comes from yelling or threatening in the precise way that a zap with any integrity would never lower itself to committing.  When the male zap is effective it is because the man is relying on typical alpha male capacities such as hazing which are in no way parallel to the feminine spontaneity.

    We have to turn to religion, specifically fundamentalist Christianity, in order to even begin to uncover any male zap that can tap into a reservoir of electrical energy.  From Germany to England and to the U.S. fundamentalists have relished in preaching as if, with that Bible in their hand, they were like Zeus wielding a thunderbolt at their command.

      However, it takes all the gumption that religious symbolism can conjure to attempt a masculine zap—it takes an apocalyptic vision of history coming to a sudden end; it takes a God committed to the absolute rejection of living beings of his own creation; it takes the spell binding graphic imagery of a lake of fire, sulfur, and eternal damnation in unending suffering to get the adrenaline flowing amid the feelings of horror and terror. 

   Yes, that is the extent to which a man has to go to even begin to evoke the electrical burning, devouring, explosive intensity of a feminine zap.  But even all this religious procedure has one fatal flaw—it requires a consensual agreement on the part of the listener otherwise the zap is no more than crap.  You have to buy into the threats and feel your soul is at risk. 

      A female zap has no such limitation.  It is just as effective whether you consent to receive it or not; and as is noted, being aware even in advance that you are about to be zapped provides no defense from the attack.  A feminine zap is an actual burst of electrical energy that enters your body regardless of your mental stance.  It rises from the collective unconscious and is emitted through the woman’s voice.  The male zap looks like a 357 Magnum but it is only firing blanks by comparison.)


One paradox of the zapping power of the electrical burst of the animus is that it is extremely sensitive to locating the weakest and most vulnerable area in the other person’s psyche which it then attacks.  The animus is not only absolutely certain it is right.  It is adept at saying the precise words that are calculated to most injure and hurt the other person in order to force the other to submit to its will.  Often the precise words are a formulation of  the superego—the collective assumptions concerning morality embodied in pithy truths such as one I heard today—“A wife should be first in a man’s life.” At the same time, the very nature of the electrical exploding burst of energy is that it is devoid of any feeling, nurturing, or life animating capacity.  Its very nature is to devour and to destroy.  In other words, it has no ability to feel.


The electrically possessed individual often can be observed in terms of body language: the eyes glare, the voice is in cadence and stern, the facial muscles tense, the blood flow to the face and lips reduced even amid a smile, as well as rigidity and aggression in over all body posture--.e.g., learning forward, etc.  In addition to certainty, the emotional affect is often self-righteousness, condescension, and arrogance.  And of course there is the simple argumentative procedure of repeating what is so obvious over and over with increasing loudness and emotionally charged intonations. 

      However, the zap power potential is derived from a pure electrical fluid discharge in combination with words that in some hypnotic manner draw the other person’s mind under the influence of the collective unconscious.  In other words, the person who zaps is for a brief moment wearing the guise of some archetypal power of mythological status.  You are not being zapped by the person in front of you but by a kind of dark goddess, you know, Hecate, Medusa, a gorgon, a harpy, a banshee, etc.

     There is little point in trying to identity the specific archetypal image utilized by a specific woman.  The whole point of a feminine zap is that it mutates in any moment spontaneously drawing upon whatever power is required in order to maximize the attack.  A woman’s zap is a smart zap—it locks in on its target and alters its destructive force according to what is required to break through the other’s defense.)


After the eons in which men have abused women, its time someone paid these men back for all the suffering women have endured at their hands.  (Join the National Organization of Women NOW if you would like to participate in zapping male energy.  NOW is not just about personal zapping.  No.  NOW promotes zapping methodology on a political level in seeking not justice and equality [two words invented by the patriarchy to weaken women] but in heightening true feminine “will to” zapping power. 

    That is, we at NOW believe the world can be radically changed as we women gather our individual zapping power and focus it into one monumental movement. Give us your anger, your wrath, your rage, and your hatred.  These emotions are precisely what are needed to gain power and to overcome all opposition.

     [NOW is fully recognized by the IRS as a non profit organization.  Your donations are appreciated.  Sign up NOW for our online news report and timely calls to action.]


Note: Although many object to NOW’s stance that Father’s Day should be turned into Daughter’s Day (as well as many other of our anti-male agendas), NOW continues to believe not only that men should not be honored.  We feel that daughters should not develop emotional ties to their fathers because, after all, [and this is strictly off the record since it wouldn’t be politically correct to say this straight out] men are the enemy.


Wait a minute.  In what world, in what galaxy, in what alternate reality does the National Organization of Woman think that a man is going to respond favorably to the suggestion that Father’s Day be abolished in favor of Daughter’s Day? Are you women of NOW out of your [expletive and expletive deleted] minds?


No. they are not out of their minds.  They are simply brain dead when it comes to recognizing the incomprehensible arrogance and self-righteousness their little unsolicited forays into social mores present to others, especially to men.


(Although the National Organization of Men (NOM) has criticized NOW for failing to recognize that more men are raped each day than women, NOW only recognizes that rape is a crime when it is committed against women.  In response to the criticism by NOM that NOW is not concerned that only men and not women are legally required to register for the draft, NOW would like to say, “Its not our problem.”)

     The National Organization of Black Women (NOBW) fully recognizes that more men than women end up in emergency rooms in hospitals in black ghettoes due to domestic violence.  I quote: “Power and control are tactics we are better at than men.  Always have been.  Our little white sisters might learn a tip or two from us about creative responses in difficult situations.”

    “And we would like to point out to our white sisters over in their lush suburban offices at NOW that we could care less about whether Judges Alito and Roberts get confirmed to the Supreme Court.  What we need down here in the ghetto are vouchers to get our kids into good schools and health care coverage—items at the bottom of the totem pole of NOW.  And so we request with due respect that the ladies at NOW get off their sweet asses and do some real action on behalf of real women in real situations.”


 The above line of reasoning underestimates the brilliance of the feminine spirit. According to Carl Jung, Eric Neumann, and Robert Bly, about six thousand years ago some women decided that they were tired of having over a fifty per cent mortality rate with their new born.  They were tired of starvation and existing at the whims of Mother Nature.

    And so intentionally on some level of their consciousness they gave and surrendered their power to men and were willing to become subservient to them.  They knew that men would one day create a world in which a woman could have a female gynecologist who could insure that 99.9% of the new born would survive.  They knew that one day the glory of male technological creativity would enable women to become astronauts, generals, admirals, CEOs, as well as presidents.  And that even though these things are coming to pass so that now 56% of the women in U.S. colleges are now women, they harbored no grudge or hatred of men.  Instead they saw men as intimate partners who would together “make the world new.”

      This creative and spiritual interpretation of feminine power has been completely denied by the feminist movement. These “lets get power quick” women have learned that in order to sustain anger and rage its doctrines and interpretations must cast women as victims.  Nothing could be further from the truth. 

    We made it to the moon because a woman said in ten thousand different way to men, “Get out of my womb and start breathing on your own; Get away from my tits, learn to eat solids; Grow up and make a living on your own; ….  “You would look so handsome in a uniform;” “Get rid of the pagan gods.  Make a state religion;” “You are more than a tribal chieftain.  Create a new form of soldier and conquer all of Sweden;” “Build a new technologically advanced ship. Go down and conquer England;” “I’m tired of seeing you around the house.  Why don’t you invent calculus and a universal theory of bodies in motion?” “I am tired of seeing you around the house.  Get out and do something with yourself ….like becoming president;” “I’m tired of seeing you around the house.  Why don’t you go out and try to conquer Europe?”  “You guys will never amount to anything; here is part of my teacher’s salary—why don’t you try to make bicycles fly?”


NOW listen here: the above line of reasoning is paternalistic revisionist bullshit.


Wait a minute.  The animus in women could only come into existence through actual, real life and historical experiences in which women were in fact exposed to the negative electrical energy of men.  Individual women may in fact sometimes catch their male partners off guard with this “zapping” phenomenon.  But in fact the collective unconsciousness of the human race, as mentioned, has a surcharge of negative electrical activity.  This store of negatively charged electrical fluid was produced by accumulated instances of abuse, military action, and the dark side of the patriarchy down through the ages.  Weigh the evidence!  Every national boundary of every nation on earth has been drawn by men fighting other men.  But that is water under the bridge.  The question is how individuals and society at large can now transform this residual negativity into something positive and wholesome.

    In other words, don’t get bent out of shape when you get zapped.  There is one circle of energy flowing unbroken between men and women.  When the world is too masculine as it is now, women flow back to men not feminine magnetic love (which is in short supply) but the surplus electrical energy that resides in the collective unconsciousness.

    So put simply, when you get zapped you are just inside of a grade B horror flick.  Kind of like the movie Dawn of the Dead when hell becomes so full that the dead no longer die but come back to destroy the living.  The world is so over masculine that women are no longer radiate femininity but masculinity.  The way of the Tao: when something reaches an extreme it reverts into its opposite.  We are at the edge of the extreme.  Just hang on--the magnetic will rise and restore the balance.


Look, we here at NOW realize that some men view us as rabid animals. Get too near us and you risk losing your health not to mention your sanity.  And sure, when we got the right to vote in 1920 the first thing we did was to vote in Prohibition.  This was the shot in the arm that organized crime and the mafia needed to establish an extensive underground across the U.S. 

   Hey, when you work with power you are bound to make mistakes.  How else can you learn?  But I am sure you already know this.


The CDC (Center for Disease Control) would like to that no members of the National Organization for Women have been found to have rabies, at this time.


Other women here at NOW would like to point something out.  First of all, we realize that promoting women’s rights comes with a heavy cost—the liberation of women is not the same as the liberation of men and children.  We will be the first to admit that making women equal risks permanently damaging the institution of marriage.  It certainly is the of death romance (but that is another issue).

    The bottom line is that if a woman pursues a career, she, just like any man with a full time career, needs a wife at home to offer support and good cheer.  If a man and a woman both have careers, certainly the children are going to suffer, sometimes horribly. The marriage institution obviously needs to alter in order to reflect this new reality.

     But just let me give you a little tip, a little insider’s information ….are you listening?  Some of our mothers and grandmothers were kept in the house by their husbands and by society.  And among these some turned into absolute monsters—“monsters of a repressed Id,” or demons from hell disguised in the form of women. 

     Don’t believe me?  Check out the oral history of your family going back a few generations.  Whatever the cost of women’s rights to men, children, to romance and to families, believe me, it is a small price to pay to keep these demons away.  Be grateful for what you have; because the monster in the closet of a wasted woman’s life will come back to haunt you with a vengeance one way or another every single time.


The National Organization of Women (NOW) is proud to announce formal affiliation with the Southern Baptists.  For many years now, NOW has argued that the Southern Baptist Convention is detrimental to women’s struggle for equality and equal rights.  But now NOW has forged an alliance with the Southern Baptists.  We both agree that freedom of speech should be limited.  We agree that any mode of communication in which women are denigrated, be it pornography, TV, movies, or art, shall be strictly censored and regulated. 

      Any mode in which the female form is displayed in a demeaning manner (that is any form of sexual/sensual/erotic activity—things that should be repressed and never to be spoken aloud) is henceforth to be abolished.  In agreement with the Southern Baptists, we also believe that women should not be given freedom of choice when it comes to engaging in these despicable activities.  In regard to all matters concerning sexual immorality, we share the same bed, I mean, the same mind with the Southern Baptists, namely—“Do as we say and not as we do.” 


The National Center for Lawful Injustice stands firmly behind the National Organization of Women’s attempt to limit men looking at women’s behinds and other parts of women in an inappropriate and unseemly way. 


The National Organization of Women is well aware of where you are going with this little blog.  You seem to be unhappy with the fact that we women are now using men are a lightning rod for our anger.  Well that’s the breaks.  You men used women in this way for eons so now its your turn. 

      And if you were half the magician you say you are then defusing the excess negative electrical energy in women should not be a problem.  Consider it a training exercise.  If you can handle all the anger and rage we want to dump on you, then and only then will you be worthy to work with higher powers. 


The International Organization of Women (which has no association whatsoever with the National Organization of Women) wishes to invite men wholeheartedly to act as full fledge partners in the process of healing women and advocating for their rights.  We feel that pursuing justice for women is equally a part of the process of attaining justice for everyone.  Therefore we are grateful to work with men towards this end.


The National Organization of Women would like to suggest that perhaps someone is overreacting to our position.  We are a non profit organization promoting women’s rights in the political arena.  That’s all.  These emotional reactions to our actions are not leading to satisfactions for anyone.


“Equality is a good thing.  But it kills romance.” (Robert McKee).  Equality is in fact a necessity for women to achieve.  It’s when women overreact with anger and hatred that the well of love becomes poisoned.  For many this means not only no more romance.  It means no more love as well.  It will a hundred years before this poison is remove form male female relationships. 


The National Organization of Women would like to issue a statement in response, “Fuck you!”


Unfortunately, all of the above analysis fails to understand the degree to which the male patriarchy is insidious and diabolically evil in the way it has and furthermore plans to abuse women.  In other words, there will be no restoring of the balance.  The simply fact is that patriarchy has consciously developed and mastered the techniques that sustain its power.  These involve such things as hazing, verbal abuse, isolating the women, limiting their freedoms, destroying their social connections, threats, coercion, physical force, the use of religious doctrines that minimize and destroy accounts of female contributions, and insist on demeaning female roles, etc. 

    Though developed, refined, and deployed, these techniques are insufficient in themselves.  (Feminist advocates have developed entire curriculums since the early 1970s delineating in great detail the techniques of male abuse of women.  Unfortunately they did not go far enough and delineate in great detail the extent the masculine negative electrical fluid is now active within women).

     Consequently, the great accomplishment of the patriarchy was not to sustain its power but rather to impregnate women on an unconscious level with its anti feminine agenda.  This hidden, implanted image of negative male energy now active within women is precisely what Carl Jung has called the animus.  In other words, women hopelessly embody within the depths of their psyches the very thing they are trying to overthrow in the external world. 

     All this discussion about the negative electrical fluid and women zapping men is but another way of saying this: What the patriarchy does consciously in abusing women is precisely what women do unconsciously in abusing men.  When a man puts a woman down trying to control her and limit her options he is acting consciously.  When a woman tries to destroy a man’s aura and reduce him to nothing it is totally spontaneous.  She does not need to think or plan. 

    The action is accomplished without thought so of course there is no need to deny or take responsibility for it.  It never happened. 

     (This explains why NOW is so incomprehensible unaware of how obnoxious it is—like the animus, it simply denies having to take any responsibility for it actions.  In fact, NOW has been nominated for the Top Ten Most Condescending Organizations to ever exist on earth.)

    The sad conclusion is that the entire feminist movement has been corrupted from the beginning by the patriarchy through its method of impregnating the unconsciousness of women with its negative electrical fluid. It is this male electrical energy that is inspiring and directing the actions of the feminist movement (such as NOW). 

    The patriarchy’s deeper, more insidious purpose is to get women to act, think, and feel like men, in effect, turning women into men.  In other words, regardless of the theories, descriptions, detailed injustices outlined and specified, beneath everything said and done in feminism, it is the electrical fluid that is their prime directive. 

    The result is that feminist ideology is a machine for destroying anything feminine that remains on earth, namely, it seeks to repress and to eliminate the magnetic fluid within women.  From its inception, the feminist movement has acted as an agent committed to enhancing the masculine electrical fluid without consideration for the destruction this would cause the human race. 

(In the book, 1984, those in power secretly created underground movements to overthrow themselves. These movements were designed to entrap any free thinking individuals and betray them to the government.  This is what has happened to feminism.  Intelligent women seeking to advance feminine issues have become entrapped and forced to betray everything that is in fact feminine.  (I know, it is the dark night of the soul for women who actually are feminine.) Be this as it may, there are signs of hope upon the horizon.


Strangely enough, the individual female who possesses a high capacity for animus zapping can in fact learn to redirect this negativity.  (Carl Jung never met such a woman but there have been some throughout history and many more in our day.)  In this case, she in fact has learned to embody within herself the full power of the positive electrical fluid.  But as a woman this means her level of personal will power is now far stronger and more adaptable than a man possessing the same quality and amount of electrical fluid. 

     In other words, she has all the objectivity, creativity, determination, self-confidence, and risk taking capacity of men at their best; but in addition, she is adept at multitasking, connecting to others on multiple emotional and mental levels simultaneously, and enhancing group bonding and trust without establishing a power hierarchy or structure of authority.  In a nutshell, she can make other individuals and groups feel alive and satisfied in ways that men have not yet explored or may never be able to explore.


Obviously the negative aspect of electrical energy in women will in fact turn completely positive the moment women have challenging and meaningful work.  That is the point of the electrical fluid—it gets out there and changes things. It is only negative because women are being held back.  Allow women to work creatively and this entire discussion will be moot.  The animus—the fake, shallow image of men inside of women—will dissolve as women gain more  first hand experience with the work place.  Then knowledge will replace fantasy.


Few holistic procedures exist for treating and healing men who have been exposed to prolonged animus zapping by women.  This is because this phenomenon has not been researched since Jung. 

     Some men do, however, wake up after twenty years of abuse by a woman and discover that “her anger has nothing to do with me.”  Nonetheless, these men may suffer various symptoms relating to delayed stress syndrome.  Primarily, they have had to learn to adapt to the zapping woman by remaining hyper vigilant—that is, always on guard lest they make a move that provokes the woman (such as disagreeing with her since she is always right) that results in the temporary destruction of their aura.  And since the negative electrical fluid feeds on others’ contentment, happiness, and well-being, any time these men have begun to develop nurturing feelings in themselves these feelings have been drained from them—the woman acts as a vampire feeding on others’ good feelings.  (But this she shares in common with a typical alpha male).


From transpersonal psychology, the teeth mother archetype (an archetypal zapping image) is seen in the sphere of Saturn: a realm of nightmare, horror, and domination.  As mentioned her stare is so intense she paralyzes and then destroys consciousness.  She is every fear and terror you have never met.

      Some have suggested that to survive or escape from the teeth mother you have to die here amid life while you are still alive.  You to have to let go of everything—for to be enlightened is to be free of all attachment.  It is to see the world as it is beyond all assumptions, beyond the need to even think or to have control.   Put simply, just imagine that you are a mirror and that the zap is like a laser.  That beam of intense energy is easily deflected without damaging the mirror which is your consciousness.

    However, recent case studies conducted by Men in Recovery from having been Zapped by Women Anonymous indicates that the emptying oneself out and becoming as nothing, identifying for example with the Great Void, is not an effective technique for preventing the negative symptoms associated with being zapped.  The issue revolves around the distinction between a merely hysterical woman who is ranting and raging but whose attempt to zap fails in utilizing the natural feminine intelligence active within the collective unconsciousness.

      The problem is that a serious zap (versus a merely “I am very upset kind of zap) has the negative electrical energy directly attaching itself to the other person in order to create a new identity in the other person (even when you are successful in emptying yourself of any form attachment, any identity to be attacked, and so forth).  The serious zap manufactures illusion at will by evoking directly in the other person a precise set of devouring images from the collective unconsciousness that the attacked individual has never experienced previously. 

    In other words, it creates in you the precise negative emotions you do not know how to defend against.  (And if there is one thing that the religion of Buddhism with its emphasis on enlightenment knows nothing about it is feelings.  A casual glance at their art demonstrates the absence of personal expression.)

     Some have also suggested that living with a zapping woman is the exact equivalent of studying with the greatest of Zen masters or the very greatest of martial art masters.  Should your soul survive this sporadic and/or unpredictable onslaught of psychic attacks you will inevitably become a grand master and like unto one of the immortal spirits of the earthzone. 

    As yet all such speculations have proven fruitless.  This may be because the zapping women can utilize the full spectrum of romantic feelings pertaining to intimacy and love in order to catch the man off guard and with his defenses down.  No grand master martial artist or Zen master has such viciously successful training procedures in his manual.


One encouraging and experimental remedy currently being researched is for the man to learn to evoke at will within his own aura a surcharge of positive magnetic fluid.  This can be done through repeated and ever deepening meditations on the sea—learning to identify with the ocean in all its observable and natural aspects—the waves, the currents, its depths, the properties of water, the life  within the sea, the ocean in fact from continent to continent and from icy pole to icy pole. 

       Hold the collective seas of the earth within your consciousness and become one with that vast, expansive, all-embracing magnetic, blue-green, watery energy.  This reproduces within the male an image of equal magnitude and power to the female’s collective animus.

      This evoked magnetism neutralizes the electrical negativity absorbing the destructive charge by cooling, calming, and replacing the emotional qualities of anger, rage, and hatred with peace, serenity, and contentment.  Learning to produce the magnetic fluid within a man replaces his own fake and shallow inner image of a woman with a universal feminine consciousness.  This immunizes him from having an automatic and unconscious defense in response to the presence of a woman’s negative animus.


If you are tired of all this discussion about electrical fluid and zapping, just repeat after me, “I am not a masochist.  I don’t need this crap.  I am focusing my attention elsewhere.”


No, no.  Tired of this discussion?  Just memorize the following satiric poem:


A profound zap

Has qualities it will not lack:

Its ready for a fight

Because it knows it is right

Like lighting about to strike,

         Such a wondrous sight

         Of primordial might—

         Medea, Hecate, and Medusa.

         Who set men cowering

         With their relentless devouring.

         How to escape this trap

         When you dare not fight back?

         Just repeat after me,

         The sea shall offer new dreams

          Of a love so deep and free

          It meets every need

          In a place of peace and tranquility.


This whole approach involving anima/animus/negative electrical fluid, etc. completely misses the point.  Many people in history have had great ideas.  But out of insecurity they have attached these ideas to other really stupid ideas in trying to gain acceptance.

     Marx had a great point that the industrialization of England was terribly unfair to the workers.  But he attached this observation to Hegelian philosophy producing the ideology of Communism which created a hell for workers on earth. 

   If Marx had been a little more insightful he would have realized you don’t need to destroy a good thing.  You can modify and refine it.  Bring on labor unions, child labor laws, minimum wage, social security, and pension plans.  Marx made the world a worse place in his impatience to reform it.

    And the founder of Planned Parenthood had a great idea.  Why not help families plan their children so that children are raised in homes where people can care for them?  But she attached this idea to the Nazi concept of racial purity and placed Planned Parenthood clinics only in black ghettoes.  This implied the black race was inferior and needed to be eliminated.  She had a great idea for families but in her impatience to reform society she attached her good idea to another idea involving racism and genocide.
    In the
U.S., men and women are renegotiating their gender roles and discussing the nature of masculine and feminine.  But throwing in male bashing feminist ideology is being impatient to reform society.  It makes things worse. 

     Why not simply strive to modify and refine male and female interactions?  Teach listening skills, emotional processing, multiple modes of problem solving while learning to see and feel through each other’s eyes and minds.  Negotiate and mediate on a level playing field when it comes to gender role identifications. 

      In time, the genders will appreciate the mental functions they do differently.  Women will enjoy rather than fear male virility, strength, and risk taking activity.  And women will even more enjoy their own intuition into emotional life and diversified sensitivity in sensuality.  Men will discover the anima (the latent feeling capacity within themselves) is truly a guide to mysterious worlds of inspiration and insight.  These different capacities serve to enrich and compliment.  Why clash as if there is a competition for scare resources?         

      Good ideas can survive on their own. You should not have to sell your soul either to your unconscious animus or to some rabble rousing ideology in order to convince yourself that what is right will arrive in a timely manner.


What is the big deal?  Women zapping men?  Don’t you magicians know that undines, when offended, have been known to cause lightning to strike the men who have offended them?  Be thankful that human women are not initiated into the mysteries of love, empathy, and sharing heart of heart.  If they were they would also be knowledgeable about how to add nature to their zapping potential.  Gees.  Try to keep things in perspective!


Have I missed anything?  Left anything out?  Failed to take pain and turn it into a joke?  What, someone again from the last row?  Please pass the microphone over to her.  Go ahead.  What is your question?


Cheryl: If I read between the lines of what you are saying, it is that in purely technical terms and in considering all aspects of magic and divinity, the true reason the patriarchy has abused its powers in the past is that women have failed to love men with enough depth and power to transform them from within.   Isn’t that where you really, really and truly are coming from?


(Several feminists in the audience including one from the National Organization of Women are now rushing at Cheryl trying to bash her head in.  Cheryl takes refuge behind several security guards.  The guards manage to contain the violence but not until blood is drawn.)


To answer your question, speaking from twenty five years of practicing magic in the political arena, it is as obvious to me as day and night, as life, breath, and sunlight that the magnetic fluid is more powerful than the electric.  Feminine love in its highest aspect has the advantage over any will to power or system of domination.  But in practice, whether you are a man or a woman matters not—at some point in our evolution all of us will have to find this kind of love within ourselves.


Cheryl: Thank you.  I thought that was what you were going to say.


News Flash: At the Institute for Research into Feminist Zapping, we have recently made a breakthrough.  We have discovered that if the man learns to speak with total and absolute conviction, in such a way that tolerates no doubt whatsoever either in his decisions or in his intonation pattern, then a woman, no matter how prone she is to zapping, will not zap him. 

    Consequently, it is our supposition that a woman can not zap in this case because she is aware that the man has the capacity for a preemptive zap.  This accounts for many historical phenomena in which men have acted in various ways to intimidate women.  For many men, it is their only option for surviving female hostility. 


The National Organization of Women would like to say: it sounds like this is the reason you men have invented religion, that is to say, to pretend that you can speak with absolute conviction because you serve Him.  Nice try.  It didn’t work for Adam.  It didn’t work for Samson.  It didn’t work for Solomon.  Didn’t work in the past and won’t work now. \


(Coming out of deep trance) 

Weird male psychic from corner occult bookstore: “It is all perfectly clear to me now.  The main proponents of feminism were men in former incarnations who terribly abused women.  Under the laws of karma, they are now required to incarnate as women and to right the wrong they once committed. 

    “In spite of this, many of these feminists continue to hate women.  Everything about women and being feminine disgusts them.  Consequently, even as they work toward promoting women’s rights, they seek to affirm a set of core values that degrades women like nothing else ever seen on earth.”   


No, NOW is simply acting as Castro, Noriega, Saddam Hussein, etc. in complete compliance with the Third Global Federation of Primates’ declaration or its well-known Prime Primate Principle: “In order to secure your position, you must first eliminate the competition.”  Or intimidate, threaten, sue, or coerce them or badger them with political correctness which is just the same Primate Principle in application on another level.  Consequently, we here among the baboons and gorillas (not to mention the hyenas) salute NOW for acting as a role model that we can all follow.      


News Flash: The Institute for Research into Feminist Zapping is proud to announce a recent breakthrough.  Soon to be published in Science, the Journal of Empirical Investigation, the Institute has discovered that underlying all feminist zapping of men are sophisticated neurolinguistic techniques that in effect drain the man’s magnetic fluid from out of his body and into the women. 

     Some women simply lack the normal feminine physical and emotional components generated by estrogen.  In order to conceal this hormonal deficiency and resulting personality disorder, feminists have learned to compensate acting as, or lack of a better phrase, “psychic vampires” who steal from others any natural feelings of life they have within them.


We here at the National Organization of Women have been granted the final word by the web master of this site.  And so our final word is—


We are for furthering the civil rights of women.  To this end, we are totally committed to completely ignoring all ethical, spiritual, moral, sociological, psychological, and practical consequences that result from our actions.  We don’t give a shit about families, life, or children.  

    We could care less because we are the best.  No one can challenge us because our righteousness is like water welling up from the ground and like a mighty river flowing to the sea. 

    Don’t you see?  We shall triumph over our enemies because we are like the light of a morning without rain, as the tender grass springing out of the earth by clear shining, after rain, after rain, after rain.  Halleluiah. 

     Yes, we are the ones who turn sex into fun by putting men down and treating life like it is a clown; because our economics is not only perfectly sound—no one with compassion should ever force a woman to make a decision that is not completely wholesome.  And when it comes to “wholesome” we are the ones who write the definition.            



You are Live and On the Air


Brring ….brrinnggg (phone ringing).  Hello?  You are on the air.  Whose calling?  Joe?  Hello Joe.




Where are you calling from Joe?


By the Brandywine in Pennyslvania.


A little nippy down there tonight?


Yep.  You can see the fog rising off the water when it gets this cold.


Ok.  You said you are calling in with a comment on the National Organization of Women, is that right?


Yah.  I just want to say that I was so incredibly naïve when I joined their organization.  I believed that women were really nice people but I soon found out I was wrong.


Didn’t work out so well, huh?


No.  Once I started reading their literature and getting their calls to action I realized I had made a terrible mistake.


It sound like a little more was going on than just reading their literature Joe.


You’re right.  I did a lot of volunteering helping in organizations directly supportive of women’s rights, protecting abused women, and working with the judiciary as an advocate for women. 


Sounds like you were a regular do-gooder, Joe.  So tell my listeners what happened to you.  Did you withdraw your support?


Withdraw my support?  At this point in my life if the women’s movement supports one thing, I support the other.


Doing the opposite of what someone else is doing may be detrimental to a well-formulated decision making process.


Its all about power; that is all that women want.  Once women get a taste of power they are at least as corrupt as any man. 


Now Joe, aren’t you generalizing a little here?


No, no.  I am telling the truth.  Women in politics are more paranoid than Richard Nixon, more self-serving than Joe McCarthy in twisting an issue to their own advantage, more divisive than Newt Gingrich, more stupid than O’Reilly, more self-righteous than Jerry Farwell, more inflated in their egos than Pat Robertson, more self-deceiving than Jimmy Swaggart, more ….


Joe, Joe, I think I know where you’re going with this.  But tell me, isn’t your real problem Joe that you had high expectations for women that never materialized?  I mean, really now, didn’t you expect them to be more fair, just, and compassionate than men. 

    It always astonishes me no end that people wanted to believe against all evidence that women are vulnerable, tender, and caring and the facts do not always bear that out.

    So counter to your expectation that women would contribute in a way that would make the world a better place, you just got something less, didn’t you?


You are not listening to what I am saying.  I am telling you that when women enter politics their performance is worse, more corrupt, ego centric, and self-serving than men.


Come on Joe. Really?  How can say that?


Let me put it this way.  King George, Benedict Arnold, and Napoleon—these were men who were selfish and greedy for power acting without principle.  But there were also men of true nobility, integrity, leadership, and vision such as George Washington, Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and Lincoln.  They created institutions that supported justice, freedom, and the vision that all are created equal. 


Well, I think a lot of women would feel that the founding fathers were at least hypocrites because it took another hundred and forty years for women to get the vote. 


The point is that right from the beginning these men set forth the principles that led to the founding of a great nation.  There are no Thomas Jeffersons or George Washingtons among the women’s movement.  They just complain, rant, and blame others instead of striving for equality for all.  Don’t you get it.  They have no desire for anything other than power.


So, Joe, I guess you feel that women should somehow bring a little  more empathy for others’ needs and kindness when they enter politics, is that what you want Joe?


I want women to make a positive contribution—to make the world a better place.  What I see so far indicates that they are not going in that direction. 


I think you are just not used to pushy women, Joe.  You still expect too much. 


Wait, wait!


Here’s what you really want Joe.  You want women who are masters of the soft sell—they understand everyone’s interests and points of view and they work toward consensus, building unity without having to overpower others by appealing to base instincts or resorting to lies and manipulation. 


It would be nice.


Well, as you know, its only been eighty-five years since women got the vote.  Give them another one or two hundred years.  They will work it out in their own way, I am sure.


I am not so sure.


You know Joe that there are currently eleven women who are heads of nations.  Let me just check a survey I recently completed, yes, here it is.  It says that the majority of those surveyed feel that women who become national leaders are far more trustworthy than men because they have had to work so much harder to get where they are.  What about that Joe?


It doesn’t mean a damn thing.  I know what I have experienced.


Joe, as I listen to you talking, I am noticing that the part of your brain that is the source of feelings like dread, anxiety, and terror has a larger blood flow, is heating up more, and has higher neurological activity than other parts of your brain.  There is a mental loop in your synapses that has you stuck in a rut. This leads me to suspect that the National Organization of Women resonates in some way with an unresolved conflict with a caregiver you might have had in your past.  What about that Joe?


I know where you are going with this.  You think that I still really care a whole lot about women’s rights, don’t you?  And you think I am so upset because the National Organization of Women--there every move is designed to destroy their own ideals and interferes with attaining genuine and honest objectives.  The decisions they make are the worst possible things they could do in considering their long range goals. 

   Well, you got me.  My father was just like that.  He was so self-righteous and arrogant that he thought that everything he did was right.  You could not point out alternatives or get him to consider how his actions had bad consequences for others.  Yeah, I hate that kind of absolute stupidity.  I hate it in men.  I also hate it just as much in women.  There is no excuse for this kind of behavior.


Thank you Joe.  That is quite a confession and an admission.


But let me also say: What is interesting is that the oppressed—whom these twisted form of feminists actually feel they are--are not necessarily more just, righteous, or kind than their oppressors.  Once those who are oppressed gain power, they can be much worse. There are those who do not wish to be healed or to be free of their suffering.  They seek instead to drag others down into their pit of horror or else, once they gain power, to subject others to the suffering they have been through. 

     And this is what makes the National Organization of Women such a piece of shit—they are not seeking to uplift; they are more than willing to poison the well of human feelings (not to mention the life of things that are living) if that is what it takes to get what they want.  They have no empathy or capacity to take into consideration other points of view and then work for a point of harmony. 


Well, considering all you have tried to do for women, I can understand why you have such strong feelings. Freedom comes with responsibility and those who seek to exercise power “must be just” as a poet king once said.

I will tell you what, Joe.  Take a moment and imagine a world in which women such as NOW are not so easily corrupted when they enter politics.  Imagine that through some miracle as yet unspecified they could be politically effective and also compassionate, empathic, and caring.  Can you do this for me Joe?


Yah, Ok.  It is not easy but I can imagine it. So now what?


Now just imagine what it would take for women to get to that place, can you also do that for me Joe?


Yah but women would have to learn to treat men as their friends, giving and receiving without feeling vulnerable or defensive. 


Well, there you have it.  Now you know a little secret about the future of the world.  I am no prophet but I am sure that in time this one will come to pass.  Nice talking Joe.


Nice talking to you too.


Click.  (sound of phone hanging up).




Life Epiphanies. There are times when we as individuals gain profound insights.  These may occur during major turning points in our lives when we catch a glimpse of where we have come from and where we want to go.  These insights may give us new outlooks and free us of long standing problems.

       Insight may occur spontaneously or through various conflicts. It may also arrive through hard work or familiarity with various social, psychological, and spiritual methods.

      Some of these methods are cognitive dissonance—conflicts between different systems of explanation, beliefs, or differing interpretations of the same things.

      Natural intuition.  Some individuals are intuitive versus other individuals who are more concrete and specific in their way of interpreting.  Being intuitive allows you to understand something before there is a logical explanation or causal sequence.

      Paradigm shift.  As conflicts increase in conventional ways of understanding, there comes a point when a wide ranging new system of explanation arises.

      Conceptual analysis.  Mastered by Aristotle, all varying points of view on a given topic are fully analyzed, abstracting the positive aspects and deleting the negative.  Once all points of views are accounted for and fully explained, they are then integrated into one new all-encompassing system.  In other words, you finally see the big picture.

      Scientific theorizing and experimentation.  The scientific method has the great advantage of uncovering new phenomena through observation and offering concrete evidence strengthening the interpretive value of specific theories.

     Synergy.  Though seemingly fortuitous connections arising between unrelated events, sudden new opportunities arise.

     Subconscious activity.  For example, sleeping at night and dreaming of a solution to a problem the conscious mind could not solve.

     Spiritual insight through meditation, contemplation, or “spiritual/divine” contact.  These involve a vast range of methods employed by religious and esoteric traditions.

      Psychic activity.  Reading Taro cards, astrology, palmistry, I-Ching, path working, etc.

      Journalizing or life review/pattern recognition.  Keeping a journal and then through review uncovering patterns and repetitive behaviors that can now be altered.

      Insider information.  Because of private access to what really goes on behind the scenes, the world as well as our individual lives take on completely different meanings.

      Training and education of a public or very private nature.  With access to conceptual tools, historical information, and analytic procedures, it is possible to understand events in a more profound way than that presented by the public news media, the CIA, and political leaders.

      Listening.  This is in the Mahabarata when Krishna says to the brothers, (my paraphrase) “Talk to everyone from those who are insane to beggars to princes and kings.  There is something to be learned from every voice that speaks.”  So I often ask, “What is the best and worst that has happened to you in life?”  Of course you have to ask in just the right way.  I will tell you: I learn a lot.


Consider what factors (among those describe or other) are involved in generating the following personal insights:


After an eye injury at age four, I realized that really bad things happen in life taking away what you can never get back.  Insight?  You can’t take anything for granted, esp. not divine intervention to protect you, your family, your civilization, etc.


I studied economics in college to understand the fundamental conflicts between different economic systems. My mother studied economics at U. of Michigan in order to understand the Great Depression.   Insight?  The bloodline in my family has an interest in understanding the fundamental factors behind global economics.  Not a big deal but we were asking the same kind of questions thirty years apart.


After briefly sitting in on the board of a Christian corporation discussing how to foreclose on the assets of its Christian manager who had bankrupted a hotel, I realized that business is more fundamental than religion.  When another Christian organization, Youth for Christ, begins questioning a board member who owned a bowling alley that sold liquor, the member replies, “Where does it say in the Bible that you can’t sell liquor?”  Again, business is the basic cultural force and Protestant Christianity merely a cheerleader for business enterprise.  Protestants exert no real moral or spiritual impact of a higher level than what capitalism already inherently possesses on its own.


After my first experience with telepathy, I suddenly realized how incredibly connected all human beings on this planet are on astral and mental levels.


After an encounter with a demon, I understand that it takes an absolute commitment to the light in order to survive certain kinds of spiritual encounters.


After a prophetic dream and conversations with others who had the same dream I realized that prophetic messages go out to everyone.  Someone just has to be listening in order for them to be heard.  For example, after WW I, different individuals in Germany told their therapists about being in concentration camps.  The therapists cured these patients of their irrational fears--some of these patients later died in concentration camps.


Whenever I enter a Protestant Church an astonishingly intense vibration surrounds me.  After studying magic for a few years, I could name this spirit from the sphere of Mercury who I discovered haunts my family line.  This spirit specializes in nature magic and in performing miracles.  Insight?  Magic can be built up over five generations by developing a divine virtue such as faith.  This accumulated magic then acts as an evocation.  Ritual magic, therefore, is not so much about a ritual but rather about the way you live your life and the lives of a family or a people down through the generations.


I used to think women were so amazingly gifted compared to men.  I mean, that was obvious to me my whole life. I supported them. I worked on their behalf.  But there was this political case in the news.  A president was being sued. 

    And the U.S. Congress in its wisdom got involved over the president’s testimony regarding a fact that was not even material to the case and also involving a plaintiff and defendant defined according to the laws of a specific state.  The president eventually settled the case out of court for the sake of political considerations.  This case the president would most likely have won in court arguing either the law or the facts. Instead, the U.S. Congress appoints a special prosecutor who then pursued the most expensive investigation in the history of the world. 

     An American president in any fifteen minutes of any day has to be ready to decide the life and death fate of a billion people if there appears to be a nuclear attack.  There a little factor that accompanies such decision making procedures and it is called stress.  But the National Organization of Women decides that the president should be impeached over his testimony in this civil lawsuit because it involves a woman who claims she was abused. 

     Fine.  Power to women.  But at that moment I washed my hands of supporting women in their political agendas or, to be more precise, I wished all feminists on earth “an accelerated learning curve.”


After meeting the undine Istiphul I said to myself, “I will never meet a human woman this beautiful.  At that moment, like any true Bardic magician, I despaired.  And yet like any true Bardic magician, I found a muse who could tell me otherwise—one who flies between the stars.  The muse assured me that, at least through art, I would be able to meet such beauty in a woman; and that in the fullness of time women of such beauty shall walk the earth.  A secondary insight?  I could hear the stars singing from one rippling edge of the universe to the other.


After spending three years studying the auras, minds, and qualities of spirits from the different planetary spheres of our solar system, I realized that we are surrounded by an incomprehensible and vast spiritual universe. This realm of spirit is as vast, unknown, and mysterious as the physical universe around us.  As yet, we do not know what composes 95% of the physical universe and I imagine we know even less of the spiritual universe.


After attending a Vipassana practice that took place completely in silence, I felt I had found a spiritual group where I was finally at home.  But the next week the leaders, who were previously sick, returned and offered a commercial sales pitch for Buddhism at the next meeting.  Insight?  Religion, (even when its sole purpose for existing is to practice a method offering direct personal insight) will make every attempt possible to prevent its practitioners from acquiring direct personal insight. After similar experiences with a number of monasteries in different religious traditions, I concluded that many spiritual practitioners suffer from stark raving insecurity.


A powerful Alpha male, unable to hurt, dominate, or humiliate anyone around him, cries.  Insight?  To avoid having to face his own problems and weaknesses, he acts like a vampire who steals others’ happiness and contentment whenever he feels unhappy, confused, or insecure. 


Similarly, in trying to understand my family history I did not realize that some people exist to manipulate, exploit, and stuck the good feelings out of others and into themselves.  I mean, how can you understand something like that when it is disguised so extremely well in the guise of an outstanding Christian whom countless people look up to and offer their deepest respect?  Let’s hear it for Tolkein who designed a character like Sauron—once beautiful and charming, Sauron offered great gifts that profoundly enriched the lives of the various races in Middle Earth. But the gifts, for all their beauty and wonder, existed for one purpose—to enslave all living beings to the will of Sauron who held the one ring with the power to corrupt and rule over all of them.

    Actually the answer to the question of how can you understand something like that should have been very clearly a matter of “What do your feelings tell you?”  It never did feel right. 


Similarly, in countless ways in society, we often are expected or required to act crazy in some way so that someone else we are dealing with can feel normal.  It is a percentage thing: an individual may be 95% normal and 5% crazy or some other combination.  When the crazy part comes out, to get along and maintain the relationship or to retain the benefits of the connection, you have to act crazy by pretending the other person is normal when in fact he or she is not.  In a sense, every single person you meet is in some way an artist—a really great actor or actress in putting a face on to fulfill a role in some area of his or her life.


A Youth for Christ preacher keeps a room of thirty-five children age eight to ten in tears for thirty minutes. He does this by telling them how they are responsible for Christ’s suffering presenting graphic details.  Insight?  Some Christians practice a form of psychic rape to gratify their own repressed sexuality; not only that, if they had but a little more training in spiritual or psychological techniques, they would act on the same level as demons seeking to absolutely possess others’ souls injecting them with terror and hatred. 

     Why do this other than for the utter gratification experienced by demons?  Why it is very effective technique practiced down through the ages by Christianity.  It serves to imprint terror, horror, fear, and guilt so deeply upon the souls of children that their beliefs and actions can be controlled for the rest of their lives. 

    Conclusion?  Christ could not teach any spiritual techniques or methods of acquiring wisdom to his disciples—because the Church would have turned into an organization seeking not only world domination; the Church would have sought as well to take possession of the minds and souls of people through its increased spiritual power.


After racing sailboats for years while growing up, I finally looked around and realized that the other sailors did not see that the wind, the water, the waves, the sunlight, and all of nature are full of incredibly beauty.  Or, put another way,


Once I flew a spinnaker

Two thousand square feet of sail

Round, soft as silk,

Floating in the air off the bow

With lines, winches, and pole

I kept the sail on the edge of a luff

Barely fluttering, quivering,

Hypersensitive to each nuance of wind shift

The sailboat gliding over the waves

The stays taut, the mast tense

The helm guided by a firm hand,

After three hours of unbroken concentration

My body and mind joined to the wind

I said to another sailor,

 I wish making love could be like this

The body and breath one,

Adrenaline and endorphins running this thick

In the bloodstream.

But he did not understand what I meant.

In a society where women are not fully aroused

The men are materialists

Their eyes are blind

Their hearts are closed

Having never tasted the feminine essence

They do not see

The inner light shining in all things

Through the translucent waves

Whispering in the wind

Calling to them in their dreams

The sea says, Come and dance with me,

But they do not understand,

Such men fail to attain to their destiny

Because light does not illuminate their visions.



I mentioned previously the guys with white shirts and ties and also the two women who return to my house to argue about the Word of God.  Insight?  Their only interest in spirituality was to be spiritually secure and to belong to a community.  Forget it if you are interest in the truth of the universe or actual wisdom.  (Or with the movie, The Apostle, I realized that underneath everything else, religion is a party.)


After developing my own system of spiritual anthropology, I returned to view my religion of birth, Baptists, and realized they have their good points and bad points.  The good is that they have a profound faith; the bad is that they have no spiritual practices other than reading the Bible which, by my standards, they completely misinterpret.  With no reflective capacity to review their own actions, their conscience is highly defective.


After practicing for six months every day doing Tai Chi Chuan in a small group with one of the ten officially recognized Tai Chi masters of  mainland China, I finally reproduced in myself the energy flow his line of fathers utilizes in their sparing.  Insight? This practice takes energy upward in the body and out the arms to the hands.  This is great for fighting.  But the tradition lacks any form of movement that brings the energy down so a natural, healing effect is produced.  Instead, the master is forced to mediate three hours in the early morning to restore his internal balance. 

     And so a secondary insight: my fifteen years of studying Oriental spiritual methods was almost a complete waste of my time.  Their methods employ no conscious component—that is, they do not give tools to the individual that produce conscious insight.  The individual is hindered from becoming aware of the changes taking place within himself and of how to modify these changes to meet the needs of his individual nature.  But then again it takes seven generations for spiritual practices in one culture to successfully implant themselves in another culture through mutation and transformation.


I woke up one day and realized that a woman’s anger with me had nothing at all to do with me.  But I have written enough on zapping.


So a woman asks me about how women can become more feminine by developing the magnetic fluid within them.  After reviewing my work with undines I realize that the entire human race has far more knowledge of the electrical fluid than it does of the magnetic fluid.  It is a kind of global, cultural, spiritual, and archetypal imbalance. 

   The remedy?  Perhaps for the first time in history it is safe to venture into the depths and master the powers of the magnetic fluid without destroying human evolution by turning it in another direction, that is, away from its appointed course of development.


Caffeine.  Perhaps this was due to the sensory deprivation experienced when I was in a monastery or maybe even due to some high level initiations (one can never be quite certain about these things).  In any case, whenever I drank three cups of coffee with lots of sugar and then sat in silence, I entered an extended state of rapture/euphoria. 

    In such a state of chemical illumination, there was no problem I could not examine and at least feel completely certain that this problem could be solved.  Call it spiritual reassurance.  It was due to the expansion of my heart chakra and a vision of beauty that grasps hold of all conflict and transforms it into harmony. 

    Later on I met a spirit of the earthzone, Anamil, for whom there is no problem on earth that can not be solved.  His methods, however, are a little shocking at times. 

     And also some of the spirits of the sun—so wild, so pure, so absolutely original, and so still in their innermost being, they can say with genuine spiritual truth: “I am united with God”—they reflect though themselves some aspect of the infinite nature of God outward to the rest of the universe.  They have a creative power of beauty that few if any of the prophets have ever encountered.

   And then there was that time I not only had three cups of coffee but threw in my first ever pain killer—Tylenol.  And then for three hours I felt I was aware of everything in the universe while flying at 35,000 feet aboard United Airlines on my way back to Hawaii. 


After a few evocations of Gabriel and subsequent experiences, I realized that the lunar sphere with its inner prophetic vision of how all desires and dreams are fulfilled also has its down side.  It is not that the visions and dreams will not be fulfilled. It is the time frame in which they will be fulfilled and the learning process required as a requisite for the fulfillment that presents the difficulties.  The birth of Christ?  A city of innocent children murdered as a consequence of his birth.  A Koran for Mohammad dictated by Gabriel?  Religious wars raging for centuries and all the Buddhist monasteries in India slaughtered.  (Well, technically speaking—Buddhists are atheists, aren’t they?) 

     And a personal vision of some deep inner desire being satisfied?  Gabriel takes you right into the future to where you can taste it so real it is as real as anything you have experienced in your life.  But like I say, don’t for a moment think that such visions come cheap.  You just might have to pay the full price for their attainment.

   Secondary insight?  Along with my partner in this Gabriel evocation, we observed first hand what it is like when the entire sky fills with angelic choirs singing.  The beauty is astonishing or as Sufis are fond of quoting, “One wing of the archangel extends from horizon to horizon.” I wonder if the shepherds fell over as did I as I sat there listening.


Playing the computer game, Imperialism II, I realized why Islam, after a golden age of a thousand years, finally collapsed.  They did not compete with England, France, Portugal, Spain, etc. in colonizing the new world. 

      These purely imperialistic activities nonetheless vastly accelerated the transformation of science, technology, education, economics, financial institutions, political systems, religious systems, and so forth.  The imperialists were acting literally out of a life and death struggle with each other for survival.  Islam simply stepped out of the race in part because they had no navy.  And the change happened so quickly that Islam simply put its head in the dirt and still has not woken up.


And then there was that intensely bitter experience living in a Buddhist monastery.  A few insights from this one though I doubt it was worth the emotional exhaustion from spending time with such incredibly selfish, self-centered, and like I say insanely insecure people. 

    But consider: I realized it is merely a cultural thing (their culture, not mine) to sit and contemplate for six hours on something of your own choosing.  A student with disciplinary problems was sent into the temple to sit and mediate on the Tibetan letter “Ah” for six hours.  I thought, “Now that is a really neat idea.  But why not something a little more interesting such as the Tree of Life?”

   And I was told, “You have to do what is in your heart.”  And I thought to myself, “Now that is the wisest thing anyone in this place has said.  It is obvious that my heart wants me out of here immediately.” 

    And the head of the monastery threw an accounting statement at me which I had prepared at his request.  I was saying things that he did not want to hear about his finances.  And later the group complained (I mean like ranting type complaining) that a benefactor had given them something because he could write it off as a charitable gift.  Insight?  These people are still thinking in terms of a feudal economy in which capitalization, margins of return, and investing have no meaning.  Insight?  They want something for nothing just like a bunch of crooks.  And its ok to use a little hypnotic suggestion and telepathy in order to get it.

    I always wanted to meet someone as powerful in the sense of magical/spiritual as others I knew were as powerful in the world of business.  Having met such an individual, I realized that corruption and greed are just as easy for “spiritual/magical” people as they are for anyone else.  (Don’t think I am being overly critical here or biased.  The head of the Order later censured this guy for his failing to provide even the minimum of courtesies to those of his same rank. But then again, I hadn’t heard the Dalai Lama’s sage advice and warning—“Take up to twelve years before choosing to work with a master.”)

    And finally, when an oriental master opens his mouth to speak and explain the truth?  Even for someone enlightened, enlightenment offers no advantage when it comes to cross cultural communication.  You learn to explain and understand others’ experience only through experience.  What works for people sitting in monasteries and caves at fifteen thousand feet in an isolated, feudal society may have completely counter productive results in a post industrial, pluralistic, and democratic society. 

   So I went and studied post graduate linguistics to understand what “spiritual” people mean when they open their mouths and try to speak using metaphysical, esoteric, or magical language.  And the result?  Their words have no meaning unless there is a specific application producing real world results or specific changes in consciousness that an individual can observe and modify. 


Within my soul are certain powerful images—places where the power of soul and spirit gather.  One is Taoist monastery.  This is not your ordinary monastery.  This monastery sits somewhere on the inner planes.  Just outside is the planet earth with all its fields, mountains, seas, forest, valleys, streams—all of nature vibrates and shines within an inner light.  Here, late at night I sit meditating before an altar burning a few sticks of incense.  A gong sounds on the hour.  There is a profound satisfaction and a peace within and around me.  Those who come to mediate here quite naturally are refining within their bodies and souls the elixir of life, the quintessence of nature through an organic process.

     Also within my soul is the image of a stone circle as the one on Mull Island.  All my journeys through space and time lead to this one place of peace and integration.  Within the stones rest the secrets of the cosmic language through which the Creator created all that is natural, human, and divine.



Pop Quiz, Part VII


Prophecy is


Prophecy is for offering comfort to Christians according to the Bible.  It turns history into a morality play—the good will win in the end and the suffering that occurs along the way will result in greater pay.  Thus prophecy is a foretelling combined with a proper, moral ending.


Everything is negotiable.  You have to learn to make offers that can’t be refused.  When I read the Revelations of John I thought right away, “These are things that should never be allowed to happen.” 

    Now, let me just get inside of God’s mind and see if there is something He is sufficiently passionate about that He would be willing to trade a serious attempt to fulfill that rather than John’s set of prophecies that go something like “Oh, we are so helpless; we are such wimps; we are useless, good for nothing, fallen, corrupted—so rescue us since we are no more than a piece of shit.” (And John may be right—the final word is what history has to say.)

    I tend to fall more on the side of when Christ said, “Greater things than these shall my disciples do.”  Let’s just see what those disciples can do when the light shines through.

   And all those books about Countdown to Armageddon? In my understanding, God is going to put off any Armageddon for another thousand years out of curiosity.  He wants to see if during that time Christians can learn to actually read what the New Testament says rather than reading it through the eyes of creeds and doctrines that are pure fabrications.


When there is total control (think all those stories about the king trying to stop the fulfillment of a prophecy) such as in a totalitarian regime, a king lording over a country, or an entire world controlled by a prince of darkness, then prophecy simply serves to point out the fatal flaw that leads to the downfall.  It is kind of a wish fulfilling prophecy combined with an inevitability.  Things change and no one has so much power as to keep control forever.


When God gave Abraham a dark vision of what would befall his descendants in the land of Egypt, God was offering Abraham an opportunity to foresee, to question, discuss, and then to bargain in order to transform history.  But this was Abraham’s greatest failure.  He lacked the imagination to take God up on His offer.

    Jacob, however, was more imaginative and demanded a blessing while wrestling. 

    Nonetheless, the next time God made an offer to a man to alter history he had to throw in a burning bush so that Moses could get the picture—God is a creator and time is to His art what depth perspective is to painting.  You use it to get the effect that you want.


The Kalachakra, the Wheel of Time, is the mandala of Tibetan Buddhism that turns history into meditation.  Like those who wish to be like spirits of the earthzone, you stand at the center and utilize all of human history as a means for refining and expanding your awareness.  And so you enter that state of mind where “a thousand years in Your sight are but a watch in the night.” But this is simply describing the nature of akasha.


There are a great number of spirits not to mention nature spirits who are adept in prophecy and teaching prophecy.  You hang out with them. You learn a few trade secrets. 


Or, the gentile prophet Balaam said he learned prophecy in this way by asking questions about the nature of deity, “What spirit, what hand, what mind, what soul envisioned and gave birth to the wonders of the universe?  The tree from the seed--what soul is so passionate to have envisioned and engendered this thing?  The mountains from the sand--what mind has the endurance to withstand such silence and to exercise such power of command?  The clouds from the sky--from whose breath do the winds arise?  The sun, moon, and stars--what Joy is so great that celestial light leaves but a trace of its glorious face?  And of mankind--all that drives and motivates, all dreams and visions, all desires and needs--what spirit could have created such a being?   

     So when it came time to altering the fate of nations, (which was Balaam’s specialty) Balaam said, “If you can sense the mountains, the rivers, the forests, the crops, the people and kings’ minds and hearts of the princes, then it is not so difficult to step into the future, open your eyes, and look about at what is to transpire. The future is not so opaque that you cannot sense the currents, the wind direction, and the fires of desire that determine fate.” (I guess Balaam would have fallen over laughing if he ever heard the Apostle Paul’s quote—“We see through a glass darkly.”  But then again Paul was busy trying to figure out how human sacrifice could be reconciled with Judaism and how to beguile Jews into accepting gentile converts.)

    Altering a national destiny, for Balaam, was like looking at a garden and seeing what kind of seeds are present and the way they are planted.  You need only pull a few weeds in the right places and then water and fertilize what you desire.  Changing the future, when you know the influences that are active is as simple as a prince at court, on his own initiative, whispering the right words at the right time into the right ears. 


A religion without a prophetic division is like a corporation full of salesmen but with no research and development funding.  It may have a great product to sell but without upgrades and innovations its days are numbered.  Either the competition will kill it or the consumers will no longer buy it.  They will take their business elsewhere.


Prophecies are easy to make.  It is the time frame of fulfillment that is the problem.  For this reason it is always nice to have historical precedents and other forms of evidence to support why you see things in that way. 


If you can see all of history as if you are standing slightly outside of time like the archangel Gabriel, “when” is not a question—everything gets fulfilled in its own time, in the fullness of time, or in due season.  The real question is what are the deepest longings and desires in your heart for these are unique and given by God.  It is for you to fashion your own view of time, space, and history and turn it into a masterpiece that unites the depth of your passion with the creativity of your spirit.


Some suggest that it is possible to incarnate from the future into the past.  But anyone who has seen the series, Back to the Future, realizes that this may result in an alternate time line loaded with ambiguity.  The more interesting and practical variation is if someone in the past accurately foresees the future he or she in effect is returning from the future back into the present with “insider’s information.”  With just the right alterations you can change the future e.g. to alleviate suffering and to enhance learning, peace, and prosperity.


There is a slight problem that might be worth mentioning.  Probing the future may subject an ontological adventurer to psychic whirlwinds, karmic quicksand, and the full wrath of Fate who guards and maintains the integrity of time.  One antidote is to practice extensively the cosmic letters E and UE in your astral body.  Since UE in particular is the embodiment of cosmic love and union, your vision of what shall be can never disturb your equilibrium—this is because you are already within and embracing everything.  In this case you are then free to make changes to fate and to alter destiny because, as an agent of the Law of Love, time, fate, and karma are now your deputies.


“Those who do not learn from the past are fated to repeat it.” 

      But “If you worry too much about the past you cheat the future.  And if you worry too much about the future you cheat the present.” In other words, prophecy is the art of making time into a friend.


You know, I was listening to this group of born again Christians sitting at the table next to mine in the restaurant.  And one of them was saying how the Prince of this world gave him a false vision of Christ speaking to him. 

     Well, that is it, isn’t it?  If visions can be false and be given by evil liars then we had better stick to the usual things Christians do best, namely, making money, working hard, raising families, helping out with the church, a little evangelizing and missionary work, oh yes, and making more and more money and also working even harder to make more money.  Maybe even work in a book or two about prophecies in the Bible written a few thousand years ago.  I mean, two thousand years just isn’t enough time to learn one damn new spiritual thing about God, is it now?


Duh.  Read your Bible again.  It says one of the gifts of the spirit is the ability to discern spirits.  Obviously the guy at the next table didn’t have the gift.  Now, the data base we are assembling which includes the personality profiles of 150 million Christians indicates that there are approximately 1.7 million Christians who have the ability to discern spirits.  Sad isn’t it?  Just about every single church explicitly forbids them to use this gift mostly by indoctrinating them in such a way as to be completely blind to anything spiritual.  Nothing spiritual then no need to discern spirits?  Right?  Now about that book on prophecies from several thousand years ago, were you thinking hard or soft cover?




Possible Side Effects in the Study of Magic, Part III.  In the CIA’s covert psychic project involving remote viewing which of the following were “unacceptable” side effects?


Nonsense.  The CIA used military doctors operating under top security clearance to screen for those members of the armed forces who indicated a capacity for psychic abilities.  From millions of military personnel, a small group of around forty were chosen and then trained.  The training was designed by Stanford and the University of Pennsylvania to utilized hypnotic techniques to enhance remote viewing.  This was all done in good fun and everyone had a great time.


Listen.  If taking a seminar in remote viewing can help you find your car keys when they are lost, then I am for it.


Not.  Some of the individuals experienced nightmares, headaches, hallucinations, black outs, depression, disorientation, loss of mental functions, temporary bouts of schizophrenia, psychic possession, etc. off and on for the rest of their lives.


The problem was that the universities funded to develop the research techniques acted like complete idiots without any regard for the most fundamental of magical training techniques.  Sure on occasion they got results but you can get good results in Wall Street just by throwing darts at a newspaper listing stock market companies and buying those the darts hit.  You are bound to get something.  The problem was that the results of remote reviewing were sporadic and couldn’t pass Congressional scrutiny.


No, the problem with utilizing hypnotic techniques for enhancing psychic perception over any period of time is that hypnosis limits your field of awareness.  This precludes the individual’s ability to learn from his experience through consciously taking notes and upgrading his perception.  Kind of like playing those absolutely stupid Microsoft computer games: they give you fantastic graphics but there is really never any choice involved: you just walk down this dumb old road unable to go either left or right.  Apparently Microsoft, like Stanford and U. of P., feel that things should be bundled together and jammed down people’s throats because people are just too dumb to make their own choices.


The result of the CIA remote viewing top secret project was that there are lots and lots of web sites and seminars in which remote viewing can now be taught openly to the public. 


The entire project was a distraction and a failure of imagination right from the beginning.  The project was designed to locate, for example, enemy submarines deployed at sea.  The Russians, being more pragmatic, simply bribed a U.S. naval officer into handing over to the Russians the exact locations of U.S. submarines deployed at sea over a number of years.  Think basic procedure boys!  Keep it simply, your eyes on the ball, and go for the goal. Forget about this “mystical stuff” if you want real results. 


Google now offers the best satellite photos for free from its website by downloading software.   You want to see where things are?  Google it.  Sure N. Korea, India, and China object because they don’t like just anyone knowing where their top secret facilities are located but that’s the breaks.  Welcome to the next age of Google.   

     Though you don’t get pictures in real time you can always upgrade to the “As Advertised” secret, covert, exact same time satellite photos of any enemy or military installations, troop, or ship deployments.  For a small extra fee, infrared, ultraviolet, psionic, and X-Ray tracking can be included. 

   And for a slight additional fee, Google will deliver to your email mailbox the entire records of all the email ever sent via Google or searched on Google; and for a small additional fee on top of that, Google will deliver the actual phone records of any person’s calls on earth over the last five years (through mutual support cooperation with NSA—you didn’t know that Google is a CIA/NSA operation?  Why an conspiracy buff knows that!).    

      Translations into English for a small charge are included.  For an additional fee, Google will also track anyone in real time on a minute by minute basis.  With an annual subscription, Google will tell you where their car has driven, addresses included, for the last year; and for free throw in a DVD with the recordings of all their cell phone conversations along with the phone numbers called.  Now with these features at your fingertips, I ask you, who needs remote viewing?

   Update: Google as of last week now offers to those with cell phone cameras--face recognition with which we identify for you anyone you see on a sidewalk, their name, phone number, address, police records, voting records, education, job histories, family, family tree, bank records, pension plans and investments, IRS returns, dating history, current social circles and support groups, pets (their names and pictures), as well as anything they have ever stored on any hard drive (not to mention their entire history of searches and web sites visited on internet). 

    Thank you for subscription.  We here at Google have a favorite toast, “To google us is to google you.”


Some of the more “interesting” results of remote viewing involved first hand reports from agents of contacting alien civilizations, of coming upon tire tracks on Mars, of penetrating into other dimensions, of time travel into the past and future, and so forth—the kind of stuff anyone who dabbles in magic can easily experience just for fun and to have a great time.



Field Trip and Three Day Seminar in One Minute (on the topic of relationships)


  Time to get away from the classroom.  Here we are folks at the world famous Bayview Yacht Club in Detroit, Michigan.  I have standing next me to my right the most eligible bachelor in the state of Michigan.  Let’s call him Brad.  Next to him is his current stock broker (James—all these names are fictitious).  And to my left is an actual group of self-proclaimed cheerleaders both rooting for Brad and carrying on a discussion of Bard’s current girlfriend.

    Me: “Excuse me ladies.  Can you tell me why you consider yourselves a group of cheerleaders for Brad?”

   Susan: “I think we feel we are out of the running or never qualified for the running.  But we still feel we have a vested interest in the outcome.”

    Me: “Ah yes.  I think I kind of understand.  But why this bachelor?  What makes him so special?”

   Linda:  “He’s handsome, successful, wealthy, a great sailor, has a beautiful sailboat, great to crew for, and has hundreds of friends. It makes a woman feel good just to be around him.”

     Me: “Really?  So what’s the cheerleader squad discussing tonight?”

    Jennifer: “We’re questioning Brad’s attitude toward women.  He says he is not really serious when he dates but come on.  I think he is naïve about women if he thinks those he is dating aren’t really serious about him.”

   Susan: “Look. I run my own bar and I have seen a lot of dating going on.  And unless a guy is intimate with a woman he owes her exactly nothing.”

      Me: “So you are saying on the one hand that Brad is misleading women and yet technically it’s the women who are misleading themselves.  Is that a fair summary?”

    Jennifer: “Yah.  Judging from his track record, he usually takes about seven years to decide to marry a woman ….because he doesn’t want to go through the trauma of breaking up.  Not being serious is his way of being cautious.  I mean, look at the way he hangs out with a woman--his arm around the girl he is dating and how he kisses her.  When I see that there is no way the woman isn’t going to get involved.”

     Me: “So has this been a problem with his latest date?”

     Susan: “He’s a man.  He thinks of a woman in terms of whether 1. she has ‘excess baggage,’ 2. she is ‘damaged goods,’ and 3. whether or not she is ‘high maintenance.’”

    Me: “So he is kind of picky.”

    Linda: “His real problem is not the women he will finally marry.  The problem is that after two years the woman will finally catch on to what Brad is really about.”

   Me: “And what is that?”

    Linda: “For Brad, the first thing in his life is business.  The second is his social life.  The third thing is his sailing and hanging out down here at Bayview.  At best, his wife will only be fourth on his list of priorities.”

   Me: “That could be a problem, huh?  But why should we speculate? Let’s ask Brad for an opinion.”

    Me: “Say Brad. I have been talking to your cheerleaders here and they are questioning your interpersonal skills. They suspect they may not be sufficient to keep a woman happy once you marry here.”

   Brad: “Its true.  In my past marriages, my wives left me.  Got any ideas?”

   Me: “Ladies?  No thoughts?  We’ll, have you heard about the three day seminar on relationships taught in one minute?”

   Brad: “Well, I have a minute.  Let’s do it.”

    Me: “There are three components.  First, once a week sit down and listen to a woman for fifteen minutes.  During this time, utilize only active listening.  That is, on occasion paraphrase what she is saying and also suggest what you sense she is feeling as she talks.  For example, Susan here says flat out that a woman has no claim on you unless you are intimate with her.  And I suspect she feels that the only important thing you should be concerned about in dating is finding the right woman.  Susan is concerned about what is best for you. This is active listening: capture both thoughts and feelings.”

   Susan: “You got that right.”

    Me: “The second component is that after fifteen minutes you place your mind inside of the other person.  Just to make it challenging, I will pick James here since I know nothing about him and have never heard him say anything.  To do this, just image you are the other person—you have the other person’s body, feelings, mind, gestures, body posture, vocal intonations, word choices, etc.  Get right inside the other so you are one. 

        “Ok, here I am imagining I am inside of James.  And this brings us to the third component—wait inside the other until you get a distinct body sensation.  This sensation is a gut level connection to the other person. 

      “With James the sensation I now have is that he is a very relaxed person, ready to let go and let his life completely unfold in any way it wants.  But if you look at James sitting here on that bar stool, his posture and facial expression suggest he is tense, uptight, and worrying about something.  How am I doing, James?”

    James: “You are absolutely right.  People keep thinking I am an uptight kind of guy.  But I have all the clients I need and I am actually cutting back in my business.  I am looking forward to retiring and I completely happy with my life.” 

    Me:  “Do you feel we know each James?”

    James: “You seem to know me better than my best friends.”

    Linda:  “What if Brad doesn’t do this once a week once he

  marries a woman?”

     Me: “Then his wife can actually do it on Brad.  Intimacy that is magical like this can be established unilaterally.  And as a matter of fact lovers in this life rarely worry about how their inner connection came to be.  They just know when it is there and when it is not.  If they have it, all the other difficulties and worries that accompany the relationship remain secondary.”


(If you have “won” someone, you might like to do a little relationship maintenance; kind of like making deposits to a pension fund.  Obviously two making deposits is better than one.)


Well, that “three day seminar in one minute” actually took less than one minute according to my watch.  What follows is a kind of expansion of the one minute seminar into other areas. 


Projection: Psychological and Magical


As far as projecting inside of another person, I mentioned elsewhere I knew a Carmelite Priest who was a therapist. When he couldn’t figure out how to work with a client he would project himself inside of the client. 

     Technically speaking this method is psychological and not magical.  It becomes magical as you add concentration, heightened perception, and a touch of telepathy to it.  You remember that Grindler and Bandler NLP stuff?  They have some anecdotes. 

    Sitting in a classroom, one guy hums silently a popular song.  Soon the guy sitting next to him begins quietly humming the same song aloud.  The breathing pattern, transferred on a nonverbal  level, sparked the other’s subconscious into action. 

    Similarly, there was comatose patient who seemed totally unaware of the world around him.  One of our two NLP men sat down in a chair next to the patient.  Over the next half hour he first matched his breathing to the patient.  Next the therapist began varying his breathing slightly noticing that the patient was now following the therapist. 

   Then suddenly the therapist turns to the comatose patient and says, “Hey, you got a cigarette?”  The patient responds, “Don’t do that.”  What?  Comatose patients by definition are not supposed to respond.  The implication is that we can link to others’ brains on a nonverbal level in ways that the conscious part of the other person’s brain may not perceive.

   So far we are still completely within the realm of psychology.  Follow me one step further (“one small step for a man”) across the boundary separating the known and unknown worlds.  So I am in a Tai Chi Chuan class with a Chinese speaking master.  There are fifty students practicing Tai Chi around me and the master is on the other side of the hall. 

    I imagine myself briefly inside of the master while I continue doing my Tai Chi.  Within a minute, the master comes all the way across the hall and begins correcting my movements as he speaks in Chinese.  Of course I haven’t a clue as to what he is saying.  Seven years later he will get a great interpreter and also learn to speak English with a little more ease.  But you get the idea.

    And I am in a Zen temple practicing the Saturday evening no mind meditation for forty-five minutes.  One of the disciples taps a small bell with a tiny hammer—“ding.”  But just before I had projected my mind inside of the Zen master. 

   I noticed his aura tends to vanish completely when he meditates.  And unlike those Vipassana salesmen I spoke of elsewhere, this master never once said anything to me about Buddhism.  If you are sitting there next to him meditating you are already on the ship “crossing over” to the land of enlightenment. 

     Now unlike other times, this time after the meditation he does begin talking.  He starts insisting that he and I should give seminars together. 

    Technically, it is also fair to say that my “projecting” into the Tai Chi master and the Zen master was easily enough detected.  The Tai Chi master walks around carefully observing the students movements.  It would easy enough for him to notice when a student had suddenly acquired an internal flow of energy similar to his own.  He notices things like that.  He tells me he can tell who has practiced on their own during the week. 

     And the Zen master?  You are sitting in the same room about seven feet apart.  Projecting inside of him changes the electro-magnetic configuration of my aura to match his own.  He too could feel something like that even with his eyes closed.  Perhaps it is like some women who have said they can feel whether their boyfriend is content or mad even in a dark room just by the heat being radiated.

    We each are distinct and have our own histories, personalities, qualities, and powers.  But for myself I conclude that on some level we are all one with each other in a way that does not harm or interfere with our individuality and freedom.    



A Live Interview with Akasha, well, a clerk in The Department of Akashic Records


Preliminary: Completely relaxing our bodies and entering a state of profound stillness, we begin to ascend the planes.  We leave behind the physical realm turning our five senses away from the external world.  We ascend into the astral plane, a realm of attractions, powerful desires, passions, dreams, and longings. Here too we find the astral images of the highest of ideals that draw us forward in our search for perfection.  But we do not linger here. We leave behind this realm of profound sensitivity and receptivity to everything that animates our emotions and enter the mental plane.  

   Here we encounter the realm of ideas, concepts, analysis, generalizations, and abstractions--detached, objective, systematic, probing, with the mind now illuminated from within.  Its nice here.  There is a stability and clarity of mind which is refreshing after all that emotionally pulling back and forth on the astral and the struggle for necessities on the physical.  But here we linger not.

     We leave behind the mental plane with its realm of ideas and enter akasha—without dependency on form consciousness, our awareness penetrates through space and time.  We gaze on our planet earth hanging in space amid the stars.  But this is not enough.  We stand outside of time so that we see the entire history of our world.

    We see the beginning and unfolding of every civilization, the teachings of every world teacher, the striving for ideals and spiritual realizations of everyone who has sought the truth and dedicated themselves to love and service—all of this is encompassed by our awareness. 

   Akasha is always new every time you enter it.  It is always awe inspiring and wondrous.  But today we have an agenda, an appointment to keep.  Ah, here she is now.  A clerk in the Office of Akashic Records who is willing to be interviewed for our Magic 101 class. 


Me: I want to thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us today.


Hooded  Figure: Anytime.  As a matter of fact, I am always available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about “the meaning of life, the universe, and everything else.”


Me: I am glad to hear that.  Our specific topic for today’s discussion is about the qualifications a young magician must strive to obtain.  These include an absolute commitment, a superhuman determination, and an indefatigable dedication, plus the well known “being free from fear.” 

   Could you say a little bit about what your role is in doing back ground checks and, you know, the basic akashic type tests you run on new magicians to determine if they have the right stuff.


Hooded Figure: Oh, this is one of my favorite subjects.  I am so glad you asked.  I hardly ever get a chance to talk to anyone about my job. If it wasn’t for the fact that I am united with the universe, I think I could actually get bored sitting around up here in the ethers. It’s a little like being a librarian in a library that no one ever visits.  Kind of like the library at Kalamazoo College.  For some reason the students never bother going there.  So I just want to thank you again.


Me: You are very welcome.


Hooded Figure:  During the Middle Ages it was I who taught mankind about “the mind worm.”  If an individual’s entire mind was open and clear to your gaze, you create for that individual the one thing this person is least capable of dealing with.  But this is also the very thing that will allow this individual to attain the most spiritual growth.   I did that.  It was no big deal.  It is the kind of thing practiced by higher demons but without the intent to help the individual.


Me: I see.  So you are saying that before someone can enter akasha and acquire knowledge of the Mysteries it is important to know what is hidden in your self?


Hooded Figure:  Precisely.  As you have said, to enter the earthzone you have to confront the darkness in yourself.  Writers in the horror genre these days love this concept.  They ask, What kind of experience will completely undermine and destroy the personality of an individual?  It is a good question.  People were asking it back in the Middle Ages. 

     Shakespeare played around with it but the Greek dramatists were the best because they assigned akasha a role to play in their dramas, often by speaking through the voice of the chorus.  Fate/Akasha—almost the same thing.  The Greeks just never penetrated into my realm here.  If they had done so they could have united their city states.  Plato, poor little Plato, tried to do this in writing his Republic but he was still too shy and way to vulnerable to enter akasha with his mind.


Me: So, what about in our age?  Could you discuss some of the ways you formulate tests for young magicians these days?


Hooded Figure:  Down through the ages your race has always had a peculiar vulnerability to the loss of love.  It haunts even the great world teachers. 


Me: So you use personal love to test new magicians?  Is this a favorite of yours or just one of many things you work on?


       (turning and pointing to a placard on wall which she reads)

Hooded Figure:  “More than any lover, with greater intimacy and penetrating power, more embracing and beguiling by far, I, akasha, probe the depths of the soul of those who would know my secrets and possess my treasures.” 


Me: An interesting placard you have there.  So you see yourself as the true spiritual lover, a kind divine consort, to those who study magic?  Is that a fair summary?


Hooded Figure: You can take it any way you want.  The bottom line?  You simply would not believe how many magicians’ careers I have brought to a quick end by assigning them a lover who then became their fate and lead them to failure.


Me: Well, yes.  This is more like it.  Can you give us some details?  Case studies?  A little primer on how to destroy a young magician’s will, determination, dedication, and so forth? I am sure you do this for the best of reasons such as keeping the wrong people from mastering the powers of creation. 


Hooded Figure: The powers of creation.  Yes.  To create you have to become a creator.  And that requires some independence, some freedom, an ability to be free of illusion, and a willingness to discover the truth of the universe.  And this truth again begins with your self.


 Me: And so?


Hooded Figure: And so if a young magician is lucky in love, you know what I do?


Me: No but I hope you will tell me.


Hooded Figure: Obviously, I give him too much love or too many lovers.  Too much of a good thing and you lose your harmony.  It takes a severity to master magic and a person who is satiated with love?  No self discipline.   You have heard the song, “Loving her was easier than anything I’ll ever do again.”  Yah, it is I who give those feelings so soft and tender, feelings never felt before, and then magic just gets thrown right out the door.


Me: I guess that is why Rock Stars never practice magic—too may groupies ready to jump in bed or do them behind the stage.  But I want to be very clear on this point, Are tender feelings themselves, all the sensual abandon and bliss of union, bad  things for practicing magic?


Hooded Figure:  Well, now, since you put it that way—I have to say that the supreme accomplishment of a great mage is to be totally within the moment.  If a moment offers you mind ravishing bliss, why hesitate?  If you can dissolve your entire being in a kiss, why speculate?  If love offers you an intimacy so deep its path threads through the needle’s eye of your spirit, whom am I to object? 

    If you can stay in the moment, you obviously pass the test.  But if there is hesitation, mental doubts and speculation, and questions about self-validation, ah ha, I have caught the young magician in my akashic net of illusions and karmic retributions. 


Me: So, too much of a good thing is a bad thing only if the individual gets attached and suffers when the attachment escapes from his grasp?


Hooded Figure: That’s right. If too much love doesn’t stop the young mage, I pull the rug out from under him.  Then with all that soft and tender stuff gone they fall apart.  You know that poem, don’t you? Of one abandoned by love?  “In your hands I am emptiness.  Darkness is my abode.  A place where the soul is lost.  A time when the heart turns cold.”

   And all those songs without count: “Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play, now I need a place to hide away, oh, I remember yesterday”…. “Alas my love you do me wrong to cast me off discourteously for I have loved you so long delighting in your company ….Greensleeves was my heart of gold and who but my name be Greensleeves”…. “Once there were green fields lost in the sun.  Once there were valleys were rivers used to run.  Once there were lovers who walked there hand and hand….” 

    I let them taste a love that penetrates to the core of their souls and then when it vanishes they get dumped right here by my side, just outside space and time with the entire earth a slight ways off in the distance. 

     It is “special moment” I share with those I consider worthy—I give them a taste of my cosmic bliss even if they are not ready—it’s a little test that will sometimes make or break them.  And like I say it usually breaks them. 


Me: Ok.  Slow down.  A person experiences love in a deep way and then he loses it and this gives him an encounter with akasha?


Hooded  Figure:  You got it.  This is not so difficult to grasp.  Akasha is at the core of every human being.  And people, I tell you, go to every extreme to bury this awareness, to eliminate it from their consciousness.  But lovers who seek to join expose the depths of themselves to each other.  They are in my realm and when that love dissolves the Mystery abounds.


Me: So those who experience the pain of “lost love” somehow fall under your jurisdiction.  You sound like that Saturn spirit who said, “Every parting, separation, farewell, and goodbye is a sacred rite in my eyes.”  You feel that way, do you?


Hooded Figure: Look.  Its just my job.  If you don’t want transcendental illumination and cosmic wisdom, stay out of my realm.  I am a gate keeper.  I don’t bar anyone from entering the Mysteries.  The gate always stands open.  Everyone is free to enter. But if you go traipsing through the gate unprepared of course your consciousness suffers annihilation in a way that undermines your personality. 

   This is Magic 101.  You should know all this. 


Me: Ok. You are saying romance has a dark side that isn’t just heartbreak ….wait, wasn’t “Heartbreak” one of the names of the three daughters of Kama, the lord of love and the lord of demons, you know, the guy who tempted Buddha?


Hooded Figure: Heartbreak.  Yes, and Buddha refused to embrace Heartbreak with all of her terrible beauty and her nearly incomprehensible extolling of the importance of having a personality. 


(putting her hand into a gate that looks a lot like the stargate in the TV series Stargate with its shimmering silvery and watery light)


Heartbreak is part of the very substance of akasha.  But her face is turned toward the world.  Her other face turns toward the light and the name for this face is Prajnaparamita, the Mother of the Buddhas.  She is the emptiness and limitlessness  of akasha.  She is pure bliss, rapture, and ecstasy and it is I who watch over her to insure that her beauty is preserved.


Me: Wow. I think you just upgraded Buddhism so that it is a little more user friendly in dealing with Western issues of romance and intimate love.


Hooded Figure: Any bardic magician would understand what I am saying. 


Me:  Bardic magician?


Hooded Figure: Troubadours of akasha, poets of Divine Providence.


Me:  Ah.  So then, how about some more detailed examples.  We covered briefly the case of a magician who is lucky in love.  How about one who is unlucky in love?


Hooded Figure.  Why you could give your own seminar on that topic.  But since you ask me there are lots of kinds of unlucky lovers.  But a simple method is the negative version of one of the earthzone spirits named Amogestol who specializes in love under the sign of Gemini.

   But rather than an artful communication that continuously renews and celebrates the intimacy of two lovers, the negative principle simply leads a “would be” lover on a never ending quest.  The desire is never quenched.  The image of genuine, heartfelt love is always there but just out of reach.  “Looking for love in all the wrong places ….for what I been dreaming of.”  

   I enchant an individual so that what he seeks in another is the very thing within himself he is unwilling to accept and transform through his own power.  How can a lover give you a love you refuse to acknowledge as existing within yourself? 


Me: Sounds like this one has lots of variations?


Hooded Figure: Of course.  A man who seeks love but who isn’t really mature in self understanding—I give him a lover who has something extraordinarily negative hidden deep within her.  He tries over and over to love her but as the poem goes these women are like


Shoals hidden in darkness

Uncharted, unmapped, 

Places where dreams are shattered

Lives are shipwrecked

And to survive them

You must make darkness your friend.


A negative woman can actually give you more attention and seek with greater facility to gratify your desires than a normal, healthy woman.  And this she does because she has nothing better to do with herself than to try to “make you or break you because it makes no difference to them.”  These women are without conscience. 


Me: Is this another one of Lord Kama’s daughters?


Hooded Figure: “Desire.” She will anchor your five senses so they have a deep connection to reality.  But she will not set you free. Learn absolutely everything you can about her.  But she is like a caged tiger.  Don’t try to direct her or control her because she will devour you.  Rather, become the jungle and release her to where she can roam free.


Me: Didn’t Kama have a third daughter named “Longing?” What about her?


Hooded Figure: “Longing.”  That is pretty obvious.  Longing is for those who admire beauty or who are in awe in its presence.  But they don’t seize her with all their power.  You want the beauty of the universe you have to put forth an absolute will equal to the challenge.  Beauty reveals the depths of your self.  From within those depths you have to respond. 


Me: Well, actually, isn’t it the case that some experiences with love are so intense that they blow out the individual’s chakras in a way that takes decades to recover?


Hooded Figure: Same thing.  You have to get underneath the pain if you really want to understand what is going on.


Me: What other ways does love mess up young magicians?


Hooded Figure: There are countless variations but my favorite?


Me: Yes, tell us your favorite means for destroying young magicians who are unworthy of learning the Mysteries of Creation.


Hooded Figure:  I am sure you remember this one from your own experiences.  I simply present a young magician with a woman who embodies the truth.


Me: The truth?  The truth of what?


Hooded  Figure:  A woman like nothing else is able to take on the very personification in a man’s eyes of the Mystery of Life: that life is both wonderful, awesome, unfathomably beautiful and horrible, terrifying, and full of suffering.  That’s life and sometimes a woman presents a man with the experience of life in a nutshell.

     You said it in your story about the undine Osipeh, “Love is a pilgrim journeying through a land of ancient shame, unbearable pain, and yet never ending wonder because it will never be satisfied until it is one with another.”

   Or as your character Kamhia says in your myth of Ubarim, “I am haunted by moments of enlightenment.  I see the world with perfect clarity.  All that has been and all that shall be, nothing is hidden from me.  But then I awaken amid the vision, abandoned and alone, forsaken and forlorn, condemned to wander forever without a home.” 

   Giving little visions like that is exactly my favorite thing to do.  A woman is the taste of enlightenment.  She is the beauty of the universe.  She is the deepest recesses of the soul and the secret chambers of the heart unveiled.  She is the mirror in which you will see everything you were ever meant to be including that moment in time when you shall become as we are—the guardians of evolution and those who bestow cosmic wisdom and the highest illumination. 

    It is I, akasha, who reveal these things through the touch and eyes of a woman in order to take you through the very fibers of your being that you might finally become free.

   But like I say, to those who get confused along the way, who get attached to what they see—their lives become living nightmares; their vision twisted, at the whim of countless illusions, and ready to fall through the cracks condemning them to wander through the endless corridors of absolute despair. 


Me.  Wait a moment.  Are you saying that love only exists to serve as some sort of spiritual test, at least for young magicians?  Love, whether for better or worse, can only serve to turn a magician away from his truth path?


Hooded Figure:  Not at all.  I am just saying what the ancients have always known: that when you choose a lover you often are choosing your fate along with her.  Fate is a test.  You want to change the way your life is going you have to work with akasha.  If you want to love with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, then you have to master akasha.  That is the way it works at least for those who want to pass through this gate. (gesturing at the gate that looks a lot like the stargate in the movie Stargate.)


Me: Isn’t this the “is the glass half full or half empty” kind of question?  You are treating love like a test that reveals so much of what is within you that you end up inadvertently confronting the dark part of yourself you are not ready to deal with. 

    Isn’t there a completely different approach that akasha represents?  That in uniting with another we finally experience a oneness and become so much a part of that oneness that we learn to embrace all of life and all living beings?  Such a love is the pathway leading to the sphere of the Tipareth, of the sun, of the seen and unseen light that shines from the heart of God.


Hooded Figure: (taking off her hood) You caught me, didn’t you?


Me: Sa! (Note: Sa is actually another name for the Chief Judge of Saturn when she takes on the form of a human woman.  See the screenplay, Fall of Atlantis)


Hooded Figure/Sa: As you know, with more passion than any virgin on earth, I am ready to embrace those who seek cosmic wisdom.  But to answer your question, yes.  In the sphere of Venus such things are taught—the art and ways of how personal love becomes a path leading to cosmic and all-embracing love. 

   But this is Magic 101, isn’t it?  We are just discussing the various ways that akasha destroys the motivation of young magicians through giving them bad experiences with love.  Come back another time when you have had more experience with true love.  Then we shall discuss the ways of Venus with its ecstatic, rapturous, and utterly transforming bliss.


Me: I will look forward to that.  Its been illuminating talking with you Sa.


Sa: Like I said, I am always here just slightly outside of space and time and always within each of you at the core of your being.


Me: Until then.


Sa: Farewell and goodbye.



Pop Quiz, Part VIII (material on undines, applied prophecy, a debate on astral equilibrium, a Mid Term Exam, and a top ten greatest religious fiascos).


Peace, Contentment, Rapture, and Omnipresence—A Pop Quiz Self-Evaluation Process.  Consider the following statements from various articles on undines and the sea.  Which one is easiest for you to sink down inside of, to become one with, so that you feel, at least for a few moments, it is totally real and that you a part of it?


There is a place of enfolding depths, a place to drift and float free like the feeling of well-being that flows like a stream from the dawn of time to the ends of eternity.  (from the story, Istiphul)


There is a peace in the soul as deep as the ocean, as flowing as water, as still and clear as a mirror, and as vast as the starry night. (from the story, Isaphil)


At night I dream that I have become a silver chalice.  And within this chalice is gathered the purest essence of all the stars.  When I dream this dream, though I am but the sea, I feel I have become one with the universe. (The goddess of the sea from the story, Isaphil)


I close my eyes.  My only awareness is now my breath.  My breath becomes the breath animating all life on earth.  My breath is in every living being, in every tree.  My breath is throughout the sky and the depths of the sea. 

     Everywhere there is air, I am there.  I flow without ceasing.  Through the pulsing heart of Life on earth, I glide.  I follow the movement of Her thoughts and I am one with Her Love. (from the story, Isaphil, spoken by the lord of the winds)


Imagine for a moment what this would be like: imagine taking all the sensations, feelings, and moods that the seas create;  imagine binding that beauty and wild passion into one light, one dream, or one vision of completion--and then to be able to transmit this to another through your eyes, a touch, or a kiss. (from the undine Istiphul)


 “Place your hand in water and feel the water connecting you to all the seas of the earth.  Become a billion waves dancing to a thousand separate winds.  To know me is to learn to perceive as I do.  For a moment let go and be as me--the soul of the sea.”  (from the undine Istiphul)


.  “As in all things, let your love be as the sea that enfolds and embraces.  Let it be as the river which flows to the sea and as the rain that renews the earth.  Let it be as the pool, so calm and clear, it yields to you its sweet waters to drink.  Only in love as pure as this can you ever see the world as it really is.

     “Feel the moonlight on your hands and on your face.  Reflect the world around you in this way. Softly, gently, graciously, become a space of pure lunar light--your mind the ocean that has no shores.”


“And the sea shall grant each man new hope even as sleep brings dreams of home.” (from Hunt for Red October)



According to a story told about the undine Istiphul, she was once summoned by the Wizard Ahmed.  And the wizard spoke these words into his crystal ball as he put forth the full force of his magical will:


Show me the sea and the spirit that dwells within

        it.  Show me the sea’s essence pure and clear.  Show

        me that very being, that creature so hidden that

        mortals are forbidden to speak of her.  Bring her

        here for me to see, to feel, to smell, to taste, to touch.

        Materialize her presence so she is real!  

        Transport her here and now.  I will have nothing      

        less than her caress to ease the pain within my soul!


What conclusions might we draw from this form of magical conjuration?


Well, if the undine appeared to him, then he accomplished his purpose and all is well.


Ahmed’s personality traits include the ability to get right to the point and say right out what he wants.  This is always a good thing when dealing with spirits.  Because you have to let them know that you are in charge and that you are not wasting their time.


Ahmed was demanding that akasha reveal to him an ancient mystery which, for all practical purposes, had been previously concealed from mankind.  Any magician who is well-acquainted with akasha possesses this ability.  The question, then, is to what extent you are able to reveal such secrets to others.


If you have sort of pain or anguish that is fairly unique to you, then as a magician you are permitted to seek an appropriate remedy.  For a magician, the spiritual worlds exist to support and enrich our worldly existence.  In other words, the spiritual worlds are not there to steal life from us by forcing us to make sacrifices so we can unite with them.  It is the spiritual worlds that need to come down and unite with us.  There, take that all you space cadets who feel this world is not satisfying or meaningful enough.


The simple fact is that no matter how masterful Ahmed’s force of will, he was no match for Istiphul.  Her magnetic powers of love embodying all the mysteries of the seas are precisely what as yet lie outside of human knowledge.  In other words, Ahmed was in over his head.


No, actually the seas, the four elements, all of nature itself cries out for human beings to explore their mysteries as when Nature declares to all human adventurers:


        Come, search out my mysteries--my longing for you

        will forever equal your longing for me--taste my

        beauty.  Come, capture me.  Take me within

        your heart.  Take me that I might yield to you my

        essence, my charms, and my magic.  I am here!  Find

        me!  Bind me!  Illuminate me!  Reveal the mysteries

        of my soul!  If you do so, I will surrender to you

        in blissful sigh and moan of rapture all of my treasures.


Well, that is saying it in a way that Joseph Campbell never could have imagined.  Namely, there is an open and standing invitation by Nature itself petitioning the human race to make love with the universe.  Or is it just me?  Am I the only one around here who is madly in love with the universe?  Am I the only one who can gaze upon the galaxy M100 and fall into rapture and awe and feel I am seeing the universe through the eyes of God?


Hey, stay on topic.  The problem with Ahmed is that he tried to command the elemental beings by force of will rather then seeking to engage them through love and empathy. 


No dude.  A magician is composed of the four elements plus akasha.  Through his union with God, all elemental beings are thrilled to serve a magician, for his purposes are those of God. 


Yah, right.  And that is why Bardon recommends first protecting yourself by speaking great and mighty words of power composed of cosmic letters so that you are protected from the enchantments of certain overly erotic spirits.  


No, the parental controls programmed into your magic wand will keep you from viewing inner plane URLs and domains with X rated content.  Furthermore, it is strongly recommended that Christian magicians only work with the names of God and the archangels.  The lower spirits are not really spiritual.  And lower spirits as of this time are incapable of comprehending orthodox doctrines of the church.  For this reason lower spirits should be avoided since they may not have attitudes that are consistent with Christian devotion.  (Actually, the Magicians Guild strongly recommends that Christians who are not initiated into a magical tradition first get the permission of their church minister before reading Bardon’s books.  In other words, ….well, you figure this one out.)


No, you have to work your way up moving from the lower planes up to the archangels just like you have to learn addition and subtraction before you learn algebra.  The exception of course is God since God is everywhere and within everything He can be contacted at any time.  Though we keep noticing that those who believe in a personal God are the least likely to actually train themselves in any way whatsoever for contacting God on a professional level.  Now why is that?


Why are you guys having such a hard time staying on topic?  The question is what conclusions we can draw from Ahmed’s manner of evocation.  If you read the whole story you would know that Ahmed found what he was looking for.  Namely, he satiated the hunger within his soul by encountering a love that was totally and fully accepting and embracing. 

   Then again every magician knows that however great and enticing the mysteries you encounter, you should never forgo further spiritual growth by staying and lingering in one place no matter how beautiful.  That was Ahmed’s mistake.  He never saw the big picture. 

     If he had he would have found equally wondrous treasures in the other elements of nature.  And then from that place he could have transformed the world.  Instead, his name was lost to history when he could have been as famous as Columbus or Marco Polo when it comes to revealing paths leading to new worlds.



What is the difference between an imagined nature spirit and the real being? Which of the following might work for you to determine the difference between a real and an imagined undine? 


It depends on your level of imagination.  Countless times I have tried to determine if I was awake or asleep and dreaming.  So far I have not been able to tell if I was asleep or not until the moment in which I woke up from the dream.  I guess you could say I have an active imagination.  My imagination has an internal program that runs its own tests on the reality of me.

     Similarly, if you enter into a conscious dream state as is done in lucid dreaming, the images produced by your imagination can be as real as the experiences that occur within a dream. The question of whether life is a dream does not interest me.  (Although I love the movie Thirteen Floor which is about an entire city that is a computer simulation with the people thinking they are all real.)


The undine you imagine responds to you in every conceivable way just like a real woman except that the imaginary undine also possesses the magic of water.  Depending on the connection between your conscious mind and the collective unconscious, your image can become a powerful evocation at least in terms of energy and sensations.


No, if you imagine an undine long enough and with enough concentration you run the risk of connecting to a real undine through this powerful image.  You might also create an elemental, a magically charged image with consciousness.  In psychology they might call such a creation an imaginary friend if you are dealing with a child or some form of self-hypnosis or delusion if you are dealing with an adult. 

    Let us presume for a moment that magicians are trained sufficiently that self-deception and mental disturbances are rare occurrences.  In which case, we can remain focused on our topic of what precisely is the outcome and result of this kind of experiment.

   In the case of a created thought form, a powerfully charged image acquires its own instinct for survival and its intelligence and responsiveness become independent of your mind.  Such an entity can serve to entice you to offer it more attention or, if you do it correctly, it can inspire you like a guide to the inner planes.  (Didn’t we do an experiment earlier on “spirit guides?” Why we did, didn’t we?)  But because of the chance for mistakes in this area, Tibetans for example almost always insist on dissolving the energy in their thought creations immediately after each practice session. 


Let’s proceed then with the possibility that we can create an undine (at least what is called an “elemental”) from out of your own imagination.  It starts as a mental conception or image.  It takes on feeling and astral energy and then eventually it gains the etheric vitality and vibration of water as well.  Tibetans and others also like to shift their consciousness into these constructed images or yidams.  Your imaginary creation becomes an idealized image of a being or a symbol of a state of awareness that embodies all that you seek to learn. 

     To do this, shift your mind into the form of an undine or merman if you like.  We have already been exploring the water element.  This practice has useful applications. It makes it a little easier to sense and interact with an undine should you be near one (since you have already figured out how to create one). 


On the other hand, magicians typically create an energy field that is inviting and in which a real undine would feel at ease in entering.  To do this, you imagine water in and around yourself and also refine this vibration by some contemplation--you review water's nature and attune your mind to water's beauty and essence.  In other words, by imaginatively creating a field of cold water energy around you, you offer the undine a space in which to appear.


Have we answered the question yet about the difference between an imagined undine and a real one?  Not really.  Consider: If you apply Steven Spielberg's power of visualization as a movie director to psychic imagery, you can create a picture that puts you directly in touch with the archetypal energies of the collective unconscious and also with the astral plane of the undines.  The undine you imagine becomes a vehicle for channeling etheric and astral watery sensations and feelings. 

     If, for example, I imagine an undine in front of me and ask her, "Tell me something about the water element I don't already know?"  The creature I visualize replies immediately and with power in a challenging manner.  She is ready to take me one step further beyond my own experience with water. 


What does my visualized undine say?  She says, "What you don't know about water is how to let go.  You don't know how to become the waves of an ocean that encircles the globe by both day and by night.  You don't know how to become the cold current that circulates down into the depths from the poles to rise at the equator.  You don't know that journey.  You don't offer that renewing power to others."


This image I have created in my imagination of an undine can speak freely from the depths of my self and also it takes me more deeply into nature.  Imagination is itself a magical power.  On the other hand, if I call the undine Isaphil to come here into my room, I notice the difference right away. 


Ok.  This is Magic 101.  Why not?  I call the undine Isaphil.  She is here now.  Isaphil is like an ancient power of the earth whose beauty makes her forever young and full of new life.  I could try to say that she is part of my self, but the power in her etheric and astral bodies goes way off the spectrum of anything I can imagine.   

     Through imagination and meditation, we can find and create sacred energies.  There is no doubt about this.  But Isaphil is a divinely appointed guardian of the water element on earth.  She is able to bestow treasures the human race has not yet discovered.  Of course, I could imagine an undine having all these qualities as well.  But I could not do it with this degree of force, this amount of beauty, or this depth of presence.

     Let me just mention the method I am using in these meditations as I interact with the elementals in nature.  I ask Isaphil to circulate energy between the two of us in a way which does not accumulate energy and which is completely relaxed.  In this way, there is no excessive tension typical of evocation and there is no accumulation of energy to dissolve afterwards.  However, Isaphil still has a medium of watery energy to manifest through because I also evoke the image of an ocean which I have practiced doing for many years.

     The circulation of energy between us starts immediately.  This is a psychic connection but it is analogous to everyday experience.  You can hold another individual's hands and share caring and empathy.  You can breathe together holding hands--as one inhales, the other exhales.  This may strengthen your connection by emphasizing the polarity of your auras. 

     You can circulate the vitality in your meridians through each other's bodies.  You can join your hearts or link your minds telepathically.  You can open yourself so you feel each other's feelings and think each other's thoughts.  All of these things are implied and occur on some level and to some extent when I ask Isaphil to form a circulation of energy between us.

      Here are some of the differences between working with Isaphil as compared to working with an undine I have conjured up purely through imagination.  First of all, there is an energy exchange occurring without any effort on my part.  For example, there is a soft, caressing flow of watery sensations all over my body.  These sensations are relaxing, soothing, and releasing.  There is also a cleansing, cooling sensation I can feel inside my body as well. 

     As the energy reaches my heart, I can almost hear a voice singing, "Awake, awake. Feel the thrill--a thousand sensations you have never felt, a thousand dreams human beings have never dreamed: to kiss with the passion of the sea, to give and to receive without limitations, without hesitation." 

     I also feel myself pulled into the astral domain of Isaphil.  I am within the ocean but I am sharing some of Isaphil's modes of perception.  I can look over and see an iceberg in the distance but now I feel the iceberg's energy within my own body as I look.  I feel the frozen, fresh water of the ice caressed by salt water the way one person's body presses against another.

     I pull myself out of the water and sit on a piece of flat ice in an arctic bay.  The open water is still like a mirror.  The sun is dim and distant in the sky.  There is no discomfort, no need for a sweat suit to feel at ease. 

     An undine can be thrilled and have fun even when nothing is happening.  Human conception has no part to play.  My body becomes the arctic bay.  The ice and the water are full of exciting and enchanting feelings: they join together wild laughter and solemn, majestic meditations as the stars circle and dance in the sky through the night. 

     Is my point coming through?  I don’t think I can imagine an undine who interacts with me with this degree of force, this amount of beauty, or this depth of presence.


Still having trouble distinguishing imagination from actual contact?  Perhaps it would help to first lay a better foundation for the connection through better immersion in the water element. Try getting inside water--visualizing, sensing, tasting, feeling, hearing, and experiencing the following:

    Water is the sparkling white drops in a waterfall, the color in the rainbow, the spray in the wave breaking on the beach, in the white cap, and in the water splashing your face.  It is soft, foamy bubbles slipping around your ankles as you walk in the surf and the drops of water thrown into the air as the water in a stream slaps against a rock.  It is the water dropping down, sprinkling, or drizzling as you walk beneath the leaves of trees still wet from the rain.  It is the smell of salty, moist air when you are near the sea and the cool, moist scent when you approach a desert stream.

   If you really put yourself into the above paragraph, your consciousness is within the vibratory range where you can meet a real undine.  But is the one you meet real or imagined?

    An analogy?  I can imagine a friend and then compare my imagination of my friend being here to memories of actual interactions.  The most obvious difference is that my real friend has lots of her own memories I still don’t know.  And the way her mind and emotions work is beyond much of what I can imagine.  There is more to her than what I imagine. 

     But most of all, the real person has a real etheric and physical body.  The physical carries a dense vibration that is composed of real life force and vitality.  The physical is very hard to capture with imagination.

     Then again, I have met people for the first time in dreams which we shared in common.  And then later on in real life I met the same person and we compared our memories regarding what occurred within the dream.  Sometimes the dream image or imagination has a strong connection to the real thing.  Each is reflected through the other. 

     The bottom line?  I would suggest building up a repertoire of memorized experiences which you might use for yourself.  These we compare and contrast the way your specific imagination works with the way you observe things in real life.  Then you keep refining your observations. 

     A trained magician’s imagination has the specific attribute that what he imagines he also has (to some extent) the power to make real.  That is why you never want to downplay the importance of finding your own solution to this particular problem.

OK?  Let’s run it by again.  A real undine often has a power and a magical resourcefulness that are far beyond the reach of imagination or normal contemplative exercises.  The primary difference between a real undine and an imagined one is that the real undine will always increase your understanding and feeling for the ocean.  The undine, after all, is an aspect of the natural world and reveals the secrets of nature.  An imagined undine will tend to specialize in your subconscious wishes, hopes, fears, and remain within the boundaries of your imagination.



Tired of this incessant talk about undines?  How can anyone ever get tired of talking about undines?  OK. So when Isaphil says, “See with the eyes of the mystery” she means:


No, you have to actually project into Isaphil’s domain so that she can transfer her feminine essence directly into you and then you will be able to see with the eyes of the mystery.  I mean, why be abstract and theoretical when you can just go experience the real thing directly?  And when a woman offers to transfer to you her feminine essence, I mean, why on earth would anyone hold back?


No, see with the eyes of the mystery is Basic Magic 101—it’s the first exercise in any genuine magic curriculum.  It means you take the point of view of the mystery.  For example, take a serious look at yourself through the eyes of your guardian angel. 


Or, how about other basic magic 101 concepts: to will, to know, to dare, to keep silence.  Get inside each of those and take a hard look at your self and you might as well look at all of life as well. 


What Isaphil means specifically is to be so still in yourself, so clear, pure, calm, and peaceful like a lake that is a perfect mirror that you reflect in your soul the oceans, the night sky, the moon and its light, the stars and their light, the entire Milky Way—then from this place of stillness you take a another look at who you are, everything you have experienced and know, your deepest desires, and what it is your wish to accomplish with your life.


OK.  We are taking a moment here to check this out.  A few deep breaths.  Relaxing the body.  Mind is now calm.  Astral body is now becoming still, serene, luminous and soft like moonlight streaming down from the night sky shining upon the whole earth. 

     Relaxing more.  Another deep breath.  Opening my heart.  Looks and feels a lot like a trance—we have a report of a temporary spontaneous Samadhi occurring here.  Ah, here is the earth, the moon, the sun, our solar system, the oceans of the earth, all water on earth, the biosphere, the winds in the sky, the clouds, and deep within my soul now is a place of stillness which precisely like the sea at night receives into itself the distilled essence of all the stars.  And there is the feeling of being one with the ocean of the sky, the vast expanse of the universe, a oneness arising from a dream of serenity, an inner peace with the universe. 

     (Expletive deleted) Who needs evocation and magic?  I mean, I am writing from a magic free zone.  I am retired.  I don’t do magic like those hermetic magician types who burn up the vitality in their brains in order to extend their magical will. 

      Nonetheless, I am right this moment within the realms of the undines.  They are all around me. 

    It is not that in this moment I am no longer a human being.  No, it is not that.  It is that I within the dream of a queen of the undines.  I am within the open space at the center of her heart.  This is who she is and this is the treasure of spirit she wishes to impart to the human race, which, due to some strange fate, the human race never embraced this part of the great Mystery. 

   Yes, I have heard the sky at night filled with heavenly choirs singing precisely the way they once did to “shepherds tending their flocks at night.”  But I will tell you, and this is my report, that from within Isaphil’s heart the sun and the stars—their lights are songs—the entire night sky is on fire with songs of ecstasy and delight. 

     Does it take a poor poet such as me to deliver such an obvious message?


From the undines—to humanity:

The universe is on fire with wonder, beauty, and ecstasy.


And the magnetic fluid? It too is all around me thick in the air.  I think I have found my own version of Swami Rama’s inner woman.  This shaktipat came through self-initiation, well, self-initiation along with the free gift of the inner feminine essence of a queen of the undines.



Applied Prophecy 101: God sent Jonah to Assyria to warn them about God’s impending judgment upon them for their terrible abuses of power.  What are the lessons?


Well, the usual interpretation is that Jonah got mad at God because, when the Assyrians repented of their evil ways, God gave them a reprieve.


No, God did destroy the Assyrians, as in wiped them off the face of the earth, but it was a hundred years later when they had fallen into their evil ways again.


Well, I guess the lesson is that you are entitled to one warning before you get wiped off the face of the earth.


No, the prophecy was right about the destruction of the Assyrians.  Jonah just didn’t grasp the time frame for the fulfillment of the prophecy.


Some prophet Jonah was.  He had to get swallowed by a big fish before he was willing to go warn Assyria. 


Yah, but his story about getting swallowed by a big fish and the acidic burns on his body from being digested for three days in the fish’s stomach are what sold the Assyrians on his story.  I mean, it was a packaged deal.  Jonah’s initial refusal to prophecy to the Assyrians was an attention grabber when he preached on the corner of Imperial Street and Victory Boulevard in Nineveh, the capital of Assyria. 

     I can just overheard whispers in the crowd that day, “Hey, this guy just said that the last place on earth he wants to be is here taking the time to warn us of our impending doom.  Now if that isn’t the best sale pitch I have ever heard?  Why, this guy could sell hot desert sand to a Nomad on a hot desert day—he is that good!”


The real point is that the prophets of Israel failed to prevent the destruction of Assyria.  They delayed it but the work of peace was not accomplished.  Any decent, respectable, sincere, and divinely inspired prophet would have established a command center (maybe a cultural center?) in Nineveh to remind these idiots that their judgment was still pending since they were technically on probation and living under a suspended sentence.

    And so the real question is, therefore, for then as for now, what could have been done differently in order to communicate to a mean old destructive empire that they had better stop annihilating other nations?


What do you mean when you say, “Any decent, respectable, sincere, and divinely inspired prophet?”  What?  You think the prophets of Israel were not really real prophets but a bunch of jerks who only prophesized because God scared the shit out of them by speaking through a whirlwind, a burning bush, or an angel who first maims, blinds, or takes away their voice? 

    What?  You think these prophets weren’t really out seeking to know God?  They were only acting out of fear?  If that is the case then Israel as well as the human race has a lot of explaining to do.  Where are the saints who have sought God’s face and then came back and wrote about it? 

    Milton, Dante, Thomas Aquinas, Augustine—they didn’t even have a good modem connection.  How were they ever going to get email?  Maybe if they had worked a little harder on trying to figure out the difference between a real undine and an imagined one they just might have risen up a little closer to God.  In which case, they would not have gotten suck so pathetically within their own imaginations and interpretations. 

   Imagine—can it get more pathetic and spiritually impoverished than this: writing a creed of beliefs about God for other people to believe before you have had the first hand experience of entering God’s Presence?  I mean, talk about people sitting in great darkness—that would be theologians and those who preach doctrines.


No, no one has that kind of spiritual power to stop mean old dictators from being mean old dictators without executing some mean old judgment and doom upon them.


Duh, why not?


Why, we are so helpless here on earth.  We need God to kick us in the ass to get us to do anything.  This is so obvious.  I mean, people never really get beyond wanting sex, money, wealth, fame, power, and seeing their children succeed.  There really isn’t any spiritual wisdom around because if there were the human race would not be where it is.  I mean it is just hard enough preaching, teaching, and being a missionary so why get into all this crap about justice between the nations?


But it is still a good question: what would it have taken in order to get nations like Assyria to establish justice upon the earth?


Well, though it is impossible, we can still answer the question: you would need to get inside the mind, heart, soul, and spirit of those in power and then somehow inspire them from within (that is, give them a high level vision with maybe a pinch thrown in of the expectation of doom and judgment from Saturn) without interfering with their freedom of choice.


Wait.  You can’t interfere with their free will, right?


That’s right.


Well, then, if you were to act yourself as a judge of Saturn then you could, and maybe this is just a hail Mary pass, but you just might be able to limit a dictator’s destructive powers so that the only thing he could really destroy was himself.


Say that again.  I mean, how precisely do you limit a negative person’s freedom of choice to use his own God given power to destructive ends?


Actually it is really simple.  You just enter akasha, that is, the akasha of the sphere of Saturn and then embody in and around yourself the qualities and powers of a judge of Saturn.  Then sit down and do a little heart to heart sharing, that is, meditating with the mean old dictator.  Trust me on this.  The vibration of Saturn and akasha, as it penetrates the dictator’s aura, will invite him to either become enlightened or to rather quickly encounter the consequences of his negative karma. 


You really think you should be playing around with another person’s fate like that?  I mean, it is just not right.  We should not be interfering with others, thinking we are better than them even if they are responsible for the deaths of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of people. 


Perhaps then again only if the individual is abusing his power on a massive scale causing injury to a great many other people. 


Oh, I see.  You are appointing yourself as a lawman who can arrest others and bring them before the court of akasha, try them, and then sentence them to face their own future karma in the here and now.  Something is not quite right about this.  “Judgment is mine,” says the Lord, so something like that.  Although the head of Mossad has been known to say, “I want him before God’s gets him.”  And what about the constitutional issue, “It is the right of a free people to rise up against their oppressors.”


No, no.  It is so much simpler than you imagine it.  On a quiet evening surely there is someone around who can just sit down for a quiet evening meditation.  Without thought or image, this someone draws down the sphere of Saturn around himself.  Then under the law of love that governs the entire universe this someone joins himself as a true friend to another individual whom he cares about.   

      What’s love if you can’t become one with another?  What’s sharing if you can’t share heart to heart?  And what is justice if you can not establish it here on earth?  Perhaps this someone is bound by the motto, Do no harm. But perhaps this someone is also under orders to establish justice on earth.  You figure it out.




Prophecy 101: right off from the beginning make a deal with God that visions of the future only come to you if you are able to help change those which are bad.  There is no point in being a Cassandra.  There is no point in being a Jeremiah.  And there is absolutely no point in sitting with your ass in exile on an island named Patmos unless you can also do something with this “dark vision” rather like the one God gave to Abraham.

   What I am saying is get in the habit of at least once a year of sitting down and having tea with Anamil or the archangel Michael for each of whom “there is no problem on earth that can not be solved.” There is no conflict that can not be resolved.  Oh (expletive deleted), let’s just have the whole cosmic letter U—let’s hear it for the voice of akasha: 


The Cosmic Letter U


There is no vice I can not twist or bend

And make again into its opposite virtue

There is no compulsion or obsession I can not

So fill with light it becomes kind and bright


There is no ill will or malice I can not

Convert into chivalry or true nobility


There is no crunch or karmic bind, no evil intent or design

I can not refine within my mind

Into contentment and absolute satisfaction


There is no suffering

I can not so enfold within my palms

Spit on, blow upon

And recreate as beauty hidden in the heart of life


Such are my power and might

Such are the depths and the heights

Where my wings fly


Nice poem.  But it is going to take a lot more than poetry or having tea once a year with some otherworldly spirit to create peace between the nations.  But it’s a nice thought, huh, all that good will toward men and so forth?  Wait, that was a different archangel, Gabriel, wasn’t it with those heavenly choirs singing “Peace on earth and ….” 


Peace on earth, huh?  Trying to blind us with sentimental crap?  Things reserved for Christmas Eve in church?  A pick up line for a woman in a bar as in “To peace on earth” as you toast clicking your glass with a cute chick? (Groundhog Day)

    Well, I will tell you the truth which you won’t hear in those stupid idiotic literature classes at Harvard or Princeton or Yale nor at the Dallas Theological Seminary or the University of Chicago Divinity School.  Those professors are smoking weed, I tell you.  Their minds are running on idle. 

  But Shakespeare, now there is a man with a game plan.  The issue at the center of consciousness is justice.  “In a democracy, everyone is equally responsible for the government”—I said that but Shakespeare knew this and much more before the Declaration of Independence or Thomas Jefferson every sat down with a pen in his hands and a deadline while the British were marching in Boston.

   Take Hamlet, perhaps the most complex and developed character in Western literature.  Cut him some slack.  His situation was rather sad.  A dead father who is a ghost stirs him to action by demanding justice since the father was slain by the current king in conspiracy with the father’s wife who is now also the current king’s queen.  What a bite!

    Hamlet, on his own, with no one to trust, must determine if his personal moral choice (or preference) is worth enough to risk the stability of a kingdom.  It is a classic theme and a professional hazard when you are a king or a queen—disputes over royal succession result in civil wars, one, two, or three foreign invasions, or all of these.  You don’t want to mess around with succession even if your title is Pope.  So naturally, with Hamlet’s father dead and Hamlet due to rule in his stead his uncle seeks Hamlet death ASAP.  It’s the right thing to due because with the national interest you just don’t fool.

    Question: should the voice of the dead be rated more high than the voice of the living when the living have moved on and are both comfortable and busy?  Is there any concrete evidence of injustice that can possibly be used to justify an inquest and how can you conduct an investigation when everyone around you, knowingly or not, can only sabotage your mission?

   If Hamlet were Machiavelli and didn’t have a spine of jelly, he might have sought to rule himself through exercising the high morals of “prudence.”  In this case, he might have sought out the witches to do a little magic—to kill the king and make the queen blind and unable to speak so that Hamlet could seize the reigns of government.  But then, with a little drama thrown in, the witches are no match for the protection of the Church.  So maybe an herb would do the trick to eliminate the king and neutralize the queen which Shakespeare relied upon in the end anyway.

    And the Church?  Well, just tell the bishop how things would be if you were to assume power as king.  Plans for cathedrals and substantial tribute to the Pope—all of this not for complicity but rather for simplicity.  The Church only need remain silent, that is, accepting of Hamlet’s actions without protest.  And from history we know that the Church, if it is good at anything, it is at turning a blind eye to what is happening.  In other words, Hamlet’s situation is compounded by the fact that religion offers him no clear cut spiritual direction. (And if we listen carefully to Shakespeare’s voice whispering to us from the grave—“It never did and it never will” or was that the lips of the ghost of William Blake speaking?)

  But Hamlet is the very opposite of Machiavelli.  He does not crave power.  He has a conscience and wants to do the right thing and he knows, for his own circumstances demonstrate it, that when you make power your priority you risk losing your humanity.  However, Hamlet is neither psychic nor a prophet who can confront the king with his evil doing.  But Hamlet can, stealing a technique from a prophet who confronted King David over a similar murder, present a play within a play to determine by the king’s reaction the king’s judgment upon himself. 

    But then Hamlet hesitates, seemingly caught up in the subtle distinctions between human and divine revenge when it comes to acting as judge, jury, and executioner in regard to another man’s fate.  And so Hamlet makes his mistake—he procrastinates.  But after all, Hamlet is not the Pope with authority to gloat.  And how do you try a king for murder and treason when you have no parliament or Congress and no Rehnquist to sit as judge during an impeachment? 

    Well, things work out in the end.  They have to because Shakespeare has an audience who want a fair trade for the tickets they bought for the play.  But the justice comes with a cost that is a little bit too much of a loss; or is justice like wisdom?  Is it sold for a dance in the street or for a play within a play? 

    So our venture regarding justice proceeds to Shakespeare’s last play—The Tempest.  Now, we have a man who has taken fate into his own hands.  No witches or investigations are necessary.  Prospero knows when he has been wronged and forget the Church and a trial.  He takes up a magic wand to control what Hamlet would never scheme even in a dream—the very elements of nature do obey his will. 

   Eat your heart out Machiavelli!  What mortal’s abuse of power is so great that he can do injustice against a man who controls fate?  In this play, no mistakes are made.  Justice reigns.  And Prospero, the question about justice as the center of consciousness, is about how to guide others to their proper ends without destroying them in the process. 

    In this case, power serves the ends of justice and when justice is attained you put the power away.  In this way you get on with your life without being corrupted through too much action or too little action, for justice involves above all else attaining a balance—between the visible and invisible worlds, between too soon and too late, between desire and morality, and between destiny and fate.

   You ask, How is this a contribution to consciousness and how is our understanding of personality furthered in a play where the bad guys have no chance to get away?  Perhaps the answer is this: the play takes place not before a king who lies to himself and is in denial about his evil ways; the drama does not turn upon a prince who is the only one with a conscience and whose conscience, without any external confirmation or validation, will determine the fate of a real kingdom; rather, the play takes place within ourselves and we are all the characters—we possess all their passions and needs and strive for an outcome that doesn’t dash us to pieces. 

    In fairness, Hamlet knew all of this.  But Hamlet simply was unwilling to take responsibility for determining a real world outcome for a mission which a ghost had commissioned.  It just did not seem fair to him that he should be in a situation where everything is up in the air and where every action contains multiple interpretations.  Prospero had no problem with air—his magical servant was Ariel, a spirit of air, for air is playful, wistful, and clever as in diabolical. 

   We strive for harmony in a world in which dream and desire themselves have magic power.  And this drama unfolding takes place both within us and within the world around us at the same time.  To put it simply, you want justice?  You want consciousness? Then you have to pay for it by rising to the occasion.

   Which leads us to a most interesting question.  If decisive and commanding Prospero had been Hamlet, by the rules of that play, Prospero could not use magic to get his way.  What would have been the arc of the plot?  Plots there are lots.  But in fairness to Shakespeare and literature, we needed Hamlet to take a moment of indecision and to extend that moment from scene to scene and Act to Act just to milk it for all it was worth: To be or not to be, to act or not to act, to weigh in and decide when there is no counterweight or process to appeal or resolve an evil fate. 

   I think Prospero might have arranged as a clever game for the ghost of the murdered king to appear in the chambers of the king and queen right in their bed in between them with a lust and a greed equal to them.  And if the spirit was unwilling, then Prospero would have designed a trap door with smoky images in mirrors and special sound effects galore to haunt them—until their conscience drove  them to madness or to run away, run away to another kingdom.  But this is all speculation.  We each have to find our own way to attain a just and harmonious outcome without sacrificing our conscience in the process.

   And so this brings us back to our original question—How do you deal with mean old evil dictators who are abusing their powers?  Shakespeare’s answer?  You do whatever you need to do and you pay whatever price it requires to overthrown them or to reform them as long as you do not destroy your soul in the process.  You see, when it comes to prophecy and the issue of justice, Shakespeare and the Prophet Isaiah and I all share the same mind.


Question: Exactly how many people on earth do you think could actually pull this off?

Clarification: Pull what off?

Question: Exert an effective deterrence against dictators abusing their power by utilizing magic with spirits such

as Ariel or spirits of higher rank and authority or simply by using smoke in mirrors and telepathic special sound effects galore?

Answer: One half of one per cent of the population of post industrial countries, e.g., somewhere between five

and ten million people one earth have this ability if they but put their minds and hearts into it; or, if you want racial profiling, about ten thousand Jews right this moment could begin practicing as “prophets” and about four or five hundred could end up matching Isaiah or Daniel though with a lot more real world results, that is, if they really wanted to.  (Note: Jews don’t like the word “prophet” so we can use the Christian word “peacemaker” or something a Jew might say in the least offensive way such as Schindler sort of said to the SS officer in Schindler’s List, “Let me make a suggestion you might keep in the back of your mind” but with an subliminal subtext of “An offer you can’t refuse.”)


This is the moderator.  Please keep your comments to the point and as brief as possible.  Wait a minute.  I didn’t volunteer to be moderator.  Who made me moderator?



A Debate On Astral Equilibrium


Moderator: I would like to introduce you to our contestants in today’s debating tournament.  Here on my left is Friendly Bob who is arguing that astral equilibrium is simple and straightforward.  And here on my left is Buckaroo Bill who will be arguing that astral equilibrium fails to illuminate the complexities of the human personality


Also today judging the debate we have a panel of three distinguished judges.  Let me just introduce them.  To the right I am sure you all know is William Shakespeare.  William Shakespeare is widely credited with inventing the modern personality. Let’s hear a round of applause for the bard.


(applause.  From a man sitting in the first row in the audience—“Hey William, were you really William Shakespeare or someone else?”  William Shakespeare just smiles and waves his hand wiggling his fingers at the questioner).


In the center of our panel sits George Washington who of course founded our great nation. 


(applause, standing ovation, more standing ovation)


And to the left sits William Blake, the master poet who sang of the union of heaven and earth. 


(applause. Loud shouts of “yes, yes” from a young coed in the back row of the audience who is wearing a short, leather skirt and a white blouse; a bra is thrown toward William Blake from a woman in her thirties sitting in the fourth row.  She is wearing a citrine turtle neck sweater, blue jeans with no panties and is currently missing a bra).


Please, I would like to remind the audience to tone down the more overt displays of your enthusiasm.  Thank you for your cooperation.


(taking the bra from the hands of William Blake who was rubbing the fabric between his fingers and regarding it closely.  Handing the bra back to its rightful owner).


(Standing up and approaching the podium)

Buckaroo Bill: I know, I know, working on astral equilibrium is so simple and straight forward.  It’s a matter of following simple instructions.  Today I will demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that the concept and thus the practice of magical equilibrium as set forth by Franz Bardon is ill-conceived and totally inadequate.

     I will begin by making a few observations that more than suggest that the quest for astral equilibrium just might take you into the dark night of the soul—into an encounter with your shadow and the dark sides of your self that you have never met and that possess negativities you can not even imagine.

     My main thesis is that we do not have just one personality within us.  If this were so, if our consciousness were integrated already, if it had a center and a unity, then this problem would not exist.  But such is not the case.

     We meet multi personalities in others all the time.  I am not talking about schizophrenic individuals.  I am talking about individuals who act consistently in one way but at other times they act with a completely different mode of operation, style, and range of feelings.  Different motivates take over and the individual operates until something activates the original personality again. 

     For example, such an individual can be completely normal, effective, and successful in most areas of his or her life.  It is just that in one moment you are talking to one person and in the next it might as well be another person you are talking to.

     The problem, then, is that there are different complexes within the psyche.  These complexes are powerful combinations of distinct feelings, perceptions, modes of thinking, believing, and underling instinctual energies that operate separately from each other. 

     When you are a track coach coaching a team that has a shot at the state or regional championship you are not the same person as you are when you work as a financial analyst who is guiding others through investing and estate planning.  Is your ethical consciousness that you use in a confessional or when taking communion the same as what you use when you are recruiting for your team or deciding on what you might conceal from the IRS? 

     When confronted with a rare opportunity to attain an impossible dream or to satisfy a secret, life long craving, do you take into consideration all your other responsibilities?  Or do you sell all that you have to purchase what appears to be a pearl of great worth?  Just how much are you willing to pay for the cost of wisdom and how do you keep from putting up your soul as collateral in order to fulfill a vision?


To illustrate my point, consider the following case study.  This is a remarkably dedicated Christian with exceptionally strong faith. This is what I will call Personality A.  There is also a Personality B: this is a single-minded businessman who is extremely hard working.  He enjoys hard work though he is also very impatient and very demanding of perfection in others; and then there is

     Personality C: this is a lying, manipulative, mean individual who specializes in hazing and dominating other people in order to make himself feel good, in other words, a psychic vampire;  now for Personality  D: this is a highly creative individual constantly willing to take risks and who applies himself a 100 per cent to his hobbies.

   Personality E is an outspoken advocate of applying the business model of hard work and conservative decision making to politics, to church organizations, and to reform inefficient businesses whenever and wherever he encounters them; Personality F is an acutely emotionally handicapped individual who never worked through basic issues concerning happiness, well-being, security, contentment, and family participation—in other words, he has no self-reflective capacities and his conscience operates in an on again and off again mode.  In fact, on an emotional level he is dysfunctional and suffering from extreme repression and denial.

     If this individual with his personalities A-F engaged in introspection practicing astral equilibrium, he would not even be able to identify half of his problems due to his extreme self-denial regarding who he is.  That is, part of his mode of operation involves lying to himself so that he can maintain the fiction that he is a righteous, upstanding, and responsible person.  The way he sees himself is a completely inaccurate portrayal of who he really is.

    I know what you Friendly Bob are going to say--it doesn’t matter where you start.  It all works out the same.  You will insist that he just follow the game plan.  Outline the positive and negative personality qualities he has assigning them to the four elements.  Then prioritize them in terms of difficulty or value. 

     In this case, however, it is the lying, cheating and manipulative personality that will be doing the self-reflection.  That he vampirizes others’ energy, hurting them in order to make himself feel good—this is something he will never admit.  When he steals the most valuable things his best friends possess—this too he will never address.  He keeps his darkest attributes secret even from himself. 

   And this is why he is so successful.  He can present a powerful, upright, and honest individual who fools even the mob when they do a background check trying to dig up dirt on him.  They come up with nothing and so even the mob respect him for his honesty and integrity. 

   To put it briefly, he deceives himself so many of his own actions, feelings, and plans he keeps secret even from himself.  It does not matter how much astral introspection he does.  He will only be reviewing a small part of who he really is.  The system of astral equilibrium can not take into account self-deception, denial, or multiple personalities.


(Buckaroo Bill sits down and Friendly Bob takes the podium)

Friendly Bob.  (Leaning on the podium looking back over his shoulder at Buckaroo Bill)  Well done!  I like your example.  It is challenging and raises some important issues that are well worth addressing.

     First of all.  Compiling a magic mirror of the soul listing one’s positive attributes develops a sense of self-respect, confidence, and curiosity.  You are forced into liking yourself because as a matter of fact all of us have good attributes. 

    And since the exercise is to do the math, to add up everything good about yourself you get in the habit right off of taking a hard look at who you are.  You have to think about everything you do to search out what’s right and good. 

    The point is that we all can clearly identify that we are this person we see in our bright mirror, the light mirror of our soul.  And by implication we are not this person in the dark mirror of our soul which lists our negative qualities.  The practice itself of separating the light and dark mirrors of our soul overcomes fear.  It overcomes the need to keep secrets from ourselves.  Right off the curiosity to discover who we are, to accurately list our own qualities, consumes us with desire to know the truth. 

     And I know what you are going to say, Buckaroo Bill.  You are going to say that some individuals will in fact be more attracted to their dark aspects of their personalities than to the bright aspects.  And this is because they find that what is negative in themselves is what makes them effective and grants them an advantage in the real world.  And not only that.  The negative mirror has more power within it because the dark side grasps hold and feeds the fire of the instincts with greater ability than the bright.  Am I right or am I right? (Friendly Bob looking over his shoulder again at Buckaroo Bill)

  (Buckaroo Bill nodding his head)

    OK. Let’s get into it.  In your case study, it is perfectly clear that the individual likes power.  That is why he lies to himself and that is why he vampirizing others.  This is the negative version of fire.

   Now just for argument let’s say that this individual after working on his positive and negative mirrors of the soul discovers he is more attracted to the dark side of himself.  After careful review, he now wants to know more about how to haze others, how to steal their good feelings and draw them into himself.  He wants to be able to fool other people even more into thinking he is a man of virtue, honesty, and integrity while he goes about planning to do the opposite. 

    (turning again and facing Buckaroo Bill)

    Have I summarized your point adequately?

   ( again Buckaroo Bill nods in agreement)

   Well then.  He is my point. What I would say to this individual if he discussed with me his attraction to the dark side is that what he really likes is power.  And power derives from the fire element.

    His fire is a mixture of both positive and negative.  And he sees that the negative side of fire, the power to destroy, gives him an advantage in life both in terms of gaining success and in gratifying his desires.  The thing is that fire when it is positive burns hotter and gives off more light.  The power of fire that is bright is far more expansive and masterful of life than the fire that is so weak and limited that it must feed on the energy of others in order to sustain its heat. 

     In other words, let’s get inside the domination, the manipulation, and the desire to psychically rape others.  Underneath these life long habits are cravings that contain within them immense powers of creativity that once attained will utterly transform this person’s life.  To put it bluntly, this man is a big frog in a little pond.  But mastering the negative fire in himself will set him free—he will be a big frog, more like a big fish in a big lake. 

     Instead of hazing and manipulating others, he will learn how to motivate them to work even harder and more effectively without being motivated by fear.  Instead of dominating and controlling others, he will master those aspects of bonding, loyalty, and group dynamics that lead to outstanding organizations possessing profound commitment and vision. 

    And instead of utilizing psychic rape or vampirizing others’ emotions and energy to make himself feel good, he will find within himself endless sources of inspiration.  And these he will use to renew and inspire the world around him.

    To summarize, this man’s separate personalities from A to F are each working with small amounts of energy.  If he were to unite these personalities he would be working with a great amount of energy.  Even the parts of himself that lie and are manipulative, that are in denial and self-deceptive will give their full attention when I speak of what he can accomplish. 

     Now I know what you are going to say, Buckaroo Bill.  You are going to insist that this individual is stuck in a rut and that he can’t get out.  He will even admit it.  “I know you are right,” he will say, “but I just can’t get myself to change.” 

     It comes down to this: is he willing to work on the easiest things on his list that can be changed or not? If he works on them he will have success and then he will be able to decide if the positive gives him more of what he wants or not.

    If he is not even willing to work on changing himself, then he is not practicing magic in the first place.  In this circumstance, he is not trying to be a magician who masters the four elements.  Rather he is practicing religion which teaches that you only have to believe the right doctrines, tithe money to the church, appear to be moral, engage in hard work, build a new church addition every now and then, and look solemn and sincere during communion. 

    These he has already mastered to a very high degree.  And so he is a master of his religion and represents to many the epitome of religious devotion and belief.  But if he wants real power, the kind that enables him to change the world forever, to make new things that have never been before and to fulfill dreams that arise from the core  of his being, then he will practice his astral introspection and follow through in harmonizing the four elements within his soul. 

   I have presented my case.  I have addressed each of your points.  And so I conclude that the practice of magical equilibrium, of compiling bright and dark mirrors of the soul, and then working on one’s negative traits one by one is a nearly perfect way to go.


Moderator: Well, that was a most interesting debate.  I enjoyed immensely listening to both sides of the discussion.  Now our three panelists will award points from one to ten to the different sides along with brief explanations. 


Shakespeare:  Self deception has always been one of my favorite themes.  It makes for both great tragedy and comedy.  Of course, naturally, I prefer story telling to introspection when it comes to arriving at self-awareness.  When I began to write Romeo and Juliet I wasn’t yet sure of how deep the passions flowed or how they would unfold. 

   The two in crossing that great divide that separated their family lines touched a source of love that ran deeper than their blood.  And when they looked into each other’s eyes and gazed upon each other’s face, before they had embraced, their souls entwined, and their hearts entered a sacred space.

    That is passion.  It is a story told by life through which the heart is empowered to burn bright.  And whether that fire reaches us or not, whether that light of inspiration should touch us, should find us or not, still we know from the telling, from having heard the legend, that the sacred space of love exists and always will exist as long as the human race persists in living.

    Neither one of you have addressed the sacred. You muddle on about the fire element, introspection, and multiple personalities.  I think you do not know the individual of whom you are speaking.  Because I will tell you something about him which neither of you have dreamed. 

     This man would trade all of his wealth for love and I am sure he tried to do that at least once but more likely three times.  Usually a theme like this I would reserve for comedy.  In comedy no one gets hurt, well, not much.  But this man’s life is in fact a tragedy. 

   And I agree with Buckaroo Bill, it is too late for this man to change.  He is set in his ways.  You would have to kidnap him, blind him with the light, or make him mad for five years so he went around eating grass before he would grasp that he has to learn to change his mind. 

    But what Buckaroo Bill is not sharing with the audience is that this man is looking for a woman who can accept and unite the different aspects of himself so that, through her love, he is made into something new.  And even a greater tragedy is that the women he has loved have tried to do exactly that.  But they failed.  Each could unite a few parts but none could unite the whole and make him one. 

     It’s a dirty story.  I could not write it into a tragedy because there is no single personality flaw that leads to his downfall.  There is no single situation through which he could be confronted with the truth and then by choice turn away from that truth and so devolve into self-destruction. 

   But he would make a great supporting character to a protagonist in either a tragedy or a comedy.  Someone who repeats the same mistakes over and over and never learns.  Someone who abuses his powers again and again, pure righteousness one moment and then the next falling into sin. 

   To be succinct, the system of astral introspection in this case stinks unless you add a community to the practice or a vision quest. 

    Thus I award seven points to Buckaroo Bill for his dramatic presentation and three points to Friendly Bob for making something dirty and dark appear to be bright.


William Blake

(several women clapping as William Blake stands to speak)

I have listened attentively to both sides of the debate.  As an artist I naturally share with William Shakespeare his preference for experience and his reticence for trying to change oneself without adequate inspiration.

     I don’t quite know how the romance of Romeo and Juliet illuminates this man’s soul.  Sure, he might have wanted true love.  Who doesn’t?  Sure, such profound love might have changed him but ….probably not. 

    I have said it before: what lovers require is gratified desire.  He obviously wasn’t getting enough. 

    As I see it, this man is the product of his age and his generation.  Like so many others, selfish, vain, and eternal bane—men who would take even true love and turn it into shame.  The Earth herself denies them.  They take the innocent and the young and bind them with bondage, imprinting upon their souls horrors and pain.

     How can such a man who virtually dwells in hell be given a taste of heaven?  Oh I suspect this man could do quite well if Friendly Bob explained to him the advantages of mastering the four elements in his soul.  But I think equally he would rise to a new height and from there he would embrace a darker night.

    But I also agree with William Shakespeare that love is an issue here.  But the love that would heal this man’s soul, that would present his night with a moonrise, his darkness with a new dawn—it would take something feminine deep down, deeper than the love of a woman. 

    His inspiration, in a gist, would require turning away from dominating nature into becoming her lover.  Without that inspiration, his soul will never recover.  The souls of great nations and of all mankind strive—they seek to uncover the secret treasures of the feminine, of beauty they try to grasp, to bind, and to satisfy as if she can be taken by will. 

     But could she ever be taken by desire that is blind?  Can she ever be known by a craving, a hunger, or a fire that lacks vision? 

     There is a harmony in this man and it can be found.  The jungle where he rages, setting traps, digging pits, making cages, and chaining others so they serve his will—this jungle he would trade for a bard where the bard so great as to sing into being the inspiration this man has hidden within him.

    You want to capture a dragon?  Then speak aloud his magic name—enter the center of his being and there with words as sweet as air scented with Honeysuckle and the taste of tangerine present him a crystal that captures all his dreams.  And then like the light filtered through a prism revealing every color, refine those dreams into what is meant to be.

    Even a dragon can not resist the taste of pure bliss when it is unbound and free. 

   You want astral equilibrium?  Then capture every desire and let them burn with their fire.   Fuse them into one.  Make them into a sun that burns so hot passion turns to joy and joy grasps the full depths and breath of every longing and dream—and the joy then turns to ecstasy.

     I am a bard and this is the path of poetry—If you capture the dark, impenetrable, and obscure in a word you give it wings and set it free.  As I say, it is no longer a desire imprisoned and bond in chains of fear and blind ignorance.  Rather, with the power of breath and vision it transforms into ecstasy.


(one of the women in the third row bursts into tears for some strange reason.  And that girl with the leather skirt, I think she is having an orgasm.  But I won’t mention these things because comments like that are only distractions from our interesting and academic discussion)


Moderator: What about your points, William?


William Blake: I will give one point to Friendly Bob for effort.  And Buckaroo Bill I sense, like me, enjoys endless explorations of the darkness because in the darkness is hidden the keys to the future and to what shall be.  Five points to Buckaroo Bill. 


Moderator: I want to thank both of you, William Shakespeare and William Blake.  It is sheer pleasure listening to your comments.  I didn’t mention during the introduction that William Blake is a full fledge druid who practiced magic as part of a secret order of which I too am a member.  Obviously the appreciation for the magic of the spoken word comes through in wondrous ways through both of our outstanding panelists. 

   Now let me present George Washington.


George Washington: I am not a bard.  I am a humble man and I must confess I lack the poetry of the other panelists who are great visionaries. 

   Speaking from experience, I will say that life is not easy.  Becoming entangled in ill-fated schemes and poisonous dreams is sometimes our destiny.  A man of honor, integrity, dignity, reputation, and vision can still be ensnared and bound by the complexity of circumstances. 

    Those of us to whom power has been given wear a heavy mantel.  For we must set an example to others and yet ….destiny and desire often strive with each other in a wild dance of ambition and surrender.  I have never dreamed of ecstasy but rather simple duty.  And the duty required of me was more than I would ever willingly embrace.

    And although a single personality flaw is enough at times to overturn the fine work of a life time, I have seen that enough to know it happens.  But what I see more is a multitude of factors conspiring together to undo what we accomplish in our finest hours. 

     If I were practicing astral equilibrium I would not know in the beginning if my dream of land speculation in the Ohio Valley was a positive or a negative attribute.  We fought with England against the French.  We did so in part because we wished to expand to the West. 

    And then the king forbade us to settle west of the Appalachian Mountains.  It was an ill-fated decision, for nothing could stop this expansion.  And so in part for this reason we went to war with England so that we might take the land from the Indians and place our colonists upon it. 

    All the world wished us well in our fight against England but the Indians knew in their souls that our freedom meant their sacrifice.  The world has a momentum of events and this unseen, underlying drive is greater than the will of any one man to direct. 

   I played a small part in these events; I was a character actor whose interview happened at just the right time, the role was mine and I took center stage.  The War of Independence?  I will tell you, I still haven’t worked through my feelings about it.  It was a pain in the ass.

     But I did what I had to do.  I did my duty too.  I would ask that I not be judged for my faults, which remain many, but for the fact that once or twice I was willing to make every sacrifice to make a nation like none that ever was before.  We set an example for the world.  We opened the door so that life and liberty should not perish from the earth.  

    I am proud beyond the power of words to have been offered a chance to stand on the stage and play a part in this great drama of history.  Action is not poetry.  It is dirty and dark and full of pain and remorse.  And you never see how things will turn out, not amid the moment when you do the choosing. 

     Reputation and honor are the masterpiece of a great life well lived.  But they can be torn from you in any moment without recourse.  Amid the worst despair—I lived there.  There is no glory in it.  If there be a harmony, a poetry then my life was but one note, a pale metaphor, in a song whose middle and end I will never hear. 

     I did the best I could with the passions that raged within me. Introspection would not have been of much use to me.  I don’t believe it could have illuminated the darkness I passed through.

      Many died and many failed around me.  But I will say this: if magic had taken on the form of men who became leaders, then our nation is a nation born from pure magic.  Never in the history of the world were so many men of such great stature given such opportunity to establish a new form of government. 

   I am much more comfortable with Friendly Bob than with Buckaroo Bill’s point of view and intent.  Friendly Bob at least attempts to reinforce and uphold honor and dignity.  He is not repulsed by the complexity of the human personality.  And he offers persuasive reasons for embracing the light rather than the opposing darkness.  A man with a plan of action is worth far more than a man with no plan at all.  Therefore I award ten points to Friendly Bob and zero to Buckaroo Bill.


(standing ovation by the audience for George Washington)  (more standing ovation)


(George Washington speaking to the Moderator)


George Washington: I didn’t say much about the individual mentioned in the case study.  There were times during the Continental Congress when we actually had to kick Hamilton out of the chambers.  This is because he was so incredibly persuasive that we were unable to find our right minds on the topic under discussion.  If I may at this time, I would like to ask Hamilton to explain how he might have brought about changes in the man in our case study.


Moderator: Of course, we have some time left.


(Hamilton rising from the back row and walking up to the front of the room.  The room is quiet with interest)


Hamilton: Thank you for asking me to discuss my perspective on this matter of self-transformation and astral equilibrium.  It has been several hundred years now since I have participated in a good debate.  To be brief and to the point, what I would suggest is that our individual could have changed his ways and overcome his self-deception though the following program. 

    He would be invited by close associates and friends to participate in a spiritual retreat.  This retreat would occur at least once a year.  The most famous Evangelical speakers would put in an appearance and speak briefly on topics related to spirituality. 

     This would set the stage.  We would have the force of social pressure, the presence of charismatic and famous individuals, and a setting away from the world in which the participants could feel safe. 

   In this setting, small groups would be organized around various religious activities.  These religious activities would actually present purely spiritual exercises, astral introspection in disguise if you will.  In brief, the small group would emphasize the study of God’s Word. 

     But the emphasis would focus on those in the Bible who actually put forth some effort in developing their relationship to God.  Consider Jacob wrestling with an angel, Daniel meditating by a river demanding a reply to his question, and David and Solomon’s wonderful capacities for self-reflection and describing their inner turmoil.

      Among those who would teach and facilitate these small groups would be those specific Evangelical Christians who actually have some talent for introspection and self-analysis.  A moderator would be present who guarantees that each individual demonstrate to himself and the others in his group his understanding and capacity to apply spiritual self-review and commitment to change.  

      Through practicing specific spiritual exercises a self awareness would be inevitable.  And this self-awareness would be reinforced by the sharing among the group members and further strengthened as the members of the group return to their own churches and teach this process to others.

    In effect, we would be accomplishing the equivalent of kidnapping him and presenting him with the specialized circumstances that would generate precisely those psychological elements which would motivate him to change. 

   It was I who organized behind the scenes the Federal Reverse
System which helped to maintain the financial institutions necessary for our democracy.  Similarly, by working behind the scenes, it is possible to reform religion so that it develops those genuine spiritual capacities that endow individuals with the power of self-transformation.  My entire thesis therefore depends on my observation that at times, in order to change an individual, you must change the circumstances surrounding him.

     Throughout the history of the world the question a real revolutionary must always ask himself and his cause: Are we setting the conditions under which human beings can better transform themselves or are we merely replacing one form of despotism for another that operates under the rubric of catchy phrases and deceptive concepts appealing to fear and greed?  The responsibility for improving an institution or a government will always return to the role each of us as individuals must play in acting with integrity if we are to change the world.

    Thank you.


Moderator: Let’s hear a round of applause for Hamilton.




Moderator:  Thank you Hamilton for that wonderful set of suggestions. 

     Well folks, there you have it.  I am sorry we do not have time during this debate for rebuttals.  And this is only the first part of a series of debates so we hope to do a better job in the future.

      It looked like the two bards were going to throw an easy victory to Buckeroo Bill but in the end Friendly Bob has won by fourteen to twelve.  And thank goodness for Washington’s suggestion to call in Hamilton.  I think we have another fascinating plan of action on the drawing board.  Congratulations to you Friendly Bob on your victory and thank you Buckaroo Bill on your fine presentation. 


Everyone is invited to our “after the debate party” up in the Hollywood Hills at the house of Michelle Pfeiffer.  Have I got that right? Didn’t Michelle Pfeiffer offer us her house?  Well, the Guild Secretary here I see is handing out maps that must lead us somewhere.  See you all at the party.



Mid Semester Exam  


I know some schools of magic have lengthy training procedures and various rituals of initiation.  But here at the Magic University we like to keep things simple and to the point.  We only have one question on our Mid Term and it pertains to three separate aspects of akasha. 

     Of course, if you flunk this test you can still get a passing grade if you manage to raise your akasha scores before the end of the term.  (Sorry folks, no extra credit on this one ….although some consideration will be given for the completion of outstanding group projects.)

    Conducting our Mid Term today is our distinguish Dean of Evocation and Magical Practices, Nith-Haiah, from the sphere of Mercury and who is the guardian angel of all magicians on earth. 


Nith-Haiah: Today there are three parts for you to demonstrate proficiency in regarding working with akasha. 


For the preliminary, which you are all already acquainted with, place yourself in a timeless and spaceless state of trance.  Your body is filled with dark, ultraviolet light.  And this light penetrates out through all the pours of your body spreading out through space and time.  And now simply identify with this vast expanse.  Your consciousness is now operating without reliance on thought or image and without reference to any geographical location. 


Well, then, let’s see if you all have the first basic point: Are you free of all form identification?  You are conscious but without any need of a conscious identity.  You are aware but there is no need to reference your awareness back to your individual personality, your family history, your nation, culture, or religion. 

   You are beyond form so nothing that has form, image, identity, shape, or weight can reach you in this state. 


Katie, over there in the back on the end of the right row.  You are still attached to all the suffering you caused others when you were an inquisitor during the great burning.  It keeps your aura infused with a negative fiery energy that you haven’t yet learned to purify.  Keep working.


And Jack, here in the front row on the left.  Jack, there are too many women who have their claws into you.  Look at you, Jack.  Your third chakra is like a flash flood of emotion splashing down into what should be a cool and clear mountain pool.  No way you are going to penetrate through space and time when your ego is wrapped up in inflating itself by controlling these women in your life.   Think a little more in terms of inner poise and harmony with your own drives before you try impressing chicks with your masculine abilities.


Let’s see.  Third row, isle, the girl wearing black.  Ah yes, Jolie.  You came into this life to accomplish a mission but you are acting more like your life is an intermission.  Look, class.  All I am asking is that you get inside of an akashic trance in which you demonstrate that you are independent of the world, able to be unattached, and yet able to be fully conscious without the support of any form identification. 


This is just the most basic stuff.  Center isle in the back.  You would be ….Larry.  Larry, I have seen you wandering around the various planetary spheres.  You are a very gifted young man in the area of evocation.  Yes, very gifted.  Now look Larry.  You can’t take upper level classes without meeting the basic requirements. 

   In your case, you have to have a life before you detach yourself from your life.  You are a regular, what is the term? Space cadet.  Even Captain Kerk said he is from Iowa.  He just works in outer space. 

     Larry, you will have to spend some time pulling some of your energy down from your third eye into your lower charkas.  In other words, get a life my friend.  Jack over there is too attached, too wrapped up in making “friends.”  Larry you need a little more experience in connecting to other human beings in a natural, relaxed, accepting, and enjoyable setting. 

    Because when you enter akasha what is happening is that a huge part of yourself, namely, your subconscious is refusing to cooperate.  It is passive aggressive, Larry.  It is conniving even now on how to sabotage all of your magic, maybe get you to join an Evangelical or fundamentalist church because you really need a sense of home grown community, and your subconscious is about to force your hand if you don’t act fast.  Akasha is taking a hard look at you, my boy, and its telling me to send you back. 

   Alright.  Everyone else seems to grasp the first point fairly well. Although two of you are getting akasha on the astral plane rather than the real thing. But you are close.  Just keep the four elemental energies out of your meditation.  Akasha is the origin of the elements, not their derivation.


Now then, for our second of three points.  Continue to maintain your timeless and spaceless penetrating state of formless awareness.  You are this vast space of dark, ultraviolet light. 

   Now within this vast expanse penetrating through space and time, I want to see that you can demonstrate the basic awareness that you are a creator.  Space and time are your art.  You are free to take whatever elements exist on the three lower planes, to take them, to shape them, to transform them according to your design and your mastery of the elemental powers and qualities. 

    At this point, we are not doing anything specific.  I just want to see you demonstrate that you are both totally independent of the three lower planes and that you are also able to penetrate them with your awareness from the point of view of akasha. 

   I want to see a little sovereignty here, folks.  A little power, creativity, authority, and dignity.  I want above all else a feeling arising from the core of your being that you are utterly and absolutely responsible for what causes you place within the four planes.  I want to sense the conviction and faith that you can overcome all obstacles to whatever purposes you should ordain. 

    We magicians are not just Arhats who have established their independence form the world.  Rather, we are involved as much as anyone can be involved with the world, overseeing, inspiring, guiding, illuminating, alleviating suffering, offering wisdom and insight, ordaining new purposes, new institutions.

     We are here for a purpose folks and we get the job done.  Let me see your auras light up with the vibration of akasha--that like akasha itself with which you are now identifying you create the elements and oversee the dynamics of all that unfolds on the three lower planes.

    In a nutshell, I want just one thing: that your state of awareness is a state through which you know beyond all doubt that you have the power to create. 


(Walking up to Kim in the front row).  Kim.  I am not asking you to be the Creator.  I know the universe is a very big place.  And there are lots of mysterious and overwhelming powers running around like clouds cloaking the moon on a dark night.  But Kim I am just asking that you show that you have jurisdiction over that part of life where your influences extend.  It is about taking the world that is given to you and making it into a better place.  Can you do this for me Kim? 

      Come on.  This is not the Tang Dynasty.  I know the government of the country where you live is rather authoritarian at times, somewhat arbitrary, the usual corruption, confusion, injustice, and disarray.  I am not asking you to take over the government.  I asking you to take over your own consciousness and put it in order, balance, infusing it with purpose, a center, so that you are sovereign within yourself and so by your very presence you influence the world that surrounds you. 

     OK.  That is much better Kim.  And good luck with those parents of yours.  Even I would have a hard time bringing light into their minds.


I am seeing a lot of creators here in the room.  This is very good.  You are all getting this one must faster than the first one ….except Jorge.  (walking up the side isle on the left to the second row from the back).  Jorge.  You seem to have this obsession with taking control.  Working with akasha is not a business venture.  You can’t work it like you are CEO of a corporation.  “Having dominion over the earth” may work for corporate boards but akasha is much more subtle and far more responsible. 

    Think of it more like akasha created the earth and all the elements of nature and it took four billions years or so to do this.  There is a lot of hard work here that has already been put into the elements of nature.  And nature continues to possess many treasures of spirit that the human race has yet to discover.  Yes, a great many treasures of which the people on this planet haven’t the faintest awareness.

   Jorge.  A little more detachment.  We are not running a good race, here. We are not competing with anyone.  This isn’t about seeing who will accomplish the most.  A creator is not a conquistador.  There is no market to exploit. 

    Think more about research and development.  You design something that has never existed before, something never dreamed of or imagined, not by the world teachers, not by the prophets, not by the holy or wise men galore.  No, a creator creates out of nothing, where nothing was, where nothing went before, something new is ordained and brought into being. 

  Yes, that is it, Jorge.  Nice work.  Nice inspiration.  You now have the vibration.


Oh yes, and Betty Anne.  Betty Anne.  (kneeling in front of a girl in the front row). You too incarnated to fulfill a purpose.  Didn’t work out so well, huh?  And yet here you are a freshman at the Magic University taking Magic 101. 

      A lot of personal history to work through.  A lot going on in your past you aren’t yet aware of even though you know it was very very dark.  Yes.  A lot of your ancestors turned away from the light and a few who turned toward the light became even more dark in the process. 

   Hmm.  For you your personal history is your prime material, something dark, impenetrable, and completely obscure that you must penetrate, embrace, and transform to reach a point of equilibrium.  The elements you must demonstrate sovereignty over are the known and unknown desires, drives, dreams, schemes, and fallen aspirations of those of your bloodline who have gone before. 

    To be a creator, Betty Anne, you must convince yourself beyond all doubt that you can take hold, seize, grasp, clasp, fuse, and unite all that is in your past and make it into something new.  This is what we creators do—we make the world new. 

    I am not asking you at this point to change anyone Betty Anne.  But part of the souls of everyone who has gone before you has taken up residence within your soul.  Their desires and unfinished dreams still reside within you.  Simply find a place outside space and time where the balance and harmony are so great you can return and set these desires free and redefine these dreams.  Turn them into works of beauty.  This is meant to be one of your gifts to the world—to set others free.

    You are a quick learner.  Nice work.  You have the vibration.


Now for our third and final point. We have been joining ourselves with akasha, making ourselves one with it.  The task now is to do what akasha also does: Fashion from out of your self your own inner vision of what you wish to create.  Unfold your own inner inspiration that allows you to originate. 

     To enter the earthzone you must confront the darkness in yourself.  This darkness is nothing else than the abyss in which every creator exists.  You have to stand slightly outside of creation to create.  That was the first point, the detachment. 

     For the second point, you have to also appreciate the world as it exists--to understand and to fully embrace all the history of the world, its unfolding evolution, and its nature.  To know it so well you also are free to take the building blocks of the four elements and to reorder, redesign them, and to transform them.    

       This brings us to the third point.  Every spirit who serves the purposes of Divine Providence originates from out of its own inner vision.  This inner source of inspiration is always original, new, and part of the art of Creation. 

   For the third part of our test turn within and show me you have an inner vision that is utterly original and that arises from out of the core of yourself, from out of akasha, and from out of the first manifestation of light as it enters the universe. 

    I want to see a little bit of the light of Divine Providence reflected and originating directly through each of you. 


You have a question for me on our task, yes you, there in the third row.  You are?  Carol.  Yes, I remember reviewing your application. 


Carol: Say, Nith, I don’t know quite where to go if I turn within.  I mean, the inner world is a pretty big place.  Could you maybe give us a few tips, I mean, something a little concrete to sink our teeth into?


Nith-Haiah: Sure Carol.  I am glad you asked.  Often discovering one’s own inner source of inspiration requires a quest.  For example, we have already reviewed the quest for reunion with your divine parents. You remember as with Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, borrowing from Schiller: “Surely over yonder starry vault a loving father dwells.” Nice piece of work, that symphony.  Music from a dream within a spirit of the solar sphere. 

     Or the MahabarataArjuna meeting Shiva; or Christ, “I and the father are one.”

      You can also work with the akashic levels of the cosmic letters until something remarkable happens.  You might try penetrating into the sphere of the sun—that will do nicely.  But the basic procedure for today is just to sit within akasha and wait, perfectly clear, perfectly open, perfectly encompassing time and space with your awareness. 

    In this cosmic embrace, the part you are meant to play in the unfolding of the world will come to you—that is, you discover your own will and vision and inspiration.  It is like listening to what you heart has to say to you when you heart is so open it embraces and encompasses the world. 


Carol:  Could you maybe help me out.  I am still not getting this.  Well, for example, what is your inner source of inspiration?


Nith-Haiah:  My inner source of inspiration?  It is the way in which everything in our solar system penetrates in and through everything else.  There is one fabric or pattern of life that interweaves everything in this solar system into a cosmic design of harmony and beauty.  It is like a cosmic tapestry, a preamble to the Book in which is written the Song of the Universe. 

     I sense you are going to ask next about The Song of the Universe?  It is the Song by which the universe was created, and the Song that is still going on through which the universe is being recreated; and it is about those who sing this Song and it is about the part everyone of us has to play in the unfolding of the universe.

    It is about a great Mystery that is yet to be understood by those who have been created.  It is about a great wonder that is yet to be revealed from within our own hearts.  It is about who we shall be when we are all fully creators who have assumed our rightful place in the unfolding of the universe.  In the beginning, there were seven mighty lords of creation who fulfilled God’s will in creating the universe.  In the end we shall all be Lords of Creation.  My inspiration is something along those lines.

   Ah, and I sense now you are about to ask how someone else could tell if I have this or not.  The answer is that an individual with an inner source of inspiration is united in some way to Divine Providence.  That is, there is a light shining within that is boundless.  It has no beginning or end. It enriches all that its touches.  It renews itself, recreating itself, originating from out of itself.  To put it simply, what is not yet manifested within creation is manifesting in a new and original way through those who have an inner source of inspiration. 


Carol: I don’t think it is fair to ask us at this point to demonstrate that we have an inner source of inspiration like what you are talking about.  I mean really.  We are just at the beginning of our training.  I could imagine that maybe for a graduate degree in advanced magic that we might have acquired this ability.  But not in this class.  This is magic 101.  Come on.


Nith-Haiah: Well Carol, now that you put it that way.  I mean it is true that none of you are ready to assume a position as one of the earthzone spirits who are responsible for and have a jurisdiction over some aspect of human or planetary evolution.  Certainly none of the professors would ask that of you at this point.

     Still, we can talk about akasha as a basic exercise—consciousness penetrating through space and time and then identifying with this vast expanse of formless awareness.  Within this exercise here is what I am going to ask of each of you.  Put yourself now into an akashic trance. 

    I will accept one intuition, feeling, image, or vision of something that has the power to renew and recreate your self.  This is something you have never thought of before.  It is also something that has no basis, reference, and does not in any way arise from out of the past or those forces that have lead you to where you are now.