Copyright 2008 by William R. Mistele




I am emptiness

Also known as Prajnaparamita

I am the mother of all enlightened beings

By finding me inside your self

You attain to perfect freedom.


I am where selfishness turns to compassion

Because I am free of all attachment


In nature, I am the open empty space between the stars

I am where the stars rest, sleep,

And dream of infinite peace.

These are the depths of my beauty.


In feelings,

Attraction is my alchemy

Passion is my methodology

I am the union of opposites

All opposition dissolves in my presence


In mind, I am like the sky

No barriers, no boundaries,

Perfect clarity

I offer light a place to shine


In spirit,

I can take the darkest power into my heart

For this is my art

And restore its original purity

Revealing its perfection and nobility.


I am emptiness

I am the mother of all enlightened beings

There is no end to my compassion

No limit to my action

I am the ecstasy within all inspiration

Beyond all separation

I am the oneness of all living beings