††††††††††††††† Copyright © 2009 by William R. Mistele. All rights reserved.


Prajnaparamita Mediation

(the cosmic letter U)


I am nothing

Pure emptiness

Without matter or energy

Vast, open space

Before there are stars and galaxies

Yet I remain

Beyond image, thought, color, sound, form, or name

I am before, outside of, and inside of time

What am I good for?

I am original being

Return to me when you seek purity

I dissolve all illusion and confusion

When all is gone, everything vanquished

I answer these questions:

Why has the universe

And why have you come into being?

I am the stillness underlying creation

Look around.You can find me:

I am your life unfolding with beauty and harmony

What price must you pay?

Let go of ego and attachment

Fear and desire

Need and craving

I am the mirror of the enlightened mind

In which your life appears

Though subtle and difficult to grasp,

Iíll grant you that,

Every event of history is my design

You and I are that entwined †††

Those who desire me call me passion

Those who love me call me freedom

Those who find me within themselves

Become as I am

An infinite sea of compassion.