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                                    Problems in the Study of Magic, Part IV:

Using Magic to Make Things Happen—A

Study of the Electric Fluid 


Part I



Previously in Problems in the Study of Magic, Parts I-II, I have expressed my view that to work with magic you need to consider the kind of life you live and the internal/external balance necessary for holding this power. 

In Part III, I discussed the magnetic fluid and aspects of the feminine.  I turned to the imagery of water in nature and to undines to better pursue the essence of the feminine.  I worked with nature because I do not know of any women or, for that matter, men who embody the magnetic fluid. 

     I do not know anyone to study with who embodies a love that embraces creation, a love that holds the world within its heart, an all-embracing love that celebrates and feels flowing through itself the vital life within all living beings, or a love that feels one with the universe.  The undines, however, who are very much like human women, were most helpful in teaching these things.   

     When it comes to discussing how to make things happen we are talking about the opposite of the magnetic—the electric fluid.  The salamanders who embody fire are not at all like human men (the genie in the movie Aladdin was a salamander).  And trying to pursue the nature of will by studying the element of fire does not come naturally.  But then again our world already has vast experiences with the electric fluid.  It is easy enough to find all kinds of stories that illustrate the nature and problems associated with the expression of masculine will and power. 

    Though I will be discussing terms such as faith and conviction, on a certain level these terms have nothing to do with religion.  Like the power of will, they are part of the fabric of life and the universe. 

     We have seen the outer events of human history shaped by acts of will.  Getting what you want often involves will.  But this is only half of the equation.  We can indeed separate the electric and the magnetic, the masculine and feminine, in order to clarify, work with, and master them.  We can study or identify with one or the other.  We can compute back and forth between the two.  But the truth is they are joined in any and every act of creation.     

    I would also like to note at this point that I do not find this topic any easier to write about than the previous essay concerning the magnetic fluid.  Power, for example, is always easy to abuse.  And love often asks of us more than we can dream or imagine.  Consequently, consider this essay a beginning rather than a summation. 




Using magic to get what you want or to make things happens is basic.  I summarized this on my web site. This was the fourth of nine points summarizing the Bardon system. (See my essay on the earthzone as a spiritual university for these points:


All methods and techniques for changing oneself or the world boil down to a simple formula: you concentrate on what is desired as if it is real right now in this moment.  You add an appropriate kind of energy using visualization, feeling, thought and affirmation, etc. so it has some power independent of your mind and so it can move with enthusiasm toward its objective on any or all planes.  And you also take into consideration and comprehend every force, situation, resistance, and obstacle that blocks your vision from becoming reality.  This last element insures that your course of action is forged from wisdom and results in harmony.


Now then, we are still in the introduction. Bear with me.  There is a book and movie out called The Secret.  I have not read this book or seen the movie.  I suspect this is presented pretty much as a non magical activity.  It is not that magic or miracles do not happen as a result.  It is just that you do not have to train your body, senses, emotions, mind, and spirit in a magical way for years or decades to make it work.  They will not tell you that you need to do this.  Let us take a look at the words from the DVD trailer from (you can go there now and play the following by searching on under “the secret” then click on “the secret: extended edition” and then play the trailer):


(music playing, images of monks, scholars, priests, knights, rulers, etc.) “Throughout history, all the great minds, all the great leaders, all the great achievers had something in common….


The secret was buried.

The secret was coveted.

The secret was banned.

The secret was suppressed. 


And now the great glimmering of truth can be revealed again….  If you know this secret it gives you everything you want--(Image of genie appears out of bottle to man on beach) happiness, health, and wealth.  You can have, do, or be anything you want.”


There it is.  Magic a la Hollywood.  Magic in a nutshell.  New Age magic now appearing on the best seller list right next to other New Age authors telling you exactly the same thing for the last twenty years or hundred years.   The book is on Oprah.  Why endanger your body, mind, and soul studying Bardon when you can read a book millions of others are reading that Oprah recommends?  

    What is the precise description of the secret in terms of its components?  Very similar to Newton’s “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  In New Age terms, if you imagine what you want as if it is real right now and if you give hope, vision, love, trust, and peace to this vision and to the world around you then what you desire will manifest to you.  Positive thinking, feeling, faith, and envisioning—who in their right mind would object to these? 

    What does say about the secret and the law of attraction? It summarizes the law of attraction as “1. Know what you want and ask the universe for it.  2. Feel and behave as if the object of your desire is on its way.  3. Be open to receiving it.”


This is Biblical stuff: “Ask and you shall receive.”  “If you ask your father for bread will he give you as stone?”  You can preach this stuff from a pulpit in a Baptist Church and no one would object.  You can preach it in a Catholic Church.  You can preach it in a Hindu ashram.  You can preach it in a Hopi Indian kiva.  You can preach this in a coven.  There have even been times when I have hired Buddhist monasteries utilizing Buddhist rituals I have specified for them to use and they have done this on behalf of my world peace work for years (high Tibetan lamas suggested this approach to me).


 Now then, has over 1200 reviews of this book/DVD—The Secret.  I love reading the reviews.  About four of five are positive.  No one seems neutral.  You either love this stuff or you hate it. 

   Some of the reviews: “Essentially it teaches how our thoughts create or attract whatever we focus on” or “What you think of is going to happen to you.” 

     Or, “When you think positively, and visualize yourself in the situation of your desire I believe that you will subconsciously take the steps to make it happen.” ….  “I am just not sure that I believe that you are ‘sending out thought vibration to the universe, which bows to your commands.’” 

    Or, “All God wants is for you to ask Him and believe (FAITHFULLY) then you shall receive….”

    And my favorite negative review was “Visualize the world without this book in it.”

    Indeed, it is very easy to be negative about this positive thinking stuff.   There are solid criticisms of it.  On the other hand, you have to understand how powerful being positive is. 

    Human beings are constantly “pinging” each other as in sonar—sending out nonverbal and subliminal signals to check out the other person’s attitude, strengths and weaknesses, and ability to respond.  If you watch carefully when individuals glance into each other’s eyes—there is an actual exchange of energy occurring between the two. 

   If you put someone’s face under a magnifying glass and also study the intonation and pitch of the voice as he or she says “hello” to two different people, you could probably identity between ten and twenty different signals being communicated during the two, brief exchanges. 

     There are degrees of validation, receptivity, encouragement, sensual response, desire, compatibility, attunement, rapport, attentiveness and so forth that occur.  When you transmit really good energy with strong thoughts as well during an interaction you sometimes get astonishing responses—individuals sometimes naturally change their behavior, thoughts, and feelings to comply with the vision you are projecting.       


On the other hand, as points out (which I found after searching Yahoo under “law of attraction” “spiritual”), you may be broadcasting a very positive “radio signal” on the frequency of your visualizing and thoughts but subconsciously you may be broadcasting just the opposite.  Your personal life story and experience are full of pain and rejection and these emotional memories short circuit your affirmations.  You end up attracting with your mind and repelling with your subconscious at the same time. 

      We can preach on this theme for years just using the Bible.  “If a Roman soldier asks you to walk with him a mile, go with him two.”  Individuals are used to seeing others being frustrated and defensive.  But what if when someone gives you negative energy you return positive? All of a sudden this person’s “story” that he lives by is suddenly broken.  You do not respond like everyone he has ever known.  He has been bad to you yet you treat him like a friend.      

        How often can we expose what is dark in ourselves to others and they return acceptance and love?  Your positive energy and faith offer another a chance to start his life over with a new beginning.  At least now he has a choice to return to you what you are giving to him. 

     Some would argue that Christ knew it would not always work.  But it would work enough that his religion would eventually take over the Roman Empire.  The Jews wanted immediate political liberation of Israel.  Christ was more patient and had a wider vision.

     He knew the Roman Empire was desperate for individuals whose faith was not derived from this world but who would in all cases seek to be positive and helpful in every situation they enter.  How many leaders need someone under them who is moral, absolutely trustworthy, and always bringing positive energy to every situation—not because of threats or pay but because that is who they are?      

     It was not just Rome and Christianity.  Faith and positive thinking took Joseph out of jail as a prisoner and turned him into the chief executive officer of Egypt, second under the Pharaoh.  The same took Daniel from a lion’s den into being in charge of Babylon second under the king.  When you get this stuff right from the core of your being, you change the fate of nations. 

     Do I sound like a preacher?  Faith is what preaching is all about.  From a magical perspective, however, faith and conviction have qualities and quantities.  When you upgrade the quality of your faith, intensifying it, and increase its magnitude, its power, this is magic.  You are acting as a spirit utilizing akasha and the Divine Light to change yourself and the world.  This is “sending out thought vibration to the universe, which bows to your commands.”  Maybe a good Baptist or Catholic would not put it that way.  But this is what spiritual beings do, both angels and spirits, God and Goddess, they make the world new. 

     So what is the difference between positive thinking and running a con on another person?  Someone sends me a chain letter saying how wealth and fortune will come to me if I just send out seven letters with seven dollars on to others.  And this is a good person with good intentions.  But the letter states that bad things may happen to me if I fail to comply.  This is not positive thinking.  It is black mail and extortion.  Let the curse return to those who set this letter in motion.   

    Or how about that wonderful testimonial I read on the internet regarding the law of attraction?  A woman lands at an airport but does not have the money to pay for a shuttle to take her home.  She gets on the shuttle anyway.  She has faith and meditates on giving good energy to those around her.  She visualizes and believes.  And presto another couple tell her that they have enjoyed talking to her so much that they would love to pay for her fare.  

      Now is that great faith or what? I call that criminal behavior.  You are okay as long as you do not get caught.  You can get away with something like what this woman did ten, twenty, or thirty times.  But if she gets caught once, she may well be fingerprinted, arraigned, and may have to consider jail time.  This would be society’s use of the law of attraction which says “We do not like people who go around using their faith to take advantage of other people.” In fact the justice system visualizes these people as having their rights restricted for the good of themselves and everyone else

    The best con men are those who fool themselves into believing their lie.  They turn it into a life style.  Was Ken Lay, the CEO at Enron, doing positive thinking when he said Enron was doing great—you know, just promoting the company--or was it fraud as he deceived investors and depleted the retirement funds in order to cash in his own stock?  The question for the jury was whether his actions were acts of good faith or whether they were an abuse of an insider’s knowledge.       

     Or why not be like the secretary at the Lutheran Church in Grosse Pointe, Michigan who embezzles a million dollars from her church?  Surely in the beginning she said to herself I am going to pay this back.  And it is for a really good purpose.  I am completely trustworthy. I will send out good thoughts to everybody and even add interest.  I do not think the Bible meant for you to use someone else’s money—either borrowed or embezzled funds--when you cast your bread on the water. 

   Of course I am told by those who start new businesses that it is best to not use your own money.  Use the money of investors.  But investors know the risk they are taking and carefully place restrictions on the money they lend (investing is the art of risk management).

    I knew a former missionary who got up in church one day during testimonials and said, “God let me down.  I prayed to Him for money and nothing arrived.”

    Now missionaries often use a straightforward system of divination using omens to determine their next course of action.  They place their situation in God’s hands and God opens a door or he closes a door—whatever happens is obviously God’s omen.  This individual quit being a missionary and ended up as chairman of a department at a large university.  He was a lot happier at the university as a tenured professor than as a missionary begging others for hand outs. 

    Perhaps God actually answered his prayer.  The failure of the money to arrive was God’s way of saying, “You don’t need money.  You need a real job so you can make your own money and raise a family.”  The failure in his case could well have meant he was supposed to reevaluate his request and consider a completely different set of goals.  He just did not dig deep enough in interpreting the omen.  You have to keep evaluating your intent, method, and goal when making magical requests or when dealing with higher powers.       

    I have told elsewhere the story of a guy who said all he needed to do was pray when he needed money and he would get it in the mail or though some other means when he needed it.  He talked about himself on one of those internet spiritual discussion groups.  He said it had been working for years.   And then suddenly it stopped working.  The next notice on the bulletin board was that he had suddenly died. When exercising your will it is wise to remain on your toes and to adapt to changing circumstances.  The primary directive in psychology and perhaps also in spiritual psychology is that if something is not working try something else. 

      If you close your eyes when you meditate, go ahead and imagine that you have everything that you want.  When you open your eyes and get up look at what is in front of you.  To be enlightened is to see the world as it is.  To be daring is to hold in your heart the way the world is and the way you want it to be and to know the difference.  Do not sacrifice your mind on the altar of your faith.  (Queen Mary—“Bloody Mary”--did that and became a symbol of pure devotion and faith married to horror and malice).

    Another quote: “Do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.” In my terms this means you can be attentive and responsible for your actions in the physical world.  And you can act as a spiritual being exercising vision, faith, compassion, and sovereignty.  Do not let one interfere with the other.

    I sat in a group where one of the individuals said that he had prayed for money so he could come to the seminar we were both attending.  He prayed for money and then his house burned down and now he has money from the insurance. Maybe it was time for him to get out of that house and start doing new things.  From an investment point of view, he had assets which were not being fully utilized considering their value if they were invested elsewhere.  But it gives you pause.  I do not think when he prayed for money that he would have been willing to receive it through that means.  Make sure what you ask for is really worthwhile and that your intentions are of the best quality.        

     There are different planes of existence and each has its own laws, energies, and requirements.  Transmit good energy but try to avoid criminal activity.  Your obstacles are meant to accelerate your learning process making you stronger and more adept.  Use your obstacles wisely by giving them your full attention and learning from them.  


Case study.  An example of positive thinking along the lines of a New Year resolution.  I need to exercise more.  I Affirm it with a thought: “I am exercising in a really good way.”  Just a moment.  A counter thought flashes through my mind like a shooting star in the night sky—The thought is “Wait a minute. Are you sure you can pull this off?  I have a few doubts I would like to register right now.”

   Hum.  Let’s try, “I am exercising in a really good way and when I do not meet my objectives I have a backup plan of action and I also modify my life style so I can continue to meet my objective.”  Okay.  This my subconscious believes I can do.  Feels better already. 

   I also visualize it.  I can do that.  Here is a picture in which I am conscientiously meeting my exercise objective.   I look so determined and consistent in my visualization. 

     I also feel it like it is real right now: I feel healthier.  I am proud of myself.  And I feel like this has been a valuable use of my time.  And for the simple reason that I have to organize more to meet my exercise schedule, everything else I do is now more efficient. 

    The thought is there with its positive affirmation.  The picture is there with a “it is real right now” visualization.  And I have the feeling: it is a physical sensation, “Here is my body and it is vital, alive, and strong.”          

     Is this magic?  Not in the least.  It is New Age stuff.  Psychology 101.  Your track coach should have told you all of this and transmitted it to you through the power of his faith and conviction when he gave that speech to the team, “We are going to win this meet and you each are going to perform at your best.”


Now for another case study.  Druids and Wiccans may have trouble with this story but bear with me.  Here is the single best story in the Old Testament of an individual using hard core magic.  No Rabbi in a synagogue or Christian in his Church will tell you this story in its essence.  But I will. 

    Let me introduce you to Jacob.  Here is Jacob’s psychological profile derived from his family history.  His grandfather, Abraham (formerly known as Abram), was asked by God to leave his city, Ur in Chaldea, and journey to a new land. 

      But along the way God was not quite sure that Abraham was up to the task.  He seemed to lack faith (King Henry the VIII in England had a similar problem with lack of faith).  For this kind of mission, however, your agent on earth can not be short on faith.  So God asks him to sacrifice his son and at the last moment, when it was obviously to both God and Abraham at the same moment that his faith was strong, God cancels the sacrifice.

     But there was another test, perhaps the greatest test of any human being in the Old Testament.  God showed Abraham a “dark vision” of his future descendents as slaves for hundreds of years in Egypt.  Abraham saw the vision and what did he do?  He did absolutely nothing.  No back talk, no question, no complaint, no objection, no counter argument, no debate, no suggestion, no inquiry—God got nothing from Abraham when He granted Abraham inside information on future history.   

    I can just hear God’s very thoughts at this moment in Abraham’s story, “Does the human race have no wish to discuss with me its future fate? Do I have no friends who seek to know the desires of My heart and to understand the purposes I wish to fulfill on earth?”  I tell you it is a lonely feeling whether you are mortal or divine to find your self suffering isolation of this kind.  It is an intolerable feeling—almost like “If there is the slightest chance of someone seeking to know Me I will offer him or her the opportunity, at least a test to see how far they are willing to come.”         

    Jacob’s response to his grandfather’s life?  Sure, Abraham demonstrated his faith in God.  All the same, I do not want to be so full of doubt, passive, and blind as my grandfather.  In fact, my grandfather made an absolute fool of himself and created suffering for others due to his lack of trust in God to fulfill His promises.         

    Then along came Jacob’s father, Isaac.  Isaac wanted to marry this beautiful woman he met.  But her father wanted Isaac as cheap labor and so swindled him into marrying his other daughters and working for years before Isaac could finally have his heart’s desire.  

    Then we come to Jacob’s immediate family.  He has an elder brother, Esau, and a mother who knew that Jacob and not Esau should get Isaac’s blessing.  Esau was a dumb materialist and void of spiritual consciousness.  So the mother fooled Isaac on his death bed into blessing Jacob rather than Esau.

    Jacob’s response?  I do not want to be either like my father, a fool and to be fooled, or have to lie and steal like my mother in order to do what is right.  Getting your father’s blessing (notice that word “blessing”) through stealth does not leave the best taste in your mouth.  And for all of Isaac’s enchantment with a beautiful woman, his fault remains—he was more enchanted with a woman than with his inner vision.  And I am not going to make the mistake of my brother Esau who was without awareness of his spiritual heritage and destiny.  

    There we have Jacob knowing he is part of an important spiritual purpose and wanting neither to suffer in terms of his personal desires nor to be horribly remiss when it comes to attaining his destiny.  That is the psychological profile derived from his family history. 

     Now our story begins: Jacob meets some sort of spiritual being, an angel perhaps or an angel standing in for God.  And Jacob wrestles him for a blessing.  Why wrestle? 

    Given his family history, Jacob is saying, “Let us deal right now with this thing about faith and spiritual destiny. I am neither willing to let you mess with my life so I live so many unhappy years.  And I am not willing to lie and to cheat.  So I am putting myself on the line right now with all of my will to insure that you have no cause against me when it comes to fulfilling your divine will.”

      But intent is not enough.  Preliminary good faith actions are not enough.  The angel goes on wrestling all night refusing to give in.

      Things are beginning to look bad for Jacob.  Not only that.  Dawn is coming and the angel ups the stakes.  He touches Jacob’s thigh and cause physical injury. 

     [We are well beyond the “1. Know what you want and ask the universe for it.  2. Feel and behave as if the object of your desire is on its way.” I suspect that none of the New Age spiritual psychology 101 teachers will tell you that your object of your desire, even when pursued in a positive way, may try to tear you apart.  It may strive to destroy you and/or your faith. 

     After all, what is the nature of a great spiritual test (also known as genuine initiation)?  If you pass it, you are now a different person.  Let me say that a little differently: the one who began the test is now dead.  The one who passes the test is reborn—is born a different person.  Many traditions as well as God you will notice like to give a new name to the person who passes the test. Because this is a new person. I do not think you will hear about this problem on Oprah].

     Jacob rallies and refuses to let go in spite of the injury or possibly additional injury.  The angel has a self imposed limitation (you have to self impose limitations when dealing with mortals; that is one of the divine/human interaction rules)—the angel must leave before dawn.  And now for the climax of the story.  The angel asks, “What do you want?” Jacob replies, “I want a blessing.”

    Jacob has passed the test, a test Jacob initiated though his own volition, one not overwhelming him by a burning bush or by a voice of God speaking to him through a whirlwind or in a dream.  Jacob was not “caught up in the spirit” to serve as a psychic medium to take dictation writing letters to seven churches.  No, Jacob engineered and designed this little encounter with the Divine.  Jacob’s action was his response to this question, “What is missing from my life and the lives of those who have gone before me?”

      This I tell you is hard core magic—this kind of faith you will not find in a Jewish synagogue or a Christian Church—not one on this planet.  

    And so the angel now turns to Jacob and says, “What is your name?” “Jacob” is the reply.  “Your name is now Israel” says the angel and your children shall be as the sands of the sea.

    Well, Jacob’s luck/blessing did not end there.  It spilled over to his family.  As you know, one of Jacob’s children, Joseph, became the supreme ruler of Egypt under the Pharaoh, probably the most wealthy country on earth at the time.  He was gifted with the ability to interpret dreams.  And he married a very beautiful woman—the daughter of the high priest of Egypt.  (See also my Postscript poem Jacob’s Angel)


To use some examples individuals cite from internet: to get what you want its okay if a hurricane destroys your house and within a year you have not only a new and better house, but also a new car, a new job, a new love and new family.  Its okay, fine and fabulous if you are healed from a disease or find what is lost or restore balance and harmony—no longer in debt, accepted into college, weaknesses and vices overcome, and reconciled to those who felt enmity.  Sometimes positive thought and visualization are all that is needed:   


Get inside what you want.  Imagine it is present right now.  Feel it.  Think it.  Affirm it.  Work with it experiencing it now as if you are fully awake within a dream and it has become your reality.  Put energy into it on a regular basis. That is, take some time to live within the dream. Apply for backup—ask God/Goddess for assistance as in “grant me this request.” State clearly the purpose having it fulfills.  Argue your case logically as if you are placing a petition before the Supreme Court of Fate and Destiny also called Divine Providence. . 


This is good stuff.  Miracles can happen on this level.  Go for it.  But there are times as with Jacob when we may need to do more.       


Using Magic to Make Things Happen


Now then, back to basics.  Let’s take the components of the law of attraction, that is, magic, and see where we go when we intensify the quality and amplify the amount of energy or the power.  And, since this essay is Problems in the Study of Magic, let us consider some of the problems that occur. 

     Consider again imagining what you desire as being real right now.  If I imagine my house as being fixed up and presentable, not with so many repairs left undone, the thought that crosses my mind instantly is “it is never going to happen.”  This desire involves another with a formidable will who opposes my desire. 

    Now just because there is a little opposition does not mean in any way that I can not make an exercise out of imagining what I want.  And I am certain in the next ten seconds, if I were to use my full concentration, I could imagine perfectly clearly what I want no matter who opposes me. 

   Still, the doubtful, opposing voice of my subconscious is not without merit.  There are issues to be resolve, unfinished business, and relationship skills required.  But, above all else, I have priorities that force this particular desire to take a secondary position in relation to others desires. I could take some time to articulate persuasive reasons why the house needs to be fixed up and presentable.  But this does not seem to be the best route to take with this particular desire.

    Jose Silva in his books on Silva mind control, gives us a simple exercise for skipping past the subconscious objections.  There are lots and lots of reasons for not being able to imagine what we want.  Some of these reasons are good and some are ridiculous.

    Here is Silva’s exercise: Picture a white screen like a movie screen in front of you.  See on this screen now the problem as you understand it. Now move this screen off to the left.  Picture on another white screen the problem solved.  Move this screen off to the left.  Now picture a screen on which the problem is so far in the past it is now longer even in your mind. 

    Of course this requires visualization.  It took me years to learn to visualize. I took drawing classes. I took photography classes.  I was willing to try anything that would enhance my sense of perspective, shape, color, tone, portrait and composition.  Now visualization is fairly easy for me.  Some individuals, however, tell me that for them visualization is next to impossible.

     Can I do the Silva exercise without the verbal objections of my subconscious popping up?  Let me try--three pictures. About two minutes later and the exercise went really well.  No subconscious objections.  Of course, some people will point out that if you have difficulty in working with one form of sensory perception simply move to a different sense or thought mode.  Pictures do not come with verbal commentaries so there are no verbal objections.

     Obviously you can repeat this exercise.  Spend more time on it. Go into it and so forth.  Another Silva exercise involves working with other individuals telepathically.  If your request involves someone else, before you go to bed at night say to yourself that you will awake during the night when your mind and the other’s mind are in close telepathic association.  Then when you wake up, imagine that the two of you are in the state of relationship that you want. 

   You have the image and you put energy into the image.  And you are doing what the “law of attraction” loves—sending good energy to another person.  When you feel connected to another, nonverbal suggestion is highly persuasive. 

   Another version of Silva’s mind control that is positive thinking: in situations of conflict, say to yourself something like “We communicate clearly and resolve all conflicts quickly and harmoniously.”  Try this.  You walk down a hall toward someone with whom you have a conflict and you are thinking and projecting this positive kind of energy.  The other’s usual “negative” response will often vanish immediately.  You give positive energy to another and at some point they feel compelled to give positive      energy in return.

    The Tibetans have a ritual called the Prajnaparamita ritual.  It is a high grade, intense version of the above.  In it you say after repeating the words of the Heart Sutra, “There is no one here causing harm.  There is no one here who is being harmed.  There is no harm occurring.” 

     You imagine your identity and the identity of the harm doer as dissolving into the void, into emptiness, into the open luminous space of the enlightened mind.  Separation is an illusion.  There is no separation.  All false illusions, ego strivings, and ill intentions therefore dissolve into nothingness. 

   This emptiness stuff is simply a component of akasha, of a spiritual state of awareness.  But we are getting ahead of ourselves.          


There are lots of reasons for not being able to imagine what we want.  We may feel unworthy, conflicted, doubtful, guilty, not sure we really need it, or if we get it we may end up abusing it or harming others as a result.  And these conflicting emotions may be far more then subjective.  We may have seen over and over in our lives patterns of intention, action, and results that in fact produce feelings of guilt, self-doubt, and harm to others.  We could even argue that to get what you want always places you in a position of greater power.  And power is always easy to abuse.  

     Let’s review.  I discussed the point of view of the subconscious and its reactions in another article: At the beginning of Chapter 2 of Initiation into Hermetics, Bardon discusses autosuggestion.  If you are working on a personal fault such as a lack of enthusiasm or conviction, the idea is to phrase your self-suggestion in the present tense or imperative:  "I am full of enthusiasm," or, "I have strong conviction." You then practice this autosuggestion by repeating the phrase a number of times, especially as you fall asleep at night or wake up in the morning.  Bardon says, "The main point is that you do imagine your wish as being realized already and having actual existence." 

    It would seem that from Bardon's perspective, the subconscious--

the source of faults, weaknesses, and passions--views the conscious

mind as being kind of stupid.  People say what they want, are planning, or wishing for, but they do not really believe it. The conscious self acts to defeat itself by lacking conviction when it speaks.  To not be completely certain about succeeding when you make a wish is to plan for your own failure. And what is far worse from the subconscious point of view is that the conscious mind fails all reasonable tests when it comes to imagining in a concrete and graphic way what it wishes to be or to accomplish. 

    Since part of the job of the subconscious is to contain and store energy, it is pretty much a waste of its time and resources to cooperate with the conscious mind.  The conscious mind acts arbitrarily, unreasonably, impulsively, and without any regard for the real issues of life.  It is as if the conscious self intentionally refuses to speak the language of the subconscious or show any respect when it makes its requests.

    The remedy for this situation is to demonstrate real conviction, feeling, and imagination when seeking to bring about a change in your self.  The conviction is in part demonstrated by imagining that what you want is real right now in this moment.  So again, as Bardon points out, you make your wish in the present tense without any hesitation or doubt:  For example, you say "I am full of enthusiasm" if your problem is apathy or being phlegmatic.

   To this you add feeling.  You have to search your own memory and experiences with others until you conjure up a completely convincing set of examples about what it is to be enthusiastic.  Then you put yourself within those images or reflect on them until you can accurately reproduce in yourself the feeling of enthusiasm.  At this point, your subconscious will be able to say, "Ah, now you are speaking my language.  Now I know what you mean when you say, `I am full of enthusiasm.'" 

   And finally, you have to explore with your imagination what it means for your wish to be completely real right now, as something already accomplished.  Bardon mentions the great advantage of using autosuggestion when you are falling asleep or waking up from sleep.  Then your brain waves shift from beta through theta to alpha.  When you wake up from sleep, the brain waves will remain in alpha for around five minutes.  If you practice autosuggestion during this time, you have a stronger access to and communication with your subconscious.

    This is where daydreaming or imaginative explorations take on the power of magic.  Again, what would it be like if what you wish for has already become real?  Your subconscious would sure like to know the answer to that question.  This is because the subconscious has to take all the energy it has allotted to one set of behaviors, beliefs, and emotions and channel that energy into a new set of behaviors, beliefs, and emotions.

     If you just sit there saying what you want to be and feeling it as real, you are still making a half-hearted effort from the subconscious point of view.  You have not really done your homework when it comes to communicating what you want to your subconscious. 

    Your subconscious wants you to enter a dream of the future and walk around inside of it and experience it as if it is totally real right now.  Get involved with details.  Use all your five senses.  Make the experience so real and graphic that it feels as if you are living it right now.  The imagination has to convince itself that what it envisions, at least during the practice, is absolutely real in the here and now.

   This is not asking too much.  You see, the subconscious produces dreams every single night which seem completely real to the dreaming mind.  If you want to succeed with the subconscious, you have to use its own tools and language.  You have to become clever and subtle enough to convince your subconscious that you are able to take over some of its functions.

     If the dream of what you wish to be is a 100% real to you within your astral body, then you already radiate the energy of what it is like to be what you want.  Your actions and thoughts then change in order to fall into alignment with this new self-image, energy, feeling, and thought.  This is Bardon's perspective on autosuggestion.  To get the amount of energy you need into your request you will need the full cooperation of your subconscious. 


Three components of genuine magic


The difference between the law of attraction and hard core magic involves 1. The amount of energy, 2. The power of your concentration, and 3. The application of this energy and concentration from a spiritual level.  The spiritual level involves placing your request in akasha, i.e., assuming the stance of a spiritual being, joining your self to God, sending the energy and request to a specific being such as your Higher Self, your guardian angel, etc. 

     (In the last section, I add another point. Point 4. Magic uses four planes to insure success).

     Of course, at all times and on all levels, whether you are using hard core magic or just thinking positive thoughts and sending out good energy, you will need to keep clarifying what you want and why you want it.  This is an on-going process and a lifestyle.  Or, as Bardon says, “No advance is possible without magical equilibrium.”  Finding and maintaining balance are essential.       


1. The Amount of Energy


You imagine or dream something is real right now. But there are levels to imagining.  Daydreaming may be all you need for a specific wish. You daydream the way a movie director imagines an entire movie with all the actions, camera angles, words and feelings of the actors.  This is professional daydreaming. 

     And magic is like acting.  An actor or actress may use different colored pencils to indicate the different emotions she is conveying through the dialogue.  Think Sigourney Weaver as an example reading her script for the first time in the movie Alien.  And a really good actress can convey feelings that are completely different from what she normally expresses through her personality.  Take Tricia Helfer in Battlestar Galactica.  She is a different person when she acts as a Cylon.  She projects feelings and modes of attraction that are outside of the range of her normal personality and beyond the range of most women. 

   Other actors are basically the same person no matter what movie you place them in. Tom Cruise and Richard Gere are always Tom Cruise and Richard Gere in movie after movie. Same set of sixteen or so facial reactions and body gestures.  Same range of emotional expression.  Do these actors even know when they are acting in different movies?  It is frightening to witness.

   However, in the movie Collateral Tom Cruise steps beyond Tom Cruise.  One reviewer says, “Cruise makes a believable bad guy, surprisingly menacing and completely convincing as a hard-hearted killer” …. And “only briefly flashes his trademark smile.” 

     Sometimes even very predictable actors can go beyond themselves and actually surprise you if you give them the right script.  Something wonderful happens.  Sometimes we as well become completely different human beings when we find the right wish.  The Bible puts it this way, “Without a vision the people perish.” To be spiritually alive you need a vision quest.

   About the amount of energy. The thing about good actors and actresses is that they know how to act—to project energy and emotion.  They have stage presence.  They enter a room and they have everyone’s attention.  But when they get it right, they put their own personalities behind them and they step into the role they are playing.  They put off to the side their personal histories and become players on a stage enacting the great dramas of life. 

    To put it another way, they take all their personal experience and put it into the part they are playing.  And then they make that creative leap—they step across the void separating who they are from what they become--and ask, “How would I feel and think if I was this person in these circumstances?”

     They put themselves into the role.  And the role is not nothing.  A good script shows individuals making huge decisions under great stress.  The characters make choices that take them beyond what they were before.  Great actors make a point of taking parts they have never played before because they want to grow.  They are committed to their art. 

     Some wishes will require you to become a different person.  When you put yourself into your wish ask yourself “How do I feel different, how do I think different, and how do act different within this vision of what shall be?” Put yourself into the part.  Use all of your past experience.  And then make the creative leap.  This is not just acting.  It is a divine art. 

     I mention elsewhere about a friend I had thirty years ago.  He had a natural ability to evoke spirits.  So he evoked a Venus spirit in the Bardon system and the spirit asked, What do you want?  He replied, What can you teach me? 

    Shortly thereafter he had a overwhelmingly powerful and passionate love affair. But he had to call the spirit back.  He thanked the spirit and asked her to release him from her magic.  The experience was well beyond anything he could handle. 

    Someone else does a request for a lover and all sorts of lovers begin showing up.  Some would say, “I would die for you I am so much in love” and one or two meant it.  Others were more of the inclination that “if you do not love me I will see you dead.”  You may get a stalker mixed in with your true love.  If you do not have experience and wisdom, in the beginning it may be quite difficult to tell them apart. 

    What if my friend who evoked the Venus spirit had replied when she asked him what he wanted and said, “I want a lover who will walk beside me on my way through life, who I can love and who loves me in return.  I want it so we bring out the best in each other.  I want a love so rich and nurturing it turns our weaknesses into strengths.  I want a love so complete it overflows and enriches the lives of everyone around us.”

   If he had asked this of the Venus spirit, for example Hagiel, she might have replied, “Oh, you don’t want to just satisfy yourself.  You want to fulfill the lives of others as well.  I do not get this kind of request very often.  So here is what I am going to do. I am going to design a women just for you.  Her love for you will be an expression of my art.”  

   In my stories, there is a priest called Kamhia who lived in a mythical kingdom. (see and  He made the mistake of vowing to God, “When I love a woman, I will love her with all of my heart.” And he did this with the intent of course of finding a woman who he could love in this way.  You know, “1. Ask for what you want.  2. Act like it is already coming to you.” 

    But it did not go well for him.  He forgot or was distracted and so whenever he became involved with a woman a demon showed up staring at him from out of her eyes.  A most unsatisfactory experience.  Like I say, if you make a request, put some time ane effort into your imagery so you become the person in your vision.  The act of imagining transforms yourself.  If you only go half way, like my friend from thirty years ago, the side effects can overwhelm you.

     Part of the act of requesting, of wishing, and desiring is knowing what you want.  What do I want?  Just thinking about love and instantly a thought flashes through my mind, “The love you want is never going to happen.”  Well, I can easily visualize it.  Just a moment.  There she is. I can also feel it.  No problem here.  Why, then, does the idea bother me? 

   Ideas and thoughts involve the conscious self.  Visualization is more a function of will.  Feeling relates more to sensual imagination.  It is the conscious part I am having trouble with. 

   What do I want?  I spontaneously wrote the following poem one time years ago when I realized what I want is hard to find: 


A Request


I seek another to celebrate with me

The boundless light saturating the universe with its love.

It is in the wind whose voice and wings

Embrace the cells within our bodies

And the shoulders of the mountains.


It is in the oceans, the rain, the rivers

Whose songs of grace and receptive life

Sail through our dreams

And touch the secret chambers of our hearts.


It is in the Earth

She whose silence shelters and protects us

Until we are ready to assume our roles

As guides, guardians, and creators of life.


It is in fire whose dazzling force and power

Binds the universe with its might

And guides our wills as we chart our courses through life.


I will join my spirit with yours,

Let our hearts be one

Our minds merging and blending

As light penetrates

And is one with the crystal it passes through.

 Come with me on this path of beauty

It originates in the stillness

At the center of the heart

Where all fear is banished

It overcomes all time and space

Renewing itself without end

As it celebrates the joy, the rapture,

And the boundless life hidden within all things.


What do I really want from women?  I happen to be a writer.  I realized fairly quickly that the above poem does not belong to me.  It belongs to a woman in a mythology I am writing.  And in this myth there is a priestess whose role it is to embody the Goddess of the Earth.  The role is very erotic, sensual, and profoundly spiritual in the same moment.  And it is loaded with power and beauty.  In the world of my myth, human women know how to join with the divine feminine.   

    But the conscious part of my self has to be able to articulate and to teach the issues on both sides of masculinity and femininity.  For example, see Problems in the Study of Magic, Part III, on the magnetic fluid.  It is important to be able to distinguish between the conflicts of this generation compared to other generations and to identify the creative powers that remain the same through all ages.  When moving back and forth between the human and the divine there are these traps, wastelands, and abysses it is easy to fall into.  In other words, if I can write about it and teach it, then I can call it into being.   

     I do not get many visitors here in Hawaii.  And I often travel as well.  But last week someone flew in that was a friend of a Druid chief I know.  She teaches women’s groups and for four days we discussed the nature of the feminine and masculine and that question I have been asking for decades, “What do women want from men and what do men want from women?”   

   Toward the end she said, “This is what women need from men.  I listened to her.  And then I said, “What I need (for my work) is women who can hold the world within their hearts.  Women who are affectionate, empathic, caring, loving, kind, and gentle.  And who also have a depth of spirit so that they can reflect through themselves the Goddess of the Earth. 

     So much so that they actually care for all living beings on earth; they are willing to assume some degree of responsibility for supervising, guiding, and inspiring planetary evolution. I realize this is asking lot. But it is what I want.  It serves a purpose and it is the right thing for me to ask. 

    I get this “holding the world within your heart from Cigila.  This spirit does this from a position of great inner stillness.  Like the sign of Pisces, Cigila senses that we share one life and that life is sacred.  His missions often involve reducing suffering in the world. 

    This spirit has immense power, concentration, and divine intent expressed as compassion.  This is a feminine power—nature, human, and divine united in one circle of love.  I am told there are thirteen phases of female experience, passages of life, following the phases of the moon.  But you do not have to wait until you are a priestess or a wise, old women.  The myths tell us that it is the woman as a maiden who initiates this compassion through the daring and quality of her love.  (see my essay on The Story of Eros and Psyche in     

      For myself, a desire relating to love has to be caste in terms of service to others.  I can ask but if I am not careful I end up like the character Kamhia.  A demon possess the woman he loves because he has a prior commitment to the divine.  Unless he pursues his appointed spiritual task with his full will a void shows up.  And the woman allies with the dark side simply to remind him that he is behind schedule in his mission.      

     The point of all of this?  You may want to write a script for what you want to become.  Answer the question, Why is what you want important to you?  Allow a learning curve so you can make the transition from where you are now to where you wish to be.  Have a backup plan.  That is, learn along the way so that you can improve upon your original request when new things pop up.  Listen to, review, and address your inner doubts and conflicts so that you are not broadcasting attraction on one level and repulsion on another.     


When I talk about the amount of energy I saying something obvious.  Put enthusiasm into your wish.  Make it alive, bright, vivacious, energetic, compelling and persuasive.  And make it full of contentment, peace, something serene and attractive that brings lasting happiness. 

    I have discussed raw magical power in the pervious essay in this series in describing the electric and magnetic fluids: 

In brief, the electric fluid is hot, burning, expansive, dynamic, intense, powerful, and explosive in sensation.  It has the capacity to produce great light.  In psychological terms, it is commanding, full of faith and conviction.  It reaches for sovereign power seeking absolute control.  It annihilates and destroys obstacles that stand in its way. 

In more spiritual terms, it seeks to manifest its vision using all the previous qualities—with certainty, with dynamic will and expansive power, with implacable dedication and electrifying conviction.  You could say that independence, strength, courage, conviction, faith, will, determination, dedication, self-reliance, self-mastery, uprightness, clarity, order, adaptability, practicality, planning, productivity, excitement, exhilaration, creativity, and vision are qualities that are present when the electrical fluid is operating successfully.

 The question the electrical fluid will ask you in terms of your faith and conviction is “Are you willing to work without using magic to attain what you want if we set a clear path before you?”  You want money? Are you willing to work for it?  Here is a job.  Do you want love?  Are you willing to first give the love you want to others?  You want to succeed in life?  Are you willing to prepare yourself so that you will be ready to seize the opportunity when it comes to you?  The electrical likes to check up on just how much you really want what you are asking for. 


(Note: I had my first experience sensing the electric fluid when I was practicing the cosmic letter S on the mental plane, for those who are into the cosmic language. But now I can just imagine a thunderstorm in one hand and the earth in another hand and I can feel a spark like tiny lightning arc between my two palms.  This too is electrical fluid.  But if you are sensitive to male female differences it is possible just to concentrate on a man’s aura screening out all others energies and there is the electrical fluid intense, hot, dynamic, and burning.  Or concentrate on a woman’s aura screening out all other influences and there is the magnetic fluid cool, soothing, preserving, and embracing.  In part, the goal in magic to focus both energies into your request so the wish has some force behind it.)  


The magnetic fluid, by contrast, is cool, soothing, contracting, and attractive.  It is nurturing, and supportive.  It contains within itself so as to shelter and protect.  Instead of intense and explosive, it is rhythmic, receptive, and gentle. 

In psychological terms, it is empathic, sensitive and responsive.  It draws together, bonds, joins, and unites.  It accepts and affirms.  In spiritual terms, it reaches toward all embracing, all-encompassing love.  It presents us with astonishing states of awareness that transcend individual identity.  Such states involve wonder, ecstasy and beauty.  

We could say that peace, repose, calmness, happiness, contentment, serenity, tranquility, well-being, delight, kindness, gentleness, affection, empathy, tenderness, sensuality, pleasure, bliss, ecstasy, compassion, and love are qualities that are present when the magnetic fluid is operating successfully. 


The question the magnetic will ask you about your request is “Once you have what you want do you really want it enough that you will go on putting good energy and thought and vision into it? The feminine nurtures.  A mother goes on loving her children all their lives.  They always remain her children.  If you bring a magical work into being, do you really care enough for it that you will continue nurturing and sustaining it if that is what is required?      


Enchantment is a tricky thing.  You can come on to others with your positive energy and your telepathic imagery, even throw in a little connection to God.  And presto they think you are their best friend.  They treat you like family. They think the world of you. But there may come a time when the enchantment wears off and those enchanted wake up.  They get their minds back.  And then where are you?  Are you going to be worn out, burnt out, or in over your head because of this magic you did? 


Bob Seger’s song, Hollywood Nights, talks about enchantment and being in over your head—“She stood there bright as the sun on that California coast/He was a Midwestern boy on his own/She looked at him with those soft eyes so innocent and blue/He knew right away he was too far from home/…. She had been born with a face that would let her get her way/He saw that face and he lost all control/He had lost all control …. Night after night, day after day, it went on and on/Then came that morning he woke up alone/He spent all night staring down at the lights of LA/Wondering if he could ever go home.”


The woman had been born with the ability to think positive thoughts, to project good energy, and to bring the best out in others—those soft eyes so innocent and blue,…. a face that would let her get her way.  I have met women like the one Bob Seger is singing about.  They embody the law of attraction.  What some do not have when they use their magic is a heart that really cares. 

     A man in my screenplay says to a woman, “No woman could love the way you have loved me without being in love.” The woman relies, “I fooled you.”  The law of attraction and the law of enchantment share a lot in common.  But they do not always share the same heart.       


William Shatner was fantastic as Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek.  The part was made for him.  All the other actors complimented and highlighted his acting.  It was too easy.  And so it has taken him decades to find another role that he could play with any skill and integrity.  If you are going to use magic to get what you want make sure you use a desire that arises from the core of your being and is something you can live with.  If you get something of significance that is not essential to you, you may end up feeling bewildered and confused and “wondering if you could ever go home.” 


For emotional force, put the electric and magnetic into your request. Like I say, make sure your heart is in it: the feelings present should include faith and conviction, courage and daring, excitement and dedication.  And they should also include well-being, peace, happiness, delight, kindness, compassion, sensual life, and pleasure.  In other words, make sure the feeling of life is flowing through it. 


For a non magical practitioner, the above are feelings and qualities of personality.  For magicians, the above are also energies.  You can experience them, evoke them, condense them, draw them together, amplify them, and project them.  How do you do these things?  

    For Bardon, you work with the four elements to begin with.  Air has the feeling of being weightless.  And like the sky it embodies qualities of being detached, open, clear, and full of freedom.  You work at this.  You imagine your mind is the sky. 

   Water is the feeling of being alive.  It is cool and also magnetic.  You imagine you are the sea, streams, rain, rivers, lakes, that you are flowing, letting go, renewing, purifying, etc.

    Earth is practical, persevering, enduring, solid, and specifically it embodies a sensation of gravity, a feeling of being heavy. You imagine you are solid and dense, heavy, grounded like trees, like rocks, and mountains. 

   Fire is hot.  It is intense, burning, expanding and exploding.  It is also electrical.  Consider the voice of fire:


The volcano and magma at the center of the earth

Are my will and power unfolding

I burn, I consume, I destroy

Yet I heal the broken heart

And bring joy and excitement to life


But now we are talking about magical training.  I hope to present an artistic and compelling connection between direct work with the elements in magic and the beauty and harmony of the four elements as we find them in nature.   In my forthcoming book on undines, I pursue some of these connections in greater detail. 


I remember working in Detroit when I was young and in a mood of despair.  I dwelt among extroverts who had no awareness of the spiritual world.  A few years later I remember working in a Tibetan monastery and being in a state of despair.  These people were introverts and had genuine magic.  But they were brain dead when it came to being aware of planetary history. 

   In order to better proceed, my concern was with quality control.  I did not want to be like these extroverts and introverts whose religions and civilizations fail to take responsibility.  I have mentioned a spirit Bardon describes who relates to Pisces in the earthzone.  Cigila teaches methods that develop in the individual certain divine virtues.  The student becomes more and more mature in carefully fulfilling certain tasks according to the will of Divine Providence.  (see

    To this end I used something Bardon recommends toward the end of his first book of training.  I put a small condensed ball of electric fluid (the essence of the masculine spirit) inside of another condensed ball of magnetic fluid (the essence of the feminine spirit).  This is a highly intense and dense amount of energy.  The energy serves as a vehicle, a medium, a means for bringing something into being.  It is the substance you need to make this kind of wish so that there is action and result. 

    Now if had I thought about it I could have found a really patient woman with estrogen or magnetism in her aura who practiced yoga and meditation.  I might have been able to pay her or persuade her into sitting in front of me for a half hour a day for two, three, maybe four weeks; or perhaps for an hour once a week for however long it takes.  Together we could have concentrated on my request.  The combined opposite energies within our bodies would have produced a similar result.  But I did not know these things back then.  And to tell you the truth I think even now I would have a very hard time finding a woman willing to play such a role.       

     So I placed this electro-magnetic ball of energy inside a horseshoe magnetic as Bardon recommended (Do not try this at home). That was the energy.  Then I concentrated my wish into the energy.  The wish was basically that I am offering myself to be of service.  And I want to become the person who is capable of such service.

    Cigila is one of these spirits who maintains a kind of bulletin boards of divine missions.  You have to pick something that appeals to you.  Then you throw in a life time and see what you can do. 

     Be careful.  You do not want to nearly screw up like Bill Gates.  You do not want to start a new religion with a twisted and distorted vision like several individuals I could mention.  And above all else if you start from a position of frustration and lack of genuine faith you may end up with a connection to the dark side with its spiritual missions.  They too offer positions for transforming the world—means that are much quicker, more dramatic, and grab the attention of lots of followers.  I know a few individuals who took that route.  It is the path of domination and destruction.

    Shortly thereafter a spirit appeared to me in a dream which followed my own interests and made clear a specific line of service.  Cigila gave me a referral.  He put me in contact with another spirit, one who specializes in political evolution but who was outside of the Bardon system.  

    Looking back, I might have done better if I had worked with a spirit relating to the sign of Cancer instead of Pisces in the earthzone, one who also specialized in divine virtues.  Cancer is on my part of fortune in my natal chart.  Things might have flowed a little more easily.  But I like Cigila.  This spirit makes perfect sense to me.  I love his sense of peace.

    The main difficulty with my method at the time is that I had been given from my father’s line a very powerful level of electrical energy.  I knew what it was to will with great determination.  I did not at that time comprehend in any degree the nature of divine femininity—in a nutshell, to love with a love that embraces creation. It has taken me decades to come to terms and understand the magnetic fluid in all of its full power, mystery, beauty, wonder, and sensuality. 

     From my point of view, the magnetic fluid is something that has been hidden for ages form humanity.  (again, see the previous article  Given my experience, if you have a wish you want fulfilled there are times when you will have to create a path of light through the darkness and the void to reach your objective. 

     Then again, as Joseph Campbell points out regarding a quest, you gain assistance from unusual and unexpected companions along the way.  This essay for example is being written because Nith-Haiah, a spirit of the sphere of Mercury, woke me up from a dream he had slipped into my head.  He said its time to write another essay for your website.  He likes to keep me on my toes.        

   The other two components in such a request besides 1. the amount of energy are 2. concentration and 3. akasha.  I had to concentrate with a trained mind on my intent.  And I had to place the electro-magnetic volt within akasha. 


2. Concentration


When I had first started reading Bardon, I had been reading books by Max Freedom Long.  This author tried to summarize the methods of the Hawaiian Kahunas.  In fact, I knew individuals who were practicing Long’s methods. 

    For Long, you make a ball of energy.  For example, you create between your palms a ball of white light composed of your life force.  You can try this according to your own inclination.  Rub your palms together.  Hold them slightly apart and visualize white light as you gather your vitality into a ball.  Then concentrate into this ball of energy your wish as if it is real right now.  Then you send this ball of energy up to your higher self, your guardian angel, etc.  You release the ball from your hands and imagine it is going up to the spiritual world to be used by a higher being for fulfilling your wish. 

    There are all sorts of variations on this approach.  They involve energy and concentration and releasing the energy and wish to the universe.  You rub a candle placing energy into it.  And then you light the candle for a few minutes each day or however you prefer and the wish with its energy are released acting through the fire element. 

    Or you concentrate your wish into a glass of water and you drink the water.  Your concentrate your wish into your breath as you breathe in.  Or you exhale your weaknesses and bad feelings as you breathe out. 

   I tell this story elsewhere that when I was in a Tibetan monastery the guru told one of his students who was screwing around to go into the temple and meditate for six hours visualizing the letter “Ah” in the Tibetan language. 

    I thought that was a great example of the difference between the guru’s culture and my own.  Billy Graham used to say “Don’t pray for more than a minute at a time.”  Well that is Protestant Christianity.  I asked myself,  “What could you do if you concentrated on something really meaningful to you?”  And you did this not as an unruly student with poor motivation.  Not as a Protestant who thinks the spiritual world is off limits and taboo.  You did it with great intent, purpose, dedication, and conviction.  

   The thing is you are not supposed to be in a Tibetan monastery if you already have purpose and meaning, if you understand your place in history.  The students really get offended if you are different. I knew why I had entered the world.  They apparently did not.  And they believed you were not supposed to know.  Obviously, I was in the wrong place.

     But I learned that it was okay, merely a cultural difference, to sit and concentrate on something for five or six hours.  I began visualizing three Tarot cards—The Magician, Isis, and The Fool for an hour or so each day.  They embodied qualities I was interested in acquiring.  And I was very fond of the Tree of Life symbol from the Quabbalah.  These three cards sometimes represent the paths to Kether, the Crown. 

    In effect, I was sending to my Higher Self, in terms of Max Freedom Long’s system, a pulse or accumulation of energy with the image of what I wanted in that energy.  I really wanted to open the gate to the spiritual world.  It is no surprise, therefore, that I found Bardon’s three books which represent the systematic teachings of the first three Tarot cards.  My aura was already aligned with his work.  That was 1975.  Back then there were no websites on Bardon.  No discussion groups.  The only mention of him I had found was in a footnote in a book by Israel Regardie.               

    In those days also I used to sit out in the desert around Tucson and mediate for six hours at a time.  I would take a sephiroth from the Tree of Life and meditate on it.  I would visualize its imagery. I would contemplate its meaning.  I would reflect upon it.  Ask questions and raise issues in my mind.  I would sort through my personal experiences to see if I could relate my life to these energies.

    I think if I had some advice to give to myself back then it would be: Don’t get stuck on a few Tarot Cards to the exclusion of the others.  They are all equally important.  Like the seven chakras, they each have a part to play in the unfolding of life.  

    With Bardon you train your concentration on your five senses. Again, all five are important.  Training all five senses enables you to use more of your brain when you concentrate.  You learn to sit at least for ten minutes concentrating on each sense by itself without any distraction.  It takes time.  It takes motivation.  This is quality control.  You get the training you need and then it is much easier to do the work.     

    Why is concentration important? After all, there is a lot of energy in the universe.  All you need to do is tap into it.  Just open your heart with faith, say what you want, and imagine yourself as having it.  It will come to you. What is with this magical training crap? 

     Sometimes there are contrary thoughts.  Thoughts that are in opposition to what you want.  If you want love, there are people who do not believe in love.  If you want justice, there are people who have made a life long commitment to injustice.  If you want wealth, there are people who will try their hardest to steal and corrupt your soul as they offer you wealth.  If you have good energy to give, there are negative people who devour good energy.  They take it and turn it into something horrible.  And if your thoughts are positive there are people who specialize in taking positive thoughts and turning them into discord.  

     Concentration enables your good energy and good intentions to cut through negativity the way a laser cuts through metal.  Thought is like light that falls on your skin.  It gives warmth and lights your way in the dark.  Synchronize the wave lengths of light and you can create temperatures that cause nuclear fusion.  It becomes a power of creation.  You concentrate your thoughts and they overcome what opposes them.     

     Athletes know how to concentrate.  Martial artists know how to concentrate.  Actors know how to concentrate.  They can cry just by thinking a thought. 

    I have met masters in the business world who takes years of experience and concentrate all that knowledge into one moment when they are looking for an answer to a problem.  Nothing else in the world exists but the problem they are concentrating on.  Their brains are that focused. 

    When you concentrate on your wish do not be afraid to take a little time.  Focus yourself.  Put all of yourself into it as if nothing else exists. 


3. The Spiritual Level


 We have discussed putting energy into a wish and concentrating on it.  The third component of genuine magic involves the authority with which you ask.  Of course, a simple prayer to God puts you in touch with the divine.  

     But a prayer does not assume the stance of a spiritual being who initiates new things and takes full responsibility for his actions.  Prayer does not enter a spiritual plane of awareness.  It does not join itself to God.  It does not incorporate the skills of someone who labors within the Divine Workshop. 

     The spiritual plane for Bardon is akasha.  It is a timeless and spaceless state of awareness.  Akasha is the plane of causes.  In other words, it is from this level that everything that exists has been created and it is here that the world is supervised and maintained.  You want to place wishes on this level because when you place something here with great will and intent the other three planes try their best to make it manifest.  

    Remember the law of attraction?  You can send out great and wonderful energy to others and to your wish.  You can visualize it.  Dream it.  Imagine real right now.  But the world may exhibit incredible inertia and massive resistance to your wish.  You make a wish but laid out before you is an emotional and mental tsunami, a tornado, a pyroclastic flow.  It picks you up, it picks a car up, it picks a house up and tosses them around as if they are nothing at all.

  The akashic plane and state of awareness has no form or substance.  Nothing can oppose you, harm you, pick you up, or toss you around.  As the undine Isaphil said to me, “This is the first key and the gateway to all the mysteries--to relax so, to be calm, to open from within, to be so still, you reflect easily within yourself the being and the life of all that exists.

     “No human or animal can defile this calm serenity; no ripple can break its surface; no wind drop down upon it with breath to disturb it; no stone can probe its depths.”

    The akashic plane supersedes or suspends the laws of physics and law of attraction.  In other words, you can create and place causes here that do not exist on the three lower planes.  On the akashic plane you can create something out of nothing.  There is no equal and opposite reaction on this level of creation.  With skill, training, and inspiration you can create causes that nothing can oppose.  Newton in his physics did not know about akasha.  Steven Hawkin does and puzzles over it finding it hard to comprehend. 

      For Bardon, entering akasha is simply practicing a combination of concentrations.  You imagine yourself surrounded by dark, ultraviolet light.  This light radiates outward from every pour in your skin penetrating through a vastness of space and time.  And then you imagine that you are this formless state of awareness penetrating with dark, ultraviolet light through space and time.  You let go of your physical form and identity with vast, open, empty and timeless space.

     That is akasha for Bardon.  When you make a wish and gather energy and thought and put visual imagery into it you also place it, that is, anchor it, on this level of awareness.  All other divine virtues are implied: all knowledge and wisdom, all love, all consciousness, and all will.  In fact, get used to imagining yourself embodying perfect, complete, and absolute will. 

     If you do the combination of concentrations, you are within everything, you are a part of everything, you are the source of everything, and you know the original purpose behind everything that exists.  And so consequently you are sovereign over everything. 

     What is one brief summary of akasha with its authority, with its spiritual perspective, and its ability to create?  Consider my poem summarizing the cosmic letter U:


There is no vice I can not twist or bend

And make again into its opposite virtue

There is no compulsion or obsession I can not

So fill with light it becomes kind and bright


There is no ill will or malice I can not

Convert into chivalry or true nobility


There is no crunch or karmic bind, no evil intent or design

I can not refine within my mind

Into contentment and absolute satisfaction


This is not something external.  You become the voice akasha at least for the time you meditate within it.      


The Four Planes


In many places I have summarized moving through the three lower planes to akasha.  Let us review.


In the physical world, I focus my mind on the density and content of the world in which I live—the house and its density and shape, the trees and vegetation around the house, the valley in which I live, the island and sea around me, the sky, the winds, the atmosphere, the entire planet.  The physical world as well as the physical universe have a history.  To understand the universe you need to also understand its history. 


Then I shift my attention to the astral plane.  This is the realm of the soul and in an individual it relates to feelings and emotions.  The astral plane gives great sensitivity and a sense of connection to others.  It is full of all sorts of energies relating to attracting and repelling forces.  When individuals fall in love, it is often an astral experience--they are within the astral plane, living within a dream which two share in common.  When a couple divorces, when they fall out of love, they sometimes hate each other.  The same degree of intensity is present, but now it has changed polarity so it is a force of repulsion rather than attraction. 

     Just as we have our own physical body, we each have a unique astral body.  The astral body involves our ability to respond, to be receptive, to feel alive, and to appreciate the world around us.  To some extent, discussions of the astral body relate to the psychology of personality.  When we talk about personality, in part our discussion deals with an individual's emotional make up, the ability to feel, styles of self-expression, and what a person likes and dislikes.  
     Psychology, religion, and literature, each in their own way, have a vested interest in the astral body.  They explore what it is to be fully alive.  They each try to come to grips with the issues of how we are to deal with forces which are greater than us.  And they take us as far as they can into the experience of wonder, awe, beauty, and mystery. 
     When we move beyond the astral body of an individual, we encounter the larger astral plane which belongs to the earth itself.  This is a field of psychic activity and life which is quite independent of any culture or religion.  Put simply, the astral plane of the earth entails every form of inspiration, every mode of perception, and everything through which life knows and expresses itself on this planet. 

I next focus on the mental plane.  The mental plane belongs to the whole realm of mind, thinking, analyzing, experimenting, organizing concepts, paradigms, theories, philosophies, theologies, etc.  Philosophers and academics, scientists and theoreticians roam about here with ease.  On the mental plane, thoughts are often very sticky--they like to defend themselves and grow stronger by overcoming opposing vibrations.  But the mind itself is open, clear, and luminous.  It has no need to cling to specific thoughts for the sake of maintaining its security.  The mind itself has no passion for causes, perspectives, and philosophies.  It is already completely free.  Wisdom has no definitions or boundaries and yet it knows how to seek solutions to problems which are effective and long lasting.

     Franz Bardon mentions that the three planes can be visualized as gloves inside of each other.  The physical body is the densest.  The astral body, imbued with deep feelings, is more subtle like a dream body.  And within these two gloves or bodies is an even more refined mental body.  A basic exercise is to sense all three bodies at once as you move about or engage in some activity.

      The mental body is more abstract and detached than the other two.  I often refer to the minds of elemental beings such as sylphs and undines.  The elementals have powerful levels of concentration but they remain focused on the energies underlying nature.  Their activity links the astral and etheric/physical planes. 

     For a human being, however, meditating on the mental plane is a little like learning to think as Socrates.  The mental plane has a philosophical quality.  It lends itself to standing back and questioning the way things are.  But there is also an intense scrutiny present similar to the shrewd analysis of a sharp businessman, a research scientist, or an investigative reporter. 

     The teachers with whom I have studied in universities have similar mental bodies and have sought to pass on a certain tradition: the love of scholarship and analytical thinking; sharp and precise definition and clarity of expression; and the value of arguing in a persuasive, dynamic manner which takes into consideration all aspects of a problem.

     One results of studying the vibrations on the mental plane is you develop a telepathic ability to sense the inner workings of others' minds. You can view another's mind directly in terms of its vibrations.  You understand not only the structure of the mind of human beings, but also the mental vibrations of animals, the atomic vibrations of minerals, and the mental perspective of higher spirits as well.


And now the akashic plane.  Akasha penetrates through space and
time.  This level is always new for me.  This time I sense the history
of the world. The ancient world seems very near as if I am present
as an observer and the conditions leading historically to the
development of our modern world are also clear.  

     Akasha has been described in many texts such as the Heart Sutra, the Bagavad Gita, and even the 90th Psalm.  I know Zen masters who slip into akasha as easily as they tie their shoes.  Consequently, it is not an idle thought to think that the power that created and shaped the universe flows through us.  Finding and uniting with the creator/Creator in ourselves is the very essence of love.  And it is the final destiny which we shall attain as a race who live and dwell among two hundred billion galaxies. 

     Here all of history, past, present, and future, stands open to your gaze.  The wisdom of all ages illuminates your understanding.  Think about this and consider the ramifications--there is no emotion or feeling, no thought or perception, no sensory experience, pleasure, pain, sorrow or ecstasy which you cannot comprehend and contain in its full depth, breadth, and meaning.
     All instincts, drives, desires, motives, and inspirations are clear to you.  Every nuance and facet which makes an animal, human or divine being what it is is part of your awareness.  As an image of God, like unto God, you are sovereign and lord over your own being.  In this state of awareness, nothing can influence you or oppose you without your permission.
     As a creator, you have the ability and the right to withdraw into yourself whenever you wish to examine the universe that surrounds you.  From this position, you can consider the forces active within yourself and those which shape the world in which you live.  You can consider what has been, what is, and what shall come to be.  And, as a creator, from out of the depths of your heart you can originate new purposes and actions.  You can set into motion forces which fulfill your visions and remake the world as a better place to live.
     This akashic state of awareness, then, is your own space.  Within it, you are autonomous, independent, and self-originating.  The mysteries of your self and the universe surrounding you are open to your understanding.  As befitting a state of perfect wisdom, you are detached and transcendent.
     But also, according to your need and intentions, you are also imminent and omnipresent. You can be present within and fully conscious of every aspect of anything that exists anywhere in the universe.  This is the nature of akasha.  This is capacity of those who unite with Divine Providence.
      We now can sense how akasha is the origin of the four elements.  Fire's expansive and commanding power of will are joined with water's encompassing, nurturing sensitivity and acceptance.  Air's independence and freedom are combined with earth's solidity and endurance.  These four unite in a pure, clear awareness which knows itself to be divine.
    What does akasha do?  It grants shelter, protection, and support.  It is nurturing and encouraging.  It is also supremely challenging because the possibilities it offers are infinite.  Akasha is both masculine and feminine.  It holds the past in reverence, it understands the importance of limitations, and it is the unknown manifesting.  Akasha lays the foundations for a new world offering both continuity and divine creativity.
      The quabbalah has this idea that if you are lacking something on one of the four planes, you can use actions on the other three planes to get it.  In other words, if you want something that is material, you use your spiritual will, your mental concentration, and your emotional enthusiasm and it will manifest.  On the other hand, if you are emotionally addicted, change your physical behavior, change your thoughts, change your spirit, i.e., trust in a higher power or give the problem to God, etc. and you can change the emotional addiction.  Use three planes and you get the fourth.

     Having trouble getting into akasha or finding your spiritual will?  You can make an ally of a spiritual being by identifying your request as furthering its purpose.

     Story: a man has his leg caught under a boulder in a trench during WWII.  Three Tiger tanks are bearing down on him from three directions.  He prays to God, “God if you get me out of this I will build you a church.” God replies, “I already have lots of churches.”  Man: “Well then, if you get me out of this I will become a missionary to Africa.” God: “I already have lots of missionaries in Africa.”

      He can start to smell the exhaust from the Tiger tanks closing in.  The ground is shaking.  Man: “Okay God, I will give my life to helping the poor.”  God:“Nope, I have the UN helping refugees, the Red Cross, and in a few years I will have the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation helping the dying in Africa.”  He concentrates and in a moment of great stress has an insight.  “God,” he cries out, “I will establish peace between the nations.” The Tiger tanks stop dead.  The men get out of the tanks and run off.  God replies, “Now that is the first good idea I have heard in a long time.  By the way, if there is any assistance you may need in accomplishing this, feel free to ask as long as it is in pursuit of you r objective.  But I will hold you to your promise.”  

      Then the man has a thought.  “What if those tanks would have stopped anyway and the men run off without divine intervention?  Do I still have to go through with this?” God whispers in his ear, “It took me twenty-four years to get you into a situation where you were desperate enough to talk to me.  You having a serious discussion with Me about something we should both care about is the miracle.”  

     Argue your case.  Take into account the divine purposes and intentions.  Make those purposes and intentions your own. 



What follows are some selections from my description of a lunar spirit who specializes in fulfilling wishes. (See

     Compared to the moon the earth is more electrical.  The approach of the supporters of the law of attraction (“the secret of the greatest minds and achievers”) is simply “go for it.”  Imagine it and it happens.  The lunar zone by comparison is more subtle. Its approach is that if you want something it is already a part of you.  Look within.  Search your heart.  If you are complete in your soul they what you want will easily come to you.  The movement within and without are part of the same journey.  


The Seventh Moon Mansion from Emrudue's Point of View.  For

Emrudue, what you want is already a part of you.  A wish is a way

of sensing something deep within you.  You feel separated from it.

For example, you may have a cabin in the wilderness and want to

gain access to water but you do not know where to look. And so

you imagine looking for an underground stream or finding where

the water table is nearest to the surface.  But the water is right

beneath your feet. 

     The message of the seventh moon mansion is that you are life

overflowing with abundance. You already possess the water beneath

the ground.  It is ready to take on whatever form and shape you

wish to give it. It is ready to burst forth and to overflow.  In other

words, the great treasures of life are already within you.  You do not

need to go search for them.  You only need to be aware of what

already exists and then what you desire easily manifests.

    Emrudue is not suggesting that for a human being it is easy to

fulfill a wish.  He is saying that if you see with psychic and spiritual

vision the reality of the world, then you will see the incredible

wealth and abundance which are available to you if you just reach

out for them.  You are not reaching to grasp something with your

hand out of thin air. You are instead reaching for something which

is already quite close but which you and most other individuals do

not see.

    This is not to suggest that karma is not important.  Karma is a

way of learning from living within specific circumstances and

limitations.  There limitations are not always fair or nice.  They can

be terrifying and horrible, the stuff of despair and nightmare, but

they remain an opportunity to learn and to grow. 

   When you are aware of all the factors which control the situation

you are in and you know how to change that situation, then

obviously you are no longer subject to that karma.  You have

transcended it.  It has no influence over you. 

   You can want something which is not permitted by your karma.

For example, you are supposed to learn how to manage your

finances but you want someone to pay your bills for you.  Your

wish short circuits the process through which you are meant to

learn. You get the money and you still have not learned how to

balance your check book.  And so the situation of having financial

problems reoccurs again and again until you take charge of it and

master it.

   For Emrudue, the wish to be financially independent is not

separate from learning to be financially responsibility and working

for a living.  For Emrudue, wealth is already within and around you.

If you worked with Emrudue, you would end up finding it very

enjoyable to work through each and every detail involved in

succeeding financially and you would also have the free time you

want or the things you wished to acquire with money.

   For Emrudue, life can be very happy and satisfying even where

there is great struggle and conflict in your life.  Happiness and

satisfaction are simply a function of how much of yourself and of

the inner planes you are aware of.  Again, for Emrudue, the outer

world and the inner planes are not separate from each other.  They

are one world and reality.

   It could take an individual twenty or thirty years or more to work

through his unmet childhood need to be loved and to give love.  But

if he is aware right now of what it is to love and to be loved so that

it is one hundred per cent real to him, then the need to work through

the problem is gone.  His awareness of the reality of love shatters

the illusion of separation which binds him.  He is right now what he

desires to become. 

     From this moment forward, he has a magical influence on

everyone around him.  Love manifests without effort.  The reality

of the inner feeling and vision are strong enough that they flow

automatically through him.

    Once again, this is a lunar perspective and not the perspective of

the earthzone.  The aura of our planet is not so receptive and

magnetic.  The earth by contrast is electrical.  We plan goals and

take charge of the means for accomplishing our goals.  This is will

in action.  We get things done and we are truly gifted as a race at

doing this.

   But when we get really good at what we do the lunar zone steps in

to remind us about its perspective.  Again, it says, "The main

purpose of life is to reflect within yourself the beauty and harmony

of the greater universe.  All your activities and accomplishments are

worthless, just busy activity, unless the well at the core of your soul

overflows with cosmic love."

   The difference in point of view is that for the moon the outer

world is seen as an expression of your inner self--the energies which

shape the world all exist within you.  This is not a dreamy or

mystical perspective.  In fact, the lunar zone happens to work with

denser and more powerful energies than those which we usually

work with on earth.  For Emrudue, if you dream something strong

enough you can make it happen.  The art of dreaming has as much

if not more responsibility and accountable than the world we call



Part of the diagram of this spirit’s sigil is a triangle.  The triangle

symbolizes the alignment of the mental, astral, and physical planes

so that a way is opened for something to come into being, so that a

purpose or desire can manifest. This is like having a purpose which

you envision with complete conviction.  You think about it, feel it,

and your etheric body vibrates with it.  It has enough strength that

you feel that this is real and that the material world is a dream by

comparison.  A dream is overcome by the weight of the world as

you wake up in the morning.  But Emrudue has the weight of fate

and destiny on his side. 

    With Emrudue the process is direct.  He shows you the sacred

energy of life which is beneath your desires.  He then works with

you so that your personal needs and these sacred energies unite.

The satisfaction and fulfillment are then enduring and utterly

transforming.  In effect, you get what you want but you get a whole

lot more than you could have imagined as well.

   Once again, with this spirit there is no higher or lower magic.

There is no separation between spiritual and material, between body

or soul.  Every need and desire is sacred no matter how gross the

sensation or intense the craving.  For Emrudue, every vibration,

every density of matter, every energy has its place in the greater

universe.  Every intention serves a purpose.  Every desire is a gate

leading to the transcendence of limitations and also celebrating the

actions and presence of spirit manifesting within the physical universe.


From a few specific meditations I have done with Emrudue, I can

make some comments about how I think magic with Emrudue

will manifest in the physical world after you form a strong

connection to him.  At least, this is my limited experience.  

    First and foremost, whatever happens you will feel contentment.

This is not inactivity or complacency.  It is an overwhelming sense

that you no longer feel a need to do anything that is not important to

you. You see your circumstances and actions from a timeless

perspective.  This is again that mythological realm of infinite peace--

the whole universe is one vibration of beauty, love, and justice.  If

you relax, you can feel this to some degree in every breath. 

   Second, the physical changes in your circumstances seem

completely natural.  There is nothing disruptive or unsettling about

them.  It is not like those studies of individuals who win the lottery.

The vast majority of those winners end up being unhappy and most

of them waste all that money and end up in exactly the same

situations they were in before they won the lottery.

  By contrast, with Emrudue the changes are obviously something

near at hand and already available to you.  It only takes a slight

change of perspective and feeling in yourself and in others around

you to produce an outcome which is very rich and satisfying.

   The third thing I notice is that even though I request something I

very much want for myself, I do not really feel like the recipient of

something being given to me gratuitously.  I feel that I am a

benefactor and the one who is giving.  It is I who possess an inner

wealth which overflows to those around me.  As I satisfy my inner

needs, I am also expressing real caring and tender love with others.

There is a flow of energy both ways between myself and others and

I am the one overseeing the process. 

   In other words, the ego is subverted.  The individual feels more

responsible and active rather than greedy or selfish.  Upon this path,

gratification is a taste of enlightenment.  Your consciousness is


     Fourth, there is a degree of processing or self-understanding

which accompanies any action which accelerates your growth and

provides new experience.  Working with Emrudue, I gain insights

into what I really want.  My orientation and outlook are slowly but

continuously changing.

    This means there is an on-going review of your desires.  If desire

is like a wood fire, you may notice as you consider your situation

from the perspective of Emrudue that you want more.  You may

want the fire produced by coal, coke, electricity, and/or nuclear


   In other words, from the point of view of lunar akasha, of the

transcendence of space and time, it perfectly natural to ask, "What is

the best expression of myself, of my unique human and spiritual

being?"  Loan sharks, credit card companies, and even banks are

often enthusiastic to loan you money without any regard to how you

are going to use it as long as they have a claim against your property

or credit history.  But Emrudue is different.  If anything, he is

genuinely interested in your fulfillment and happiness.  You will

sense this in the process of working with him.

    Fifth, I would mention that if you meet a really wise teacher, he

will know when to refer you to someone else if being elsewhere is

more important for you.  I have witnessed this happen a few times.

The teacher said point blank to a “would be” student that you are not

looking for me but for this other teacher--that is where you belong. 

    You can expect this also from Emrudue, that he will refer you

elsewhere, to another spirit, teacher, or procedure, if he thinks that

is more appropriate or if you need additional assistance.  Some

individuals journey into the occult and magical arts only to be

referred back to the religion of their childhood.  They then perceive

the old rituals and scriptures as full of inspiration having freed

themselves of their hostility toward tradition or their youthful need

to rebel.

   I consider these five points to be very positive.  I think if you look

at Emrudue's inner source of inspiration and the principles he

represents, you can understand his authority, power, and

commission.  I imagine in the negative version of this principle, you

are given what you wish as a way of tricking you into becoming

enslaved to a passion or enticed into losing your freedom.  Given

what you desire, you have less than what you began with. The

negative principle in its essence attempts to prevent your growth.

   With Emrudue, it is also clear that in granting wishes there is

something far more important occurring. Given what you request,

you are no longer the same person who made the request. Your

personal desires and needs have been used as a means to introduce

you to the great harmony and peace which governs the universe.

You are more than what you were in the beginning.  Your freedom

has increased.


I would point out concerning the lunar zone that you already need a feel for akasha in the earthzone.  The practice of akasha as I have outlined it involves suspending your five sense contact with the outer world.   This alone involves incredible sensory deprivation.  It is easy to become disoriented. 

   If you move onto the lunar zone, the akasha there is even more otherworldly.  I personally really love both zones.  They feel like home.  They are my home.  There is no way to hold the world within your heart except as a spiritual being who is comfortable with akasha.  All the same Emrudue has a very material bent.  For him there is no conflict between having physical things that make you happy and pursuing your highest spiritual path.       


See also my essay on the cosmic letter K see

The cosmic letter K specifically deals with divine authority, the first light manifesting from the Unmanifest, and the issues of absolute power and sovereignty.  


A spirit of the earthzone in Aries specializes in spiritual authority, faith, and conviction.  See my essay on Bialode:

And for the magnetic fluid and water see my essay on the Cosmic letter M




I have presented a small perspective on the electrical fluid, on making things happen, and some of the problems associated with using magic in this way.  The popular culture does not need to study magic.  It already has magic.  The Pentagon is studying wireless methods of telepathic mind control.  Boeing Aircraft is researching antigravity flight.  We are creating the fusion of the sun in our research labs as well as countless new ways to alter DNA.  I put in my screenplay about Atlantis that they used wireless electricity. But in the news a few days ago I read that scientists are now applying that as well. 

We can view anywhere on the planet from our satellites in space.  We can talk to anyone on earth if we have the phone number.  We can with ease carry on discussions with people from around the planet.  We are in a new age. 

The earth has been waiting four billions years for a race to appear that is in our situation.  Yet we have a small window of opportunity, perhaps a fifty year time frame, to insure our survival and to decide on our destiny as a race.  By utilizing our full spiritual potential, individuals can make a huge difference not only for the happiness of their own lives but the well-being of everyone on earth. 




I wrote this poem while meditating with a spirit of the sphere of Mercury named JahHel. JahHel taught me how to sit and meditate for hours without noticing time flowing by.  I feel an incredible affinity for JahHel.  At the first contact, he was like someone I had known for many years.  It is, consequently, very easy for me to imagine how someone like Jacob might actually meet and seek to obtain a blessing from such a being.

Jacob's Angel


Grasping a better hold as he wrestled with the angel,

Balanced, poised, muscles flexed, teeth clenched,

Jacob spoke, his jaw next to the angel’s ear:


“What is it to dwell in a body made of divine fire

Its very radiance so penetrating

The mountains and seas are transparent

And the stars are no more distant from you

Than my hands upon your skin in this moment?

“And what is it to have eyes that see through the ages

The gates of all realms stand open before your gaze

So nothing is hidden anywhere in creation?

What is it to have hands so luminous

The Divine turns to you to accomplish its will?


“And tell me, when you love,

What is it like to love when your love

Arises from a sea of infinite bliss

So every abyss is filled

And darkness is forever banished from your vision?


And the angel replied:

“I will share with you my essence

If you can sustain this hold upon me

And bind me without fear

For I am not permitted to keep even one secret

From those who master themselves.

I am the perfection of concentration so great

The elements of nature obey when I speak.

Earth, air, water, and fire respond to my will

My every desire to fulfill.


“You may think such power beyond belief or imagination

But I do not act in isolation

As one wanting to make himself great

To demonstrate his power over fate.

When I meditate I am embraced

By countless beings of love and might

Who guard and guide all paths of wisdom and all evolutions,

With both mortal and divine I join my heart and mind

I unite with all who celebrate the Light

Embracing all of creation.

And in our celebration

Our joy is so great

There is no longer any separation

Between the Light we embrace and the love within our hearts.


“You may think only an angel may speak thus

But I tell you with words of prophecy

And with a voice of thunder and a tongue of divine fire,

If you strive and abide with me through all watches of this night

Until dawn’s first light

You shall discover that I, with all my power,

Am but a small part of your own heart."


Jacob said: “You speak of a mystery beyond the power of belief.

It is more than what I seek.


“Oh Jacob, the angel said,

“The seed which dreams of spring

Sleeping in silence beneath the earth

Knows not that spring is already within its heart

As is the soil, the wind, the rain, the earth

And the star that calls out: Arise and come forth.


"But form and limitation have been created

That the seed in growing into a tree

Might one day understand its journey

And as water, minerals, light, and air

Revive and renew its being

It shall perceive when the time is ripe

That life has no end

And that form is but the shell where spirit dwells.


"Then it shall send its roots down into eternity

And release upon the wind seeds

Giving birth to new worlds, new dreams, new destinies.

The soul unfolds, blossoming in due season,

Until its beauty shines so bright

Its light transforms the world.


"Jacob, behold! I hold in my hands

The twelve fruits of the Tree of Life

Which are for the healing of the nations.

Take them from me if you can!


Then Jacob put forth all his might

With a mind like steel

And a will as sharp as a diamond knife

To pierce the heart of the angel

And to steal what has been concealed from mankind for ages.

And, for a moment, Jacob accomplished his goal:

Jacob’s eyes became the angel’s, his hands bright like the sun,

Their hearts merged and with the angel’s body he was one.

Then Jacob saw what the angel’s light

Was created both to conceal and to reveal:

A love of such magnitude

The entire multitude of heavenly choirs falter and fail

Their voice silenced before its magnificence.


Then Jacob asked, “Is there a human being in all the world

Who has the strength, the power, or the heart to persist

In a vision such as this, to bring a small part

Back to the earth that it might be shared

And celebrated forever by those who love?

And angel replied,

“If this is your wish I shall grant it—

For a thousand years prophets shall appear on earth.

But now the sun is about to come

And eternity commands me: Return home."

And then the angel spoke with a voice of thunder

Resonate and tender like Gabriel’s

Vibrant and mighty like Michael’s



"The history of the world

Shall revolve around your will.

Nations shall rise and fall in this quest.

Though some would twist and bend it to their own ends

Those who read the signs shall find a pathway to the divine

As you have found mine.


Then Jacob said, Wait! One last request before you go,

One last question still burns within my soul:

You who are everywhere and from whom nothing is hidden,

Your voice a billion stars shouting with delight,

Will you wrestle with me again another night?


The angel gazed into Jacob’s eyes and then replied,

“Within you is the answer to your own question.

As I have said, I am but a small part of your own heart.



I can describe and try to define what faith, conviction, and the electrical fluid are in terms of my experience.  And I should try to do that.  I can create little role playing scenarios and path working, mental journeys and meditations for learning to embody faith and conviction.  But if you are really curious and have a need to know you can spend ten or twenty years training.  And then you can go and meet some of these beings who are prefect embodiments of these things.  It seems to me at times that they sit up there in sky with absolutely nothing to do while they are waiting around to have a conversation with you. 


Part 2: Further Studies of the Electric Fluid


Note:  Everyone has their own favorite readings in psychology.  The first three exercises below are from psychological systems I found useful.  I simply apply them in relation to making wishes.





Path Working


Focusing on the Inner Plane Progress of your Request

Psychic Contact with Spirits

A Simple Exercise for the Electric Fluid

A Simple Exercise for the Magnetic Fluid

A Simple Exercise for Joining the Electric and Magnetic Fluids 

Comments on The Secret DVD

Check List on Using Magic to Make Things Happen




The steppingstones exercise comes from a set of seminars I took on Intensive Journal originated by Ira Progoff.  It is useful for getting a better perspective on something that you wish for.  It clarifies the way the wish fits into this stage of your life.

    Put briefly, you imagine ten or so steppingstones, i.e., significant turning points or events, in the theme you are studying.  For example, I consider the places I have lived in my life.  I have lived with my parents in three different houses.  After that I lived in apartments, a car, a monastery, and several houses. 

    As I review my steppingstones of places I have lived, I note something interesting.  On the one hand, these locations were determined by business, city life, education, and making money.  On the other hand, they involved living out in nature, solitary research, and meditation. 

   The above recollections represent my experiences in the outer world.  There is also an inner flow beneath these images.  This inner flow I sense as the desire both to be productive and to live close to nature.  As I hold the sense of the inner flow and the outer events in my mind at the same time, I look for an image or symbol that captures both the inner flow and the outer events. 

   The image I get is of a house facing two directions.  In front is the world of human activity and behind the house is the world nature, wild and spontaneous.  At this point, I can then ask myself where is the next stage of my life I am proceeding towards? 

    I pause and wait silently allowing images and feelings to naturally arise.  The answer I sense is that I will live close to nature but be involved in making money in a creative way that also involves working with people in educational or seminar settings. 

   In other words, if I were to make a request involving my living situation, I would want to take into account this kind of exercise. It deals with the natural unfolding of my life and the next stage I am moving toward.  If I made a request guided using this insight, I would not be forcing anything or asking for a miracle.  My request would be in harmony with the natural unfolding of my life. 

    One of Progoff’s insights is that will and natural rhythm do not need to be opposed to each other.  As Emrudue might say, what you want is already there waiting for you.  You just need to see it and then reach for it.    



Path Working


Path working, like the steppingstone’s exercise, is a mental journey.  You explore something in your life following a specific theme.  For a path working, you start out in an imaginary setting like a dream.  Then you travel in your mind as you seek the answer to a question or wish to discover more about what you desire. 

    If I were thinking about places I have lived in the past, I might go from one place to another by opening a door in the wall and walking through.  Or if I were looking for a job, I might review places or things I have worked at and then enter a room and see myself doing my next line of work. 

    You can walk through the steppingstones of the thing you are wishing for.  When you get to the present, continue on into the future, into the next stage of your life, to discover more about what you wish to dream into being. 

    I try this exercise by walking through my past experiences with love, affection, a sense of peace, compassion, etc.  I start when I was young and relive the major encounters with feminine magnetism. 

     I realize my experiences during my early years have been very chaotic in regard to learning anything about magnetic capacities for love and nurturing.  I end up feeling like I am sitting in front of an abyss, a sky without clouds, and a darkness.  That is from my past. 

    I notice right away that my position now is that I have to will into being what I desire.  My path requires I bring all four planes--the physical, astral, mental, and akasha into balance in my request. 

     When I repeat this exercise later on the past seems irrelevant.  The chaos was both inevitable and insignificant.  The dissatisfaction would continue forever until I figured out how to solve the problem.  What I desire is only brought about through magic.      

     Also, my professional need to become completely competent in working with the magnetic fluid is completely independent of my personal needs.  It is like a film director, writer, or actor who is required to present or play a love scene in a movie.  Your personal experience may allow you to bring a lot to the scene or to your writing. 

     What is far more important is your use of imagination and your ability to create feelings within yourself and to project these through the presentation.  In acting, you become a different person making unique choices in unusual situations.  The acting gives you a chance to role play how you might feel and think under those circumstances.  In a similar way, the path working gives you a chance to experience something new about yourself.  You may encounter feelings that would otherwise be extremely difficult to experience in ordinary life.   





The method of focusing I review on my website under Methods in Transpersonal Psychology.  In a nutshell, there are six steps. You ask a question such as What is keeping me from feeling happy right now?  You focus on your body to get a purely physical response such as a sensation of discomfort, unease, a blockage, a failure to release, etc.  Then you find an image or way or describing this sensation. 

    You go back and forth between the sensation and the image sharpening your focus.  And then you ask, What is underneath or behind this image?  You wait and then you give your full attention to the change that occurs in your body.

   In a similar manner, you can ask, What is keeping me from experiencing what I desire as being real right now?  Why ask this?  This is a check on your subconscious. You may not sense it but your body may be very aware that what you wish for is not working or the way you are wishing is seriously flawed. 

     This essay is titled Problems in the Study of Magic.  If there is something preventing me from getting what I desire I want to know what that problem is right now. 

   I do this with my pursuit of mastering the magnetic fluid.  I ask, What is preventing me from perfectly embodying the magnetic fluid right now? I go through the six steps in focusing. 

   What I discover is that within my body is a void.  It is a space that is open and empty.  I ask, What is behind this or underneath it?

   The answer I get is a sense of cosmic wisdom. On the level of Divine Providence, that is, within akasha, there is no problem involving gender attraction.  There is no problem involving learning from, working with, or uniting with the opposite gender.

   On this level, we already combine the opposites within ourselves.  My body is telling me I already know and embody this on some spiritual level within myself.  Human history and my personal life, by contrast, have experienced huge conflicts in this area. 

   If I am to make a request regarding mastering the magnetic fluid or having a deeper, more profound relationship with a woman I have to take into account this greater perspective.  My body and higher self are saying, “If you are going to wish for something that is already a part of you on a spiritual level, then ask that the spiritual manifest on the lower planes.  Make your request so it reflects the light that is already shining within you.”  In other words, don’t ask for just what you want. 

    Ask for what you want and what your inner spirit desires as well.  The problem is not asking for too much.  The problem is asking for too little.

    When I repeated this focusing exercise, I arrived at an image of what mastering the magnetic fluid would be like on all four planes.  This image was very similar to the write up that follows in this essay describing the spirit Vehuiah’s JHVH formula.  



Focusing on the Inner Plane Progress of your Request


Focusing is a psychological practice.  Add time, concentration, and increased sensitivity to sensation, image, and energy and it becomes a spiritual and even a psychic activity.  I use focusing to check directly on the state of my request as far as it is scheduled to materialize as reality.  You just focus on the four planes one after the other and sense through your body the progress you are making. 

    You can ask, for example, Where is my request in terms of its movement toward manifesting?  This may not be part of the law of attraction methodology.  But there are spirits who teach exactly how to study the obstacles on the four planes and then change things so that your request moves without obstruction towards fulfillment.     

     Psychic Check on Progress: I did this exercise just like focusing but added a low level of psychic perception.  I scanned the four planes in regard to my work so far.  I have the energy strong on the akasha and mental planes.  There is a variety of activity going on.   But that is to be expected given how I have been working this request through the auras of a number of spirits.

   I need the astral level much stronger.  It needs to be more like a dream I enter and experience as real.  To do this I use free association.  I work through many images of what my realization entails. 

   I also needed to imagine the physical plane result to be much more material, concrete, and dense.  It is one thing to imagine something as real as in the style of daydreaming.  It is another thing to imagine the images as having weight and reality.  The dreaming or imagination should be on a level of this is the actual experience.

   In the DVD on The Secret, one individual took a check and wrote on the check the amount of money he was going to have in one year.  The guy then put the check on the ceiling of his bedroom so that when he woke up in the morning he would be reminded of what was to be.  

   This is using physical props to support the imagination.  The subconscious loves support like that.  I can just hear that individual’s subconscious saying on glancing at the check, “Oh, right, I am on it.”    



Psychic Contact with Spirits




One individual who emailed me wanted something more magical in regard to the electric fluid and making things happen. To this end, I contacted a number of spirits.  I was interested in how these spirits use magic to make things happen. And also I wanted any suggestions or comments they might have regarding my interests in experiencing and mastering the magnetic fluid.

   I have brief write ups on Anamil, Vehuiah, Cigila, Emrudue, Nith-Haiah, the chief judge of Saturn, Geler, and Ubarim.

     The method I used was fairly straightforward.  I bounced a question off the spirit’s aura: I concentrated on a spirit, sent a question, and carefully listened in receptive state for impressions, responses, images, etc. 

     The spirit in effect is part of my focusing experience: an image represents a comment on what to work on, where to improve, or how to proceed; an impression is like the energy to be used or to translate into an idea; sometimes the response is like energy that immediately translates into words. 





Anamil is a spirit in Aries in the earthzone.  His method is fairly simple and straightforward.  The method represents a very basic magical procedure applied to perfection. 

    He is a specialist in electromagnetic volting.  In a nutshell, you place your vision of what shall be and you live it within an electromagnetic volt placed in akasha.  This volt is like a ball of energy about three feet in diameter for the center electric fluid.  And you surround it with another three feet of magnetic fluid.  Animal uses very concrete imagery of what you want. 

    His suggestion to me is that I actually want to master the akasha and the electromagnetic energies of the earthzone.  This is again for the magnetic: all embracing love, cool, soothing, attractive. And the electric:  very burning, explosive, and very electrical. 

   In other words, Anamil really gets the powers and qualities of the electromagnetic energies in their full intensity.  You mediate with him, you form some sort of psychic connection, and these energies begin to accumulate.  There is not a lot of subtly.  The point is to get the job done.  This is an Aries attitude and approach: To do this you intensify the energy to the point where it breaks through all obstacles and manifests.

    The last time I worked with Anamil years ago the request manifested right away.  But the side effects were strong.  You need a certain level of maturity and astral equilibrium for working directly from akasha in the way he does. 

   Bardon mentions you also need to recharge these kind of volts so they remain strong.  And as always it is a good idea to reflect on the results you get versus your original request to see if you need to modify the request or the results. 




Cigila I have discussed before.  He is interested in clarifying my intent.  He says your vision requires the joining of human passion with divine passion, the will of creators with the union of lovers.  Divine Providence requires all four planes in order for the work to manifest on earth. 

     Divine love united with human love becomes an open channel through which the divine purpose can quickly manifest on earth.

   The electromagnetic is in minerals and nature, in animals and humans, and on the mental and akasha.  You need all four kinds of electromagnetic energies, i.e., on the four planes, to fulfill your purpose.

     Meditating with Cigila, I keep seeing the tantric and alchemical picture at the beginning of Bardon’s book, Initiation into Hermetics. Let me mention something about tantra.

    Tantra is a practice in which you become one with the object of your worship.  By becoming one with it, i.e., imagining it as real right now, you embody the energy of the future experience in yourself right now.

     This is tantra.  It is magic.  It is for perfecting oneself.  For Buddhists, it is a method for attaining enlightenment.  The problem with Buddhist tantra is that they do not take responsibility for producing real world results within a specific time frame. 

    It could go something like this: There shall be peace in the mid East including justice, prosperity, and the building of enduring institutions in exactly twelve years.  A Buddhist would consider this kind of tantra in which you unite with this vision to be heresy.  

     But the Kalachakra tantra can be applied in this way as can the Prajnaparamita Sutra. You just need a Westerner who is absolutely committed to the enlightenment of the world to envision it and to commit to attaining this vision in himself and in the world at the same time. 

   You want wealth. You become wealth and abundance in your aura, generous, kind, positive, drawing in and sending this energy out and through yourself as a vehicle to enrich the lives of yourself and others at the same time. 

   You want love?  You become love embodying it on all four levels. You become so filled with love that it overflows to those around you fulfilling yourself and many others at the same time.

   That is tantra upgraded and applied in a way that unites East and West, the inner and the outer.  

   A lot of these spirits are basically employing tantra in the use of magic.  But unlike the Orient, they do not ignore the astral and physical planes.  They include all four planes.  They don’t just use enlightenment and inner union.  They employ will and power also utilizing all four divine aspects: love, will, wisdom, and manifested purpose. 

    Cigila definitely has the quality of an enlightened mind joined to compassion.  But he is very specific in his time frames and his missions for reducing suffering on earth and creating conditions under which others can experience peace, love, and wisdom.




Emrudue mentions that my intent is to insure that I and those I work with are vehicles of Divine Providence.  Enrudue: “I can do this by using the lunar akasha and the astral plane.”  Again, you enter a dream that is so persuasive that reality and what is imagined have the same quality and intensity. In the dream, you can not tell the difference between what is imagined and what is real. The magic is that convincing. 

   Emrudue gives a very specific image and says this you will experience and it is the test of his magic as to whether this happens or not.  The desire and its satisfaction are not separate—they are already united within akasha.  This he says is his teaching and his power. 

     Working with Emrudue is very peaceful and serene.

     With Emrudue, the dream becomes physically dense as if you are in it and it is real.  Scientists have observed in conducting electrical stimulation of the brain that the subjects could be conscious of the present and conscious of a memory so that both were felt and experienced as being equally real at the same time.  Applied in terms of magic, this is like traveling in a dream into the future and experiencing that future so that the future and the present are equally real.  The brain is quite capable of producing this experience. Throw in telepathic, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and magic and you get Emrudue’s capacity to fulfill wishes.  




(The spirit who Bardon refers to as Ubarim walks around my room).  He says, “Your request is within my ability to accomplish.  This time you will need to work with me periodically if you wish to get more than an astral attainment, that is, to make a result that is permanent.

    “You are asking to fulfill a purpose that underlies creation.  You seek to join the electric and the magnetic, the masculine and feminine, in order to assist mankind in attaining its destiny.  I have waited a long time for someone to ask for this.  You shall acquire the experience you seek if you mediate with me and put forth the required energy.”  

   Note: For some reason, I have a really strong connection to this spirit. That is, unlike my work with so many of these spirits that interact with me on the akashic and mental planes, this spirit has a natural connection to me on an astral level.  The astral gives immediate psychic perceptions and emotional experiences. 

   In combination with the gnome Muscar these two have inspired a mythology I am writing about an ancient mystical kingdom which knew of and practiced the Great Rite which is the celebration for which the universe was created. 





Nith-Haiah likes to work with the four planes.  On the akasha plane an individual strives to perfectly join with Divine Providence—with all-embracing love and with the purposes and powers of creation.   You feel you are within and a part of a universe of unlimited power, unlimited love, unlimited wisdom, and unlimited purposes manifesting.  You are infinite divine being.

    The mental plane is like this: Here is the plan of action, the vision and definition of what is needed and its fulfillment. You have a plan of action and so you declare with spiritual authority “what shall be.”  This is taking responsibility for real world results.  Something like, “I will produce this as reality by virtue of my divine being and my divine authority.”

    The akasha is like a circle.  The mental plane is like a vector: force in motion.  The mental plane holds the will of spirit focused through mental concentration.  It is like a laser generated by a fusion reactor.  There is no end to its power.  It just grows stronger and stronger.

    Again, the astral plane is like having a dream in which you enter and explore.  You walk around in it.  Check it out. Feel it. Live it. Spend time in it.  It is here you are aligned with the power of the subconscious providing stability in space and time.

     It is telepathic. It is clairvoyant. It is clairsentient.  You are going inside of it taking notes, making observations, and adding modifications.  You are making sure that it is complete and that you have everything that you need. 

     The physical manifestation arrives as the three inner planes focus your energy and vitality.  Add tremendous dedication, clarity of mind, emotional concentration, and rock solid consciousness and you manifest the vision.   

    For more on Nith-Haiah and akasha, see my slightly humorous piece under Mid Semester Exam in my article Pop Quiz for Magicians. 


Chief Judge of Saturn


For this spirit, the magnetic fluid is open, totally empty, absolutely receptive, also nurturing, tender, responsive, and compassionate.  The electric is a diamond like indestructible consciousness.  It is total mastery of the means for accomplishing the purpose. 

    If the request is seeking justice between nations, the electric is free of selfishness, corruption, narrow mindedness, prejudice, or fanaticism. It is the destruction of these things.  It gathers together all its power and its resolve to make a nation prosperous, fair, just, and productive establishing institutions of enduring value. 

   By virtue of the emptiness, the magnetic, it is the absolute destruction of abuses of power.  By virtue of the electric, it is the absolute commitment to fair exchanges of goods and energy between the citizens of the country, between the people and the government, and between the nation and other nations.  There is no room within this for fear or domination. 

    As far as women are concerned, there is no reason a woman can not be completely in charge of her own life and also totally capable of being empty in her meditation and also tender, affectionate, sensual, and loving.  It is just the clichés within society that confuse these things.     

    This spirit assured me that if I require specific experiences with the electric and magnetic, then they will come to me. 


Geler, # 14, a spirit of the sun, 15-22 degrees sign of Cancer


This spirit, according to Bardon, specializes in the magnetic fluid as it operates in all spheres and planes.  

     The male part here, the electric fluid, is omnipresent: everywhere and in everything.  This is like one of the 12 fruits of the tree of life which is for the healing of the nations.  But the magnetic fluid is used to inspire entire nations to put aside their anger, fear, and hatred and prejudice and to dare to do what is right, what is healing, positive, nurturing, and compassionate. 

    This magnetism encompasses the entire solar system.  It is very deep and rich.  With a partner it produces a very deep and profound trance through which this energy and consciousness can manifest.

     Working with these energies on earth, you are within every aspect of water across the planet all at once.  You are also within every aspect and expression of love, affection, and compassion throughout the human race.  If you are going to bring forth justice between nations you will need this level of healing power and vision within your magnetic love.




Vehuiah is the first spirit of the sphere of Mercury and embodies the sign of Aries in that sphere.  Bardon mentions that the Mercury spirits have power aspects that are distinct from their names.  He gives Vehuiah’s power aspect as the cosmic letters JHVH.  The V for Bardon becomes the letter W when translated into the cosmic language. 

   This formula is also the Hebrew letters for one of many names of God used in the Old Testament.  There is, for me, a certain analogy to Yehwah or Jehovah and this formula.  The two share some things in common. 

     One way to use these four cosmic letters is to spread them over the four planes.  This application has the equivalent effect of producing two electromagnetic volts.  And this formula is a divine model for how to make things happen. 


Disclaimer: For me, any attempt at writing theology requires great humility. It presupposes that what is written will contain errors, mistakes, and intrinsically it will not reflect the truth.  This is because there is a gulf between the akashic plane where spiritual purposes originate and the mental plane where human beings formulate ideas in order to interpret, express, and fulfill those purposes. 

   In other words, religions, especially Christianity, have presented us with a large set of great and noble ideals to manifest on earth. But in the attempt to put these ideals into practice or to embody them in individual behavior, the results have often been disastrous. Theology requires a clear mind and a pure heart that continually and unendingly compare the spiritual intent to the real world results. Or, to put it simply, you shall know them by their fruits, for example, “by the way they love one another.”

   One last thought: I noticed decades ago that when people write about the Bible they were not really writing about the Bible at all. They were presenting their own ideas. The Bible was simply a convenient reference point they used to help validate conclusions they had already decided upon. Or, as one of the characters complained in the Monty Python movie, The Life of Bryan “You’re making this up.” I get the feeling all theologians are “making it up.” 


My disclaimer is in place.  Now when I turn to this formula, JHVH, it is like God saying in the Old Testament, “Be fruitful, multiply, and have dominion over the earth.”  Now there is a law of attraction/The Secret statement of intention: anything you want—go for it.   

   And someone asks, “How are we supposed to accomplish this?”  And God (JHVH) says, “I have given you my name.  Mediate on its powers and qualities.  I can not make it clearer to you than this.  My name contains all that I AM.”      

     The first letter--cosmic letter J:  This letter can be practiced on the akashic plane.  On the akashic plane, the J is all-embracing love.  The J has an incredible gathering together and union of all beings to fulfill some purpose. 

    The J is practiced as a dark opal color—red, blue, green, and violet.  Add to it the cold water element and the sound of G sharp.

   J is the first of three letters in another formula Bardon says grants power like unto God’s.  The J on the akashic plane is a divine state of ecstasy, oneness, and union enjoining the entire universe and all of creation to become one in order to complete or manifest a vision. 

    It is especially useful if you have a divine intent.  There are some things that can only be accomplished through love and this is one source that empowers, inspires, and fulfills such purposes.

     The Letter J in JHVH or God’s name is something which the prophet’s of Israel’s never really understood.  They never conceived of the Kingdom of God as being here on earth within each person’s heart--a union of all things in ecstasy, a Divine Celebration of creation. 

    They never reached J on the akashic level.  And they never understood the absolutely incomprehensible power an individual can possess who is united to God or to Divine Providence from within his or her heart. That is my take on it anyway.

   Moses and Elijah never had their power and will cloaked in the magnetic energy of the J which is utterly receptive and all embracing love.  You can see it maybe in the Prophet Samuel who when he danced those near by would fall down in ecstasy and rapture and begin to prophesy. That ecstatic aspect is the presence of the magnetic fluid.   

    Instead of Elijah blasting the king’s army by calling fire down from heaven to incinerate them, things would have been different. Once every fifty years or so everyone who was sick in the entire kingdom would be spontaneously healed.  From my perspective in contacting Vehuiah, I am simply telling it the way it is. You get the magnetic fluid you get the love, inspiration, and healing.  You get only the electric and you get disaster after disaster. 

    Israel was too electric because it had God’s name in terms of the last three letters but not the first.  They knew God was holy.  And they knew he liked hard work and productivity.  He likes faith.  And he likes those who stir themselves up to have a vision. 

     He likes those who ask about and seek justice.  But the love that embraces the universe and experiences not just the inner union of a yogi with the universe, but an inner union at the center of the heart that conceives and experiences the union of everything that exists in a divine oneness—no, not one prophet had this, well, maybe Samuel at times when he danced.  

    I have labored to describe the letter J in God’s name because the JHVH is a means for manifesting wishes.  It manifests visions and fulfills purposes. 

   You want to do a wish?  Here is your law of attraction and positive thinking from the point of view of the God of Israel.  He would say something like this:  

     God: “Be still and know that I am God.  And in your heart enter and experience the center of My heart—feel the love with which I have created the universe.  From love such as this dream what you wish and it shall be real.  I explain this to you because it is precisely in this way that I created the universe that is around you.”  

    The second cosmic letter H in the JHVH formula can be practiced on the mental plane.  The J and the H together represent all-embracing love surrounding indomitable will seen in the H.  The H on the mental plane is the absolute embodiment of the power and will of Divine Providence. 

    The letter H is practiced with the element of fire, that is, with the sensation of being hot, with the color of dark violet with a silvery glitter, and the note of A. 

    The akashic and mental plane are more of universal nature in effect.  They are for such things as inspiring groups, establishing justice between nations, teaching, accomplishing any number of tasks relating to large numbers of individuals.   

    The last two letters, the V(W) and H, pertain to the astral and physical planes.  They are usually more personal.  They keep things harmonious and balanced.  They give and they also demand great focus on the part of the individual in terms of his or her emotional life and behaviors. 

    The first H in the JHVH is a great power of will and conviction.  The second H gathers and focuses energy to produce something physical.

    This is the arc of the Covenant stuff.  The arc goes around vaporizing those who touch it without preparation; it destroys enemies with electrical blasts, etc.  But again, Israel and Moses for example never got the incredible love of the J and the W.  They utilized powerful rituals to capture God’s presence rather than making God’s presence accessible, as something to be discovered, within each individual’s heart.

      The letter W applies to the astral plane.  On the astral plane, the W puts your emotions in touch with the future so that you embody within your aura the vibration and feeling of what is to manifest in the future.  The dream is so real it has the power of the sacred. 

    The letter W is lilac in color, cold watery sensation, and the note of G. 

     The W is like the Prophet Samuel anointing David as the next king of Israel.  It is the sacred fire and water of Divine Providence being poured over you.  It is like Divine Providence coming and anointing you and saying, “Your wish is fulfilled.” 

     This is very powerful stuff.   Making things happen is the business of creators.  And they do not waste energy in the process and they do not act for selfish motives.  They fulfill in order to serve. 

   The spirit named Vehuiah is not a salesman for, proponent of, or franchise manager for any specific religion.  He bears witness to the Divine majesty reflected in the very structure of the human body, soul, mind, and spirit and throughout creation. 

    The Four Planes: The four planes put together are similar to the process of reproduction.  Conception is like the akashic plane—a joining, a union, a coming together, a celebration of love.  The growth phase in the womb is like the mental plane.  On the mental plane, the project goes through many changes as details and specifics are filled in until it takes concrete form in the imagination. 

    The final maturing of the fetus in the womb is like the astral plane.  There is a state of readiness.  Everything is in place and ready to be born.  The fetus is in fact kicking, tossing and turning, and flexing its muscles it is so ready.  The birth process itself, the delivery, and the resulting separation of the baby from the mother’s womb is the physical plane.  What was conceived has come to fruition.     

     Previously I said there were three ways in which magic is different from the law of attraction.  These involve 1. The amount the energy. 2. The level of concentration. 3. The direct use of a spiritual level.  We could add to these three a four difference: 4. Magic consciously uses all four planes to increase the chances of success.   

     Problems: The fanatics in all religions treat rules and regulations as sacred and holy.  They do not exude positive energy of love and oneness.   You have to turn to Sufi mystics to see something of that.  But Sufi mystics are notoriously drunk on bliss and fail to seek to manifest their ideals in the real world.  

     Now a lot charismatic individuals have traces of the letter H vibration on the mental plane.  And they get some of the emotional intensity and dream like conviction that goes with the letter W on the astral plane.  They just do not usually apply these in a positive way.  

    It is like you have a dial that you can turn toward the positive or toward the negative.  This dial represents the quality of the conviction, will, faith, and power on the mental plane.  As you turn the dial toward the positive, an individual has a charismatic and creative power that exudes an inspiration that takes hold of other individuals and sets before them their best paths in life. 

   When you turn the dial toward the negative the conviction and power on the mental level begin to consume other people.  It hypnotizes, mesmerizes, manipulates, and tricks others into doing whatever this individual wills them to do. 

    I personally know ministers who one moment exude very positive faith.  And in the next moment they are willing to trick and manipulate others into doing something that validates and makes faith seem real.  Integrity and authority require genuine faith, not the kind of faith that flickers and vacillates because it has never been seriously tested.

    Have you ever been in those religious groups that already know where you should be?  They have a template and try to get you to conform to it. That is crap.  That is the dial turned toward the negative. 

    Turn the dial of the letter H toward the positive and you are in a group where they enable you to find faith, conviction, and power within yourself.  And then you can find your own way.  You do not have to sell your soul in order to fulfill the dreams dreamed by the masters of some lineage. 

     You do not have to allow your astral body to be imprinted with the desires and doctrines of a group of “wise men” from the past even when they tried their very best.  They are in no position to speak on behalf of what you shall find in your own heart. 

     The letter W also has its positive and negative aspects which we can encounter in everyday experience.  Salesmen sometimes employ this energy.  They can be very positive in their thinking. But the sales hype can be overdone.  A salesman will sometimes try his very best to make you think and feel he is your best friend.  Once he has his emotional hook in you, he expects you to buy his product.   

    Ever get a call from a family member or friend who has attended an Amway training seminar?  Amway is a fairly effective sales model.  But after receiving one of these recruiting phone calls it was perfectly clear that the seminar had employed a kind of group hypnosis to empower the sales people to achieve success. 

    The energy of the individual calling, that is, her faith was so strong that it was difficult to think a thought that ran counter to the specific goals she was projecting through her positive thinking.  It is a form of verbal hypnosis backed up by the power of hundreds of other individuals radiating the same vibration of success. 

    The problem with self and group hypnosis is that it does not increase awareness.  It does not empower an individual to take charge.  And it does not expand perception.  It reduces control, narrows focus, and restricts awareness. It is like taking a drug such as cocaine.  The artificial stimulation appears to enhance perception and feeling but it is a form of self deception.   

    Another problem with hypnotizing oneself into believing that you will succeed is that it is not the action of a person who is whole.  This method is used by someone who feels incomplete.  The result is an obsessive need to use other people to validate oneself.   

     This problem is called Vishnu’s Knot.  It is a block in the heart chakra.  The energy does not arise from the depths of the heart.  Consequently, there is no genuine caring for others. Other people are only seen in terms of whether they affirm one’s objectives.  This is again the approach of the fanatic and the narrow minded. 

    I once attended a Christian college.  I swear that when I come within a quarter of a mile of this college I can feel like I am crossing into a sphere of spiritual energy that surrounds the entire campus.  This energy has been built up over a period of a hundred years from worship and Christian commitment.  But it is not completely positive. 

     Its strength is in its resolve that we shall hold ourselves separate from the materiality of the world in order to keep our faith pure.  Its weakness is that it has no self-reflective capacities.  It can not tell when it is doing good and when it is doing evil. 

     There is no general accounting office on the mental plane, no ability to compare spiritual intent to actual results.  The consequence is that these people often retreat into a survival mode, a siege mentality, in which any attempt at creativity is seen as defecting to the dark side.  They simply can not discern when “the faith of the fathers” is good and when it is corrupt and rotten to the core.   

     Conclusion: The point of all of this?  The will you use, the power, the conviction, the faith, the visualization, the determination, the dream you dream whatever it is, do out of and for the purposes of love.  Start with divine inspiration, a love so deep it unites all beings, and then what you dream shall be.  

    And understand that positive thinking, seeking to fulfill a spiritual purpose, or attain a noble destiny belong at times not just to individuals.  They are accomplished not just through many individuals working together as a group.  They sometimes require a large number of individuals working for hundreds if not thousands of years. 

     The JHVH formula or divine law for manifesting things has not yet been demonstrated on earth in regard to its full potential.  Or, what the DVD, The Secret, stated in regard to the law of attraction can also be said of the name of God and the JHVH formula:

The secret was buried.

The secret was coveted.

The secret was banned.

The secret was suppressed. 


The cosmic love that emanates from cosmic letters such as the J is like the first rays of dawn after a long, dark night.  Taste it.  Feel it. Make a place for it in your life and you become a different being.  You are reborn into a universe of love and light.  



The Electric and Magnetic Fluids


Here are two exercises for experiencing the electric and magnetic fluids.  A spirit in the earthzone called Morilon works with this kind of imagination.  For example, he specializes in taking something ordinary and turning it into a symbol or of taking something spiritual and converting it into an image from daily life. 

    This is just something you can learn to do if it interests you.  Take an image of a thunderstorm, a tree, or the ocean and convert it into a human being with whom you can hold a conversation.  See for example two essays under Methods in Transpersonal Psychology on my website.  But it is no big deal.  Take your cat or dog and imagine he or she is a person and then have a conversation. Take the morning dawn and imagine it to be a woman, the moon, the sun, the earth, the sky, a mountain, etc. and hold a conversation.  It is playful, fun, and sometimes results in new insights.  


Simple exercise for the electric fluid: I sometimes use the cosmic letter S on mental plane to clarify my understanding of the electric fluid. The salamanders are not typically electrical except for Itumo. You can read my piece on Itumo.  But Itomo is a little too electrical, that is, he embodies immense electrical power which is off normal psychological scales.  

    Exercise: Visualize and imagine a ball of red light in front of you about six feet in diameter.  Imagine this ball as also hot as in you can feel the heat on your face, burning as in it is consuming, intense as in power that is ready to be directed, explosive and electrical like ball lightning. 

   Now imagine this ball is turning into an exact replica of you.  The ball reconfigures and changes into a human being that is you.  In other words, the hot, burning, electrical energies and so forth are converted into normal human qualities.  Notice now the way this person is different from you.  See if you can feel and sense the ways he or she is more full of conviction, faith, courage, determination, confidence, and authority.

   Imagine and allow some of those enhanced psychological and spiritual qualities to transfer from this image into yourself.  If you are looking at an image of yourself you probably can imagine that you are becoming this image.         

    When I do this exercise my impression, contrary to my normal every day sense of myself, is that this is the way a magician should feel: masterful, powerful, in change, and dynamic.  I get done exactly what I need to accomplish each day.  Working with the electrical fluid directly does not often result in this kind of psychologically useful effects.  This exercise does go in that direction. 


Simple exercise for the magnetic fluid:  Similar to the electric fluid, imagine a blue ball of magnetic fluid six feet in diameter in front of you.  It is cool, cold, magnetic, and contracting. It is attractive, soothing, and calming.  It is receptive as in utterly empty of form and completely open—able to receive and contain anything in itself, preserving, nurturing, and animating it with life.     

     Again, imagine this ball converting into an exact replica of yourself.  It is you standing or sitting there in front of you.  Sense how this person is different than yourself.  What qualities and powers does this person have that you do not? 

     When I do this exercise, I see a Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu, shaman, and clairvoyant set of masters all rolled into one.  The primary quality is inner stillness.  This person is completely transcendent—he is here but he is equally united to a spiritual world.

    This individual knows exactly what others are feeling.  He senses their best courses of action in life.  He knows how to heal them, how to love them, and how to inspire them.  This is a divine being in human form, an angel or archangel disguised as a human being.  It is magnificent to behold.  It is at the very least a sense of being in the presence of the sacred—there is rapture, awe, and ecstasy. 


The two together masculine and feminine, electric and magnetic:  This is the whole show, isn’t it?  The complete puzzle, the entire struggle between the genders presented as an image and presence that can be studied and emulated.  In its own way it answers questions like, What do women desire above all else?  What is the greatest treasure on earth? 

    Answers to questions like these are found through experience and not through mythological stories.  Oh, Sir Gawain from the story of King Arthur and the Black Knight can tell you the answer or a spirit from the lunar sphere.  But that is not the same as discovering the answer for yourself in terms of something that works in your own life.      

     If you are good with working with imagery, you can experiment and finds what works for you.  The idea is to join the electric and magnetic into one person.  

   The way this works for me is that I have to tone down the different images of the electric and magnetic so they are more familiar.  Instead of powerful and dynamic, the electrical becomes an individual who is strong and determined.  The magnetic is not so sacred and transcendent.  It is instead empathic and caring, always loving and capable of bonding with anyone.  

   These more human types can then join in my mind.  By contrast, the pure forms of the electric and magnetic result in an image that is not familiar to me and much harder to relate to.  What I have then, working within a familiar framework, is an individual who has a great deal of power.  But he always expresses it through love. 

     He is funny, casual, and great to be around.  And he gets things done.  He is always aware of how to use time and opportunity in the best ways.  He or she brings the best out in people and situations.  Understanding others and relating to them is easy.  He can understand anyone’s feelings. 

    The power is best seen in terms of his accomplishments.  Over the years he is tremendously productive.  For an individual who appears relaxed, easy going and casual, the depth and scope of his experience is astonishing along with the legacy he bestows upon the world. 

    Well women, this is a guy who enjoys cooking, cleaning the house, doing laundry, and pressing his own shirts.  You can talk to him about anything and he is happy to listen.  But you could just as easily ask him about the state of the North Atlantic current, current research in fusion reactors, the chances of human survival, or what is going on in the mind of any national president on earth and he could tell you in detail without a moment’s hesitation.

      Let me state it a little clearer—any general, head of an intelligence service, or ambassador would be wise to consult with such an individual in order to be more effective in accomplishing his purposes.

    Magic, when it comes down to it, is very ordinary.  It is made out of the stuff of daily life.  It is about the choices we make, using our time well, and doing what is right.  Above all else, it is about balance.  When you live well and employ a high learning curve over a number of years, the ordinary and the divine intermingle and unite like two lovers whose hearts are one.



Comments on The Secret DVD. 


I did get to see the DVD, The Secret. You can watch this for your self and draw your own conclusions.  You may want to skip what I am going to say until after you watch it since my response is something of a spoiler. 

      There were a lot of great comments in the DVD:  

      “Declare it. Believe it.  Act as if it is true.” 

     “Your job is to declare what you would like to have from the catalogue of the universe.” 

     “The law of attraction states that what you focus on you will get.”    

     “Life is meant to be abundant in all areas.”

     “You begin where you are now. Generate harmony and happiness in yourself and the law will begin to respond to that.”

     “Put yourself in a sate of joy and what you intend will manifest.”


You might find the above phrases in an inspirational book full of good, warm hearted and inspiring thoughts.  Until you meet people who actually say and believe these things it is easy to think that you are being positive when you are only half way there.  The Secret does a great job of illustrating what it is to be very positive.

   On the other hand, I had some difficulties watching the DVD.  They reminded me of the attitude of many of the Christian evangelists I met when I was young.  I find most of the speakers in the DVD genuinely disturbing.  They look fake. 

      They were predominately only interested in solving their own problems or furthering an agenda that was short sighted in its scope.  I am not complaining or saying that what they do does not work.  I am just saying that I would go crazy if I tried to be happy in the way they are happy. 

      I met a speaker at an investment seminar.  He was good at making money with stocks.  He became far more successful using the instructions of the particular group he was representing. 

    Later I found out that everything these people charge for other groups give away for free.  It was not a complete scam.  If you know nothing about investing they will teach you a lot in a short period of time.  

   But this instructor had a huge garage full of antique cars, maybe twenty or so.  He would work for three hours a day sitting on his fifty foot boat.  He would watch TV and lounge around and when one of his two computers beeped at him he would buy or sell a stock.  A few thousand dollars later he would retire for the day.  He had an investment method that worked for him. 

    So I asked him, “Now that you have all the money you want, have you considered helping others make money?”  For example, running a mutual fund, a hedge fund, or better yet helping a university with its endowment?” 

    But he could care less about helping others.  In fact, the only reason he was teaching at this seminar was that they were paying him an outrageous amount of money to teach something he himself did not use.  He was rich in positive thinking.  But he was not using it to transform the world.

   In other words, if the instructors in The Secret are able to do these things in the way they say they do, why don’t they try to do more? Has it never occurred to them that they might try applying their abilities to help solve many of the larger problems in the world? 

     When I was young it occurred to me that I might be able to make billions of dollars investing in stocks.  But I put that off.  I felt there were more pressing problems facing humanity that needed to be solved first.  

     The other problem with The Secret is a tactical error.  Many times in history someone has a great idea. But they are insecure. They do not really believe their idea will succeed when it is presented.  So they attach their idea to what they feel is a more powerful ideology or metaphysical system. 

    Karl Marx did that.  He tied his critique of capitalism to dialectical materialism.  There was absolutely no need to do that.  But the suffering he saw in the world overwhelmed him.  He wanted to say that it is inevitable that such suffering will end.  But he lacked genuine hope.  He lacked any real faith.  So he grabbed onto a really stupid ideology in order to convince himself and others that suffering would end. 

    The law of attraction people make the same mistake.  They are so incredibly insecure that they attach positive thinking and visualizing to a metaphysical position.  They need outside reassurance that their work in being positive will produce results. 

     For example, “We are creators of our universe and every wish of what we want to create will manifest in our lives.”  I mention in my Pop Quiz for Magicians the movie called, The Forbidden Planet.  An entire race, far, far more advanced than ours puts in place a machine that will allow them literally to materialize instantly whatever they wish.  And in one night the entire race vanishes from existence. 

     The problem was expressed in a phrase taken from Freud—“Monsters of the Id.”  What they consciously wished for was far different than what was being wished for from the depths of their collective unconscious.  The instincts of the dinosaurs inside of them, the reptiles and prehistoric life forms, were still present on a cellular level within their bodies and brains. 

    So when they gained the ability to manifest what they wished for, as in “every wish of what we want will manifest in our lives,” it turned out that the deeper instincts inside of them took control.  The prehistoric and hidden desires were far more powerful and possessed a greater will than they themselves possessed on a conscious level.  The Id—the blind, unconscious desires within them--devoured them.

    There may well come a time in future history when we will have the power to materialize and dematerialize anything we think about.  At that time “every wish of what we want will manifest in our lives.”  At this present phase of human history, such a blanket statement regarding the laws of the universe borders on insanity. 

    There is no need to attach that kind of certainty to a purely procedural method for manifesting wishes.  The reason to do so is to get people hyped up and persuaded into trying something that most individuals would otherwise not be willing to try.  The law of attraction is a great idea.  Being positive has many advantages.  But there is simply no need, no necessity, and no purpose in attaching this idea to another seriously flawed metaphysical statement about the nature of the universe.    



Check List on Using Magic to Make Things Happen


Previous Summaries 


All methods and techniques for changing oneself or the world boil down to a simple formula: you concentrate on what is desired as if it is real right now in this moment.  You add an appropriate kind of energy using visualization, feeling, thought and affirmation, etc. so it has some power independent of your mind and so it can move with enthusiasm toward its objective on any or all planes.  And you also take into consideration and comprehend every force, situation, resistance, and obstacle that blocks your vision from becoming reality.  This last element insures that your course of action is forged from wisdom and results in harmony.


Get inside what you want.  Imagine it is present right now.  Feel it.  Think it.  Affirm it.  Work with it experiencing it now as if you are fully awake within a dream and it has become your reality.  Put energy into it on a regular basis. That is, take some time to live within the dream. Apply for backup—ask God/Goddess for assistance as in “grant me this request.” State clearly the purpose having it fulfills.  Argue your case logically as if you are placing a petition before the Supreme Court of Fate and Destiny also called Divine Providence--

     Be brief and concise; answer any questions put to you with complete certainty about your purpose and absolute faith in the value of what you seek to manifest. The questions Divine Providence will ask you do not require brilliance, logic, or persuasion. Their only purpose is to see if you believe or do not believe in what you are doing.  And in this courtroom of the spirit, it is not possible to deceive either them or yourself.      



Check List


Visualize it as real right now—be graphic and concrete


Feel it as real right now


Think it as real right now: say it, explain it, describe it, justify it, state what purpose it fulfills.  State it verbally aloud or mentally so that the spoken or intended words carry force and weight as in a royal or divine proclamation. Give thanks that what you desire you have already received. 


Ask and imagine: how would I act, feel, and think in this vision? Make it so real it feels like you are living it right now. 

    Follow up questions: If I imagine it as 100 per cent real, do I now radiate the energy of what it is like to be what I want?  Is it so real nothing else exists for me as I experience it? 


Put electric into it: faith, conviction, will


Put magnetic into it: love, peace, serenity, happiness


Check questions of electric: Am I willing to work for this through non magical means?  On a scale of 1 to 10, how strong is my faith, my conviction, and my will?  Is my purpose joined to a divine purpose?


Check questions of magnetic: Am I willing to nurture this once I have it?  On a scale of 1 to 10, how strong is my love, my inspiration, and my union with the divine?  Does what I wish for arise from the depths of my heart? 


Akasha: affirm it as a divine being outside of time and space; let it be so, it shall be. 


Evaluate: review how well you are doing above. 


1. Notice inspiring ideas when they come to you and be prepared to act on them.  That is, be prepared to act in new ways if that is what is required to move toward your goal.


2. Be prepared also to modify your objective or wish as circumstances change or you learn more about what you seek.


3. Be aware that not just one but many opportunities may open up that lead toward your wish.  Observe them.  Decide which best lead toward what you seek and which are distractions leading in other directions.


Further Practices


Visualize and imagine that your imagining is perfect.  See yourself as perfectly visualizing, feeling, and conceiving of what it is you wish to be real.  Within this visualization picture yourself also as embodying perfect faith and conviction and will and also perfect love, peace, and serenity.  See yourself acting as a spirit within the full power and authority of akasha.


Steppingstones and imagery correlating inner and outer so you sense the next stage


Path Working: explore the path leading to what you desire.


Focusing: what is keeping me from experiencing this right now?


Psychic Focusing: If you are psychic, focus on each of the four planes to see if there are any obstacles blocking your way


Listen to and address subconscious doubts, objections, questions.  This is also a kind of silent contemplation in which you allow the entire request/project to sit in your mind and heart.  This allows it to become more familiar and any disturbances or inspirations are given a chance to be heard. 


Optional: Ask the universe, Divine Providence, or God to fulfill it.