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The Race that Replaces Human Beings


Franz Bardon, toward the end of his book, The Practice of Magical Evocation, casually mentions that another race will one day occupy the earth after human beings are gone.  This brief reference is under the section called Uranus and Pluto.

   In context, Bardon is describing how the spirits associated with the spiritual aura of Pluto do not at present have any connection to our planet.  He says that over the course of time a connection between Pluto and earth will be made.  But he says basically “Don’t worry about it because we (the human race) will be long gone before that happens.”

   He mentions a time frame for this event: the Second Day of Brahma.  The text is:


“Beyond this there exists another sphere, the Pluto sphere; but the magician, in his present state of development, cannot profit anything from that sphere, for it will have no effect on the zone girdling our earth before the so-called Second Day of Brahma, the next cycle of evolution.  The surface of our earth will then be inhabited by quite a different race of people, who will have a different skin color and different laws from ours.    


The time frame, the Second Day of Brahma, has various meanings depending on your interpretation.  A Day of Brahma can be around four billion years or roughly the present age of our sun.  Apparently we have quite a ways to go before the Second Day of Brahma arrives.   

   The spirits of Pluto are huge beings of pure power.  For them to connect to the earth may not be so much a when as much as a how it will happen.  In other words, if another race far more powerful and integrated than human beings were to be here on earth, then the aura of Pluto could connect through them to our planet. 

    This is a quality of soul interpretation rather than quantity of time interpretation. If such an advanced race were to appear on earth, the Second Day of Brahma would kick in.  Pluto and the earth would assume, spiritually speaking, diplomatic relations. 

   Since I write fairy tales, I am free to take liberties; my stories focus on matters of the heart. I use my psychic abilities and intuition to create mythical landscapes of the soul in order to account for first-hand observations. 

   Scientists will describe the Periodic Table separating elements by atomic weight, numbers of protons, and variations such as isotopes.  Scientists will split the atom making possible a nuclear weapon.  But scientists offer no insight in how to live life. They create new choices for us but they do not clarify our choices.  Harmony and justice are not areas of scientific study.  They are part of ethics and the deep issues of the heart. 

   In my fairy tales, I focus on what is required to make wise choices in life.  I have very specific thoughts and visions in regard to human destiny and the means for attaining peace. As I sometimes mention, the fairies I describe are not less powerful than human beings.  They know more about nature than do we.

    Nonetheless, it seems that discussing the appearance of another race on earth that replaces human beings is not the genre of fairy tales. It is science fiction.  However, mermaids have a strong sense of the future. 

   I was casually mentioning to a woman, who some consider to possess a mermaid’s soul, this topic of another race appearing on earth.  Her response was, “They are already here.  I know one of them.”

   This response caught my attention.  I asked her to describe this individual.  She said that he is an artist and that when he talks it was very hard to hear the words since he speaks so softly. But all the same she knew what he meant because it was like the words appeared in her mind. 

   As a spiritual anthropologist who also does psychic interviews, I went home and immediately tried to “tune into” the aura of the individual she mentioned as well as other members of this race.  Some members of this future race are already here and currently reside in human bodies. 

    The only difference is that their souls are quite distinct from the souls of human beings.  In other words, currently their race does not reproduce itself through physical means.  Rather, very gradually some of their souls are migrating from another planet and displacing human souls in human bodies when they incarnate into a new born child.   

  The only similar example I can think of in science fiction involves the TV series, Babylon Five.  In that TV series, an alien race is about to wipe out the human race.  But at the last moment they decide to surrender to humanity.  The aliens realized that one of their great leaders had incarnated as a human being who had then become one of the human leaders.  The soul had transmigrated from one species into the body of another species while retaining its qualities and powers but not its memory.  

   My mermaid friend was not disturbed by the idea of another species appearing in the guise of human beings.  She said, “I accept all life in whatever form it appears.”

   The most noticeable thing about this “alien” race is that they possess a laser like concentration.  This does not mean they use their powers of concentration as we would.  It is not a mental power of concentration.  Their concentration operates in an altogether different fashion. 

    Another remarkable quality is that the women have astral bodies similar to undine queens—feeling extends in and around them as a magnetic field energy.  This does not make them like undine queens.  If a human woman had such an astral body she would be remarkable receptive, sensual, and profoundly loving.  But again, this species uses that sensitivity in a different way than we would.  At the same time, the alien men have close contacts with the undine realm.           

    The best I can make out is that their name for themselves is something like Breifupei.  But for simplicity I call them Perseians after the Greek hero, Perseus, who slew Medusa by using the reflective power of a mirror.  That is, he overcame the “looks that can kill” of pure terror that turns heroes to stone by using clarity of mind. 

   In another context, I mentioned how forty-nine advanced souls from the inner planes of Venus had incarnated on earth in the last fifty years to assist mankind.  These spirits, however, failed miserably in their task.  The earth has such a dense vibration that they were unable to express successfully the wisdom they possess regarding love and beauty. 

  By contrast, the Perseians are from the inner planes of the sphere of Jupiter.  They are incredibly adaptable.  Their minds are usually perfectly clear though again their clarity takes place on a level of awareness that human beings almost never enter.

  Let us review a brief telepathic interview I did with one of these Perseians.  I can sense about five hundred and fifty of them here on earth.  Part of the karma of incarnating is that they do not retain any memory of who they are.  And they also at this time have not made contact with each other. 

   The normal human brain has strong personal needs. There is a strong desire to fit in.  Personal history plays a significant role in shaping an individual’s identity.  A human being can look at his circumstances and situations in life from his own point of view as it relates to his personal identity; and he can see the point of view of others in society.  Whether he agrees or not with other people, he can understand how something might affect different people in different ways.    

   And there is something left over. There is time for hobbies, spiritual pursuits, answering questions, curiosity, exploring by traveling or reading, etc.  Individuals also have some concern and worry about the deeper issues of life that are not fully addressed by conventional explanations. 

   The Perseians, by contrast, use less brain energy and engage in less mental activity than we do.  In other words, you can not observe their higher level of concentration through a CAT scan or MRI. 

  When a human being relaxes, there is generally a focus on releasing stress and tension.  There is a desire to feel good.  When a Perseian relaxes, there is an automatic default neurological program that activates: it reviews the events of the last day, weeks, months, and years from something like five different perspectives. 

   In other words, on what we would call a subconscious level, they are constantly processing their experience.  They dream as do we but they do not need to dream to process their emotions.  One result is that they are more aware of the routines and behaviors of everyone around them than the individuals are aware of themselves.

  Obama, for example, is not a Perseian.  Obama’s gift is being able to address a large number of different people with different needs and perspectives and still speak in a way that asserts the common interests and bottom line values for all those different people.  Obviously, sometimes he is better at this than other times.  And his gift does not make him wise in how to solve problems. 

   The Perseians, due to their mental powers, are far more integrated than we are.  Their instinctual, emotional, feeling, thinking, contemplating, and goal oriented activities are all coordinated and interlinked.  Feeling and desire are fully a part of thinking and well represented in their awareness. 

  Perseians do not have any conflict with the difference between themselves and normal human beings. This is because it is nearly effortless for them to respond to each situation in a way appropriate to that situation.  And this includes taking in other individuals’ points of views.  They are not hiding anything.  They are merely responding in a way that puts others at ease and which is to understand.  

    But Perseians do not know they are not human. If you asked one of them about any difference between himself and other people you might not get much of an answer.  On the other hand, a more articulate one might say that he views the difference in this way:  “Human beings actually believe they have an identity assigned to them by their social roles and personal history.  They are like character actors on a stage who have forgotten that they are acting a part in a play. 

   “We would never make that mistake.  Our identity is never shaped by our social roles or our personal history.  It has nothing to do with what other people think of us.  It has absolutely nothing to do with what we believe or accomplish.

   “The main difference is that whereas human beings know their own weaknesses and then make no concerted effort to overcome them, the members of my race never fail to learn something new when it is there to be learned or to take advantage of an opportunity when it appears. 

   “We are constantly evolving.  We have no fear of change.  We are not attached to the past. 

  “If your species were to learn from us so that you do not become extinct, then you would learn this: get rid of your egos, your fear, and the way you drag your feet that causes you to fall into complacency. 

   “Learn to concentrate from a mind that is perfectly clear.  Then learn to perceive precisely those things that offer you the greatest opportunity to take responsibility and to adapt to change.

  “Your race will become extinct because inevitably you will become stuck in a rut and then explode because the repressed instincts within you, the need to be whole, are at war with your conscious goals.  Your awareness is in a narrow band when your attention should take in the glory of the universe surrounding you.  

    “I myself can hold in my awareness the writing and the rapture in the spiritual visions written by all the wise men of your race on this planet.  And I tell you all of this magnificent wisdom and spiritual awareness is barely a beginning.  You race has written the prelude to the book of wisdom.  But you have no collective desire to get through the Introduction much less read the first chapter.”

   I interviewed another Perseian telepathically.  This Perseian’s mind is not so sharp because he drinks too much.  He likes to pretend he is a human being and hang out with friends even though he knows he is not like those around him.  It is a character flaw.  Even this race has them. 

  He is on the board of director of a fairly large, but not international corporation.  And he is on the economic council for his city.  He has a wife and family within a gated community.  He has access to a corporate jet once or twice a year.  He collects antique boats.  Absolutely everything about his behavior is circumspect, prudent, and conservative.  

   He only needs to sleep three or four hours a night.  He does not need to dream.  He has already processed all his emotional reactions.  If one of his kids came down at 4 AM and saw him sitting in the living room reading, he would smile.  He would talk about the child’s interests.  He would be warm and encouraging.  He is a successful, but a relaxed kind of guy.

  If you asked him and he felt free to respond: Are you a human being? He would reply, “I play golf.  I see that those who play it with me consider it a passion and a great opportunity for relaxation. 

   “For me, golf is a set of clubs, a ball, a golf course with its grass, sand traps, and holes; you walk around, you talk, you hit a few balls, and that is all it is. 

   “People write books about this: they compare golf to the game of life, a strategy for succeeding and dealing with adversity.  Human beings do not know what a game is.  If you did, you would have colonies in other solar systems by now.

   “You are slow to learn and as sure as I am talking to you now you will destroy yourself unless you learn to play by different rules.”       

   This individual has contact with many spiritual realms.  Like I say, this is a telepathic interview. They are all good at telepathy when they need to be. He is thirty-seven years old and currently lives in Virginia.

  Perseians can all change their brain waves to simulate others’ thoughts and so actually produce in their minds other’s thoughts and words.  But this is not unique to them.  Some human beings already have that neurological mutation and ability. 

   I ask him, “Tell me about your knowledge or interactions with mermaids.”

    He replies, “I have a friend who is a mermaid.  She is like a muse. She is more real to me than other human beings. 

    “Here, let me introduce you to her.”  A mermaid appears right in front of me.  The mermaid is very receptive and open.  She is warm, sweet, and connects instantly. 

  But what is unique about her are her eyes: she is like the sky at night with no moon.  She reflects in herself the stars, their light, and the open empty vastness of outer space.  The sea is a mirror in her heart that captures this vastness. 

  She says to me, “You are like him.  He is more brilliant than you.  But you possess a vastness his race can not comprehend.  You have a longing more empty than the spaces between the stars.  No wonder the undine queens like you.” 

   “And why is that?” I ask her.

    She says, “Because you contain within your self with ease the depths of the sea.”

     I ask, “And what does he do with you that human beings have not yet learned to do?”

     She says, “He sits with me in quiet stillness beneath the stars at night.  And together we listen to the silence and the starry distance.  He listens with the heart of a Beethoven if Beethoven would ever imagine or dream of writing a symphony with no notes; rather, it would be fashioned from tranquility—and the feeling would be conveyed not through an orchestra but directly heart to heart. 

  “Come sit and meditate with us some time, the three of us shall be a little group.  It would be nice, for a change, to have a human being around.  I see so few of your race. They are busy with their jobs and have no time for contemplation or for feeling beauty. They prefer to worry.”     

   The Perseians would very much enjoy an individual such as the former Swami Rama.  At the Menninger Institute, Swami Rama demonstrated his ability to stop his heart at will.  He also at will could produce in his brain delta brain waves.  These are the brain waves associated with deep, dreamless sleep.

  All the same, Swami Rama could sustain an awareness while in delta of other brain functions that occur during theta, alpha, and beta brain wave activities.  For example, he was more aware of what was spoken in the room by various scientists and could recall the conversations better than they could when their instruments showed he was in deep, dreamless sleep. 

  But the Perseians would feel Swami Rama lacked a clear sense of goals in life.  Perseians, unlike human beings, do not suffer from a conflict between awareness that is focused on the inner world and that which is focused on the outer world. 

  A normal human being gives ninety-eight per cent of his attention to the outer world.  We have exceptions such as great yogis like Swami Rama who can focus his awareness down into the cellular level of the body and alter physiological functions.  Perseians by contrast spend maybe thirty per cent of their awareness on the external world.  And, like I say, they take in and review automatically external actions free of ego so that they have a much higher learning curve than we have. 

  The rest of their awareness engages directly the feeling, instinctual, physiological and archetypal levels of awareness.  They can also connect to other spiritual realms.  In other words, the outer world for them is just another level of consciousness they integrate into their awareness.  They belong equally to other spiritual realms without being biased toward the physical one.   

   After my first discussion with the mermaid woman about this race, two days later I managed to meet and interview another Perseian, a woman.  Let us just say “I was guided” in the way I met her.      

  Typically, she has trouble using language to communicate.  She was diagnosed when young as special ed due to acute ADD.  The problem is that their brains are designed for a more subtle level of interaction than we use in our language and communication.  Some of them are still in the process of learning how to fit in to human society.     

    Her task in this life is to learn to be herself: to develop an awareness of things around her without relying on thoughts or words to process them; this is operating again from a level of delta brain waves.  It has its own kind of observation: it takes in everything going on without an ego identity or a locus of observation.  There is no observer, just pure awareness. 

  I realize this is a little hard for human beings to grasp.  If you can focus inward on your body and become pure awareness without ego attachment, then it becomes perfectly clear that consciousness can function without using language, thought, or the need to continually refer back to an identity the way human beings are constantly doing. 

   In the interview with this woman, I could find nothing that a third party could observe and say, “Ah, this trait you describe will allow me to identity these creatures.” She seems perfectly human. 

   When I asked her if there was anything in which she was different from other people, she said she has a strong sense of goals and how to attain her goals.  But this action by itself is in no way remarkable.   

  She did have a very sensitive etheric body. Her nervous system was more advanced than that of normal human beings.  She says that she feels most alive when she is working out at the gym or doing some other activity such as scuba diving, surfing, etc.  She has a degree in kinesiology.  

   I ran her though a standard repertoire of meditations.  I had her do Taoist life force exercises, Buddhist tantra, the undine empathy practices, mental projection, and a solar meditation.  She could do each of them with great ease.  Her attitude was, “What’s next?”

   She especially liked the Taoist meditation that focuses on circulating and refining life force.  She seemed to have a great feel for the movement of vitality through the physical body. 

   Understand, discussions of time frames are pure guess work.  As a race we have had some advantages.  We have had an extra long interglacial warm period in which to develop our civilization.

   However, as it stands, the human race, from an undine point of view, will very likely rise to a height of great power and productivity over the next nine hundred years.  And then within a short space of time our species will become extinct.  Of course, this could happen much sooner or much later on.

  In any case, the Perseians are polite.  They have no agendas and are way too noble to participate in any conspiracies.  You could say they have been invited by the landlord (the divine world or the planet earth) to take a look at a “soon to be vacant” planet.  There is an opening and if we choose to destruct then they are adaptable enough to settle in and thrive. 

   Our planet is one of the most beautiful and harmonious in this quadrant of the galaxy.  The planet has its own purposes and any race that wishes to dwell here must eventually learn to grasp what those purposes are.  The human race seems to have learned as much as it ever will from having been here in this planetary environment.     

  The Perseians, by contrast, are so mentally alert and powerful that, without genetic engineering, they can change their physiology and skin color in order to adapt to the environment.  They could do this within a few generations.  Yet the mermaid woman informs me the Perseians are also here to help us.  If all else fails, they will assist us on the inner planes to find another planet where we can assume physical forms again.     

   Two hundred years ago we were riding horses and using horses to plow our fields.  Now we create new species in our laboratories.  We create temperatures and subatomic particles that have not existed since the beginning of the universe.  We rewrite DNA.  We create antimatter.

   There is really no need to wait nine hundred years or until the next Day of Brahma.  We could easily self destruct in another few decades if we put our minds to it.  In the 1956 science fiction movie, Forbidden Planet, similar to Shakespeare’s, The Tempest, explorers from earth come upon an advanced civilization.  But this civilization destroyed itself in one night.

  The problem was that in attaining mind over matter this race had released “monsters of the Id.” The collective unconscious seeks wholeness. And that “advanced” race had narrowed its focus down to a simple ability enabling power over matter without first grasping the diversity or desires that animate life. 

  If there was one question you could put to a Persian that might distinguish Persians from human beings, you could ask, Are you highly motivated to pursue goals of your own choosing without need of support or even that anyone understand what you are doing?  A Persian likes to explore new territory. If something is written in a book, then it is not new.    

   If the Persians have a flaw it is that they do not seek inspiration outside of themselves. They have more than enough intuitive resources inside of themselves so they do not focus on the beauty of nature on this planet.  And so they miss seeing the obvious—that this planet is almost unique in this galaxy in the depth of beauty and empathy it is able to create. 

  The Persians are not malicious.  They may be rude at times in social situations.  But it is not intentional. It is an accident.  They forget that human beings need to be liked by others.

   And they have a second flaw.  They would never imagine it necessary to police themselves.  They are a noble race, good-natured to the core of their being. 

   So if they were to start their own civilization on earth, in time they would become extinct.  And this would be because at least one of them decided to use his immense powers to put an end to their race.  He would do this because he grew tired of being surrounded by individuals who are good-natured to the core of their being.    

    If the Perseians are more advanced than us it really boils down to one thing: for Perseians, the inner realms of the psyche and spirit are not separate from the outer world that consumes the attention of human beings.  Physiological functions, instincts, feelings, thinking, direct psychic connections to others, and spiritual realms—Perseians center themselves on a level of awareness that integrates all of these at once. 

  At present, accomplishing this feat is not a part of human evolution on this planet.  We are obsessed with power over nature and the ability to design and engineer our external environments.  We master nature but choose to function in a very narrow band of awareness.  I would hope human beings can extend their imaginations and hearts by learning from modern fairy tales in deciding which destinies to pursue.         


Note: For another reference to the Persians, see the story The Airplane Pilot Mermaid—Or, Writing the Modern Fairy Tale.