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             Saturn Meditation and the Idea of a Referee


Saturday, 2/6/09


Saturn Meditation


I started out today briefly meditating in the earthzone of our planet.  For the spirits of the earthzone, this planet is a university.  The reason to be here is to learn or else to serve others.  That is how they see it.

   From this perspective, the nice thing about our planet is its simplicity:


         You are born.  You grow up.  You work.  You love.  You die.    


Short and sweet.  Akasha sees the beginning and the end at the same time. Walk though any graveyard or mausoleum and you will see akasha at play—to everything a time and a season and then you move on.  But first there is closure. 

   If you go with the flow of life, there is inner peace.  As I mention later, only in the physical world are you offered such a high learning curve. 


Now, into the akashic plane of the sphere of Saturn. 


The akashic plane of Saturn is the usual emptiness of akasha, an awareness penetrating through space and time.  But it is far more severe--intense, relentless, insisting that there be no attachment to anything.  It is after purity of spirit.  If you want to attain to cosmic freedom, Saturn is the game. 

    Most people do not think of enlightenment as a primary mission.  For these, an encounter with the full force of Saturn can be an absolute nightmare, a place of horror, loss, grief, constriction, and all of life’s sorrow and limitations. 

   I have mentioned elsewhere that George Washington knew of this place. He once said that “if my enemies ever tasted a small portion of the despair with which I live they would have abandoned this war long ago.” You see, I know what he knew.  Saturn is an invisible, immaterial vibration.  But, like the magic of silence, it is also an absolute weapon of war. 


Consider the basic components of life in terms of hermetic tradition and the point of view of Saturn:


The element of fire is will power.  But for Saturn divine purpose is essential otherwise will power will falter and become like the “fallen tower” in the Tarot.        

    The element of air is wisdom.  But for Saturn, your mind must see through the ages of time.  All boundaries and limitations must be left behind, otherwise you are blind.  

    The element of water is love.  For Saturn, you must become one with another without a trace of attachment, possession, or grasping.  Fail in this endeavor and your love is like a sailor sailing on a sea of illusion and delusion.   

    The element of earth is consciousness.  Something to accomplish here? For Saturn, the works that are made from our consciousness must be of such value that that they endure through all ages of the world.  These things become the center piece upon which all things turn.

    It is not that Saturn does not leave signs.  There are entire civilizations on our planet that no one remembers or knows anything about.  Saturn is not kind to those who fail to focus their consciousness. 


Just a moment.  There is a little voice in my ear. 


The Voice of Saturn:


It is true that I am more concerned with the past than with the future.  I do not make new things but I grant insight. And the things that I make endure. .   

    Enter the akashic plane of my sphere.  Mediate here and you shall become the Lord of Fate annihilating fear and hate and drawing to a close the abuse of power on earth. 

   You shall hold the keys and open the gate to those who seek freedom. 

   My beauty inspires the universe to unfold.

   My love is the compassion of the enlightened mind that nothing can bind.  

   Find me in the open empty expanse, the vastness of space that allows the light of the stars and galaxies to shine and life to rise, flourish, and to ascend in the fullness of time.     



The Idea of a Referee


Disclaimer: When I think of the idea of a referee, part of me thinks of Monty Python and the Quest of the Holy Grail.  When the quest seeks something sacred, you invite either fanaticism and/or humor.  Which leads us to one of Monty Python’s best pieces of humor (see—search “Spanish Inquisition”):


“No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition—Our three weapons are fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency. …..” 


This disclaimer done, that is, in regard to this essay, your pursuit of the sacred is equal in measure to your sense of humor or your ability to have fun (each of these require you to let go of your ego)--let us proceed.



For a thousand years, Israel had prophets in every generation and then for five hundred years—nothing until John the Baptist and Christ appeared.  I consider that first thousand years a teaching module.  It established a tradition.  But instead of checks and balances as in a constitution invented by free men, the divine appointed prophets as a checks and balance system on power. 

   Unlike almost every other nation on earth, these prophets had authority over the king.  Now, you will not find that in India, China, ancient Rome, Greece, Germany, or almost anywhere else.  The Catholic Church of course tried to exercise some “moral conscience” over Europe.  But it was ecclesiastical authority and in absolutely no way an actual divine power in play. 

   Well, except maybe a few times as when Pope Leo persuaded singlehandedly Attila the Hun to turn back his armies from sacking Rome.  But even Pope Leo had to resort to bribes when he tried to pull that stunt a second time.  A prophet operates purely through the force of spirit.  No bribes necessary.  

   Examine the prophets carefully and I notice they did not so much tell people what do with their futures.  Rather, they pointed out when and where kings and people were violating the basic rules.  You still get to chose your own future, determine your destiny, but you can’t mess around when it comes to the basics like fair play, right action, and justice.

  A prophetic religion is where a society exists to fulfill a divine mission.  Israel, named after Jacob who wrestled with an angel for a blessing, existed in my mind to do precisely that: wrestle with the divine for a blessing.  It is not a one time event. Each person and generation gets to do it again and again.  It is obviously both a curse and a blessing.

   But the Jews were not the only prophetic religion. The two horn priest among the Hopi Indians were every bit as demanding and commanding as the prophets of Israel.  They acted as fate for their people when the people no longer served the vision.

   Scary stuff.  Makes no sense unless survival is the issue.  I figure the Jews operate that way.  The calamities you see happening to the Jews are prophetic warnings. 

   A holocaust?  Someone denying the holocaust?  Once in concentration camps and now they control Gaza and the West Bank and are accused of being monsters themselves.    

   The lives of Jews are a virtual warning system alerting the rest of the world as to what might be in the near future: what happens to the Jews can happen to everyone else in a short period of time.  We could all be in concentration camps or controlling populations that want our destruction if history makes a slight turn in the wrong direction.    


Consider: Some national leader or someone else for that matter on earth abuses his power to a massive degree either causing great suffering or planning the same either directly or indirectly as the result of his actions.  And such actions subtract rather than adding to the opportunities of the human race to advance its chances for survival, and its ability to learn, to grow, and to evolve.       

     Now, take away the religion and keep the idea of a prophet who keeps tabs on those in power.  That is a referee. 

   Put it this way: take away referees from the National Football League and, with million dollar bonuses available to the winners, within a year you would get the players killing each other on the playing field.  Thus the 1975 movie, Rollerball, with James Cann.  

   Like I say, not very politically correct.  But you add it up for yourself: no referees and we get exactly what we have gotten: human history with its wars, injustice, and famines. 

   In soccer, the referee hands out a yellow card or a red card.  The yellow card is a warning.  Get a red card and you are out of the game.  I saw the international playoffs one year.  Both going for the ball, one player spun around and smashed the other player in the face with his elbow.  Not even with great imagination could that move have been construed as an accident. 

  The referee handed him a red card instantly.  The player was out of the game, out of the series, and out of a career. 

   Now even with a bad referee the players play differently.  They still know they are being watched.  And for the really big stuff, like killing another player, intentionally and maliciously putting another player in the hospital, well even a lousy referee hands out a red card. 

   In the political sphere, think genocide, think threatening others with nuclear missiles in order to further a play for power, think weapons of mass destruction, think starving millions, or whatever appeals to you. 

   Each referee has his or her own criteria.  There are no group consults, no second opinions, no warm, fuzzy hugs of self-congratulating, self-righteous do-gooders.  There is nothing glamorous about this job.  None of that female movie star saying as I once heard, “I don’t think I can live in this country as long as this president is in charge.”

   No, a referee has a fiduciary responsibility for every leader and, for those he focuses on, he considers them his students.  Like a great teacher, he offers opportunities.  But with any student, there is the possibility of flunking or being expelled for bad behavior. 

    A referee is a direct agent of Saturn.  He is an apprentice to the forty-nine Judges of Saturn.  He has an absolute commitment to becoming enlightened and to leading the world to enlightenment.  When he acts as a referee, he acts not as a human but as a spiritual being.   

    A referee never interferes with another’s freedom of choice.  He only brings the future into the present by taking the karma of the individual and accelerating it so that it is the individual and not entire nations of people who suffer as a consequence of the bad decisions of that leader.         

  This is exactly what Saturn does.  It offers immense opportunities for learning from limitations giving an individual the chance to master those limitations and in so doing to become free of them.  To do this, Saturn is big on enlightenment—being free of all attachment. 

   Want to blow up the world, put humanity back into the Stone Age because your religion is so much better than others?  Imagine being in a state of awareness where there is no religion, no ideology, no doctrines, nothing you can cling to, no concept that offers clarity because in your mind is the perfection of enlightenment if you are willing to see with that light.

   Want to take over the world, make nations bow to your will?  Imagine a vibration in your mind in which human identity, your own name and biography, no longer have any meaning.  You have become perfect freedom if you can endure that degree of illumination. 

   Like I say, referees embody the akashic plane of Saturn—its full vibration and intensity.  Handing out a red card is simply saying, “Come meditate with me.  Let us discuss fate and destiny.  We shall review human history and the part you have to play.  Here are your choices.  Here are your obstacles and opportunities.  Here are the results and consequences of your actions.   

    “Choose wisely.  I am a magic mirror and what you choose shall appear not in the far future but in what is near.  Ignore me if you will.  I am only the still, quiet voice speaking to you from the core your being.  But the authority granted to me is to preside over the things that shall be.  In me, you encounter not a human being but the full, exact, accurate, and unmitigated vibration of Saturn.”

     Or, in an image, think the ghost of Christmas future who, without speaking, silently points to the end result of an individual’s actions.  Time no longer matters—a referee can suspend time at anytime.  

  (see the end of my essay on the cosmic letter U: The Ghost of Christmas Future/the Magic Mirror of Peacemakers).


Well, that is the “idea” in brief.  Elements of this I discuss elsewhere such as under “Finding Akasha in yourself” and other essays on akasha under the section on my website, Homepage of the Fifth Element—Akasha.


The method is a life time of training.  You work through the four elements and the vibration of all planetary spheres until you get to Saturn. 

   Franz Bardon doesn’t like the sphere of Saturn.  He says the spirits there only tell him things that are very depressing.  For example, the nasty things they have done to black magicians. 

   But for me it is not about what a spirit says or knows.  It is about what you become yourself if you had that spirit’s powers and qualities internalized within you--Not “what the spirit says” but “what I am with the power of the spirit in me.”

   With Saturn, I am led to become a referee, a probation officer, a cosmic Zen master.  Like Saturn, the idea is to simply accelerate evolution, offer the highest learning curve. 

   Someone writes me and says, “I have read everything you have written and you are my ideal.”  That is a wonderful compliment.  Keep them coming.  Now, don’t get me wrong, but I learn absolutely nothing from that.

    When someone writes and says, “In your essay, this part is nice but this other stuff you write is pure crap for the following reasons ….”  Now that gives me an opportunity to challenge my assumptions and so to learn.  Or else I get great insight into the limitations and bias of another’s mind.  In both cases I am provided with motivation to gain new insight.

    For that matter, people rarely write me and say, “I have worked with great effort and care for four years adapting and experimenting in every way I could to overcome the obstacles and difficulties in my magical training.  But now I would like to focus some of the abilities I have acquired on serving humanity.  Can you give me some ideas on the ways I might be of benefit to others?”   

    Maybe three times in ten years I have received email like that.  No, it is usually, “Help me solve this problem” or more likely, “Solve this problem for me since I don’t want to bother with solving it myself or learning how to solve it myself.  Just snap your fingers, evoke a spirit, speak a word of power, whatever, so I can get on with being exactly the person I already am and not the person that life intends.”   

    Don’t get me wrong. I am happy to share anything I have experienced that might bear upon what someone else is going through.  I am not being critical here at all.

    I am just pointing out that people learn more from problems and obstacles than they learn from good things happening to them.  The suffering forces people to look around for answers and sometimes it even occurs to them that they may have to change themselves in order to solve the problem.

    The good things in life do not ask you to change.  The difficulties in life force you to change.  Thus the physical world offers the highest learning curve than any of the inner worlds or spiritual realms—its crammed full of obstacles and difficulties.  

   If I check a spirit’s vibration at two points of time thirty years apart, the spirit invariable has exactly the same vibration and energy.  If I check a human beings aura after three years, it is sometimes like a completely different person.  The individual has progressed or regressed or simply changed.  Here in the physical world we are subjected to astonishing forces that we must cope with and even learn to master.       

    Saturn reflects this in its accounting: “Here is what you are doing right--keep it up.  Here is what you are doing wrong—improve upon it.”  But without the divine accountant telling you about your assets and liabilities, your balance sheet of life’s failures and opportunities, well, you simply don’t learn much.  You risk ending up bankrupt.  Saturn tries to prevent bankruptcies from occurring. 

    The prophets of Israel did not act on their own initiative.  They were appointed.  Appointed?  Try a burning bush, a threat of being swallowed by a big fish, a voice appearing over and over in a dream, a vision blinding them, or an angel with a sword in one’s path ready to kill them—like I say, not much personal initiative there.  The impetus is coming from outside.  God is almost beating them over the head with a bat until they get off the bench and onto the field of divine play.

   Thus, the energy and the inspiration came from the divine world.  Well, with a few exceptions. Daniel’s vision came when he, through his own initiative, went and fasted demanding answers to his questions.  He persisted, like Jacob, until the vision was granted.  Well done. 


A referee, by contrast to Old Testament prophets, acts on his own initiative.  He trains and can create his own energy.  He observes, seeks, and acquires his own sources of inspiration.  Name a spirit, any spirit anywhere, and a highly trained magician can interact with that spirit within minutes.  No where in the Old Testament will you get that except with the prophet Isaiah who could go one better—he could channel God’s voice in an instant. 

   A referee is not told what to do.  His actions are the result of his commitment to justice and to fair play.  (See my summation for Rule 2 under Ten Rule for Spiritual Seekers—“In a nutshell, listen so well that the divine world considers you part of itself.”  Though not told what to do, the referee acts in harmony with the laws of the universe.  Those laws become part of his soul.     

    The referee seeks to enrich the world on all planes to whatever extent he can, realizing that to further the whole you have to focus also on the weakest elements—namely, intervening to solve those problems for which magic offers the only solution. 

    Unlike the actual Judges of Saturn or spirits of the planetary spheres, a referee is a human being in incarnation.  He has far greater discretion as to what can be done and as to how to participate than does any spirit.  This is because he is present, a player, an actor, a participant, on the field of life and not observing from a distance. 

   Saturn will allow an entire civilization to be destroyed and then it takes another ten thousand years for the same opportunities to appear on earth.  That is Saturn’s way.  It acts slowly with the expectation that human beings will eventually learn by dealing with the negative consequences of their own actions. 

    A referee, by contrast, does not sit on a throne in the akashic plane watching the consequences of the four elements play out on the three lower planes.  He is present.  He is an advocate.  He can accelerate the learning curve by just being himself, doing his meditations, at the right time, in the right place, and in the right way. 

    Gurus claim to do this sort of thing—they do a lot of mediation. They beam good energy around the world.  What they do not do is take full responsibility for producing real world results in specific time frames.  Gurus do not draw a line in the sand and say, “This far you may go but no further.  Attempt to harm others as you intend and I shall stand on the line.  To cross over you will have to pass through my heart and mind.” 

   With human history, justice simply does not happen unless someone fights for it.  And they will never “beat their swords into plow shears” and eliminate war until there are men and women who bring their full spiritual powers to bear upon these issues. 

   The great disadvantage of working with Divine Providence is that you have to upgrade and change your self many times as if you living three or four life times in one life.  You do not have the luxury of clinging to one identity.  Your personality is under constant assault because you are developing both as a spirit and as a human being.  The spirit part of your self carries no possessions and seeks no pleasure or fame.

    On the other hand, the advantage of working with Divine Providence is that get to feel and perceive in ways that are outside of human history.  For example, you get to wander around a hundred years, a thousand years, or ten thousand years into the future.  You can bring back whatever treasures you find to offer them to mankind to the extent you yourself become a vehicle, a vessel, a gate big enough and pure enough for these treasures to pass through.  There are simply no limitations placed upon you, other than one by one mastering every limitation or lesson life places in front of you.  And this can be quite a few.

   You have to weigh carefully the needs of the self—both the personality and the spirit whose focus is on all that you can be—against the cost of undertaking this journey.  Or, as a lawyer I know once said which I think applies to genuine magical training,
  “The first ten years are the worst.  It is incredibly hard work.  In the second ten years, things get better: you get the hang of it.

    “But in the third ten years you have to be careful not to become lazy.  The judges all know who you are and are willing to offer you favors.”  In magic, it is not the judges but spirits you get to know who offer you favors.  And though this example refers to a career in law, the magical path is slightly more difficult to say the least.