Here is the deal. One or two individuals are not permitted by the laws of karma to intervene and prevent global tragedies on and on.  It takes a community. My mermaid consultant who often sees the future sees dark mushroom clouds over N. and S. Korea. I have individuals who offer their help with this project, but they are not even human beings--their souls are from the Other Side.

  N. Korea possesses at least two nuclear weapons.  They are developing extremely sophisticated delivery systems. When absolute dictators' regimes fail, the dictator often thinks in terms of taking as many of his own countrymen with him as he can. It is a very dangerous situation, an atomic powder keg that a small event can set off. 

  The diplomats of China, Japan, S. Korea, and the U.S., etc. are timid and fearful, as useless as Kindergarteners trying to deal with a man eating tiger.  The U.N. Security Council has lost control like a man vomiting in a dirty bathroom. It is up to you—the citizens of the earth to respond with strength.    

   The practice is simple: visualize Kim Jong Il in front of you as if space is dissolved and he is actually present. (For his picture, see

   Then visualize him dissolving (he is already half dead) as you see N. and S. Korea peacefully reunited like E. and W. Germany--streets and borders open, the army of the North disbanded, people employed, North Koreans finally getting food for a change instead of starving, the concentrations camps closed, medical attention available, a reasonable judicial system in place, people employed, etc.

  Visualize these things as though they are real right now in this moment. Take five minutes twice a week or more as fits your time and interest.

   Now the pep talk from your personal coach, your own Oppenheimer of spiritual weaponry: Tibet had the greatest concentration of trained minds on this planet but because they had their political heads in the sand like Ostriches, they lost their country. If you do not fight for your planet and for justice, you will lose it as surely as the Dalai Lama lost Tibet.

  There are no Roman, Eastern Orthodox, or Coptic priests on this planet who can comprehend the spirit of what I have written above. There is maybe one Tibetan lama who understands that there are no excuses for failure, no exceptions granted--that is how degraded the religions of the earth have become since the time of Atlantis.

  On a practical note: if you allow a nuclear weapon to go off killing tens of thousands on the Korean peninsula your nations will face forty per cent unemployment.  You will lose your internet freedoms and the free world will turn into a police state.  It will all be nicely cloaked of course in politically correct jargon--"these measures we put in place are for your own protection," but the results will be a loss of freedom. It is your planet. Don't treat it the way the Tibetans treated Tibet.

  It is the nature of a true man to seek noble purposes to fulfill. Get to work those of you who can hear what I am saying.

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